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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 29, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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in the water. let's get right to david piper. he has the latest details for us. >> indonesian officials say australian planes spotted octobers floating in the sea in the area they have been searching for the missing aircraft. indonesia's vice president says they could it could be debris from the planes. >> >> the search has been focusing about one hour into the airasia plane to singapore monday morning 160 people were on board. the pilot said he was making a
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course change before changing indonesian air traffic control. no distress call was made into the plane involving many nations in the java sea. it asked if it needed help but so far the offer hasn't been taken up. the 7 fleet says it has nafl assets ready to assist if needed. the head of the search said the plane is likely to be up from the sea. it faced coordinates from the sea where contacts were lost. now this is quickly turning into one of asia's worst ever air disasters. back to you both. >> thank you david. we are learning more about the passenger and the crew aboard flight 8501. pilot captain arionto had hours of flight experience six-hours
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above bus 8020. 137 were adults 17 children and one baby. also on board two pilots four cabin crew. no americans were on board that flight. >> while it is too soon to know what happened on board airasia flight 8501 severe weather could be to blame. kelly wright has more for us with the investigation there. >> cheryl, good morning. several transportation experts focusing on the weather as being the possible cause of airasia's disappearance. shortly after departing the pilot alerted air traffic control he wanted to climb higher in altitude due to encountering intense storms. published reports indicate air
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traffic control gave the pilot permission to climb but reversed its decision denying the request minutes later the plane disappeared from radar. >> i think he got into a thunderstorm that few planes have gotten into and out of. i could be wrong on that but there were vie p lent thunderstorms in that area. >> he ran into severe turbulence that happens all of the time. literally all of the time. so he requested a higher altitude or a different course to get around or get over it. that is absolutely normal in these kinds of situations. what's not normal is not to hear from him again. >> there have been several weather related crashes within the past decade including a trance asia airways l 72 that crashed earlier this year during landing trying to avoid a thunderstorm. flight 204 crashed in august during landing due to heavy rain
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and hail and flight 612 which crashed in eastern ukraine. flight 612 was cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet. it attempted to climb over the thunderstorm but hit severe turbulence against the wall of that thunderstorm stalled and then crashed. there are further speculation about flight 350 one that it was flying too slo may have stalled and crashed into the sea. lia? >> thanks kelly wright this morning. to another fox news alert al qaeda now taking aim at passenger jets in the terror group's latest newsletter are calling on lone wolves to attack commercial airlines. we have the new threat. doug, good morning. >> good morning. al qaeda's obama with taking down the u.s. airliner has not evaded and we may be seeing another call to arms in the latest edition of inspire magazine which is al qaeda's little newsletter. they are calling for lone wolf
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attacks that would target airliners and foreign carriers as well. a threat was released on christmas eve. the intention to crush the enemy's economy. the daily mail is reporting this. they say the airlines mentioned won't say much but easy jet did issue this statement the safety and security of our passengers and crew is always our highest priority. we are unable to comment further on matters of security. we know how dangerous lone wolf styles can be. according to the daily mail inspire magazine specifically mentioned the underwear bomber who tried and failed to take down a detroit airliner. the war in afghanistan officially over after 13 years. a flag lowering ceremony marked
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the occasion of the nato mission in kabul. >> (indiscernible) >> more than 2,000 americans died in afghanistan. troops are positioning to a supporting role. 11,000 soldiers will help. they thanked the troops saying we are safer because of their efforts. a shocking new report claiming murdered journalist james foley could have been saved in exchange for a huge ransom. the former syrian general was approached in exchange for 750,000 dollars and asylum in america the man would free james foley smuggle him to freedom in turkey according to the report when the general approached u.s. officials they didn't bother listening to details maintaining
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the u.s. doesn't negotiate with terrorists. >> bill deblasio is expected to speak at the nypd graduation ceremony. emotions boiling over over slain officer ramos. as he spoke hundreds turned their backs to the giant screens projecting the funeral. that wasn't the right time or place. >> that funeral was to honor officer ramos not to bring politics and issues into that event. it was very inappropriate and i do not support it. >> bratton sadie blas yo is totally support i have to police. >> a fallen firefighter says it will payoff the two officer's mortgages. they have enough to worry about and is trying to raise 800,000 by the new year to cover the
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cost of their homes. former mayor rudy giuliani kicked in 20,000 for that effort. >> former president george h.w. bush relaxing in the hospital and watching football. bush 41 cheering on the texan as he improves. his discharge date was hospitalized on tuesday after experiencing shortness of breath. >> final week of the nfl regular season sunday night football. the steelers locking up the ac north with a big win over the bengals. both teams are in the playoffs. the panthers become the first team since 2010 to make the playoffs with a losing record. they beat the falcons 24-3. they face the cardinals in the wild card. new england, denver seattle and green bay will get a by.
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>> the big chill is back. cold air making a comeback across much of the country. >> rain and snow also expected in some regions. maria molina tracking it all from the weather center. >> good morning. good to see you. hello everyone. we have cold arctic air that moved down across lower parts of the 48. take a look at what it kurr p rently looks at 8 below zero feels like 6 below in rapid city. cold air effects other areas. not as bad adds texas. 32 degrees in the city of dallas and the city of memphis. take a look at what happens here. you have cold temperatures only single dig gets in far go and billings. cold air continues to move southward and you will be in single digits. 20's for the high temperature in the city of kansas city and across places like chicago, buffalo. highs only in the 20's as well. otherwise we have areas of rain
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we are tracking early this morning across parts of the gulf coast including portions of alabama and mississippi up into parts of the carolinas and eventually across the eastern parts. the rain isn't going to be a big issue as far as flooding goes. we are looking at it moving through slowly today. otherwise we are expecting lots of snow. we are expecting along the lower elevations generally a couple inches. in the shadeings of blue along the higher elevations you are talking up to a foot of snow and higher amounts. great news for skiing out here. the snow continues to pile up across parts of colorado wyoming also into utah. not good for any traveling across this area. cheryl and lia, let'see leah let's head over to you. >> if you are a skier you already need to be at your
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resort. >> 10 minutes after the hour. hundreds prep right now on a burning ferry as we get our first look inside. >> who is really behind the sony attack. why it might not be who we thought. >> before you resolve to lose weight in 2015, on it already the five mistakes you are making that could sabotage your diet. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
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or more on car insurance.
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>> overnight the first group of survivors from the burning ferry arrive in cargo ships. many needed help getting off the boat. desperate rescue efforts continue for those trapped on board. cell phone videos shows fire burning while they wait for helicopters to air lift them to
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safety. strong winds and waves are complicating rescue efforts. one person died after falling into the water. two others were hurt. leah. >> a city wide alert issued in los angeles overnight after people opened fire on police. a massive manhunt underway right now after the two officers were fired while driving in their cruiser. one anti cop graffiti called for officers to be shot. the shooter got away. the latest coming hours after nearby officers was under arrest. he was shot and killed in duty weeks ago. the cyber attack may not have been the work of north
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koreans after all. now claiming it was most likely russians who waged digital war against the studio. they looked at the writing samples of guardians of peace say it matched the russian language. the firm says it is unlikely the country was involved. even after the major hack controversial film "the interview has success. making 60 million on-line becoming sony's number one on-line movie of all times. >> play station is back up and running after hackers took down the gaming network. >> sony is announcing play station's network is back on-line after hackers heeded christmas day. group called lizard squad took credit for disruptions on the play station and microsoft xbox. xbox is back on friday while
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there were lingering problems it took sony 3 days to get play station back up to speed. twitter is operating normally after a glitch caused some twitter users to miss all of 2015. some tweeting on android devices reported seeing aramis sandalings that were 365 days old. this morning geek says twitter is tweeting in real time. although the unintended leap year glitch remains unknown. three-footed hobbit battled the five armies earned 31 million over the holiday weekend. the world war ii epic film "unbroken" second place. "into the woods"" 31 million. futures right now looking down. we are going to start the day there. >> adam from the fox business network and me as well go to finder.
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>> oo time now for your monday motivator. an injured marine gets a surprise at that couldn't fit under the tree. >> i have a gift for you guys i want you to open real quick. >> it haze new home recipient hearings your home 3-d rendering. >> marine staff sergeant scott nicholas surprised with a p brand new mortgage free home from the charity building homes for heros. it is specially built to accommodate his disabilities. another injured soldier who also got a home from that charity got to hand him the gift. the time is 18 minutes after the hour. more on the fox news alert the air yash yaw plane that vanished
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from the radar is one of the most popular in the sky. should you be worried? our next guest weighs in. >> why a family is forced to chase a beast for their he havenephew's funeral.
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>> the search for the missing airasia air bus vanished without a trace on the way to indonesia from singapore. this type of plane is one of the most popular in the sky. how safe is it? joining us now is former pilot
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jp. you are not just a former pilot you flu f 8's marine corps fighter pilot. you have quite a bit of experience flying airplanes as well as teaching them. a lot of people are probably nervous of flying after seeing accidents like this. >> they have a reason to be concerned about it but aviation accidents are few and far between so is this kind of an accident few and far between. >> people are thinking weather was a factor in this case. we saw the pictures of the weather in the area. wasn't looking too good. as far as the air bus itself this is the same plane if we remember captain foley when he landed in the hudson this is the same type of plane he flu. >> it is a fly by wire 447 that disappeared coming up from south america that encountered bad weather got iced up came down. again it's a new type of control system. it is completely different than the boeing system.
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this is a system where the pilot is more or less outside of the control loop it is a computer predominantly driven aircraft. boeing designs the aircraft same fly by wire but the pilot remains within the control room. >> we are both former military pilots f 18 in the navy flew a bunch of airplanes in the navy you were a test pilot as well. can you explain what fly by wire means and how it could contribute to having problems with the. >> they had the push pill and the cables new you have the push pull but it is hooked up to motors and driven by hydraulic systems. now you have the wires and these are being controlled but they have got one step further. in the air bus you have five computers controlling many of the functions that re always took for p granted. in other words this aircraft has for instance a stall system that prevents the pilot as much
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as possible from going into a stall the aircraft you flew could be stalled very easily. >> actually, i flew the firs tackle jet that had fly by wire technology. i know how you can get into a situation where you are fighting the airplane where it is trying to correct you prevent you from doing something wrong and you feel like you are fighting. thank you so much for being here today. great information for us. we will see what happens with this. hopefully the families get some sort of resolution to this. cheryl, over to you. >> the time is 25 minutes after the hour. chaos in the streets. why social media is to blame for several stunts and high speed chases. plus social laws don't believe everything you read on facebook. who is most likely to lie on social media? first on this day in 1851 the first ymca opens in boston, massachusetts. in 1984 the first regular season
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college basketball was played in new york city. nyu defeating note trau dam.
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>> the fox news alert object spotted overnight spotted in the missing airasia plane. >> this is (indiscernible) >> what investigators are saying right now about where the plane might be. >> protestors chanting threats against cops with new plans to ruin new year's eve across the
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country. >> if you were hoping to slim down in 2015 don't count the calories. the mistakes people make when it comes to wailt loss. -- weight loss. >> good morning welcome to "fox & friends first". i am leah gabrielle. it is nice to be with you this morning. >> i am cheryl casone. let's get right to the fox news alert. an october spotted in the search for missing air 8501 -- airasia flight. >> david piper is live in thailand with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you both. indonesian officials say australian aircraft spotted objects floating in the sea in the search area. indonesia's vice president says they are likely to be debris
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from the aircraft. airasia indonesia jet on the way from singapore sunday morning local time. 162 people were on board. the pilot radioed in that he was facing bad weather and requesting a course change before losing contact with ind peesh indonesian air traffic control. no distress call was made. there are many nations in the sea. they asked if they needed help but so far the offer hasn't been taken up. the head of indonesia's search and rescue agency said the plane is likely to be at the bottom of the sea. he said he based this on the coordinates of the plane when contact wausz losts lost. special equipment is being used to help maintain the flight recorders. families are continuing to wait
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for news of airports in indonesia and singapore. one woman at the crisis center reported to have said she had seven family members on the flight including her mother. another woman says her fiancee was on board. >> i listen to the rood and i go on the internet and i knew that it was his plane. it was supposed to be there before i got married. >> this is now turning into one of asia's worst air disasters. >> thank you very much. new information about the passengers and crew aboard flight 8501 airasia says the pilot had more than 20,000 hours of flight experience 6,000 on the air bus 8320. the first officer had 3,000
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flying hours with the airlines. of the 162 people on board 137 were adults 17 children and one baby. also on board two pilots four cabin crew and an engineer. moat were indonesian. three from south korea one each from the united kingdom, france, malaysia and singapore. no americans were on board that flight. lots of speculation as to what happened on board airasia flight 8501. severe violent weather may be to blame. we have the latest on the investigation. kelly, good morning. >> good morning to you as well. what you are talking about is right as the search for air yashasia flight 8501 is weather is a factor in the disappearance. shortly after leaving they alerted air traffic control ep wanted to climb higher in an altitude due to encountering intense storms.
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reports from air traffic control initially gave pilots permission to climb but reversed the decision due to other air traffic in the vicinity. minutes later the plane disappeared from radar. further speculation about airasia flight 8501 is that it was flying too slow may have stalled and crashed into the sea due to intense forms. >> it can be really jarring physically it has enough force. we are taught to try to avoid them but not with standing it has happened before. there have been several weather related crashes within the past decade including airasia plane which crashed this year during landing trying to avoid a thunderstorm and a crash in august 2005 during landing due to heavy rain and hail and flight 612 which crashed in
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eastern ukraine. experts there say flight 612 was eerily similar to airasia. it was cruding at an at actualed in an attempt to climb over a thunderstorm but hit severe turbulence stalled and crashed. until airasia flight 8501 is found there is speculation as to what might have happened such as a catastrophic failure or storm that confused the pilot. >> kel lae wright in washington. thank you. >> asia being accustomed to the type of casualties. the third in the region just this year. malaysia airline flight 370 disappeared back in march and was never found then flight 17 was shot down over eastern ukraine. the transport minister says they are hoping next year will be better. >> it has been a troubled year for us. we must be strong but looking
2:36 am
for a better year for us. >> malaysia helping indonesia in their search and recovery of airasia flight 8501. >> to another fox news alert al qaeda now calling on lone wolves to attack commercial airlines. doug luzader with more. >> remember this guy who became known as the underwear bomber he fried and failed to take down an airliner bound for detroit back in 2009. al qaeda thinks this guy is the model for the kind of attacks they would like to see on airliners looking ahead. the daily mail reports that inspire magazine al qaeda's magazine is now calling fon a pass for airlines like united american delta and continental and foreign carriers like air france and british airways. there are no indications any
2:37 am
attacks were in the works but some airlines issuing a statement including british airways which says the safety and security of the crew is always our top priority. we continue to work closely with airports and governments around the world. al qaeda seems to be favoring the kind of lone wolf attacks we saw during the boston marathon bombing unlike unlike 9-11 attacks it had little planning>> thank you, doug. the last british inmate at guantanamo bayeux pekted to go free. he is accused of recruiting for al qaeda but he has been deemed a nonthreat and cleared for release. david cameron will allow him back in the country. they will get the number of prisoners down so they can close
2:38 am
base and move remaining inmates into the u.s. >> how do you celebrate christmas weekend? is >> these protestors in portland oregon disrupting traffic and chanting for dead police officers. the sickening christmas carol coming a week after the murders of two nypd officers. social media web sites now calling for mass demonstrations on new year's eve in new york boston san francisco and other big cities. >> well, time now for look who is talking. new york city police commissioner bill bratton saying it's not just new york city but police officers across the country feel like the federal government is against them. >> they feel under attack rank and file officers and much of american police leadership they feel they are under attack from the federal government at the highest levels.
2:39 am
so that's something we need to understand also the sense of perception that becomes a reality. we have a lot of talking we are going to have to do here to understand all sides of this issue. this is not a one-sided issue. >> saved the bell's dustin diamond in court today accused of stabbing a man in wisconsin. the actor you probably remember as screech from the 90's sitcom faces nell knee reckless endarreningment and carrying weapons. he was defending his girlfriend when he accidentally stabbed a man with a switch blade. diamond could face 10 years in jail if found guilty. >> here we go again. get ready to bundle up. maria molina is tracking a big chill with a chance of rain and snow. right mal lenaan molina? >> temperatures haven't been too
2:40 am
bad. the arctic blast retreated from earlier this evening mild temperatures even record high temperatures were set across parts of the north east. that is all coming to an end this week. we have colder air southward across canada and northern plains and into the midwest. current windchill temperatures 8 below zero minneapolis 7 below in rapid city and cold across portions of the midwest and into the planes. in kansas city at 28 degrees right now it feels like 18 in the city of chicago. those actual high temperatures are going to stay cold as well through out the day and are going to expand eastward and southward as we head into tomorrow. otherwise tracking areas of across parts of the southeast we could see delays on the roadways that is mostly early in the day another area of concern for travel is the rockies. we are looking at a foot of snow up in some of the higher elevations a couple of inches across parts of the valley floors.
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back to you. >> thanks maria. oo thanks. >> the time is 40 minutes after the hour. more on our fox news alert the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of airasia flight 8501. our next guest will explain how the technology could have been a factor. >> and a great white bite? how a surfer survived a horrifying ordeal in the ocean. >> going way beyond the badge. how police helped a little princess' dream come true.
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>> back to our fox news lart. objects and oil spots spotted overnight in the search for airasia 8501. too early to tell if they are from the planes.
2:45 am
the tracking system putting airlines under scrutiny. how do the tracking abilities compare to the airlines around the world. could it be linked to the fact that it was a budget airline? aviation pilot joins us with some of the answers. most aircraft have the tracking technology. we don't know if this plane did. but the fact that they cannot find the aircraft does that tell you anything? >> it only tells me this is a little bit different thannal lash yaw 370 where we didn't know where the air thaft was. here we have a good indication of where the footprint because at the last time. we have airwaves sighting and we know before it is at the point where it broke up or went into the ocean. >> it brings across a bigger worry for many u.s. passengers in that we open the aircraft we are on every day has appropriate tracking. this is a budget airline.
2:46 am
if they cut corners with this technology is that a problem do you think? should we feel safe? >> i think we should feel safe. you look at the malaysian 370 again and they had the system in the aircraft that was turned off or failed. even with the technology we have to be sure the technology is working. in this particular case if in fact a thunderstorm was the cause of it and that plane broke up with that equipment still have given us signals that we could rely on? chances are once the plane is in a very hazardous situation as it was here, we may not be able to depend on that. >> what is the time line of the aircraft trau gjek sore rethat we have and what we know so far tell you? i want to show our view erbs a time line of what we know happened. a lot of speculation may not
2:47 am
have gone into the storms. >> the first thing you learn as a pilot avoid thunderstorms at all costs. flying above them is not an option. the fact that he was not denied the ability to go even higher is probably not an issue here. if he was really in dire need he could have taken his pilot command authority made that claim on his own. >> even if air traffic control tells you you could not change altitude he could have done that. >> absolutely. the ultimate decision is from the pilot. >> do we need to look at with whether u.s. passengers should be flying on these planes? >> they have to go through the same rigors of the ical the international community of aviation. but it is very very clear over the years flying domestically with domestic airlines is much safer than flying foreign airlines. >> over to you. >> the time is 48 minutes after
2:48 am
the hour. high speed kay yos where illegal street rainshowerses trapped drivers in their cars. when drunken shenanigans goes really really wrong. it is the video you will be laughing at all day. clayton morris has more on what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> the search for missing airasia flight. we will have the complete coverage of airasia. police officers turn their backs on mayor deblasio. can the relationship with the mayor ever be fixed? living on the streets to become be a country music star. "fox & friends" starts in about 12 minutes. join us.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." freeway fury. an illegal straight race shutting down a major highway in los angeles. a stream of cars causing chaos after organizing the event on social media. the group posting photos on instagram calling it a takeover. police arriving on the scene sparking several high-speed chases. dozens were arrested but police are still looking for many others who took off. a day of mourning turning to chaos for a family in los angeles. a 19-year-old's funeral turning into a high speed chase. the hearse was stolen from outside the church. the family chasing the vehicle until police arrived. a high school
2:53 am
basketball tournament the center of police protest. a san francisco school banning the team from playing for wearing "i can't breathe" shirts. the team agreed not to wear them but the girls team refused and will not play when the tournament begins today. why breathe is what new york city man eric garner was heard saying on video during an apparent chokehold by nypd officers that left him dead. professional athletes like lebron james have also worn the shirt before a game. a surfer lucky to be alive. surviving a shark attack off central california. a great white shark pulling the man under. witnesses say it was about ten feet long, the shark biting him on the hip. the surfer managed to use the cork from his surf board to make a tourniquet for his leg. two others helped him until paramedics arrived. >> time for your 5@5:00.
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before you resolve to lose weight in 2015 here are five mistakes you're making while trying to lose weight. first eating diet foods. those mike wave dinners are not that filling any way and are packed with additives. counting calories, the process can stress you out and increase your cravings for sugary snacks. shunning good snacks. nuts and avocados will help you stay full longer. skipping meals ups your chances of overeating later. finally drinking too often. cocktails add tons of extra calories you may not realize you're consuming. >> on it. today leah. >> no more drinking. >> no more eating. the time 54 minutes after the hour. a possible break in the search for the missing airasia plane. objects spotted in the sea overnight. what we just learned from search crews. >> going way beyond the badge. how police helped a little princess's dream come true.
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it is 58 minutes after the hour. bstles bfl -- before you leave the house, here's what's happening today moments ago the search for airasia 8501 suspended for today. overnight crews spotted oil slicks in the java sea. airlines say safety and security of passengers is the top after lone wolves said they will
2:59 am
target major airlines. mayor de blasio will speak at a graduation ceremony today. >> it is time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a very sick little girl gets to party like a princess and it's all thanks to police. >> we're overwhelmed with emotions and we're just glad to be part of it. >> it's the most amazing feeling in the world to -- i mean it's just a dream come true. >> the little six-year-old has a rare heart condition and her parent don't know if she'll be well enough to celebrate her birthday in march so one police department in florida planned an early party with princesses and presents. next the bad. a study shows people 18 to 24 are creating lies on social media and remembering those as real event. finally the ugly, --
3:00 am
>> oh my god, this is all bad. >> a drunk man thinking it is a good idea to ride a bike. but you can see, well, it was a bad idea. thanks so much for joining us today. >> "fox & friends" start right now. >> good morning. it is monday, december 29. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. while you were sleeping floating objects and oil spots spotted in the pacific ocean in the desperate search for that missing airasia flight. new details about the flight pilots and what happened in the cockpit straight ahead. >> as the slain officer is laid to rest this weekend, protesters come out in full force. [chanting] >> we have the latest on the growing tension between the cops and the communities. >> you may know me f


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