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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 26, 2014 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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agree on. >> here on the couch you were outnumbered and you held your own. >> long- time friends and new friends. >> we'll be back with the tv version of us on monday. "happening now" starts now. ♪ one of the new york city police officers executed as he sat in the patrol car is remembered by friends, family and complete strangers of a grateful city. welcome to "happening now". thank you for being with us the day after christmas. i am leland viter in for jon scott. >> and i molly line. those who loved ramos will gather to remember him. police all over the country are expected to attend his wake. vice-president joe biden will be
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there. and david, what is taking place today? >> reporter: in less than one hour's time, the wake for officer ramos is gts going to get underway and at 7 o'clock, a memorial service. just a short time ago an honor guard brought the casket into the church. it was a solemn and brief ceremony and lasted only about ten minutes. they brought inside of the church a great number of flowers and as you take a look live here in queens, you can get a sense of what is taking place. people are lining up to enter the church. you can see the hearse parked where it was when they removed the casket and further down the street there are scores and scores of police and ska folding. they are in the process of putting up a television monitor.
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the church can only accommodate 850 people. as many as 25000 police in the country and canada are expected to attend the wake today and the funeral tomorrow. the pastor here said simply that officer ram os was a man of faith and that shaped his views as not only an officer but as a husband and father. again, the wake will formally get under way in less than one hour's time. molly. >> the slain officer's family are getting financial help. can you share the details with us. >> reporter: new yorkers have certainly opened their hearts. new yorkers and beyond. and many are opening their wallets. the foundation held a new's conference a short time ago to say it would pay off the mortgages for officer liu and
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ramos. attending was the family of officer liu. his mother openly weeping as she entered into the room. speaking in the new's conference was former mayor rudy gu leshgs iah ni and said it was important to contribute to the fund. >> why did they die for us? they died so we could go to bed with our children safe. >> reporter: despite the solemity of the event, it has to be noted not only is this a great logistical problem for the nypd, but there are security issues. as i talk to you, i can see out of the corner of my eye the nypd police if there is a security
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issue. seven people have been are arrested for making threats to the police. but in the next few hours when they want to it focus on more than anything paying respect to officer ramos who goif gave the ultimate price to protect this city. back to you. >> thank you for reporting to us from convenience. thank you. thousands of police officers will attend funerals for two of new york city's finest. jet blue is helping them make the journey. the airline is offing to fly two police officers on the new york routes. >> to be able to go back and not only represent the department and the police association, but to stand up with all of the new york city officers and officers from around the country and thou show our support. >> the officer liu's funeral
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arrangements are pending because most of the relatives are from china. they are working with airlines to get to the city. the mayor in the city of berkely, missouri is urging calm after the shooting of a black teenager who wielded a gun. the suspect is identified as antonio martin. proteste protesters. and bring buses to a halt. no arrests or injuries were reported. >> >> it contradicts a number of things that we are told all along. and agency leaders knew of the massive patient back up in phoenix years before the scandal
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became public. it all came to light when the former hospital director sharon heldman tried to get her job back after being fired. doug? >> reporter: that's right, leland, it is coming to light as a formal appeal filed by shearon heldman to get her job back. an administrator law school upheld the firing but not because of the long wait times in phoenix. her higher ups probably anyhow of the falsified wait times. some senior agency leaders were aware of nationwide problems of getting veterans scheduled for timely opponents. susan bowers, the head of facilities is under oath showed that the hospital was out of
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compliance long before heldman was director there. she was pressured by the bosses to report that the hospital was in compliance even after submitting a report that it was not. bowers claimed to have briefed eric sancess key but her warnings were not heeded because there was no money to handle the backlog. the da didn't provide enough evidence thatelman should have been fired. she accepted airline tickets for a eight day, night stay at disneyland and six family members from a consultant seeking business with the va, leland. >> it is amazing what comes out next. thank you, doug. >> my pleasure. >> centers for disease control
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looking at the sample of the live virus. it may have been sent from one lab to another that was not equipped to handle a deadly pathogen. this comes as they crack down on lax safety practices. the director calls for action and said the mistake is unacceptable. leland? >> the sun is setting on 2014, and hope you had a great year, and rising on the next years a brand new political landscape. white house candidates are jockeying for position. coming up, the most person issues to voters in the upcoming presidential race. >> a manhunt for a man who shot too people in an argument in a subway station. chlorred i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something.
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it was a welcome christmas gift for gone hitting the road way. gras prices are dropping to the lowest level in five years. in fact those prices have fallen 92 straight days and that is a new record. according to triple a, the national is 2.30 a gallon. and animal said it could fall another dime before it levels
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off next month. all right 2014 coming to a close and that means speculation for who will or not be running for president in 2016. one issue most likely it inspire voters, no surprise, the economy. the dow's record run and job's report and recovery is likely picking up momentum. vince, thank you for being here today? >> sure, glad to be here. >> it looked like it was all about the economy and obama care and fall, it was international issues, ebola and rise of isis, can we predict what will be the top key issue as we come to election day? >> not entirely and not this far out trying to predict what will happen in the november of 2016, we can say economically, it
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matters if things are not going right, but it matters to incumbents and they have to deal with the economy. and now we'll look at two fresh candidates coming forward in the election. most likely hillary clinton and who knows on the republican side. it is an issue they will have to fight and it is like who can appeal to the middle-class and looking out for you. and that is how in part, barak obama was hit back on mitt romney and made him seem out of touch. everybody on both sides of the aisle has to look out for that. >> will the upcoming election be about getting the base out or finding those new voters or appealing to new voters. republicans need to work hard to bring in the minorities. where do they go from here? >> certainly, voters, some of those people think that the swing voter is an imagination
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person and they don't go back and forth. if you talk to working glass americans who have affinity for the democrat party and bring up hillary clinton, i don't know if i would go for her. i would vote for the republican in this scenario. there are people who swing in either direction and that's who the parties will target. and a lot of question about the latinos and if obamay immigration reform push through, you will have democrats getting them out to the polls, don't underestimate the opposite effect, white working voters will feel like their jobs are under attack. we saw that immigration pushed people out to the polls and the republicans can pick up a win on that it depending on how the next generation goes. >> what about people, america's voters have followed for a long
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time? >> somebody who is known for a long time, views on that person become calcified and don't change that often. it is a matter of intensity and in terms of changing minds, it doesn't happen that much. hillary clinton had, there are things out there. and you will have dozen of opposition research teams trying to find out new information on her. we have known her since the '90s. this is not a new person and it is going to be republicans that haven't spend time in the spotlight have much to progress about in 2016. >> you are talking about the people who could run. rand paul, marco rubio. and your thoughts on those candidates? >> one of the crit siicism that
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rand paul and marco rubio has of the president. he is a one term senator and unffd. marco rubio and rand paul are one- term senators. they especially in rand paul's case run for president. in each of their respective states. they are not allowed to run for two officers at once. they can only run for president or senate. they have to decide what they are going to run for. president of the united states or senate again. >> vince, thank you very much. we are just around the corner from all of this. >> a lot more, sure. >> former president george. bush remains in the hospital today. the 90-year-old was admitted to houston methodist tuesday night and expressed shortness of
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breath. a spokesman said he was doing well and in great spirits. he was visited with his wife and daughter-in-law. >> a gunman killed 140 people inside of a pakistan school. security forces zeroing in on the alleged planner of the attack. we'll tell you about the raid. >> no one likes getting traffic tickets. one town voted to ban them and now three cities are filing a lawsuit aga and telling voters not so fast. more on the legal fight next. >> 73 percent of the voters passed a band of red light voters. they are sowing 73 percent in their own city. they are suing their own residency is what they are doing. you total your brand new car.
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now crime stories that we are following for you today. an investigation underway in the death of a 40-year-old man tazerred in the border. he was tazerred trying to cross back in the united states. records show he was armed and dangerous. he attacked the officers and so they tazerred him. they administered cpr but he later died. a man of shooting a walgreen's employee died. the suspect ended up crashing in a police chase. the victim is expected to be be okay. the chicago police are searching for a gunman who shot two people in a train station. he got into an argument before pulling the gun. the woman and the other victim are in the hospital.
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>> nine suspected militants are reportedly dead following drone strikes in pakistan. the strikes were carried out in a remote valley. jennifer griffin joins us live in the pentagon. dow know who these strikes were targeting? >> reporter: pakistan officials confirm there were two drone strikes where many of the taliban fighters thought to be responsibility on the attack on the school had fled. most of them are children of pakistan soldiers and officers. the valley where it took place in northwest, where the taliban and al-qaeda fighters took refuge. one of them hit a vehicle west. 40 were killed and the second strike was two missiles where
10:23 am
a known taliban leader was hiding. we have no confirmation of the strikes that killed nine people and believed to be record out by u.s. drones. >> has cooperation between the u.s. and drones improved and if so could you tell us why? >> it has increased dramatically. since june when talks between islamabad and taliban broke down and pakistan prime minister ordered the army to invade the area. the u.s. is asking pakistan to route out terrorist in the area and the pakistan was worried about the blow back. but of the 376 drone strikes carried out by the u.s. in 2004. 70 percent hit the northwest
10:24 am
uresstan. it is a feeling that pakistan is unwilling to go into the area. since june it has had brutal fighting in that area. and 20 percent of the u.s. drone targets since 2004 hilt the area. and all of this according to the foundation of the defense of democracies. and what you are seeing right now is u.s. drones helping pakistan from the air squeeze the taliban from above with hopes of routing them. thank very much, jennifer griffin from the pentagon. >> a new legal fight after voters approved a ban on red light cameras. three cities near st. louis foiled a lawsuit trying to block the cameras. supporters of the ban say that the cameras are a money grab and the cities are suing their own
10:25 am
voters. the federal government has jurisdiction of the states. and the counties have jurisdiction over the cities in their counties. and so it is fairly clear that they have the right to impose laws on those municipalities. >> the state is dictating what the city is authorized to do and prohibit them from doing things. there is nothing in the missouri constitution that provides that a county can do the same thing. >> an opportunity said it could be months or years before the lawsuit is resolved. our legal panel will weigh in on whether or not they have a case and coming up in the next hour. molly? >> so hit by another cyber attack. sonny play station is knocked off line on christmas day. and still having problems at this hour. and plus, a busy day for shoppers flocking for after
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christmas specials and here's the nephew of our producer kenneth tucker. not impressed with the match box car and not the only one asking santa for a refund and we'll tell you how much the returned gifts may end up costing. (vo) watching. waiting. for that moment, where right place meets right time. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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millions of gamers couldn't try out their gifts after hackers brought down the the play station and xbox live. both services are reported to be down today. the interview is opening in limited release. movie gers are not deterred bite attacks of those showing. adam houseley in l.a. how is it
10:30 am
reporting? >> reporter: the north korea missiles can probably not reach the theater ares, in all seriousness, it did better than expected. some people saying it could make 3 or 4 mill yovenlt but you look at the number of theaters, 331 or so. that is ten percent of what would have put them out before the hacking scandal happen. they made over a million according to sony in one day. that doesn't include the streaming numbers. and the thing about all of this. the ticket holder will so it and lines were everywhere. we were talking about this and sony changed their mind and allowed it to be re- released. and those thethearies were overchemed by the q. not the number one movie of course, only
10:31 am
throw hundred theaters. but theater goers said they plan on seeing it and others were going to so it to show north korea and others that you can't tell americans what to do. >> we live in a country of more freedom and privileges and to be dictated by north korea is not happening right now. >> and the ability to see. it i don't want anybody telling me what i can so or read. hollywood said they have had a lot of first run movies released on line at the same time. we'll see how the audience handle that situation.
10:32 am
were any on line showings yesterday? >> they watched it every way you can watch it and watching my feed from yesterday and the problems that existed yesterday were twochlt sony play station store and xbox on line. they are having problems. and some people believed that tied to the interview was a gaming situation and it is coincidental. and they are still having problems at that hour and depending on where you are and what you are trying to do. that is a group calling itself the lizard squad and claimed credit for their hackings. >> and it is not totally confirmed what went down with that. but it is something what happens. it could be the issue there as well. and they have had gaming sites hacked in months. it shoes in washington and the president calling for congress to do something. and congress saying that the
10:33 am
president needs to do more. and in order for cyber security to get better in this country. it will be a number of government agencies working together. and thank you so much. it is a serious story and bizarre all the way around. thank you for sharing with us. >> absolutely. >> and on the serious note, the true cost to the movie is yet to be known both in terms of the money and fallout. law makers are planning hearings. and so how well did sony handle the crisis and the pr going to be. we'll bring in the analyst and host of media buzz. it is a larger overarching question here. did sony recover anything by releasing the movie on line? and in the theaters or was it
10:34 am
all for naught. sony may recover dollars but it is a pr sdaefrt. a week or so ago, that sony pictures ceo is on the air saying that the president and press couldn't understand. and they didn't know how to release on line. and then they flip and does what he said was not possible. and they didn't say we changed our minds. sony did the right thing in the end but did not erase the black eye. >> was it incompetence or a studio scared of what other scandals that the attackers had hold of and worried about it being released or bad advice or acting porly under pressure. where did it go wrong? >> i will pick from all columns. sony was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the hacking and
10:35 am
cooperate get the story straight and didn't put anybody out. and remember all of those internal e-mails and snarky. and actress paid less than actors and racially charged jokes about president obama. that is a lot for a cooperation to it handle. they made it worse by not so manying to have its act together or handle it as epitomized by the final flip flop. you have to have sympathy for any company that comes under a vicious hacking attack. but sony didn't handle it well to put it mildly. >> they kept flipping and flopping back and this is going capitol hill and obviously the discussions on capitol hill are about the idea of a cyber attack. and it is going to be on the anvil of sony and all of their released e-mails and all of
10:36 am
this. and going to have another life. how dow handle it with sony going forward and repair your reputation after the snarkey e-mail and bad comments. >> sony needs to drop the heavy handed approach of people on twitter and i am sorry this came out and the company would be embarrassed if everybody could see what we wrote in private. taking that approach is not helping anybody. sony missed an opportunity to strike a blow for free expression. it kind of did by putting it out in a limited number of theaters and on line. they could have been a sympathetic protagonist and generated ill will. and so it has a lot of repair work to do. >> how much is a cultural issue. sony ands this parent is
10:37 am
a japanese company. it is not american company. we don't know how many calls in tokyo versus l.a. did sony not really understand what it was getting itself in to when it stifled free speech in the name of good corporate government? >> maybe some of the japanese executives who control the company and over reacted and freeshed out and were dictating what the american subordinates can do. particularly one that relies on public opinion because you are marketing products. would have hanled it better. but sony is so closed and opaque, we don't know who is making the decision until michael litton came out with that in which he took on the president. there was no face to the crisis
10:38 am
but a faceless corporation with a lot of embarrassing stuff in the archive of e-mails and then reversed the decision a couple of days later. howard, host offid media buzz on fox news channel. see you then. >> thank you. >> and donations are pouring in to help surviving members of a family when a jet crashed in their home. they have donated more than 485 this happened for the family. the three were killed when a business jet crashed. throw people were also killed. marie's husband and daughter were not home at the time. >> it was not a manger but call it a christmas miracle. two police officers jumped in and helped a woman who went in to labor on a philadelphia
10:39 am
subway train. it sounds like a remarkable scene that played out. >> not the typical train ride. they didn't know what was going o. the woman was moanning and screaming as it approached center city last night. and people were moving away. and philly, my baby is coming. and people posted pictures and surveillance cameras captured the deliver and the police officers ran on. everyone get your gloves on. two of the cops were on fox philadelphia this morning. they were good to go and got out of the way and let us do our job. they were like you take over and got out of the way and i would like to thank the people. >> we had officers to help with the crowd control. and we took action so everyone else could come in place. >> the sergeant told him there
10:40 am
would be crazy days. but not on christmas. >> how is mother and daughter are doing, it sounds like well? >> we are told they are in good shape. the hospital said the mother and baby boy, are in good condition after being rushed to the hospital. the baby was wrapped in the father's sweater. the baby just popped in the officer's hands and there was concern because the umbeleccal cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. they were able to unhafle. it we had a clear arm and we asked the mother if she wanted to hold the baby and she extended her arms to us. give her the baby. he had the gloves o. come on, come o. >> how was the baby. it was doing good. >> it was nice healthy baby. >> he has a nickname lebron
10:41 am
james. and thecavs were playing the heat. >> they are our first responders on christmas day. >> absolutely. >> great story, rick. >> thank you so much. >> and well, post christmas sales make today the second busiest shopping day of the year. some stores are holding extended hours and opening at 6 or 8 o'clock in the morning. >> they come out this early every year and macy's after christmas shopping. how awesome. >> and in australia we have something similar for boxing day and we are used to it. and they get crazy when the doors are open. that's what i am waiting for. >> 23 percent of all returns take place in the holiday season. $60 billion. and we want to know what christmas gift duget that you
10:42 am
didn't love. go to molly line on twitter and leland viter and we'll share your comments at the end of the show. >> and pictures. >> that would be great. >> you have your flu shot this year. >> we have bad news for you. >> the flu is bad this year. >> take a listen. >> even though the people with the flu vaccine it is not good this year. >> it may not matter. >> doctors say it is one of the worst flu seasons they have seen and so how can you keep yourself and family from getting sick. we'll separate fact from fiction coming up. my grandson's got this blankie
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that gets filthy. but he's got such sensitive skin that you worry about what you use in the laundry my tide pods, downy and bounce all come in free & gentle so we get a cleaner, softer blankie. gasp hypoallergenic tide, downy and bounce free we are right in the middle of flu season and doctors nationwide said it is the most intense in history. one of the ways to protect yourself is get rest. >> if you are fatigued and tired, your immune system is suppressed and you are more likely to get the flu because of lack of sleep. >> we have tips on how to protect ourselves. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for are joining us. >> there are a lot of different
10:46 am
things to do. getting the flu vaccine is important especially if you are young and have a child. say you have asthma and allergies, you have a history of sinus and t- problems and come in contact with a lot of people as i do. or come in contact with the public. that is a good thing to do. >> and one thing we read. we get the flu shot and in reality, the flu shot is a gamble and hopefully it works. >> and there is a lot of things to do to if you have the flu shot? >> that is true. the other doctor said getting rest and drinking fluids and knowing. if you are the type of person that gets viruss, have a handful of zinc around.
10:47 am
>> no, i think microinized zinc is the best way to do. you have to check the quality and if they feel like a cold or flu is coming on. take vitmin a for like five days and that can ward off a cold or flu and it boosts your immune system. the body can heal yourself if you are good to your body. >> the vaccine is not as good as other years. why is that? >> they try to guess the strains. and the cvc does it in the beginning of the season and they don't always know. it protects you the a influenza and one of the b. but, who knows what is really, and don't forget the strains morph and change throughout the season. and what is getting people in december, may not be what is
10:48 am
getting them in march. each year the flu changes and how long it lasts and realize that is starts in october and doesn't end until may. people have to protect themselves. we don't know what will happen in march. >> as you watch on television. tamflu, you have to take within 48 hours. if you get sick how is the difference of cold or flu. and is it worth going to the doctor rather than seeing how i feel and get on top of it. >> innerfluenza, you feel like you are hit by a mactruck. and you are tired and your muscles ache. my hair and everything on my body felt terrible and it comes on quickly and getting worse and
10:49 am
worse. not everyone has that case. if you feel tired get a prescription. >> a lot of people like to take the holistic approach. can they eat or drink something. vegetables and fruits is important and get enough protein. a lot of the vega ns don't get enough protein. and vita min a. and olive leaf is helpful and all of these different things have mechanicisms of action and a lot of things out there can work. >> thank you for the tips. and a lot of people are thinking about that it right now. they don't want to end up with the flu. >> be prepared it is miserable. >> and president obama spent his christmas day meeting with the the troops in afghanistan. we are going live to hawaii where the president is vacationing. and a new trend in dining in the united states. sak e. and it is not just a japanese
10:50 am
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a notorious black bear prowling the phoenix area has been captured. well, this 125 to 150 pound bear was cornered on christmas morning near a house in mesa. the bear was tranquilized, but still managed to jump a six foot fence before passing out. we'll look at him on the run leading police on a wild chase. managing to stay free for a week. authorities say the bear is about 2 to 3 years old, and he didn't end up hurting any humans, but he can move, and now he is being moved to a new home
10:54 am
in the wilderness. sake is popular, and it's being produced by american companies. american-owned rest raubts are willing to sell it, but many japanese restaurant owners refuse to carry sake made in the usa. will carr has more. will. >> hi. the japanese have been brewing sake for 125 years. far longer than american brewers. they're catching up quick. they want to create brand name sake that he can both pronounce and remember. >> this is sake brewing in here right now. >> for seth, brewing sake or rice wine is not just a business. it's a passion. >> i fell in love with it off the bat. burgers, pork chops. whatever you are eating, you should be drinking sake with it. >> it's american-owned. the rice is grown in california, and it's brewed in oregon. >> extremely challenging. it's extremely stressful.
10:55 am
however, i have never had more fun in my entire life doing anything. >> sake consumption pours $9 billion a year into japan's economy, but the market for american made is much smaller. around $300 million. >> my goal is to get sake more mainstream and not just to be served with japanese food. >> sake's popularity grows in the u.s., and roughly a half dozen american branz have hit the market. one big challenge? selling american sake to japanese-owned restaurants. >> as we get better, as we learn more and increase that quality, i think we'll see american sakes in restaurants all over the country. >> chris johnson is a somalia and sake ninja, self-proclaimed. he says popularity has jump year 10% for more than a decade. >> a couple of the sakes brewed in america have been put into the u.s. national sake appraisal in the last couple of years, and they have come away with winning silvers and gold medals, which means we're getting closer. >> premium sake is different
10:56 am
from generic hot sake. it's normally served cold and doesn't have any impurities. it leaves you hangover-free. >> i was just going to ask you. you can new actually answer this question as a spongesible reporter. i'm sure you taste tested. could you tell the difference between japanese sake and american made sake. do japanese restaurant owners have -- >> some stories you don't shy away from. i have to say it was pretty good. we did try it out. i enjoyed, it and i would say if you are looking for a beverage to ring in the new year, why don't you try some american sake. go out and support the country. >> what's it like to spend a whole day with the sake ninja? >> it's not bad. it's not bad. there are certainly worse assignments. >> the privileges of working over a holiday. will carr in los angeles. thank you, sir. >> that's right. >> all right. see you soon. good work. >> a little christmas prank on the new jersey parkway yesterday. take a look. somebody changed an exit sign for the towns of clark and
10:57 am
westfield to read clark griswold. of course, the character played by chevy chase in the famous movie national lampoons christmas vacation. i wonder if anybody ended up in griswold. >> now we return to a sad story we've been covering for the past couple of days. the first steps of a final good-bye here in new york city. a wake going on right now for nypd police officer rafael ramos. ahead of his funeral tomorrow. a live look at the republican presidential candidates. in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to.
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for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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a tenuous peace holding for now in berkeley, missouri, following the deadly police shooting of a black teenager, but simmering tensions remain calm for now. wblg to a new hour of -- i'm molly line in for jenna lee. >> thanks for being with us here at home. i'm leland vitter in for john scott. investigators say 18-year-old antonio martin pulled a gun on the officer while he was conducting a check of the area after apparent robbery leaving him no choice but to open fire in self-defense. martin's death sparked protests in the town. you can see that in a gas station right there. they have mostly remained peaceful.
11:01 am
there have been some arrests. >> what they face every day in protecting the general public. family and friends gathering to remember rafael ramos at a wake. one of two police officers ambushed and killed execution style in cold blood last saturday. even in mourning one of their fallen, the nypd is keeping up their vigilance in the face of new threats. >> just a few moments ago timothy cardinal dolan arrived outside the church. the wake slated to begin at 2:00. then at 7:00 there's going to be a memorial service. officer ramos was a member of the church behind me for the
11:02 am
last 14 years. >> hundreds and hundreds of people line up to attend the wake. the line goes back at least six blocks. ates sea of blue from my vantage point, but there are all kinds of people many this line waiting to pay their respects to officer ramos. as many as 25,000 police officers from around the country and canada are expected to attend or try to this wake. a giant dwigs television has been erukted or is in the process of being sets up down the street so that as many people as possible can take part
11:03 am
in the services today as well as tomorrow. >> thank you for that report from queens. thank you. >> president obama took time to visit with the troops in hawaii during his christmas vacation to talk about ending america's longest war. the majority of u.s. combat troops currently in afghanistan are scheduled to withdraw in just a few days. this is the president talking yesterday. it comes as a welcome event from military families waiting on loved ones to come home. it also raises some serious concerns about afghanistan's ability to fend for itself against terror attacks from the taliban. dan springer live in honolulu. dan, what did the president have to say about the u.s. drawing down this presence in afghanistan? >> well, hi, leland. you know, every year on christmas president obama likes to visit with the troops here in hawaii as he celebrates his vacation from washington d.c.
11:04 am
he did seem to be putting a wrap on the longest war in u.s. history. president obama and the first lady we understand to the marine corps base to wish the troops a merry christmas. he had placed a phone call to afghanistan to thank the soldiers there, who were still deployed. all but 13,500 of them will be coming home after december 31st, and the president spoke about the end of the war and the country being left behind. >> the world is better. it's safer. it's more peaceful. it's more prosperous. or homeland is protected because of you and the sacrifices you make each and every day. >> obama also said he was thankful for having the best military in the world. leland. >> all right, dan. we also know that senator john mccain was over in afghanistan for christmas to meet with the president. there's a lot of critics out there who do not really agree with the president, what he is saying, and his decision for that fact. >> well, yeah. you know, all have you to do is
11:05 am
look at the news, and you can see that afghanistan is still a dangerous place. >> we could be on pace to hit 10,000 civilian casualties. that could be since they started keeping stats since 2008. we saw the horrific attack on the -- 150 mostly kids killed. from a national security perspective, there's very little evidence to support the claim that we're safer today than we were 13 years ago. >> it was just four years ago in 2010 that we had the most troops in afghanistan. about 140,000 again. with go down to 13,000 troops there.
11:06 am
leland. >> obviously we saw what happened in iraq when the u.s. military pulled out. we are now back in fighting that war again. >> dan springer, thank you. molly. >> he is cutting corporate ties as the news gears up for a closer look at potential candidates for 2016. chief political correspondent carl cameron live in washington. carl. >> hi, molly. everything is coming a lot faster than expected by forming an exploratory pass. you're right. he is cutting his consulting ties with barclays. that's the big international british bank. in addition to that, he is quitting the pro-obama care board of tenant health care, a major hospital enterprise that operates in 14 states. they have about 80 hospitals and a couple of hundred urgent care
11:07 am
facilities. he has 250,000 emails from his time as governor of florida. he has been an avid e-mailer for decades and says he will have the best digital campaign in the business. his emphasis on transparency to a lot of folks amounts to sort of a bank shot at new jersey governor chris christie. christie is waiting on the feds to wrap up the george washington bridgegate scandal investigation. in the meantime, he has been building a team and stepping up his policy briefings. he is also sending a major message himself, not to be outdone. he says he will attend the very first candidate cattle call of 2015. that is the freedom summit which will take place in des moines, iowa. iowa, of course, the home of the first presidential caucuses of 2016. that's going to happen in just a month. others attending include texas governor rick perry. it will be his second run for the white house. fire brand ted cruz, a tea party darling. ran santorum who actually won the iowa caucuses in 2012. mike hucka be, who was the 2008 favorite, and ben carson will be
11:08 am
there. also, expected sarah palin and donald trump to be there. no word on whether bush will attend. polls these days show mitt romney has a double digit lead over the field. only he and bush are actually in double digits. the rest of the field, quite a number of them, still hanging on, but all in single digits. despite all the rumors about romney running, there would be a total of nine current and former governors in this race if romney were to go in. romney is probably not given all the moves that jeb bush has made. remarko rube wroe has a book coming out. ted cruz has a book coming out. she's got a book coming out in may. we go from the announcement season right into the book publishing in a matter of weeks and months. >> we see the huge numbers. this is going to be fascinate whenning it all starts to come down. thank you so. carl. we appreciate it. >> new jersey governor chris christie also considering a run for the white house. he says running a state give any governor a leg up on the competition, telling fellow
11:09 am
republican governors that some of the people want experience. "we're better at it. the american people are done with experimenting of having someone, referring to someone as president, who has never run anything before." joel gerdeke, a writer for the national review. if governor christie is correct in the sense that governors are better, do the american people think governors are better at running the country? >> well, they certainly have a long track record of electing governors. that's for sure. governors can come in and make the executive experiment. states are laboratories of democracy, and what they've been doing in their own state. they can do at the national level. it also being governor provides a crucial kind of political edge in the sense that they get to develop relationships with major donors. you know, early -- people who can provide the kind of early supported that gets a campaign off the ground. >> something that's been interestingly poind out as you look at the group of possible governors who could be running carl cameron pointed out that there were nine. we'll put up their pictures. there is a lot of them,
11:10 am
including mike pence of iowa, walker of -- kasic of ohio, and a whole host of others up there. do they have an advantage in the sense that they're not part of the d.c. circuit? they don't have to take votes on the senate floor. they don't really want to take those. they can manage their state's affairs and run much more on their executive record than they do have to have their record dictated to them by what comes up on the senate floor or in the house or something like that. >> yeah. that is an advantage in the sense that as you said, they can kind of control their own image. on the other hand, there's -- we're at a new moment right now. it's not certain how long it will last or what the full significance is, but with the new media environment the way it is, there's some really good perks as ted cruz can tell you, to be able to be in the news cycle every day driving the senate floor being regarded as a prom nebt fighter on issues that conservatives care about.
11:11 am
with the way on-line fund raising is going, president obama raised a lot of money that way, the small dollar donations can offset some of the high dollar fund raidsing that gfz can do. >> in speaking of some of the issues of being in the news cycle, jeb bush hasn't been in the news cycle for a long time or on the campaign trail for a long time. 2002 was the last election that he won running for governor of florida. last election he was in. are we dealing with somebody here who has great name recognition, but is largely inexperienced or shall we say out of practice when it comes to hitting the campaign trail, raising money, doing those kinds of things, and the last time he ran in 2002, things were very different. social media was in its infancy. the internet fundraising idea had barely gotten off the ground. >> yeah. well, his campaign team has stayed in the game. working with mccain and comany and others. we'll see if he has lost his touch. he will get a lot of early practice. that's an advantage of what he did in announcing his
11:12 am
exploratory committee. today is he on the trail in a sense talking to potential early donors in chicago. nobody has really committed to him yet, but sounding him out to see if he pulls the trigger will they be with him. >> you mentioned th of money. we only have about 30 seconds left. how much of the bush old world machine, the establishment candidacy is going to be able to tie up all of the big doneors all of the big bundlers and leave other people like chris christie that we talked about at the beginning of the segment very hard up for cash. especially in the early months? >> you know, i think there's no shortage of money in this race. bush certainly can command a lot of it. his brother certainly did in 2000. bush is difficult -- it does put pressure on them, but for a little lower tier guys like john kasic who relies on some of -- some bush donors in the cleveland area, for instance, or scott walker who would like to
11:13 am
get some of that early money that bush will be able to command, but, you know, there will be plenty of money in this campaign. >> joel gerke, your analysis today appreciated. obviously, there's a lot more to come. appreciate you being here, sir. >> yeah, thank you for having me. >> all right, joel. molly. court documents shedding new light on how badly the mismanagement was at the v.a. new allegations about senior staffers in washington knowing about problems at the phoenix clinic years ago. and emotional times this holiday season for the family of an autistic boy. the tragic end in the search for this missing 4-year-old.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
a sad fox news alert on this day after christmas. the body of a missing 4-year-old autistic boy has been found in a pond in south carolina. jaden morrison was visiting his grandparents' house. hundreds of volunteers, police, and rescue crews began their third day of searching for jaden in remote areas and, of course, bodies of water before they found him in the pond. zeeshgs new developments. court documents show senior staffers were well aware of falsified waiting lists and
11:17 am
delayed medical treatment why are we just learning about this now? >> it's all coming to light as a part of. >> she was suing to get her job back after she was fired in late november. the "new york times" reports today that sworn statements by susan bowers who oversaw dozens of v.a. facilities in the western part of the country show that even before sharon hellman was reported to her job, an audit showed the hospital was out of compliance because of its failure to put patients on the required electronic waiting list. bauer said there was no such list in phoenix. even while hellman's predecessor had certified that the hospital was in compliance. she said she her pleas were
11:18 am
ignored because she says she was told there was no money to lease more space to handle the backlog. molly. >> what's the latest with sharon hellman's efforts to get her job back? >> well, the times also reports that just this week an administrative law somewhere found that it was -- this is a quote "more likely than not that at least some senior agency leaders were aware or should have been aware of nationwide problems getting veterans scheduled for timely appointments." the judge, steven mish, also found that the v.a. didn't provide enough evidence that hellman should have been fired over the conditions of phoenix. he did uphold her firing anyway for an apparent conflict of interest. she accepted an eight-day trip to disneyworld with her family from a health care industry consultant. molly. >> all right. doug, thank you for an update. the v.a. scandal. we appreciate it. >> obama care is, of course, presenting a very tempting
11:19 am
target for republicans as they prepare to take control of congress, but should the g.o.p. go after it or does it have a big potential to backfire? plus, the interview, that movie proving the old adage that any publicity is good publicity. how the movie which brought sony pictures so much embarrassment is becoming a box office hit despite being released only in independent theaters. >> i feel that we live in a country of more freedom and privileges than anywhere on earth, and to be dictated by a country such as north korea, it just is more rewarding to be sitting here right now. sic is p) hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event.
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11:22 am
well, right now sony's controversial comedy "the interview" is topping on-line
11:23 am
movie sales on google play and youtube as well as a strong turnout at movie theaters are crowds flocking to see the film about assassinating kim jong un, despite previous threats of violence from north korean hackers. >> we're here to support freedom of speech. not the movie. we do not believe in sensorship. >> that's one of the things about us. you know, movie viewers. we're just, like, we don't really care about any type of political things that are going on. we just want to have fun. >> i think we should feel safe. it's the united states of america. think take good care of us hear. >> seth rogen and co-director evan goldberg made a surprise appearance at a showing in los angeles. "the interview" racked up about $1 million in box office sales on christmas day. >> new numbers out this week for obama care enrollment, and the ranks of those signing up for
11:24 am
the first time not overwhelming. >> manufacture those reenrolled from the federal insurance marketplace. the lackluster total puts republicans at a political crossroads. should the party accept obama care as a fact of life that it's here to stay or should it keep trying to witle away. alan combs, host of the alan combs show, a syndicated radio show host and a fox news contributor. >> hi. >> merry christmas. merry day after christmas. >> happy new year. thanks for being here. >> this is going to be interesting as we come up into the new year. supreme court challenge. some other things happening. let's start with you. what do you think? should republicans stop now and just accept? >> just keep trying to widdle away. you keep doing that, and you make that your agenda for the year 2015, and going forward, and they'll see how well you do in the upcoming election. yeah. i urge you to keep doing that. >> your side is hoping that we forget how much success republicans had in the midterm
11:25 am
election in fighting against obama care. >> the numbers you just read, let's put this in perspective. we're expected to overhaul our entire national health care system for, at best -- you have to admit this, a few million people. >> your messaging is much better than on the left. the right wing messaging is it graet. the messaging has not -- it's not good enough pointing out that four different studies show that obama care is working. it's reducing the inflation of the rate of health care. it is getting more people signed on as time goes on. >> the message is right. how many people are being impacted we obama care? so you want to change the whole health care system for five million people? >> it's actually more than five million people. >> it doesn't make sense. >> five million people are getting health care who didn't have it before, but tell 34e -- >> this supreme court challenge could have a big impact.
11:26 am
we could have an answer by june. it could change the whole ballgame. >> again, look at every republican who won based on fighting against obama care. alan and his side hope we won't remember that, but we are, and republicans have a battle. >> what is the republican plan to help the millions of people who would be losing -- >> you eliminate the mandate. you don't make it against the law. you remove the mandate. >> that doesn't help the five million people. >> you can have health care reform, and you can help the five million people which as you know is a drop in the bucket. >> you guys have both touched on a major issue. obama care was a big issue, and then it kind of got taken over by international issues.
11:27 am
by bowl, isis. >> the interview. >> do people want to hear about obama care, and do they expect that something will change? do you think that american people are kind of tuning out on this issue? for one thing it's because of the holidays and because of ebola and "the interview" and because of isis and so many other things going on. >> it's very real. everybody's insurance premiums are skyrocketing. everybody you talked to. anecdotally people are livid about obama care. >> the office shows that, in fact, the rate of infrayings with health care is much less than was predicted.
11:28 am
>> just cornered them. >> ask dr. gruber. they were not light. >> i really thought we would come up with all the answers here today. >> you thought we would get -- this is the holidays, right? >> happy new year. christmas, hanukkah. >> you thought -- >> he is never right. even in the holidays. >> if i said i like you personally, would that be right? >> you would be okay about that. >> 2015 is a new we're. thank you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you guys. appreciate it. leland. >> no hope in 2015 for those two getting along. >> what's the one thing people hate more than tacks? traffic tickets, right? in missouri voters were so fed up that they kicked traffic cameras out of town, but now the city council is suing their own voters to bring the cameras back.
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
>> at least nine suspected terrorists. >> it's about 40 miles west of north waz ear tan stan's regional headquarters. the second targeted a taliban leader's base in the valley near the afghanistan border. wren fer griffin live from the pentagon. jennifer, we're getting new details about the u.s. and pakistani efforts to go after those behind this brutal attack on the pakistani school. can you bring us details, please? >> yes, molly. pakist pakistani officials in the region say there was a shoot-out that killed the alleged planner of the school massacre. pakistani forces stormed an area not far from pashawar. pakistani officials say there was an hour-long shoot-out, and saddam was killed. six of his accomplices were taken into custody and red cross questioned according to the heated of the police. separately, there were two drone strikes today in northwestern pakistan in the valley.
11:33 am
that's part of north waziristan where al qaeda and taliban fighters have taken refuge for years. one hit a vehicle, killing four uzbek fighters. the second strit strike included two missiles fired into a compound where a known taliban leader was record to be hiding. the u.s. and pakistan have been cooperating since pakistani forces were finally ordered by pakistan's prime minister to clear out terrorist safe havens in north waziristan. that order finally came in june after years of u.s. appeals for pakistan to do more. pakistan's army is finally going after the taliban. now that u.s. forces are drawing down in afghanistan, molly. >> and there also appears to have been a cyber attack by supporters of isis here in the u.s. >> well, the alleged cyber hack came on christmas eve and targeted the albuquerque journal's website claiming to be the beginning of cyber jihad.
11:34 am
we know all permanent data of where you live, what you eat, your diseases, and even your health insurance cards. u.s. officials cannot confirm that the attack came from isis jihadists, but the cyber attack shows how vulnerable computer networks are to this form of jihad. molly. >> very disturbing stuff. thank you very much, jennifer, for bringing that. you would think security council members would listen to an overwhelming majority of their constituents, but not in one city, and not when it comes to red light cameras. the st. charles, missouri, security council is now suing its own residents to bring back red light cameras.
11:35 am
>> let's start with you. is this about money or about safety? >> why would a security council want to go so far in the other direction from their own constituents? we all know that these camera companies are privately owned. >> there's orchl one reason that this city council would do something as far as go against 73% of their constituents, and i think that reason is money. they heard to the voices, and we're going to spend taxpayer money to fight you. >> well, i think he is spot on. in full diz closure, i'm the recipient of three of the red light camera tickets. not a fan of them whatsoever. he is correct. this is all about a money grab from the politicians.
11:36 am
you know, there's a light-hearted topic. it's a serious constitutional issue at play. we know from the constitution as well as u.s. supreme court that the federal government as well as the state government are considered separate sovereignties. they can do things separately. we pay federal taxes and state taxes. federal prosecution, state prosecutions. >> that is usually from all of the towns and that are in that county or state. however, there is an exception that's allotted by the constitution. that is for public safety. if the city councilmembers can show over andelle's objection that this is a public safety issue, then i think they're going to be able to get away with it, and usually when you go to the courts, and it's politicians going to the courts trying to get more money for the puns pallets and counties, they tend to win, unfortunately.
11:37 am
>> it's anything but conclusive, right? >> it's not leer that red light cameras make us any safer. there's also studies that indicate red light cameras actually make intersections more dangerous. there are situations where people are scared of getting a ticket so they stop short. sometimes the red light camera's timings are change sod that the yellow light is shorter so that they can get more violations. these things make driving more dangerous. there's nothing that shows we're safer because of them. it only shows that these companies make more money. there are even cases where knee been accused of bribing certain municipalities to get these things instituted. >> i think that happened, actually, once in missouri in st. peters or some town like that if i'm not mistaken. >> it's there. 13 times in other states. >> unbelievable, the lengths this has gone to. keith sullivan, a person who has gotten some of the red light tickets, and an period of time in this situation. i'll ask you this, is there any kind of precedent going forward here. >> i'm an expert too. >> okay.
11:38 am
>> and now the truth comes out about andel. we'll go to keith first here. the honest one at the beginning. >> just like with the red light cameras in missouri it should only be a two-term -- mayor bloomberg went to court and overturned that and made it a three-year term just for his three-year term so, he got 12 years, just for his one term. any future mayors would have to go back to court. there is precedent of politicians going to court to circumvent these voters' referendums. it has happened before. there's none i am aware of with regard to the red light cameras. >> all politics is local.
11:39 am
keith sullivan, andel brown, appreciate you being here. take care. >> drive safer, as a matter of fact. >> they did not have to dream of a white christmas in denver. the scene there, people seeing up to eight inches of snow following a major snowstorm. where exactly is that storm headed now? meteorologist maria melina has the latest from the fox extreme weather center. >> we're tracking a large storm system that brought a part of white christmas to parts of the rockies, and it's still producing snow across portions of colorado and also into new mexico. we have already received some reports out here of 20 inches of snowfall on some of the higher elevations of colorado, so very significant out there, and that snow is also spreading now into portions of nebraska, and also across extreme western portions of the state of kansas. now, over the next several days, a storm will continue to move eastward. take a look at where it's going to be coming up on saturday. we're going to see that snow across portions of the upper great lakes and upper midwest, and then on the warm side of it, areas of rain across the midwest and also down into portions of
11:40 am
the gulf coast, and out here we have a particular concern for possible severe storms over the next few days. it's just a very small chance, but it is there, and just earlier this week we were receiving confirmation of tornadoes and reports of damage out here across the southeastern united states, so this is something of concern even though it's late december. we don't typically hear about severe weather. we could be looking at more of that action across portions of the gulf coast. we're also going to be looking at heavy rain with these storms. flash flooding is going to be a concern out there along portions of the gulf coast. otherwise, by sunday areas of rain spreading across portions of the northeast. it's going to stay generally mild out there, so temperatures are going to be above freezing. that means you're going to be getting rain. not a whole lot in the way of snowfall. winter weather advisories in effect across portions of the plains and rockies as that snow continues to fall, and temperature-wise, it's been very mild along portions of the east. that will be changing over the next several days. take a look at your forecast lows. cold across the rockies. it continues to get colder over the next few days farther east.
11:41 am
thank you. let's head over to you. >> maria, thank you so much. leland. >> all right, molly. a christmas miracle for one very lucky dog. how sam, he is the guy you see right here -- very cute -- he survived a 15-story drop. plus, christmas is over, and new year's is, of course, on the way, and that means we continue to pack on all the pounds from all of our favorite treats. but can you lose the weight when the holidays are over? >> i hope so. >> yeah, don't we all. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. i have the worst cold with this runni better take something.
11:42 am
dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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11:44 am
>> we'll have more happening now. in just a moment here's what we're working on from the fox news deck at the top of the hour. the leader of the islamic state has said he wants his own religious kingdom, but people living under the isis rule are living through hellish conditions. >> it's hard to find a school that's open for anywhere. all this according to the washington post. isis has put a call out to fighters who are failing to show up on the front lawn. savages with problems. the day's breaking stories coming up from the fox news deck. now back to le willed and molly.
11:45 am
>> they say cats have nine lives. this dog in california has at least two, and he has used one. meet sam. he survived a fall from one of the tallest apartment buildings in sack mepto, california. sam was partially blind and was on the balcony when he tumbled over the side. he is now recovering at a hospital after suffering five broken ribs and some fractures. the vet says sam is doing just fine. he should be home by the end of the week. from now on sam will not be allowed out on the balcony. >> that seems like pretty good advice. >> you may want to put the brakes on weight gain. a new study finding those pounds that you put on during the holidays are likely to stick around for years. meanwhile, another study finds children who eat fast food are
11:46 am
more likely to have lower school grades. dr. debbie is an assistant director of rehabilitation medicine at new york university school of medicine. dr. debbie, thanks for joining us. >> nice to see you, molly. >> a lot of people are going to be, like, oh, are you serious? i like to indulge between thanksgiving and christmas. then i like to think i can work it off in the new year. that may not be the case? >> that main be true. so every holiday people put on about one pound. every year they put on about one to two pounds. if you think about it over the course of a couple of decades, that's 20, 30 years and 20, 30 pounds that actually you're putting on during that time. this new study actually looked to see why is it so hard for people to lose that weight, and one of the reasons is because they tend to eat about the same as what they were doing during the holidays, and then they buy more food, like more healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. altogether, they're getting much more in the way of calories. >> the health where i fruits and vegetables that we get inspired
11:47 am
to buy in january and february when we're trying to cut off a couple of pounds that we put on, we're actually consuming more calories? we're indulging more with those? we feel like we can just eat more of them? >> exactly. i think people are trying with their new year's resolutions to try to switch to more healthy foods, which is a good idea. now, fruits and vegetables, they still have calories in them too, right? the idea is that you want to substitute those calories for the unhealthy calories. what happens, i think, is that people actually do eat the fruits and vegetables or try to, but then maybe they feel like they would rather also have that unhealthy food that tasted good that they got used to during the holidays. people tend to eat more calories in general. think awe few district court every different factors. some might be also that, you know, to have a plan beforehand about exactly what you are going to do with the fruits and vegetables and to try to stick to it because if you try to do
11:48 am
both, then you're not able to, you may actually get more calories overall. >> takes more than a new year's resolution, is that what you are saying? >> exactly. exactly. it takes a lot of commitment. >> another thing that we're talking about here today is the fact that there's another study out that shows that kids that eat fast foot aren't doing as well in school. could you elaborate on that? >> exactly. so this study looked at fifth graders. it followed them actually from fifth grade through eighth grade. they asked them in fifth great. a lot of people, actually. 11,000 kids. it's a pretty powerful study. it asked them how often they were eating fast food. about 70% have fast food in past week, and a lot of them had fast food almost every day. at least 10% had that as well. they followed them until eighth grade to see how they did in school, and they did a lot worse than kids that were not having fast food. their scores were about 20% lower in math, in science, and
11:49 am
reading. >> kids have have unhealthy foods and be eating them at home. the fast foods seem to have -- that seemed to be what made the major difference. when i first heard about it, i thought this is maybe something else. this could be something lifestyle related. not just the fast food. it could be that they're watching more tv. maybe they're not exercising as much. >> it wasn't the type of school they were going to. it wasn't necessarily related to the parents' financial background or socioeconomic status. it seemed to be related to the fast foot. it's hard to know why.
11:50 am
>> thank you for those insights. i think a lot of people will still hit the jim in the new year. >> hopefully, yes. >> tlez been a controversial expansion of a marijuana law allowing children to take effecd do you tilt? fill keithing is in miami, of all people, with an explanation, phil? >> in the graveyard of parlor games you would be very wrong. with a vengeance, pinball is back. i'll have the full story and a great explanation coming up after the break. in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college.
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our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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i was thinking about htaking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. the state of illinois will allow christian access to medical marijuana next year. a big expansion of the state's
11:54 am
medical marijuana law passed earlier this year. children battling serious illnesses will require parents as well as doctors' permission and only be given products such as food or liquids. they will be able to get the marijuana products from roughly 60-state approved stores across the state. >> it is a throwback arcade game that is becoming a statement -- staple for this generation, pinballs gaining popularity with more than 1600 pinball tournaments worldwide. phil is live in miami at the arcade odyssey where more on why. phil? >> remember space invaders in that's old school. in the '80s and '90s when video games took over, everyone thought pinball, the popular bowling alley game of the '70s we about dead. those people are wrong because
11:55 am
pinball is back. players everywhere. pinball has come back. >> there it is. consumed with the banging and clanging of old-time pin ball, these two are pin head one and pin head two. >> it's the best. it's great. >> they're addicted to these games of the '70s. opposite thought forever replaced by video games, pinball is booming again. tournaments in every state, two world organizations and bouncing battles broadcast live on the internet. >> racking up decent points pretty fast. >> i usually play binball every day. >> 16-year-old atticus is florida florida's reining pin ball champion. they have so many pinball means at home -- >> the '90s ones over here. >> 16 of them.
11:56 am
barely room left for the trophy. >> what is cool is all the lights and sounds, when you get a jackpot call, always great. everyone knows you're doing well. >> i love pinball. i love the physics, the interaction. i feel like i'm controlling what the ball does. >> you know, what better thing to do on a day after christmas if you're not working or at school, than to play video games or pinball. there was a time when new york mayor la guardia and other elected leaders around the country actually banned pinball machines in the '30s and '40s because they feared school kids would waste theirman playing pinball. these are for amusement only and to things have changed. there are two intern until bodies.
11:57 am
>> phil, was you who gave them the nick name pinhead one and pinhead two or if they cave women that -- they gave that to themselves. >> we have great pictures from viewers of their most and least favorite gifts of christmas, with pictures, plus, leland well tell is an embarrassing christmas story.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
now for the winners and losers under the christmas tree. teresa seems rather happy with the trap she got. which says the best gift he got was christmas with his son. >> now harris faulkner from the news deck. >> thank you very much. and merry christmas to you. moving in and taking out those savages who hit a school in pakistan last week. the images shook the world. and now word the leader of the evil attack has been hunted down and taken out. i'm harris faulk in the in today for shepard smith. a government official says pakistani troops killed the militant commander who is known as saddam. during a shootout last night. happened in the northwest part of the country, not far from the school. that official says security forces also arrested six of the commander's accompliceses. as we have been reporting, gunmen stormed the military school and they were strapped with explosives went classroom by classroom-shooting students and teachers point


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