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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 26, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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both president george herbert walker bush and w. bush, i think it's something they would like to see. question is, is that something you want to see? anyway, thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> an unforgettable factor special. >> a pop collar. >> what do everyday americans think of the most powerful women in america. >> i don't know who this is either. >> i'm looking at her. i don't know her. >> how do people rate president obama? >> three. >> he doesn't seem to be honest. i don't like his face. >> we travel to coney island. to his vineyard and colorado for the mushroom festival where things get a little crazy. >> you'll see sounds potentially. >> you can see sounds? >> yeah, sometimes. >> can you hear smells? caution. you are about to enter the
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no-spin zone. in fact, it begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. tonight, for this special waters world edition of "the factor" we will unleash waters on the world. as he travels the country, confronting celebrities and the folks alike, causing all kinds of trouble. ♪ >> what makes a woman powerful? >> independence. >> intelligence. >> are you intelligent? >> i am. >> well, we'll see. i'm going to hold up a few images of powerful women and you tell me what you think of them, okay? >> i don't even know who that is. >> is she an actress? >> well, she does pretend a lot. >> looks like a fake smile to me, honestly. >> i know what you mean.
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>> nancy -- >> reagan? >> really? >> republican or democrat? >> looks like a republican. >> republican? >> republican. >> there's only one answer. >> next person. >> michelle obama. she is pretty powerful. >> she is telling everyone what to eat. what do you think about that? >> i think it's great. >> i'm so hungry, i could eat a sandwich from the gas station. >> i think she has gotten her power given to her rather than earning it. >> behind every powerful man there is an extremely powerful woman. >> who are you? >> i could be behind you. >> the day is young. ♪ ooh dream weaver >> honk my hooter. >> what about her? >> i know ellen degeneres, yes. >> why do women love ellen so much? >> because ellen will speak her mind. >> are you reacted to to her? >> i just love her energy. >> do you like women? >> i love women. >> what about after a few drinks? >> no. >> you've got to cut that out. >> she could dance pretty nicely
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for a white girl. >> yeah, she gets down. ♪ >> nice moves. >> who is that? >> i don't know who this is either. >> i'm looking at her. i don't know her. >> is she from brooklyn? >> no. >> i feel like, you know, a lot of people make fun of her. >> hillary clinton? what, what's she been eating? >> i am a big fan of her husband. >> so are a lot of women. >> he's going to be very popular. >> now, as a woman, what do you think she brings to the table as president? >> different points of view. >> you guys can be a little stubborn. >> men can be stubborn. >> yes. >> women are never stubborn either. >> are you worried about benghazi? >> is he going to be running against her? i don't know. >> what has hillary done for women? >> um -- she's -- i mean -- >> what?
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what happened? >> next one. >> beyonce! that's my girl. >> that's king b. >> queen b? >> no, king b. >> she's a king. she knocked oprah off the top spot in the forbes power list. >> i believe it. >> guess how much she made last year. >> $15 million. >> $150 million. >> michelle obama. >> why? >> it's not always about the money. >> she made a lot of women feel comfortable about their bodies. i was born like this and i'm happy. >> okay. i'm happy too. >> you're perfect. >> ahhh! >> that was really scary. ready? >> looks like my grandma. >> she's wearing a black robe. >> priestess? >> a priestess? >> i don't know. >> what a woman. >> she looks like a judge. i don't know who that is. >> you're on the right track. >> ruth bader -- >> field. >> olson. >> this is ruth bader ginsburg.
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the most powerful female in america. >> okay. good for her. >> do you know how many supreme court justices there are? >> 50. >> are there 12? >> 100. >> nine. >> why are there not 12? that would be a better number. >> would you get serious? >> are you trying to make me look dumb? >> i'm just trying to feel you out. intellectually. >> wow. that's a little too far there. ♪ >> did you ever watch "waters world?" i'm waters and you're my world right here. >> oh, there you go. >> you're the bottom of the world. we run the world. it's okay. >> i sure don't like the sound of it at all. >> nancy pelosi. >> not one knew ginsburg. that was a hard one. i threw it in for extra credit. >> they should have known nancy
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pelosi. maybe you didn't use a good picture. >> it's funny you say that. the women were harsh on hillary. >> she is the most famous woman in the world, i think. >> you would think they would know. they did not know. everyone knew michelle obama, so were very happy -- >> they all know her. >> and everybody knows ellen. if she ran for president, she would win. even i like ellen. >> that's pop culture. they were all nice to you? >> very nice. >> sea side heights, new jersey. >> the only time i screamed on the roller coaster. >> yeah. and you didn't ask about fox news. probably wise. >> i don't think there's a lot of fox news fans down there. >> i don't know, in jersey there are -- >> maybe not in seaside heights. >> waters will be back whenever we say so. because he has to do what i say. waters world. jesse, up in martha's vineyard as well with the president. you know what that spells. trouble. >> when reagan was president, the democrats controlled the
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i saved more than that in half the time. i unfriend you. that's not how it works. that's not how any of this works. [ male announcer ] 15 minutes for a quote isn't how it works anymore. with esurance, 7 1/2 minutes could save you on car insurance. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. we sent jesse waters up to martha's vineyard, a swell place on the southern coast of massachusetts. so waters did this when he was there. roll it. ♪ >> w >> what's the scene like right here? >> right here? >> are you mocking me? >> does the vineyard have obama mania still? >> yes. you can can feel it. >> he's going to jam up all the roads and ruin everybody's vacation. >> i want a hug. >> michelle might have a problem with that.
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>> can i get a hug right now? >> i like, still love a good-looking man. >> so you must love me. . >> yes, i do. ♪ i've been feeling fine baby >> whoa, whoa! >> are you disappointed in anything the president has done so far? >> absolutely. >> are you a fan of bush? >> yeah. >> okay, pookie. >> i think he's doing the best he can. >> when reagan was president, the democrats controlled the house in the senate and the reagan got a lot done. how come president obama can't do anything? >> well, president obama is black. >> whew! >> did you feel the tension in the air right now? i know i can. >> are you disappointed at all in president obama's performance? >> not at all. he's a great president. >> oh, boy, is this great! >> he's a little bit too laid back. but i think there is a method to his madness. and i'm waiting to see what it
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is. >> do you love obamacare? >> yes. no, it is not -- it is not obamacare! it is affordable health care. and, like -- >> but how come it isn't so affordable? >> what did you find out? >> why did the president lie and say if you like your health care plan you get to keep it? >> maybe there's a misunderstanding. >> the president spent mountains and mountains of dough on this website. >> the only negative is that the co-pay stuff. >> well, this whole place sucks. >> the economy under the president has been rocky. >> yes. i've been laid off three times. >> why have wages gone down under the president's policies? >> boehner's fault. >> you hate boehner, don't you? >> i can't stand boehner. >> on the border, major invasion taking place right now. president really hasn't stopped
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that. >> are we talking about in israel? >> are you putting me on? >> maybe i'll put you on later. >> i think he's had about enough. >> if he issues an executive order, he should be impeached. >> did you come here legally? >> yes, i did. >> do you think it's fair if people come here illegally and jump the line? >> yes, i believe it's unfair. >> why has the president allowed all these illegal aliens to come across the border. >> they're not aliens. >> what are they? >> they are humans. >> i am an illegal alien. >> would you be okay if the president shipped the illegal immigrant kids to martha's vineyard? >> no. >> why is it okay if the president ships them to other parts of the country. >> i don't ewith that. >> what about overseas? has the president been a strong commander in chief? >> i would say so. >> in what way? >> um -- [ crickets ] >> what was i supposed to say again? >> what has the president done well on the world stage, do you think? >> i'm not sure. i guess world peace, but --
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>> world peace? have you looked around the newspapers recently? >> no way! ♪ >> do you think bill o'reilly -- >> oh, jesus -- >> would be a better president than barack obama? >> absolutely not. >> hell, no! >> i like bill, yeah. >> no insult to bill, but i think anybody would. >> what is this for? >> does it look bad that he's vacationing in a posh spot like this while millions of americans are out of work? >> it isn't really that much of a posh vacation spot. >> it isn't a lavish vacation. ♪ vacation >> obama is in the vineyard. what do you think about that? >> i think it's disgusting. i think the guy ought to be back in washington, tend to go business. >> whattel can do you do, mr. number two? >> that's my business.
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>> he needs to realize that there are people in congress that don't have his best interests at heart and he needs to fight back harder than he has been. >> sorry, president, but go home. >> that's your home! are you too good for your home? >> you've got more important things to do than be here. >> what's the best part about obama visiting the vineyard? >> the opportunity for him to get some r & r. >> and he works hard and deserves a break. >> what kind of job do you think he's got? 24 hours a day. when he started, he didn't have any gray hair. look at him now. he's almost like me, beautiful. >> cool tank top, man. >> helps the local economy. that's always good. >> we've got cell coverage here, first time all summer. that's great. >> can you hear me now? good. >> what would you tell him if you saw him? >> i don't know if i could speak if i actually saw him. >> you would faint? >> i might. >> she's in great pain. causes her to make certain delirious -- >> is there anything bad about the president being here? >> traffic. >> it's crazy.
8:16 pm
i cannot get left! >> he's ruining my vacation by coming here. >> the commotion is going to cause the traffic -- >> screws everything up on the island. it's just a nightmare when he's here. >> he comes someplace where the regular people are vacationing, they shut us down, can't move, and it's my vacation too. >> smoking at john bell usually's grave. do you think he would appreciate this? >> absolutely. i think he would stop here on the way to the nude beach. >> now, do you think obama would ever come down here? >> no, i don't think he can. >> bad protocol? >> i don't know. probably. >> if you have any advice to give to the president, what would it be? >> just hang in there. >> you mean shrinkage. >> did you ever watch bill o'reilly? >> oh, yeah, he's a son of a -- [ bleep ]. >> mr. bill o'reilly. god bless you, brother. keep it up. >> i love o'reilly. >> i love your suit. >> excellent threads. >> this is fox news. oh, my god. >> come to the vineyard. obama is looking for you.
8:17 pm
he wants to hang out. have some pie. get a sandwich or something. ♪ >> come fishing with us and show mark and enjoy the summer over here sometime. >> waters' world on deck. jesse goes down to spring break to ask about liberals on campus. i guess there are liberals right there, i don't know. >> the united states air force academy. there are still very many, very liberal individuals. they get a little bit offended when you're conservative. it's just the way i am made. >> waters is next. it's just ordinary fleece but the comfort it provides is immeasurable.
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waters' world. as you know, most college campuses in america are liberal, filled with college professors and dopey kids spouting slogans. but recently it's gotten out of hand almost. so how bad is it? jesse waters went to spring break to find out. >> where do you go to school? >> florida state, florida state. >> wisconsin madison. >> the united states air force academy and this sweetheart, the university of kentucky. >> you guys must be smart. >> not that smart. made a mistake letting us in. >> university of alabama. >> roll tide. >> roll tide. >> roll tide! >> roll tide. >> i go to akron university. >> what's the mascot there? >> the zips. >> like a zipper? >> how the hell did you get this zipper all the way to the top? >> like a kangaroo. >> i go to m.i.t., massachusetts institute of technology. >> i know what that stands for. >> i respect!
8:22 pm
. >> what's your team for in. >> machine tool technology. >> what are you going to work on? >> machinist. >> what's the school like? what's the reputation? >> it's just where you go when you don't want to go to a real school. >> you ever find a professor trying to change your mind about politics? >> in the united states air force academy, there are still very many very liberal individuals. you're kidding? >> they get offended when you're conservative. and it's like, hey, it's just the way i am made. >> what does liberal mean? >> that's really dumb. >> i had a professor freshman year who introduced himself as the most raging liberal you'll ever meet. >> how do you absorb that? >> if you don't like it, he doesn't care, he tells you to get out. everyone has their own opinion and if you don't like it, you still have to grade fairly. >> did you ever encounter a situation in class where you think the professor is going a little over the line? >> i had a terminology class and i also had a religion and ap
8:23 pm
class and both professors were very, very liberal. >> she kind of ripped him apart in the classroom and said he didn't fund public education and what not. >> i just want to learn about my major. i don't feel like learning about them. >> they tried to convert the entire class to muslim religion. >> that's illegal. >> they said that islam and christianity worship the same god. >> do you think you were given a worse grade because you insulted the teacher? >> i got a b plus instead of an a. >> did you ever try to change your answers because of his political bias? >> definitely. >> who were they bashing? >> mitt romney, aten. some people left. >> he passed around registration cards and had everyone register. >> does he work for a.c.o.r.n. on the side? what's your major? >> merchandising. >> how is my collar? >> it's good. >> let's get this model on his way. >> your collar up. >> it's awful! >> what do you mean? >> put it down.
8:24 pm
it's not cool! >> i thought i was him. >> no, you're not at all. >> are you sure about that? >> i'm positive. >> do people like fox news at the school there or not? >> oh, dude, it's their favorite. >> it is? >> yeah. >> i'm the dude. so that's what you call me. >> did you ever watch bill o'reilly? >> no. >> have you ever heard of bill cosby? >> that's the genius at work. >> bill, i love you, man. >> i appreciate that. >> what's your favorite part of the show? >> "waters' world". >> i'm waters and you're in my world right now. >> i like it then. >> i love it! >> now, did you hear waters -- anybody say that conservative professors were giving them jazz or anything like that? >> a few examples. some people said conservative professors were pushing anti gay marriage stuff, but i only heard one or two. >> do you remember what school that was from? >> university of alabama. >> there was some conservative professors that were pushing -- >> right.
8:25 pm
95% is all liberal. >> did i hear correctly that one of these students said that even though they're ideological, the professors, they always grade fairly? >> well -- >> did i hear that? >> i don't know if that's true. because some people say they specifically answer wrong, because they know the professor will give them a correct grade. >> okay. so they don't answer to -- what they think is correct. >> right. exactly. >> they pander. >> they cater and pander to the liberal beliefs. >> and you get away with that by saying you're being satirical. i never did that. when i was at mar i didn't say college -- harvard was more grad school and these guys were careful. >> right. >> but in undergrad, they do brow-beat you and if you don't spit back their ideology to them, many professors will punish you. >> i can't believe they tried to convert the class to islam. that's -- >> what school was that? >> i think that was akron university. >> akron university. >> her name is professor wainwright. >> that is right? >> we're going to look into
8:26 pm
this. >> do that. because if professor wainwright at akron university is telling kids that both muslims and christians believe in the same god, allah is going to be real offended. >> and the university of missouri, the other example is, in the criminology class, they bring in democratic activists during the election and show video clips of mitt romney taken out of context. and that's why a few of those kids left the classroom. >> all right. waters will follow up on this. and you are never going to stop wearing a collar up, right? >> no. >> that's your signature. >> it's very polizing. >> it's kind of dudley do-right. you know who that is? >> no. >> that's what i thought. >> waters on deck. cliches are taking over the national discourse. and waters is not happy about it. >> when people say i'm reaching out. >> forget about reaching out. how about you're going to do it. >> joey, did i not tell you to do it? you've got to do it. >> his world, up next. next.
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"waters' world" the cliche edition. words like cool and awesome, at the end of the day, drive me nuts. we hear them over and over agai again. so we sent waters out to see if it other americans agree with me. ♪ >> one of the most annoying cliches in my book is when someone does something wrong and
8:31 pm
they say "my bad." >> that is really annoying. i don't go for it. i don't know. >> i just hooked up with your girlfriend. my bad. >> you son of a -- >> it's not even a real apology. >> no, no, it's more of an excuse than an apology. >> just say i'm sorry. >> sorry is when you kill someone's cat. >> look what you did! >> if you sleep with someone's girlfriend, you don't say "my bad." >> i don't think you say anything. >> why don't you just say i'm sorry. >> i'm cooler than that. >> congratulations. congratulations! >> it's an egotistical thing. people have big egos. >> do you have a big ego? >> sometimes. >> me too. >> you're bad right now is having like a popped and untopped collar. >> that's my bad? >> yeah. >> what kind of person says it's all good? >> the same kind of person that says "my bad." >> it's street lingo from being on the street. you're a white guy though. >> i am. >> >> you can't say that.
8:32 pm
>> whoa, little fella. you're not speaking my language. >> it started with the african-american community. it's slang. >> it's all good isn't even grammatically correct. >> you're right. >> i'm always right. >> for me, no. it ain't no good. i would be lying if i tell you that, you know what i mean? >> it's science. >> if a woman is saying it's all good, it's not all good. >> you know something, i believe you. >> when people say kick the can down the road, does that mean they're passing white notes? >> elizabeth, i'm coming to join you, honey. >> it's to leave your problems for somebody else. >> right. people in washington kick the can down the road? >> yes. >> back in the day, we used to kick the can for fun. >> play kick the can. >> get a tire and take a stick and run down a street. >> you're out of your juice, you put it in the garbage. >> i think you're taking it to literally. at the end of the day. >> i think it's like a ya-da,
8:33 pm
ya-da, ya-da. >> what about ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. that's italian. italians made that term up. >> forget about it. >> i thought it was yiddish. >> no. >> at the end of the day, his putz in jail. >> you're calling bill out. >> i watch bill all of the time, bro. >> i'm in my speedos. give me a chance. >> yeah, i didn't notice that. >> hey, lord, whatever i've done, don't strike me blind. >> i just want to pull -- here we go. at the end of the day, he looks better now, right? >> he's almost too good looking. ♪ >> what about when people say "i'm reaching out?" >> to me that's a bunch of [ bleep ]. forget about reaching out. how about you're going to do it? >> joey, did i not just tell you to do it. i'm telling you, you've got to do it. >> are people really watching this right now? >> shut up. >> do you ever hear annoying phrases that get your goat? >> i live over here on coney island. i don't even have a goat. >> woo! >> the only one i can think of
8:34 pm
is "that's what she said. ". >> you know what i'm saying. >> yeah, i know what you're saying. >> this is
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♪ >> i can't breathe in this thing!
8:41 pm
>> what did you do last weekend? >> i don't remember. so it must have been good. >> i slept all weekend. >> from friday to sunday? >> yeah. >> i just won a booty-shaking contest. . >> you're holding me like you're going to hit me with this. >> whatever tickles your pickle. >> i understand he's an excellent judge of pickles. >> i sincerely hope so. >> they just did a study that said a little bit of weed smoking can kind of hurt your brain. >> wait, what? >> i never read it, but that's a false statement. >> that it is, edward. that it is, indeed. >> so you have to smoke a lot? is that -- >> this whole idea sounds pretty half-baked. >> oh, it's not. it's completely baked. >> i still feel smarter than most people he meet. >> the study in the "journal of neuroscience." >> i didn't read that journal.
8:42 pm
>> i figured. >> when is the last time you were set? >> every day. >> you are one pathetic loser. >> how old is she? >> 14. >> i'm 17. >> 16. >> how old are you? >> 13. >> she's 14. she's at the pot rally. is that a good idea? >> as long as you keep it in the realms of -- >> speak, speak, why don't you speak! >> so when you said mom, dad, i'm going to the 420 rally, what did they say? >> they said you better not be smoking pot. >> did you listen to them? >> of course! >> does this festival make you want to experiment with marijuana? >> 21 and up, maybe. >> do you smoke and do your homework? >> yes. >> what's your grade point average? >> c average. >> you want to read the study? >> no. i learn a lot were my dad. >> you meditating? just meditating, right? you meditating? >> ow! >> you ever watch "the o'reilly
8:43 pm
factor?" >> i stay as disconnected as possible. >> my dad is a fine. >> looking out for you. >> yes. >> you ever watch "waters' world"? >> uh-uh. >> i'm waters and this is my world here. >> is that why you have a whale on your shirt? >> that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life! >> anything you want to tell o'reilly right now? >> hi, bill! >> hi. >> what's up! >> let me ask you this. >> okay, i'm high. >> this man is a pot head, hannibal. >> this isn't going to be on tv, is it? >> unfortunately, it is. >> i would knock it off if i was you. >> all right. here's waters. now, i know i'm going to get nailed from the pro pot people. >> yeah. >> saying that you went out and got the dopiest people you could find. >> come on, it was not hard to find.
8:44 pm
no. >> so most of them are just basically middling intellects? >> they're not road scholars, let's be honest. listen, some had real jobs, bartenders and worked with their hands. but they don't really aspire to much. when you say are you motivated -- where do you want to be in five years. and they say, well, i don't really plan for tomorrow. >> yeah, they just want to get high. but that's what the drug and intoxication world is. but it didn't seem a lot of concern about the study of drain damage. >> they didn't take it seriously. when you look at memory, when you ask someone what did you do last weekend and they say i don't remember, there you go. >> and they didn't try to remember. >> no, it's difficult. >> now, did you get a contact high from any of those people? >> would you think i would get high, bill? >> the shirt collar goes up by itself? or you have to go like that -- i don't know. once in a while, waters, we don't know about him. waters on deck. he goes to newport, rhode island, and asks the folks to grade president obama, speaker
8:45 pm
boehner and me. >> he's like a 15. >> you want a straight interview, honest talk, that's where you go. >> you like "waters' world?" >> i love "waters' world." ♪ loving you >> this is a little awkward. >> waters. moments away. way. introducing the new philips norelco shaver series 9000 with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to to save up to $40. innovation and you. philips norelco.
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some say buy gold. others say buy soybeans. i say, buy comcast business internet. unlike internet providers that slow down when traffic picks up, you get speed you can rely on. it's a safe bet. like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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comcast business.
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♪ ♪ we put all the apps you love inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. holes and poles, but not nearly as interesting as one-on-one chats with the folks. so we sent waters up to newport, rhode island, a great summer vacation spot, to ask americans to grade the following individuals. president obama, speaker of the house, john boehner, and moi. me. ♪ ♪ >> what's this place all >> what's this place all about? >> history. architecture.
8:49 pm
and i would say some good food. >> you just chased me down off the street. >> yes. >> are you a fanatic? >> no. >> president obama. on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate him? >> i'm putting him about 6 or 7. >> maybe 5. >> 3. >> he doesn't seem to be honest. i don't like his face. >>otto, don't platter yourself. >> i think he's done a good job in terms of president. >> how would you score the president? >> 2. >> why hasn't he measured up? >> he's not mitt romney. >> and so i'm proud to be here today. >> hmmm. a 5. >> this is not about looks. this is about performance. >> failure to perform. >> failure to perform? >> obamacare is a joke. >> he's for education. >> if he's for education, how come everybody i talked to on the street doesn't know anything? >> hmmm. >> we always think people are aware of things, because we're so very aware ourselves and they're not. >> i think he made some promises that he didn't necessarily live up to. >> has president obama done anything well in your opinion?
8:50 pm
>> he has campaigned well. >> he's been a good rock star and mascot. >> he's the later of our country still. you've got to give him credit there. >> you must be really smart, huh? >> i'm not a fan. neither are my parents, john boehner, what do you think about him? >> i don't know him. >> he's not amazing. >> what was that? >> he kriez a lot. >> oh, that john boehner. i don't think he always gets his way and i have a couple of little boys who cry when they don't get their way too. >> do you give them a spanking? republican, what do they stand
8:51 pm
for? >> you get to keep more of your money. >> what do you think of? >> country folk down south. >> conservative. >> i like them i think. one is for aborgz and one is not. >> which one is for? >> republicans i think are for. >> and i think we need new party because republicans and democrats, how long has that been going on for? >> some time. >> yeah, it's getting boring. >> how about bill o'reilly? >> i don't know. >> you like waters world? >> i love waters world. ♪ loving you >> you don't know who bill
8:52 pm
o'reilly is? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: your favorite guy. >> i don't do fox. >> the spin stops here. >> the big mushroom festival and waters was there. >> i need get marijuana. >> smoke if you got them. >> right back with that. ♪
8:53 pm
does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications,
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a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. back of the book waters world, as we told you earlier, the state of colorado becoming one of it the most promiscs places. the positive aspects of bo hallucinogenic mushrooms.
8:55 pm
>> reporter: what is this festival? >> the mushroom festival. >> what kind of things would you use mushrooms for? >> uh. >> this isally the fat of the land here. >> that's the shaq of mushrooms. >> you guys don't do magic mushrooms, do you? >> i usually go in the woods and do a more spiritual quest. you'll actually see sounds, potentially. >> you can see sounds? >> yeah. sometimes. >> can you hear smells? >> i'm freakin' out, man. >> what is the tripiest thing you've ever seen? >> the screen savers with the
8:56 pm
swirls. >> and the trees. >> do you ever worry that mushrooms might have a long lasting impact? >> the chemicals produced in the mushroom are already in the human brain. >> does anything concern you lat? >> besides my two exwives? no. >> what's the best thing about america? >> we're free. >> i live here. >> what's the worst part? >> i live here. >>. [ blank] >> do you suggest that i grow my own food? >> yes. >> what if i'm really busy?
8:57 pm
>> stop working and grow your own food instead. this is about food, not money. >> you seem a little angry. >> why wouldn't i be? >> why wouldn't i be? people are starving all over the world and people are like, let me play with my balls. >> can you help me find what i'm look for? >> at this point in your life, you've already made such bad decisions anyway. >> i love you. >> no you don't. >> you ever watch bill o'reilly? >> yes, he's charming. >> he's good but you're better. >> is this fox news? >> for crying out loud.
8:58 pm
>> we have father jonathan at shroom fest. >> i thought i'd hangout with you. >> so do you bust father john at the mushroom festival? >> he had some expansive views on religion. >> now the mushrooms, it's illegal for the hallucinogenics, right? >> well, some of the scientists say if you take it, it can have a healing effect on the psyche, it can reduce stress. >> colorado -- and you look very good here. very good on urres may. you and father morris. so, it's illegal though to take
8:59 pm
hallucinogenic mushrooms. they're legalizing everything in this state. >> it's still illegal. >> i did not see one police officer the entire time. thank god. >> but there were people taking these -- >> the guy kneeling saying he's only afraid of his exwives, he just taken some mushrooms. >> and you didn't? >> no. >> but this happens every year? it's not about cream of mushroom soup, though, right? >> there are some cooks there. >> but that's the cover, right? >> you got to look round. >> jesse waters, he's buying everything they're giving.
9:00 pm
again, thank you for watching us tonight. please always remember that spin stops here. we're always definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, president obama suggesting that the u.s. is less racially divided than when he took office. despite the death of eric garn and the death of another black 18-year-old in missouri that hands of a white police officer. i'm in for megyn kelly. more protests, near missouri. they're chanting, your silence is violent. this these scenes werea


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