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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 24, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> merry christmas eve to your and yours. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> deadly storms on christmas eve with much more dangerous weather on the way as folks race to make it home forthal -- for the holidays. >> mother nature is making trouble all across the country on the busiest travel days with rain on both coast and snow in the midwest. but in mississippi, four people were killed and dozens hurt after a powerful storm blew through the area leaving thousands of businesses and homes in the dark.
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and the dangerous weather isn't over. maria has more. that is right. we are continuing to track the risk of more severe storms in the southeast. portions of northern florida, georgia and southern north carolina. there is a secondary area that good produce isolated severe weather in portions of ohio valley, eastern portions of the state of west virginia or western kentucky, keep a heads up. but the system has very bad timing coming in on the busiest times of travel across the
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country. rain in the southeast and portions of new england. most of the precipitation is rain not snow. and the reason is because how warm it is out there. we could see near-record highs in northeastern states. 44 in new york city, 50 in washington, d.c., and 70s in places like charleston, north carolina. really some of the highest snow fall totals are 3-5 inches of snow overall and accumulation should be light. further west in the rockies they are heavier with a new storm system moving in and winter watches in colorado, including denver and parts of wyoming.
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and a foot of snow out there and a lot of wind with the next system as well. leah, back to you. >> a lot of words of caution for folks travelling. protesters hitting the street in new york and new jersey marching in spite of the mayor's call to stand down until after the funeral of the officers killed last week. in st. louis, news broke of a man who shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at him. >> this is a tragedy and our hearts go out to the family. but bad decisions were made. the officer could have complied. he could have ran away or dropped the gun.
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>> rick has more from new york city. >> reporter: there are comp pairsons between this one and the shooting death of michael brown. but this 18-year-old suspect was armed with a loaded 9-millimeter handgun and pointed it officer. the shooting was captured on surveillance video. they released videos of the lead up of the incident that happened at 11:15 last night after the officer responded to a larceny call. you can see the officer approached by the two men, questions them, one steps back and pulls a handgun and points it at the six-year veteran who fires rounds and one hits and fatally kills the suspect who has been named antonio marshal. >> i have seen this officer
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stopped, questioned him, frisked him and killed him in cold blood but that is not what you will see. >> reporter: four people were arrested last night for assaults on police, some cars damaged and windows broken at businesses across the street. the mayor called for people to come together. >> we need to put our arms around the police officer to make sure he has all of the needs and help to bring them through this. on one hand the family and on the other hand the police officers. >> reporter: the mayor says the video suspects the police. the man had been arrested several times since being 17. they are looking for the second
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suspect still. >> i hope things calm down there. a fox business alert. stocks up slightly showing weekly jobless claims close a 17-week low and the dow tops for the first time highest level ever. joining us now from fox business is lauren. >> reporter: no could in the wall street stocks after the record-finish for the dow and s&p 500. the dow is hire with two hours left in the session. it is closed on christmas eve and on christmas and expect volume to be light when it opens and on new years week. before we get to 2015, let's
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show you this year performance. big gains especially for the nasdaq. gaining 14% in 2014. but everything can change in jan. there is an old wall street saying as january goes, so goes the year. that barometer has a 73% accuracy rate going back 75 years but it was wrong this year. we will see when investors and firms put funds back in the market. the number of workers filing first-time unemployment benefits fell to 280,000 which is another sign the job market is getting better and coupled with the economic growth and the feds promising to be patience about raising rights we are doing well. and gas is $2.35 at the pump and
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bio tech stocks were down but bouncing after yesterday. they are the top performers on the stock market. back to you. >> log on to to find fox business in your location. new concerns cropping up for hilary clinton. she hasn't considered the race but is considered a likely candidate and ed rodgers wonders if she is growing distant from her own party because it is moving toward the left. and there are fears her foreign policy positions might present problems as well. jaime wine stein and jonathan alan is here to talk about this.
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jonathan, let's start with you first. any question that hilary clinton is going to run in your mind? >> no question in my mind. if she stopped now it would be the political surprise of the century. >> she started in 2008, wasn't elected, what happened and could it happen again? >> i think a couple things happen happened. she ran a bad campaign being snooty and assuming she would win. there is no rival like obama on to rally the white liberal voters and another segment of the democratic electorate. she is pulling well with every segment of the democratic party. her problems haven't made her
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suffer. >> jaime, she doesn't have a rival named obama but she has a record with obama serving in his administration, does that help her or hurt her? >> it hurts her. i would say i think hilary clinton is the single-most over rated politicians. she was senator of new york city because she was the wife thf president, and very view accomplishments as secretary of state. when you ask her accomplishments she points to travelling to 900,000 miles and if we are frank about it what the passion is her gender and her being the first woman president of the united states. she is vulnerable, i think, if someone like elizabeth warren
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jumped in and a certainly a strong republican challenger. >> he said she was elected being the wife of former president. will that work in this case? >> i don't think she will run on being former president's wife. of course she is less poplar than santa clause or spiced egg nog but more poplar than elizabeth warren is. i think there is a lot of in r interest on the media level, and i hate to say media creation, but i think it is. we want a fight, it is good to cover, but elizabeth warren's numbers are not moving up a lot. >> i mentioned in the lead in
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the column from ed rodgers who wonders if the fire in the democratic party is coming from the elizabeth warren faction, the liberal faction, and they don't necessarily see hilary clinton as their standard bearer. what do you think about that? >> it is true to some extent that maybe elizabeth warren is a media creation but that is because most of the democratic base that don't pay much attention to politics don't know much about her. jim web could cause problems having an attractive foreign policy background to some. i don't think she will have a smooth run. she will face questions and it might bloody her if she wins the nomination. >> it is usually the republicans that nominated the person who
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finished second last time. is that what the democrats would be doing? >> sure. it is a role reversal for the parties. this isn't george bush in 1988 or john mccain coming back and mitt romney. but the democrats wanted new blood recently. they have nominated a person who has lost a couple times. each election is different. no matter how many times we hear bush and clinton. each election is different >> thank you for coming out on this christmas eve and joining us. a shocker in surburban areas
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and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! ♪ new information and crime stories. police in texas accuse a a missing armored truck driver of taking more than $200,000 in cash. they found the truck empty with the engine running on monday. they arrested his father and are lookinging for the driver now. in california, police are
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warning peek about this violent sex offender who is on the lose. he was on parole but cut off his monitor. a mother of three is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy. the 42-year-old met the boy at a football game where the mam was volunteering for a football game. george h. bush was rushed to the hospital for shortness of breath and we have been waiting on an update. >> reporter: we are just getting an update from becker who is his chief of staff. she had in a statement the bush family appreciates your prayers, love and concerns. this isn't two years ago. it as a hicup and he should be
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home in two days. he was hospitalized for two months at the end of 2012 is what she is referring to. shortness of breath isn't unusual when a patient has parkinson's disease as the former president does. >> there is always an extra set of caution here especially he is 90 and has this condition. they will keep him longer than they would someone else but i would not read anything into that. >> reporter: doctors will keep an eye on him and in the hospital until he is breathing easier. president obama has been informed of the former president's condition and that he was taken to the hospital and in a statement the white house said president obama and the first lady send their good
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wishes to the entire bush family during the season. president obama is spending the christmas holiday in hawaii. >> good to know. >> we wish him well. a busy travel day is busier even after two planes had a fender bender. here from a passenger on board. and the united states putting a bounty on a terrorist we turned lose. how will that affect the future of the gitmo detention center?
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two jetliners being inspected and repaired after
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collision at a new york city airport. they clipped wings both filled with passengers. a southwest jet taking off for denver lost part of its tail and an american airlines plane was waiting on the taxiway for the a gate. it came from dallas. each plane it nearly 150 on board. >> it is scary a plane can fall off but it is fine. i am sure everyone is going to get home safely >> no one was hurt. the departing passengers were taken back to the terminal for help getting on later flights. president obama supporting sony pictures about the decision to screen the interview that will play at a limited number of theaters around the country after the fbi blames north korea for the attacks against sony.
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the president vow today respond but what should that look like? the chairman of the foreign affairs committee is here. let's talk about the president's response. he is pleased and the white house is saying they welcome the decision to go ahead and screen the movie. your thoughts on that. >> the reality is the movie will be in theaters and i will see it tomorrow myself. but at the somtime, north korea is developing three stage weapons and testing nuclear weapons and broken every rule it had on the nuclear program and trying to hack into our energy infrastructure including our energy grid. i would say we should put the sanctions once imposed in 2005 after we caught them counter
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fitting our money. then we should shutdown the currency they need for their nuclear weapon program and cut off the funding to bureau 121 which is their 3,000 cyber agents they pay. let's get serious about the response. >> what can we do about north korea's allies? they are very isolated. >> right. and north korea, in order to get this expertise, do send their young hackers to moscow and in the past they have again -- gone -- to beijing so we are putting pressure on those two countries and what i think we should focus on is what we can do with the types of sanction we put on burma, for example.
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there are ten times the sanctions on burma than on north korea and what was the result? we got answer. south africa, years ago, when they were developing the bomb, sanctions were put and the result was south africa ended up par tide but gave up their nuclear weapons as well. so i think we should look at long rain -- range -- solutions to shutdown the nuclear program. >> shifting gears to guantanamo bay, the obama administration has been transferring and releasing detainees and trying to shut it down. we remember the trade made for army argent bowe bergdahl not too long ago. do you have concern about what the release detainees might accomplish? are they dangerous and do they continue to be dangerous?
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>> between 25-30 percent of the individuals end up back on the battlefield and those are there ones we know about. we know those why hold in custody, the remaining 150, is the worst of the worst. the president is obsessed with the idea of getting them out of the united states custody and transferring them to other countries but we don't have an effective system of keeping tabs on them and that is why they keep ending up on the battlefield. i think that is why chuck hagel was pushed out. he resisted the idea we should speed along the combatants and transfer them become to qutar or afghanistan where we will have little ability to monitor them. so yes, i am concerned. >> the people held at gitmo and
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some still being held a alleged gun smugglers that have attacked troops and kidnappings and they are offering a reward for a terrorist released from guantanamo bay eight years ago who is back in action even as they try to close the doors on the administration center. are you concerned about the ability to track the individuals as they get out in the world? >> yes, we are. it isn't just this particular gun runner, as you recall, that we are offering a stipend to bring him back into custody. but there was one in afghanistan who was in custody and who is now the head of isis. it is a little reminder these terrorist combatants we find on the battlefield are constructed
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enthusiest for terrorist so when they are released be surprised such a large percentage of them show up to plan additional attacks or end up being killed on the battlefield attacking our troops or allies. this to me, represents a situation where we have bipartisan support in the congress, democrats and republicans, don't want to see guantanamo bay shutdown and the 150 enemy combatants released there. and the president is on the other side of the argument working diligently in order to try to move the toughest of what we have come up against into countries like qutar and you and i know qutar isn't going to monitor the taliban and
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eex ex-al-qaeda fighters. new controversy over the rolling stone article about an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia as the magazi magazine's publisher is weighing in and why what he has to say is causing more outrage. that is next.
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there is new controversy about the exorlando -- explosive story about the gang rape at the university of virginia. the producer of the rolling stones released a statement and
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it is raising more eyebrows. he finally spoke out writing a piece about the article and you have problems. >> i have big problems. he has been in the publishing business for 47 years and doesn't get the basic ethics of journalism. he wrote here about the alleged rape. he is presenting it as fact like it happened. >> and there are questions about whether it did. >> the rolling stone author didn't speak to the accused. you might want to do that when if is a he said/she said conversation. there may not have been a party at the paternity even.
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the friends afterwards say she didn't have physical injuries or blood -- there was a shattered glass table she was raped on, remember? the university of virginia continues to push rape culture under the rug at the school he sa says even though the story has been debunked. the story is still up on the website, though. >> you pointed it out because people want to read the original story and people click on it and they make money. >> come on, jon. it should be issuing an apology. >> this is advocacy journalism
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where he thinks rape needs more attention even if the story is full of hole. >> even if the story isn't right, it focuses on a larger issue and they think they should be commended for that. >> another big story the execution of the two new york police officers and the way it has been reported despite the mayor's request to suspend demonstrations, protesters are going on and it is coming in a gang has plans to attack prestincts in brooklyn. how do you think the media is doing? >> i received push back where i wrote a story and carrying on
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about a man who writes for the daily beast who said he was at the scene and heard people clapping and laughing after hearing about the police officers being executed and near the hospital he overheard people saying he deserved it. we have reports of a 911 dispatcher saying he deserved it as well. there is no audio so this is all alleged. but people on the street in midtown manhattan were recorded chanting what do we want? dead cops. when do we want it? now. so there is an element of people demanding for dead cops and we saw it happen last week. so should the media report on
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that? absolutely >> what about the political leaders who don't have a lot to say about the particular chant? >> we don't hear about that. it is remarkable. i think they want to focus on the peaceful protesters and not inflame things further. then we have the mayor of new york blaming the media for the divide between his administration and the police department. it was the mayor who shared the story about his biracial son and he taught him how to deal with the cops, staying out of danger with the police officers, and at risk of being black kid in new york. he shared the story under no derest and that is what 99% of the police officers heard and said the mayor is against us not with us. he created the divide not the
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media. >> why is it difficult for political leaders to say that kind of behavior, screaming we want dead cops, shouldn't be tolerated in america? >> i don't know why we have not heard more in that regard. maybe because at least with the case of the mayor in new york he appears to be taking a side with the protester against the nypd and we have them saying we don't want you coming to funerals anymore of dead police officers. police officers are turning their back on him when he walks into a conference now. everything that the previous mayors may have done as far as stopping crime or reducing it seems to be coming all apart in the first nine months of bill's term. >> the cops are saying we will take our time responding to criminal complaints because we want to know we have backup and
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make sure somebody has our backs if the crime rate is increasing because of that the mayor is going to have a real problem on his hands >> i think we are looking at a one-term mayor here. no question about it. i have never seen a politician have a worst first year than bill has it from start to finish as far as the way he handled it. it is amateur hour and it is showing. i hate to end this on christmas eve -- did you get your shopping done? >> i am still doing some believe it or not. >> the weather isn't going to help you that is for sure. merry christmas. >> you, too. breaking details on the holiday rush. forecasters are warning of possible travel headaches as the day progresses for folks in some parts of the country. garret teddy is live at chicago's airport. >> reporter: an early present for people at o'hare today and
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you can see the lines at check in and security and this isn't worse than what you would see an a typical travel day at o'hare. that good change. the national weather service issued a winter advisory through the night with 95 flights canceled here and 150 across the country. the delays are an hour or so in philadelphia and new york and out in san francisco. and the faa expects them toome get worse as the -- to only get worse has it works it's way with strong thunderstorms. that is bad news for the 5.7 million americans expected to travel over the holiday season. if you are going to the airport, give extra time for the security lines, get snacks, bring a good book or swing by red box on the
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way to the airport. >> thank you, garret. dealing with the folks trying to get where they want to go today is a tough one. in australia, police discover a chilling terror plot days after a deadly lone wolf attack brought fear and panic to the land down under. more than hthat ahead. and the dow roaring to new levels near the christmas holiday. good times or major correction in 2015?
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let's see what is ahead for the christmas eve edition of "outnumbered." >> the nypd an high alert after word of a threat to shoot up station houses after protesters defy the mayor's wishes and take to the street. plus the ex-navy seal who risked his life to take down bin laden is facing heat. and the pope's blunt word for the cardinals, bishops, and
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priests who serve him. and you know who is in the middle? >> and jonathan morris will weigh in on this as one lucky guy and he is in the middle. >> that is one fascinating hour. only 14 minutes away and we will see crow -- you -- then. the dow is up 43, stocks slightly hire on this trading day as the dow record soared past the 18,000 mark after the jobless claim falling to 180,000. but can we look forward to more gains in the new year or a major correction? steven moore is here. thank for being here. that is the question of the day. things are looking good but what
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about next year? >> things are looking really good. you look at the gdp with 5% economic growth and we have not seen that in 11 years. i contribute that to the shell and oil and gas increase and we are seeing the decline in gas prices. it looks good. we have record-low interest rates. inflation that is running in the 1-2 percent range and it stock market on a terror and i do believe this can continue into 2015. >> a lot of people are very happy to hear that. there is going to be a lot of celebrating on new year's eve if people believe that. the number of americans applying
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for unemployment benefits reached the lowest mark in seven weeks. is the economy becoming more robust for people that are looking for work? >> i think it is. we are seeing more jobs created. this has been a lousy recovery up until the last six months but it is picking up steam. i think the economy shifted into a higher gear in july and august of this year and i anticipate it will continue. that could mean, molly, let's keep our fingers crossed, but more jobs and maybe more importantly to people listening to the shows is an increase in wages. we have not seen wage increases in 8-9 years so americans might get a pay increase in 2015. >> you are heading in the direction because my next question is what this means for people that don't really watch the stock market and dow but affects regular people in their
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regular lives >> and that is your take-home pay/wages and that has been flat for the last 7-8 years and in fact for a lot of workers that paycheck has been declining relative to inflation. one of the good pieces about the falling gasoline prices is it holds all prices down. in fact the consumer price index fell and meant prices overall falling and people have more money. if you pay less to fill up the gasoli gasoline -- or your tank at the gas pump, that is less money to go to the restaurants or buy presents. the only country growing into the world right now is the united states of america. china is slowing down, europe and japan are in recessions >> and no doubt pipeleople noti
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when the gas prices go down. people are out there spending buying presents. what about rate hikes by the feds? is that something we should think about? >> that could maybe take the punch bowl away from the party as the old saying goes and that is a good thing to keep an eye on. but i don't think if the feds raise the interest rates, and i think it might be wise to raise them a bit, and i don't think it will end the party. i think the united states is prepped for a nice robust round of growth and part of that is because american companies are so efficient and productive. the best run companies in the world are us-companies and that is not something we would have said ten years ago. >> that is something people are proud of it. >> couldn't come at a better time. it is a santa clause rally
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>> steven moore, thank for joining us. merry christmas. >> thank you. you, too. a fighter jet shutdown and we have details of the attack that left the pilot in the hands of brutal terrorist. of brutal terrorist.
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when you run a business, you can't settle for slow. of brutal terrorist. that's why i always choose the fastest intern. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch.
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turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business and get the fastest wifi with the most coverage. comcast business. built for business. jordan confirms that isis shot down one of their fighter planes and now the pilot is in the hands of a terrorist. amy has more. >> reporter: the first coalition plane to be brought down and it was an arab plan t. was a big
8:55 am
deal that the united states get the arab countries on board and now the one of them is a terrorist. isis looked pleased pulling the man from the lake and blood is scene coming from this mouth. his capture is a source of pride for the operation who has been loosing ground. five arab nations have contributed to the part of the fight. it is a national security issue for jordan but sources are saying that many jordanians don't support the fight in the coalition because they believe it isn't their fight. isis as taken down afghanistan
8:56 am
and iraq planes in the past. but their arsenal is being degraded by airstrikes. the plane was brought down by a heat seeking missile shutdown over the de facto capital of the so-called islamic state. there have been hundreds of airstrikes with most carried out by the united states. this might be a setback for the arab coalition partners who are uncomfortable dealing with domestic blow back for their cooperation in the united states from sit citizens who are not happy about being engaged in the fight or from worse who might be terrorist as well. >> thank you, amy.
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and brand new stories bring you in the next hour. sony's new plans for interview and it doesn't just involve movie theaters. and a new earthquake warning system. one that works like a snook detector. we are live with that story.
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jon: do you have another couple hours in you? molly: i do. we'll keep going. jon: but in an hour from time. molly: we get an hour break. we'll prep and freshen up. jon: see you back here then. molly: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> again with a fox news alert. we are waiting to learn more about the condition of our nation's 41st president. george h.w. bush was taken by ambulance last night to methodist hospital in houston, texas. he was experiencing shortness of breath. bush's former chief of staff, gene becker, says, it is just a hiccup and he should come home in a few days. mr. bush, who is 90 years old, is the oldest living former president and vice president. you may recall he spent nearly two months in that same hospital two years ago for bronchitis related cough and other health issues. doctors are keeping him in the hospital as a precaution. the bush family says they appreciate all the prayers and love and concern. we'll epdate you as we get more


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