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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 23, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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now, some pets are into gifts. look at this cute little thing. john's dog greets his family every day with a new present every morning. merry christmas, everybody. i'll see you when we come back from the holidays. thanks for being part of the real story. i'm gretchen carlson. here's harris in for shep. we'll begin with breaking news from the fox news deck. federal agents have arrested a delta airlines baggage handler. we're now awaiting a news conference to begin telling us exactly what happened at one of the nation's busiest airports. we're told police and a representative from the district attorney's office in new york will step up to the microphones at any moment. we'll bring it to you when it happens. people nabbed a man suspected of carrying guns on his carry-on baggage in new york city. eugene harvey smuggled at least 18 guns through security in atlanta on december 10th. they say he handed off those
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guns to a former delta employee who then flew to new york. they say that accomplice is now accused of supplying more than 100 guns to someone who turned out to be an undercover agent. a delta spokesperson tells us, quote, we take seriously any activity that fails to uphold our strict commitment to the safety and security of our customers and our employees, end quote. jonathan live with us in atlanta. jonathan, how did they get all those guns past airport security? >> reporter: federal investigators say that eugene harvey would show up at the atlanta airport on his off days and they believe he used his delta employee i.d. to enter the secure area of the world's busiest airport without having to go through tsa screening. once inside, authorities say that he would set up a meeting with former fellow delta backage
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handler in a passenger concourse men's room. that former baggage handleder would then fly with the weapons using a compliment buddy pass he apparently got from his mother who was a retired delta employee. harris? >> what is delta saying about this? what action might they take? >> reporter: an airline spokesman says they suspended eugene harvey pending an investigation. as for mark henry, delta fired him in 2010 for allegedly abusing the buddy pass system. some of the weapons, some of them loaded, could be smuggled, is of grave concern. >> thank you very much. let's bring in tom blank. he is the former deputy director of the transportation security administration. tom, always good to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> tom, have we learned nothing
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from the people who want to kill us in this world using passenger planes that we would let this happen? how does this happen? >> well, this happens as a result of a security gap being exposed, and the people that are at fault are the airlines, the airports and tsa. they need to work together to close this gap. it's been a known gap for many years, in fact. the reality is that we have 450 commercial airports in this country. we have tens of thousands of people that go to work at those airports every single day. they are fuelers, caterers, baggage handlers, maintenance personnel and ticket checkers, and they do not get screened when they go to work every day. that means backpacks, toolboxes and lunch boxes are finding their way through employee entrances and aren't being inspected by any kind of a third party. it was only a matter of time until an incident like this
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presented itself. >> those are some huge holes in a system that was set up to protect us. i have so many questions. we're smack dab in the middle of the heavy christmas travel season. you say we got to get this gap fixed. can they do it in the next 12 hours? what are we looking at here? >> the bottom line we're looking at who's going to pay for it. in other words, if you're going to put the employee through screening at the check point, that's going to cause certain customer service problems. if you're going to further close the employee entrances, that's going to have some customer service and other access issues. if you're going to put guards down there, that's an expense. screening equipment down there, that's an expense. that's what we should be doing, but it's a fight about who's going to pay for it. >> our government has a whole lot of our money that they spend on silly stuff, and then this is happening. why does the tsa even exist still to operate this system at the airport if they're not going to do the job the way that you're describing it needs to be done? >> to be fair, these individuals
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are subject to criminal history record checks. they are annually updated so we do know something about them. it's a matter of where do you find the tsa, the airlines, and the airports trying to find the right balance between keeping these important hubs functioning and secure. this shows that it's a little bit out of balance unfortunately. >> can you talk to me about something that we heard a couple of times from jonathan and i'm reading more about it, this buddy pass system. one of the guys in this ring borrowed a buddy pass from his mom. >> that's unique to delta airlines, it's an employee benefit where an employee is allowed to take a relative or a friend on board an aircraft and they fly standby so it's only on a seat as available. again, that's unique to delta, an employee benefit. it's something that in this particular case was abused.
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>> tom, are you angry seeing the agency you once helped lead have such enormous breakdowns, our breaking news today? >> especially when it's simply a matter of funding and will to get it done. as i say, even during my tenure going back a number of years now, this was a known gap in security. it's something that definitely needs to be closed. just think of someone who, in this particular instance, mr. harvey, carrying very likely a backpack, toolbox, something like that, he's coming onto the secure area of an airport and conducting this kind of activity. this just as easily could have been explosives as guns. >> absolutely. there are so many people around the world who are watching us who have to be thinking and scratching their heads, are americans that stupid? we have a lot of money, what are you talking about here? is no one fighting to put the money where they need to put it
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in? is this political? what's happening? >> there's definitely a political element to it and it's one of those risk gaps that hasn't risen to a high enough level to actually be formally resolved. i hope this incident leads to serious consideration of taking affirmative action to fix the gap. >> yeah, american voters, american citizens are brilliant. if they make their voices heard this christmas season, those airlines and airports will definitely listen, i would imagine. there's a whole lot of our money on the line as we buy those tickets. tom blank, formerly with the tsa, we appreciate your time and expertise, thank you. >> thank you. some theaters are planning to show that movie, the interview, on christmas day. and north korea's internet went down today, for the four or five people who can actually gain access to the internet. stay close. (vo) rush hour around here
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two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. fox news has confirmed sony will do a christmas day release of the controversial film, the interview. this after hackers seemed to get the upper hand early on in one of the biggest movie makers in the nation, sony entertainment, is now in mode of doing what would appear, turning the tables. you'll be able to see the movie in select theaters, all of this despite threats from computer
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hackers, promising september 11th style terror attacks in any theatre where it's playing. sony cancelled the release last week after hackers made the threats and got into the servers, releasing 32,000 private e-mails written by sony execs. sony may have felt pressure to release the film after president obama called it, quote, a mistake. the white house said the president applauds sony's decision to release the film. the president has promised a proportional response to the hack attack. we don't know exactly what that will be or when it will happen. as we're live on the deck, yesterday as the news was breaking on north korea's internet completely going dark, the question of who pulled the plug was going on. now it's still being asked. it's a global cyber mystery apparently today. the state department and pentagon have issued somewhat coy nondenial responses about
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whether the u.s. took down the web in north korea. it is worth noting only the regime's leader, kim jong-un and a very small number of people among the country's elite have access to the internet. a slightly larger group of privileged north koreans can see a tightly controlled intra net. joining us to talk about the developments this hour, gordon chang, a foreign affairs columnist and author. i want to get down to the american people going to see these movies in theaters. is there a threat? the fbi says they're behind at least in some part the hacking. should we be fearful or not? >> in the united states i don't think we're going to have to worry about movie houses being blown up or theatre goers being machine gunned but we will know that the north koreans will do something. the guardians of peace, the group that threatened sony and hacked it said it will go after sony if the movie is released.
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that looks like christmas. the other thing of course is that the north koreans probably will go after the united states at a time and place of their choosing and it's not going to be proportional. it will be an overwhelming attack of some sort. they may even go after the -- >> really? >> yes. you think about this. we always think when they say they're going to threaten the pentagon or the white house which they did yesterday, but they grabbed the pueblo in 1968, shot down a u.s. navy reconnaissance plane the following year and have done all sorts of things that we thought they would never do. >> i guess it's kind of hard to imagine kim jong-un who basically has come in and out of, can we find him, is he missing today. we heard shepard smith call him little kim. it's hard to take seriously something out of that regime when it can't even feed its own people, or refuses to. >> it refuses to. but the regime itself which is
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about 300 or so folks are fed very well. they have all the luxuries and amenities in life. the problem now there is there is real division at the top of the regime. we've seen these executions continue for four years into the last few months. one of the things that kim jong-un can do to attack sony and the film to bolster his position at home. >> interesting. why does he even care about this movie? >> what he cares about is not the three at cal release in the united states but they will see dvds that have been lofted into north korea by balloons that south korean actists send over. >> as i'm reading it, afghanistan and the citizens there who have lived through decades of war actually have more access to the internet than anybody in north korea. >> that's right.
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but smugglers will take this movie not for activist reason but for profit motive only. they will smuggle it over the border and loft it over the dmz. >> i read in some of your notes that you said there's really only one country who can be turning off the internet for north korea. how did you triangulate back down to what everybody suspected yesterday? >> people say north korea did this to itself. i think that's silly. others say the chinese did this but that's unlikely given their relationship with north korea. even though it's troubled right now, the chinese would never do that. now, anonymous hackers always claim responsibility for what they do. there's been no claim. that leaves only one suspect in the lineup and that is the united states which had means, motive, opportunity. we have had government officials going back to last thursday gloating about this. it makes sense for us to do
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something like this, and until it's proven otherwise i'm sticking to that story. >> 30-minute outage today again. >> and clearly whoever attacked them on the weekend is going at it again. this is low tech stuff. >> this is not the proportional response that many americans might think of. i know the president called it a case of cyber vandalism. there are people who don't agree with that, senator john mccain saying, no, this is akin to an act of war, cyber terrorism. people think turning off the internet is not proportional to what they've done. >> it isn't, considering the damage to sony, the attack on the core of society. this is a mild response on the part of the administration which i think wants to avoid escalation. >> is it a poke? >> it's just a poke. it's symbolism, just telling the koreans and the chinese by the way, don't do anything again. this isn't a very big deal.
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it's 30 minutes. >> we glaze over this. i mentioned this yesterday. i don't think it is so lightly about sony. this is practice for somebody. they can do a whole lot of other things. >> clearly our grid is vulnerable and some people say that the great 2003 northeast blackout was caused by a chinese hacker who made a mistake. >> something unprecedented yesterday, it was unfolding during shepard smith's hour, that the u.n. is possibly looking at trying kim jong-un on human rights violations. would this even happen? >> it's a big deal to north korea and to china. china will be towed the referral to the international criminal court, they and the russians. >> they're friends. >> really good friends. >> why even do it? >> we want to do it because i think we need to put the chinese and the russians on the spot to make them veto it.
12:18 pm
the south koreans think that eventually the chinese will have to relent and actually send this over to the icc. i'm not optimistic about that but the idea is that eventually you push the chinese long enough, they'll move in the right direction. >> are you going to see the movie the interview? >> absolutely. >> i knew you were going to say that. thank you. >> thank you. a new report shows america's economy has been surging at a rate we have not seen in many years. people on wall street clearly pretty happy about this, but are you feeling it? that's next.
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make the best entertainment part of your holidays. catch all the hottest handpicked titles on the winter watchlist, only with xfinity from comcast. fastest rate in more than a decade over the summer. that's the worse from the commerce department out today. over on our giant wall a look at the gdp, the gross domestic product, one of the broadest meshes of our nation's health. from july to september it grew at a rate of five percent. today the dow broke another record passing 18,000 for the very first time. it's on record to close at a new record high. analyst sz say job growth is helping boost the economy and it could be a positive sign for the millions of americans out of
12:22 pm
work. according to the labor department, employers added more jobs last month than in any other month in nearly three years, and this year companies are hiring at the quickest pace since 1999. the fox business network's rich edson is here. the report is from july to september so how is the current quarter looking? >> when you look at some of this information, consumers drove that previous report and they're feeling pretty good now. a university of michigan survey says it's jumped to the highest level since 2007, before the recession. also, if you look at gas prices, that's been a huge boone to consumers, falling almost about a dollar a gallon and that's directly into consumers' pockets. >> i'm hearing some municipalities saying we might want to tax people a little more since they're not spending as much at the pump.
12:23 pm
it's never all roses and even as we are above 18,000 in the dow, are there areas that investors should worry about? >> there are and they're international areas. asian is slowing down, europe is slowing down. that's bad news for our exporters. t the dollar is strengthening. those are issues that we have to look out for and also what the federal reserve is going to do. this is where good news equals bad news perhaps. the fed might move up its interest rate hike and that hurts investors. >> i'm reading china and russian are really feeling it. what about the millions of people that are out of work. i know we are creating jobs but let's be honest, rich, many of them are part-time jobs. they're not making people whole as before the recession. if you're working 60 hours a week, it's not the same as having one 40-hour job. >> you are considered employed if you are just working a little bit or you're working at minimum wage and not where you used to
12:24 pm
be and of course the labor force has declined. there are some, especially in the administration who would say the bulk of that is due to the fact that we're getting older, the baby boomers are retiring but plenty of folks want a job and are looking for a job. people are getting back to work but there are questions as to what are they making. as far as making more money, getting a raise, the average income of middle class americans has pretty much stagnated. it's increased a little but wage growth hasn't been where it should be and that's hampering the recovery. >> those are the people who have that dream of buying that house, we want to get them back in the housing market. >> which are so much more expensive than they were ten years ago. >> that's what we needed, the flip side, the balance. thank you very much. we've been talking a lot about the movie the interview this hour because that's what's breaking. it's being released begin. do you plan to see it? tweet us @shep news team and @harris faulkner.
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are you going to see it? >> i'll pony up the 18 bucks. >> where do you live? i'm in jersey. it's still $8.50. we'll read your tweets later this hour. and new details about this new report out in iraq. the islamic state fighters and what they're doing. this report reveals what survivors of the islamic state terror groups are facing. stay close. you total your brand new car.
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learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. a "fox report" now. more of today's headlines from the fox news deck. a judge sent a mother to a mental hospital for treatment after prosecutors say she drove her three young children into the ocean. it happened in daytona beach in march. the children and mother were rescued and the children are in state custody. also today -- russia has successfully test launched its first new rocket since the
12:28 pm
collapse of the soviet union. vladimir putin watched the liftoff from the kremlin. it will reportedly carry satellites into space. a grandmother who carved wood with a chain saw in connecticut is getting into the holiday spirit. she's 71 years old and created a full nativity seen. she picked up a chain saw for the first time when she retired and she's now carving arabbit for easter. we'll be right back. rabbit for easter. we'll be right back.
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islamic state fighters raping and torturing underage girls in iraq leaving some of them to kill themselves to escape the abuse. that's according to the human rights group amnesty international. it reports isis has taken hundreds or possibly thousands of women as sex slaves in iraq. u.s. officials say isis has been targeting that group as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign. they ordered some of the first air strikes against isis and iraq in protect the cities who were stranded on that mountain
12:31 pm
back in august. remember that? activists with amnesty say many of those city sex slaves are children, some younger than 14 and they say making the trauma worse is that a city society in that society people consider rape victims to be damaged or unclean. in one particular case, amnesty international reports the militants told some girls to bathe and dress in clothes that looked like dance costumes. the activists report one girl slit her wrists and hanged herself in the bathroom. jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. these report details are so tough to talk about. >> reporter: absolutely, harris. among the other revelations in this amnesty report, it documents how isis is delivering full length shadoras, telling all the suny girls to cover up. what's notable in the report is that five months after the u.s. got involved in iraq under the pretense of helping the ha
12:32 pm
zeezys who were facing genocide, five months later the pentagon confirmed some of them are still trapped on the mountain. u.s. war planes have not been able to protect them and iraqi forces have not rescued them. this video from december 18th shows a u.s. air strike against a vehicle born ied or car bomb. the amount of explosives contained by the vehicle created a blast so intense that it momentarily blacked out the vid video. >> with the reports of more u.s. troops going to iraq, whether they actually going to arrive? >> the next trench of 1300 u.s. troops are slated to arrive in iraq at the end of january. for the 9th time since 2003, the new year will be marked by a new deployment of u.s. forces to iraq. most of the u.s. troops being deployed are from the third brigade of the 82nd airborne.
12:33 pm
the pentagon says the mission will be to train, advise and assist the iraqi military. today iraqi officers stationed at lion air base report that 200 troops arrived late in the along with rocket launchers. the pentagon says the u.s. troops from the 82nd airborne will not be engaged in combat, little comfort for these american military families once again preparing to send their loved one to iraq. >> well put. thank you very much. security will be extra tight in times square after the murders of two nypd officers put police nationwide on alert. city officials say police will ramp up their presence in times square amid threats against those officers. it's already one of the city's most high profile events with is many as 1 million people packing times square to see the ball drop. looking ahead to the weather that's fully anticipated.
12:34 pm
the security fears come as police departments are warning officers to be careful, that they, too, could have targets on their backs. police say a career criminal executed two police officers saturday in brooklyn. they say the killer apparently wanted revenge for michael brown and eric garner. here in new york city the police union blamed the mayor's office for the policemen's murders. the union boss says mayor bill de blasio supported anti-police protestors even after video tape showed some of them calling for, quote, dead cops. but the mayor says now is not the time for controversy and the focus should be on the fallen officers' families. he led a moment of silence a short time ago at 2:47 eastern. >> let's now bow our heads in memory of officer ramos and officer liu. >> and that actually marks the exact time of that attack.
12:35 pm
the mayor also called for a temporary end to anti-police protests, at least until after the funerals are over. but some activists say they will not stop demonstrating, accusing the mayor of trying to silence free speech. at least one protester is showing support for the officer' families, eric garner's daughter. she put a wreath on the memorial to the officers. >> i wanted to let the families know that we stand with them. my family there. i send my heart and my prayers out to them. although it's a tragedy, we want to let everybody know that we want to stand strong, get through the holiday season. it might be hard but we stand together. >> eric garner's daughter also added she knows all too well the pain of losing a dad. david lee miller with the news live from nypd headquarters in manhattan. david, mayor de blasio made some remarks at that moment of silence. >> reporter: that's right, harris. this was supposed to be a moment of silence. that's how it was billed, but it turned out to be a great deal
12:36 pm
more. the mayor spoke about five minutes before the moment of silence and he took that opportunity to talk about the pain and the suffering of the families of the two slain police officers. he said, we must all walk through this pain. he also talked about bringing the police and the community together. he said we need what he described as a more perfect union. he says a balance must be struck. he said the community must respect the police as the police respect the community. the mayor said in essence, this is a time of healing. listen. >> we have to put the divisions of the past behind us. they were left to all of us in this generation. we need to overcome them and respect and protect our police as our police protect and respect our communities. we can strike that balance. we must.
12:37 pm
right now i want everyone to focus on these families. >> reporter: earlier in the day the mayor placed flowers at the makeshift memorial in brooklyn. that makeshift memorial, harris, as we all know too well, the site of where the two officers on saturday at 2:47 were slain. >> before i let you go, i'm curious, i know the protestors have said they're not happy with the mayor because they think their free speech is being infringed upon and i understand they're out at city hall today. >> reporter: that's right. when we use the phrase protestors, we need to qualify that and say some protest percent. there were a handful of protestors outside of city hall today shortly before that moment of silence. they were essentially a coalition of activists, groups like the revolutionary communist party. they were there to say essentially that the
12:38 pm
authorities, the mayor, the police commissioner are using the deaths of these two police officers as a pretext to silence them. the demonstrators said, at least the ones holding this news conference, that their street protests are going to continue. some of their rhetoric was inflammatory as ever. listen. >> no one who presides over a system who is cops carry out the kinds of murders that happen far too often and whose legal system refuses to punish virtually any of those cops who commit brutality and murder, they have no right to tell us that we should back off our protest. >> reporter: the demonstrators say the protests will continue, including one slated for early this evening here in new york. >> thank you very much. we're going to have more 0 head on the shootings of those two
12:39 pm
police officers including where the investigation stands right now and the politics of this whole thing. the mayor is smack in the middle of it all. you've got some of the protestors angry with him over free speech as you heard david lee miller. we'll talk about it. and you have police and president obama. all their take on what happened and what to do next. stay close.
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
. of those nypd officers,
12:42 pm
investigators are piecing together the accused killer's time line. they say there are gaps so they're trying to fill them. police say that gunman turned up at an anti-police protest in the days before the shooting but they say he did not take part in that demonstration. that's one of the clues detectives are using to try to find out what would drive him to kill. joining me on the news deck, former nypd detective patrick brosnan and michael howard thal who covers new york city politics. i'm going to start with you, patrick, the nitty-gritty of this investigation. we saw yesterday police talking about the gaps in the time line. why is that important? what are they looking for? >> they're looking to establish from an investigative perspective what he did for the last 30 days, his every movement. the operating premise from the detectives is that until factually disproven that he was truly a solo operator, there's
12:43 pm
always a very distinct possibility others were complicit, co elusive, there may be unapp handed co-defendants. some of the evidence has suggested that. number one, he was very well funded when he met his untimely demise. he had a lot of money on him. he was a couch crasher who didn't work and according to his sisters never ever had any money on him. the detectives want to know who he spoke to and when he spoke to them. they're going to scour video tapes of the different protests and vacuum all cell phones, e-mails, text messages, reinterview his cell mate when he was in prison for two years panned establish who they are, whether they have broader gang affiliations, ties to organized crime. until all of those boxed are checked will he be disproven and established that he was, in fact, a solo operator.
12:44 pm
until such time the belief is that he's part of a broader plan. >> as you're detailing all that police are doing and a target has been put on their backs, i know they're doubling up with the vests and getting prepared as we head into this busy season with visitors in new york city, it just makes me know so much more how much we appreciate them. that's a lot of pressure. michael, i want to talk about the politics of this. the mayor is in a bizarre spot right now. on the weekend as this was breaking, i anch and we have th report," maybe it's not fair to clarify why he met with the families until the weekend but not until yesterday. what's going on behind the scenes? >> we met with the families at the hospital and on sunday he was at mass. according to folks at city hall he wanted to show folks that the city is unifying behind the
12:45 pm
families and wanted to do something that stressed togetherness. that's why he went to cardinal dolan and was at church that day, but yes, he did not make public statements on sunday and by the time folks woke up on monday there were a lot of questions about that. so on monday he delivered a speech and took questions at a news conference. >> you have the optics of that locally but you have some pretty damming optics in terms of how people view his participaicipap. you heard the head of the police union saying he has blood on his hands. but really and truly, you see him with the likes of reverend al sharpton. how politically explosive is that for this mayor right now? >> it's politically explosive. there are a number of folks, including those who had the police unions and other civic leaders feel that the mayor has fostered this anti-police environment. the mayor of course doesn't believe that he has.
12:46 pm
the mayor has every many, many months since he has taken office lauded the police department and pointed out that crime has decreased this year by more than four percent, but he has has advanced policies that folks in the police departments don't like. there's major reforms to stop and frisk. they've changed the policy on marijuana possession and a number of other issues have come up that made people question whether or not he's supporting the department. >> it will be interesting to see if president obama comes in to shore him up. my big question is, is the president going to come in for these funerals. officer ramos' funeral is friday. your thoughts? >> i haven't heard that the president is going to come in but my guess is if he does, he will be very supportive of the mayor. >> i want to give you the last word, patrick, as we head into this busy season.
12:47 pm
what are your thoughts for the men and women working across the city and across the country? >> it's a juncture for law enforcement. law enforcement shifted 180 degrees on saturday afternoon with this barbaric slaughter and the fact is they feel and they're convinced and any new yorker who doesn't agree is seriously delusional that the mayor does not have blood up to his armpits on this. he fostered an anti-police climate through his actions, through his tacit approval and the fact that he allowed them to chant, we want dead cops, we want them now, this is -- rhetoric has consequences and in this case the consequences were deadly. >> no doubt that's a conversation happening in his office. but the protestors are not all listening to him in terms of wanting to take a cooling off period. gentlemen, thank you for coming in. a congressman just re-elected this fall has pleaded
12:48 pm
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and we're getting this breaking news coming in from
12:51 pm
mississippi. a suspected tornado on the ground. you can see the rotation there, the red in the center of that map. we're hearing of debris reportedly falling out of the sky near columbia, mississippi. no word on any injuries so far, but we're keeping an eye on this. we knew there was severe weather coming in. we'll bring you details as we learn it. a congressman who reportedly attempted to throw someone off a balcony pleaded guilty. he told reporters he's going to keep doing his jom as long as he's able to. according to documents congressman grimm was accused of hiding wages in 2007. he made headlines after a reporter asked about the investigation and the cameras were rolling.
12:52 pm
>> he won re-election last month, and today house minority leader nancy pelosi said, quote, now that the election is over, congressman grimm is finally admitting the truth. clearly speaker boehner must ask him to resign immediately. boehner said he will not comment until he talks with him first. thank you for being with us today. first of all, i just want to ask you about politics and protocol. do we have any indication what speaker boehner might be doing and the protocol of wanting to talk with grimm first before an announcement? >> right. well, even if speaker boehner has not spoken with michael grimm yet, i'm sheer that one of his emissaries has. i'd be shocked at this point, maybe it was kevin mccarthy,
12:53 pm
steven skcalise hasn't reached out to get a sense of where he is to see if he might be willing to step aside. >> where are we in reporting in terms of prison time? i'm hearing anywhere from one to two years. they're asking for more than that. could he actually remain in his job? he's saying, look, i'm not going to resign, i need do what i need to do or would the time be too great? >> it depends on how much prison time he'll be getting and we won't know that until his sensing date, which is early this summer. if he goes to jail, it's going to be difficult for him to remain in congress, vote, and keep up with his committee work. it will be extremely hard, right? he'll probably need to resign. so far he says he's going to stick with it at least until sentencing date. >> talk about the politics side of this. they do things they shouldn't do, they break laws. we see that happening. for the house minority, speaker
12:54 pm
nancy pelosi, to call on boehner to do this, is that something that republicans would even listen to? i mean they have their own way of dealing with this. >> they do. and john boehner especially showed a pretty low tolerance in terms of member scandals, right? when things have happened in the past, he's urged them to step out quickly. i would not be surprised if those conversations right now are happening but also let's talk about what democrats want out of the situation? michael grimm represents a conservative house district and democrats want that house seat. they want to win the first special election of 2015 and a special election would happen if he resigns. >> it's interesting. voters have had a little bit of an indication that some of this was going on before and he won re-election. real quickly, your last thought. >> yeah, absolutely. he won re-election for a couple of reasons.
12:55 pm
there is, and this sounds a little odd, a kind of tolerance for these sorts of things, charges in staten island. it has to do with this kind of electora electorate. it's great year for republicans and the candidate for the democrats did not do well. they're ready, talking to a former congressman who michael grimm defeated in 2010. he may run again. >> shira center with roll call, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. and cialis for daily useor you.
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keurig is recalling brewers all sold in the u.s. they're recalling the mini maker. hot water sprays from the maker. according to cukeurig they have model number k-10 and the identification number 31 that you see on the bottom. customers who own the brewers can contact keurig and have a repair kit sent to them for free. earlier we asked do you plan to see "the interview" now that it's going to be released by sony after the hackers. here's what one marie tweeted. yes, i will see it since i am an american and we stand up for each other. kyle says.
12:59 pm
nope. wasn't interested in seeing it before, still not interested. ella says we are proud of sony in the bluegrass state. we don't run or give in to bu y bullies. stand tall, sony. we good your back. the "pueblo" crossed into the waters. the americans said they endured months of torture and died. the captain eventually sign add document which confessed to spying to secure his crew's release. north korea let the crew members go home but never gave back the "pueblo" which still sits in a river in pyongyang. they god a taste of freedom. boy, north korea is in the news again as they look at human rights violations. don't know if any of that will come to that in the you nighted nations.
1:00 pm
meanwhile their internet went off again. we'll see what happens with sony. i'm harris faulkner in for shepherd smith. nick neil cavuto is next. santa coming early to wall street. the dow jones industrial average topped 18,000 for the very first time. and rebounding economy and falling gas prices helping the field to surge, but how long will it last? welcome, everyone. i'm charles pain in for kneel caputo. gary b. smith on why so many folks aren't feeling the love here and patrick de haan if oil will decide where we go from he


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