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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 22, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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come in. some of them weigh a thousand pounds. they come skimming in inches over your head, do barrel rolls in the sea. it was one of the coolest things ever. check it out. heather: fantastic. and are you a certified diver? jon: i am. heather: was this your first night dive? jon: i've done night dives before, but you don't often see manta rays. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today, harris faulkner, jedediah by la, dagen mcdowell of the fox business network, you can catch her every morning on "imus in the morning", and today's *oneluckyguy, david webb, host of the david webb show on siriusxm's patriot channel, and david's outnumbered yet again. welcome back, david. >> i like it. i like being outnumbered. >> this is a first for you and me because i was off the last time you were here. >> will i know. >> trouble, harris.
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>> oh, i know he's trouble. people lining up behind the windows. [laughter] people were behind david webb going -- [laughter] very cute. >> they want the chrome dome shot. >> aw, spent a lot of time in the hair chair i could barely get mine fixed up. >> i'm good for product sales. >> on to the serious stuff. police on high alert after the deadly attack on two new york city police officers over the weekend. officers rafael ramos and wen general lou were shot in the head, ambushed as they sat in their patrol car in brooklyn on saturday. the gunman taking his own life. a candlelight vigil held last night near the spot where the two were killed. david lee miller is following that story. >> reporter: that's right, andrea. we are at the scene of the crime. it is now a makeshift memorial, and we've just received confirmation that a short time
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ago new york mayor bill de blasio paid a visit to the home of one of the victims, officer ramos, he's expected to visit the home of other officer slain in the next few hours. as for the gunman, an incomplete portrait has emerged. he was, obviously, a very troubled young man. he was 28 years old. he was upset over the death of eric garner and michael brown, but there are many more parts of his personality leading up to the events of this weekend. he had a very long criminal history. he was arrested in the state of georgia at least 15 times. among these charges, assault, shoplifting and larceny. he was also arrested four times in the state of ohio. charges there include robbery and misdemeanor theft. his longest stint behind bars, two years. that was for illegal gun possession. his own family members say that he suffered from, they believe, some form of mental illness. he had a great deal of rage
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directed at police, and that was reflected in his postings on social media. >> most of his postings and rants are on the instagram account. and what we're seeing from this right now is anger against the government. there is one where he burned a flag and made some statements. there's others with talks of anger at the police. he specifically mentions michael brown and eric garner. and other postings as well of self-despair, of anger at himself, of where his life is right now. >> reporter: authorities have been able to piece together a timeline of his final 24 hours, but there is a significant gap in that timeline. most notably, the two hours and 45 minutes preceding the murder. new york city police want anyone with information about that portion of the missing timeline to contact them if they, in fact, do have information. and lastly, new york city police as are departments across the
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country talking now additional precautions in light of what happened here in new york city over the weekend. lawmakers here in new york have now put forth a proposal, andrea, to equip all police cars with bulletproof glass. just one of the things being mentioned to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again. and lastly, we do expect to hear from the mayor, bill de blasio, a little after 1:00 when he addresses the police athletic league here in new york. everyone will be listening. back to you. >> that's for sure. such a sad and awful story this christmas week, david. thank you. well, outrage and finger pointing following the assassination of those officers. police turning their backs on new york city mayor bill de blasio when he showed up at the hospital where the officers' bodies were taken. many of them blaming his recent comments on law enforcement for sparking the attack. while former new york governor george pataki also slammed the obama administration, tweeting: sickened by these barbaric acts which, sadly, are a predictable
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outcome of divisive, anti-cop rhetoric of had been tagg eric holder and hashtag bill de blasio. but former new york city mayor rudy giuliani saying that is an overreaction. >> i think it goes too far to blame the mayor for the murder or to ask for the mayor's resignation. but i don't think it goes too far to say that the mayor did not properly police the protest. he allowed the protesters to twaik over the streets. -- take over the streets. he allowed them to hurt police officers, to commit crimes, and he didn't arrest them. and when you do that, similar to what happened in crown heights, you create a tremendous riot. he should have known better. for that, he has to take accountability, and he's got to change the way in which he operates. >> and the question today is how much accountability, david, will the mayor take. now, he's been laying pretty low because there's a lot of fingers pointing at the mayor for his rhetoric. you know, he stepped up to the podium numerous times in the wake of the garner killing
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saying things like you should fear the police, telling stories of his son, dante. if you're not familiar with new york city, this has been a pretty big issue with protests all across the city for weeks. some of them not too peaceful, calling for violence against the police. and now we've heard mayor's office telling some of these protests to tamper down, same with al sharpton, which tells me they have a lot more invested in this, a lot more control over these protests than they're letting on. what do you think the mayor should say today? >> well, the mayor's going to play the game of saying the right thing because that's the position he's in now. two weeks ago, three weeks ago after the grand jury verdict in ferguson he made the comment about his son. we have to just pull back for a moment and draw a clear line though because we have to connect some dots. al sharpton sits at the right hand of president obama on race. he sits at the right hand of bill de blasio on race and the police in new york. the common tie here also including mark morial and others
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has been this race narrative of dividing the country and then pitting a lot of people against police. first of all, to america there's more of us who respect the police and understand that we deal with individual issues than they are what de blasio and sharpton and the other -- i call them the race and grievance industry of which he's a part. i disagree with mayor giuliani, which is rare, on this one. i understand his call for calm and, frankly, the mayor's not going to resign, so give up on that. he's going to stay exactly where he is. >> should he apologize though? >> it doesn't matter. why do we need an apology from an unapologetic leftist who has put the city and the citizens at risk with his own rhetoric? some things that you need to understand, it's not one attack, it's not two attacks. the 28th precinct in harlem, there was a guy who went into the precinct, started talking about shooting cops. we have an officer with a broken arm, others with bruises. we have the attacks on the
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bridge, all these and more. we have a threat to kill a staten island come. there's so much out there. this is a tragedy that is affecting the community, and as cops double up as the pba says to go to calls, they detract from others around the community that need help. >> speaking of those other incidents, harris, you've been following this. you were covering this last night on the fox report. another nypd officer, i believe, was executed though in florida over the weekend. so cops across the country on high alert. >> you know, the rhetoric that david's talking about is so dangerous because, you know, now you're arguing free speech. i do not have the right to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. no one has the right, in my estimation, to yell anything like it, and that would be kill cops. yet at some of these demonstrations that has been the mode, that has been the mood, if you will. in west philly for a host of different reasons there are people who are angry over the relationships between people of color and police. but i want to show you a picture
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in a neighborhood in west philly that's up today that somebody spray painted, and this is the type of thing, the feeling, the mood that david is talking about if we've got it. it says cops' lives don't matter. okay, let's take a moment here. lives matter, period. >> all lives matter. >> and i know that this is a take off black lives matter because that was the response in some of the protests we saw this weekend at the mall of america in minnesota and so on and so forth. all lives matter. and that's the opportunity for this mayor. governor cuomo of new york today has said we need a cooling-off period. what we need is somebody to cooley stand up and say we're in this together. >> mayor needs to stand up today and change the rhetoric. he needs to admit that he was wrong. when there are protesters calling for dead cops, i screwed up. i should have stood up for the police force here in new york city. i was wrong. i was wrong for meeting with protesters. i was wrong for referring to attacks on police officers as alleged.
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i have been wrong every step of the way, and i am here today to change the tone and change the rhetoric. we stand behind our police force because that -- because, again, if this continues to mushroom, it becomes frightening -- >> when jedediah, this is de blasio's new york. >> right. >> this is very different than mayor rudy giuliani, the way he approached this, and this has been building up locally for months. this goes back even right when he took office and took on the police with trying to get rid of stop and frisk. >> he ran on an anti-police -- >> right. this is who he is. i be i do think dagen's right, he's got to apologize to change the tone -- >> but why, why would you trust him? >> all weekend long -- >> he's not going to do it, and even if -- >> they showed up for their job, these police officers. >> this is what he's about. what he's always been about. and the question is how are police supposed to function moving forward knowing what they already know? >> that's the excellent question. >> they don't have any
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confidence. no matter what de blasio says now, the damage has been done. they're turning their backs to him -- >> physically. >> physically saying we have had enough. we don't want you at police funerals. >> and what will happen today at the police athletic league when he goes to speak at one p.m. eastern, is the question. look at what we have coming up, we've got new year's eve coming up, we need our police officers. >> and they will be there, by the way. >> we love them for the job that they do. >> falters, you saw it under lindsay in the '60s, new york city craters when the mayor does not have the support of police. >> oh, absolutely. >> and we know that they've been doubling up on cops, david, to monitor a lot of these -- >> right. >> -- the cops working overtime. talked to a lot of them this weekend. they were still out even though they suffered two huge losses to the force. but the pda president, pat lynch, stepping up to the microphone over the weekend, running the police association saying there is blood leading up the steps to city hall. and i want to ask you about this op-ed that al sharpton, who you
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referenced earlier. take a will be to this in the new york daily news. he said the garner and brown families and i have always stressed that we do not believe that all police are bad, nor do we believe that most police are bad. we must unite and work to heal our city can and this nation. how insensitive, we do not believe that all police are bad. that implies that there are bad cops out there, and i just think al sharpton -- >> well, the president has said it. >> look, al sharpton is what he is, he's a racist. this is a guy who plays the game, and he plays it only to his benefit. he leaves ferguson, missouri, he goes to dell frisco's for a $60 steak. he leaves a rally in d.c., he goes to shelley's back room. he's a fraud, he's a shakedown artist. he shakes down amy pascal of sony, he sits down new york city. he sits next to de blasio. it's not that you have to ignore him, but you have to deal with him for what he is, and he is
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this mayor's right-hand man, he's the president's right-hand man. >> governor cuomo just moments ago before we went to this broadcast said he had spoken to al sharpton. so whether you want to acknowledge the power -- >> no, he still has influence. >> that's his version of an apology. >> well, and ask him to tamp things down as if reverend al sharpton represented the entire nation of black people. >> but we're feeding it though. political leaders are feeding his power. the more attention -- >> yes, from the white house. >> that's my issue, why he is elevated. he's given a show on a cable news channel, he's invited to the white house, he was drug to the white house by bill de blasio. they're calling him a co-mayor. when are they going to shut him out? >> they're not going to. the institutional left will not shut out one of their players. al sharpton sits there with communists, socialists, all the others in d.c., has a rally against cops and walks away. >> all right. we'll have more on this.
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despite north korea's claim that it was not involved in the cyber attack on sony, it's threatening to attack the u.s. over those accusations. yes, this breaking as critics are slamming president obama's handling of the situation, saying he's not taking it seriously enough. plus, president obama's plan to close gitmo is taking another step forward. yes, four more detainees are now back in their home country. the argument the president is now using to get gitmo closed once and for all. and right after the show catch more from the couch on the web. join us for outnumbered overtime by logging on to and click the overtime tab. tweet us questions, comments or what topic you want us to talk more about. ♪ ♪ ♪soft holiday music ]♪
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♪ ♪ >> you are watching "outnumbered," and we are glad that you are. north korea is issuing a new round of threats against the white house, the pentagon and the, quote, whole u.s. mainland. that country is accusing president obama of spreading rumors that it's behind the cyber attack on sony entertainment. it comes as the white house is reviewing whether to put north korea back on its list of state sponsors of terrorism. still, president obama is staying away from calling the hacking any sort of act of war. >> no, i don't think it was an act of war, i think it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. we take it very seriously. we will respond proportionately, as i said. >> but the republican senator john mccain says the take is much more than that. watch. >> i think, again, that the president does not understand that this is a new, this is a manifestation of a new form of
9:19 am
warfare. when you destroy economies, when you are able to impose censorship on the world and especially the united states of america, it's more than vandalism, it's a new form of warfare. >> vandalism. jedediah, does it matter what we call it? >> what does that even mean, cyber vandalism? somebody on twitter said, oh, is it like graffiti? why is this president so afraid to call it what it is? they believe, north korea believes they can continue to threaten us, they have continued to threaten us, and we're sitting back and evaluating once again what we're going to do about it. i want the know how long this president's going to sit back and evaluate before he steps onto that national stage and says, you know what? you're not getting away with this, and this is what we're going about -- to do about it. >> china doesn't mind if we do can it, russia doesn't mind if we do it -- >> because they're transparent about their dictatorship and
9:20 am
communism. they talk about china, iran, north korea. china sits in the middle of all of this. they have an official agency. north korea has an agency that works with china. vladimir putin invites kim jong un to go to russia. they're teaming up because the more they degrade america, this is warfare. the nazis wanted to blow up power plants in world war ii in america right here in new york city. then they had to go plant a bomb. now they just need a cyber bomb. now they just need to shut down our systems or go in and, say, change the water mix in water treatment plants. >> do you know what we call what just happened to sony on the real world? practice. >> they're probing us. they look at our response, and they act just like terrorists probe us. the underwear bomber failed, but others succeeded. >> well, a lot of people have questioned why didn't the government move in quicker. well, the fbi was on it, and i will say this, i look at it in reverse. if the government had intervened very early on with what was
9:21 am
going on with sony, we would say why is government getting involved in private business? sony was hacked back in 2011 on its playstation network, didn't learn any lessons. its security wasn't any better, and then we would say obama is riding to the rescue of his liberal benefactor. >> what is different is that you had potentially, we didn't know for sure whether -- now the fbi has confirmed. >> once they know -- >> but in the beginning this was problematic. they were talking about doing something worse than 9/11 to american theaters -- >> the fbi was on it -- >> they knew it was north korea before we knew it. i have sources on that. >> do something quietly. >> something we learned this weekend, andrea, was that sony execs are now saying they called the white house over and over, and they talked with a senior adviser, and they wouldn't name that person, those some sources are saying valerie jarrett, but we should do our own reporting on that before we confirm it. anyway, the president says, no, i wasn't really told. i didn't know this was going to happen before they pulled the
9:22 am
film. i mean, somebody's not telling the truth, and it matters. >> it does. and on friday, the president when he was at the podium, he said i really wish sony would have consulted me first. >> right. >> and asked me, because i disagreed with their decision. i find it very hard to believe that the president is not speaking to many of the hollywood folks that have supported him in his campaigns. but this, to me, is an understatement by the president, to call it an act of vandalism. and i feel that every time something really serious happens when we want president to stand up and say something very strong. now, i get he doesn't want to escalate the situation. it's always understated, harris. it's always the jv squad, or it's always workplace violence. and, again, vandalism -- i think if you're in north korea or whoever did the hacking, that's just telling you, you know what? we've got to strike 'em harder. >> i said this really quickly, we have to do it quietly. and in technological warfare -- >> i'm in favor of that. >> you stick it to 'em, and you
9:23 am
don't see us coming, because we do have more talent here -- not in the government, but outside of the government. >> being quiet about what steps we take sometimes because it's taken this white house particularly, and when you look at the reporting over the last few years, how long it takes to get to a decision. jedediah alluded to this. finally when you make one, you've got to make it with a really big stick, a really big foot. >> and you can do the strategy quietly, but get out there and let people know you're not getting away with this. >> you're not messing with us. >> presentation sometimes. this president presents this country as weak and able to be toyed with, and guess what? people are toying with us. >> last night on fox report we had a reporter in hawaii where the president is vacationing and, andrea, we don't want to pick on anybody's personal time, the president has every right to do it. but i'm starting to really feel badly about a four-letter word called golf. [laughter] because we've got another one of those situations where we need the president to step up. all right, more detainees from guantanamo bay are walking free.
9:24 am
the men who are now back in their home country as the president shifts his argument from shutting down the controversial detention center to something else. plus, support for a possible hillary clinton 2016 run for president is losing steam. nice necklace, she had on. the potential democratic candidate who's stealing her thunder. stay close. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being thankful for many things,es ary the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered" of the president is fast tracking a plan to shut down guantanamo bay for good. the pentagon announces it transferred these four detainees to afghanistan on friday. that means a total of 23 detainees have been released just this year. even more are expected to be released in the coming weeks. the news comes as the president is reportedly looking to reshape the national debate over the facility by highlighting it as an issue of economic. >> something that continues to inspire jihad its and extremists around the world the fact that these folks are being held is contrary to our values and wildly expensive. we're spending millions for each individual there. >> david, this president, who never cares about reforming entitlements, debt and deficit, aren't a priority, all of sudden on this issue he suddenly cares about saving the economy. do you believe him. >> no. it is really simple. what is the cost of a terrorist
9:29 am
attack on american soil? >> right. >> these guys, by the way, these terrorists being released in afghanistan, we closed our facilities there with the withdrawal. there is no place for them. they're going out into the public. they will be back in the fight soon. don't kid yourselves. the president used them just like in other arguments on race, whatever fits the narrative of the moment. he will say something tomorrow. releasing the worst of the worst. they go to urugay. these guys that were released are walking around taking shots for paparazzi. they're smiling. they're having fun. right before they go out and commit terrorist acts again. >> this, dagen, looks like campaign promises over prioritizing national security. what it is understand, if these people reenter the fight and challenge the united states, that is too part of this president's legacy, does he not realize that. >> the impact will be felt out of office and making good on his campaign promises. he has two years. climate deal with china.
9:30 am
immigration deal. using finances as an excuse, this isn't even a dance moved i could have predicted. he will throw his back out hurting himself with this one. >> that is quote of the day. >> is it realistic, harris? >> talking about campaign promise. just from looking at the facts see it a little bit differently, more than 100 weeks left in the presidency. very first week, executive order 13942, look it up, that is the executive order issued by the president to close guantanamo bay detention camp in cuba, period. what have we seen happen in the last week? a step to normalize relations with cuba. where is gitmo located? he has a couple of steps he can make in the dance rotation he is doing that are interesting to watch just, from a news perspective. which way is he going here? he is giving himself some options. doesn't have a whole lot of time to get this done,
9:31 am
january 22nd, 2009, he signed the order. one of the first things he did. >> some of these people are labeled high-risk and high intelligence value. is he not worried about the national security issue here? does this not phase him? is it all politics? seems. >> seems seems like it is all politics, look at the swap we did for bowe bergdahl, some of the most dangerous detainees were released, and these as well, jedediah, high level detainees, that committed atrocious attacks. he believe he does this deliberately. if he gets rid of most dangerous ones, then the rest of them he can unload much easily. that is why he is doing it at this point in the news cycle. a lot of people aren't paying attention. he is in hawaii. it is below the raid today. really troubling thing the one he is transferring that we saw to uruguay. there are no conditions. they can get up to walk out the door. at least we saw in qatar they were transferred they had to stay there at least a year.
9:32 am
the government had to mon thor them. this is whole different ballgame. these governments can let them go. >> those conditions can never be met. we don't have leverage. to your point we don't have conditions on them that can be met. the new president of afghanistan, he will have to deal with this. you have attacks by the taliban and taliban wing in pakistan. you have the pakistani isi. these guys are basically going home to their living room and ready to go back to work against the world. >> even if you place conditions though, that would imply that you trust these countries and their leadership to carry out what we have said. where is the basis for that trust? >> maybe not trust. >> how long have they met matters. >> attached to funding that the trust power of the dollar to get you where you think you need to go. with regard to the taliban in pakistan, what we saw with the school, it is heartbreaking. to think any of these guys might be on the ground and the rate of recidivism. there is isis-like. there is reason for that isis is
9:33 am
recruiting. >> or something like that here. >> taliban -- hillary clinton's numbers are sliding against her potential democratic white house rivals, oh, yes, according to brand new abc news, "washington post" poll, more than 10-point drop for the former secretary of state since january. 61% of likely democratic voters say they would support for her. support for vice president joe biden and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is slowly inching up. i don't think hillary clinton is too troubled. she learned how the from her husband to stick that finger in the wind and we've seen her get her poll numbers he have before. there is one thing, elizabeth warren is forcing her to be more lefty. >> that is true. of the elizabeth warren, joe biden, biden, run, joe, run, biden is beating elizabeth warren at 14%. elizabeth warren caters to a
9:34 am
very far left base. that will not have wide appeal. hillary clinton is sitting back. i know. that i realize a lot of -- let her run out there do what she has to do. i will sit back. hillary clinton knows every time she opens her mouth the numbers fall. she finally learned, let me sit back. let elizabeth warren keep talking, cater to the small population on the left. everyone else will realize they are too radical and no one else will be left and they will have to turn to me and no one on the right will be a challenge. >> dagen, is she pretty radical for general election run? this womans can raided around harvard claiming to be native-american. no one fact checked it. she is a little cookie, can we admit. >> one poll and that is wall street reform and finance. we haven't found out what she thinks, what shoe he would do on whole host of issues. i'm thankful for one thing, kim kardashian, her sizzle starts to
9:35 am
fade she poses completely naked in a magazine. we know hillary clinton won't do. that. >> i didn't see that coming at all. >> people get desperate when their popularity starts to fade they will do desperate things. guaranty clinton won't do that. >> harris, the visual, i'm trying to scratch it off my brain of hillary clinton's butt with a champagne glass. there goes my lunch. anyway, what do you think of all this? i think hillary clinton isn't very worried about these numbers right now. >> she may not be worried but one of the things that the fox news political insiders on fox report said last night i thought was really interesting, there is group of 300 former obama staffers written an open letter urging elizabeth warren to run for president. quote, we helped elect barack obama. we're calling on elizabeth warren to run in 2016. they say things, well, we believed in unlikely candidate who no one thought had a chance back then. we worked with him and against
9:36 am
all odds we won in iowa. the insider said last night, that is kind after rubberstampp where president obama is. does the matter who obama gets behind going into 2016? >> i think that's a great question because will he help or will he hurt? we know he has tremendous fund-raising power, david and quite information data bank. and all the voter rolls however if his poll numbers are very low he could hurt whoever he puts his chips behind. >> he could hurt or help but with elizabeth warren i wouldn't worry about 2016. i worry about the four years after that. she doesn't have a base. clinton calculus, let them run left, go to iowa, do whatever she has to do. elizabeth warren is very dangerous woman because four years after 2016, she could have built a solid base of progress sieve. we're sitting here arguing over cycles. progressiveses thing in terms of generations. they're thinking years ahead.
9:37 am
obama kept his data, built his base. sharpton, de blasio, warren, gillibrand. >> from the same family. >> they're performing in this base and building progressives and dividing the nation into segments what he did in '08. >> they're certainly ascending and driving the democratic party. interesting to see what happens after the holidays. we're hearing new 9/11 tapes involving a emergency landing with a southwest airlines flight after with 140 passengers at risk after having struck a bird. boys may be worse starting rumors. >> no way. >> we're not buying it but we'll present the information. you we report, you decide.
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two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. ♪ >> would you ever turn down a nearly $2 million bonus?
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that is exactly what the ceo seattle based company, plum creek timber did, because he felt he had not earned it. in an sec filing shows rick holley indicated he doesn't deserve more than 44 shares of restricted company stock that the board voted to give him. holly telling "fortune" magazine, quote, i appreciated their confidence in me but i didn't feel comfortable taking them, meaning the shares of stock. this has been a year where total shareholder returns are down ten% or more. just wasn't the right thing to do. anybody could jump in here, andrea, the thing about these bonuses, they are now expected, like just pay, they give them these incentives but it is come to be seen as part of their compensation. and i doubt that this, anybody is going to follow suit from this? >> his compensation is pretty steep isn't there, dagen? about $8 million. >> 8 million total comp, that was including -- >> i defer to you, you're the business expert.
9:42 am
to me this is seems like he is desperately trying to keep his job. no thanks on the bonus. please don't fire me. and you know, people have such issues with how much ceos make nowadays. really it is up to the shareholders to decide what they get paid and if they should get these bonuses. that was negotiated. i say kudos for a brilliant pr job, mr. ceo, because this is all cr. >> here is the guy nobody is talking about, the one that destroyed shareholder value and still in charge, jeffrey immelt. can you imagine if he decided not to turn down his bonus. >> never. >> this is great pr play. maybe he really feels it. let's see what he does next year. >> i always love the steve jobs, one dollar, dollar a year. so it is not the money. >> he started the company. it was his brainchild. it was his love. he was having love affair what he was doing and it was beautiful for the world to watch. he would have done it for free i would imagine.
9:43 am
>> you make a great point being expected. i always thought i was younger and ask my dad or family member, you got a bonus, what did you get it for, they were able to tell me. i ask friends on wall street. their bonuses are bigger than my salary by far. what was the bonus? i don't know, i worker happen. it is assumed. it is not a problem societal. shouldn't you work for something extra? it is extra. >> i'm a conspiracy theorist. i look at this, he turned down a stock award. what does that say where he thinks the stock is going to go in the next year? like, i don't know. >> great point. >> it hasn't tanked that much. but it is down a little bit. >> i think it's a nice christmas story because he says i care about this, regardless how people interpret it and whatever conspiracy comes out of it. the guy did his bit. got pr for the company. >> i wonder if he gets free timber or free lumber? >> i would have negotiated that for sure.
9:44 am
>> has an awesome treehouse. cool doghouse. >> he lives in a log cabin. >> on a lake. >> on a lake. >> moving on, everybody, as people across the country get ready for the holidays, we're tracking a storm that is expected to hit on christmas eve. latest on the forecast. you heard of mean girls, right? how about mean boys? >> why are you looking at me? >> i'm looking at you, david. >> what research says about who is really nastier at school. girls. ♪ ♪soft holiday music ]♪
9:45 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment, we can not wait. first let's go to jon scott what is coming up in second hour of "happening now," also something i can not wait for. jon: we'll be on your heels, harris. new reaction after two new york city police officers were assassinated over the weekend in brooklyn. some criticize the new york mayor, even president obama about the murders. we'll have live in depth analysis in the next hour. big storms moving in this hour.
9:49 am
christmas eve could be a mess. rain in the east, snow in the midwest, snow and rain in the pacific northwest. how i can plan around those storms. and, some tips on free travel to boot. also stocks continue to soar. the dow up more than 80 points today. last week the dow finished up 3%. is this a santa claus rally? we're watching the markets and you are probably watching your 401(k). see you next hour. >> before i let you go we had discussion on the couch whether you might be bruce wayne, batman, because of a recent trip you took, what happened? >> diving with mantas. a night dive with mantas. wait until i show you the volcano pictures. tomorrow. >> you're a superhero. jon: thanks. >> i may be "outnumbered" but now my term with the story. remember the movie, "mean girls"? forget it. a new study says boy, us, we boys, may be meaner.
9:50 am
researchers did this following high school, middle schoolkids. they found out boys are more likely than girls to start rumors, shun a peer, on top of that they are find boys are more physically aggressive. before i throw this to harris, i don't know why. >> why harris. >> first troublemaker. go back to my st. peter's prep school. you go to all-boys school you're so busy studying you don't have time. boys, we play hard pranks on each other. we don't talk about makeup, who looks better. we'll shove you in the locker sideways, twist you, close it and leave night science has shown while physical abuse has long-term effects emotional abuse has longer term effects in most cases. so i agree, boys are more physically aggressive. i hope they didn't spend too much money finding that out, testosterone and that whole deal. with girls, i defer to the other women on the couch, girls
9:51 am
canning really mean. they made a movie. >> boys are spiteful and long-term thinkers. you guys spend time, like i'm going to plan this. guys, when you're the truth, you shove boys, shove each other, punch each other on the schoolyard and go back to class in general. >> nicknames you have for each other. the worse the nickname the more you like the guy, right? you walk into a dinner party and throw out some word i can't use on tv and snack him on the back and he feels loved because he has nickname can you imagine if i went into a dinner party and said eileen you silly skank. it would never happen. >> actually we both -- >> little bit. because i love you for that. and i mean i'm that way. >> we know. [laughter] we know. >> did i give something away. i mean that as compliment. i appreciate boys who are more
9:52 am
physically aggressive and will smack you on the fannie. >> we're men. throwing balls at each other. >> i do think men are getting more emotionally or boys, excuse me, getting more emotionally manipulative with social media. participating less in organized sports. they're like on instagram and getting catty. >> that is -- jedediah before i go to you, that is very important point. we're really feminizing men too much in society. you can respect the roles and rights of boys and girls but you don't have to turn boys into girls and vice versa. and this is a problem in our schools where boys are suddenly put on the i don't know, the hot seat. >> true. boys are getting a lot cat at thisser. i was surprised, when i was a dean i would be surprised what came into the office. typically boys throwing each other into lockers. they are physically aggressive. >> that is how we work. >> as the years went on, i would find, boys, writing these catty
9:53 am
little notes to each other about other boys. >> really. >> typically stier yo typical female behavior coming out. catty, cruel. overall i would say, harris, i agree with you. it is more of a female trend. i don't know why that is is and what we can do it in the home. when girls beat each other up they grow up with emotional esteem issues. >> with new eight-year-old in my house we're having talks about that. how you give somebody a compliment rand mean night more deliberative i think with women because they sit around and spend time talking about it with a gang mentality. >> plotters. >> here we go. do you need some motivation to work out? >> yeah. >> there is a new service that offers you your own fitness concierge. yeah. to do whatever it takes to get your bottom to the gym. so, how is that working out?
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9:59 am
being. if this tv thing doesn't work out. >> i walk them up with janice jackson and green juice. >> i need your phone number. >> in this case, i am hiring you. >> are you bringing in food. >> i will bring a camera crew. >> you have a personal trainer. >> i do, and i hope he's watching this. i want to hate this and say what she is saying so badly, but i would be lying and i am reading this and i am loving. it i am motivated. and blight lights and look at my thighs in the mirror, and i am so horrified. >> and what happens when women have women and men and men and someone said i want to be a concierge for a woman or man? how does that work in the locker
10:00 am
room? >> ed, thank you for offering for that job. >> the case of being thin. how does it feel. and we'll go to overtime on the web. "happening now" starts now. a fox news alert and brand new reaction coming in from the justice department to the murders of two new york city police officers. >> the officers were fatally shot in the line of duty. wee are covering the news. >> there is not a systemic problem of hate racism. >> killing of two new york cops putting police on alert. they face a catch 22. plus, as president, i will close guantanamo. the obama


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