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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 16, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and the islamic state of iraq and syria dominated headlines as the third trending question, "what is isis?" leland: and we've heard a lot about that for sure. "outnumbered" is next, we'll see you in an hour. >> this is a fox news alert, inching closer to a possible run for the white house, yes, former florida governor jeb bush taking his most definitive step yet towards running for president as the republican announces plans to, quote, actively explore a campaign. this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today, harris faulkner, fox business' kennedy, also from fbn, melissa francis, host of "money with melissa francis," and today's *oneluckyguy, the executive producer of "imus in the morning", bernard mcgurk, and he's outnumbered. welcome back. >> thank you, ladies. merry christmas to everybody, happy hanukkah to my jewish
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friends tonight. happy greek orthodox christmas, whenever that is -- >> it's the same day? i thought it was the same -- >> for shame. happy ron paul birthday to, whatever -- you. that's your christmas, right? >> that's exactly right. [laughter] we have a ron paul -- can instead of a festivist pole -- >> ron paul is your baby jesus? is that what you're trying to say? >> absolutely not. >> what is going on here? >> it's a happy time all around, that's what it is. >> speaking of happy, it could be even happier in the bush household as we begin with a big announcement getting the political world's attention, jeb bush posting on twitter and facebook earlier today that he's discussed the future of our nation and a potential bid for the white house with members of his family. saying, quote: as a result of these conversations and thoughtful consideration of the kind of strong leadership i think america needs, i have decided to actively explore the possibility of running for
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president of the united states. in the coming months, i hope to visit with many of you and have a conversation about restoring the promise of america. all right, kennedy, what do you think about this one? because there's been a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation. is there energy around another bush running for the white house? >> i think there's intrigue for jeb if he can differentiate himself from the family. i think what he has to do, honestly, is he has to rebrand himself because people are over the political dynasties. it's going to be problematic if it's bush/clinton. i predict he's going to change his last name to reagan. [laughter] >> interesting, because that would be a switch. >> that would definitely be a switch in his favor, that way he doesn't have to claim to be the next reagan -- >> you're saying that because you love the '80s so much. >> there she goes again. >> what do you think, bernie? >> i like this guy. this is the first viable adult to actually throw his hat in the ring. i know it's not official, but once we get over the bush
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fatigue thing, he's a very smart guy. he's not kind of goofy like his brother. he's actually smart, sober. he was a governor which means, you know, not a senator. he actually managed things, and he's not some, you know, grandstanding yahoo like ted cruz. i like this. i want to hear more from him. i hope he embraces some of ron paul's noninterventionist philosophy -- >> i don't see that happening. yeah, i don't see that happening, but i think this is a very interesting candidate. he's well loved in florida, i have a lot of family in florida, very supportive of him. what about clinton fatigue? >> amen. >> that's like supernova fatigue. >> it is, but you see elizabeth warren creeping in. she may be the new car smell. >> what happens if he runs against elizabeth warn? what if it's -- elizabeth warren? >> i think republicans would welcome that. >> oh, are you kidding? >> okay. >> sure. >> can i be honest are you? >> please. >> so i read that statement on
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facebook, and when i heard the phrase fulfilling america's promise, my stomach got into knots because i remember writing those words when i was a press secretary on the hill and robust and fulfilling america's promise, it's just these platitudes that come out of the republican party. to me, it seems very staged. but i want to ask you -- laugh can i ask you, harris, about some of his positions that may be controversial in the gop? jeb bush, he is very liked, as melissa points out, in florida, but he has supported complicated issues that are controversial like common core. he's been a backer of immigration reform, and i think there is concern in a republican primary they may pose problems. >> you know what's interesting, so he was the 43rd governor of florida from 1999-2007. we're headed into 2015, it's been a long time since we've seen him on the stump for any reason. so there is some distance between what he has said in a political realm to what he's saying now, and some people
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might argue, well, once a politician, always a politician. but now the accountability is different. so he can step back. we might, and we don't know, we might see him sort of pick and choose those issues. >> you know, he's already said of common core, though, which is my biggest problem with him, i don't mind his stance on immigration so much, i think it's what makes him interesting, and he will be one of those candidates because he's had these long-held views, he might be able to persuade the rest of the gop. the common core could completely torpedo his campaign. as a mom, i cannot stand common core. >> i don't think it's that big of a deal out in the rest of the country. i think all the issues -- >> it's as big as obamacare. >> no, it's not. a minimum standard across schools. i have kids in school right now, they go to catholic school, but they still adhere to the common core. it's a very low minimum standard that we're asking children to achieve before they can move to the next level. >> you know, this back and
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forth -- >> i think it comes back to something, andrea, that you and i are always talking about, and that's the economy. if he stands up and says he has ideas to create jobs and attacks the financial woes in this country -- >> and actually has an agenda -- >> and has workable ideas, again, he's been away from traditional politics, running campaigns and doing all that for many years. he comes to it from more of a layman perspective. i've been in the world. he might be able to sell that. >> i just think he's a compassionate conservative. bernie, i think he'll probably get a lot of wall street backing, i just don't know if there's energy behind a jeb bush run. and the two of you, watching you go back and forth on common core, that's the problem. it's such a complex issue. how is he going to stand on a stage with other candidates in a primary and explain it -- >> a very esoteric issue. look, it wasn't right for the primary like everybody else, and then he'll go back to the center, and he can win a general election. >> i think that's the most
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important point, that he can win a general election. i think that's what republicans are looking for, someone who can actually win this time. >> any centrist gop candidate is going to go economic populist, they're going to be the conservative elizabeth warren, it's just as dangerous. >> if he can get there! all right, on the left, meantime, massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren insisting she's not running for president saying it four times in an interview but only in the present tense. which political insiders say leaves the tour open for a potential 20 -- the door open for a potential 2016 campaign. there's also growing expectation about when hillary clinton could jump into the race and how her timing might impact warren, other potential candidateses and her own campaign. she's reportedly planning an announcement in the spring, but the christian science monofor writes, quote: as long as clinton is not an announced candidate, that could give heart to the warren movement creating
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a dynamic that hurts clinton even if it doesn't cost her the nomination. so in the end perhaps clinton announces sooner than spring. harris, i can tell you whenever they speak in the present tense, candidates, or when i used to as a press secretary, you're saying, oh, we're in the race today even if you're going to drop out tomorrow. >> well, and certainly with the development today with jeb bush, i mean, i think that one of the two of these women have got to start to think about what they're going to do. democrats are going to put their money behind somebody, and don't you want to be there early to scoop it up? quinnipiac university took a temperature reading which is something they do early on. this was back in march, and they looked at how people felt the temperature of these two women were. >> uh-huh. >> let's see, warren got a degrees and hillary clinton got a 78.7 degrees. >> what does that mean? >> kind of the heat in the race. it really is -- can like, which one do you think is hotter? >> that has to have shifted since march. >> yes. so now i'm curious, can we get
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another q rating on that? another poll on that? i'm really curious to see what the new readings -- >> and i think you're right, because given the environment right now, i think elizabeth warren is going to capitalize on, you know, not only her economic populism, but also the social justice aspect. and all of the senators who are potentially running for president, they all voted no, and she was one of those people that wanted to put the kibosh -- not because it was too much spending. >> no. she was the one that came out smelling like a rose. i can tell you from talking to people in the financial industry in banking, they think she is actually the devil, i mean, without question. elizabeth warren is the devil. [laughter] so they're going to put any money that they have behind hillary clinton which should be a help, but it'll be interesting to see because she's capitalizing on this moment in time, elizabeth warren -- >> but it's populist, bernie. i have to give elizabeth warren some credit. >> oh, yeah, a lot of credit. >> she's giving the big banks a break for their -- >> we can also, we can all get
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behind that. >> i know. but boil that down to a sound bite, melissa. it's a political winner. >> we all hate the banks because of what happened four or five years ago -- >> no, we don't. speak for yourself. >> okay, i'll speak for myself. i liked what she did in the senate, personally. but when they shine a light on this lady, you don't rise to the top at harvard, she's a radical leftist. you're going to find out stuff about her, so i hope she runs. she probably has posters plastered all over her bedroom. she's academia, harvard, radical left. [inaudible conversations] >> that's why we want, i want her to the run. >> bernie, so was president obama. they dredged up all that info -- >> she is not president obama, this lady. >> he loves her much metropolitan hillary clinton. when he's talking about the new car smell, he's talking about elizabeth warren. he's not going to endorse her, but if bernie sanders, elizabeth
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warren and hillary clinton all get into the race -- >> of course, he hates the clintons, of course. >> the way he couldn't do in the midterms -- >> i don't know if anybody really wants his juice near their campaign, you know what i mean? [laughter] squeeze your juice somewhere else, president obama. we have to go. all right, the death toll rising in one of worst school attacks in pakistan history as we learn new details about who's behind it and what happened when they stormed classrooms full of little children. and it's hard not to notice falling prices at the pump, but while it's good for your pocketbook, it might be so great for our country. we'll tell you why. and after the show, more from the couch right on the web. join us for "outnumbered" overtime by logging on to click the overtime tab, tweet us questions, comments. what did you think about this first block? jeb bush, elizabeth warren, we're taking your questions. ♪ ♪ you're driving along,
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i was thinking about htaking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert on a taliban massacre at a school in pakistan. at least 141 people are dead, most of them are children. president obama has issued a statement, that was earlier, condemning what's happened here. it was the worst attack in that
9:16 am
country in years. greg talcott is following the story for us. greg? >> reporter: harris, amazing and ugly, yeah. it's now being called one of the deadliest terror attacks in the entire history of pakistan, and that is saying something. certainly one of the most brutal and ugly attacks. it all started early this morning, the students went from reading and writing to bloodshed and horror. seven taliban militants armed with guns and suicide vests stormed the school and literally went on a shooting spree. they killed student after student, at one point we are told they set a teacher on fire and made the students watch. classways -- classrooms and hallways strewn with bodies. it took eight hours to tame these militants, three of them died when they detonated the explosive belts they were wearing, the rest killed by the military commandos, and we have confirmed that the siege is now
9:17 am
over. the the toll, you mentioned it, harris, 141 killed, most of them chirp. there were some teachers killed as well. we're also told 121 children were injured, many badly. the hospitals are overflowing and, of course, that city overflowing with grieving parents. one more note about the attack, the school picked mostly because of children of the military army staff. and one further note, mentioning the u.s. connection, the pakistani taliban is an enemy of the united states. it backs up and is tied to the taliban in afghanistan. it was behind the deadly attack on a cia base in afghanistan in 2009 as well as that failed bombing attack in times square in 2010. back to you, harris. >> yeah, you bring up such a good point as our combat troops draw down across the border in afghanistan. you're seeing the taliban
9:18 am
flourish now in pakistan. greg talcott, thank you. >> well, it's hard not to notice that gas prices are continuing to fall. now less than $2 per gallon in some states. the national average for regular gas right now is $2.52, that's down from the average of $2.89 a month ago and $3.22 last year at this very time. but while this may not -- may bring joy to drivers, it does come with bad news. the u.s. energy department has reportedly lost nearly $35 billion since june, that's thanks to the drop in the value of its strategic petroleum reserve. mideast stock prices also tanking, and the international energy agency has warned that low oil prices could spark global unrest. there is even concern that falling gas prices could put the keystone pipeline at risk and, of course, when it's about the bottom line, we're going to turn to ms. money. [laughter] i think this is a good thing, because when you're spending less at the pump, psychologically, you're going to buy more stuff which could be
9:19 am
great for a christmas time economy, and gas prices mean cheaper airfare tickets. >> you lost me at the very end because the airlines are not lowering prices if you've tried to buy a ticket lately. they are not giving us the wreak of those -- the break of those gas prices, but it helps everyone that shops at target, at wal-mart. it hurts a lot of folks that people aren't sympathetic to. for example, isis, iran, russia, venezuela, these are all the countries that are super dependent on oil revenue. it's great for the economy, i mean, there's a lot of good things about this. >> and it's very volatile, bernie. >> it's volatile, but i think the whole thing is ridiculous, complaining about lowering oil prices. >> no one's complaining. >> that's what the segment is about, that it hurts some sections of the economy. it'll all smooth out in the end, but this is what we wanted. it hurts the russians, it hurts the iranians, as you said, it hurts the oil-producing, terror-subsidizing nations, and it's good for us, so why do we
9:20 am
look a gift horse in the mouth? >> we don't, and now folks are talking about raising taxes as a result. the highway transportation fund, oh, boy, we need to raise taxes so that we can rebuild bridges because gas prices are low, we can all afford it. stop, no! >> how about letting us feel that break we might be feeling because we're paying less at the pump. >> right. >> i have a question for you. i was reading saudi royalty has said we could see price per barrel of oil come down to $60 and kind of stay there. >> or lower. >> that's really, really low. >> yeah. >> so i'm wondering, is there a price that makes everybody happy? is what do they call that in baseball? a magic number? >> yeah, i don't think so. is there a meal that makes everyone in your house happy? >> you're right. >> i stand corrected. [laughter] there isn't a price that makes everyone happy, but i think saudi arabia's looking at protecting market share, driving other producers out of the market, so there's a lot of folks that can invest as the
9:21 am
price goes lower and lower, so they are playing a long-term game. >> quickly want to ask ask you about the keystone pipeline because oil is going to do this. it's like a sign curve -- >> or a dance move. >> that's exactly what it is, harris faulkner. >> it's like doing the caterpillar -- >> and now so reactionary, they're saying we can't possibly afford to build the keystone pipeline, because oil prices have to be high in order to benefit us you have to justify the cost of -- >> that's what i wanted to ask melissa, because i do think there are so many benefits to lower gas price, but i'm wondering if it's going to make us complacent and take the pressure politically off our politicians to do something. the private sector is never going to stop figuring out a way to frack. >> right. >> but in this instance when we really are hurting our enemies and we do need to frack at home, look for alternative energy, if gas prices are lower, do you see people getting complacent and not putting on that pressure? >> absolutely. no, absolutely. and i think the keystone project
9:22 am
is one that, i mean, a lot of people say it was going forward, now it's going to be in jeopardy. i'm not that confident that we were going to get it passed in the new year, but this is definitely a point which that is heavy oil in canada, it's not the light sweet crude we see in the rest of america. so it's going to be a different price point occupy there, definitely. >> puts the whole project in jeopardy, but it doesn't stay low for long. that's the thing you have to remember -- >> flood the market, run saudi arabia and russia out of -- >> yes! drill, baby, drill. >> there's two things. we're seeing a lot of supply on the market because of what's happened in north america with all the fracking, the other thing is lower demand out of china. so that's the bad news within higher oil prices. >> thank you so much, melissa, for that expertise. the investigation into the cia's terror investigation program carried out by the intel committee full of democrats. it's coming under fire. the accusations that they did not get the whole story and whether the report is putting some officials in danger.
9:23 am
and president obama saying we're hammering isis as the group releases a new propaganda video. is the president exaggerating when he says we're taking it to the terrorists? [laughter] yeah. n enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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♪ ♪ >> new fallout for senator dianne feinstein and her fellow democrats on the intelligence committee as they come under fire for their report on the cia's investigation methods. an op-ed in "the washington post" saying the committee never interviewed a single cia official involved in the program created after 9/11 before releasing the controversial report last week. this as one of the men who interrogated 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed is also lashing out at senate dems. dr. james mitchell telling megyn kelly that the one-sided report has put his life in danger. >> it seems almost like some sort of, you know, secret bible,
9:28 am
some sort of star chamber. it's like being caught up in a bad spy novel, you know? they think we're guilty of some horrible thing, we can't be prosecuted because what we did was legal and multiple investigations have shown it. they didn't give us a chance to explain anything. they didn't even bother talking to the people at the cia. then they issue this report that essentially stirs up all of the crazies and all of the jihadists, and so now we're getting death threats and all kinds of things. >> and it would appear a majority of the american public would side with dr. mitchell. a new pew survey i shows more than half of the public, 51%, think that the cia's methods were justified compared with just 29% who say that they were not. melissa, i want to go to you first on this. a compelling interview last night. i mean, really fascinating, amazing work by megyn kelly. you heard dr. mitchell saying how he put his life on the line. >> yeah. >> the reason that he came out
9:29 am
to do the interview was because the left, trying to seize this moral high ground in defense of khalid sheikh mohammed who took thousands of lives, put his life in danger. that, to me, was a really pivotal moment that interview. >> it was. he talked about the outrage of the idea that he's gotten calls in the past few days saying you need to leave your house immediately, that his life is in so much danger, but at the same time the folks who put all this out there didn't even have the dignity to talk to him, to bring him in and interview him for this report. he talked about how difficult it was when he was called in to do this and as a psychologist to get information because they believed there was a second wave coming, a possible nuclear attack, and he needed to come in as an expert and get the information and how he wrestled with his own conscience, and he thought of the folks on flight 93, heroes who gave up their own lives and died to save others, and how he felt he was in that position. yet nobody bothered to talk to him before they condemned him
9:30 am
publicly. >> and, harris, khalid khalid sh mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, knew that this debate on this couch was coming. he said your country will turn on you. the liberal media will turn on you, the people will grow tired of this, they will turn on you, and when they do, you are going to be abandoned. to me, i thought, wow, khalid sheikh mohammed understand it is naivete of the liberal public and the liberal media, that they're going to support his rights and stand up in support of khalid sheikh mohammed's rights but not praise this cia officer. they really do understand us better than we think. >> they exploit it. that's one of the reasons why isis so successful in its propaganda. >> do you really think that's what people are doing? standing up applauding khalid sheikh mohammed? >> no. [inaudible conversations] >> no, no, no. [inaudible conversations] >> human rights. >> more than they're concerned about the life of dr. mitchell. >> no, that is not true. >> it is true. >> couple things.
9:31 am
one, the cia officers and operatives complied with the doj investigation. that's what the senate report relied on because they were told not to -- because they were not being compelled to cooperate with the senate investigation. it's not like the senate investigation had a big office christmas party and didn't invite them. >> listen, this is going to pain -- >> he and his partner made $81 million. >> this is going to pain your libertarian heart, but what he said was that they put our lives in danger for some moral high ground which puts dianne feinstein in the same category as ed snowden and julian assange. it's disgraceful the. the justice department said specific intent matters. if you intend to inflict pain and suffering for relately retribution, you can't do it. but if you intend to cause fear and anxiety to get information, you can -- >> dick cheney had the intention of inflicting pain and suffering, a, he hadn't read -- >> forget dick cheney.
9:32 am
>> no, i'm not going to forget -- >> you should listen to this man and -- this that man came out on his own and did a long form video. >> before i get it from the left which i usually do on this couch, i'm not saying that people are trying to defend and praise khalid sheikh mohammed, but it does strike me as perverse that when the cia came out to protect the lives of americans and did what would make you happy? what is going to appease the left which mark sending sheikh mohammed a flower basket? >> the fact the cia operates with no check and balance from the outside. >> that is completely not true.
9:33 am
there are so many people in the debate have come up. >> we do know from this report and you can caption it anywhere you want, but the voices were not at the table for the people who did the interrogation. >> 6000 in this report. >> here's my question, you talk about the phone call dr. mitchell has gotten from the local police about his life being threatened. has his phone ringing off the hook today from senator feinstein, has his rin e been ringing off the hook for the president? they put his life in danger. >> he put his life in danger. >> he was home free, he was safe and all of a sudden this is bat with cia and consistent to get back at him and crossing him. >> i am not a dianne feinstein
9:34 am
fan at all. i've been consistent about my views. not accepting everything blindly, which is an incredibly dangerous thing to do. >> you say no check and balances, but if you listen to the interview last night and what was going on, they went through and got approval from everybody along the line and had specific standards about what they were going to do, they were medics around the room standing by. when he talked about the way they were violated, as they were watching it was very clear there was too much water. the standard was too severe so they took the amount of water dramatically down. >> i don't necessarily think -- >> let me ask you a quick question, after 9/11 when we wanted somebody to stand on on e fence and protect us, who would you have do that? would you volunteer to do it? >> as many of my friends did, my
9:35 am
husband and i made a decision i wouldn't do that. but absolutely that was a massive contemplation in my life. >> since we already had this debate and stopped the technique, what would make you happy? >> why now? mwhy now this report? >> also betrayed our allies like poland. they are not going to help after this. >> just because something happened in the past doesn't mean we can't discuss it is so doesn't happen again in the future. they just reauthorized it. >> we have, we have debated it and settled it. now the kobe report making a joke about it. it is so serious and we have to keep an eye on our government because believe it or not they're capable of a trying us and putting us in danger. >> what do you say to dr. mitchell today? >> he is a bit of a narcissist.
9:36 am
>> the guy is a hero. >> believe it or not a psychologist can be a narcissist. >> what do you say to him with his life in danger today? >> unfortunately given the business he is in and he has made himself such a visible component of this story. >> dr. mitchell, america has your back, we support you and we thank you for what you did. >> we have to go. >> khalid sheikh mohammed said we will abandon him. we will not abandon dr. mitchell. new development in the search for a man suspected of going to three houses and killing six people including his ex-wife and her teenage niece good we will have a live update on the manhunt. and days after bill cosby broke his silence of the rate allegations against him, his wife is also speaking out.
9:37 am
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." days after bill cosby broke his silence of the sexual assault allegations against him, his wife is also speaking out, and they are both blaming the media. camille cosby issued a statement claiming news outlets for how they portrayed the comedy legend. she compares her husband scandal to the rolling stone article on an alleged university gang rate. an article he later rejected. redacted. said there is no vetting of the accusers. >> i feel very sorry for mr. cosby. my heart goes out to her. i'm sure she doesn't really know what happened, but this is what happens. she mentioned the uva thing. this is what happens when you have these agenda driven haters
9:42 am
like "rolling stone" magazine and perpetuating falsehoods, you give bill cosby the right to sight that with some plausibility. that is what happens. >> he did not just blame the media, he tried to drop the race card. i only expect the blac black meo uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that, you have to go in with a neutral mind." >> they are not sticking up for him because he went after the black community with pull up your pants and all the stuff he said. >> i think it is a preponderance of the evidence. >> that too. >> i this can be overwhelming. >> because they were angry at him because he was speaking harsh. >> he was like why don't you pull your pants up, bill cosby.
9:43 am
>> rolling stone capitulated to this accuser who asked they please not interview the friends or men accused of that horrific act, and her husband has been asked repeatedly about this, will not say anything about it, therefore if you compare to journalists, he has had an opportunity to come forward. >> there is a legal difference they are too. he would have to release his legal hold on that, going forward with this to go back and be a case. he would have to agree that could be lifted to investigate this. i don't know it is necessarily fair to align one arm of the media or not. it is decades old, is there an argument that really should anybody be talking about this? >> it is a little different than
9:44 am
the rolling stone issue because we have heard from a number of witnesses coming out with the name. this is everybody from janice dickerson whether you believe them or not, they tend to tell similar stories. what i thought was interesting about camille johnson coming out, dramatic of ray rice's wife coming out blaming the media. i understand she want to stand by her husband but to come out and when the media for covering something that is such a big story with so many witnesses coming out. i thought that was unusual. >> placing the cases gloria allred. she is a bottom feeding off opportunist. like when al sharpton gets involved, it is a circus like atmosphere. >> they should open a joint law firm together. >> she says no one wants to blame the victim's maybe this is
9:45 am
the one area they think they can blame. your final thoughts? >> people cast a very critical eye of victims when they come forward, but it is so convenient to blame the media whatever is going on it seems we are always the one to get it, but we can take it. this is a scandal that is not going away. i don't think this is one you can blame on the media. >> it is irresponsible to play this along racial lines to take the focus off. let's move on, investigators now looking into two potential witnesses near a massive fire that reduced an apartment construction site to ashes be at video captures the men near the scene. what they know now be at a video sparking outrage for offering women tips how to keep your husband happy, ladies.
9:46 am
is this really all it takes to be happy together? we will report, you decide. ♪ to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on. ... .... .... .... .... what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had a liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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♪ >> may be outnumbered notice time for my story. and oregon how wise can keep husbands happy is sparking a lot of outrage. five ways your unknowingly destroying her husband and killing your marriage good thing have expensive tastes, withholding, being grumpy, being coy and not bring your husband first. when you put your children, mom, best friends, talent or career in front of your husband you send a clear message to him he is unimportant good imagine having a message sent to you every day for many years, what would that do to your self-esteem, put your husband first bid making a point to mention this is from their wives. >> thought this was jeb bush statement this morning. >> he has 50% of the vote right there. she does make the point it works two ways, so what does that
9:51 am
mean? >> guys don't go out and read what are five things i can do to empower my marriage right now? >> they don't have to because their wives tell them every single night. that is why i think we need this article. >> expensive taste, if you're making a little bit of money, don't be grumpy and he won't withhold. >> it just goes perfectly to both sides get don't put your spouse less, be direct about what you need and don't spend money like water. they said this is for women. put in men's health as well. the advice was actually, i have been married for 15 years, thought the whole thing made a lot of sense to me. a problem directing it at women but both sides should hear it
9:52 am
and listen to it, there's nothing wrong with the actual material. >> it is a less catchy headline. >> andrea agrees with these points, right? >> i think a lot of unhappy men out there. >> and women. >> the way we portray husbands, why can't it just been article directed to women on making them and happy? why does it have to be national outrage and controversy although i will agree with you, men's magazine never give advice to men on how to handle a successful smart woman, only tips how to pick up a hot one. >> true. >> your brain is your heart's assets. >> we were talking the green room and i said that is off the record. so i said what is your key to
9:53 am
happiness in the holiday season, and you said i managed to get it done with some help for that, husband he only had to focus on one thing, my gift. and he can spend whatever because he hasn't seen the rest of what is going on. >> as much as he wants or as much as he things i want? >> i didn't realize that conversation was on the record. >> happy wife, happy life, what about happy husband? >> that mutual respect, you have to pounded out every once in a while. you have to have a conversation about the difficult things, you pervert. >> helping keep tabs on who is naughty or nice but the elf on the shelf has one professor going scrimmage on saint nick eyes and ears. ♪
9:54 am
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♪ >> college professor going all
9:58 am
scrooge on what is a christmas tradition for millions of families each december be at the elf on the shelf takes residence in children's homes and each night he or she fight back to the north pole to update sent on who is being naughty or nice. but a canadian professor blames the whole idea leads kids to accept a surveillance state and she writes your teaching kids lessons that is okay for other people to spy on you and you are not entitled to privacy. if you grew up in is okay for else to watch and report to santa, it is both the nsa to watch and report back to the government. i disagree with the sentiment because i have always said this, authoritarian parents make libertarian children. [laughter] >> yes, i hear you on that bid there is an elf that comes to my house as well. he does keep the children on good behavior over christmas. late enough, there is simply watching all the time and her
9:59 am
name is me. yes, you're being surveyed in my house, yes. >> this is a variation on the concept of religion, somebody is watching. same with santa claus. i have an elf, we call him james clapper in my house, sh he doesa good job. >> really, the nsa and the elf are the same? >> much more creative. >> selfie is a loving little elf and always looks for the good for people in our household. >> oddly enough we have a visitor in the studio right now making sure that we watch. where is it? that is our "outnumbered" elf named tito, and he has been watching.
10:00 am
>> i know whenever i dropped by your office did >> "outnumbered" on the web. click the overtime tab key it we are back tv tomorrow at noon eastern time. now. >> we start with a fox news alert. the british prime minister warning. >> britain faces a similar threat of a lone wolf terror attack at any moment. we are covering all of the news. >> how can someone like that be at large in the community. >> reporter: outrage in sidney. a terrifying siege and two innocent people dead. >> we are tested to die initantly. >> reporter: more about the hostage who died a hero. >> thi


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