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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 24, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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world, as we head into the christmas holiday. we're going to leave you now, back at vatican city, with the pope francis leading the christmas eve mass. god bless you this holiday. ♪ welcome everyone i'm neil cavuto. i hope it's a very happy and wonderful holiday for you. if you think about it, this time of year when we were putting to the this special we thought well we could talk about a lot of dry business stuff, you know, do a lot of politics. but we thought it might be a better idea to get to the reason for the season. something better than us. big irthan us. maybe a little bit holier than us. the inner good in us. i addressed that issue with none other than dr. alita king, the niece of one martin luther king, a woman who has seen the flip side of racial prejudice, and triumphed over it.
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she says by trusting a higher source, a better source. and believing in the inner goodness in all of us. >> my uncle dr. martin luther king jr., my father reverend alfred daniel williams king they would often say we don't have to drag people to the altar but we don't deny our faith. and my daddy would say, you know what? you don't have to accept my jesus but i'm going to let you know what my jesus does for me. and so multiculturalism, that's one thing. but if someone comes to my home, i'm not going to hide my bible. i'm not going to take the scriptures off the wall. and i have many people visit with me, and they're not offended. so you don't beat people over the head with our faith. but we use the authority of our faith. and that's what's missing. even our founding fathers with all their problems and their faults knew we must be one nation, under god. and then we begin to know in god we trust. that's where the real authority
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is. >> i heard from a number of muslims, buddhists, et cetera, said well we have our god, too, and people like the good doctor are ignoring our god. you say what? >> i absolutely don't ignore anyone's faith. i was with a muslim recently, and he was saying, yes we like your jesus. he was absolutely a good prophet, i said you know what? he's the king of prophets. you happen to be right. and so i don't argue about my faith. but i don't hide my faith. and i have so many wonderful testimonies about the goodness of god. i am a christian. and i don't apologize for that. >> you know, one of the things you brought up, was that whatever you want to say, i mean, this judeo christian has been the founding building blocks of our country not at the detriment of others but bringing everybody and that is a majority of people in this country, maybe practically paraphrasing it, we'll get on the same page and
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respect that. now the argument against doing that is this president said we're no longer judeo christian nation, putting words in his mouth, what's the risk of that? what's the danger of that? what's the danger of getting so secular that we no longer think that's important? >> the risks of denying the faith of our fathers is very, very grave. i remember my dad, he was facing an angry mob, and he was hit in the face with a rock. and i remember as he fell to the ground, and i asked him later, i said, dad, what were you thinking? and he said i was there praying. you know, because i actually had an opportunity to go on marches with my dad. and many times he was not able to call on the god of ibrahim, isaac, jacob, martin, that's what we believed in. and so you know i'm not offended by other people when they talk about their faith. so why are people offended
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about, in god we trust? why are people offended by one nation under god? that's where authority and power come from. that's the source of our strength. and people who would like to take over america and throw god out, i don't know what they're going to expect that they're going to have. because that's the foundation of this nation. >> i was thinking about your own life and how many opportunities you would have had to have been very bitter and angry. 12 years old, birmingham, alabama, your house is bombed, you were almost killed. you know, this was just shortly after your uncle martin luther king was murdered. you would have reason, one would think, to be bitter and angry. your voice came in handy certainly after ferguson when you said the time for hate is not now. it never is. but that falls on deaf ears in a country that's really sort of worked up in this wrath. how do you get it to calm down? >> in the book king rules we
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talk about a beloved community. i believe the world knows that my uncle, very much for example and it is said that gandes went to a church one day, a christian church and he wore his robe. as he went into the church in his native garment they said well we're sorry you can't worship here you'll have to leave and go put on western clothing. and so he left and of course, it is said that he never visited again. there we are with cultural differences, religious differences, but we were brought up to understand that we're all human beings. and rather than fight about what divides us, we can begin to look at what unites us. and that's faith, that's hope, and that is love. and so i don't debate with people about our religion, our faith, and i do say if we will call on god, in god we trust, if we can be one nation, under god, we won't have to have so many bombs, we won't have to be so
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cruel as to fight over immigrants and things like that. you know, if we become a charitable nation again, we can offer people solace and compassion, but we can do it from a position of compassionate and loving authority. >> yeah. you also need money to do that but that's a separate issue. it's always been framed it's good versus evil. these isis guys they're evil, they're pretty bad, they behead journalists, do untold horrors to women and christians. do you see them in that way, and do you see, as the pope has recently said, that it is -- it is justified to go after them? >> i believe that when necessary with compassionate authority, you have to strike out. i really believe that. there was some young people who had t-shirts, in ferguson that said i'd rather be pulled over by isis than a cop. i'm like, oh, my god, do you
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understand what you're saying? here we have such anger, such vitriolic anger that the only message there is destruction. and it will not distinguish between one person or the other. and we saw that with the beheading of our journalists. i thought that was very sad. i wept for their parents, just like i wept for the parents of michael brown, and others. so when our young people are under attack, we're going to have to have a very high authority. i do believe that with wisdom we can end this, and i do not believe it will take three years. i think we can do it in short service. >> would you say that we have planned a lot of these seeds that are facing us because we've forgotten about that? >> america has not called on god as much as we should. i will put myself in that category, as well. i do pray. i do call on the lord. i'm not ashamed of my faith.
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but i believe we all need to pray more. politics cannot be god. we have to rise higher than politics. this can no longer be about politics. this has to be about one nation, under god. >> king rules, alveda king. she's dealt with a great deal. it's in her blood, her prose, her thinking, her logic, her heart. it's the message that's gone viral. the minister who went off script. but it's not the minister you're thinking about. it is not al sharpton. it is jesse jackson. this guy's younger. a lot younger. and a lot madder. but for not the reasons you're thinking. the message you should be hearing. next. >> because we pissed off at the police is not helping. i said it before and i said it again. change is not going to come until we change it. we are here acting a fool. how are our kids supposed to grow up when we're out here acting stupid?
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that's all i crave.e that's where this comes in. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives you intense craving relief. and that helps put my craving in its place. that's why i only choose nicorette. when you think of reverends who could stir it up in our society, the name al sharpton comes to mind. maybe jesse jackson. but what about donovan gentry? does that ring a bell to any of you? he's a guy who you should get to know because after the ferguson riot, he was the guy who wanted everyone to know, particularly in the african-american community, that they were being lied to. that they were being sold, well
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a false bill of goods. and he decided to preach from another choir book. you should hear this guy. >> i don't move on my own agenda. i felt god was compelling me, pushing me, to push this out for him, for his purpose, for his people. because like i said, we're lost. we're just a continual cycle. we're going downward. >> what's go downward? >> as a nation, as a people, as a community. you name it. we're just going down. especially in the black community. i'm not afraid to say it, we're at the bottom. everything, when it takes place, and i said this in another interview, we show our greatest weakness instead of our greatest strength. you understand? and then a nation sits back and looks at us like, wow, do you wonder why many of us are stereotyped? i'm not ashamed to say it. look what's going on in our country. look how we respond.
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and the sad part about it is, our leaders supposed to have a relationship with god. and they seem to have no sense of direction. >> you talking about al sharpton? reverend, i want you to respond to what al sharpton said soon after the decision, the grand jury decision in ferguson. >> you won the first round, mr. prosecutor. but don't cut your gloves off. because the fight's not over. justice will come to ferguson. >> what do you think of that? >> foolishness. first of all, al sharpton, the battle is not yours, but god's. who are you to want to call battle? you lost this battle but we going to win the next one. the battle is not even yours. 1 corinthians 14:33 god is not the author of confusion. you are fuelling hate, confusion, back into the community because you lost a
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round. so sit down. god is not with you. you need to take a seat, take a back of the seat and sit down and let god take control of this situation. because in god there's love. in god there's peace. in god there's meaning. you are showing none of that to the human race. you are keeping the black community divided because parents didn't take responsibility for their children's actions. >> as a young african-american, have you ever had trouble, and this comes up a lot on this shows when i talk to those who agreed with what happened in ferguson, those who didn't, you have no idea what it's like to be an african-american out at night, whether you're wearing a suit or jeans, good luck. there is a double standard, and it's real, and i don't get it. what do you say about that? >> it's excuses.
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i've been pulled over. i've been pulled over. i respected myself and i respected the gentleman that pulled me over. and at the end of it a lot of people say have a good day. we had a wonderful discussion many times. i'm friends with a lot of them. >> i think you're so good you could talk your way out of a tingeate because you're very, very eloquent. i 78 wondering, when al sharpton says, look, you've been wronged here, what is wrong with that? what is wrong with saying, as you did, we got to are rectify this? is it agitating? >> it's agitating. first of all the evidence shows it's not that anyone was lying. it's what evidence shows. >> -- the evidence, is all rigged evidence, and it was all
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one-sided. >> it's just glorifying ignorance. this is about what it says and living by it. >> every time something like this maps, in new york eric garner just the latest incident where many in the african-american community have said, here we go again, whitey wins. >> and it's unfortunate. and i understand, that eric garner, i really believe it did not take that many officers to do that. i agree. i absolutely agree that was excessive force. they didn't have to choke him out like that. however, however, i understand the protests. i don't refute protest when it's done rightfully. but burning down your own community. >> you even said, when you start
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lighting up stores, and -- >> when you start acting foolish, and start acting hood, that's when everything you stand for goes down the drain. down the drain. martin luther king said hate can not drive out hate. only god can do that. to reciprocate hate with hate in a situation like does no one any good. from your community, from police, nowhere. it does no good. you're going to have to change your sense of direction. you're going to have to capture revelation, from god. because it's him that you're going to have to get direction from, because you cannot do it on your own agenda. look what happened in ferguson. these people showed the ugliness that was in their hearts to the nation, to the community, to themselves. now if you look back it's a ghost town over there. why? because of something you did. and that goes to what i'm
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saying, just connect the dots. examination. i'm just telling you to examine yourself. that's it. 1 corinthians 11:2, 2 corinthians 13-5. i could do this all day long. >> i would have no way of checking your accuracy, so i won't bother. >> please do. >> i'm kidding. but i will ask you this in all seriousness, and i always think that when we see protests, that they -- they're said to speak for everyone in a community black or white when, in fact, they don't. and i'm wondering whether all of ferguson, all of the african communities, there and elsewhere, is just getting an unfair rap. what is your sense of it? >> what's happening, like i said, it's responsibility. parents, out there, take responsibility for your kids. i'm not going to advocate al sharpton and make this a race issue because you have
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irresponsible, disobedient hell-bent kids. take responsibility for your kids. it starts at home. okay. if you're not raising your children at home and you expect the streets to, don't get upset when they put them in the -- that goes for every race. if you want to categorize it. that goes for every race. if you're out there cutting up acting wild and foul, these police officers that shoot up every single day are not here to baby-sit your rebellious children. they're not. so don't get upset when they have to take action, whatever means necessary, because you have a rebellious child. okay? i'm not going to protest in front of a police department about black lives matter. when your son has a rap sheet like a 5-year-old's christmas list. i'm not doing it. and these -- these activists shouldn't either. it starts with you as a parent, as a father, as a mother. take responsibility for your
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children's behavior. it ain't even about race. raise that bar. raise your agenda of what you want. it is time for you to change it. because we're going to a whole other year, 2015. god is not foolishness of what's in store for humanity. let's bring down our murder rates in our communities first. i'm starting with us first. even the bible tells you in peter judgment must first start in the house of god. he's starting with you first. you want me to judge darren wilson? you want me to judge him? you do that? you want me to do this? okay i'm going to do that by however i'm going to do you first. starts with you. change starts with you. that's all the pushing, i'm moving under god's authority, his wisdom, his power, his might, his anointing in the holy spirit plain and simple. >> minister, i want to thank you very much. thank you for indulging us. >> neil, thank you for having me. new york city police who
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there were three polls that were out in the same number of weeks. all revealing the same, whether polling millennials or older folks or those retired. lack of trust in public officials, from the president on down. very little faith that they'll do what's good. so, leave it to father robert to say, you know what? that's the problem. our losing faith.
1:25 pm
he has some solutions. >> the truth, you know, you think about it, it's not just inconsequential stuff. if you're driving one way on a road you expect the guy driving the opposite way to stay in his lane. that's the truth. it's kind of a exact you have. and when people begin lying, things become very untenable very quickly. >> but this is the lowest levels we've seen for some time. and then when it came to trust in public figures i'm told it's the lowest we've had now since richard nixon at the height of watergate. so obviously we're a very cynical people. but it's extended to young people who don't trust anyone. >> well, young people tend to be cynical in a lot of respects anyway. it's not like politicians lying is a new phenomenon. i think perhaps the new media documents it more quickly, and more obviously. i mean when you see somebody lying, over and over again on a tape, i did not know that woman,
1:26 pm
then it gets driven into your mind and you become suspicious of other leaders. >> by the way that guy's going to be a grandfather so that's a separate issue. >> yes. >> i'm wondering in this holy week when a lot of people try to get back to basics, back to what's important and they feel that their leaders have failed them, institutions have failed them, they're distrustful of wall street, one out of three americans say they'll never invest in what is the bedrock of our country, that is capitalism, something bigger is going on here. how do you get them back? >> well, i think when you lose a sense of the dignity, the august vocation of human life, things become very mean and ugly, and read and tooth and claw somebody once said. i think what i have to do as a religious leader is proclaim the truth. the truth of christ and his resurrecti resurrection. the dignity and value of human life both in this world and in the world to come.
1:27 pm
i think we need to be authentic and observe the tradition that so consistently is communicated faith over the centuries. i think if we do this reverently and constantly, that it will appeal, as it has appealed to millennia of generations. >> most people when they ask do you think you'll get to heaven. most people think they will. are they naive, optimistic, clueless, what? >> well they're certainly optimistic. i mean i try to hedge my bets in that regard. you know, i know that i'm -- i mean, i know me. and if i know me, god knows me a lot better than i know me, and this is going to be a traumatic moment when i'm turned to look at myself as st. augustine once said. that's what the encounter with god is, the look at the truth of who we are. >> my worst nightmare, father is that god is a cnn viewer. but that's another issue. >> that would be mine, too. >> thank you very much.
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dulcolax, for relief you can count on. you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. good afternoon, i'm john roberts in washington. in the headlines today, another shooting of an african-american man by a white police officer in the st. louis area. police in berkeley say the suspect pulled a gun on the officer. it was the third fatal shooting of a black man by a white officer in that area since the death of michael brown back in august. former president george w. bush is spending christmas eve in a houston hospital. the 90-year-old bush was taken in last night after experiencing
1:32 pm
shortness of breath. mr. bush spent nearly two months in that same hospital two years ago with respiratory problems. his family insists this episode is not serious. and christians were around the world are in bethlehem, the town where jesus was born. the celebrations are bringing a lift to an area marred this year by conflict between israel and the palestinians. join me tonight at 6:00 person for "special report." i'm john roberts in washington. now back to "your world with neil cavuto." you know, i don't know how you guys feel about -- i think it goes without saying of all the men of religion out there he certainly has the most profound message. this particular show. because he's taking aim on why we are calling each other names. bishop very good to have you. >> pleasure to be here. >> i was teasing you before about coming on and advising us on how we get warring factions,
1:33 pm
political or otherwise, take a chill pill, calm down, not so easy in this day and age. >> well you know we've gotten to the point now that we're really attacking individuals that we don't attack issues. and i think that the american people are really, really frustrated because it's like watching a fight that goes on and never ends. you know, we want results. we want productivity. but we've lost civility. no respect on either side. the way they really ought to be. >> i think i draw the line and you and i talk when the name calling starts. then it gets a little -- >> name calling, heckling in the middle of speeches, yelling out. i'm talking about our most high officials. it's out of control and in the process of disrespecting you always lose respect because it's true, you reap what you sow. when you sow discord you reap discord. when you sow disrespect you reap disrespect. and i think the gridlock that we're seeing in washington is largely a result of things like that. >> but it always gets brought down, when republicans criticize
1:34 pm
the president, i want your reaction to that because there's a flip side to that but on that issue. >> i don't think it's just merely republicans. there's been names hurled on both sides of the aisle. and everybody not whether you're a politician or preacher or anybody, you have to be able to have enough work to justify your motives. and to be able to say, no, i am not, because this is what we do in our community or all people. and as long as you can justify your motives, few can dispel the inconvenience, and the frustration, that comes from how conveniently we attack people on the basis of maybe one thing they said, or one place they went, or one policy they didn't agree with. but if you don't have works to validate the fact that you are there for all people, then that name sticks, and that's a painful place. >> but i always wonder whether accountability should count for something, right? just being accountable to your words or promise on the right or the left. republicans seem to have forgot when they were in charge they
1:35 pm
blew through a lot of money and democrats seem to think that now that they're in charge that they're not blowing away a lot of money. well they are. in other words they both made promises about their -- >> you and i are old enough we can pull up all kind of things that happened on both sides of the aisle. and that's politics that goes along with the game. but there is a deterioration of respect from the people who vote for you. and i think that's a dangerous thing. >> people be decent with one another. that, you know, i'm told from a lot of folks even older than us that that's never really been the case. they've always gone at each other, and that's the american way. and you talk about getting stuff done. but once i believe that if they even give an inch to the other, why get that done? because it's bad. >> you're right. >> so how do you negotiate that? >> i think the frustration is that, that people have gotten to the point now that they're no longer believing that we're really working to a positive end. that we're working more for power than we're working for the country. i'm not interested --
1:36 pm
>> but now that it's a class thing, right? the 1%, the 99%. >> i'm not interested in the republican party winning or the democratic party winning. i'm interested in america winning. and in order for america to win, no bird can run on one wing. we have to come together on the things we agree about and the things that are central to all people and work together did >> but i had another reverend here who was saying god would want a higher wage for folks because they need a higher wage. and when i asked him do you mean god is for a higher minimum wage, he said yeah, that's exactly what i mean. would god be for a higher minimum wage? >> i don't know whether he's for a higher minimum wage. i think god is concerned about feeding the poor. we have to go back to the bile that we care for those who are hurting that we care for those who are wounded. >> should the rich cough up more to make that possible? >> what i think we should do is cough up more opportunities to stop the disparities that exist -- >> and you do that by taxing more? >> i think there are a lot of ways to do it. that's the problem.
1:37 pm
we have a one cookie cutter way of approaching a problem that needs to be multidimensional. >> all right. this is all you young couples out there, either thinking of getting married, or already married, or already hooked up, or you're thinking about getting hooked up and you don't want anything to do with kids. they're just not in the equation. you're thinking a dog maybe a cat well the pope says you're making a big mistake. a big, big mistake. i'm going to try to save your souls. >> to each his own. if you want to have kids, have kids. if you don't, have a dog, we have a cat. he's our best friend. >> animals are not a substitute. >> we've really enjoyed having a child. and i think it's a blessing from the lord. >> i think it's true that animals cannot replace humans. >> i love my animals, they're like four legged little people. >> i have two dogs. four grand kids. and two children. >> who do you love more? >> my wife. my wife, my children.
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1:41 pm
do you like kids? well the pope is very concerned that a growing number of adults aren't too keen on them, to the point that a lot of those adults are saying, when push came to shove we'd really just prefer a cat or a dog to a kid. efsh. the pope says that kind of scares him. but think about it. is it selfish to not want kids, and instead want fido? you argue it's selfish. explain. >> well, first of all, man's best friend is not his dog, it's his family. that's what a lot of people come to realize. especially when they've invested in one. a lifetime of love, laughter, and legacy. but here's the thing. having kids makes your life no longer about yourself but about someone else which is always a good thing. it ends up being an investment that you plan for like anything else. but one that really gives you the kind of fulfillment that no other kind of investment can. >> what if people just don't want kids?
1:42 pm
they don't think they'll be good parents? they like dogs? >> if people don't think they'll be good parents, i agree that would be one reason to give it some pause. what i think the pope was talking about given his intended audience is that people are making the decision not to have kids based purely or at least substantially on finances alone. the fertility treatments that those parents are going to have ten years later when they change their mind may far outweigh what they pay to raise a family. >> a lot of them are making that based on economic necessity or the fact that from their own experience or whatever they just don't want kids. what do you think of that? >> there are absolutely people who don't want kids. and that doesn't mean that they're not devoted their lives to make the world a better place or devoting it to people. having kids is not the only way to make a great contribution to society. and whatever your reason, if having kids isn't for you, then you should not have them. parenting is hard. you have to be all-in. >> all right. you know, doctor, the separate argument to that is maybe the
1:43 pm
pope was really messing with our minds here, just having us rethink what's important in our lives, and that if we're so into pets, and into our economic security, we miss the beauty of generational, you know, advancement. maybe that's what he's getting at. what do you say to that? >> i think that the pope has a very specific audience in mind. but he's such a large public figure that his remarks go public and that it is really important to figure out what your priorities are and match them with the life you lead. that's being a responsible adult. >> what do you think of couples who marry, never have kids, they don't even have pets, they just get married, they love each other and that suits them just fine? >> i think that, you know, that's fine if that's the choices they make. but what i think the pope was getting at, and he's always, you know, he's always got his finger right on sort of the pulse of what we're talking about as a society, is the choice not to have kids based on the money. and what i think he was saying is what's going to happen at the end of a life if you don't
1:44 pm
decide to have kids and you wanted them, that's where some of the loneliness comes in. or the decisions you made when you were able to have them both physically and otherwise, will it come back to haunt you? so it's true -- >> what if they grow up to be brats and ungrateful and selfish and greedy or become congressmen. that's a whole other, right? >> always a risk. >> always a risk indeed. >> doctor final thoughts on this? >> that people need to choose to be parents because that is the thing that they believe will be most meaningful for them. and that there are many reasons to choose not to. and any of them are really acceptable. >> yeah. you know the pope's a conundrum because it was just a couple of months ago he was kidding about in-laws. so i think he's just messing with our minds here. ladies i want to thank you both. i appreciate it. well here's how tense we are this holiday season. very few of us are taking off. and when it comes to young people, very few take any of their vacation days. what is going on with you people? are you that uptight that you're
1:45 pm
not willing to just chill a little? apparently. >> companies just stick more work and people don't have the time to take a vacation day. >> the complete effect of our culture, being connected 24/7. it's unthinkable to go on a vacation and never turn off. >> i employ a bunch of people myself, and most of them do take their vacation. >> i think because people don't value family as much as they used to and they would rather work and make money than spend quality time together. >> i think people are afraid to take off. >> everybody's looking for more efficiency out of every employee. you can't get it done, and take your vacation. multiple medicat, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too.
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1:49 pm
times or that we're overworked, overwrought but do you know especially among young people, the number of them who take all their vacation days is at a 40-year low. they barely take any time off at all. they're that scared, they're that anxious. i don't know, maybe they're that worried. what is it with you kids? i decided to gather a few of them here, some of my friends and colleagues, to understand what has them so hexed about taking a little time off. >> all right. we've got christian, mike, and christina. what's going on? >> i don't know. i don't know. this is weird. i think -- i take all my vacation time. >> tell me about it. you're never here. >> i'm never here. >> but i wonder if it sometimes if you're guilted into it by coworkers or bosses where it's there but it's frowned upon because your co-worker isn't taking it or the boss is saying you could be here. and now as you mentioned before, you know, when i go home and you call me at night and you're like
1:50 pm
why aren't you doing this or that? even in your home -- >> i've never called you at night. >> yeah, yeah. >> that was something -- >> dark and stormy -- do you guys find it, do you look at -- do you guys look at this and just say, you look what your colleagues are doing, if they're not doing it you don't do it? >> absolutely. i think there's a lot of pressure. it's competitive. workplace is a little bit competitive. you want to make sure you're showing you're putting in the effort. especially among millennials and gen-xors. they mitt be lower on the totem pole so they better step it up. companies benefit from this from having that culture in place. they want you to take worm home all the time 24/7. >> a lot of companies have to pay you for those. >> yeah, but pay you for answering your e-mail at 9:00. >> i literally haven't taken a vacation in six years. >> why? >> because.
1:51 pm
>> paranoia. >> really. >> i've heard that. >> people not taking vacation. because what it does is it leads to burnout. and the ayny is that your that your productivity is down when you don't take the time off. really, i always use my vacation days, and it's really not frowned upon. a lot of people take what i hear is the term used, vacations, because they can't afford to fly anywhere, so they kind of stay at home and relax. >> it sounds like you're generation whining again. >> you guys probably have your devices. so it's not like when i was your age, you don't have that option, you could just take a vacation. >> it's a blessing and a curse, so when an emergency happens, you can take time off, but
1:52 pm
you're device dependent. >> when you have been out, what happens. >> i still get the e-mails. >> you're still in the loop. >> but you've got some tyrants, you've got mark levin, you've got don imus. i mean these are not normal human beings. >> i'm considerate of others. >> he sounds like an awful, awful human being. >> so am i going to be working for you? >> i just feel that it's sad. but it is what it is. guys, priorities and views, everything from marriage to owning a home, differs greatly, from i'm sure a lot of your parents, a lot of your elders. why such a disconnect? >> because you guys just don't understand us. you old people just don't know.
1:53 pm
>> what do we not understand? >> things are just different these days, we would rather go to the holiday dinner table and look at twitter and look at facebook rather than interact with our family members. >> that's screwed up, isn't it? >> i blame it entirely on social media. >> do you get bored quickly then with people. >> if you want to be present, you skype yourself, sending an e card -- >> you skype your face if you want to be present. >> i'm sure. >> and e card is enough. and i just feel like social media has just changed the way -- >> i feel like this has happened for generations, you see it in old doc holiday movies. the older people, you grow up and you spend so much time with them, so you have the intimacy, you don't have to have the
1:54 pm
polite conversation. it's like whatever you disagree about. >> social media is the es change. . >> you guys are -- you are genuinely nice. i cannot imagine at a table that you're looking at a device, if you're with your parents or significant other. >> not everyone is like that, but let's also talk about the benefits that social media has given to families. skype, face-time. >> sometimes your family is all the way across the world and can't be home, but they can skype with their families. >> families are scattered all over the globe these days, so i feel like -- families are not in the same neighborhoods as they were generations ago. >> you have seen is more divorces, there are extended families. there's kind of confusion now.
1:55 pm
>> we're all older now, so we're not forced to hang out with people that we don't want to hang out with. >> i don't want to anymore. >> as you get older, you want to give people advice, so the first thing out of their mouth is why aren't you -- >> we should all be thankful for our families and the precious time we do have. >> this is why they're all hexed because they don't know what the -- so is it me? or are we all wrapped a little too tight now? are we all just a little too full of ourselves, worried about ourselves and anxious about ourselves, it's the holidays people, it's the message you're missing. ♪
1:56 pm
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you know, john f. kennedy famously once said life is intrinsically unfair, but we all share the same planet, some of us for a much shorter time than others, it amazes me, as i'm sure it did jfk at the time, how much we bicker, how much we point fingers and how much we are better than the other. but to leave -- give some of us some pause, to step back, to think, what are we doing? we can conquer our problems because the sum of those strengths can beat any of those problems but we doubt ourselves by getting cynical about ourselves. if there is any message that could come through this chat with young people, with priests and ministers, to those who have
2:00 pm
shaken the world and those who have been shaken up by the world, it is probably this, it is better to hope, life is short. go long. thank you very much for watching, i'm neil cavuto. >> i'm bob, along with greg, kimberly, dana, and this is "the five jngsz. >> welcome to our christmas special and thank you for joining us this holiday. we have got a big show for you tonight. the big man, santa himself dropped bring fox news today, not only did he surprise a group of kids with some high-fives, he spent quality time with our friends at fox and friends. we have got a clip and we're going to show that to you a little bit later. but first, the wait is over, the time has


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