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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 23, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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buy all your last-minute gifts. in case you haven't bought mine yet. >> don't miss our christmas special tomorrow night. "special report" up next. this is a fox news alert, i'm john roberts in washington, bret baier is off tonight. new yorkers are rejecting the call tonight from their mayor for a moratorium on anti-police protests in the wake of a double cop killing on saturday night. demonstrators are attempting to shut down one of manhattan's busiest streets. let's get the latest live from correspondent david lee miller, he's at one police plaza. hello, david. >> as this city continues to move, agademonstrators at this r are trying to disrupt shopping. they're chanting killer cops have to go. many of them are carrying signs
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that say jail killer cops. the protests are obviously in defiance of the mayor's request that all such demonstrations be suspended until the funerals of the two officers take place. to the demonstrations come on a day when mayor bill de blasio said the city must try and now heal. and he attempted to honor the memory of the two officers who were killed. >> reporter: new york city city mayor bill de blasio joined by his wife visited the memorial of the two police officers shot and killed execution style. it was here that officer winjian lu and officer ramos were gunned down by a career criminal. critics say that beblaz owe has -- saturday's killings were
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an attack on not just two of our finest men, but an attack on our democracy and our values. hoping to help the city heal, the mayor this afternoon observed a moment of silence at city hall. but first, he talked about improving relations between new yorkers and the police. >> there's a lot of pain right now. we have to work our way through that pain. we have to keep working to bring police and community closer together. we have to work for that more perfect union. >> despite to the mayor's call for a more moratorium on protests -- said they will not restrict their first amendment rights and will hold demonstrations, including one planned for new year's eve. >> they're pigs, that's what they are, they are pigs. they get away with murder, they
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get away with disunity and this has to stop. >> new york police commissioner bill bratton said it's unfortunate, if the protests continue, they will be dealt with professionally. the police department is also planning funerals for officer ramos, after lu's remains uncertain because his family has to travel from china. his widow thanked the community at this difficult time. >> to the lu family would like to express our appreciation for the police department, our neighbors and the entire new york city community, friends and co-workers. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is now slateded to attend
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saturday's funeral for officer ramos, he will do so at the request of president obama, who is on vacation in hawaii. and in other developments, john, the city of new york is going to honor the two fallen officers tonight at 9:00, the lights will dim in a number of buildings, the locations, among them the empire state building, and is christmas tree at rockefeller center. >> paying tribute to the two officers. obviously oo lly as you point o your piece, these -- why they can't wait a few days to show respect for these two assassinated officers and as well to kind of lower the temperature there in new york city, at least for a few days? >> what we're hearing from the protesters essentially is that demonstrating, at least some of the protesters, i want to underscore that point, some of the protesters now feel it's
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more important than ever to hit to the streets. they say now more than ever they want to get their message across. that's why we're seeing so many people on the streets at this hour, not the tens of thousands we have seen in the past, but those on the streets feel very committed to the cause for which they are now chanting and carrying signs. >> we'll keep watching the protests. david lee miller, thank you. the reality of taxes is high on the list of life's unpleasant certainty, but you'll have to excuse a lot of them tonight for celebrate -- that most people love to hate. tonight new evidence of just how deeply the irs was involved in political skull duggery.
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>> it wasn't just about lois learner, so says the new 226-page progress report from house oversight republicans on the irsing at thing of conservative groups. the report says there were eight sr. leaders who were in a position to stop the harassment of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. >> it was all the way at the top of the executive left -- that's a good reason for the next congress to continue the investigation until they have looked at all the documents and then put in the reforms to make sure it does not happen again. >> an -- i think there may be a number of ways to deny them, let me talk to sharon light tomorrow and get some ideas from her as well. this sounds like a bad organid .
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conservatives seeking 501c4 stat tis. i am beginning to wonder whether i should do the hearing. >> it was obvious the ways and means committee, he had information that he was considering putting out that would have enlightened the american people before the election and he with held it. >> democrat elijah cummings is critical of the way this report was handled, saying it is revealing that the republicans yet again are leaking cherry picked excerpts of documents to support their preconceived political narrative. meanwhile the budget was cut $345 million. agency leadership is warning there may be a delay in processing tax refunds and other services. >> there's going is to be a price to pay as there already are for the revenue that we're
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going to gain, irs enforcement is going to go down, the ability of taxpayers to get the assistance they need is going to be more difficult and things like that. >> reporter: critics say the agency should work on its efficiency. >> all that happens is it's going to the 2008 budget for the irs, perhaps they should try something like become more productive like the rest of the world does. >> the irs had a positive rating of 20% with the public. now after the fact, it's likely to remain an easy target of someone to cut come budget time. >> mike emanuel tonight. stocks hit -- the fichblg numbers for the third quarter gdp indicate indicate growth at an annual rate of 5%, that's the fastest in more than a decade. the dow eclipsed the 18,000 mark for the very first time getting 65 points today, the s&p 500 was up four, to register another record close, nasdaq dropped 16,
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that was a fly in the ointment somewhere. peter barns is here to tell us what's happening and why it looks like a green christmas here. >> it does. a santa claus rally. beyond that gdp number was the best quarterly showing coming well above economists forecasts. that helped the dow industrials close above 18,000 for the very first time, it's up 8% this year and that gdp report was for economic activity over this past summer before oil and gas prices really started to drop. that's just one thing that should help fuel growth in the economy, incomes and jobs in 2015. >> reporter: the u.s. economy could heat up in 2015 if millennials start to buy more houses, if caterpillar sells for tractors and if disney has anything to do with his short --
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and a billion dollar plus global franchise. economists are optimistic the economy will grow fastener 2015, at least in part because of lower oil and gas prices. >> it's something that's certainly good for families, for house holds, it's putting more money in their possibilities, having to s less on gas and energy and so in that sense, it's like a tax cut that the boosts their spending power. >> reporter: the national association of business economics predicts u.s. gdp will grow 3.1% in 2015, up 2.2% in 2014. they see employers continuing to add more than 200,000 jobs a month in 2015, helping to push the unemployment rate down 2.4% next year from 5.8% in november this year. the federal reserve will help by keeping interest rates low. they do expect the fed to start
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raising rates in 2015 by raising them from zero now after keeping them at zero. rate increases will be small and gradual. >> they're going to stop taking away the punch bowl very cautiously. i think that's the nature of the leadership at the fed. >> reporter: one headwind for the economy in 2015 could be the housing market. millennials are still not getting married and forming households as quickly as previous generations. another headwind could be the rising dollar, which makes exports of caterpillar tractors and other building projects more expensive overseas. and the commerce department reported sales of new homes declined unexpectedly in november about 2%. economists blame tighter lending standards. >> we'll take that, too. >> it will be a good christmas
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holiday shopping season. coming up next, sony backs down over backing down on "the interview." first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering across the country. first in birmingham, alabama, firefighters are trying to determine what caused a fire that destroyed the -- a witness reported a car racing from the scene. mclean is a former university of alabama star that plays for the dallas cowboys. the home is listed for sale. fox 8 in new orleans covering a vicious storm moving through ellisville, mississippi. the marion county coroner says two people have died because of a tornado. many injuries are reported and emergency rooms are said to be overwhelmed. and this is a live look at san diego from fox 5, the big story there, king tides making swimming hazardous for holiday beachgoers. hi astronomical tides are
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churning up rip currents and floods in underlying areas. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report, we'll be right back.
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. a reprieve tonight for "to the interview." sony says it will show the film christmas day in theeaters,
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mostly art houses and independents. the story unfolds as president obama continues his holiday get away in hawaii. correspondent dan springer is traveling with the president and reports tonight from honolulu. >> reporter: it was a stunning plot twist befitting hollywood, sony after scrapping the release of the film "the interview" are announcing that there would be a limited release on christmas day. as the president made clear, we are a country that believes in free speech. and the right of artistic expression. the decision made by sony and participating theaters allows people to make their own choices. there was -- leaving some to believe the u.s. had retaliated for the hacking of sony, the administration is mum. >> i can't speculate.
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i mean ask the north koreans if their internet wasn't working, i can't speculate that it was, if it wasn't. >> reporter: president obama promised there would be a proportional response on our time. while not commenting on the cyber crash. some responses would be knowable to the north koreans and others coe einvestigator because we also may want to diminish their capacity to carry out these kinds of attacks in the united states. we may never know if -- there could be several other reasons for the collapse of a system that's been shaky at best. but if the administration was behind u it, there could be some risks, especially if the u.s. companies are vulnerable -- >> if we are going to play cyber chicken with them, we better be prepared for a lot more shadowy
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groups declaring what they're going to do to american businesses and going in and destroying your net worth. >> reporter: one of the lead actors, seth rogan tweeted out today, freedom has prevailed. john? >> dan springer tonight in h honolu honolulu. an iraqi official says that isis has returned to a -- forced president obama to reverse course on his pullout from iraq. that means more americans will be heading back in, national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest tonight from the pentagon. >> reporter: for the ninth time since 2003 the new year will be marked by a deployment of new forces to iraq. the pentagon says the deployment will include 3,700 troops mostly from the 32 and combat troop based at ft. bragg, north
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carolina. >> their mission will be train, advice and assist iraqi security forces, this deployment is part of the additional 1,500 troops that the president authorized in november. >> reporter: there are currently 1,860 troops in iraq. the new deployment will nearly double that number and u.s. involvement will not end any time soon according to the u.s. general overseeing the mission. >> i think you're at least talking three years. >> reporter: the current strategy reelys on air strikes like this one that targeted an ied never mt. sin jar. >> they need more forces to assist those indigenous forces and we're going at that very incrementally. that's a pattern they have seen before that's very disturbing to them. >> in fact five months after the u.s. relaunched military operations in iraq, the pentagon says there are still yazidis p trapped on mt. sinjar.
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torture including rape and other forms of sexual violence suffered by women and girls from iraqi's yazidi minority who were abducted -- a new annual poll by the military times shows president obama's approval rating among active duty service members at a mere 15%, down from 35% in 2009. the pentagon says the 82 and airborne troops preparing to deploy in january, will not be engaged in combat, little comfort for families who are preparing to send their loved ones back to iraq, making for a poignant holiday season. still ahead, goldberg lane and krauthammer on sony's decision to let you see "the interview." and how a baggage handler helped smuggle drugs on to an aircraft.
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hillary clinton is hiring. what are you hearing about hillary clinton tonight? >> there's a lot of buzz about who's actually going to be running thing. the chairman actually seems to be settled. john pedesta. he ran terri mcauliffe's winning campaign run for governor last year in virginia. the independents ready for hillary has raised millions of dollars and created a national organization, but they could be
3:25 pm
running into trouble if the people or some of their work product actually becomes part of the campaign and they were skm how u illegally coordinated. that could be a problem. and elizabeth warren uses the present tense when she says she's not running. that brings her to 2018, which is past 2016, so she's kind of out of it unless she slipped on that too. >> what are you hearing about the gop side of things? >> jeb bush is explore for pac announcement last year has really put pressure on everybody else. the question is whether or not there's going to be a dine that is tick -- before the old big george washington bridge gate scandal. he had a great year at the
3:26 pm
republican governor's -- he's actually going to be running for president. he and jeb bush combine to make a modern history record number of nine gubernatorial candidates who are potentially running for this republican nomination, you've got scott walker of wisconsin, you've got mike pence of indiana, rick perry of texas, mike huckabee the former governor of arkansas and until he says he's not running again, mitt romney is going to be on that list and he's leading most of the polls and he too could compete for a lot of that money. there are at least three senators, can't leave out the senators, rand paul, ted cruz a and ben carson is out there too. it's going to get crazy right after january, jeb bush coming out early as the potential for
3:27 pm
getting the money off the table. >> some of those conversations yesterday, with romney, there's nothing more seductive than the allure of the campaign. >> the first debates officially for the rnc are going to be sometime in august. >> it's going to be a good couple of years. republican congressman michael grimm says he will not resign following today's guilty plea to a tax evasion charge. he was elected to his second term in november. earlier this year grimm was recorded on a microphone. >> democrats are calling on speaker john boehner to force grimm to quit.
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still ahead, smuggling guns aboard an aircraft at the world's busiest airports, and speaking of dirty deeds, one of the senate's biggest personalities is also the sloppiest. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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tonight your lawmakers showing a personal side and becoming newsmakers in the process. >> the wardrobe choices on the house floor last -- colorado democrat jared polis's outfit of choice it appears is a sport coat with a bow tie and a polo shirt. congre
3:32 pm
congressman polis -- after twitter users were critical of his ensembles, "gq" reached out to the congressman offering a fashion makeover, governor polis has accepted, he says he's open to suggestions, his look is quote evolving. >> one candidate passed a kidney stone during tuesday night's massachusetts governor's debate. a spokesman for treasurer steve grossman says that the candidate was struggling with to the stone all day but decided to go forward anyway. quote, what a crazy ride, i'm grateful i made it out. >> yogurt is one step closer to cementing it's place as the official snack of new york. the state senate passed a bill this week, but not before a lengthy debate. the bill sponsored by republican michael rassenhoffen says that
3:33 pm
it's an important measure for the state. >> are we concerned that we are -- >> did you perhaps consider cashews as the new york state snack. >> no, i don't think so. >> they did consider pretzels as the new york state snack? what if the pretzel was dipped in yogurt. >> other options discussed included raisins and cheese cheek. elected officials stayed late well into the evening debating snack foods, all be it light heartedly, the bill passed 15-8. it now heads to the state assembly. and one of chuck schumer's housemates is ratting him out. four democrat members of
3:34 pm
congress have shared a real world style house on capitol hill and while they are away from their home districts. retiring california representative george miller says cleanliness has been an issue over the years, chuck schumer is a tough one. leon panetta, he had hospital quarters on his bed, you could bounce a quarter off his bed. chuck schumer has not made his bed in three years. >> how would you feel knowing that someone with security clearance was smuggling guns aboard that very same flight? authorities say that's exactly what was going on at the world's busiest airport. correspondent jonathan sarin tells us tonight from atlanta about an inside job. >> reporter: federal and new york state authorities have charged a total of five men in connection with an alleged operation transporting stolen or
3:35 pm
illegally purchased firearms from atlanta to new york aboard commercial aircraft. according to a federal affidavit, mark quinton henry supplied 129 hand guns in various makes and models and two assault rifles to a co-con conspirator and then would -- ken thompson says new york's case involves a total of 153 guns. >> the scheme really poses a threat in terms of terrorism. they can put guns an on a plane this time, they could have easily put a bomb on one of these planes. >> vefrinvestigator -- who used employee id while offduty to bring the guns into the security area of the world's busiest airport. the two would meet in airport restrooms to transfer the
3:36 pm
firearms back to henry, use -- the article issued a written statement saying delta is cooperating with authorities in this investigation, we take seriously any activity that fails to uphold our strict commitment to the safety and security of our customers and employees. a delta spokesman tells fox news that harvey has been suspended pending investigation. meanwhile they have lenarded that mark quinton henry had also worked as a back baggage handler but was fired. some travel ifs at laguardia airport were bumped from their flight when their airplane got bumped by another one. no one was hurt, but a southwest airlines grazed a -- the southwest plane's wing was clipped. the denver-pound passengers were rebooked on a later flight.
3:37 pm
can new york's mayor survive a crisis of confidence with the police? we'll ask the panel when we come back. here's a question for you: when electricity is generated with natural gas instead of today's most used source, how much are co2 emissions reduced? up to 30%? 45%? 60%? the answer is... up to 60% less. and that's a big reason why the u.s. is a world leader in reducing co2 emissions. take the energy quiz -- round 2. energy lives here.
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. . . . after any organizations that were planning events or
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gatherings that are about politics and protest, that can be for another day. let's accompany these families on their difficult journey, let's see them through the funerals. then debate can begin again. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio appealing to protesters in new york to cool it off for a few days while the funerals of these slain officers take place. here's what's going on on the streets of new york right now. protesters going up fifth avenue in an attempt to disrupt business. just before we get started, i just want to correct the record from yesterday, i was asking juan williams a question, i said that al sharpton had led the rally at which people were saying what do we wanting now, dead cops, that was an error, sharpton not involved in that protest. bill de blasio asks these protesters to cool it for a few
3:41 pm
days, protesters don't steam to be listening to them. >> it's important to remember that the group orlging these protests, the answer coalition is basically the slime of stall lynists, this is basically bill de blasio's base and it shows he can't even lead his own side in this. it underscores u how unbelievably ineffective he's been as mayor. >> no one -- out of respect for these officers, a little bit of a cooling off period as well, please don't take to the streets and here they are. is there some idea here of decency and free speech colliding? >> there's a fringe element that wouldn't listen to any mayor. and in some respects, bill de blasio is between a rock and a
3:42 pm
hard place, when you tell some people not to demonstrate that's reason to go out and demonstrate evening more. a great rising star in the democratic party, on the democratic left, they're talking about him as a vice presidential presidential candidate today, he's learning a tough lesson here, which is even in a big, liberal city like new york, you can't govern the whole place from one end of the ideological spectrum. there's a broad -- there are many constituencies and coalitions and interest groups including the police that you have to retain the trust of. and right now the police and bill de blasio are at odds like i have never seen him in a big city before. and he's got to work even harder than he has already. i'm not sure that he can pull that off. >> chuck makes a good point here, if you're going to be the mayor of a big city, particularly one that that many
3:43 pm
people live in like new york city, your first and best allies have to be the police department. >> and it really started long before this. part of his campaign was to end the stop and frisk. which, you know, is kind of the so-called broken windows policing where you try to eliminate petty crime and if you do that and it's been shown to be successful in many cities, you end up with a kind of drastic reduction in the crime rate that you have seen in the big cities of america in the last few years. he cam pained against it, essentially abolished it, the cops weren't happy with that. and he was never sort of openly anti-police, but the tone of what he said was essentially that he gave the impression, and i think it was a correctly conceived impression that he was
3:44 pm
on the side of the dmemonstratos and not the cops. but i can understand the sentiments of the cops who turned their back on him at the hospital where the two officers were pronounced dead and i do think he has a rift with the police that he will not be able to solve. >> here's what he told fox and friends this morning, let's listen. >> resignation, i mean he's lost credibility, you'll see the polls come out, he'll be way, way down. even the ardent leftists understand that you can't run a city without the cooperation of the police department, he's lost it and he's not going to get it back. >> chuck, i think obviously he's not going to step down and i don't think he's entertaining that notion. but what does he do in the meantime to try to build back the confidence and get his hands
3:45 pm
back around the reins of power. >> not only will he not resign, i think it would be terrible for him to resign for the reason that the police don't support him anymore, i think that'slike a police coup, we can't have that in this country, but what it does open to, is that when he was elected, is a serious challenge to him when his term is up three years from now, there are going to be already people gathering donations, support, et cetera, angling to run against de blasio, because instead of having 37% when he first started, he's got a very low rating. >> i beat up on the media all the time. but the new york press corps, i mean it's like not knowing you shouldn't tease polar bears. the idea of a, you're going to attack the media is only going to encourage them more.
3:46 pm
and it's simply a fact that the media did not cause it. you always know a politician is in trouble when they have to the go after the media for pointing out their actual failures. and i know, chuck, absolutely right that bill de blasio was elected 72%, 73% of the vote, it was a fluke of an election, he was benefiting off the accumulated political capital of the two mayors that came before him. he was always destined to be a failed mayor, first of all, new york city has never elected an official to national office for 117 years, since teddy roosevelt was police commissioner and he had to be governor first. i grew up in the 1970s, he lived in an upper west side cocoon and he governed like that and he was in trouble. coming up next, independent theaters in america telling pong i don't think what it can do with its threats about the film
3:47 pm
"the interview." we'll be right back.
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don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. don't touch. >> katy perry? >> i have never heard this before into my life. >> i love katy perry. >> shoot across the sky sky sky scenes from the new sony movie interview will be aired on christmas day and we're back with our panel, jonas here with chuck and charles. what do you think about this idea it wasn't necessarily sony pictures that did this that made the film available. some independent theaters
3:51 pm
said we are not going to take this. we will show this film. >> it's fantastic film for almost everybody of the makers interview. now found out it is not a very good movie. i think that this is great news. i think this was an truly cowardly moment in american culture and one of the things i i love about this is that the reaction to it showed that there actually is an american culture from the far left, the far right, the general reaction was hey, wait a second when some psycho pat thick dick tired tries to stop us from what we are going to do we are not going to stand for. >> it the people have spoken, freedom has prevailed. sony didn't give up. the interview, can be debated. the interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it on christmas day. james franco co-star tweeted victory the people and the president have spoken. sony to release the movie in theaters on christmas day is it because the president said you are a bunch of wienies. >> they push 'ed back against him sony pictures did when he said that i don't know. there is a whole theory that
3:52 pm
the real reason sony pictures withdrew or didn't release the film to theaters was not that the theaters didn't want it but that sony was afraid of more release of their email secrets by hackers. there is a lot we don't know. i agree with jonah this is a great country because you can do a lot of things to tus if you are a foreign dictator if you try to take away our junky movies that gets us upset. god blessing the independent art houses out there. these are the quirky, free speech people who put on, you know, french films that nobody else wants to screen and watch. no offense to france. and sometimes it takes those those small business people throughout to remind everyone what the constitution is all about. >> jonas suggested it is interesting, charles. artistic impression. variety magazine said it is
3:53 pm
alleged satire that's about as funny as a communist food shortage and just as protracted. >> first of all, i would say why not offend the french whenever you can get a free shot at him, take it. no, there this is a famous victory. this very good. sony has done what it should have done three weeks ago. but i think we may actually rux the day. it was wellington, you like that, john, as wellington said nothing save a battle lost is quite so melancholy as a battle won. now we won the battle and now we have to watch the movie. and. >> wellington would like this film. in the vain you are talking about. we have a long history of censors works of art either for reasons of being prudish or for threats. d.h. lawrence. henry miller, simon rushdie and on to the pantheon we are going to add seth rogan.
3:54 pm
i'm not sure we are going to like what we see and if this is going to be the great cultural export that stands for liberty i wish we had done better. nevertheless, i would agree, it is christmas so let's celebrate a victory for free speech. one of the reasons sony gave about pulling this movie from distribution was that north korea or whomever the hackers were threatened 9/11 style attacks on theaters that showed this movie. what if something happens? >> but, that was ridiculous from day one. the north koreans obviously have cyber ability. but does anybody actually believe that they have sleeper cells all over america waiting to spring? i'm sure even our intelligence agencies were highly skeptical that was serious at all. if it is going to be a problem, then we have resources. we have enormous homeland security department. its job is to stop stuff like this and a you put them outside every theater. >> i think north koreans we
3:55 pm
have lots of lawyers in america. lawyers would be telling theater owners, wait a minute, be careful about your liability in a situation like this. and there would be a huge chilling effect just from that. unfortunately in this country, we have had had incidents where crazed gunmen, for example in aurora, colorado, break into movie theaters for crazy reasons. and kill 12, 15 people all at once. we have to hope that nobody is going to use this turn of events as an excuse to do the the same thing. >> sunny punch at the washington examiner made this point quite well it is outrageous that we live in a legal regime when a foreign power can commit an act of war on our soil and chief beneficiaries of it are the trial lawyers. this was an opportunity for real, you know, for a real teaching moment for the country where obama or somebody could have stepped forward and say this must stop. that's crazy. >> we have got to go. thanks so much, guys. really appreciate it. good to see you today. we have just confirmed the
3:56 pm
defense department is investigating the navy seal who says he shot usama bin laden. rob ekneel told his story to fox exclusively last month. navy investigators say they are looking into whether o'neil revealed classified information illegally. we will be following this story for you tomorrow. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a look back at some of this year's top films, not the interview that you have may have missed. here's a question for you: if every u.s. household with a computer used sleep mode when they weren't using it, how much could we save on electricity each year?
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please let go that's my donk i can't. >> you know, i think she was -- she did well. i think her -- she had a family member that went through that or something like that. >> getting role for a fish called la shon da. how did you think her performance was. >> i think she did a really good job. >> did matt damon give a worthy oscar performance i made love to my sapped witch. >> i find more comedy in it than anything, i guess, maybe if it is not supposed to be funny. making love to a isn't witch is little different than the norm. >> in fairness though, judy
4:00 pm
da dinch's donkey was named fellimina. >> this is a fox news alert. protesters define the new york city mayor's plea for a pause at antipolice protests until after the funerals of two murdered you are looking live at midtown manhattan where protesters are gathering now. hello, kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. "on the record" has live team coverage. griff jenkins at the protest and ted williams at nypd headquarters. griff? >> hey, kimberly. we are here on madison. we have been marching. there is about 3 or 400


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