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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 18, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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looks like a prairie dress. it was. it was the 197 odd. at least i was playing the violin and had a smile on my face. i'm gretchen. thank you for being part of the show. >> you stole our lead. >> you're going to use that photo now, too? >> we're going lead with it but you did so now we can't. >> i got other ones. >> have a good one. we're tracking reaction now to yesterday's seismic shift in u.s. policy toward cuba. you'll hear from supporters and critics and take you live to havana to see what folks are there saying and look at the case of an american fugitive, hiding out in cube, including the firstwoman the fbi added to the most wanted terrorist list, woman convicted of murdering a state trooper. what happens to her and the dozens of other fugitives from justice? let's get to it.
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good afternoon from the deck. breaking news this afternoon. fox news confirmed several very senior military leaders of the islamic state are dead. that's according to the reporting of the pentagon. it reports isis leaders identity in u.s. airstrikes over several days in november and december, but they're just now telling us about it. pentagon leaders say they took out the head of the islamic state military actions in iraq and baghdadi. officials are calling this a big hit and the death of these terrorists could be a serious blow to isis. al-baghdadi is responsible for terrorizing people across iraq, syria and elsewhere. made threats against the united states as well and his followers have beheaded at least three americans this year. win with all this focus on the islamic state, its leader remains elusive. there have been few sightings of
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al-baghdadi himself. jennifer griffin is live. tell us more about the air campaign. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey in an interview with "the wall street journal" said the u.s. air strikes against isis have taken out three of the group's top commendsers. quote, it is disruptive to their planning and commends and contractual, these are senior leadership. between december 3rd and december 9th, according to the staff, american military airstrikes killed the head of the islamic state's military operations in rack. u.s. air strikes killed a key deputy to abu al-baghdadi, the top leader of isis. a third top leader was killed in late november, the governor of mosul for isis. >> jennifer, what is the iraqi military doing right now to put some pressure on? >> from all accounts they're gearing up to retake mosul in the near future.
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the american three-star general in charge of the efforts to crush isis had this to say about the effect so far on isis. >> the ability for them to continue to expand in terms of terrain and geography out there. i think what we must do, especially inside of iraq, is continue to build those capabilities. i think you're at least talking minimum three years. >> that was the three-star in charge of u.s. operations in iraq. he suggested u.s. troops will be needed in iraq for at least three years inch iraq, major move by iraq's prime minister who ordered the end of all government lawsuits against journalists and the media, allowing for more press freedom in iraq, a step u.s. officials say is toward a more inclusive government in baghdad. >> a nation where most people have never enseen the internet has built an army of cyberfighters, thousands and thousands of hackers strong. that is the word today from the u.s. officials officials and a h
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korean defector. they says north korea is behind the devastating attack on sewn any pictures which escalated the threats of violence. it led to sony canceling the release of "the interview" that contained a plot to kill north korea's dictator. a leak seen from the spoof shows kim jong-un's head explode. theaters across the nation have been removing promotional posters which was scheduled to come out on christmas day. the white house is now calling it a serious national security matter and that is a quote. the white house says that the president's team is thinking carefully about how to respond. >> we believe that destructive activity merits an appropriate response, and -- i would acknowledge that an appropriate response is something that is not always obvious but something that is worthy of care careful
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consideration, and that what that's the national security team is doing. >> careful consideration, we're dealing with kim jong-un and what might he do. know, praised -- north korea praised the hackers but denies it's behind the attack but officials say the evidence points directly kurd that country. the hackers are likely part of a secret north korean team known in our intelligence community as unit 121. a north korean defector claims the group could have thousands of highly trained hackers who have targeted south korea in the past but the analysts say the hack job on sony is probably the worst in history and the cost to blow enormous dub could be enormous. we start with the $40 million sony spent to make the fill. millions of profits wiped out. then the unknown quantity to the company's reputation. sony is a technology company.
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perhaps the bestest cost of all-the-loss of creative people. people who do not like the movie's message have successfully silenced it. catherine herridge is live in washington. you're learning north korea might not have acted alone in this. is that right? >> that's right. an intelligence source tells fox news the evidence does not point to north korea as the sole entity but some the evidence suggests a mixed picture. the source points to the sophistication of the malware modules or packets that destroyed the sony system. that level of sew fess tick indication has not been seen from north korea, rather from iran, china, and russia and there's no evidence of a forced entry, pointing to an insider threat or stolen credentials. the first e-mails did not include demands related to the movie. fox news is told the malware hat two destructive thread, overwrites data and interrupts the execution process such as
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the computer's startup function and that led the fbi to warn the malware can be so destructive that the data is not recoverable or too costly to retreat h tree. evidence assaults the final stage of the attack was launched from outside of north korea's borders, creating plausible deniable, but in almost all of the cybereventses now we see the use of a proxy or cutout to confuse investigators. >> there's been a worldwide cyberward for years now but feels like this one is the one that wakes everybody up. >> u.s. intelligence officials say that sonny hack is really a watershed event because it's believed to be the first time destructive malware has targeted a firm inside the u.s., and that put is it on par with the 2010 attack on iran's nuclear program that destroyed the centrifuges after malware was physically introduced into their computer system, and within the last hour, the state department really echoing what we heard
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from the white house, that the u.s. is considering its options. >> given they destructive efforts or effects of this attack we're treating this as a national security matter and as such, members of the president's national security team have been having -- have been in regular meetings regarding this attack. >> the intelligence source confirms that u.s. security firms were first modified monday by the u.s. government they plan to publicly blame north korea. but this is completely inconsistent with past practice with the u.s. government has chosen to work behind the scenes. >> catherine herridge in washington. thank you. >> our next guest says cyberattacks cost the united states a half a trillion dollars every year. more than 1500s for every man, woman and child in this country. the retired colonel knows all about north korea's secretive unit 121. why he says the sony attack is a
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continuing coverage of the sony hack fake unit 121. with is from washington is retired colonel sedrick leahy, he spent 26 years as a special prognoses officer and was responsible for training
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thousand oz nsa workers in detecting and preventing cyberthreats and is live with us from washington. >> good to be with you've. >> i read this north korea stuff. i don't know about this groups. what can they do? >> they can do quite a bit and it doesn't take much to do a lot of things in the cyberworld so they can really attack any network they want to. how effective the attack is depend on the network. >> what can we do to stop them from doing what they do? >> well, there are a lot of things. first of all, when you're looking at what a government can do, it can do a lot of things. the white house is obviously considering things like sanctions, things like that, but more concretely, when it comes to the technical side of it, there is a lot one can do to protect one's own data. you can incrept -- encrypt the data and make sure malware has the most updated virus programs
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but you need to good way beyond that because firewalls and the standard antivirus programs don't cut it anymore. there are at least 315,000 different forms of malware that show up every -- >> 315,000. >> yes. there's no way. there's no way, shep, any of the standard antivirus programs can actually do anything against the latest variance of these types of malware. so, the best thing to do is to in essence protect your data. make sure your files are as sanitized as possible. the standard antivirus companies don't sell anything else and it's hard for people trying to run their businesses to find these pieces of protection. but that's real where what needs to happen. >> bigger picture, sony is an enormous technical company with enormous safeguards in place, and then there's electrical grid
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and the systems which run the nation, which we are lead to believe are not nearly as well protected. could this same bunch be in our grid and ready to strike should we for instance retaliate for the sony attack. >> we have to expect that. they are quite possibly in our grid. there's a lot of reports that indicate that not only the north koreans but the iranians have been looking at our electric recall grid, and both the iranians and the russians are rumored to have done a lot of reconnaissance, computer network exploitation, inside our grid. >> if we responsible -- i'm almost out of time. if we respond to north korea, if we attack back, what are we going to dive north korea turns our lights off? is it that serious or am i out of bounds here? >> you're not out of bounds. it is a potential. we have to be very careful with how we respond and we also have to have the right defense mechanisms in place, and quite frankly, we have to put north korea on notice that any kind of attack like that would result in
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an escalation and probably would go beyond the cyber world. there are ways to protect ourselves against it and things companies can do to protect themselves. >> you wonder what kim jong-un thinks he has to lose. nice to talk to you. thank you. >> you bet. anytime. >> the unites nations is condemning north korea for human rights abuses after 400 page report found widespread view, including mothers forced to drown their unewborn, dogs eating human corpses. the general assembly passed a resolution to -- the resolution is nonbinding which means it doesn't do anything but urges the security council to refer north korea to the international criminal court. the security council will take it up on monday. the north korea said the shaun
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be investigating cia torture instead. >> cuba next and the president's big policy changes created a serious amount of buzz today. we show you the reactions around the globe, including have van newscast. work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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it's been a little more than 24 hours since the president announced the biggest shift in u.s. relations with cuba in decades and we're seeing more emotional reaction. policy changes include setting up full diplomatic relations for the first time since the 1960s. this after cuba released this american prisoner as well as a spy inch exchange she u.s. released spies who have been in prison for more than a decade. as we covered extensively here yesterday, reaction from both side has been very strong, and we're seeing it on the editorial
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pages of some of the nation's biggest newspapers. wind wind -- "washington post," obama gives the castro regime an undeserved bailout. this next one, embrace opportunity for change. this one is in fort lauderdale but cover this big counties on the east coast. "the wall street journal" pushing dueling editorials. first, the florida republican senator -- well, let's say -- first, the florida republican senator marco rubio -- he is writing this as policy, it is victory for oppression. senator rubio is a son of cuban immigrants. this other one is right here from "the wall street journal" from douglas irwin, dartmouth economist who argues trade with cube could bring change there and challenges to the castro regime. so varying opinions through the day and loud ones. tied we'll show you pictures.
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folks from different parts of the world celebrating. this is outside the embassy in chile, the cuban embassy. this one from lil' havana in miami. this one held two signs, one reading, fire obama, and the outwon, help for cuba, no more business with criminals criminad murderers, the castros, obviously referring to raul and fidel. the next one from inside, and here a woman with the same poster -- that woman with the poster reading, freedom now, referring to the cuban prisoners. let's go to steve harrigan who is in havana for us now. steve? >> reporter: we have really been seeing two levels've reaction. one, people are tremendously excited who are celebrating and
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other think this could be a very good thing but might take years for them to see any benefits from it. we're also hearing that most people have been taken completely by surprise here in cuba, by the move. the move by the 83-year-old raul castro, lifelong communist, making an about-face and a deal with the u.s. some say he was really forced into it with no options. traditional supporters of cuba, like russia in the 90s and then venezuela, that support has simply dried up so he needs to do this to hang on. right now speculation about a possible flurry of high-level visits, both to washington and here in havana, and possibly right here, a new embassy. >> we're taking a look with what might be in new u.s. embassy in cube bathroom you can see the battle -- cuba. you can see the battle going on. the cubans built this huge
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antiimperialist square to hold demonstrations. not a bad place for an embassy, looking out over the gulf of mexico,. >> steve harrigan live from havana. dozens of hugetives from the american justice statement have escaped to cuba over the years. they're eitherring high out -- they're either hiding out or benefited from plating a protection. at the top of the list is this woman on our big wall. she escaped from a prison in new jersey where she was serving life for murdering a state trooper. she got out and she has been hiding out in the communist nation, we're led to believe, for 30 years. state officials in new jersey say they're hopeful the u.s. can bring her back and put her behind bars once again. fox news reached out to the justice department for comment. so far no response. a warehouse fire has destroyed crucial medicine meant to help fight the ebola outbreak in north africa. a tragic event here according to the top health official in begin
12:24 pm
any. he said flames tore the warehouse, saying the building house medicines for other diseases cliff malaria. the official says, everything is burned up. the w.h.o. estimates ebola ebola in north africa has killed 7,000 people. president vladimir putin is stepping up to the l the war of wards against the united states and its allies. with his economy in dire straits, literally collapsing before his eyes, the leader says the west wants to put russia in a cage and rip out its fangs. close to four hours of a news conference. that that guy today. four hours. channeling his inner fidel. wait until you hear this.
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more headlines from the fox news deck. people are dead and eight hurt
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after a suspected drunk driver hit people outside of a church, in red don dough beach, california, the group included children, was coming from a christmas service. cop says the driver ran a red-light, plowed into them and hit another vehicle. she is now facing flown charges. >> jobless claims falling by 6,000, the lowest level since october. the number of americans filing has now been below 300,000 for 13 of the past 14 weeks. >> a new study shows people around the world live longer last year. an average of 71-1/2 years. about six years hire -- higher than the average in 1990. researches decreed research in cancer, heart difference. the whole world isn't do as well, parts are do very well indeed. we're reaching the bottom of the hour, the top of the news, right after this. óqoqúúñ@
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thes breaking news now on fox news channel and we just gotten a major new report on the secret service. accomplish the news is terrible. a panel of experts has now found
12:30 pm
serious and deep rooted problems at the top levels of the secret service. that is a potentially dangerous conclusion about the agency which protects the president, his family, and other dignitaries and investigate fortunately crime. the new report suggests now that the secret service needs a leader from outside its ranks. never had that. they need more staff and more training, and a higher fence reasons the white house. the investigation comes after a series of public security lapses there, including the guy who was able to jump the fence and make his way inside. mike emanuel has the latest. this looks terrible. >> the report is highly critical of seek creek service, saying it needs leadership from outside and must have more training and the agency known for protecting the president and the white house has grown too insular. a call for new leadership at the top of the secret service. the report also calls for making the fence around the perimeter of the white house taller.
12:31 pm
it is now seven and a half feet tall. the panel of former officials suggests making it four or five feet taller and curving outward would be helpful. they know that far too often pranksters and the mentally ill are able to climb the fence, putting secret service officers in the position to make a split second decision to shoot a person who may or may not be a real threat to the president of the white house. jeh johnson called for the report after -- several missteps, the creek set -- secret service cannot make the changes recommended by the panel. we expect reaction from folks on capitol hill who are just getting the report. but the homeland security chairman says he thinks a truly independent panel is needed, like his blue ribbon commission proposal. >> mike eman all ooh -- emanuel with the news.
12:32 pm
u.s. and its allies are trying to destroy russia and strip it of its natural resources the accusation of vladimir putin. he lashed out at the west for his news conference, four hours of a news conference. at one point he compared russia to its famous symbol, a bear. >> translator: maybe the bear should just sit still and not chase pigs and piglets across the floor. but just sit and eat honey and berries and then they'll leave him in peace. they will never leave him in peace. they will always try to put him in a cable, and then they'll yank out his claws clawd his fangs. >> maybe the bear could just stop invade ago countries and take over parts of them. might be a good start. >> president putin said the claws and fangs are russia's nuclear weapons. analysts say falling oil prices and western financial punishment
12:33 pm
have crippled russia0s me -- economy. it went into a tailspin yesterday and is in trouble. president putin says he can turn it around in two years. how? we don't know that. the ruble has more than its value, hitting an all--time low on tuesday. so the money doesn't go far and you can't divest. thing ares so rotten that russians are snapping up cars to turn their savings into something tangible. general motors and other western automakers are temporarily stopping sales because the ruble's drop is cutting into manufacturers profits. trace gallagher has more. did he say any regrets about anything. >> only that his country relies too much on energy production but he says he will take care of that. there were 1200 journalists on hand at the news conference with
12:34 pm
a whole lot of softball question, and when a tough one was asked he didn't appreciate it. the bbc asked about a new cold war. putin responds by saying the u.s. defense budget was ten times that of russia and that russia is not the aggressor. listen. >> translator: if iraq were moving their armed forces to the borders of the united states and other countries, who is moving nato bases and their military infrastructure closer to us, not us. does anyone listen to us or conduct any kind of dialogue with us? none whatsoever. >> putin says the sanctions against this country are illegal and illegitimate and that we should not -- we should mention the european union imposed more sanctions on russia just today -- president putin believes when it comes to oil prices the u.s. and saudi arabia are conspiring to hurt iran and russia. >> the did the georgia thing, now the crimea thing, and working on the ukraine thing. did he mention that? >> he did, and again he blamed
12:35 pm
the evil west, saying the u.s. and its allies are using the crisis in ukraine as an excuse to punish russia. the russian president says he is hoping to start a political dialogue to settle the situation and compared the taking of crimea to the u.s. annexation of texas from mexico. the white house had this to say about putin's comments. listen. >> the revisionist narrative of the crisis in ukraine is deeply troubling, but utterly unconvincing. the out made clear repeatedly the choices of russian leaders and actions that russian leaders have taken with respect to eastern ukraine that is causing this conflict in the first place. >> by the way, putin was also asked about his love life limp said it's fine, saying he has people who love him. >> uh-huh. trace -- at least they say they do. thank you. william taylor is the formerred
12:36 pm
ambassador to ukraine where, we. >> mr. putin got himself into a bad place. as we just heard and you just mentioned, he is responsible for both parts of his problems. his problem is on the one hand a terrible economic system that is based on corrupt crony capital rhythm in some real sense. the other problem is his international misbehavior. he has illegally invaded ukraine, as you pointed out. he has tried to annex crimea, part of ukraine. and the united states and the europeans have reacted and we have put on sanctions. both of those pieces, both a terrible economy and an invasion of his neighbor, are his decisions and are causing him big problems. >> the sanctions aren't going anywhere. the ruble is going down, not up. his economy is going to continue to tank. the oligarchs aren't going to put up with that.
12:37 pm
he is going to do something. should we be ready for something crazy from him? >> we should always be ready for something really crazy from him. but he has another option. he can't help -- he can't do anything about the oil prices, as you say. he can do something about this invasion of ukraine. he can pull his troops, his weapons, his people, his military formations, out of ukraine. he can leave crimea. he can get out of at least part of his economic problems by getting out of ukraine. >> how would he spin that? he can't lose. he doesn't allow that. >> putin may have to lose. >> it will be flirts time. >> it would be the first time. has to be a first time. he has a big problem. he has an economic disaster on his hands. he can only do something about part of it. he can't affect the oil prices. >> but isn't it you who said he has been planning this for decades, that ever since the soviet union collapse this was his plan to take a little bit back at a time. now he's just going to stop?
12:38 pm
>> that's not me. my theory on mr. putin is he is an opportunist, not a strategist. i don't think he has been looking for a way to do this bus when he saw the opportunity he took it. saw the opportunity to take crimea, the took it. saw the opportunity to push on the west, he has taken that opportunity. we have to push back. >> do we have some sort of dialogue going on with him? under which someone could way things out in this way to him and say, which is it, back up or you're going to collapse? >> there are discussions, certainly, going on, but mrs. merkel of germany has a very good channel into mr. putin. they have had conversations. she is very tough. she has laid it out for him. she has been ex-as operated and stiffed by him but is able to lay this out to him.
12:39 pm
>> she is still buying his energy. >> she is hurting for sales. but you're right, europe is buying a lot of energy from russia, and that is a benefit to the europeans when they buy this but also a big benefit to the russians when they get that currency. >> ambassador taylor we'll hit you up when he pulls the troops out. hundreds of russian sailors are headed home after france spined plans to deliver a warship to russian last month. according to the reporting of the "associated press" today. france suspended the billion dollar weapons deal until further notice bass of the conflict in ukraine. russia said it would be patient. the soldierses already spent moneys -- months training on the ship but you they're leaving without the warship. the accused marathon bomber, joe car -- dzhokar tsarnaev was
12:40 pm
in court, and his last scheduled court appearance before trial begins next month. more than a dozen survivors of the bombing and the victims' family members packed the courtroom this more than for the pretrial hearing, and there he is with the lid on him there. the defense asked to delay the start of the trial. the judge said he would consider it. prosecutors say dzhokar tsarnaev helped organize the bombing at the finish line of the boston marathon. three people died that day. more than 250 hurt. he plead not guilty and could face -- the feds say his older brother, who helped carry out the bombing, of course died in a shootout less than a week later. >> prosecutors say the main supplier when major league baseball's doping ring pleaded guilty. they say he was a black market chemist and the key source of testosterone for the clinic,
12:41 pm
biogenesis, in miami. last year the mlb suspended 14 players, among them, slugger alex rodriguez. this says alexander, which is funny. he is alex rod rodriguez. i think that was a nonsports fan who wrote this. the league suspended a-rod for the entire 2014 season but i have this fear he will be back in pinstripes. he got a new third baseman. amazon launching same, day delivery. amazon claims you can get your items in less than one hour. so you just order whatever you want from amazon and it will come within one hour soon. what do you think? what do you think happened? i was floored. you're driving along,
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gerri willis is here. she has the willis report on 5:00 eastern. i want to get down to this. you tested it today. tell us what happened. >> we don't take it for granted. we're not saying, sure, amazon we believe you. we tested it. first things first. you download the prime now app on your phone. then you open up your regular account, order what you want, you pay that additional 7.99 for the super fast delivery, maybe five bucks for the tip, but you can change the number. you can see our receipt. we put it to the test weapon ordered some usb cables and paper towels and we ordered a 12:34 and voila, at 12:41 we had it. >> what? >> seven minutes. you can see my producer right there with the delivery dude who was very news. isn't that cute? >> seven instant minutes? >> yes, seven minutes it all came. >> they didn't know it was gerri willis from the tv. >> the didn't even know it was fox or fox business.
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we had it delivered somewhere else because as of then they were only delivers to one zip code around the empire state building. now they're going to expand. this is what we got. took seven minutes. >> i can see a scenario where maybe you were in the little girls and made a discover -- i can see that being an important time for such a thing. that's something a lot of people -- that's going to give a lot of people some hard business time, taking over the world. >> they're going to do it by bike messenger, taxi drivers, everything. we're six dales until christmas so a lot of people -- you could be ordering something rights now in hour office in manhattan, have it delivered to the office or your house. >> when is it coming to oxford? >> well, mr. shepard smith, i cannot tell you. >> other big cities, within a year. >> i think so. this is their business model, delivering quickly to own the
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relationship with the customer. part of their business model. they build out an entire warehouse system throughout the country. >> we have seen stories about the warehouses. all the news is not positive. -- >> no, it's nottive but they're growing like nobody's business. you think about what has happened to brick and mortar retail, not pretty. >> that's a lot of bounty. see you in an hour and 12 minutes. >> we'll tell you more about this. some retailers just marking down prices. >> deals? want to know about deals, tune into n to gerri in an hour and 12 minutes on fox business network. a fox report now and more of the headlines from the fox news academic. students comforted each other outside the school where taliban
12:49 pm
shot more than 140 people, most children, in pakistan. this marks one thereof country's deadliest attacks in the last decade. pakistan's prime minister yesterday lifted a ban on the death penalty for terror crimes, saying, quote, we will take account of each and every drop of our children's blood. india launching what its scientists call the country's largest and most powerful rocket, carrying a space capsule designed to carry astronauts but nobody was on board. a few months ago india put a satellite in orbit around mars. >> in hawai'i, the lava flow is set to hit a shopping center in less than a week. the co-owner of the shopping center says all the stores have evacuation plans and some are closing right now. >> the latest from the u.s. military radar blimp. they're designed to spot threats targeting major american cities. how do these blimps work
12:50 pm
exactly? that is next.
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don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. u.s. army officials unveiling plans to test out massive blimp-like airships equipped with ray tar, supposed to help the military detect and destroy cruise missiles. why do you need the blimp? the army will launch one of these aircraft next week and a second one in the spring for three year test period. they're 242 feet long and get up in the air about 10,000 feet. crews tether the radar blimps at an army base north and east of baltimore. they'll scan an area about the size of texas. military officials say the aircraft can only detect moving objects like drones or airplanes or boats but say they will not
12:54 pm
be able to pick up people. lea gabriel has more. what's the point here? >> you know i flew f-18s and one way we attacked targets is fly really low going into an area, basically below the radar to avoid being ticketed. that's not ideal for an airplane but that's the way long-range cruise missiles work and that's what the system is designed to address. there's a radar pod built into the underbelly, allowing it to see over obstructions such as mountains. people who make i say it gives our defense systems an early warning, listen. >> conventional radar can detect a cruise missile only seconds way. this system can detect the same threat when it's launched, and because it has fire control radar, commanders can protect themselves from the threat at the maximum range of their
12:55 pm
defensive weapons. >> the maker of the system says it can stay in the air 720 hours and is an alternative to flying airplanes with radar. >> they would never spy on us, not us. >> no. the military says this is not even equipped to spy on americans. now, if you take a look at the video of this being inflated, seems intimidating, the size. most of it is full of helium, and there are two of them. each with radar. one radar basically scans 360 degrees looking for threats and the other radar can hone on any threat and send information from that radar to weapons systems like missiles that i used to carry to take out the threats. listen. >> doesn't have the ability to track individuals. we track flying objects. so i cannot track cell phones. i cannot track cars on the ground. i cannot track people. i don't have recording information. i don't have photography information aboard. it's strictly a ray -- >> i do not like you. go on.
12:56 pm
>> the military says these airships won't carry camera or weapons and the radar won't be able to listen to cell phone conversations or identify individuals like shepard smith walking around on the ground. >> they already have all that. lea, thank you. the day in history coming up, and, wow, dow, are you kidding me? what move the market like this. we'll show you.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
on this day in 19 5 president woodrow wilson married his second wife, woman later accused of basically taking over as commander-in-chief. edith golf married him before he suffered his first stroke and it was her job to look after him. critics say she went beyond that, even signing his signature on official white house documents. she denied. saying their opponents were out to get them. the president married his first
1:00 pm
lady 99 years ago today. the dow is nuts today. look at this. up 411 points. everything is up. everything. crazy day. see you later. >> you're right, shep, very crazy day and a record day for the dow in terms of gapes. we haven't seep this in close to three years. patience a virtue when it comes to buying stocks. investors snapping up shares for the second day as the federal reserve says its going to remain patient on interest rates. that means no one is expecting the fed to raise rates anytime soon, maybe for a year or more. the economic data was friendly, drop in jobless claims. no big surprises in the report out of philadelphia. the dow is now nearly seven% -- 7% this year,


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