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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 24, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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ainsley earhardt. we have the latest on the president's condition. >> the 41st president needed an ambulance to get to the hospital last night. we don't know a ton about his condition right now but the office passed this along. president bush was taken by ambulance to the houston methodist hospital as a precaution after experiencing a shortness of breath earlier this evening. the former president age 90 will be held for observation as a precaution. the president is vacationing in hawaii. the president has been made aware president bush has been admitted to the hospital. president obama and first lady send their good wishes to the former president and the entire family during this holiday season. he had a bad case of bronchitis and other problems.
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he is 90 years old and needs a wheelchair to get around from a former parkinson's. that didn't stop him from sky diving in june for his birthday. we are hoping to get an update about his condition on christmas eve sometime this morning. >> peter doocy live in washington p. thank you, peter. >> now to extreme weather. four people are dead after tornadoes ripped through the south. the winds are so strong they tossed in ambulance like a do i right into ta car. this woman caught it on camera. >> wow. >> you can hear the tornado sirens in the background. one twister damaged at least 20 homes. all of this making a mess for the millions trying to make it home for christmas. at this hour 121 flights are
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canceled and 200 delayed. maria it is not looking so good. >> we are seeing severe weather. we have tornado watches in effect for northern parts of george florida and georgia. what bhad it dangerous is it was hard to see it. we had a lot of trees in the area. these thunderstorms have a tornado potential out here and can be tough to see. we will bring you the latest as that situation continues to develop. on the cold side of the storm system we are looking at 1-4 inches of snow. it will be producing heavy rain
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along portions of the east coast and there is a flash flood threat out there. we have a new storm system arriving. this will be impacting portions of the rockies and pacific northwest. we have a number of winter weather advisories and also several winter storm watches that have been issued out there. so that will be a big system for that particular area. we will continue oh track our storm system off to the east. windy conditions rainy conditions along the coastal areas. those flight delays and cancellations are likely going to continue. lia and heather over to you. >> thanks maria. >> breaking overnight violent protests erupt after a deadly shooting two-miles from ferguson, missouri. >> oh my gosh. gas station pump. >> an 18-year-old man pulled out a hand gun anden pointed it at
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an officer at a gas station. the officer fired shots and killed him. a second suspect did the same. officials recovered the gun. >> a new threat over new york city police department. two gang members shooting up this as low testers defy the mayor's calls for peace. >> hundreds packing the streets stopping traffic. al sharpton holding off protests until after the funeral. officer's liu and ramos shot to death as they sat in their cars on tuesday. they heckled nypd officers trying to pay their respects. mayor deblasio holding a vigil. the white house announcing vice
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president joe biden will attend the funeral of officer ramos on friday but not president obama. >> what they said about trashing the american police officers trashing their honor, their commitment, their sacrifice, their service, trashing their integrity and reputation now they are going to send joe biden and think all is going to be okay. it is not going to be. it will take more of that. >> officer liu's family have to travel in from china. time for "look who is talking" carl rove says democratic leaders including the president have created a dangerous narrative in this country. >> the president ought to come out and say something that will help heal the country to more importantly help affirm the president of the united states has confidence in america's law enforcement not that it is infected with racism. the president, the attorney
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general holder and mayor of new york created a narrative that i think is very unhelpful in the country. racism effects many of the people in the 18,000 business departments in the country. african americans are systematically targeted by cops because of bigotry. the most important problem facing inner city african cops. i think the president has added to that naifr, created that narrative, strengthened that narrative. >> a man shot at bin laden is under investigation for leaking secretes. former navy seal roberto kneel may have leaked information after giving interviews including one here in his role of the killing of bin laden. here is o'neil describing the moment he shot osama bin laden. >> why did you shoot osama bin laden? >> in the face three times. >> did he stagger at all?
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he just dropped. >> how long from the second you saw him until he was laying dead? >> it was less than a security. probably half a second. he was a threat. >> o'neil has not commented on the investigation. >> a major splot plot twist for sony. we have the latest on the hollywood drama. what is sony saying? >> they say they never gave up on releasing the i"the intervie the first place and are excited about the release. they are showing the movie at the largest theater chains. it drew widespread criticism including from president obama. but now the movie is being released to independent theaters like a florida drive in. >> i think it is terrible the way sony pictures handled it
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saying they wouldn't do it and that's the one thing i agree the president came along and said everybody should show it and not be afraid. that's what we are doing. >> one of the film's stars james franco is praising sony on instagram. the people and the president have spoken. sony's move proves america's culture is something to be proud of. >> what i love about this is the reaction to it is there is an american culture from the far left and far right the general reaction is wait a second when a psych pathic dictator does something we want to do we are not going to stand for it. >> "the interview could reach cult status after all of the buzz. here's the thing, it has to be good. all right, leah. >> for the second time in
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two-days north korea's internet goes dark. this time it was 30 minute outage but monday it was nine hours. experts say it is no accident. but hackers proof anonymous has declared vengeance over the sony cyber attack. >> brand new video of guns being smuggled for airport security. a former delta airline's employee comes with 18 guns in his bag 7 of them loaded. mark henry and partner in crime a delta baggage handler allegedly worked out an elaborate scheme to smuggle the guns. he would use his mother's delta pass and harvey his delta id to get them to henry. henry took about 20 flights with guns on him and say more than 150 firearms came directly from him. >> this game poses a threat in
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terms of terrorism. they can put a gun on this flight they could have easily put a bomb on a flight. >> videos show him threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony. now he plead guilty to tax evasion. he refuses to resign diss despite lying to government and the voters. he will avoid a trial next month. it accused grimm of under reporting more than 1 million in wages. he faces up to three years in prison. leah? >> keep your ears open for the sound of jij bells. he is coming to dotown and is already being tracked on norad. check out norad to watch him make the trip to
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deliver the presents. this is the are 59th year for the program. a warning before you brew the first cup of coffee. lor lauren simonetti is here with the recall you need to talk about. >> a warning to cough fee drinkers your coffee maker can burn you. they are calling back more than 7 million mini plus brewing systems in north america. the reason 200 reports of hot water coming out of the brewer. recalled machines have an id number that starts with 31. they were single serve and sold between december of 2009 and this month. customers should contact kurr rig for a free repair on the coffee maker. consumer reports is out with the list of the most valuable cars. the ones that mean fewer trips to the dealer. the winner is toyota camry hybrid. it represents two times the value of the average car. it is smooth reliable and
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affordable at 29,000 dollars. honda accord, camry and subaru legacy and forrester all scored well. as for the least valuable cars the jeep ranger unlimited takes the cake along with the cs 500. >> the tsa will let you bring a wrapped package through security. however it does reserve the right to unwrap it, scan it and inspect it. yes, that can slow you down and everyone else on those very long lines. so travel with caution. and it is also a very merry christmas on wall street. the morning morning after the dow closed above 18,000 for the first time. it is up again. futures higher by 18 points nasdaq and s & p, too.
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terror toddler. a mother shocked to see her own son in a photo with isis fighters. how he ended up on the front lines. >> a priceless gift just in time for christmas. the milestones missed and the moments families have been waiting for. not done shopping? it's not too late. we help you finish shopping unscathed.
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when i crave a smoke that's all i crave. that's where this comes in. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives you intense craving relief. and that helps put my craving in its place. that's why i only choose nicorette. >> how did the u.s. lose track of terrorists once in our custody? the obama administration is scrambling to track them down. a $5 million reward is coming to capture ibrahim al rubaysh. he went to oo rehab program but
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is now a top commander in the arabian presence law. >> a mother stunned to see her missing 3-year-old in an isis propaganda video. he had a head band onned and ak-47. her estranged husband took her son so he could join isis. she didn't know he was an extremist until she saw the propaganda video her husband killed now her child is in the hands of isis terrorists. police launching an investigation into the child's disappearance. >> the widow of chris kyle filing an appeal against former governor jessie ventura. he accused kriel kyle of making up a story about him punching ventura. it could be months before the
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court makes a ruling. while you were sleeping hundreds pack the streets of new york city ignoring calls for peace after the murder of two police officers. robert moses is live in brooklyn new york. what's the latest this morning? >> good morning to you. police tell me this morning that there were no arrests during that protest last night. meantime the memorial for those two officers in brooklyn continues to grow. just when you think it can't get bigger it does. the mayor of brooklyn borough presidents and others to pause before the funeral for these two officers were finished but they refused marching through amid the last minute holiday shoppers. their call to end what they characterize as police brutality could not and would not wait. for most of the day new york city quietly reflected. lights dimmed last night between 9 and 9:05. earlier in the day the mayor and first lady visited this memorial
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to lay flowers. >> we need to protect and respect our police just as our police protect and respect our communities. we can strike that balance. we must. >> the funeral for officer rafael ramos is expected to take place at 10:00 a.m. joe biden will attend the funeral at the request of the president. live from brooklyn this morning leah and molly back to you. the time now 5:19. a little bit after the hour. image you are looking at a plain window and seeing this. >> we all looked out the window, half of the wing had fallen off the plane. >> how a piece of a plane ended up in a worker's hand. >> too buzz sgree to see santa this christmas? how you can get to the north
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pole with a click of the mouse.
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a oo in the middest a busy travel day a fender bender on the tarmac of laguardia airport. look how a chunk of the wing got clipped off. it waudz getting ready for takeoff when it collided with an american airlines plane waiting for a gate. they are investigating how this happened. >> in nay taifity scene has to
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go. trying to pull the plug on one man's creepy christmas display. it featured zombies instead of wise men and a baby jesus. neighbors complained and now officials say it must remove it by friday because it violates a zoning code. if he doesn't he faces a $1,000 fine. a heartwarming social experience a u tube poster gives the homeless money. he takes the cash, stops by liquor store first to buy food and hands out snacks to other homeless people around the area. >> there's things money can't buy. get happy nts out of what i am doing. >> he touched my heart. >> this is -- i want you to keep it. >> i am stunned. i am stunned. >> lynne also took him out for a nice meal and set up an on-line
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campaign hoping to raise 1,000 bucks for him. >> just in time for christmas the georgia national guard is returning home from afghanistan. denise has the heartwarming story. >> filled with anticipation. april entered a first kiss contest 20 times to be the first one to greet her husband when his national guard unit came home. she won. >> i am hoping i can get noah to walk soon. noah wasn't even crawling when daddy left. i think it would be special if i could get noah to walk to daddy. >> little noah did exactly that. >> it doesn't feel real. >> it melted my heart. >> sergeant waller and the other georgia national guardsmen who make up the 876 vertical
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engineering company were given a hero's welcome when they walked into the stevens county high school. the unit has been in afghanistan since may, eight months away from their homes and families. ashley danielson missed her husband sergeant patrick danielson so much she wasn't going to let anything stop her from welcoming him home not even the car wreck she got into while driving here. >> this tire came out from nowhere and annihilated the front of the car. i don't care. i just want to see him. i am so looking forward to seeing him. >> she made it in time for the homecoming and was soon in her husband's arms. >> 26 after the hour. isis new targets from the middle east to the midwest. the terror group's chilling message to ferguson protestors. >> a present penalty if you brought nfl gear this christmas. a big warning being its authenticity.
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♪ zayn.
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>> extreme weather causing chaos for travelers. torn dotornadoes hitting the midwest. >> former president george h.w. bush rushed to the hospital overnight. what will we just learned about his condition. the christmas count down kicking down. we have a plan of action for all of you last minute shoppers "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪
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ee >> it is christmas eve in new york this morning. i am leah gabrielle. >> i am molly lye on. >> rushed to the hospital with a shortness of breath. what did we learn this morning? >> we know that president bush was having a hard time breathing last night. he is being treated at a hospital in houston. his office passed along this statement. president bush was taken by ambulance to the houston methodist hospital as a precaution after experiencing a shortness of breath earlier this evening. the former president age 90 will be held for observation again as a precaution. now this same hospital treated the 41st president for two months last year for complications from bronchitis. he has been wheelchair bound recently because of a form of parkinson's makes walking very difficult for him.
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word of this latest ailment has made its way to president obama in hawaii where he is vacationing with his family. a white house spokesperson says quote the president has been made aware that president bush was admitted to the hospital. president obama and the first lady saying their good wishes to the former president and the entire bush family during this holiday season. we saw president bush skydiving in maine for his 90th birthday back in june and his most recent public events have been at football games in the lone star state. last month in november 1st at texas a&m and another houston texan's game where he was the coin toss at the game. we are hoping to hear about his condition>> thank you, peter. now to extreme weather. four people are dead after the winds are too strong in mississippi. they tossed an ambulance like a toy right into a car. one woman capturing the funnel
2:33 am
cloud on camera. >> wow. you can hear the tornado sirens in the background there. one twister damageded at least 20 homes over in wisconsin. battling the snow the slick roads trying to make it home for christmas. close to 200 flights are canceled and more than 1800 delays as the storm takes aim at the northeast. maria molina tracking it all for us in the weather center. >> good morning. hello everyone. we are tracking this storm system continuing to impact portions of the eastern united states. unfortunately we still have the tornado threat in place across northern florida and also portions of georgia early this morning. we have a tornado watch in effect until 7:00 a.m. local time here t. continues to bush eastward and has potential for severe weather. there is a winter storm watch
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associated with them. more damage possible early this morning. make sure to have a way to get the warnings through out the rest of the morning out there. the other concern is very heavy rain associated with the storm system. flash flooding is a big issue out here. we have a number of advisories in place and also several watches. eventually a lot of the heavy rain is going to be impacting portions of new england. we have flood watches posted there as the flood threat will continue to move northward over the next several hours. on the backside of this system we have winter weather advisories in place. we have 1-4 inches possible in places like chicago and surrounding areas in michigan and in areas further south. meanwhile a brand new storm system is moving into the rockies and the pacific northwest, leah. so we are going boob looking at snow showers in the ski resort. any traveling is going to be a cou tough go out there through out
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the day. >> thanks maria. new threats against the new york police department. gang members threatening to shoot up two precincts where two officers were murdered in brooklyn. security beefed up in both locations this as they defy the mayor's call for peace. >> hundreds pack the streets stopping traffic. al sharpton ignoring calls by the mayor to hold off protests until after the funerals of officer wenjian liu and officer ramos as they were shot to death sitting in their car saturday. a makeshift memorial and they were heckling officers trying to pay their respects. his wife holding a moment of silence at city hall. they dimmed the lights honoring those fallen. president biden will be at the
2:36 am
funeral but not president obama. >> what they said about trashing the american police officers trashing their honor commitment sacrifice and service, trashing their integrity and reputation now they are going to try it on joe biden and see if it will all be okay it's not going to be. it will take more than that. >> arrangements for officer liu remain uncertain am memb. members have to travel from china. >> david clark urging president obama and mayor bill deblasio to severe all ties with al sharpton. >> bill deblasio started this trip. he wants to have law enforcement across america he has to issue a public statement or a written statement disavowing any further association with al sharpton. he is spews hate. i think it will go a long way in showing their commitment.
2:37 am
i would suggest the president of the united states and eric holder the attorney general do the same thing. >> in the midwest isis now using social media to improve ferguson protestors. one read hey blacks isis hates you. isis recruiters want nothing to do with those fighting social justice. they are after criminals who dislike the government. >> police in texas still hunting for the driver of a an har mored truck who disappeared with $200 in crash. they charged michael cook and arrested his father for tampering with evidence. he was supposed to meet another employee and filled an atm with cash monday morning. the armored car was found miles away from his assigned location with the engine still running. >> now showing "the interview.
2:38 am
sony changing course allowing hundreds of theaters to show the controversial movie. kelly wright here with a new not twist. >> thesony says they have never given up on releasing the movie adding they are excited about "the interview" playing on christmas day. the hackers threatened violence for the movie. sony canceled the film's release all together drawing widespread criticism including from president obama. >> i think they are making the best of a pretty bad situation after the presidential criticism, criticism from hollywood's creative community and also now tension with the major theater chains to get the independent theaters and hopefully the dod deal is really the best available option. >> one of the film's stars james franco is praising sony's
2:39 am
decision on instagram calling it a victory. some hollywood experts say "the interview could reach cult status after all of the buzz but only if it is a good movie. some movie goers are looking forward to seeing the film. >> this is an opportunity to fight terrorism on christmas day. >> so sony stands up to north korea showing american culture is still strong. as they say in show biz ladies, the show must go on. >> christmas certainly a big day for the movies. thank you, kelly. >> the man who was shot now under investigation for leaking secrets. a navy official saying navy seal roberto kneel may have revealed classified information after giving numerous interviews including one here about his role of the seal team 6 killing of bin laden. here is o'neil describing the moment he shot osama bin laden? >> where did you shoot osama bin
2:40 am
laden? >> in the face trhree times. >> did he stagger at all? >> he just fell on the left side of the bed. >> how long from the second you saw him until he was laying dead? >> threes than a second. >> he was a threat. >> o'neil hasn't commented on that investigation. meanwhile american freed from a cuban jail now a millionaire. allen gross receiving 3.2 million part of the settlement with the company that employed him at the time of the arrest. he sent up internet access when he was arrested in 2009. he was released last week after the white house released three cuban spies. >> if you have been too busy to sit on santa's lap don't worry. hello santa offering a live video chat with jolly saint
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nick. for the social media fans go ahead and tweet him p. he has nearly 400,000 col lowers. >> kids today they get it all. last minute chat with santa. >> 40 after the hour. not a very merry christmas at the white house. a brand new regulations just in time for the holidays. >> another grinch trying to steal christmas where cameras caught this crook right in the act. >> how would you like to go back to the future? the new way you can cruz to the 80's. ♪
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we find a verizon toys r' us
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will stay open until 9:00 p.m. tonight. other stores such as best buy, j.c. penney and sears will be open until 6:00 p.m. if you are one of those shopping today, good luck. leah? >> thanks ashley. to find the fox business network log on to finder. did you think this was the only way you could travel back in time? >> ah! >> think again. you can go by ship, a cruise ship is the only time machine you need. holland america is offering the floating time capsule calling the week long cruise the ultimate 80's experience while enjoying beautiful caribbean you can enjoy 80's teamed music. of course cakaraoke. >> someone has to wear the
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principle sis -- princess leia suit. >> a mess for millions of holiday travelers. we are live tracking delays and cancellations. >> no chestnut roasting on an open tire for you. how the epa wants to you celebrate this christmas. >> adam sandler is number one. hold the applause. why the actor may not be too happy about this honor. peter doocy is here with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends" protestors ignore mayor deblasio's request to lay low until two hero slain cops are buried. and cardinal dolan joins us with a special message this christmas eve. did you wait until the last minute to finish your christmas shopping? hope not. we have great gifts, though you can still get. >> plus you have to bring the kids here we are tracking santa live with norad. that's all ahead on "fox &
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friends." we have the egg nothing.
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an extreme weather alert. mother nature dampening plans for millions of people heading home for the holidays. >> we're live at reagan airport. annie, how's it looking? >> good morning, ladies. the good news is things are looking pretty okay right now, but it's still early so i'm sure later in the day we'll see a few more cancellations. so far here at reagan national things are moving and grooving. we have plenty of people traveling. we got here around 4:30. it was already busy. people checking into u.s. airways. we're dealing with a mix of rain and cold along the
2:53 am
east cold and blustery conditions along the northeast. so far here at reagan national there are a few cancellations, but it's still early so keep that in mind. you have here arrivals, cancellations coming in from indianapolis, jackson, mississippi; syracuse. we've got a minor delay here and there, even early arrivals. you have colombia canceled as well. as far as departures go, that is one and that's headed to l.a. but who wants to go to l.a. any way? it's like 80 degrees. >> merry christmas, america. the obama administration cramming in 1,200 new regulations before the new year. energy and environmental rules are the biggest category, including a $to billion regulation on coal ash from power plants. a cozy fireplace, the staple of any get together. but the government says you should go green with a smoke-free holiday. first burn only dry wood
2:54 am
that's hollow. next get a meter to check moisture levels on your wood and make sure there is space in between the pieces. that will make for a cleaner burn. finally, a no brainer, don't burn the garbage or the cardboard. surprise, surprise, the beaches built out the buildings. florida is the third most popular state beating out new york. 19.9 million people dropped the anchor in the sunshine state. that is just surpassing 19.7 million living here in the empire state. >> now for your 5@5:00. any chef will tell you the key to a great meal is great prep. some people take that prep time to crazy lengths to make the best holiday meal. here's the top five most dedicateed to holiday teals. a tie between texas and georgia. people there spending 6.5 hours prepping. alabama in third. cooks there prep for 6.7 hours. number two, kentucky, just
2:55 am
under seven hours dedicated to a great meal. number one, mississippi folks spending 7.1 hours cooking that special family dinner. >> the time is 55 after the hour. hoop dreams, an eighth grader steals the show on a college court and makes the crowd very happy. >> chugging away. how a work holiday party ends with this guy you see right here in the hospital. ♪
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make sure kids learn how to swim.
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always watch them in and around water and properly fence all pools. simple steps saves lives. to learn some new ones visit it is 59 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today, former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in houston for shortness of breath. doctors holding him as a precaution. four people dead after tornadoes ripped through the deep south. a super soark storm taking aim it the northeast making a mess of millions of holiday travelers plans. "the interview" set to open tomorrow after sony changes its course. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. an eighth grader sinks four shots in 35 seconds at a v.c.u. basketball game. the impressive display winning everyone at that game free pizza.
3:00 am
next the bad, adam sandler named the most overpaid actor. the ugly, what not to do at a christmas party. this man hospitalized after drinking four quarts of egg nog in three seconds. >> "fox & friends" starts now. goodbye. >> hi everyone. today is wednesday, the 24th of december, 2014. i'm quoin quoin -- i'm anna kooiman. former president george h.w. bush rushed to a hospital. details straight away. >> protesters promised no peace and that's exactly what they delivered. demonstrators shutting down famous fifth avenue here in new york city. is this a blatant slap in the face to mayor bill de blasio? >> he revealed himself right here on the fox news channel. the man who put a


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