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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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traveling conditions. south dakota saw nearly 2 feet tuesday. wind-blown snow forced a shutdown through kra colorado and kansas. chicago is anticipating a winter storm that could strand 3 million holiday travelers at o'hare international airport. >> and the bright lights of manhattan were dimmed tuesday night. a tribute to the officers that were gunned down last weekend while sitting in their patrol car. officer ramos will be laid to rest saturday. "hannity" starts now. tonight in new york city and across the nation, cops are on high alert after the killing of two nypd officers this past weekend. welcome to "hannity."
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aim andrea cantantaros in for s hannity. >> i think it's important that regardless of people's viewpoints that everyone recognizes this as a time to step back and just focus on these families. i think it's a time for everyone to put aside political debates, put aside protests, put aside all of the things that we will talk about in due time. i ask any organizations that were planning events or gatherings that are about politics and protests, that could be for another day. let's accompany these families on their difficult journey. let's see them through the funerals. >> but the protesters did not listen, and many demonstrators once again took to the streets in the big apple today.
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this comes amid reports that a small group of protesters gathered by the memorial in brooklyn at the site where the two officers were gunned down this past weekend. joining me is sheriff david clark. sheriff, welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> i want to ask, you have your finger on the pulse of what is happening right now. i know this is a local story, but it has spread far beyond new york city. do you see this anti-cop rhetoric, the sentiment spreading outside of new york? >> yes, i do, and it's happening here in milwaukee, wisconsin as well. look, this is a national story now. i wish de blasio would have taken a more conciliatory tone early on in this debate and discussion we were having. instead he chose to politics. he's a day late and a dollar short, it's hollow and insincere. there's a way out of this, bill de blasio started this rift.
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if he wants to sound sincere and support law enforcement all across nypd and america, he has to issue a public statement or written statement disavowing any more association with race hustler al sharpton. al sharpton is a vulgar human being. he's divisive and he spews hate. that would go a long way to showing their commitcommitment. i would suggest that the president of the united states and eric holder do the same thing. if you remove this race d demagog demagogue, al sharpton, from the discussion, then it would be up to the new york police union head to put his best foot forward and try to start a new relationship. but short of that, i don't see this coming together very soon. and not only hurting the city of new york, but it's hurting america at large. >> you say get rid of al sharpton, but when you look at the rhetoric coming from bill de blasio and eric holder and even the president on race, because you remember ferguson when the president took to that podium,
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he basically elevated and put on the same moral equivalency to protesters and the cops. so some would argue even if you get rid of sharpton, the progressi iive wing of the democratic party has moved to be anti-police. >> i understand that. but i think it would be a good faith jegesture. i didn't say it would solve this thing. and i know you're not saying that. but the president of the united states, the attorney general and bill de blasio created a pathway for this unjustified hatred toward law enforcement. someone starts at the top, the highest offices of this land, including the office of the mayor of new york, is going to have to show a good faith effort. i just think that symbolically getting rid of al sharpton -- no person holding a high position in the united states should keep company with al sharpton, should take counsel from al sharpton or be seen with him. i'm just saying that would be a
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good first step toward a new relationship to bring this country back together and bring these communities back together in support of our heroes, the american police officers. >> sheriff, what about this? we're learning this evening that the white house will be sending vice president joe biden to the funerals of the two slain police officers. is that enough? >> no, that's nowhere near enough. again, they're playing small ball here. they know that joe biden has a decent relationship with law enforcement, but as a law enforcement officer of 37 years, i'm not going to allow them to pander to me by offering up joe biden to kind of bring this thing to a close. what they said about trashing the american police officer, trashing their honor, their commitment, their sacrifice, their service, trashing their integrity and reputation, now they're going to trot out joe biden and think that all is going to be okay, it's not going to be. it will take more than that. these individuals have to realize that joe biden is not going to be enough. >> sheriff, i want to follow up.
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earlier in the block, you said you're starting to see the anti-cop sentiment spread even in milwaukee county. how so? >> well, we had a police shooting here about eight months ago and it led to a division in this community. and then on the heels of that, you had the ferguson, missouri, incident, then you had the incident in new york and an officer slain in florida, two of new york's finest slain over the weekend. it starting to grow, that fervor. that's why i said creating that pathway that these individuals did and there was political gain for it, they'll have to give that political capital back. so i think that unless we do something real tangible here, this is going to continue. it's not just destructive for the city of new york, it's not just destructive for milwaukee and ferguson, but every city in the united states of america, because the entire profession of policing has been trashed by these individuals and they're going to have to take the first step. and it can't be some symbolic one like offering up joe biden.
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that's not going to get it done. >> new york is a microcosm for the rest of the nation. it is driving the news cycle this story. hopefully it doesn't spread, but it's a big risk that it will. sheriff clarke. thank you. >> merry christmas, thank you. >> merry christmas to you too. joining us with more reaction is former nypd commissioner bernard carrick. thanks for joining me this evening. just want to ask you flat out, i live in new york city, i see what's happening on the streets, i see the tension between the mayor and the cops. i've heard you say before you haven't seen it this bad in decades. has bill de blasio lost control of new york city? >> i think he's lost -- he's lost the respect of the men and women that serve the city. i think he's lost respect of the men and women that protect the communities that he says they go out and target.
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i can't say these lost control, but it's close to it. as i said over the past few days, i have never seen a rift like this between the mayor and the police department in my time in the city, 30, 35 years. >> how do the police do their jobs when they know they don't have the back of the mayor? how do they police the city when there's no relationship or such a strained relationship? >> you know what, andrea, the good thing for the people of new york city is these cops are going to go out and do their job. they're going to go out and do a job that most people wouldn't have the courage to do. when somebody's shooting a gun and there's gunfire, these are the guys that are running toward it when other people are running away from it. they're going to go out and do that job. but i have to tell you in talking to the men and women of the nypd, they are fearful that they're not going to get the
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support they need from the mayor. they're fearful that they're not going to be indemnified by the city if there's any question or doubt in anything they've done, they're not going to get the benefit of the doubt at all by the mayor. this is a man that stood up and talked about his son and the dangers he would face in an interaction with the members of the nypd, the very people, mind you, that guard his son. you know, and i think people lose sight of that. the men and women of the nypd's intelligence division, they are the protective detail for the mayor, for his wife, for his son. it's almost a hypocrisy, you know, if you think they're that bad, why would you have them protecting your son, your family? >> why did bill bratton take the
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job, you think, to be the police commissioner of new york city? there's obvious tension between him and mayor de blasio. and now it's even worse. why do you think he took the job, bernie? >> he took the job because he loves the city. he loves the job of policing. look, you know, this isn't a secret. i have an enormous amount of respect for bill bratton. he is what i consider the architect of crime reduction in the entire country. he started in new york city under rudy giuliani back in 1994. the programs that we implemented in new york city went on to cities all across this nation that saw substantial drops in crime reduction. and you know, that's what he does. he loves the job. i just don't think that he anticipated that he be working for a man that really doesn't have the respect he should for the men and women that are out
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there -- >> really, though? because, bernie, mayor de blasio ran on an anti-cop platform. he made no bones about the fact this he was going to come into office and he was going to push to get read of stop and frisk, which disproportionately benefits minority communities and high crime communities. and that's the whole point here. i know you say the cops, we know they're brave. nypd are the best in the nation, and they're still going to show up and do their jobs, but i have to be honest, bernie, if i'm a cop right now, i'm thinking why would i want to do this job? because if they stop doing their job, and you know this better than anyone, and they stop policing these high crime neighborhoods? who does that hurt? it doesn't hurt me in my neighborhood. >> this goes back to what i was saying yesterday. people have criticized the police department, you know, the race baiters and they're going into minority communities to
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harass and target minorities. those minority communities in new york city have seen violent crime reduction 85%, 80%, homicide reductions, 80%. and to get back to bill bratton, you know what? when the mayor was talking precampaign, when he was talking about stop and frisk, i personally, i thought bratton would come in and be able to explain to him how stop and frisk is a tool, stop and frisk should be used. if it's abused, yes, we should deal with it. but it is a tool that has benefited those minority communities that are seeing these substantial crime reductions. i thought he'd be able to push that on the mayor, make him understand that and he has not done it. >> no question. commissioner kerik, i really think the mayor has rolled back all of the good work that you have done, that mayor giuliani has done. it's such a shame. and a lot of these cops are just enforcing de blasio's war on
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tobacco, which is really the irony of all this. commissioner kerik, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> coming up, what role, if any, does the anti-police rhetoric from the left contribute to this weekend's assassination of two nypd officers? up next, juan williams and david webb are here with reaction. later reverend jesse jackson says it was, quote, awful, that the mayor tu-- police turned thr back on mayor bill de blasio. she inspires you. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines,
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welcome back to "hannity." since the assassination of two brave nypd officers on saturday,
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the left has scrambled to distance themselves from the anti-police rhetoric that has helped poison the minds of mm including the deranged gunman. unfortunately many of their comments were caught on tape, comments like these. >> sometime, you know, you've got a police department that has got been into bad habits over a period of time. and hasn't maybe surfaced some hidden biases. >> as an african-american man who has been stopped and searched by police in situations where such action was not warranted, i also carry with me an understanding of the mistrust that some citizens harbor for those who wear the badge. >> because that history still hangs over us, the dangers he may face, we had to literally train him as families have all over this city for decades in how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him. >> so could the killings of
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these two nypd police officers been avoided if liberal leaders diplomat make a race issue out of two stories that didn't have a link to racism? joining me is juan williams and david webb. i'll start with you, juan. you start the montage. i've heard your comments, but i've got to say the direction of the democratic party, it's pretty troubling. it seems like it's been basically commandeered by the very radical left wing, the progressives, that seem to be pretty anti-police. >> you know, i don't think anybody's anti-police. and i was listening to the montage so carefully, andrea, and i was wondering what was it that you heard that i didn't hear in terms of saying that's anti-police? i think lots of black parents tell their kids not to -- >> fear of the cops? >> yeah! >> to fear the police, juan? you think that a lot of parents tell their kids to fear -- >> i don't have to think about it. >> -- >> bill de blasio tells his son. >> i'm just asking you if you're
10:18 pm
asking me to tell you the truth, i'm telling you the truth, that's not unusual for a black family. >> to fear the cops? >> the city you live in, new york, where the cop were harassing, intimidating black kids with the stop and frisk, the profile, you got to understand -- >> harassing and intimidating, david, stop and frisk is a policy in new york that disproportionately benefits minority communities. >> crime is down 44 to 48% in minority communities, but also the words we can argue about because juan will say we interpret it this way or black parents tell their kids this, i also happen to know black parents that don't tell their kids what bill de blasio said, keysy motley. most people don't know her. community director of community affairs hired by bill de blasio in brooklyn. she tweets since 2012, 2013, f the police, eric dormer, why not
10:19 pm
kill more, i'm paraphrasing her tweets, it's up on the new york post. if he has this love of police that he's trying to claim now, why hire someone who treat, i hate the police. and f the police and that -- i mean, we're talking about actions versus words. this is why i don't believe de blasio, why i don't believe eric holder, this is why i don't believe obama. they can send biden all they want to come and do the funeral but it's disingenuous, because they've lost that trust. keysy motley, perfect example. >> he hasn't found the opportunity to step to a microphone in hawaii and we know that microphones do exist in hawaii and instead the administration is sending joe biden to the funeral of the police officer. i don't think it's enough. president obama has weighed in on so many issues from gay nba players to the cambridge issue, do you think it's a mistake for him not to weigh in on this if
10:20 pm
he is pro police as you say? >> i didn't say -- i'm telling you that the president and the attorney general holder have rightly called attention to the need for police reforms to make sure that the very trust that david was just talked about exists between the police and the communities that they protect and serve. >> but juan -- >> that's not anti-police. that's not rude. that's not encouraging violence. that's in fact saying good police need to be encouraged, held up and their behavior emulated. >> let's do that, juan. >> that's implying that there's bad police. >> the nation's chief law enforcement officer eric holder actually come to the funeral then? where is he? and by the way, new york, a very diverse nypd, one that is a majority minority department that i've worked with and known these guys for decades. they protect communities, they protect minorities. they reduce crime rates. so this trust, juan, it's gone.
10:21 pm
i'm talking to the front line guys, the detectives, the sergeants, the precinct captains, i'm telling you that they will do their jobs, they'll protect new yorkers but the numbers matter. 214 days for andrew tam more reesy, 15 minutes for mike brown, the grand jury verdict and nothing from this president, he's pushing a narrative for his base. that's tragic and that's divisive. >> i don't think he's pushing any narrative except that he hears and i wish you that guys would hear that there are a lot of people on the street who feel the police are not protecting and serving them. >> there are people who feel they are protecting -- >> i know. >> why don't you talk about the people. >> i feel they're protecting my property and my life, but i'm just telling you especially when it comes to poor people, especially people of color, that that trust has broken down and to call for police reforms is not to say you hate the cops. i love -- hook. >> look, what needs to be reformed, here's a question
10:22 pm
that's never asked, juan, police departments have been trained, the federal government could not find anything wrong with nypd in their investigations with eric holder. what exactly needs to be reformed? we hear the talk of reform. we never hear specifics. the reason is there's very little to be done. there's always training and always community relations, there's beat cops, broken windows, programs that are in place and effective in all communities regardless of color. and the police across this nation do not need to be painted as a failure in this nation. they're a success. >> you guys would have to be totally out of touch to not understand that after what happened in ferguson, after what happened in staten island, what happened just there was news today about a case in milwaukee where a kid was shot and again no indictment. you have to be concerned that people are -- >> waujuan, i have to call you that. i heard you say earlier today
10:23 pm
you have more of a chance of getting shot in a gang bang on the streets than you do being shot by a cop. >> by far. >> only 12 hours ago you said that? >> no, i did not change. i hope you're hearing me clearly. look, i'm telling you, i was a police reporter. i think cops protect me, my wife, my family, my property daily. i'm in their debt up to the top of my head, but i'm going to tell you that i think, just like there can be journalists who sometimes act badly and don't do their jobs, sometimes cops can, you know, get rough with your -- >> but don't paint the entire police force. >> nobody is doing that. >> yes, they are. >> this is where you get political. >> and barack obama those three are tied together. his go-to man on race and de blasio's right-hand man sitting next to him on race. that is a racist in the middle of this. >> they are. they really are, juan, they're race baiting. if these cops start pulling out of high crime neighborhoods? who does that hurt the most?
10:24 pm
the communities that you -- >> -- they do their jobs. they should do their jobs. >> there's some good cops and some bad cops. >> it's a majority of good cops. 90% of cops are great cops. >> i would agree with that. >> coming up next right here on "hannity" -- >> awful when the mayor went to the hospital, police turned their back on him. that sends a message that it's open season. >> so did reverend jesse jackson go too far with his comments? bo dietl and michael myers react next. larry the cable guy is here to spread some christmas cheer. stay with us. stay with us. ♪ everybody needs somebody
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if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. welcome back to "hannity." on saturday following the brutal murder of two nypd officers their fellow men and women showed their disdain for mayor de blasio by turning their backs
10:27 pm
to him when he arrived at a press conference. and reverend jesse jackson took offense to this display. listen to this. >> it was awful when the mayor went to the hospital, police turned their back on him. that sends a message that it's open season. professional dmocops in the facf must remain professional. turning your backs to the chief executive officer of the city is unprofessional. >> joining me with reaction now the bo dietl and from the new okay, bo, is that a bit ion backwards? that's what he's concerned about, not the chanting on the streets, what do we want, ked cops and when do we want it now? >> i extend my thoughts to the families of the two dead cops.
10:28 pm
squlesy jackson should shut up already. you know what the problem is he's in chicago where we had 13 people killed in one weekend, july fourth, 86 shot. he's the same guy using the g-4 keeping his girlfriend in an apartment, tax evasion. he should shut up and stay the heck out of this. >> what do you think? it seems that they're blaming now the cop for turning their back. it just seems misdirected, michael. bill de blasio has a history of a whole career and now he accuses the new york media -- >> let me say this because there's been a cultural change in america. i remember a congresswoman named barbara jordan. she used to say in the worst of times my faith in the constitution is whole, it's total, it's complete. those were the worst of times. people like jesse jackson, a dinosaur, a racial racketeer, they're mired in the past. they have frozen memories of the past. i say jesse jackson, i say oprah winfrey, there are so many
10:29 pm
people including barack obama. they believe that america is still the jim crow south. they've got to come to reality. racism is not what it used to be and there isn't a racist behind every tree. having said that, you know, i disagree with bo. this is not a time for jesse jackson to shut up. because you can't shut jesse jackson up. it's time for people of goodwill to speak up and to reply and rebut the racial arsonists like louis farrakhan. it's time for us to say -- >> where are they, though? >> i was on the phone last week with one of the great black leaders, the guy that ran against me for the united states congress, former congressman, the reverend floyd flake out of south jamaica. he gets federal funds, he built senior citizen housing, he does great things. he's a black leader that i want to listen to. he's done great things. as far as race baiting jesse jackson and race baiting al sharpton who tonight on fifth avenue they're having a demonstration when this big bird
10:30 pm
mayor says oh, we're not going to have any more demonstrations. al sharpton is calling on -- >> i actually don't want to waste any more time talking about sharpton and jackson because i think we all agree they're bad people. i want you to focus on de blasio. this mayor, he's basically a communist, right, helping the sandinistas, giving them care packages, honeymooning in cuba, has he lost control of new york city? >> well, what he could have done at that news conference and what i'd like him to do, we want to unify together, is go on to the news conference and say, i said something, i was wrong. i want my cop -- my son to go to cops. i respect cops. i understand the police department. when i first ran, i ran against stop and frisk. i didn't understand the new york city police department. i now understand. it is the greatest police department -- >> he didn't do that, bo. >> and he ran on this stop and frisk nonsense. >> my turn. >> all right. >> time for me to talk. >> take it easy.
10:31 pm
we're equals. >> i have to answer your question. i know you don't want to talk about sharpton and others, but you have to look and see who the people in power, in power, you have president obama, who i regard as -- his jeremiah wright is al sharpton. de blasio brings to the head of the table to be the co-adviser to him on police and other matters al sharpton. this is empowering demagogues. >> if you take away sharpton and jackson, don't you think that at their core, at the progressive core of barack obama eric holder lies this same belief. aren't they race baiting? >> that's exactly my point. >> they're race baiting, are they not? >> the only voices that al sharp -- i mean, obama and eric holder, the voices they don't regard as more important than their own, they regard racial divisiveness, they love them. >> that's what they --
10:32 pm
>> that's what i'm saying. >> you're saying they like this divisiveness? >> they love this. look at jeremiah wright. >> look at this, the two incidents that this is all about were not racially incident, one was punching a cop, another s l selling loose cigarettes. >> what does that say -- and he tells the protests -- how come media doesn't say what do you mean stay the course? he sends holder down there to pander. >> but the point is -- >> we got to go, guys. i'm sorry. >> we're not racial. >> they're wrapping me hard. but i'll let you go on during the break. coming up, sean recently sat down with larry the cable guy to spread a little cheer. that's next. building homes for heroes is giving one wounded hero something this season.
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welcome back to "hannity." larry the cable guy is making it his mission to spread extra christmas cheer. his new hit "jingle all the way 2" is out on blu ray and dvd. sean sat down with him. >> you are getting older. you look older. >> let me say this, new york is awesome. but they say it's the city that never sleeps, which i think is garbage because i stepped over six people sleeping on my way here. what is going on in this city? and the crowds, took me five hours to go three blocks. 8 million people are all in front of me trying to get to your show.
10:38 pm
>> oh, my gosh. what else did i want to talk about? >> i want to ask you about obama. >> he has acid reflux. >> i know. >> and michelle, i thought she was supposed o ed to be making food. i know how he got acid reflux. eating his words. right up the esophagus. but sean, it's been going well. >> yeah. >> i am getting older. that's the thing about. 52 years old. >> wow, we're the same age. >> you know you're getting older when you're watching tv and your wife goes, honey, the packer game just started and you're like, i know, i know, but let me see if they picked that third house. you see you are watching "house hunters" instead of the ball game. i'm a hypochondriac. i always thing i'm dying of something. >> really? >> you don't want to look up stuff on the internet. >> no, bad idea. >> i felt a lump back here. what the hell is this? oh, boy, i shouldn't have done it. looked it up on the internet.
10:39 pm
sure enough, brain cancer. i have brain cancer. you never learn anything, sean by looking it up on the internet. except one time i did find out that jock itch is also the name of a porn star in norway. found that out. that's the only thing i learned. >> oh, man. so what do you do for christmas? >> what do i do for christmas? here's what i'm doing this year. i'm going to make some new year's resolutions. >> okay. >> i usually screw them up, but last year i kept my new year's resolution the whole year last year. i never joined a gym. so i was proud about that. people always want to lose weight. >> you did lose weight. you did it on commercials for a while. >> sean, that was eight years ago. you got to get with the program. >> you looked good for a while. >> what's that supposed to mean? you lost weight. i lost weight. let me tell you something. >> i'm doing martial arts, you know. >> are you doing -- get out of here. >> i train five days a week.
10:40 pm
i'm serious. >> you know i'm a black belt in karaoke, did you know that? >> now i know. >> a lot of people didn't know that. what was i talking about before you started talking about your roman empire body? i can't remember. oh, yeah. i want to lose 60 pounds. i said that's last year. i want to do something i can reach. so this year, boom, i'm going to lose by march, 25 milligrams. i think i can do it. >> i think you can, too. you obviously like to eat a lot. >> i do. >> don't eat sloppy joes though. >> the holidays kill you. because you got -- november, december is the worst. except for me, you know what's worse than november and december? >> what? >> january through october. i'm still recovering from arbor day. we had a big old day on arbor day. i love food. >> what did you eat on arbor day? >> i love food.
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let me tell you how bad it's getting. a true story. for the first time in my loif i had to show my breast to get out of a ticket. can you believe that? that's unbelievable. but the good news is he gave me two tickets to the policeman's ball. so that's the good thing about it. it sucks getting big. i'll tell you what. got tired and sat down, a bunch of kids started forming a line to get on my lap. >> you didn't even have your suit on. >> i didn't even have the suit on. they just figured there's the jolly fat man. >> listen -- >> sean, jingle all the way 2. this is a good family movie. >> i'm going to watch it tonight. >> this is a g-rated movie for the kids. hopefully everybody has a good christmas, too. >> you're allowed to say that here. >> you're darn right. shoot, christmas, trying to get rid of everything -- us christians only have three holidays in our own daggone
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country, christmas, easter and the daytona 500. that's all we got, sean. coming up, how the organization building homes for heroes is making this christmas brighter for one veteran and his family this holiday season. stay with us. ♪ merry christmas baby if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets.
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♪ i'm not feeling too good myself ♪ >> welcome back to "hannity." last christmas ansley earhart brought you the story of a hero. one year later she has an amazing follow-up. >> laying on the charge nice and sweet. >> the hit movie "the hurt locker" introduced many americans to one of the most dangerous career choices imaginable, explosive ordnance disposal. joseph deloria did it in the most dangerous places in the world. his yob was disabling live bombs in iraq and afghanistan. in 2011 joe kissed his pregnant wife lisa good-bye and left for another deployment. >> the last time i saw him was mother's day, 2011.
10:48 pm
we knew we were going to have a baby and so we were just trying to calculate like when, hopefully he'll be back right before i deliver. >> reporter: but four months into the deployment joe's team responded to a quadruple ied blast which left a marine injured. after carrying that marine to safety joe stepped on a fifth undetected bomb. >> ears ringing, you know, you get hit by a freight train, and then pretty much i woke up in the blast hole and it was, you know, a cloud of dust and all i could see was red and white. >> reporter: he lost both of his legs and most of his left arm, but never stopped working. >> despite near mortal injuries, he continued to pass information that was vital to the mission. he helped in the extraction of
10:49 pm
two marines. >> reporter: lisa was back home teaching a class of second graders when she was told of the explosion. >> i wasn't certain that he was out of the woods, but he wasn't dead yet. so there was hope that he would survive. >> reporter: amazingly, he did. sergeant deslauries survived months of surgeries and physical therapy. >> i wasn't fun, but when i look back on it now, it's a part of my life and made me the person high am today, hopefully more humble and strong. >> reporter: but strength is something he never lacked. >> valor is of the moment, but character is built over a lifetime. the events of the 23rd of september can be described less as a case of spontaneous valor and more as a predictable outcome of circumstance and character intersecting on the
10:50 pm
battlefield. >> we don't think about that stuff. we just do what we do and we love it and i'd do it all over. >> reporter: but surgeries and rehab meant constant moving and living out of suitcases until they met andy. andy was a businessman on september 11th, 2001, when he ran to ground zero to see if he could help. he spent all day there, and it changed his life. >> i kind of sat down with tears in my eyes and made a promise to myself that i would do something to serve my country, and i started to help other charities, but i never knew where the money was going. i said, i'm going to start my own charity. >> reporter: and
10:51 pm
ensuring that the house was outfitted with everything joe will ever need. >> putting your faith in an organization that, from the top down, gives you that easy feeling knowing that you're going to be taken care of. >> they said, you really are family. when we tell you we're going to do something for you, we're going to do it. >>.
10:52 pm
>> and and this is just and we're seeing your family to get around the furniture and fixtures this is part of the design. and so that if we work just right for him and his wheelchair. >> this is a no chemicals involved and no chlorine. it's nonabrasive in his skin. so this place is a full, very therapeutic for him. and his rehabilitation. >> this is a very special room. that we have from one of the steps that is most-special to me
10:53 pm
is this a picture of embracing cameron at the beach after his injuries and tells the whole story. and we have many water features here. tonight, the rumbling sound of the water is and it help was the ringing in the ears joe suffers with so this is a place of serenity and peace. >> before the reveal, the teamworked throughout the night, adding finishing touches and then, the sargent got a true hero's welcome home.
10:54 pm
this is the most-decorated s.e.a.l. in united states. >> we're friends and family members. >> there is no finer example of service, strength and commitment. perhaps his greatest accomplishment of all is that he's a loving father and husband. loves life he's a great smile on his face. and he makes our community and our country better place. we love and respect in admiration of an entire nation, welcome home, son. >> finally, after a here of hard work it's time to turn over the
10:55 pm
keys. >> wow. wow. >> look at that. >> so it's a struggle. you never know what things are going to be like, you know? when you step up with an organization and provide a forever home for us that adapted for me not to be frustrated on a dale ease basis. to start the day off just to get out of bed, go take a shower, and not stopped by a doorway or a hallway. it starts the day off right. instead of yelling or screaming or being frustrated. tomorrow morning is going to be the greatest morning of our lives. >> there is still time to help homes for heros and get a 2014 tax deduction
10:56 pm
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but the comfort it provides is it's justimmeasurable.ece the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes, every day. so this season give something that means something.
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welcome back to "hannity". be sure to tune in on new year's eve for an all-american new year, hosted by kimberly
11:00 pm
guilfoyle, and jesse waters, that is new year's eve and that is all the time we have this evening, thanks for joining us. . >> this is a fox news alert. protesters define the new york city mayor's plea for a pause at antipolice protests until after the funerals of two murdered you are looking live at midtown manhattan where protesters are gathering now. hello, kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. "on the record" has live team coverage. griff jenkins at the protest and ted williams at nypd headquarters. griff? >> hey, kimberly. we are here on madison. we have been marching. there is about 3 or 400


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