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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 18, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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take a look at this. these images from a satellite used to study weather and geography. >> it was brighter between black friday and new year's day. love it. all those l.e.d. lights make it even bright are wresh. >> that's great. love it when they do that. thanks for joining us. >> the real story starts right now. we kick off the show with a fox news alert. there's a new chapter in american foreign policy after president obama's historic announcement that he plans to restore diplomatic ties with cuba. and cuban president raul castro going further calling on the u.s. to end its trade embargo, which has been in place since the island nation turned to communism more than 50 years ago. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. we are here to bring you the real story today. casts row's request would require an act of congress, and so far there's plenty of op
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sdwligs to that from lawmaker on both sides of the aisle. meantime, cubans celebrating the move as the possibility of renewed economic ties with the u.s. gives hope for better times ahead for the 11 million people living there if -- and it's a big if -- the government follows through. let's go live to steve harrigan who has made his way to havana, cuba. steve. >> gretchen, the initial reaction here in havana has been overwhelmingly positive. we're really seeing a range of people who are down right giddy at the news and those that think there will be some improvement, but it could take some time. perhaps years ahead. this is an 38-year-old leader. raul castro, who is set in his ways as a communist. not many people expected him to make such a radical and surprise move to renew relations with the u.s. there are also some risks involved for cuban government. for 50 years they've been able to blame all the country's problems on that blockade. they won't be able to do it anymore. in the short-term we could see
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some real changes. >> gretchen back to you. >> thanks much. groek outrage in response thoeshgs, to the president's decision to normalize u.s. ties with cuba at least here. the editorial board of the washington post writing "on wednesday the castros suddenly obtained a comprehensive bail-out from the obama administration. president obama granted the regime everything on its wish list that was welcome back his power to grand. a full lifting of the trade embargo requires congressional action, full diplomatic relations would be staerd established. ambassador john bowlon, former u.s. ambassador to -- joins me now. why now, ambassador? the castros are elderly. raul and his brother, who no longer is in power, but kind of is. why not wait until they're gone?
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>> well, that's what our policy should have been, to continue to apply economic pressure. i think the president and his supporters have given way to an idealogical impulse. his rhetoric in the statement he made yesterday sounded a lot like the fair play for cuba committee from the early 1960s. talking about american colonialism. this has been on the left's agenda for a long time, and he has used his foreign policy power to give away a lot. i don't think this necessarily means that everything is going to turn out rosy from the president's point of view. you know, we already have extensive economic relations with cuba. these people who have been talking about what trade will mean, you know, we're already probably the largest agricultural supplier to cuba. we saw an enormous amount of medical products. we have a lot of americans who go down there. all of these from the clinton administrati
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administration. >> funny you should bring that up because, of course, that's the big if in this whole equation. in newly released documents, it shows then in the early 1980s fidel castro was suggesting a soviet nuclear strike against the united states. do you think he has changed in those 20, 30 years? >> no. neither fidel nor raul have changed. this is another example of just naivety on the part of the president and his allies. these people are hardened revolutionaries. they're facing a difficult economic circumstance now because of the collapse of international oil prices, and the consequence kwent impact on venezuela, which has been a major prop for the castro regime for these past several years. they're making a tactical adjustment due to this economic pressure. this is not the time for the united states to release the pressure. it's the time to apply more pressure, the exact opposite of what we're doing.
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>> what about our allies, and maybe more importantly, our adversaries in the rest of the world? how do they react now to this? >> i think this is a sign on the white house door that basically says if you are an adversary of the united states and you have something on your wish list, you want, you have two years to get it. if i'm an ayatollah in tehran, i'm saying we're going to get even more concessions on the nuclear program. in north korea, you know, they're attacking our entertainment industry and the president's apparently not paying any attention. i think our frenz are going to take this as a sign we've given up on trying to isolate the cuban regime. i actually think the real economic impact for cuba might be other countries who heretofore say we don't want to pay a price in our realings with the united states for trade with cuba. they don't see any price to pay anymore. >> very interesting. ambassador john bolten, somebody with a lot of expertise in this.
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thank you, sir. >> thank you, gretchen. so president obama right now meeting with his senior advisors after cyber hackers forced sony pictures to cancel the release of that comedy film at the height of the holiday season. the white house treating the attack as a serious national security matter. chief white house correspondent ed henry live on the north lawn. ed, what's the administration saying about sony's decision? >> well, gretchen, it's interesting. they are sort of ducking what sony should have done and saying it's a private company, we're not going to get involved, but they're saying that this is getting more and more urgent. here at the white house as the fbi, other investigators close in on who is behind this hack, bottom line is it's widely believed north korea either did it directly or hired someone else to do it. josh ernest would not speculate on that, but acknowledge that the president himself has gotten more heavily involved in this in recent days and that the president's national security team has been meeting every single day to deal with it. listen. >> this is something that's
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being treated as a serious national security matter. there is evidence to indicate that we have seen destructive activity with malirks intent. that was initiated by a sophisticated actor. and is being treated by those investigative agencies, both at the fbi and the department of justice as seriously as you would expect. >> now, josh ernest was pressed on what if it's another nation like north korea that is behind this? will it be sanctions? what will be the response? he has refused to speculate. obviously, the world is watching to see what the white house will do. >> no doubt. ob. critics say this happened because of weak foreign policy from the white house. that's their argument, right? >> no doubt about it. >> you have republicans like senator john mccain, who have been saying in recent days, the president should have been speaking out more on this. he did do an interview late yesterday with abc news about the cuban decision and was asked about the potential terror threat to movie theaters, and the president said, look, you should go to the movies.
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don't be worried about it, and josh ernest said, look, that showed he was behind sony and the movie going forward. it wasn't exactly a full-throated endorsement of, look, let's get behind sony. let's stand behind the artist. senator john mccain put out this statement saying "ed neat for sony bikts to make that decision ultimately rose from the administration's continuing failure to satisfily address the use of cyber weapons by our nation's enemies. interesting. the daily beast is reporting on some emails between obama administration officials and sewn where i executives.
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>> more information about who they are just moments away. also, is the cyber attack against sony an act of war, and if so, how will the pentagon respond and figure out how to protect us against future cyber attacks. general jack keen straight ahead on that. plus, a message for the killer of jessica chambers. the teens seen on surveillance video acting strangely just before being found burned to death in mississippi. details about her just finished autopsy. and part two of my exclusive one-on-one interview with taya kyle, the widow of american sniper, chris kyle. >> the legacy that's most important to me is that they had a really amazing man, and they always will have that. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup.
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fox news alert to tell you about now because a spokesman for the joint chiefs chair, general martin dempsey, confirming to fox news that u.s.
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air strikes have killed several top level isis leaders in iraq. warm front them was a deputy to the terror group's leader, aub your bakar al baghdadi. in addition to the most recent strikes, the u.s. has killed senior and midlevel isis commanders as well. we are following this story. it's breaking right now. we'll have more developments as they become available to fox. in the meantime, new developments in the case of that young woman in mississippi found burned to death earlier this month. the father of 19-year-old jessica chambers spiking out saying he wants whoever killed his daughter kept in solitary confinement when that person is convicted. the reward for information has grown to $16,000 after a donation from the state fire marshall.
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let's do some real talk now on the cyber terror attack. most likely by a rogue nuclear nation. forcing sony pictures to cancel its release of the movie "the interview." north korea declaring the comedy film an act of war. so what do we plan to do about it? here's the pentagon's official cyber strategy. the department will work with interagency and international partners to encourage responsible behavior and oppose those who would seek to disrupt networks and systems, diswade and deter malicious actors and reserve the right to defend vital assets as necessary and appropriate. retired four star general jack keen, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news military analyst. is this an act of war, general? >> oh, yeah. it absolutely is, gretchen. let me just add my voice to others who, you know, call to attention here to the american people the lack of spine by the film industry in such a feckless
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response without even seeking assistance from the government. anyway, back to the point. in may of 2009 our president made a statement that a cyber attack by a nation state is, in fact, an act of war which gives him the authority to respond with cyber offensive means and to use all the elements of national power to deal with that offensive capability that the nation rendered on us. >> what does that mean, general? we've been hearing from ed henry that the president has been meeting with his advisoouple of this on a daily basis. so far there's no official word. what do you believe the united states will do? >> well, first of all, i think they've got to get the forensics right, and i'm certain that's part of what is taking place. in other words, what is the culpability of north korea? sources are saying they are cup pabl wrash did they use a third party or proxy to do that? sources are admitting that. i think they want to make that certain. they've got all of that evidence. there are issues here to be dealt with. we're dealing with a 28-year-old
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irrationale immature actor that has a conventional army 25 miles from seoul and sits on an arsenal of nuclear weapons. >> right. >> those are factors. the other factor is whatever public exposure we get for him, i believe he will actually relish it because he wants the attention and puts him back on the world stage again even though this behavior is rep rehencible. he has had rep hencible behavior before, and he likes it. the other thing that's very significant is -- this will be a major factor in what they can do. he has a very limited network. obviously the best response to something like this is a very powerful cyber attack in kind that would actually be measured but likely be more destructive than what he did to this particular industry and this particular company. >> interesting. >> their network is so limited that we're not going to be able to get that kind of response in kind. economic sakes, heck, we're
11:17 am
already there with that, and there's not much we get out of it. >> all right. let me ask you this had. do you find anything interesting about the timing that the president makes his announcement and decision about cuba and the message that that sends to the rest of the world, and now you have basically the film industry at least sony and so far the white house appearing to lose this battle to north korea. >> our disengagement and unwillingness to confront putin has made him more aggressive and the chinese more aggressive. it's not surprising here that north korea, they didn't initiate this. in other words, they believe that this was something that was done against their regime leader. they wanted to take action
11:18 am
against. the calculation was we can probably do this and get away with it, and united states won't do much about it. >> very interesting analysis. >> i think that's probably the outcome. i think we're going to get some strong rhetoric, but not much in action because that has been the pattern. >> yep. >> look at crimea, ukraine, syria. >> we've seen it with this administration. you could go on and on and on. great to get your insights. thank you. >> good talking to you, gretchen. >> it used to be america didn't like losing anything or to anyone, but without a swift response now from america to north korea, if it's proven the rogue nation is behind the sony hack, what kind of message are we sending them? there's a lot of talk about weakness coming from the obama administration with regard to the actions on cuba? what about north korea? they actually have nuclear weapons. and if they pulled off this kind of cyber attack, imagine what could be next? how can we as the most powerful nation in the world not be capable of thwarting these kinds of attacks, and if we aren't capable, why aren't we franticly
11:19 am
trying to figure out how to become capable soon? north korea has won this power trip. i'm not sure there's any real discussing issues with kim jung un. with the pulling of the movie and the u.s. not responding, it may not just be north korea with the upper hand, but our other adversaries across the world. iran, russia, and china. coming up on "the real story" the president's plans to change u.s. policy towards cuba taking some heat from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. what do some of the potential 2016 white house candidates think about it all? plus, an american plumber's truck seen on the frontlines in the middle east? why he is now getting hate messages on social media from all over the world even though he has no idea how his truck ended up there. and one company selling tens of thousands of boxes filled with cow poop this christmas season. yep. cow poop. that brings us to our question
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welcome back to the real story. struck last week in houston. now he discovers this photo posted on an islamic militant group's twitter feed. that's his ford truck with his company's logo on the side turned into an anti-aircraft weapon on the frontlines of syria's civil war. the man's son said his dad had no idea something like this could ever happen.
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let's talk politics, shall we? potential 2016 presidential contenders weighing in on president obama's surprise announcement that he plans to normalize the u.s. relationship with cube why. republican jeb bush, the former governor of florida, took to facebook saying "cuba is a dictatorship with a disastrous human rights record, and now president obama has rewarded those dictators." former secretary of state hillary clinton says the best way to bring change to cuba is expose their people to the values, information, and material comforts of the outside world." ted cruz of texas on fox news. >> whether it is putin, whether it is iran or whether it is the castros in cuba, ebelieves that a position of weakness is how we should negotiate, and that doesn't work. >> joining me in studio for real talk on this guy, benson, fox news contributor and political editor of town all right. so i guess we shouldn't be that surprised that we have hillary clinton agreeing with president
11:25 am
obama. it is, after all, her foreign policy for the most part. and we shouldn't be that surprised that most republicans think it was a bad move, right? >> not at all. first of all, merry christmas. it's great to see you. >> merry christmas to you too. >> the hillary clinton foreign policy is the barack obama foreign policy. they are one in the same, and i think that will be one of her achilles heels heading into 2016. there are very few points of real difference. they'll try to create some and conger some, but today is another example of them walking in lock step together. on the republican side, i think you're seeing three camps sort of emerging. the first camp led by i would say marco rubio is against this entire proposition. it is bad policy, they say. it is bad politics. the optics are bad. everything about it. >> yeah. >> you have a middle ground, people saying, well, regardless of what you think, doing it the way the president has done it seemingly rewarding this
11:26 am
horrible regime for giving back someone they falsely xwrobed for five years. it looks like a quid pro quo swap, and then last but not least, you have rand paul saying this is actually the right thing to do. agreeing with the president and agreeing with hillary clinton. sdmru ho does this affect, though, these possible presidential contenders? i mean, once they put out a statement, they have to live with that, right? >> sure. >> so this like starting the campaign? >> the campaign is underway, right? it is still calendar year 2014, and i hate talking about 2016 looking at all the polls, but the fact of the matter is with jeb bush jumping into the race this week basically, a mashlg foreign policy dust-up on the front pages, and everyone weighing in, and people expecting them to weigh in. i would say yesterday is a huge day for marco rubio. >> he has strong words. >> more we give, they get.
11:27 am
diplomacy from obama. this time the castros win, and the champions of freedom and democracy lose _#cuba. he seems to be pretty emphatic about his feelings about it as well. >> slur. he also mitt romney is weighing in on the whole sony situation. he is acting sort of like a presidential candidate. >> totally. >> very interesting. now, whether you agree with rubio, now, i think that, first of all, he was able to come out and really lead on this issue because he has thought through these issues deeply for wreerz. this is a personal issue. he has come out with clear eyes and state his case, independent of what you view with it. he felt like we were -- >> it's interesting how politics change on a dime, and yesterday may have been one of those days for him. we'll have to wait and see. great to see you. >> great to see you. many in congress may be up in arms about the president's move to normalize these ties with cuba, but what can they
11:28 am
actually do about it? what laws will change because of it? plus, what kind of impact will all of this have on the 2016 race and that all-important swing state of florida. speaking of the white house race, why jeb bush's announcement is putting some heat on chris christie now to make a decision stat. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five,
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welcome back to the real story. now to capitol hill where lawmakers on both sides of the
11:32 am
aisle blasting the president's sudden move to normalize ties with cuba, but there's little they can do to actually stop it. congress can, however, refuse to lift the trade embargo, and that's an item the president said he would work on, but one that he cannot green light on his own. he did, however, sign off on restoring diplomatic relations and easing travel restrictions to cuba for family visits, but the ban on tourist travel remains. judge alex fryer, the host have tv's judge alex. he is also a former police officer and florida circuit court judge. he was born in cuba, and his family escaped fidel castro's communist regime when he was just 1 years old, and he joins me now live. judge, it's great to have you on the show. your general reaction is what? >> well, i wouldn't be -- i'm opposed what he did, but i wouldn't be opposed if it actually got us some benefit for the cuban people. if there had been some democratic reforms, you know, something that changes their life in a meaningful way, but
11:33 am
really there isn't. all there is is an expectation and hope that the castros will change because we are changing, and that really is not a regime that you would trust if you had any sense at all. they've proven themselves not to be trustworthy in every respect. had it been we're going to open up travel, we're going to loosen the restrictions, and in exchange there's going to be more freedom of the press. there's going to be more ability to demonstrate and to have freedom of speech in cuba. i would think that would be a remarkable trade-off. >> right. exactly. >> we've got nothing. we just got nothing. >> that's what we're hearing from so many people in the last 24 hours. you would know firsthand since your family actually fled to get away from just that. i want to ask you about the trade embargo because some republicans are actually in favor of revoking that. some democrats. where do you fall on that? >> i would be in favor of it under the circumstances that i mentioned. right now cuba is as vulnerable as they have ever been.
11:34 am
they were always propped up by russia. russia -- when russia start failing, they got propped up by venezuela. there's nobody else to prop them up. i suppose they could ask china, but now would be a perfect time to get the concessions, to get the additional freedoms, to really put their back against the wall and instead just lifting the embargo is all that happens now with the lifting of the travel ban and the move to loosen the embargo is dollars go to cuba. dollars that go to cuba don't go to the people in cuba. they go to the government who uses it to build their military and to build their state police and make it stronger and those are their tools of oppression. that's what they use to keep everybody down. marco rubio said it very well yesterday when he said next week the ladies in white will still be getting beaten in the street, arrested, spit on. nothing changed. that's unfortunate. >> well, some people are saying that a lot of this was a political decision. imagine that. the president's re-election win in 2012 in your state of florida was, in part, from garnering
11:35 am
support from a sizable number of cuban voters who had traditionally been republican, so in your mind, how will this play out in your home state of florida in 2016? >> it's going to be interesting to see. you know, the cuban population just like the african-american population and everybody else does not vote like a monolythic block. they have independent thought. the older cubans tend to be more in favor of keeping the embargo in place and are the ones who are most outraged about this. the younger cubans tend to be more in favor of lifting the embargo. it's going to depend on who comes out and why. i would think the angered older cubans are more likely to turn out and vote because of their feelings about this. back when the elian gonzalez event occurred, there was a lot of outrage among the cuban community. a lot of cubans that were democrats and became republicans were reverting back to democrat, and there was a lot of outrage, and i think that that cost al gore the election.
11:36 am
remember, he lost florida by about 300 votes. i guarantee you the entire state of florida, there are more than 300 cubans who either didn't turn out to vote for him or voted against him, the democratic party, because of that. remains to be seen. >> judge alex, thank you for your time. >> thank you. jeb bush jumping out front putting pressure on potential rivals like new jersey governor chris christie as he considers his own campaign. spokesperson for mitt romney noting the top donors or top staff. >> does he get out in front when it comes to trying to raise the right dollars? >> no doubt that jeb bush entering this field this early because it's been rumored for a while, but we didn't realize he was going to maybe make this type of affirmative announcement so soon will attract a magnet of
11:37 am
donors and top level staff members to him because he is going to be perceived automatically as one of the top contenders. that being said, i think it hurt -- marco rubio shares a home base. it hurts rick perry who shares texas where the bush family -- >> why? >> because text technical has the apparatus of the bush family financial donors. chris christie probably won't be hurt because as a governor he is subject for federal pay to play laws. most finance firms can invest into had lis race because of the pension system in new jersey. christie already has a fundraising base that does not rely on that. >> that's interesting because you would think that maybe christie and jeb bush would pull from the same donor base as they might from the same voter base. what do you think? >> i mean, i think actually who cares because in my opinion i think chris christie is going to be the rudy giuliani of 2016. a lot of media hype, a lot of sensationalism and sizzle, but when it comes down to it, no
11:38 am
substance. i think he is going to flame out early because his arrogant belligerent style in modern politics played fairly well in new jersey. not so much anymore. he is under 50% on approval. when it comes to the iowa caucuses, the primary voters in new hampshire, not going to be that attractive, and i think that he is going to be drowned out between jeb bush on the sort of centrist element of republican party, and the tea party on the far right. chris krooigsie is going to go nowhere fast. >> i don't know if it has anything to do with his personality. maybe more about his policies in the primaries. want to move on to this. allison lundegren grimes, remember she just suffered a crushing defeat in her run for the senate in that state, and now threatening court action to block rand paul from running at the same time for both president and for re-election to the senate. grimes telling a lott local station the law is clear. you can't be on the ballot twice for two offices, and at the end of the day we're not going to be bullied. this is true in the state of kentucky.
11:39 am
she's right. do you think she is going to have a case? >> it is imminently political and appropriate. she is the secretary of state in charge of elections. it is a political post. she's absolutely going to enforce the law, and i respect her and applaud her for doing so. here's the thing. she's up for election in 2015. she's going play this out next year, but the implication for rand paul may be completely for not because she may not choose to run for re-election or run for election, but if she does, i hope that she squeezes in and squeezes them hard. >> he can't be on the ballot. he has to make a decision, right sf. >> this law has changed since 1960 many times. the precedent was started by lbj, who made sure the texas law changed so he could be on the national ballot with john kennedy. it's changed for lloyd benson to be on the ballot with mike dukakis and al gore and then joe biden being on the bout. there's no prohibition for rand paul to run for protection. the provision is when he is both ballot lines. >> ah, interesting. all right, gentlemen.
11:40 am
merry christmas. happy holidays. >> there it is. thanks. time to go to shepherd smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> north korea's population is obviously poor and starving, but its government has reportedly poured money into a seeber warfare department that they call unit 121. sources are now telling fox news it's that group that is apparently behind this sony attack, an attack that may be the most damaging err level against an american business. just how dangerous is this unit 121? we'll talk to a former air force intelligence group who knows it very well? that's top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. >> thank you, shep. >> a gunman that shot a tv meteorologist in the parking lot just moments after he got off the air. >> then my interview with taya kyle, the sniper in american military history, chris kyle. what she says about his death and a lawsuit involving jesse ventura.
11:41 am
plus, a bizarre robbery where a man fakes a heart attack while his friend then goes on a shoplifting spree, and it's all caught on surveillance. you got to see it. >> he didn't even go down hard on the ground. he just kind of rolled around a little bit and wanted to make sure he had created some distraction. you're driving along,
11:42 am
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> welcome back. time now for part two with my exclusive interview with taya kyle, widow of navy seal sniper chris kyle. speaking out about her husband's death, the man who allegedly killed him and the foundation she started to honor her husband's incredible live. he served four tours, and to come home and be killed in a situation helping a fellow veteran, how do you wrap your head around that? >> well, you know, it's interesting because i don't know if you have heard it said, but chris said a number of times he would rather be known for the number of lives that he saved
11:45 am
than the -- the number of kills was not something that interested him, but he would have loved to have known the lives he ciaed, and i think that really just speaks to who he was. he was a protector by nature. that's from the time he was a little kid. so, you know, he definitely died as he lived trying to protect and help and search. >> how do you feel about the man who allegedly killed him? >> i am very passionately against thinking about any murderer of any kind because i don't think they deserve a name. i don't think they deserve a face, and i don't think they deserve a story. but i do think that the victims or the action or, you know, something to do preventively is great. but i truly don't think much about him. sfla does it trouble you and bother you that media reports say that he suffered from ptsd? >> well, you know, i understand the media reporting that because i think that is what they would like everybody to believe as almost like an excuse to hang murders on. it was a double homicide. the people i know with ptsd are
11:46 am
good people, and they live a good life. i feel like whatever you were before you went into war is what you are going to come out and be on the other side with one -- with a major twist. you're going to have moodiness. you're going to have sleepless nights. you're going to have a hard time. you're going to suffer. if you have a heart, that's what's going to happen clearly. we need to do a better job of taking care of those guys, and we are doing a better job. i don't buy it, and i don't think it's appropriate, and i think it's a very lame excuse for horrible behavior. i think we could look at people's behavior before the military and even though i can't talk about details of the trial, i hope you will follow it and see what kind of behavior this person had before the military was even -- >> so you don't buy the ptsd? >> absolutely not. >> at the end of the movie it's the real video, right? >> yes. >> that's who came out to honor him. >> i'm in awe still to this day. i look back, and it's almost surreal, and, you know, texas is a very patriotic state anyway,
11:47 am
but still, we had a 200 mile procession, i think, from dallas to austin, and there wasn't even one bit of highway that wasn't lined with people with flags and, i mean, as clint said the other day in an interview, he said i couldn't write it better. >> so with the foundation that you have set up and with this movie, what do you hope the leg as where i is for your children with regard to chris? >> you know, honestly the legacy for my children has nothing to do with the book or the movie, and the legacy for my children is that they had a father who loved them with zest. he was so full of life and so kind and silly and had these expectations of them that were a high standard because they're capable of being those kind of people. i think it will be interesting to them someday at some point it was what their dad did for a living for a number of years. it was a part of their dad's character and sense of honor,
11:48 am
but the legacy that's most important to me is that they had a really amazing man, and they always will have that, you know, and i'm blessed that my kids were old enough to have really felt that because i know that sometimes we forget details and actions and little things, but we don't usually forget the way somebody made us feel, and so they get to have that forever from a really amazing man. >> we also ask taya about the lawsuit involving former minnesota governor jesse ventura whom chris kyle claimed he punched in a bar fight in 2006. ventura was awarded $1.8 million in the first defamation case. right now taya couldn't say much because the case is still in the courts, but she did address whether or not the money ventura has won will be coming out of her own pocket. >> well, he claims that that money is going to be paid for by insurance. but is it coming out of your own -- >> absolutely.
11:49 am
yeah. there is -- i think there is a portion -- i think it was $1.8 million was the total amount, and i think insurance is responsible for $500,000 because of the way that the law is written and all that. >> the movie "american sniper" in select theaters christmas day. it opens nationwide january 16th. for more on chris kyle's foundation, you can go to a meteorologist finishing up his job at a local tv station wresh walks outside and then he gets shot multiple times by a gunman in the parking lot. how his quick thinking saved his life. plus, one little boy single-handedly tries to save a college football program facing big budget cuts. the story of this 5-year-old boy giving his whole allowance away.
11:50 am
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don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "the real story." a search is on for the suspect who shot a weatherman multiple times in texas. patrick crawford is hospitalized in stable condition after the attack in his tv station's parking lot. trace gallagher is live with more on any developments in the story. trace, horrible story. what happened? >> is it ever. meteorologist patrick crawford just finished doing the morningness in texas. he was getting into his car when he was confronted way white or hispanic man in his 0s. it's unclear if they talked or argued. then he suspect pulled out a handgun and opened fire. crawford was able to start his
11:54 am
car and put it in reverse some that likely saved his life. >> did a good job, put his car in reverse, backed up, tried to expect the parking lot, crashed into some construction workers but a he said he needed to get help. >> because while crawford was driving away the gunman kept firing, 13 shots. 11 hit his moored mustang two hit crawford, one in the stomach, not a shoulder. a third bullet grazed his head. the suspect fled on food into a wooded area and search dogs did pick up a scent but authorities think the gunman had a car parked nearby and was able to gain easy access to interstate 35. police did arrest a possible suspect yesterday but that person has since been cleared. and now investigators are checking the news station's e-mails and social media sites to see there if there are any threats or anyone who might be
11:55 am
connected with the station had grievances. the weatherman is in stable condition. police interviewed him this morning and are now working on a sketch of a possible suspect. >> very interesting. that must mean he did not know who the person is because he saw that person up close, we'll follow that. thanks much. of your worst christmas gifts ever. and an embarrassing picture of me as a kid. i love my producers. they always seem to find the same picture.
11:56 am
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11:58 am
time for some good news with gretchen now centering on a former college football people and also where i who was their biggest fan. bennett loved the mascot for alabama so he has been watching tv for updates and a glimpse of the cool dragon. then the school cut the football program because of money troubles so bennett sent the
11:59 am
team a letter and only had one dollar from his allowance. the uab athletics department was so touched they sent him stuff and framed his letter which they will place the main conference room. party game company pulled a game called b.s. and replaced it with a box of actual b.s., and 30,000 people bought the cow poop. what is the worst gift you ever received? tapia got a food dehydrator from her husband so she could make jerkey, but she dent eat jerk 'er, her husband does. daniel got a framed picture of a banana. terry got a bra saginaw -- santa when she was 12, and jamie said dresses straight out of little house on the prairie. i here you.
12:00 pm
my producers says this dress looks like a prairie dress. it was. it was the 197 odd. at least i was playing the violin and had a smile on my face. i'm gretchen. thank you for being part of the show. >> you stole our lead. >> you're going to use that photo now, too? >> we're going lead with it but you did so now we can't. >> i got other ones. >> have a good one. we're tracking reaction now to yesterday's seismic shift in u.s. policy toward cuba. you'll hear from supporters and critics and take you live to havana to see what folks are there saying and look at the case of an american fugitive, hiding out in cube, including the firstwoman the fbi added to the most wanted terrorist list, woman convicted of murdering a state trooper. what happens to her and the dozens of other fugitives from justice? let's get to it.


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