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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 26, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> it is friday december 26th. on high alert. just days after two new york city cops were murdered the nypd uncovered brand new fleets including money wan wiman with deadly arsenal in his home. >> from america to the big screen. they went to "the interview but sony facing another hack. we have the details. >> a special delivery in time for christmas. >> it was a wow factor for myself. i was at the right place at the right time. >> two officers help deliver a baby in the strangest of places. "fox & friends first" starts
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right now. ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps ♪ >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am molly lines. >> i am leah gabrielle. thank you for starting your day with us. it is the day after christmas. it is time to brew on this. the big day has come and gone. maybe you got a new car or jewelry you have been hinting at. you can't admit it but the lumpy sweater isn't really what you wanted. we want to send your best and
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worst christmas gifts. send them to fox news first@fox friend to a fox news alert drone strikes kill at least 7 militants in northwest pack san. it came in the same region they have been battling taliban insurgents. they have stepped up after a school massacre that left 130 children dead. new york city police on high alert as they find an ars weapons busting a man threatening to murder more cops. we are live with the city preparing for the wake of slain officer rafael ramos. jonathan? >> good morning molly and lia. there have been an outpouring of sadness for thousands of new yorkers ever since the murder of those two officers. a makeshift memorial at the spot where it was brutally gunned
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down and it continues to grow. the focus will turn here christ tabernacle church near queens where a wake will take place for officer rafael ramos. cardinal timothy dolan referenced that in a midnight mass service yesterday. listen here. >> as we face tensions and divisions as you and other leaders try youring best to dialogue and listen instead of shouting to work together instead of abusing. >> the funeral service for officer ramos will take place here tomorrow. funeral arrange ams forster wenjian lieu has not been finalized. they will have to make a journey
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from his china. threats continue to come in. one man was arrested yesterday. his name is alvin after i was allegedly over heard talking on his cell phone in fact wanting to will white cops. they searched his home and there found at least to weapons and bulletproof vests. he of course has been arrested. molly and lia back to you guys. >> as police feel more violence eric garner the guy who died in a choke hold is being criticized. erica garner tweeted to one of the officers at her father's death. she sent this message to more than 5,000 followers. garners deleting the tweet not before it turned she sent the
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tweets but didn't know what the lincoln taned. more protests taking place. at least 0 windows were smashed and a liquor store looted. oakland officers say they have spent more than a million dollars in over time paid for the regular protests. desperate search is on for the person that shot two people in the chicago train station on christmas eve.witnesses say the 41-year-old woman fighting with one who pulled out a gun and started shooting. both are in critical condition at the hospital. no word if the police know the identity of the gunman. >> former president hw bush is waking up at the hospital. he was with his wife barbara and son neil after experiencing shortness of breath.
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he had a terrific day and is in great spirits. doctors hold him as a precaution. >> one of the worst natural disasters in modern history. it has been ten years since the powerful tsunami devastated the coast of indonesia leaving 230,000 people dead through out 14 countries. m memorials taking place in indonesia, thailand, sri lanka were the hardest hit. >> sony's controversial film "the interview hits theaters with packed crowds. we have a look at how it is received. >> the interview has been at the center of controversy for weeks as we know. first sony pulled the film after threats of violence from north korea then the studio agreed to release it on-line and through independent theaterings. this morning we know it brought in nearly $1 million on
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christmas day opening impressive for a title only playing in 300 theaters nationwide. the hype surrounding the film is what brought them out to see it. >> that's part of it freedom of speech and the bickering back and forth. >> and fans in los angeles got a big surprise. check it out when star seth rogen stopped in to thank them for their support. topping the sales chart on google place store and the movie's site. is this film worth seeing? >> it was good better than i thought it was going to be gifrn the mixed reviews. >> it was a funny movie. the audience was laughing and i was laughing. at the end of the movie i was on the edge of my seat. >> the movie is so scandal louse they understand why it is upset. russia has offered to carry out
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an investigation into the hack. >> this time a play station network a different group of packers targeting play sayings and microsoft xbox. they found thousands christmas morning when they couldn't get the gifts connected to the internet. a group called the lizard squad claiming responsibility for the attacks. some users may be having trouble this morning. >> next stop child birth a special christmas in philadelphia give birth to a healthy baby boy as shoo wee we into labor on a train. they heard the call on christmas and rushd in to help of course. there was little time to act but the little guy got here successfully. mom and baby are doing just fine. >> it was a wet kris mschristma parts of the country.
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>> a balmy day out there. as everyone prepares to head home what can we expect? we will have the latist. >> good morning molly and lia. before we show you the weather we first want to start out with what happened in hawaii. some of the higher paeks out there there were blizzard warnings in effect. strong winds and heavy snow out there producing dangerous driving conditions and travel was not recommended there. take a look at a these images. beautiful stuff. a white christmas on the big island of hawaii. meanwhile across parts of the east coast temperatures were way too mild with the snowfall with the storm system rolling through. quiet conditions up and down the east coast. our next storm system was impacting parts of the rockies early this morning. snow coming down off of portions of colorado and down into parts of new mexico. the storm system is going to be on the move.
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for any one traveling back home for the christmas holidays take a look at the storm system on saturday. we will see the storm coming down in portions of which is business and areas of rain further south. it will keep heading east. sunday we will have areas of rain in interior portions of the mideast in mississippi and parts of tennessee. we will have the winter weather advisory in effect. lia and molly let's head over to you. >> you have decked the halls so now it is time to hit the malls. it is the second busiest vobing day of the year. we are offering great deals. we are live in harold square. what are you seeing there>> we are here at macy's in new york city. you can hear the sirens going on we don't have any people here joous yet. macy's is set to open at 6:00 this morning. the average person retailers are expected to spend about $800 for
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their holiday gifts this year which is quite a bit a lot more money compared to last year. up 5 percent compared to last year. that right there is a fire truck going by. it is set to open at 6:00 this morning. they spent $800 on holiday gifts this year. four of the gifts will be returned. busy line out here. this is jam backed out here. if they are not returning gifts they might be buying gifts because the average person probably spends $174 on gift cards. huge industry. about 32 billion a year just by gift cards alone. very busy. we are expected to see a lot of shoppers. right now this is the calm before the storm. lia, back to you. >> this is the first time, holly, i have seen macy's look that calm in weeks.
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>> quiet out there now. >> not for long. >> 12 minutes after the hour. what they knew and when. a shocking new report on the va mess. what some officials knew before the scandal even broke. >> your tax dollars paying to see what kids think of the movie characters. >> wait until you hear how much this one cost. ♪ç
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>> one of the stop officials knew of the serious scandals even went public. one executive even breech the secretary about patient backlogs
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and other problems. shinseki since denied those briefings. as many as 40 veterans died awaiting treatments. florida governor jeb bush went for a 2016 presidential run. he stepped down from the board of directors of a dallas based company on december the 21st. he is expecting a white house run. he is traveling to meet with voters. >> the governor a prominent isis leader is dead after a coalition air strikes in iraq. reminding military families in his christmas address in five days we will drastically cut our u.s. presence overseas. peter doocy joins us in washington, d.c. with where we stand on the war on terror. >> the president and first lady made their way to a marine corps base in hawaii with a special christmas message for men and
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women in uniform about the beginning of the end of the 13 year long and $1 trillion war in afghanistan that costs 2,200 american lives. >> this is an important year. we have been in continuous war over 13 years. next week we will be ending our combat mission in afghanistan. afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it's not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again. >> terrorist attacks have been making front page news lately isis tries to make a name for themselves by brutally kidnapping westerners. two weeks ago we saw the pakistanis in pakistan slaughter school children. the threat of ebola is another global problem. he has a lot on his desk when he gets back from washington.
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christmas was a time for saying thanks. we saw a picture of vice president biden in walter reed with injured troops with doctors and nurses leading them. he spent the holiday with americans deployed in afghanistan. >> 18 minutes after the hour ladies get your guns. how many more women are asking for their right to bear arms? >> a reunion so many months in the making. the moment this dog and military owners see each other for the first time in more than a year. {off-lin
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{off-line}>> the jordanian government threatening grave consequences as they harm this pilot captured in a terror group after a coalition in air-raid. the father of the pilot is pleading with isis to release his son. they shot down the plane with a mist el. they say that's a false claim. jordan has been a key part in the u.s. coalition against isis. trouble on board a christmas flight from atlanta to los angeles. unruly passengers force a delta plane to land in albuquerque key. now the fbi has been called in to investigate. the passengers on board say he was making threats. the flight was delayed but later continued to la. molly? >> a new christmas trend that has women all fired up this year.
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the nra reporting 10 percent of gun retailers has seen an increase to retailers next year. their husbands encourage the trend, too. >> the color was not a problem because i hope she never has to show it to anybody ever. >> shops offer some quote, unquote, girlie guns that feature bright colors. many say they just want to feel protected. one arizona family is complete and just in time for the holidays. it has been 14 months since a u.s. air force sergeant and his dog have seen each other because of his deployment overseas. now they are together again. fox's thy brennan has this heartwarming m curious to see i will recognize me. >> it has been 14 months since they have seen their beloved pup, butters. >> i am a little nervous. >> their worries were laid to
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rest as soon as they made contact with butters. >> the good drums were deployed. he was in south korea for over a year. >> how are you doing? >> how are you doing? >> butters was in the careful care of a foster parent. it is all part of the humane society's project active duty. it is available to any service free of charge for the duration of deployment no matter how long they are deployed. >> it helps knowing there's a place where you can give your animal and they can be well taken care of and you don't have to worry about them. >> if it wasn't for this program i would have had to give them away or sell them, worry about him being in a good home. i didn't have to worry about all of those things. >> the family has big plans now that they are all reunited. >> me and butters can go out and do anything outdoors and have fun, have a blast and not have
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to worry about him. >> it makes the holidays feel more complete and the four legged friend is home. >> you are all chill now, aren't you buddy? >> fantastic really. >> i love those stories. having served in the military it is nice to see people's animals reuniting. they are so excited to see them afterwards. >> i saw a young soldier in the airport. he said i miss my dog so much. >> 25 after the hour, a major security flaw with the president's motorcade how a 24-year-old with no training was able to drive along with the commander-in-chief. >> high on freedom? the plan to let pot users get gun licenses. but first this day in history on this day in 1908 jack johnson won the heavy weight boxing title. >> in 1982 time magazine named the computer the man of the
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>> the nypd uncovering more threats against the department. >> a chilling plan police uncovered. >> your real life hollywood drama. now the studio wants you the taxpayers to foot the bill for the hack. is that they're? >> after you deck the halls it is time for the mall. >> the post holiday bargains. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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>> beautiful morning city crisp and clear on this day after christmas. good morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am leah gabrielle. >> i am molly line. thank you for starting your day with us today. to a fox news alert. overnight the attack in pakistan coming in the same region. the pakistani army has been battling pakistani indsurgentin. they stepped up operations against the taliban following the school massacre that left 130 children bed dead. >> days after the murder of two new york police officers brand new threats against the department. >> jonathan hunt is live in queens new york where the city is preparing for the wake of rafael ramos. >> mol lly and leah the grief h
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remained ever since the shootings the spot where the murders took place. the family of one of the office officers liu has visited the memorial. it has grown every day since the shooting. some of the relatives have to travel from his native china. here in queens at the christ tabernacle choir. later today a viewing ceremony will take place and a wake service for rafael ramos the other of the two mauer derred at the hands of the killer. as the city tries to come to terms with the grief and division this has exposed cardinal timothy dolan spoke to the subject at a midnight mass. listen here. >> as we face tensions and divisions in our beloved city as you and so many other leaders
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try your best to invite us to dialogue, to listen instead of shouting, to work together instead of accusing. >> ever since the murders there has been a marked increase according to the nypd in the number of threats that they are receiving against officers. just yesterday for instance a man was over heard allegedly on a cell phone threatening to kill white cops, a witness reported that. police arrested that man and when they went to his home, they found two guns and bulletproof vests. the nypd still very much on high alert. >> leah? >> thank you jonathan hunt in queens this morning. a police move eric garner a man who died in a choke hold by nypd. hid daughter is being criticized. she tweet the owed one of the
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officers present at garner's death. she posted it to more than 5,000 followers. she went on to delete the treat not after it was viewed 500 times. she sent the tweet but didn't know what the lincoln taned. >> oakland california racked by more violence overnight. the no time off march which targeted police involved shootings. they smashed lots of windows looting stores a christmas tree display was heavily damaged. they spent over a million dollars in over time pay for all of the regular protests. well it was once banned from the big screen. but sony's controversial film "the interview" hit theaters with packed crowds. we have a look at how it is being received. >> following weeks of controversy they are lining up to see "the interview."
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it brought in a million dollars for a title only playing in 300 theaters nationwide. sony pictures initially pulled the plug on the release. but after an out cry sony agreed to release the comedy in compet theaters nationwide. many movie goers say the hype surrounding the film is what brought them out to see it. >> that's part of it and the freedom of speech and all of the bickering back and forth. >> can't have a third rate country dictate to us what we can see and cannot see. >> they got a big surprise when star seth rogen and evan goldburg the co director dropped by to thank them for their support. >> it was topping the sales chart and u tube's movie site. is the film worth seeing? >> it was better than i thought it would be given the mixed reviews. >> the audience was laughing i
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was laughing at the end of the movie i was on the edge of my seat some. >> not everyone was a fan of the film. russia siding with south korea it is so scandal louse it understands why leaders are upset. laura engel, fox news. sony the target of another hack this time to the play station network. a different group of hackers targeting play station and microsoft xbox. they couldn't get their new gift to connect to the internet. a group called the lizard squad claiming responsibility to the xbox. >> are you kidding me? sony pictures says it wants taxpayers to compensate them for the fallout of the cyber+m atta. it is a victim of state sponsored terrorism after the aak by north korea. the studio is expected to make
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much less because of the limb theed release. >> the presidential motorcade filled with secret service agents police officers and this. 24-year-old taking a selfie. natalie tyson document ooing her day as a volunteer motorcade driver back in october. the graduate student signing up for the position with no training and no experience. the scariest part of all she told reporters she had no clue what to do in an emergency. >> the national institutes of health is laying it on thick with your tax dollars. nearly half of a million dollars is going to studying children's perception of fat characters and movies. they face children's movies such as kung fu panda are con dpusing because of fat jokes. the study will be done until next august. >> here's another won the movie "christmas vacation" a classic. in the film griswold and his family always seem to find
2:37 am
plenty of trouble on the road. >> clark, stop it. >> i don't want to spend the holidays dead. >> honey, please. i will do the driving, okay? >> fans of the movie are pulling their own prank for the holiday changing the highway sign in new jersey to read clark griswold instead of the town clark and wealths field. that sign later taken down. >> a busy travel week ahead with many heading back for home from the holidays. >> absolutely. a lot of folks on the road. maria molina tracking the record. >> helio we have one. we didn't have a cries christmas across the eastern united states. temperatures are so warm. it had you are a little cooler out there. current temperatures in the 40's for places like new york city and in the 30's across atlanta raleigh and also into parts of the great lakes. we are going to see much cooler air moving into the united states, though, as we head into
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early next week. this is coming up on monday. looking at highs in the single digits in places like far go and billing. the colder air continueses to move southward and eastward. in places like chicago and buffalo in new york city your highs are only going to be in the 30's. am again cooling down and feeling a lot more like winter out there as we head into early next week. before that we have a storm system into the rockies. >> the time now 38 after the hour. a joint in one hand a gun in the other. the plan to get pot smokers gun licenses. more money in 2015 how profroze could change your bottom line.
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>> carrying around a loaded gun activists working to get a new measure that would allow marijuana users to obtain concealed gun permits. >> fast food fans in japan can breathe a sigh of relief. their large mcdonalds fridays are coming back. they could only sell a small serving after they were left with a major shortage. they are back on track and they can start ciaoing down again next month. from wall street to main street. closing on a good note. the final numbers showing growth at the fastest rate in more than
2:43 am
a decade. >> fox business network peter barns explains what's happening and what it means for 2015. >> the u.s. economy could heat up in 2015 if millennials sell more houses and tractors in china and disney still has more to do with the animated hit "pro "frozen" short term moran gnaw towel in a franchise. >> economists are optimistic the economy will grow faster in 2015 at least in part because of lower oil and gas prices. >> it is something that is certainly good for families, for households. it is putting more money in their pockets, having to spend lesson gas and energy. so in that sense it is like a tax cut that boosts the spending power. they predict it will grow from
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20 20.2 hers in 2014. they hope it push the unmriment rate to 5.4 percent from 5-8 percent in november this year. they believe the federal reserve will help by keeping interest rates low next year. they expect to raise rates from 0 now after keeping them at 0 for the last six years because of the 2008 financial crisis and recession and tepid recovery since then. rate increases will be small and gradual. >> they will start taking away the punch bowl cautiously. that's the nature of the leadership at the feds. >> head wind for the economy could be the housing market. meli millennials aren't getting married as quickly as other generations. the ridie rising dollar makes
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thins more expensive overseas. as for "frozen" it counts. with disney planning a broadway musical new books and interactive projects and features at the theme parks you can bet it will be a plus. peter barns, fox business. >> well the time now 45 after the hour. not so sweet the price of chocolate expected to sore next year. that is not the only thing that will cost you more. we have the entire list next. >> plus a priceless present. they thought they would find out if their baby was a boy or a girl, but what was inside this box that you just saw? >> let's check in with rick to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> he reveals himself on the fox news channel. the man who put a bullet in bin laden's head? what does he get for his heroic
2:46 am
actions? a government investigation. he went to an investigation just like this one and he will be joining us. plus christmas came and went and what you got was another ugly christmas sweater. we will have you through the holiday list. hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today. wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage.
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which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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some say buy gold. others say buy soybeans. i say, buy comcast business internet. unlike internet providers that slow down when traffic picks up, you get speed you can rely on. it's a safe bet. like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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♪ >> foreigner to get your day started. time for the 5@5:00. 2015 is less than a week away. the new year will bring an
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increase in prices for some everyday items. what can cost you more first chocolate in cocoa dairy and nuts are costing a little causing that sweet treat to cost more. bourbon, there is no shortage but panicked buyers are stocking up in case and that is driving up prices. eggs, hen houses will be required to make more room for their birds. next, coffee, droughts in growing regions and packaging materials are getting more swif and that means -- expensive and that means that morning cup of joe are costing more. and finally airlines, even though the cost of fuel is dropping airlines are still increasing their prices. a louisiana man named jack daniel is the proud father of a boy named jim bean. the couple says if they
2:51 am
have another boy in the future they will name him evan williams after the bourbon and if it's a girl, sherri. you have ducked the halls so now it's time to hit the malls. it is the second busiest shopping day of the year and many stores are opening early to offer great deals. >> that's right. we're live in herald square. is it calm before the storm? >> that's exactly right. definitely the calm before the storm. we actually saw a couple of people waiting in the lobby here. you're taking a live look at macy's in the heart of new york city. this is a rare sight to not see it packed out here because usually it is so busy on the sidewalk you can't even walk through. i was looking through advertisements and they have deep discounts going on at macy's they're expecting to open up in a few minutes. but macy's isn't the only big retail store opening up early in time for this
2:52 am
second busiest shopping day of the year. we can take a look at kohl's, target, wal-mart, j.c. penney. this has been a very bs retail shopping year. the average men spent $800 on holiday gifts. a lot of people are returning gifts. i have to return my husband's gift because he told me he is definitely a medium this year. turns out he's actually a large. a gender reveal party with a twist here. a family gathers and want to find out if it is a boy or girl the couple is happening. they want to know if there are pink or blue ambulance but instead take a look. >> one, two, three. [applause] >> that is a soldier home from afghanistan. he surprised his parents jumping out of a box. patrick connell was overseas for nine months.
2:53 am
he made it home just in time for christmas and came up with this idea with his brother and pregnant sister-in-law. after the initial shock the family also learned that the couple is expecting a girl. >> love those stories. the time is 53 minutes after the hour. in recovery, former president george h.w. bush spends christmas under close watch at the hospital. brand-new developments about his condition. >> what did you get for christmas? e-mails are pouring in. we look at the best and the worst. ♪ ♪
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it is 57 after the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today, nypd on high alert after arresting a man threatening to murder more cops. police finding an arsenal of weapons in his house, this as the city prepares for the wake of officer rafael ramos who was one of the two cops murdered last saturday. the wake is this afternoon. former president george h.w. bush remains hospitalized in houston, a spokesman saying he had a terrific christmas with his family and is in great spirits. a new report reveals top v.a. officials may have known about the problems
2:58 am
plaguing the phoenix v.a. for year. former secretary eric shinseki denies the claim. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. seven puppies found abandoned in a dumpster in california all adopted in time for christmas. the pups were found in october and they were the size of hamsters. they have all been nursed back to health and they all have good homes. police never found out who the person was who dumped those dogs. next the bad. when christmas presents attack. oh! a brother drove his drone into his sister's hair. he had to cut pieces of hair but it left no major damage. finally the ugly. it looks like shaq isn't
2:59 am
very good at that. >> here he is. [laughter] >> that's all seven feet of him crashing head first into a christmas tree during half time show. he is totally fine, so we can laugh. >> no slack. time to brew on thvment here are your responses. christmas action the big day come and gone. maybe you got the car, the jewelry you were hinting at or maybe an ugly sweater. you can admit it. that sweater wasn't exactly what you want. we asked what were your best and worst presents this year. >> nancy got a beautiful sculpture. >> angela got this dog and named it snuggles. >> david got a lump of cold
3:00 am
beer but said it was his best gift. >> thanks to evan who responded. i'm sure everyone still enjoying those gifts they just pulled out of the box. >> good morning. today is friday, the 26th of december, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, just days after two new york city cops are murdered in cold blood the nypd uncovering brand-new threats including one man with a deadly arsenal in his home. we're live with the breaking developments. >> americans are taking a stand for freedom, lining up to see "the interview" in theaters on christmas day. but is this a victory or too little too late? we report, you decide. >> then she's hitting the red carpet in a suit and tie. angelina jolie and brad pitt's daughter wants to dress like a boy and


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