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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 26, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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best gift. >> thanks to evan who responded. i'm sure everyone still enjoying those gifts they just pulled out of the box. >> good morning. today is friday, the 26th of december, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, just days after two new york city cops are murdered in cold blood the nypd uncovering brand-new threats including one man with a deadly arsenal in his home. we're live with the breaking developments. >> americans are taking a stand for freedom, lining up to see "the interview" in theaters on christmas day. but is this a victory or too little too late? we report, you decide. >> then she's hitting the red carpet in a suit and tie. angelina jolie and brad pitt's daughter wants to dress like a boy and change
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her name to john and her parents say that's okay. should kids be allowed to choose their own name? we debate it this hour. mornings are better with friends. >> this is charlie daniels and you're watching "fox & friends." we want to spend a very, very special holiday greeting it all our troops overseas. >> yeah, i love him. welcome to "fox & friends." thanks for being with us the day after your holiday. if you're awake right now it's probably because you're having some heartburn from the big meal you had last night. or you're getting up to go shopping. >> with bags under your eyes. we're delighted you were with us yesterday on christmas and we're glad you're with us the day after christmas. right now we want to go to a fox news alert. new york city police arrest another -- there actually was another man threatening to murder more cops and even find an arsenal of in his home.
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and this morning the nypd will lay to rest officer rafael ramos. we're live in queens with the latest. jonathan? >> good morning to all of you. the nypd tells us that they have received literally hundreds of threats since the two officers were gunned down last weekend. of those, 40 have been deemed serious enough to merit investigation. one of them coming just yesterday when a man was overheard on a cell phone talking about killing white cops. police arrested that man. they then searched his home and they found at least two weapons and bullet-proof vests inside that home. meantime the focal point for the outpouring of grief remains that spot in brooklyn where officer rafael ramos and officer wenjian liu were so brutally gunned down. the family of officer ramos
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visited that spot dwred. it obviously was a very emotional moment for them ahead of the wake and viewing service for rafael ramos which will take place here in queens later today. his funeral is set for tomorrow. meantime a family spokesman has called on leaders across the city to work to end division. listen hear. >> hopefully the mayor and lynch from the union, the police union can put a zipper on their mouth and have a little more respect for the uniform but also for the people of the city of new york. >> the funeral arrangements for officer wenjian liu are still being made because some of his relatives have to travel from his native china. but back here in live in queens, we are awaiting now the wake and viewing service which will begin at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon here in queens, and the
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actual funeral service for officer rafael ramos will take place tomorrow, saturday. >> thank you for that report. it's going to be a very tough day, a grieving day for the people who are related to nypd in any way, shape, form or fashion. >> also this morning we want to talk about "the interview." big movie day. christmas always is for all sorts of movies. but "the interview" came to theaters, about 300 of them, yesterday, brought in about $1 million which is a significant amount of money for only a few theaters. >> finally released and sold-out crowds in some places. i think it is a great thing where in the land of the free and the home of the brave, a movie free to be released and people twoant see it especially after the some of the threats they perceived. a big reaction, not only is it good or bad but people had an emotional reaction
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to going out to see this movie. take a listen. >> not because it is a phenomenal movie, but the ability to see it. i don't want anybody telling me what i can see, what i can read. >> as a korean, i especially wanted to watch it. i actually wanted to see how the studio made a point of view. i wanted to think about it, watch it. >> we cannot have a third-rate country dictate to us on what we can see and what we cannot see. >> a lot of people said i came out to see this james franco, seth rogan movie because i want to take a stand against north korea and take a stand on freedom of speech. >> you recall yesterday on the christmas day show they were passing out the american flags at a cinema. some people are doing that
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right now. facebook, for example, they're basically stating that the facebook question of the day is did sony make the right choice by showing "the interview"? we can see people are indied weag the flag. so -- are indeed waving the flag. >> also we want you guys to weigh in on facebook. it's our question of the day. send your e-mails and twitter responses. let us know if you saw it and if it was the right thing to do finally to release this movie. >> a lot of hollywood experts say it depends on how good the movie is. our own audio expert saw it. he gives it a thumbs up. >> it is on-line too. speaking of movies, the federal government is spending your tax dollars to figure out what kids think about overweight characters in movies. a federal agency is spending money to figure this out. >> they're going to study
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and see does obesity in movies cause kids to think one way or the other about their healthy eating habits. >> okay, as a parent i'm ready to say time-out. i do not need the government stepping in to my life telling me how to operate things for my children and what i should be telling children to do. all due respect, why don't we do a government study on the government studying and talk about the government getting out of our lives. >> researchers singled out kung fu panda as one of the movies. isn't kung fu panda a very large panda bear? >> they say that in most movies and tv shows, whether it's rated g or pg or pg-13 or r, doesn't matter what the rating is, these movies make it seem like it's normal to overeat like this tanned to have -- like this and to have a very sedentary lifestyle.
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they also make fun of overweight characters in the same breath. it is confusing to children. >> it's an interesting idea. it's funny to eat a lot and so are you making fun of them for the consequence? who knows? >> let us know your thoughts on that as well. right now, president obama reminding military families in his christmas address that in five days we will drastically cut our u.s. presence overseas. peter doocy is live in washington, d.c. with where we stand on war on terror. >> the commander in chief spent a good chunk of his christmas at a marine base in hawaii signaling to men and women stationed there that this is the beginning of the end of combat missions in afghanistan and the 13-year-old war that caused more than 2,200 american lives and more than $1 trillion will soon be over. >> this is an important year. we've been in continuous war now for almost 13 years, over 13 years.
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next week we will be ending our combat mission in afghanistan. afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it's not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again. >> but terrorist attacks are still, unfortunately, flashed on front pages all too often and not always just in afghanistan. isis, as you know, is using parts of iraq and syria to stage kidnappings and beheadings along with brutal sexual assaults on christians and others. less than two weeks ago the taliban attacked a school in peshewar. back on the east coast outside d.c. vice president joe biden dropped at walter reed for services with men and women and the doctors and nursesathathathathv%xd'(1 /p
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former president george h.w. bush waking up in the hospital. he was joined by his wife barbara and his son neil on christmas after experiencing shortness of breath. the spokesman saying he had a terrific day and is in great spirits. doctors continue to hold him as a precaution at this hour. those are your headlines. back to you. >> thanks so much. it is coming up on the program, he revealed himself on the fox news channel, the man who put a bullet in osama bin laden's head. what does he get for his heroic action? a government investigation. former seal carl higby went through an investigation like this. his story next. >> the incredible story of survival coming up. ♪ ♪
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a number of guys standing up in front of me telling me, explaining to his friend's daughter why did god do this. every single day he said god didn't do this. the devil did this and you killed the devil. >> you killed the devil! >> i want to give him closure knowing it was about justice. >> that was an incredible moment. he revealed himself on the fox news channel, the man who shot and killed osama bin laden but now rob o'neal is facing backlash from the pentagon for possibly revealing classified information but he says he hasn't revealed anything new. so is this how our military heroes should be treated? our next guest has been through a similar ordeal. former navy seal and author
3:16 am
of "battle on the home front" carl higbie is with us. you went through a similar ordeal. >> this is characteristic of the obama administration and the d.o.d. they want to be the ones to control the flow of information. if they have somebody telling a different story or something that doesn't highlight the president in a positive way they want to be able to squash it as soon as they can. >> why take this approach with rob o'neal? >> rob o'neal, he wrote this book, he didn't get admitted. i tried to get admitted. i spent two years, and the process, red tape after red tape, they sat on it for two years, no review, no book. i published it any way. i think rob feared the same fate. >> we talked to rob o'neal about the possible backlash and peter doocy did an excellent job on this. let's listen to something
3:17 am
rob said in his own defense. >> there's going to be people that are upset because you can't do anything without upsetting some people. i don't believe i'm not saying anything that hasn't been said and acknowledged by high-ranking fecials. fecials. -- officials. >> rob went through a process like you went through a process. is this the way we should be treating our military? >> absolutely not. they should look at the president and say you gave hollywood unpress didn'ted access to some of the -- unprecedented access to the same things for a movie. >> you did the same kind of admissions rob did. you're a former navy seal. you were out there on the front line. how do you feel about him divulging what happened the night they killed osama bin laden? >> it was a personal choice. personally i wouldn't have
3:18 am
written the book for the sake of safety and have my face out there with a target on it. >> but your book is different. you're not talking about an attack so much. what you talk about is battling the home front and the subtitle is a navy seal's mission to safe the american dream. do you have the -- do you feel the american dream is in jeopardy? >> my generation is not prepared to do what needs to be done for this country. we need to step up and people need to start finding their honor again. >> what we hear from you and rob, former service members out there in the trenches even going beyond the front lines into areas, places that are so hazardous and so dangerous and you're doing it for the defense of the american liberty that we hold dear, what do we have to do to get this together? >> i think right now on the home front, first off, we took the senate, super majority in congress.
3:19 am
>> you got politics. we'll stop you there before you get into more trouble, carl higbie, thank you for joining us and insight on rob o'neal. still ahead the i.r.s. targeting conservatives once again. why they just froze christine o'donnell's bank account. have you ever been the victim of this? >> great gifts. i just got one of those for christmas. >> the right and wrong way to regift. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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a quick look at some headlines now. the i.r.s. apologizing for wrongly punishing former senate candidate christine o'donnell for the second time. o'donnell says her bank account was frozen, $30,000 deducted for back taxes that had already been paid. she was mace -- mistakenly accused of owing money for her senate run. >> jeb bush clears his schedule as he ayes a presidential run. he now plans to travel across the country to meet with voters. >> has this ever happened to you?
3:24 am
>> he knows when you're awake. >> i don't want this. >> show everybody what aunt clara gave you. >> my feet began to sweat as these fluffy bunnies with the two sad eyes stared sadly at me. >> what should we do with those unwanted gifts? >> 42% of americans regifted last year but that doesn't mean you should regift your ugly sweaters. >> joining us with the right way to regift is jacqueline whitmore, author of "poised for success." welcome. so happy to have you here. there is a right and a wrong way to regift? >> yes, indeed. it's perfectly acceptable to regift these days so keep a stockpile of gifts in case you need them. of course we probably got a lot of gifts yesterday that we want to regift, so keep them in a closet, label them who gave it to you and when they gave it to you and then you have to make
3:25 am
sure this is something that's worth giving away. if you don't want it maybe somebody else wants it but maybe they don't. >> maybe they don't. absolutely, that tacky sweater or that old fruit cake, dump it or donate it. >> i like the fact that you say make sure you label it so i don't make the mistake of giving it to the person who gave it to me. >> you also need to erase the evidence. take out the tag that can be in the book. >> one time i was given a gift, it was a candle. i looked in the gift bag and there was an envelope and on the envelope was somebody else's name. you have to erase the evidence. >> there are some things i don't like that you might like and it's great for stuff to have at home. you also say maybe even to protect it more, you want to make sure you bring it to a completely different social circle so somehow it doesn't get back around. >> if your aunt edna gave you a gift don't regift it to your cousin paula.
3:26 am
regift it in different circles. >> i could give it to charity. >> that is a great place. >> know when to say no? what does that mean? >> if you wouldn't keep it perhaps you need to dump it or donate it. it may not be worthy of regifting. if it's something perishable it may have an expiration date and always check that date particularly with gift cards. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, driver wanted, no experience necessary. how this woman got to drive the president's motorcade with absolutely no training. >> then she's hitting the red carpet in a suit and tie. angelina jolie and brad pitt's daughter wants to dress like a boy and change her name to jon. her parents say it's okay. should children be allowed to choose their own name? we debate it. >> first happy birthday to
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♪ ♪ >> good morning everybody. was christmas better with friends for you? hopefully you watched us yesterday. we've been getting all sorts of pictures coming from all of our viewers. here's one from a family in york town, virginia. the oldest is 19, the youngest grandchild is two month. >> this one includes six four-legged family members. >> that's cool. >> sharon sent thus one of little wyatt's first christmas. he's pretty happy. >> one of our producers showed some video. we should show video of your son gavin. he said this is exactly what i wanted, or just what i always wanted.
3:31 am
>> keep send your pictures. we'll share more this morning of what your day looked like yesterday. some gifts were good, others maybe not so good. >> people were taking to social media to complain. connor said didn't get a ps-4. thanks for nothing, santa. >> joshua said all i wanted was an xbox 1. of course i didn't get it. >> gabby said i asked for a new iphone and of course i didn't get it but my sister asked for one direction tickets and got it all. >> maybe she was on the nice list. >> it's an interesting thing. people complaining about this time of generosity when it's christmas. gifts are gifts for a reason because it's something you didn't have before but people are complaining. are we entitled to get the gift we want. >> and we get a gift from somebody and then we return it because it's not our
3:32 am
favorite thing. >> what does it say about us if we can tweet that kind of stuff out there? >> the reason for the season is to be spreading love and happiness and all that. >> yesterday we talked about a study that has been done that religious people are much happier than others and religious people understanding the meaning of this season and what it's for. >> the study was saying those who pray are actually able to find some happiness. >> and attend services regularly. there is a direct correlation between how often you attend services the happier you are than those who don't ever attend some sort of religious service. >> if you're a christian you believe the biggest gift of christmas was christ coming in a manger and maybe if we focused on that more we'd be happier. >> we want to know what you think. keep sending your messages on twitter or e-mail them to us or put them on our facebook page. >> perfect. now a look at the
3:33 am
headlines. >> a family in south carolina searching for their little boy who went missing on christmas eve. four-year-old jayden has autism and can't speak. he was last seen wearing footie pajamas. volunteers and officials have been searching for any sign of jayden. as police in new york fear for violence, the daughter of eric garner, the man would died of an apparent chokehold by police. yesterday erica garner tweeted out the address of one of the officers present. garner later deleted the tweet before now before it was viewed hundreds of tiles. family's lawyer said she sent the tweet but didn't know what that link contained. an american motor service filled with this 24-year-old taking a sell if
3:34 am
sell -- selfie. she documents her days of the training in october. she signed up for the position with no training and she told reporters she had no clue what to do in an emergency. a christmas miracle. this dog proving it's not just cats with nine lives. sam, the 13-year-old boston terrier, falling 15 stories from a high rise building in sacramento surviving. miraculously sam landed in a hot tub. two workers found him swimming around. new meaning for luck yeah dog. he broke a few ribs but vets say he should be just fine. guys? >> that's where i'm going. all right. time to take a look at what's going on across the country with the weather. maria molina outside. >> good morning. did you guys have a great
3:35 am
christmas. >> how about you? >> same. we want to take a look at the weather conditions across the country. we had a storm system produce heavy snow across parts of the rockies. snow in utah. higher elevations picked up about a foot of snow. that system bringing in snow across portions of colorado and into new mexico. take a look at the forecast. by saturday it is forecast to be impacting portions of the glaze, midwest and down -- portions of the great lakes, midwest and down into louisiana. by sunday it will keep moving eastward and bringing rain across parts of mississippi, tennessee and up into interior portions of the northeast. we have winter weather advisories in effect because of the storm system across parts of the plains, parts of nebraska, parts of zach into -- parts of south dakota into minnesota. heavier totals around the higher elevations of the rockies. current temperatures, relatively mild across the
3:36 am
country. cold spots across colorado. 17 in the city of denver. but things are going to change as we head into this weekend and also early next week. much colder air moving into parts of the plains and the rockies. take a look at the forecast. low temperatures for your saturday morning, single digits in the city of denver and it continues to get colder across parts of the country sunday and also into monday. let's head back inside. >> maria, thanks so much. 40 degrees in new york. coming up on "fox & friends," these two men threatened the lives of police officer but they're walking the streets free. why does a judge keep loose and should she be able to stay on the bench? >> pot smokers could soon be carrying guns. sound like a good idea? we report, you decide. ♪
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3:40 am
department knew of the serious problems before the scandal ever went public. as many as 40 veterans are believed to have died awaiting treatment. former v.a. secretary eric shinseki denies those claims. >> smoke then shoot, colorado activists working to get a new measure on the state's 2016 ballot that would allow known marijuana users to carry conceal gun permits. advocates say people who drink can carry guns so pot smokers should be able to too. >> a brooklyn judge releasing cop haters on the streets. laura johnson releasing this man, travis may, without bail after he allegedly punched a cop and threatened to kill oafers. this coming a day after judge johnson released
3:41 am
coley, who threatened cops. is a move like this political correctness or retribution? joining us is president of the new york state supreme court officers association sergeant patrick colin. thanks for joining. sorry for the loss of one of the officers you worked with. this is obviously such a difficult issue facing the city right now and it appears you have two size that size -- two sides that are pulling stronger and stronger on this issue. and now we have a case where a judge releasing two people that have been making threats towards some of our cops in the city. tell us what your thoughts are first. >> it is outrageous. it is a dangerous situation when it's a demonstration to the public that these types of acts, threats against cops, attacks against cops, is acceptable behavior. and it's obviously not.
3:42 am
>> we live in a society where there is a first amendment and freedom of speech here. how do you retain somebody who has only made a threat and not caused harm yet? >> i think that's why the courts exist. we have to go through the process to find out what is behind these. releasing them to the public to possibly act this way again is dangerous. >> we have a quote from travis may here threatening the nypd lives and their families. it says i googled all of you, find out where you live. i don't know about dead cops and your families. i will meet you in a bodega and get you. you will dievment this is a person the judge released. what do you think about that? >> it is dangerous and disairy and tragic. i think what -- it is scary and tragic. it strengthens our resolve and be as vigilant as we've been to make sure we are
3:43 am
always on the lookout for those who seek to do harm to law officers. >> what is happening with the law enforcement community when you're seeing these additional threats? >> i believe the level of awareness has been raised and people are aware of those who seek to do harm is something we are on the lookout for more than ever. not to say we're not normally but i think the level of alertness and awareness is raised. >> there's a quote from the judge, judge johnson says it's wrong to impose bail just because of the current climate. says the incident appears to have been an extraordinarily emotion-laden and hectic situation. it would be wrong to impose bail because of the current climate. what are your thoughts on that? >> my thoughts are those of us who work in the court system here in new york see politics brought to the bench sometimes. that's a dangerous situation. the judiciary exists as a separate branch of government to avoid those problems exactly. what our problem is with
3:44 am
that statement is that every day we see incidents like this. this is news worthy now because of the current events but every day those of us who work in the courts see people released who probably shouldn't be. >> this judge's term is up on wednesday so mayor de blasio is tbg to -- is going to have to milwaukee a choice whether to keep her on the bench or release her. the fire de blasio is under right now this could be a gigantic moment for him. >> it is a point in time when he can take a small step on a very long road to recovery by truly looking at this judge's fitness to sit on the bench. >> what if he chooses to keep her on? would this make matters worse? >> i believe it would. and i think it would lengthen the divide that exists between the mayor and law enforcement. >> obviously a tough issue. two of these people threatening our law
3:45 am
enforcement back out on the street right now. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> illegals released into the u.s. aren't reporting back to i.c.e. so what does the government do? they want to slap on these ankle bracelets and you're paying for it. she's hitting the red carpet in a suit and tie. angelina's and brad pitt's daughter wants to dress like a boy and change her name to john and they are okay with it. ♪ ♪
3:46 am
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quick headlines for you. a lasm l.a. -- a man named jack daniels is toasting his son named jim bean. they say if they have another boy they'll name him evan williams after the bourbon. shaq is not known to be the quickest guy on the court but off the court he's even worse. >> get fouled. here he is. seven feet shaquille o'neal crashing into a christmas tree during the half time show. he is totally fine. anna? >> thanks, rick. onlookers were surprised
3:50 am
when eight-year-old shiloh pitt stepped out on the red carpet in a suit and tie. shiloh has been dressing like a boy for years and wants to be called john, they are fostering and they're giving their child the tools to allow the child to express who the child wants to be. i think as a parent, one of many roles is obviously you want your child to be safe and loved and comfortable in their own skin. and i believe that them right now allowing her to want to change her name to john right
3:51 am
now is fine because that's what the child wants. >> fostering that type of environment, letting the boys play with ez back oven, maybe that's okay. maybe letting girls play with guns is okay. is it a step further to change the name? >> i'm all for children being able to stoke their creativity. but just because a
3:52 am
finish. i also want to say that i think that brad and angelina, they don't live an average life like we do. they should not be considered the trail blazers for what's right and wrong of the as a catholic girl, i agree with what the pope says. we're not here to judge anybody. but i think if a child -- >> but you are judging. >> let me talk. >> that's not about that right now. right now it's just about role playing. >> the child wants to dress, the child wants to -- >> then where is the parenting role of diedance? we need to guide our children and love and support them. >> what would you say if the little girl wanted to dress up as a ninja turtle at school? is that okay? >> hear what i'm saying. i'm saying role playing is fine and anything to stoke creativity.
3:53 am
but to put your child for ridicule saying now everybody call my daughter john, like brad and angelina do, is putting them in ridicule. >> what do you say it's making john or shiloh a potential victim to bullying? >> i don't think that and i think that right now the child needs to be who the child wants to be. i know little girls who want to dress up in boys clothes. >> and you do agree that's role play. >> but right now, we don't know anything about shiloh. maybe this is role playing for her. we don't know anything yet. the child is still too young for us to make judgments upon what's going to happen with the child and what's not going to happen. let the child be a child right now. that's my opinion. >> they certainly are out there in the media. brad said this on changing her name. she only wants to be called john, so we've got to call her john. do you want john? i'm john.
3:54 am
so that's the way that brad and angelina jolie are choose to go parent and maybe we shouldn't judge how they're parenting one way or the other? >> i think they should not be the trail blazers for parenting. they do not live a traditional life like i do. they home school. they travel all over -- >> what about changing a name just to another female name? is that okay or is that not okay because this child is too young? >> i think it's fine in row playing. but to put it out there in the public what they're doing to this little girl to have them call the daughter john, i think that's crazy. >> you'll have the last word. >> again, it's the child's decision and opinion. again, it's just a child -- >> they don't have a right to make a decision at 7 years old. >> it's what the child wants. again, let m i know a little girl and she loves to dress up in boys clothes and play sports and would people
3:55 am
call her a tomboy, this is a different child, let her be who the child wants to be. because in the end, if they're not who they want to be, there will be depression and all different kinds of forms of anxiety. we don't want to see that happen and again, my opinion, i think the child should be a child and should be allowed to dress how they feel. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, from band to the big screen, americans flock to that's rights to catch sony's "the interview." but is this a victory or too little too late? your comments are pouring in. plus, her very first car stolen. now nearly 30 years later, it turns up and you won't believe where. ♪ ♪
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
ed good morning. today is friday, december 26, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for allegation elisabeth. fox news alert, just days after two new york city cops are murdered in cold blood, the nypd
3:59 am
uncovered their new threat, including one man with a deadly arsenal in his home. we're live with the breaking developments. call it real patriotism. american taking a stand for freedom. coming out in droves to see "the interview" in theaters on christmas day. is this a victory or too little too late? we report. you decide. it's happened again. stolen valor. a military member catching the fraud on camera. >> that's an army uniform. why would you have an army uniform if you're in the marine corps. >> the real hero that called him out joins us live coming up. mornings are better with friends so here we are this morning. good morning. welcome back. >> we hope everyone had a nice merry christmas with your family. hope you ate well and hope santa was good to you. >> i'm still full.
4:00 am
>> yeah. >> trying to wake up and smell the coffee. we're glad you're here with us. right now we want to go to a fox news alert. new york city police on high alert after arresting a man threatening to murder police officers. police finding an arsenal of weapons inside his home. >> this as the city prepares to say their good-byes to fallen officer raphael ramos. jonathan hunt is live in queens where his wake will be held later today. jonathan? >> reporter: good morning to all of you. emotional days ahead for the entire new york police department as the wake service and viewing service get underway today for officer raphael ramos, one of those so-called bloodedly murdered by brinsley. last night the family of officer ramos paid an emotional visit to the spot in brooklyn where he, along with officer liu was
4:01 am
gunned down. obviously very difficult time for them and then we have the wake and viewing service today and then the funeral for officer ramos will take place tomorrow. arrangements still being made for the funeral of officer liu because some of his family have to arrive from their native china. meantime, the airline, jetblue, is paying for flights for cops who want to travel to pay their respects to the funeral from almost any part of the country. listen here. >> able to go back and not only represent the department, but the police association, but to stand up with all the new york city officers and officers from around the country and to show our support. >> reporter: now, there is still increased security at many new york police precincts. the nypd tells us that they have had literally hundreds of threats since the murders of those two officers.
4:02 am
40 of those deemed serious enough to merit a full investigation. the latest one involving a man who was overherd on a cell phone threatening to kill white officers. a witness to that conversation reported it to the police. they moved in. the man has been arrested and at his home, officers found two guns and two bullet proof vests. so officers throughout the city, and indeed throughout the country, remaining on high alert for any potential attacks against them. back to you guys. >> thank you. it's such a tough time obviously a tough couple of days for the ramos family. but the scary times continuing for the nypd. >> i think people need to dial it back and realize that instead of violence, you can do peaceful protests. >> of course. >> we will hand it over to molly line for what else is making headlines. good morning. >> good morning. two u.s. drone strikes killed at least seven militants in
4:03 am
northwest pakistan. coming in the same region the pakinstani army has been battling taliban insurgents. pakistan and u.s. drones all stepping up these operations against the taliban following last week's school massacre that left at least 130 children dead. also overnight, protests no oakland, california, turning violent with demonstrators smashing dozens of windows and looting stores. a christmas tree display seriously damaged as protesters blocked roads. marchers, branding this as a no time off march which targeted recent police involved shootings. explosives on board a packed plane in new york and they almost made it into the sky. tsa officials at la guardia airport stopping a plane already taxiing for takeoff because someone smuggled fireworks in their luggage. the man with the fireworks says he was just taking them home to haiti for a celebration. no word on why the tsa waited so long to stop that plane and to
4:04 am
call police. sony, the target of another attack, this time to its play station network. a different group of hackers targeting play station and microsoft x box. it left thousands pretty disappointed on christmas morning when they couldn't get their new gift connected to the internet. some x box and play station users could still be having trouble this morning. those are your headlines. back to you. >> how did they know it's a separate set of attackers? >> after they identify themselves, we have to go in and -- not we, but the f.b.i., and others have to investigate to find out if that's true n crazy. interesting times. speak of sony and "the interview," finally released yesterday to record crowds or to sell-out crowds. made a million dollars on its first day in the theater. >> there were a few hundred theaters that decided to air this on sony's behalf and folks were standing up for freedom and
4:05 am
the first amendment and that's why we're choose to go see this movie as opposed to a different one on christmas day. >> i feel that we live in a country of more freedom and privileges than anywhere on earth and to be dictated by a country such as north korea is reason to be here. >> it's unamerican to not see what you want to see. >> this isn't about a movie. this is about freedoms and choices and not being told that we can't and can't do in a free society. >> all these people basically saying take this, north korea. take this, hackers. one of the biggest goals of terrorism is to make us live in fear and change the way we go about our everyday lives, whether it's flying planes into buildings and killing thousands of americans and then the fallout from that being the way we have to go through security at the airport, changing that, or whether it's through hacking and being done through computers and what have you and making us live in fear. maybe this is the best way to say take this, terrorists.
4:06 am
this is what we stand for. >> so true. we asked you what you guys thought and we've been getting a ton of replies on our facebook page. john writes, absolutely. we cannot let other countries tell us what to do. great job, sony. and dennis says, yes, it's about time someone got a backbone in hollywood. >> dean says, dang right. can't let north korea or anyone else tell them what to show. if you don't want to see it, don't watch it. >> you wonder how many more people are going to see this who maybe wouldn't have seen it otherwise. now they're going to say i'm going to see this, maybe it's not my kind of movie, but i want to show we won't be silenced. >> at the end of the day, it's comedy. >> right. a seth rogen, james franco comedy. the kind of thing where a lot of people are like, this isn't my kind of movie. i probably wouldn't see this under any other circumstances. >> although we do know dictators have a hard time laughing at themselves. >> traditionally that's generally been the case.
4:07 am
i tell you what, it has also been kind of a time to complain. it's interesting, social media let's people have this platform now just to gripe about everything, including your christmas gifts. >> what is the world coming to? we should be thankful for anything that we're getting, even if it's just a candy cane. conner said this, didn't get a pf 4. thanks for nothing, santa. >> exactly. joshua tweeted, all i wanted was an x box. of course, i didn't get it. >> abbey says, i asked for a new phone because mine sucked so bad and i didn't get it. but my sister asked for one direction tickets and, ipad and laptop and got it all. >> is this because she's the favorite child or maybe because she got straight a's and has been excelling. there was a trouble maker? >> some issues going on. >> complainer on social media. i'll teach you, you're not getting anything. >> if the parents have that account, first of all, lock up their account.
4:08 am
i'd take the phone away and say, go sulk in your corner for a little bit and think about why you didn't get anything. this is the reason why, because you're showing how ungrateful you are. >> or maybe mom and dad couldn't afford to get awe new phone or new play station. >> she needs to learn what christmas is all about. >> yes. >> i like that one. >> we just had a story out yesterday, a new survey that says basically it pays to pray and people who go to church more often have more satisfaction in their lives and more happiness. >> so does that mean everybody is going to run to church and say now i have a moment, i know what christmas is all about? maybe. >> would that be a bad thing? there is a direct correlation. it is our human nature to complain, all of us. but there is an interesting cover rehabilitation. the more frequently you attend services, there is a higher
4:09 am
correlation to happiness in your life. those who never attend any services have less happiness. whether this is because of god or jesus or whatever the faith is that you believe in, or is it just because you're part of a community and you have fellowship with people around you? >> granted. especially with a community that's of the same like mindedness in terms of their spirituality and growth. it isn't necessarily about one particular religion. it's basically about the power of prayer. in that, you realize there is no time for grumbling and complaining and gossipping. there is this one prayer i used to have in my office when i was in dc and it was tweety bird and tweety bird is sitting there saying, dear god, thank you for this day so far. i haven't gossipped, i haven't complained, i haven't done anything bad. but i haven't gotten out of bed yet. >> right. >> the day is young. >> sandra says this, people are forgetting the true meaning of christmas and i blame the retailers. >> john said, i received exactly
4:10 am
what i wanted. no gifts. just a sense of peace, thankfulness and truly being blessed. >> if you're christian, we all got a gift. >> here is what we got -- i'm reading your tease. >> we've got a big show lined up for you and here is what we'll tell you next. illegals released in the united states aren't reporting back to ice. so how does the government react? by tracking them with ankle bracelets that you're paying for. >> a drone seemed like a great christmas present until this happened. the story behind the video coming up next.
4:11 am
4:12 am
4:13 am
4:14 am
ings you. good morning. 7% of undocumented immigrants released into the united states never report back with immigration officials. >> in response, here is what's going on. the department of homeland security wants to track illegals with gps ankle bracelets. the question is who is going to pay for it? >> joining us to weigh in is the director of policy studies. good morning. >> i imagine the taxpayer will pay for it? >> that's exactly right. you, me and every other taxpayer are going to foot the bill for
4:15 am
this facade of an effort to keep track of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who arrive from central america in the last year and a half or so. and it's expensive because it prolongs the deportation process for them. it doesn't necessarily make it any more likely that they're going to show up for their hearing. and on top of it, taxpayers have to foot the bill for all the services, education, health care, and other welfare benefits that these families are going to be receiving while they're here waiting for their deportation hearing. but they probably are still not going to necessarily show up for. we don't have a good track record. >> you said something key in your opening statement there. you said facade. do you see it as being a facade, something that really doesn't have enough teeth to sink into a plan that would help cut down on illegal immigration? >> that's exactly right. the logical way to deal with these cases would have been to
4:16 am
return them to their home countries as quickly as possible because the vast majority of these folks who arrived illegally aren't gog qualify for a green card. but instead the administration released them and nobody was really surprised when they didn't show up to be deported. so this is putting an ankle bracelet on people, first of all, they have o find the tens of thousands of people that have disappeared into the woodwork already. in the past, this kind of a monitoring program has only worked in a very narrowly defined set of cases. it really doesn't work for the average person who is just coming here and wants to live here illegally. >> you say they can cut it off and there isn't a real penalty associated with it if you're found and apprehended because of it. it's 3.50 per day, per immigrant with this. where do you think that money should be going instead?
4:17 am
border security? >> absolutely. the plan that existed before this administration was to actually return people quickly to their home country when they arrive illegally. that provides a deterrent so people don't keep trying. when we release people into the country and let them live here and work here as if they have some kind of legal status, that just inspires more and more illegal immigration. so the policy has been a complete disaster and needs to be reversed with some enforcement of the laws that we have. it makes no sense to just release people. it's a giant catch and release program rather than providing a deterrent to illegal immigration because while many people are sympathetic to the conditions in these christians, we can't solve these problems by letting everyone come here and live here illegally. it's not fair to all the people who do this through the legal process. >> we thank you. obviously a lot will be changing or we think it might be changing
4:18 am
as congress comes back, the new session of congress. we've seen a shift in the balance of power. so we know that they will be taking up this issue. we'll see what happens because for so many years, going back even to the bush administration and the obama administration, no one got the job done properly. so we'll have to see what's going to happen in this coming year. >> thanks so much. coming up on "fox & friends," it's the controversial new ad that's got many up in arms. >> children told to take their parents' guns and turn them into teachers. but is this really the lesson we should be teaching them about gun safety? >> we'll be talking about that and also about a speedy delivery. a baby boy decided to make his way into the world on a train. meet the officer who helped it
4:19 am
all happen, that's straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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4:22 am
time for news by the numbers. first, one. it's the first day of kwanzaa. observers will spend a week celebrating african culture and heritage focusing on seven principles of life, like unity and faith. next, 433,000 bucks. that's how much of your tax dollars are going to a study
4:23 am
about fat movie characters. national institute of health wants to determine what kids think when they hear fat jokes in movies. finally, 28 years. that's how long ago this 67 mustang went missing. a guy bought the car from storage and found it was stolen when he tried to register with the dmv. then a california highway patrol officer brought the car back to the original owner who couldn't be happier. >> my first car was a '66 mustang. so i understand what they're talking about. is this the lesson we should be teaching our kids when it comes to gun safety? this psa shows a teen-ager walking into his parents' bedroom, removing their gun from the mother's dresser drawer. the boy actually brings the gun to school, walks up to his teacher and then this happens. >> can you take this away? i don't feel safe with a gun in
4:24 am
my house. >> so critics are slamming the ad for encouraging kids not only to bring guns to school, but to commit a crime. but the maker of the psa says the ad's detractors are afraid. here with reaction now, national review's captain. >> good morning. this concept seems crazy from beginning to end. >> right, yeah. this gun is definitely safer in this kid's hands than in his mom's dresser drawer, who looked so voy lent reading on the couch. they forgot the ending, which this kid would be expelled and arrested and booked on felony charges and his parents would be arrested two. >> at last check, there are several hundred thousand views of this. >> because it's ridiculous. because people can't believe it's real. i couldn't believe it's real.
4:25 am
not all attention is good attention unless you're a kardashian. i think the woman will find it's not worth it that she did something this outrageous because it made the antigun movement look bad. >> because the other thing that seems to negate is that the child actually does this. that child may not know how to operate a gun and pick up that weapon and it could go off and discharge a bullet. >> right. her strategy to take the guns out of kids' hands seems like an odd one by making a psa encouraging kids to put guns in their hands that don't belong to them, steal them and bring them to school. doesn't make sense. it's the most outrageous thing i've seen in a long side. >> we've got a quote from the citizens who -- we're talking about felony theft of a firearm, illegal possession of a hand gun bay minor, having a gun in school, illegal concealed carry by a minor, the message of this video is so monumentally stupid
4:26 am
that if any youth does something like this after watching it, the producers should face charges. interesting concept. >> i don't think kids are that stupid in general. i don't think they're as stupid as this ad is. but it is dangerous, such as a young kid sees this. i trust parents to be able to teach their own kids about gun safety. i think it's outrageous this woman seems to know what's best for every family in the country and what she thinks is it's best for a kid to bring a gun to school. great idea. >> sounds like she's doubling down on it. the director says kids shouldn't have access to guns at home. violent crimes committed by children who wrongfully have access to firearms. society should take stricter measures to keep guns out of the hands of children. you say? >> i'd say why is she encouraging kids to take guns and put them in their own hands? again, i don't think she knows what's best for every family. in some instances, a home would be safer with a gun.
4:27 am
maybe she should learn more about at that. >> we thank you for sharing your insights with us. we all know that you can take a toy gun to school and your child can be expelled. >> right. we've seen that time and again. thanks. still ahead, shocking new allegations against the v.a. did senior officials know about the major problems years before they were exposed and never said a word? how many lives could have been saved? we take a closer look. and it's happened again. stolen valor. a military member catching a fraud on camera. >> that's an army uniform. why would you have an army uniform in the marines? >> this army uniform. that's all he had. >> the real hero that called him out is here live. ♪ ♪
4:28 am
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4:30 am
it's time for your shot of the morning. when christmas presents attack.
4:31 am
(scream). >> you know he did that on purpose. brother tried to get his sister a new hair cut by flying his mini drone right into her hair. >> yeah. she had to cut a few pieces actually because of this. fortunately, it left no major damage. but she's now instituted a new into zone around her head. >> you saw he's just using his cell phone to do this, right? >> controlling it with the phone? >> right. i wonder how safe that actually is. i think he probably did it on purpose. >> she was laughing there. >> it used to be little boys would hurt their sisters by putting gum in their hair. now they put drones in their hair. >> i want a drone for christmas. >> your boys will fly it right into the hair. >> we want to talk about this this morning. is it okay to have your child choose their own gender? is it okay to have them choose
4:32 am
their own name to change that? angelina jolie and brad pitt are supporting their daughter's decision to change her name from shiloh to john. so they were just recently out on the red carpet to promote "unbroken" and shiloh appeared in a suit and tie like her brothers. it appears that she's changing her name to john and the parents accept it. >> brad pitt said in an interview in 2008 to oprah that shiloh at that point preferred all boys' toys, preferred to dress like a boy and i believe at that time she was like three years old. >> a lot of little girls grow up and they want to play baseball and football and what's wrong with that? if they want to be called john, we have g.i. jane and g.i. john. we had our debate about this earlier and this is what was said during that debate. let's listen. >> they are fostering it and they're giving their child the tools to allow the child to express who the child wants to be. you want a child to be comfortable in their own skin and i believe that them right now allowing her to want to
4:33 am
change her name to john right now is fine. >> as a parent, we need to guide them and we need to love and support them no matter what they see. i think you're absolutely wrong by saying that it's fine for them to let this little girl wear a suit and tie. they don't live an average life like we do. they should not be considered the trail blazers for what's right and wrong. >> that's an interesting thing. no permanent change is happening here. so changing it to john, at some point she might want to change it back to shiloh or something else. >> should you allow your child to do that, period, whether it's changing the name from one sex to another, or changing the name? this is the name that the parents gave them at birth. is it almost defying the parent by saying i don't want this name, or is giving them permission to change their name or gender, is that confusing them more?
4:34 am
>> is anna your real name? >> okay. so it's not john? >> no. >> we go by anna. i went by calvin most of my life. then somewhere in the eighth grade, i said i want to be called kelly. somebody could have said that's has girl's name. my mother was cool with it. >> but then again, you were 14 and made that decision. eight years old, you're in, what, third grade? >> something like that. >> what's wrong with wearing a suit? >> who knows? these are all interesting questions. we know shiloh has parents who are supportive of her and ultimately for any kid, that seems to be an important thing. we're getting lots of comments from awful our viewers. keep sending us your comments about what you think about this. is this okay? is this bad parenting or is this good? is this a bad thing in society or a step forward? >> the famous country song "you can call me anything but sue." >> or late for dinner, or something like that. >> 34 minutes after the hour. molly line has a look at what else is making headlines. >> good morning. family in south carolina
4:35 am
searching desperately for their little boy who went missing on christmas eve. four year old jaden morrisson has autism. he can't speak. he was last seen at his grandmother's home on christmas eve in little river wearing bright red footy pajamas. volunteers have been searching for any sign of jaden. a brand-new twist in the v.a. scandal and a new report shows some of the top officials in the department knew of the serious problems before the scandal ever went public. one executive at the phoenix v.a. briefed eric shinseki about the patient backlog and other problems, but was ignored. shinseki denies those claims. as many as 40 veterans are believed to have died awaiting treatment. next up, childbirth. a special christmas delivery in philadelphia. police help a woman give birth to a healthy baby boy after she went into labor on the train. the two sets of officers heard
4:36 am
the call on the radio on comma and rushed onto the train to help. they said there was very little time to act. the little guy got here successfully. >> we delivered a baby for her, so it's like her christmas present. but it's also like a blessing and present for myself. this is the first time i experienced something like this. >> and the best part? mom and baby are doing just fine. the movie "christmas vacation," it is a classic. we're all familiar with this. the griswold family always seems to find plenty of trouble on the road. >> stop it! >> i don't want to spend the holidays dead. >> honey, please. i'll do the driving. >> now fans of the movie are pulling their own prank for the holiday. changing the highway sign in new jersey to the name of chevy chase's nickname. the real name is clark westfield. those are your headlines. >> christmas decorations. what's the problem? >> if you're trying to get
4:37 am
somewhere, you never know where you'll end up. we'll hand it over to maria molina outside in the heart of new york city. there is plenty of christmas decorations up. good morning. >> that's right. hello. we are going to be tracking another storm system that's going to be moving across the country over the next few days. before we talk about that, i want to show you some amazing video. so many people didn't get a white christmas along parts of the east coast. even set record high temperatures in parts of the northeast and take a look at the images out of hawaii. we have some snow. that's not from honolulu. that's in the higher elevations on the big island of hawaii. they picked up snow. they had blizzard warnings in effect out there. in other areas, we also have extreme weather and that's across portions of upstate new york or western new york in lancaster, new york. you can see those images. that's damage from very strong winds. we had high wind warnings in effect. also wind advisories. some wind gusts in excess of 50 and 60 miles in some spots.
4:38 am
that's not good news. incredible images. i want to talk about that storm system. it's actually already been producing some areas of snow across parts of the rockies. reports of up to 20 inches of snow in some of the higher elevations of colorado. that system will be moving eastward by tomorrow. it's going to be producing some areas of rain across parts of eastern texas, louisiana, and then some snow on the northern side of that storm system in parts of minnesota and wisconsin. snowfall accumulations generally like several inches in some of those areas. that's the forecast coming up for sunday. areas of rain from upstate new york all the way down through parts of the southeast, including alabama and mississippi. winter weather advisories in effect. we also have winter storm warnings posted for portions of the rockies as that heavy snow keeps coming down and temperature wise, not bad across the country. we're currently at 40 degrees in new york city. that will be changing coming up next week. we'll have colder air moving in affecting most of the country. let's head back inside. >> all right. thanks. great news for the skiers across
4:39 am
the colorado area. they've got a great base of snow set up out there. >> coming up, it's happened again. stolen valor. a military member catching a fraud on camera. >> that's an army uniform. why would you have an army uniform if you're in the marines. >> yes. that's all he had. >> the real hero that called him out here live next. then it's the best news we've heard all day. don't feel like getting out of bed to go to the gym? stay right there. all you need is your imagination to get toned? >> first a trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1971, this celebrity won best supporting actor at last year's oscars. who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. ♪ ♪
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hi, everybody. i hope you had a great christmas. it's the second busiest shopping day of the year. many stores are opening early to offer you great deals. wnyw's reporter is here with us.
4:43 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the average american will be returning four gifts this year. we're outside here of the macy's flagship store in the heart of new york city. it opened up at 6:00 o'clock this morning. we were there right before it opened at around 5:30. people were waiting in the lobby and as soon as the doors opened, they began rushing in, scurrying in to get those deep, deep discounts. the average american spent probably around $800 alone on holiday gifts. that's 5% up from last year. i've been covering these holiday shopping stories for the past couple of months now. i can tell you we've been seeing these deep, deep discounts since halloween. if they're not returning gifts, i can tell you a lot of people are probably using their gift cards as well, which is a huge business. a billion dollars business across the country. $32 billion alone were spent on gift cards. that's the latest here from new york city. back to you, anna. >> thanks so much. merry christmas to you. rick and kelly, over to you.
4:44 am
>> thanks. army vet catching a military impersonator on camera. 21-year-old christian spot o'clock this guy at the fresno airport wearing an army hat inside, which is against protocol. the man making excuses when confronted. >> i have no other clothes that are here right now. i got here four days ago. >> that's an army uniform. why would you have an army uniform if you're in the marine corps. >> that's your moa. >> i cannot believe i'm going to get jammed up for dressing up like my dad. >> i recently got out of the army and it's called stolen valor. >> i am stealing anybody's valor. >> army specialist christian parmer cornered the military man in action and shot the video that we just saw. he joins us this morning and thank you for joining us this morning, sir and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> i want to know, when you started actually seeing this
4:45 am
guy, were you agitated and aggravated that he would do this? >> i mean, it's been common lately, people film people pretending to be in the army. first, it made me angry and then it's also kind of comical, people trying to pull this off, so any person in the army would know immediately he's not in the army. >> what were the clues? you said that the hat inside. but what were thecally yous and did it take something in you to decide i'm going to confront this guy? >> well, other than the hat, it was just the way he didn't look the part as a soldier. he was wearing a confederate flag on his shoulder, eod patch. it wasn't matching up. >> one of the key questions that you asked that he couldn't respond to is when you asked him, what was his mos, which is basically military occupational specialty, your job.
4:46 am
he didn't know, or the definition of that. >> yeah. he said he was in the marines. i asked him, what his mos was. he didn't know what mos stood for. that's how i knew i got him. >> i can't imagine you served and have sacrificed for our country. when you see somebody doing something like this, what does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel mad that people would try to pretend they're in the military when actual soldiers sacrifice their lives, earn that uniform, and they don't have the right to do that. >> it's our understanding that cup of coffee that you see that he's holding, starbucks coffee, he got a discount for that for wearing the uniform. >> yeah. that's correct. >> is that why you think somebody does something like this? what's the point of it? >> i think they want to feel respected. they want to make people feel like they're heros. so i think that and the military discounts, that's what they want.
4:47 am
>> when you think about military heros, are military members our heros. then you get a guy like this who wants to get in on this without having done anything for it. >> yeah. my job was a combat year. lately, two combat engineers died in afghanistan, which they sacrificed everything for that uniform, for the country, and this guy poses as one of them, it's not right. >> yeah. christian, thank you so much for calling this guy out for joining us this morning and ultimately for your service. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. coming up, we just told you stores have some huge deals today. so are you looking to trade in what you got under the tree? we've got all the hassle free return tips you don't want to miss. >> it's a mad rush out there. then it's the best news we've heard all day. don't feel like getting out of bed and go to the gym? maybe i should have done what these guys did. stay right here. all you need to know is how to
4:48 am
use your imagination to get toned up. first on this day in history in 2004, tsunami reeked havoc on southeast asia. in 1919, babe ruth was leased from the new york yankees and signed with the boston red sox. in 2001, you remind me by nickelback was the number one song.
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
welcome back. a quick look at your headlines. don't get out of bed. just imagining working out could make you stronger. huh? new research says thinking of exercise can actually have the same effect as hitting the gym
4:52 am
because imagery techniques hope tone your muscles. the findings could help delay the aging process and you won't be as sore in the morning. when it comes it overall value, stay away from jeep. the wrangler unlimited is actually topping "consumer reports" list for worst car value. the survey calls it hard riding, unreliable. other cars on the list, the jeep cherokee latitude, nissan ultimate ma, and chrysler town and country. and the answer to the trivia question of the day is jared leto and our winner is from jackie who will get a copy of brian's book, "johngeorge washington's secret six." christmas has come and gone, presents have been opened and now stores are being flooded once again. only this time people are returning their unwanted gifts. so what are the best hassle free holiday return tips? what about the best holiday sales? joining us now with more is consumer savings expert, andrea.
4:53 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> first up, we're going to return something, obviously we need to keep the packaging and don't toss it out. >> exactly. that leads to a hassle free return process. also especially for those kitchen gadgets or electronics, there is a warranty for it, you'll need that original packaging. call the manufacturer up if you're having an issue and send it back in the original packaging. if you're not sure about keeping an electronic, don't open a box. then you'll pay a restocking fee which will lower the exchange in the first place. you say boost your exchange. >> when you are exchanging in store, look for sales. take advantage of those end of season sales. today, this weekend, and through january, you'll find really great deals on winter apparel. when super bowl starts coming around, you'll find great deals on tvs. so you might want to hold off on those. if you go in store, download the coupon sherpa cue pan.
4:54 am
, you can get $20 off 50 at macy's, and 65% off select women's sweaters. there are a lot of sales to be had. but use the coupons on top of those to get even more. >> hopefully if you can get your hands on the gift receipt, that will help, too. then you'll get the full amount. >> the full amount. 'cause if you don't have the gift receipt, you might just get the sale price. what i do is literally take the gift receipts. i tape them to the box that i got the gift in and keep everything organized so i don't lose it. >> what about exchanging unwanted gift cards? sometimes we get gift cards to stores we don't want to shop in. >> or maybe a restaurant you don't eat at. you can exchange them. go to giftcard today is gift card exchange day. and you can exchange those gift cards for a store you would rather shop at, or even sell them and get cash. they'll send you a check or pay you through pay pal. and that might come in better for you and pay down some holiday debt. >> do you get the exact amount of the card? >> no.
4:55 am
usually 835 to 92% or the value of that gift card. but depending on demand of that gift card. but sometimes that cash is better news than a gift card that you're not going to use. >> it's just going to sit in your dresser drawer. >> sure. >> what about cells? >> some people may end up past the dates of making an exchange, or if you lost the receipt like you mentioned before, you might get stuck with a sale price and don't see the value of exchanging a really nice item or expensive gadget. what i recommend is trying to sell it yourself on ebay or craigslist. you can also sell unwanted clothes, recycle your and you'llry at exboyfriend so many sites let you sell them. better to get cash than getting stuck with store credit. >> so maybe do that with your unwanted gifts and at least you can get rid of some of your clothes. >> yeah. >> and then use that cash to pay down all the credit card debt that you accumulated this season. >> next, you say wait it out.
4:56 am
we showed an image, we went to a reporter showing just how crazy the shopping malls and everything are going to be today. but we can wait it out. >> right. i think people feel the pressure, or just get excited to spend their gift cards or make exchanges. what ends up happening is that you might end up buying things you don't really need. so i recommend giving yourself time to think through that exchange or what you want to purchase with your gift card. look ahead to the year. are there any birthday celebrations? perhaps upcoming weddings. you can use them wisely so you don't have to spend money down the road. >> wait it out. you won't have to spend money down the road and won't have to wait in line this morning. >> if you're worried about the exchange deadlines, go to the store, return it, get the store credit. those store credit gift cards won't expire. you might have more time to use it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. 56 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox & friends," from band to the big screen. americans flock to the theaters to catch sony's "the interview."
4:57 am
is this a victory or too little too late? tell us what you think. we'll share some of your comments. and a side effect of legalized marijuana. colorado may not have seen this coming. homeless people are moving in to get high. that's one theory we'll explain coming up. ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
hi, everyone. good morning. today is friday, the 26th of december, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. fox news alert. police on high alert. today one of those murdered nypd officers is set to be laid to rest and now brand-new threats against the police department. a wanna be cop killer found with a stash of weapons. we're live with the latest. call it real patriotism. americans packing theaters to see "the interview." >> i don't want anybody telling me what i could see and read n we can not have a third rate country dictate to us what we could see and not see. >> how christmas turned into independence day across the nation. and who complains about christmas? apparently this guy. he didn't get a play station and he's mad and he's not alone. whatever happened to the christmas spirit? we're going to talk about that
5:01 am
and more. mornings are so much better with friends. >> hi, everybody. i'm lurie lewis. stand by for the news. >> hope you had a fabulous christmas and we're back at your service again. >> how was christmas yesterday, kelly? >> it was pretty cool. i was hanging out with some friends of mine. >> did you take a big nap? >> i took a nap and i'm still not awake. i'm living the dream. >> we've got some java. i went to a full cycle class with a girlfriend right after the show was over. but then i got to eat whatever i wanted. >> anna and i and some other friends had dinner last night at an amazing place. had two pound lobster. >> we ate the whole thing. >> i still feel it. >> wait a minute. what's wrong with this picture here? i feel offended here.
5:02 am
>> i said, come on. >> i got coal in my stocking. >> you were with friends and you said yesterday, you need a place to go. >> we need to get to this fox news alert. high alert after a man threatens to murder more cops and finds this arsenal of weapons inside his home. >> this as the city prepares to say their good-byes to fallen officer raphael ramos. >> jonathan hunt is live in queens where the wake will take place today and what can you tell us so far? what's the atmosphere and the mood like in the city? >> reporter: kelly, anna, rick, the security alert remains in place throughout the nypd. security has been stepped up. many precincts through the city and the latest threat came when somebody was overheard on a cell phone talking about wanting to kill white cops. a witness to that conversation reported it to the police. they arrested the man in
5:03 am
question and then at his home found a number of weapons and indeed bullet proof vests. all this happening, of course, as emotions continue to run high as they will over the next two days. the first of the two funerals of the murdered officers will be that of officer raphael ramos, a wake and viewing service will take place for him here in queens later today. some 25,000 police officers from around the country expected to attend. last night the family of officer ramos spent an emotional few moments at that memorial that has sprung up in brooklyn at the very point where the two officers were murdered. a family spokesman, meantime, appealed for city and police leaders to heal divisions. listen here. >> hopefully the mayor and lynch from the union, from the police union, they can have a little
5:04 am
more respect for the uniform, but also for the people in the city of new york. >> reporter: funeral arrangements for officer liu, the other of the two who was killed in brooklyn, still are being made. that's partly because some of his family have to travel from their native china. we get underway at 2:00 p.m. with the wake here for officer ramos. it will indeed be a very, very emotional scene. we expect vice president biden to attend the funeral itself tomorrow. as i say, these streets will be lined with at least 25,000 police officers, all here to pay tribute to their fallen colleague. back to you guys. >> nice show of support. a stark contrast to the thousands of protesters that we've had that some of them have been chanting nasty things. >> so true. yesterday was a big day. all the movies released yesterday, one of them initially was supposed to be "the
5:05 am
interview," then they said it wouldn't be released. sony decided to release it yesterday to 300 theaters. it made about a million dollars. >> yeah. which was a pretty big number for a few hundred theaters. if you remember, this was the movie that seth rogen and james franco, it's a comedy. but the spotlight involved killing the leader of north korea and sony had an allege hack attack. >> a lot of people questioned that decision to pull it. the president himself stating that they should not have pulled it, but should have aired it anyway. many of you actually went on to the movie theater to show your support not only for the movie, but for the right of free speech. this is what some of you said as a result of leaving the movie. >> not because it's a phenomenal movie. but the ability to see it. i don't want anybody telling me what i can see, what i could read. >> as a korean, i want to watch this because you want to see how the studio made the point of
5:06 am
view. i want to think about it, watch it and laugh about it. >> we can not have a third rate country dictate to us saying what we can see and not see. >> no christmas surprise as the hackers surprised a 9-11 style attack was the worry. that's why it was pulled. but a very different patriotic scene we saw and a nice tone on christmas. >> yeah. you have to imagine some people might have been a little afraid to go. but still going anyway. i know some theaters stepped up security a little bit. but so many people seeing this and being patriotic about it. one theater passing out 1,000 american flags to the people who came to see it. >> there was another theater that actually had a power outage like toward the end of the movie. and of course, everybody who is in there was a little bit worried about it. some people left and some people stayed and the movie theater ended up saying, you can come to a different showing and try to make good on it. but you can imagine the fear they may have had in that moment. and the movie is also online.
5:07 am
there has been outages on line. >> here is what some of you are saying. bill says heck yes. they should never bow down to anybody. it's a comedy. get over it. >> yeah. kathy on facebook says, sony should have shown it from the getgo. with that being said, go, america. i will watch it. another says, sounds like a publicity stunt that worked. it looks like it brought people together. they showed their love for america and sony made some cash. sounds like a win-win. >> yeah. possibly. still only shown in a few hundred theaters would have initially been shown at many more than that. absolutely wonderful that it's out there and the people are going and seeing this. >> speaking of movies, another nugget for you today. the n of health is spending a half million dollars to find out what your children think about movie characters and television characters who are overweight. >> your newsy nugget.
5:08 am
>> yes. so half a million dollars to study do certain movies for kids, how does it make them think about obesity? >> this is why i understand now why we invest millions of dollars just to develop a screwdriver when you work for the government. >> this is such a waste. it's such a waste to actually do this kind of study on fat jokes. >> well s or isn't it? >> come on, really. >> the bottom line is, no matter what you look like in the world, people will find something funny about you. >> but it's not only about fat jokes. it's about do these characters increase potentially the rates of obesity in children? does it teach them they should be eating more? maybe this is money well spent if down the road we have less obesity that causes -- >> but put the money toward good use. join the president's fitness council. get out and do some exercise
5:09 am
with the president's fitness council or something. but to actually investigate a movie, especially about the panda? kung fu panda. >> it's a really good movie. >> it is. >> he gets really fit and uses his kung fu style to win the day. >> let us know your thoughts on this. is this a waste of your -- is of the government wasting your money? let us know. right now, we're going to hand it over to molly line for what else is making news headlines. >> good morning. overnight, two drone strikes killed at least seven militantss in northwest pakistan. the attack coming in the same region the pakinstani army has been battling insurgents. pakistan and u.s. drones stepping up operations against the taliban following last week's school massacre that left at least 130 children dead. also overnight, protests in oakland, california, turning violent with demonstrators smashing dozens of windows and looting stores. a christmas tree display also
5:10 am
very seriously damaged as protesters blocked roads. marchers, branding it the no time off march, which targeted recent police-involved shootings. and former president george h.w. bush again waking up in the hospital this morning. the 41st president was joined by his wife, barbara, and his son, neil, on christmas after experiencing a shortness of breath. a spokesman saying he had a terrific day and is in great spirits. doctors continue to hold him as a precaution2. a woman asks for a ring for christmas. after this stunt, he may be hearing a little ringing in his ear. her present came in a black box, looked like it contained a diamond. except it was the handle to a mug. it's designed to prank the recipient. luckily this woman laughed it off. those are your headlines. >> it's funny. i think is funny. dear kelly, the government is doing a study of you and you are
5:11 am
fat. i'm kidding. >> that's awful. >> i'm joking. >> it's a joke. >> okay. >> something really is going on on social media. is this the season to be complaining? it's supposed to be a season of joy and giving and laughter and fun. but a lot of kids in particular are ba ham bugging about what they did or didn't get in their stocking. >> when i was a kid, i was happy you got gifts. now people are complaining in this complaining culture that we have here. here is some that are out there on twitter. conner put out, i didn't get a ps 4. thanks for nothing, santa. >> maybe santa had a bad year. and couldn't afford to get you one. joshua said, all i wanted was an x box 1. of course, i didn't get it. >> okay. and abbey on twitter said, i asked for a new phone because
5:12 am
mine sucks so bad and i didn't get it. but my sister asked for one direction tickets, an ipad and laptop and got it all. >> maybe the sister was better behaved this year. >> yeah. i think there is a good chance of that. we asked you what you thought about all of this complaining out there. we got some comments. sandra e mailed and said, i got exactly what and everything i wanted. love, joy, and peace. >> i like that. >> jacob tweets this, wow. just wow. i am grateful for anything someone gives me as gift. >> that's cool. >> did you see this earlier on the show? >> i also think that -- let me finish. >> the debate over angelina jolie and brad pitt's little girl who wants to dress like a boy and change her name to john. what do you think about this? >> a side effect of pot people in colorado may not have seen coming. the number of people who want to go there to get high but have no
5:13 am
place to live. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
since the legalization of marijuana, denver has seen a rise in homelessness. our next guest says that's coming with a high price. >> informal survey of 500 new faces at the denver salvation army crossroads shelter found that 30% moved to denver to take advantage of their pot laws. how is this affecting colorado's government? let's ask state senator ted harvey. good morning, ted. >> good morning. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. i can imagine this is a big burden on the state of colorado and completely unintended
5:17 am
consequences. >> well, without a doubt it was unintended. who would have ever guessed that this would have been one of the issues that would have risen because of the passage of recreational marijuana? but it certainly has been the case and it's having an impact on all of our social services across the state and at the municipal level when you have 30% increase in homelessness because of legalizing marijuana. so it's an interesting unintended consequence that i certainly never thought about. >> it's known that homeless people will flock to states and communities that have good social programs for them where they're going to be getting benefits. so what do you think needs to happen as far as this marijuana law goes to combat this? >> this will be interesting. denver is definitely a generous city when it comes to dealing with the homelessness. so we have people coming from all over the country and the west coming to denver. and now this is just one other additional benefit, if you will, for people who are coming to
5:18 am
colorado simply for marijuana. it's going to have an impact on our social services and i don't know what we do about it. i think that if colorado is going to continue to be one of the only states in the country that has legalized recreational marijuana, we're going to continue to have the effects of people that are drawn here simply for that reason. not for -- come here because of the great skiing or the great recreational activities that we have in colorado. but they're coming here simply to utilize the legalization of recreational marijuana. that's going to have an impact on our state. and i don't know what we do with that shy of going back and asking the voters to repeal the law or other states passing similar legislation that will attract people to go to those states. so it will be interesting to see how we as a society here in colorado and as a nation deal with this societal change with
5:19 am
respect to people being willing to vote for recreational marijuana. >> right. because you can't say recreational use of marijuana is fine for some populations if you have a job and someplace to live. but what do you do with it if you don't repeal the whole thing? >> it's a brand-new world in ways we never imagined. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up, she volunteered to drive in the president's motorcade. then posted the whole thing on social media. so is this a national security threat? we've been sharing our better with friends stories. today as an update on where one bakery owner stands months after her store was looted and destroyed in ferguson, missouri. how the american people came to her defense. ♪ ♪
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
hi, everyone. hope you had a fabulous christmas morning and thank you for joining us. president obama reminding military families in his christmas address that in just five days, we will drastically cut our u.s. presence overseas. and peter doocy is live in washington, d.c. with where we stand on the war on terror. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. when president obama gets back to washington, he's going to have a lot on his plate. you got isis in iraq and syria and beyond, kidnapping and beheading westerners and doing their best to inspire attacks and lone wolves around the world. then there is the taliban who ruthlessly murdered more than 100 students during an assault on a pakinstani army-run school.
5:24 am
the president used the distraction christmas provided to share some good news with american men and women in uniform. that the beginning of the end of the war in afghanistan, which has gone on for 13 years and cost more than 2200 american lives and war and one trillion american dollars is less than a week away. >> it is important here, we've been in continuous war now for almost 13 years, over 13 years. and next week we will be ending our combat mission in afghanistan. afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it's not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again. >> reporter: back here on the east coast, vice president biden paid injured servicemen and women at walter reed a visit yesterday and thanked their doctors and nurses. and senator john mccain traveled all the way to kabul for meetings with afghan officials and a christmas time visit with americans stationed there.
5:25 am
remember, when the new senate is sworn in, mccain will be the chairman of the senate armed services committee. anna? >> of course, being a champion of leaving a stronger residual force. thank you so much. over to you. better with friends series continues. it concludes today with this incredible story that we shared with you last month. protests in ferguson, missouri led to the looting and destruction of dozens of businesses, including natalie's cakes and more. the bakery opened this summer by the mother of two, natalie, after spending years saving for her own business with an estimated $20,000 in damages, natalie thought her dreams were dashed until strangers, you, the american people, helped her raise over $260,000 to rebuild not only her business, but to continue her dream. so how is she doing now? here with an update is the owner ofakes and more,
5:26 am
natalie deboase. thank you for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> merry christmas to you as well. it's been quite -- >> merry christmas to you, too. >> it's been quite an ordeal for you. i was on air the night that this looting and the burning of businesses took place. i was shocked and saddened by what i saw. then we discovered that you were part of that situation that you lost your business. now you've refound it and regained it because of the american people and their generosity. >> yeah. absolutely. i'm truly grateful. >> so what do you do from here? >> we're going to continue to do business like we've been doing it and we've already hired eight employees. so we're looking to expand in the near future. we've gained a lot of opportunities and a lot -- met a lot of great people. there is new contracts in the
5:27 am
works where we will be supplying our desserts to some of the local universities in st. louis. so we're excited on where the business is going. >> the thing is, i'm excited about where your business is going because you started off just selling bakery goods right there in ferguson. now you've gone national. how do you feel about that? >> you know what? it becomes a bit overwhelming, but it's so amazing. i'm finally able to live my dream and that's to bake and decorate cakes and to provide for my children. and i'm just truly grateful. i'm just so thankful to everyone across the world that has helped to make this come to pass. >> absolutely. if people want those delicious cakes of yours, they can actually get you on twitter at fergnatalie. tell bus it. >> yeah. they can get me on twitter at fergnatalie and also reach us on facebook at natalie's cakes and
5:28 am
more. or even checkout ous on instagram or call us at new number which is different. >> i'm so happy for you at this christmas because you went through so much of an ordeal like so many of the wonderful people of ferguson, missouri who have incurred so much. i just applaud you and the good hard workers there and pray that peace will come to your community and people like you are certainly helping it become possible. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you. thank you for giving us an example of a lesson in hope. natalie, thank you. >> yes, sir. >> merry christmas to you. >> have a great one. merry christmas to you. thanks to our friends, the better with friends. you can't go wrong with that, helping each other. coming up, angelina jolie and brad pitt's little girl wants to dress like a boy. okay. and change her name to john. okay. so what do you think about that?
5:29 am
we'll hear. should kids get to choose their own gender? your e-mails next. and it's shaq versus the christmas tree. the basketball superstar's latest antics next.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
am. ♪ oh, the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so -- >> here is christian opening his car yesterday morning. >> here is the chatten family from indiana. i love all these families on bannisters. >> judith tweeted us this picture of the grandkids decorating grandma's nursing home with christmas cards. that's nice. >> this is grayson howard from new york celebrating his first christmas. what a cutie. >> we love seeing all of your pictures. keep sending those to us. let us know how you celebrated your christmas morning. >> we've got a big talker this morning who is getting fired up on social media and it all stems from this. angelina jolie went out on the
5:33 am
red carpet with brad pitt and their children for their movie a lot of people were surprised to see their girl, shiloh, dressed like a boy in a suit and tie and apparently now changing her name to john and angelina jolie and brad pitt are okay with it. so we're asking you is this okay for an eight-year-old to choose which gender they identify with? >> we had a debate earlier this morning. our two guests were on earlier and this is the debate they got into about this issue. >> they are fostering it and they're giving their child the tools to allow the child to express who the child wants to be. you want your child to be comfortable in their own skin and i believe that them right now allowing her to want to change her name to john right now is fine. >> as a parent, we need to guide them and we need to love and support them no matter what they do. >> of course. >> and i also think that you're absolutely wrong by saying that
5:34 am
it's fine for them to let this little girl wear a suit and tie. they don't live an average life like we do. they should not be considered the trail blazers for what's right and wrong. >> for people ho are against it, does that mean you shouldn't let your boys play with bar bedolls and not let your little girls play with footballs and g.i. joes if they want to? where do you draw the line with it? it's a tough thing. >> i think one place we draw the line right now is that's brad and angelina's situation how they want to raise their children and allowing their children to do things the way they would have them do it. would i necessarily do it in my home? i don't know. i have a daughter, i have two sons. they grew up always wanting to be in their own skin. >> we we asked you what you thought about this. jerry on facebook says, brad and jolie are abdicating their responsibilities azines petitions, allowing a young
5:35 am
child to make such a life altering decision. >> what i read into it right now is the child wants to be called john. what if -- what if the young girl just wants to identify with her brothers. she may look up to her brothers. we don't know yet. >> just changing the name, there is no altering going on here with this child. this is maybe just her choosing to be called right now. she might later choose to be called shiloh right now. another says i don't think it's anybody's business but the parents. >> and sheila says, no, there is nothing wrong with a little girl being a tomboy, but they've gone too far. >> have they really gone too far? i wanted to be a beatle and wear a beatle wig. >> or some kids like to dress up on picture day as a teenage mute antonin gentleman turtle. >> are you sad you're not a beatle? >> i'm sad i'm not ringo star and i used to want to be a beatle. and kids say kelly used to do that. >> look how you sing now.
5:36 am
>> we heard you sing yesterday. amazing. >> it was. the voice you have, you don't need to be a beatle 'cause you're kelly writing. it's time for news headlines. new york family searching for their little boy who went missing on christmas eve while visiting family in south carolina. four-year-old jaden moreson has autism and cannot speak. he was last seen at his grandmother's home near myrtle beach wearing bright red pajamas. hundreds of volunteers are searching for any sign of jaden. a brand-new report showing some of the top officials in the department new of the serious scandal before it went public. one executive at phoenix agency briefed eric shown shown -- shinseki about the patient backlog but was ignored. as many as 40 veterans are believed to have died awaiting
5:37 am
treatment. the presidential motorcade is filled with secret service agents, police officers, and this 24-year-old taking a selfy. natalie tyson documenting her day as a volunteer motorcade driver in san francisco back in october. the graduate student signing up for the position with absolutely no training, no experience, and the scariest part of all, she told reporters she had no clue what to do in an emergency. finally, shaq has never been known to be the quickest guy on the court. but off the courts, he's even worse. >> wow. see, here he is. that is all seven feet of shaquille o'neal crashing head first into a christmas tree during tnt's half time show. don't worry, he'll be just fine. he's all right. >> tremendous.
5:38 am
>> he came up with that. >> shaq went out on a limb. >> let's keep going. good morning, maria. merry christmas. >> good morning. merry christmas. good to see you all. we're tracking a storm system that's going to be moving across the country over the next couple of days. before we show you the maps, i want to show think video out of hawaii. the big island of hawaii had several blizzard warnings in effect and they picked up some snow out there. they saw some very strong winds and there was even a threat for lightning with some of the snow coming down. so they had a white christmas. not a white christmas across portion of the east coast. specifically in new york, we saw very strong winds, there were high wind warnings in effect and we saw wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour. unfortunately, we did see some damage because of how strong those winds were. you could see on your screen images of some damage coming out of lancaster, new york. the wind has died down across the northeast. that's welcome news.
5:39 am
we've been looking at record high temperatures being set in the northeast because of how mild it's been. that will be changing coming up over the next couple of days across the northeast. stay tuned. you are going to see those temperatures dropping. but that storm system across the rockies is what we're dealing with right now across parts of colorado, new mexico. we've already picked up to 20 inches of snow in portions of colorado. so fresh powder for skiers. i'm sure they're very happy out there. taking a look at the forecast for saturday, the storm continues to move eastward. heavy rain forecast across parts of louisiana and also into parts of the southeast. eventually that storm will keep heading eastward. temperatures will get colder. we do have some winter weather advisories associated with that system. across parts of nebraska, minnesota, accumulations generally light. about three to five inches of snow expected. let's head back inside. >> thanks so much. what if all cop cars had bullet proof glass?
5:40 am
>> the ceo is standing behind his product and he joins us live with the technology he says can save lives. would you do this? and. will mitt romney make another run for the white house? our next guest hardly ever gets things wrong and says he knows. larry sabato is peeking into his crystal ball next. ♪ ♪
5:41 am
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5:43 am
quick headlines. watch out for the free bird. ostrich in china busted through a toll gate and went straight for the highway, racing a truck. it took police hours to catch him. his owner says the big guy is domesticated, but somehow escaped his home. a louisiana man named jack daniels is toasting to his new son, jim beam. he and his wife came up with the idea on their very first date. they say if they have another boy in the future, they'll name him evan williams after the bourbon. and if it's a girl, sherry. kelly. >> okay.
5:44 am
from the mid terms to the star,@ of the next presidential race, 2014 was quite a year in politics. >> here to break it down exactly what surprised us this year and what can we expect in 2015 is university of virginia political dire sabato. good morning. merry christmas. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> the first surprise from 2014 was that the gop, house and senate won a lot bigger than expected. >> yes. i think just about everybody thought the republicans would do well in that midterm year, but in the end, they got the largest number of house seats since 1929 and the senate, they gained nine seats. and that's 54 seats total out of 100. that gives the incoming majority leader mitch mcconnell some maneuverable. he's got a few extra votes there, at least for votes that require 51 votes. >> if memory serves me correctly as we were leading up to the balance of power as we discussed it, you were already on mark o to say that the gop would do better than anyone had expected
5:45 am
or predicted and it turns out that was the case. but yet, no one saw the other factors, the other surprises, maryland, illinois, the governorships. >> yeah. after an election i've learned everybody says they knew exactly whats who going to happen. well, it's just not true. you go back to january, no one, literally no one was predicting that republicans would win three deeply blue democratic states, illinois, maryland, and massachusetts. some people thought one or two of them would go republican, but all three, nobody predicted that. well, all three went republican. and that tells you just how republican the year 2014 was. >> and we're already looking forward to 2016 and the presidential election. you say this recovering economy that was happening or is happening right now at the end of 2014 could really help democrats. >> that's the only positive thing out of 2014 for democrats,
5:46 am
if, if, if, if the economy continues this upward incline. it was roaring here at the end of 2014. can that be sustained for two years? if the answer is yes, then that's going to be an ace in the hole for democrats come the presidential election of 2016. but i always remind people, the only thing more inaccurate than long-term political predictions are long-term economic predictions. >> so true, because there is still a lot of degree of uncertainty in terms of the global economy and how that will impact america's economy. so based on that, what are you predicting for 2015? >> i think, first of all, that's really the nomination season. everyone says oh, it's starting so early. but we're just little more than a year ahead of the iowa caucuses. that's the official beginning of the voting season in 2016. so naturally the candidates have to jump in and raise the tens or hundreds of millions they have
5:47 am
to raise in order to do well. so the fact that jeb bush has jumped in so early, i think this accelerates the election cycle. i think over the next four months, you're going to see virtually everyone who is going to run jump in. there are 21 republican candidates who hinted or outright said they're going to be returning for president. half of them won't even make it to iowa. there is no way they can raise the money and the polls will sag for them and they'll have to get out. >> you say that in 2015, a lot more will get done on the state level rather than in washington, d.c.? >> we live in a polarized era. you got a democratic president and now an all republican congress. there will be agreement on some things, but mainly there will be gridlock. 30 of the 50 states don't have gridlock. in 23 states, the republicans control everything, the governorship and both houses of the state legislature. they'll be able to get a lot done. in seven states, really just
5:48 am
seven states, the democrats control everything. the governorship and both houses of the legislature and they'll be able to get a lot done in their states. so if you're looking for government to do x, y or z, whatever that may be, look to those 30 states. don't look to washington. >> and what about a possible vacancy on the supreme court? , what would that do? >> that could turn into the biggest political battle of 2015, even considering the race for the white house. every one of those seats matters enormously and you have four of the nine justices being over the age of 75. ruth bader ginsburg is nearly 82. we wish all of them long health and happiness, but they're subject to the same laws of the universe the rest of us are. if you have a vacancy, think about what's going to happen. president obama is going to have to be responsive to his liberal base. he's going to nominate effectively a liberal. the republicans who control congress are going to have to be responsive to their conservative
5:49 am
base. they're going to be inclined in the senate to vote against any liberal nominee. will we even be able to fill such a seat? we'll see. there will be a titanic battle. >> you're right. what is your crystal ball telling you about mitt romney? my predictions about him? >> i doubt he runs. i don't know for sure. i don't blame him after his previous two runs and he came reasonably close in 2012. i don't blame him for thinking about running again or tossing his name out there. but the difference is in 2016, you're going to have a big, strong republican field. you really didn't have that in 2012. it wasn't a field of giants. this one is going to be tough for 2016. i don't see romney getting in. i think the established part of the republican party will coalesce around jeb bush, chris christie and others. >> all right. larry sabato, we thank you for joining us today and again for your predictions.
5:50 am
>> have a great new year. >> you, too. anna, here is something we want to ask the american people. what if all cop cars had bullet proof glass? >> check this out. >> that's impressive. the ceo you see here literally stands behind his product. he joins us live with the technology he says can save lives i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is.
5:51 am
some say buy gold. others say buy soybeans. i say, buy comcast business internet. unlike internet providers that slow down when traffic picks up, you get speed you can rely on. it's a safe bet.
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like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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it's a patrol car where the
5:54 am
nypd officers were brutally executed had the same technology as this car, they may still be alive. >> that's why several new york lawmakers are proposing legislation that would require all police cars have bullet proof glass. >> why is this so important and how much would something like this actually cost? here to break it down for us is the man behind the glass that you saw in that video, the ceo of texas armor corporation, trent kimble. he joins us live to tell us about this incredible bullet proofing of vehicles, especially for police officers. trent, thank you for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> you put yourself behind that glass and as we're seeing that assault weapon go off, you were literally behind that. why are you so confident in your own technology? >> well, the armored materials that we use are just very, very valuable in this market.
5:55 am
it's something that we had a lot of confidence in. the materials just work. that's what they're there for. >> here are some reasons why we ought to have bullet proof patrol cars. 93% of law enforcement homicides between 1996 and 2010 were committed using guns and two-thirds of those were hand guns. so it could really keep our men and women in uniform safe. is it super expensive? is that why it's not something that's being used across the country? >> armored materials generally are very, very expensive. we just have products that are lightweight because we want the vehicles to weigh less. so the materials are very expensive. we offer a law enforcement about a 50% cost reduction if they want to start putting these materials in their vehicles. >> typically a car could maybe cost up to a quarter million to put in bullet proof with glass like this. how much are you saying this would cost for your average cop
5:56 am
car? >> normally that quarter of a million would include the cost of the vehicle, but since the police officers have their own fleet, law enforcement have their own fleet, we're talking about just the armored material. we can probably do just the windshield and the doors, front doors, for about $15,000. >> what about the technology? is there any way for it to improve a year or two down the line where maybe we could get that cost down? >> it's difficult. just inherently just because of what it does, it's just going to have a higher cost. it's not an easy material to fabricate. it could reduce in the future, but it just hasn't been in history that we've seen. >> we certainly -- you're certainly a man who will stand behind your products. >> absolutely. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> more "fox & friends" moments away in my world,
5:57 am
wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. . .
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>> this is a picture of the best and worst gift. >> here is will foster celebrating the holidays. >> nice. this is the ford family from missouri, all rocking their clark griswold t-shirts.
6:00 am
>> matching shirts for the holidays. >> that's awesome. we will see you tomorrow on the "fox & friends" weekend and more coming up now on "fox & friends" only -- on the after the show show. >> good-bye, everybody. >> president obama spending part of his christmas with the troops and at the same time marking end of more than one combat operations in afghanistan. hello, everyone, welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm eric shawn in this morning for bill hemmer. >> i'm leah gabriel in for martha maccallum. so good to see you and all of you as well. the president met with a group marines at a base in hawaii. he thanked them and said afghanistan has a future thanks to their sacrifice. this is set as the u.s. will end its rule there at the end of the year. >> peter doocy has more on this. peter, how was the president first received. >> reporter: the president


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