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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 16, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> that kit's going to end up going far. before we go, tonight is the first night of hanukkah, we want to wish a very happy hanukkah to all who celebrate it. we're tracking two big stories at this hour, the tall ban taliban invaded a school and -- first, a federal court in pennsylvania has declared parts of president obama's executive action on immigration unconstitutional. let's go straight to correspondent shannon breen for what happened and what it means. shannon? >> in the first ruling of its kind, a federal judge in pennsylvania, said today, the president's executive actions regarding immigration exceeded his constitutional authority. and cited the president's own speeches and remarks on that issue. judge arthur schwab writes,
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quote, president obama contended that although legislation -- congress's failure to pass legend shin acceptable to him in this regard, adding, quote, congress's law making power is not subject to presidential supervision of control, perceived or actual congressional inaction does not endow legislative power where the executive. judge schwab went on to hold that the president's actions crossed the line, amounted to election and changed immigration policy. the decision comes with a case of a man who entered the country four years ago, he entered the country illegally but wasn't caught until he was -- prior to sentencing, the judge asked the party to provide their legal opinions on how the president's immigration announcements could possibly impact the judge's sentencing ruling.
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a justice department spokesperson says, quote, the decision is unfounded and the court had no basis to issue such an order. no party in the case challenged the constitutionality of the immigration executive action and the department's filing made it clear that the executive actions did not apply to the criminal matter before the court. schwab added that although presidents do enjoy prosecutorial discretion on a case-by-case basis, president obama's sweeping pronouncement involving entire classes of persons in the u.s. illegally went in schwab's opinion far beyond what is legally permissible. bret? >> we're following it, shannon, thank you. now to another huge story, less than 14 hours after a lone wolf terrorist's hostage siege ended in sidney, australia, taliban gunmen broke into a school in pakistan, delivering one of the deadliest attacks in this country in years.
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sidney and peshawar, as the administration tries to navigate dangerous foreign policy matters. ed henry has the story tonight. >> reporter: a gruesome terror attack, at least 141 people murdered in cold blood as a taliban in pakistan stormed a military run school. most of the victims were children, in the tragic business of funerals for the young students got under way almost immediately. >> the images are absolutely gut wrenching. young children carried away in ambulances, a teacher burned alive, in front of the students. >> reporter: in a written statement, president obama did not mention the taliban by name, saying generally, quote, by targeting students and teachers in this heinous attack, terrorists have once again shown their depravity. at the podium, white house spokesman josh ernest was careful to stress the african taliban was not involved. >> reporter: while the afghan
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taliban did condemn the attack as unislamic, attacks on the afghan border have increased as well e. today's attack came mere hours after the president contended the combat operations are winding down in the u.s. >> reporter: the president's aides are making the case that afghanistan is stabilizing, though a similar claim was made about iraq, when all u.s. troops were pulled out at the end of 2011. >> it's the same thing the president said about afghanistan, it collapses and then isis goes in and creates a vacuum. >> this highlight ascii difference from the strategy that this president produces, from the strategy that's produced by -- to longer can the president be in the situation
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where they're doing it for the hoers country. >> reporter: the tension comes as a majority of the public says it disagrees with the president about the cia's treatment of suspected terrorists. in a new "washington post"/abc news poll, 53% said it produced important information, 31% said it did not. the architect of the enhanced interrogation program, cia contractor james mitchell sold megyn kelly that democrat investigators never sought his story. >> it stirs up all the crazies and the jihadists, so now we're getting death threats and all kinds of things m. >> josh ernest said he couldn't comment on individual cases, but the administration had -- today the president had a high level meeting to get briefed on threats all around the globe. bret. >> ed henry on the north lawn. thank you. >> reporter: we're learning more about that hostage siege in
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sidney, australia. austral australian commandos stormed the cafe 11 hours into the standoff. that was provoked when the hostage taker fell aclean and then escaped. australia's prime minister wonders why that man was not on his country's radar as a terrorist given his checkered history. the gunman was reportedly on the u.s. terror watch list. a new phase of data leaks today released by a shadowy group of hackers calling themselves guardians of peace. the group referenced the 9/11 attacks. meanwhile two former sony employees are now suing the company for not preventing hackers from stealing nearly 50,000 social security numbers, salary details and other personal information from current and former works, stocks fell today, the dow lost 112,
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the s&p 500 finished 17 behind, the nasdaq was off 57. former florida governor jeb bush has taken the biggest step yesterday toward a potential run for president and that could change the calculations of others. this as new fox polls show where bush would stack up in a potentially crowded field early on. here's chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> john ellis bush, jeb for short is florida's first two-term governor, announcing on facebook that he's forming a political action committee and filing an exploratory -- a brand-new fox news national poll of registered voters shows mitt romney who says he's not running with 19%. beneficiary starts exploring at 10%. with romney out of the running, the real clear politics poll shows that bush is leading the
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pac by 12 points. that also invites earlier and increasingly intense scrutiny, bush calling himself a social and fiscal conservative, though he backed his father's tax hooirk in 1990. he's a pro-life catholic who backs traditional marriage, he backs state education standards and a path to legal status for certain illegal immigrants. >> i'm not going to change what i believe. and most of what i believe are solid political main stream thoughts. >> on the democratic side, the fox poll shows hillary clinton at 62%, a 50 point lead over elizabeth warren who has a two-point edge on vice president joe biden. former virginia u.s. senator and former navy secretary jim web announced hiss exploratory a couple of months ago. martin o'malley has -- and
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vermont independent senator bernie sanders a self described socialist is out there. the fox poll suggests that 41% believe being related to previous are presidents will help, to 30% who think it will help. when clintons matched up against potential gop rivals, the fox poll showed clinton way head and only one republican within single digits, jeb bush. technically mr. bush is not yet an officially declared candidate, but has a practical matter, when politicians shark -- >> quickly, does it suck up money quickly? >> there's so many candidates saying they're exploring or thinking about it or thinking about thinking of it. jeb bush plants the flag and a lot of those scatter. >> reaction to jeb bush and his move as well as what cruz thinks about his critics from both sides of the ooirl and all of
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the back and forth on capitol hill, you don't want to miss that just a bit later. still ahead, are sanctions starting to take their toll on the russian economy. fox 5 in atlanta has the story of the serial killer arrested for a fourth murder. 34-year-old amon pressly had already been charged with the deaths of two homeless men and a hairstylist, police don't yet have a motive. >> the interagency -- the fbi, atf an the u.s. marshalls are all working to find out who killed jegs can chambers, the 19-year-old was doused in flames and burned alive early last week. and here's a live look at philadelphia, the big story there is the end of a man hunt in philadelphia for ex-marine bradley william stone, the suspect who was thought to have killed his ex-wife and fiver of their relatives was found dead in a forest not far from their
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after denying any plans to levy sanctions on israel over the settlement issue, the obama administration is now trying to steer its way through a u.n. security council resolution, tilted against the israelis. correspondent john hutti has the diplomatic dance in the middle of continued fighting and a stalled mid east peace process. >> reporter: israeli troops shot and killed a 20-year-old palestinian man who they say threw an explosive at them. today mourners at the man's funeral said he was just an innocent bystander. all this as palestinian officials are expected to present a draft resolution soon to the 15-member u.n. security council calling for israeli occupation of palestinian land to end by november 2016.
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u.s. secretary of state john kerry met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who said -- today kerry met with a palestinian authority leader and his arab counter part in london. clinton officials told fox news the meeting was difficult and they did not reach any common ground. >> we're trying to have a constructive conversation with everybody going forward to create the climate, the atmosphere, political space if you will to be able to go book to negotiationses and resolve this politically. >> a palestinian senior official said that the palestinians are expecting the u.s. to vito their proposed resolution. but hope the united states will be committed to the vision of a two-state solution and help pass a resolution that will
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ultimately bring peace to the region. >> john, thank you. russia gripped by a currency crisis and sliding oil prices will soon be forced to deal additional sanctions, james rosen examines the economic cost to annexing crimea and backing ukrainian separatists while oil plummets. >> reporter: president obama will sign into law stiffer sanctions on russia's defense industry, already passed by congress, the measure will also authorize the commander in chief to supply $15 million in nonlethal arms to the ukraine. >> every day that goes bithat these sanctions are in place we see theal toll that's being taken by the russian economy grows. >> reporter: russia's central bank says its key interest rate will rise by 17%, the steepest
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since 1998 when russia defaulted on its debt. the rubble fell even further against the dollar after the announcement by more than 11%, even kremlin loyalists now admit the economy is in difficult straits and ordinary russians are feeling the pain. >> prices are rising for us at a faster rate than our pensions. >> translator: all the issues are solved at the expense of the russian people. the white house said russia's troubles derive not merely from sanctions imposed by the u.s. and european union after the kruk crane cry. >> if i was president putin's council of economic advise sofrs i would be extremely concerned. >> reporter: but analysts dif r differ. they want to respond in a direct way, some sort of retaliation, that's part of why we saw the attacks hit the white house websites over the past few
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weeks. >> it's up to president putin to make that choice, but as it incentivized him to take more action? no, i wouldn't put it in those terms. >> in london, secretary of state kerry praised what he calls russia's construct tiff moves of late. and said the sanctions could be lifted in a matter of weeks or days depending on the choices that president putin takes. >> still ahead, texas republican senator ted cruz response to critics including some on the all-star panel who say he doesn't understand politics, he also reacts to jeb bush's move today. first we'll talk about safety concerns during this busy holiday travel season. we'll be right back. here's a question for you: as nations develop over the next 25 years, the world will have almost twice as many cars. how much fuel will be needed to power them? about the same as today? 50% more? 100% more? the answer is... about the same as today. by 2040, advances in fuels and vehicles could enable about 75% better fuel economy than today.
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as americans finalize travel
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plans amidst mightening security, fox sits down with the security head of the tsa. chief intelligence continue catherine harris has the story. >> the threat today is unfortunately more expansive than it was 4 1/2 years ago. >> reporter: outgoing tsa administrator says that -- the group is evening experimented with surgically implanted devices. >> that's one of the things that concerns us, how well do they design, construct and then conceal. >> reporter: the u.s.-led bombing campaign against isis and the al qaeda led khorasan group in syria has not crippled their operations. >> we'll not go into detail about what that may look like from a classified perspective, we are concerned that there is active plotting going on. >> reporter: the intelligence community received new information that a french bombmaker thought to have been killed in syria may have survived u.s. strikes last month. >> there is concern that there
3:23 pm
are still individuals out there who have not only the ability to do that but the intent of using that on a flight to the u.s. >> reporter: that's why procedures implemented in july require passengers to turn on their phone and computers remain in place. as the holiday travel season begins, tsa officials say they aren't expecting any changes at the checkpoints, but if there are changes they will be driven by new and specific intelligence. the tsa administrator describes classified procedures to track foreign fighters based on their travel history before they check in for u.s.-bound flights. >> there are individuals that we are concerned about and we, again, are looking at if they make travel reservations. >> pistol was in australia days before the hostage situation unfolded unfolded unfolded in sydney without warning. >> there was no talk about that. >> reporter: but that kind of attack is not what keeps pistol
3:24 pm
up at night. >> rather the lone wolf or simultaneous attacks such as full name. but that said, we also have insights as to who the potential bombers are. some of his republican colleagues say he paved the way to allow more of president obama's nominees to get in, now he's answering his critics, my interview with texas senator ted cruz next. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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many members of his own party are blaming texas republican senator ted cruz for letting democrats consider more of president obama's judicial nominees by forcing a weekend vote on obama's executive action on immigration. the senator now joins me to answer his critics. what about the -- >> reid announced a week ago, he intended to force through every one of these extreme bad nominees, the only difference was because we forced a vote on amnesty this weekend, he had the votes one day earlier. but he would have forced the exact same votes today, monday and tuesday that he did on saturday. and the result would have been the same.
3:29 pm
and example, some folks have focused on the surgeon general. the surgeon again is an unqualified extreme nominee. he was the first nominee harry reid had to vote on on monday. if he hadn't had a session on saturday, he still would have been the first vote on monday. we shouldn't be confirming these nominees, but we're doing it because reid's abused his power. >> you apologized this weekend, right? >> let's be clear what i apologized for. i apologized for their personal weekend plans being disrupted. a number of senators had to come back and i apologized for that personal hardship. but what we did this weekend was important. i believe it was important to vote on executive amnesty. amnesty is unfair. millions of americans spoke up in the last election, throughout the majority leader and minority leader in congress. we're facing a congressional
3:30 pm
crisis. and i think it was critical. this saturday after the fight we had. we had the very first vote on president obama's unconstitutional amnesty. that's what i was pressing for, that's what others were pressing for. and i think it marrittered to hr our commitment to the voters. >> you describe it as knifing the now senate mean north leami leader as he now becomes majority leader. >> let's be clear, for a week, i was very clear with mitch mcconnell, with harry reid that i wanted a vote on the constitutionality of executive amnesty. we deserve an up or down vote, that's something senators do each and every day. you look at this omnibus that just passed congress. it's $1.1 trillion of every payoff for special interests, for lobby estes, for k street.
3:31 pm
all of them got taken care of. it was the perfect example of washington corruption. but the people who were not taken care of is the working men and women, the millions of conservative grass roots activists who showed up and gave the republicans the minority. and it was important to have a straight up-or-down vote on executive amnesty. i'll tell you one of the real benefits. as a result of this vote on saturday, every single democrat is now on record the president's unconstitutional amnesty. a dozen of them had criticized it when it happened and now every one of them have gone on record and it matters. >> jeb bush has --- >> he's going to have to make a decision in the next few months, if he wants to run for president or not. and if he does, i think we're going to have a robust discussion over the next year, year and a half about who the republican nominee should be and i they's a good thing. >> you worked for his brother's
3:32 pm
campaign, you worked in his administration, so how does the thought of another bush presidency strike you? >> let's see number one if he's running and let's see who the other republican candidates are. i trust the grass roots to make the best determination, i will tell you what i think we should be looking for, we should be looking for whoever is standing up and leading, we should be standing up for whoever is fighting today. whoever is making the case that the obama economy is a disaster, that we have got to restore america's leadership in the world. my advice, by my measure, there are a whole bunch of republican senators who are thinking about running in 2016. my advice to every one of them is stand up and lead. i would be thrilled if a year from now, we see a half dozen senators and governors arm in arm, leading together and making the case that the obama agenda isn't working and there is a better path getting back to the
3:33 pm
free market principles and constitutional liberties that this country was built on. >> it is clear, democrats hate you, and an increasing number of republicans hate the way you operate in the senate, to say the least. given that reality, where do you see the path to the presidency? >> let me be very clear, washington doesn't like change. so i wouldn't necessarily disagree with you when you speak about people in washington, listen, i have said a lot of times, the biggest divide we have got, in this country politically, is not between democrats and republicans, it is between career politicians in washington, in both parties and the american people, so, yes, it is not a surprise that washington fights hard against anyone trying to change the culture in washington. but i can tell you, outside of washington, people are frustrated, they're frustrated with the corruption, they're frustrated with politician who is say one thing and do another. >> senator, when you hear george will and charles krauthammer and others say that you don't
3:34 pm
understand that politics up here on the hill is a team sport. and now with the gop getting a majority, you don't get it. how do you respond? >> listen, i like and respect both george and charles. i think they're smart, insightful observers. on some level, i'll agree with what they said. i am not trying to play the rules of washington. because i think washington's broken, i think it's profoundly broken. and i think the only answer is to change washington. let me give you a tech example. in the tech world, you have disruptive apps that come in and disrupt the means of distributing a good or service. let's take for example, uber coming in or lift coming into a city. whatever that happens, the existing providers fight like cats and dogs. the taxi commissions have done everything they can to kill uber and lift. what we're trying to do in the political world is very much the sairm thing, which is change the means of decision making, take it out of the smoke filled
3:35 pm
rooms, where decision making is done in washington between career politicians and lobbyists and instead empower the people. in my view, the only way we can turn this country around is if the american people rise up p and hold every one of us accountable. so i'm not trying to play the washington rules, i'm trying to change the rules and make elected officials blooirs included accountable to the people who elected them. >> whether you make your decision, whether you run or not? >> i think the field will form in all likelihood sometime between january and june of next year. >> it's already forming. >> i think we'll see it form in the next few months, in all likely hood there will be a number of good candidates and we'll have a discussion about what candidate is the most likely to stand up and fight. we have got to win, it is now or never and our country is in crisis. >> thanks for the time. two days of terror, a look
3:36 pm
at the pakistan terror attack, the sydney siege as well as other political issues. we're back with the all-star panel. stay tuned. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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i do think that this scenario and this terrible event that occurred in pakistan sort of highlights the violent sen ten did of some of these extremist groups, which in turn junked scores the need to do all we can to strengthen and support afghan security forces as they try to protect their country and their citizens. >> the perpetrators must be brought to justice, and we pledge our full support to the people of pakistan in this difficult hour, we will help them in any way that we possibly can. >> talking about pakistan's storming of a school and 141 people were killed most of them children.
3:40 pm
one of two attacks that caught the world's attention over the past couple of days. steve hays, senior write for the weekly standard. mara lars and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> in some ways what we have seen over the past couple of days is one of two ways of committing terrorist attacks, yesterday the lone wolf attacks that we had predicted would be coming would be the new face of terrorism now for several years and then today we saw a mass casualty attack, conducted by a strong terrorist group despite the fact that it's had leadership problems, management issues, internet team fighting was able to carry off in kind of a has casualty attacks. how many times do we sit here and say these kinds of attacks are wakeup calls, but they are wairkup calls. that was the case until you had
3:41 pm
fazad try to bomb times square in 2005. >> what about the people who say that this attack shows a growing concern about the afghan policy and what we're doing with troops on the ground? >> this happened in pakistan, but the worry is it could have happened in afghanistan. and if it happened in afghanistan, it would have been a much more kwirnd ind of on ou plate. we're supposed to be training the afghan forces so they can prevent this sort of thing. i think we kind of dodged a bullet here, because it happened in pakistan, a place where the united states doesn't have troops. >> charles? >> look, i think we're making a mistake about what's important and what's not here. afghanistan is infinititely les important than pakistan.
3:42 pm
the reason we're in afghanistan is it gives us leverage in the region. bin laden came out of afghanistan, it gave us a base, a place in which we could project power. but the prize, of course, is pakistan, it's a nuclear power and if radical islam ever got its hands on that, the world would change overnight. it would change if iran gets it, because it's another variety of radical islam. that's why the pakistani -- i would not lay it at the obama administration. this after all is a revenge act that the taliban, pakistani is launching against pakistani government which has actually stood up against them and is conducting a pretty serious campaign in north waziristan, so this is an attempt to react on the part of the pakistanis. but i would draw a distinction between this and what happened in australia. australia was a marginalized,
3:43 pm
unstable guy acting on his own who was given a script. but i don't see it as an act of islamic terror, he didn't even know exactly what he was doing. what we're talking about here in pakistan is a deliberate act and to hear josh ernest refer to the violent stendencies of these extremist groups r u you not able to say, islamic radicalism, the barbarism of islamic radicalism, which essentially will give it a connection with isis and other groups. this really matched a discussion of extremism really does in the help the cause. >> an attempt by the australian -- looking back at the vice chairman saxby chambliss, who he told me in his exit interview, what keeps him um at night is the lone wolf isis terrorists here in the u.s. >> it's interesting and you
3:44 pm
contrast that with what john pistol told catherine harris in the piece you just played, he said what keeps him up at night is these mass coordinated attacks. i think they're both right. but it's so hard to detect his jihadist lone wolves, whether they're islamic radicals, it's hard to detect whether they're acting on their own or coordinating with one or two people. on the other hand their capacity for conducting major attacks is necessarily limited if they're lone wolves. on the other hand you've got these radical groups that are still trying to hit the united states. they spend much of their time concentrating on how they can hit the united states, and cause mass casualties. they are i think the more formidable threat, they are alied with governments that sponsor and support them. >> i want to talk about russia, we're talking about a development, as oil continuings to plummet and the sanctions now
3:45 pm
stiff, russia has a problem. >> russia is on a brink of a cia sis, what can they do when you get into this kind of a currency crisis, there's not much you can do, you can make hyper inflation and that will cause all sorts of other problems. what's interesting lyre is that the president is going to sign a bill that allows the sanctions to get even tighter and if he chooses to send military aid to the kruk crane. we set out to hurt russia for what it did in ukraine and it's fighting. >> it's work despite the -- all kinds of loopholes and the reason he signed that is because of the loopholes that allows him not to send the weapons to you can ukraine. >> i understand that they crude is plummeting, on oil, his
3:46 pm
administration has restrained the production of oil in the united states. and p it's american production on state and private lands that has riled the markets and caused the collapse of the price of oil. it was nothing to do with the obama administration, it was in spite of the regulation. up next, former florida governor jeb bush and his intention to run. we'll be right back. ♪
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so, long story short, if i was to run, i would try persuade people. i'm not going to change what i believe and my beliefs, i think, are good, solid, mainstream conservative thought. >> jeb bush announcing today that he is officially exploring a run for president. but that does do a cup bell of big things in there race. take a look at the new fox news poll out tonight. it's obviously earlfully all these early polls, you know, they are what they are, but here it is. mitt romney atop and there you see bush at 10% and the rest of the field you can keep strolling through, christie, huckabee, paul and walker, carson, ryan, crudz, rubio. keep going. one more page. there you go. we're back with the panel. marah, a big deal. >> single biggest decision so far of the republican field. and even though you see everybody kind of bunched up there, and just double digits or high single digits, there is a first among equals and his name is
3:51 pm
jeb bush. he will solidify republican establishment him behind him. he has an instant network. raise a huge wrench into marco rubio's plans because he has the same network from florida. jeb bush has pretty much said how he would run which is lose the primary, win the general election strategy. is he not going to backtrack on his support for immigration reform, which includes legalization or a path to citizenship. he is sticking with common core. i think it's pretty interesting. i think what he is figuring is that the rest of the candidates are going to split the antiestablishment vote. politic the tea party vote and the republicans will do what they always do which is nominate the establishment guy. >> but, boy, steve, you look at the conservative push back today on social media, talk radio, obviously knew it was coming, but it was pretty loud. >> it was loud. i think that's one of the reasons why jeb bush made the announcement at the time that he made it going into the holidays. he will get this ferocious push back at a time when a
3:52 pm
lot of people aren't paying as close attention to politic as they might otherwise be paying. let me disagree with mara. i don't think this is that big of a deal. big deal in the fact that it gives us a sense that jeb bush is no longer musing about the possibility of running. he is he taking an active step that allows him to make different kind of phone call to perspective donors than he would have made a week ago. if money determined everything in the republican primaries. i think we would have had a very different series of events in the 2012 republican primaries. remember, had you different candidates. virtually everybody in the entire field at one point or another led. i mean, i don't remember the exact dollar amount. >> because we were in the anti-mitt romney anybody but mitt romney. >> we were in the anti-mitt romney. if any of those other candidates had proven to be a viable candidate h proven to have any kind of staying power, it's entirely conceivable that they would have won. it's no longer a given that the candidate with the most money is the candidate that automatically wins. >> he has name recognition, which is both good and bad. but i think that his primary
3:53 pm
advantage is that he would be the establishment choice. >> yeah. >> i think the grass roots conservatives will have a lot to say about this before this is over. >> right. but also how does it effect the other people who are maybe in his sphere, which is the mitt romney, the chris christies, others who might fit that that ideological bin, if you will. >> no. i think it is a big deal. because those who would be on his wing of the spectrum have a to think whether they are going to go up against jeb bush and how good of a chance they will have. clear out some of his wing. as for the others, there are other people who would otherwise be on the fringe. look like a free for all. look like the most open seat in the history of the presidency. so why not throw in your hat. and i think it will, because it creates an instant frontrunner for good or for ill, it will discourage some of the fringe candidates. i think it will make your
3:54 pm
job on the first debate a little easier because it won't be a four score and seven candidates. >> you put this up before, the full screen of all the potential. >> some of those potentials are going to think bush is in the race. >> who is not going to run because jeb bush is running, maybe mitt romney. i don't think this effects rubio's decision one way or another. he was going to run. regardless of what jeb bush does. doesn't affect christie or scott walker. i have a hard time to see who this really scares away particularly at this. >> maybe -- >> i don't know if it runs them away. jeb bush sucks up the oxygen in the room. how can there be enough money to support and establishment to support for all of those governors? i just don't think there is going to be that i think the establishment wants to rally around somebody. they sees a hillary clinton as completely beatable. they really want to win. i think you will see a
3:55 pm
coalescing around bush over time. >> there will be a rise of some conservative candidate. >> sure. >> more than one. >> maybe more than one. quickly, i want to give you time. you saw the senator cruz interview. obviously i referenced your panel remarks and his explanation of what happened on the hill. just some thoughts. >> my critique of cruze is not that he isn't a team player. there is no virtue in being a team player and i admire people who act on their own. i admire his courage in many ways. on the other hand, i do think that what he has done, standing up on principle or making these statements has hurt the cause. he can make a lot of statements. can you stand up. but if you do things as he did in october of last year, and as he did now, in which he enabled the democrats today, the democrats approved, i think, 21 judicial nominees. you gave harry reid time to do all this. if you are practical effects are negative, don't do it. make your statement
3:56 pm
somewhere else. >> sounds like is he running though. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for an energetic young reporter with the christmas spirit.
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target shop with a cop event. this young reporter already has her signoff reddy for air. >> okay my name is allah leann reporting at target and pappa, if you are watching your granddaughter, you need to watch your granddaughter on the news. i am shopping away with all of my cards and baby dolls. santa claus, you need to put me on the good list. pappa, i love you and goodbye. >> all right. >> just took the mike. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. developing now, jeb is in, well at least maybe a little bit in. florida former governor jeb bush exploring a 2016 presidential run. what does that mean exactly? is it possible we could see a third president bush in the the white house? joining us our political panel abc political director rick cline and josh. timing today, why? any reason? before the holidays? >> yes. get this out there before the holidays you have to realize if you are a a big fundraiser or big donor for republican candidates. you have got everyone knocking at you're door. people like chris christie as rick per i can't understand rick santorum. i am in. i am going to do this thick. i need to you be on board back people


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