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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 29, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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have landed safely. the bad news here we're still covering a tragedy out of asia, a missing plane in that part of the world. leah: hopefully we'll get more information in the coming days. find the location and get resolution for families. thanks for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. >> continuing our coverage of that big story of the day teams searching for a missing airasia jet with 162 people on board. unidentified objects and oil slicks spotted in the water. testing underway to determine if that oil is connected to that missing plane. good morning to you i'm jon scott. >> hello i'm arthel neville in for jenna lee. it is nighttime in indonesia and second full day of scouring the java sea for any sign of the aircraft is over. a fleet of ships planes and helicopters are now involved in asia flight 8501 midway through
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its flight from indonesia to singapore early sunday morning when the pilot requested a higher altitude to avoid rough weather. that request was denied. moments later communication was lost and the plane disappeared from radar. greg palkot is following developments from our bureau in london. greg what's the latest? >> reporter: arthel, jon, as you note it is overnight in the region and rescue and discovery teams are gearing up for what could be a crucial tuesday in the search for this missing aircraft. in fact, it is still missing. this airasia flight, number 8501 took off from the indonesian city of surabaya, bound for singapore sunday morning local time. most of the 162 on board were indonesian. there was a frenchman and british man on board. shortly after takeoff about 40 minutes later ground control lost radar contact lost radio contact. there was request for course
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correction. that was denied due to air traffic in the vicinity. authorities think they believe the plane might have crashed into the java sea. that the plane might be at the bottom of that sea. no fewer than 30 ships, 15 aircraft from four different countries are involved in the search. they're checking out reports of objects seen on the surface of the water. it is believed they're not related to crash but they're checking out that oil slick. united states, by the way one other country offering assistance arthel. >> checking out a lot of things. are officials commenting on what may have caused this? >> reporter: it is still way too early. obviously if they get their hand on the black box if circumstances lead to that that telemetry will spell out what happened. they're looking closely the fact there was very bad weather in that area. whether that affected plane activity or pilot reacting to that weather. airasia is a budget airline but has a very good safe record. the airbus aircraft, a 320 is a
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workhorse in the aviation industry. that has a good safety record. they're not ruling anything out technical fault, foul play. there was no may day or disdistress signal released and there were other planes flying in that vicinity. there are a lot of questions. there are questions for the families of passengers at both airports singapore and surabaya. sadly this kind of scene is all too familiar in this region. it has not been a good year for air travel in southeast asia. airasia is malaysia-based. all our viewers remember that it was malaysia airlines plane shot down over ukraine in july. and it's a malaysia airlines plane, again a different airline but based in malaysia plane that went missing disappeared over the south indian sea back in march. still no trace of that. of course the rescuers, the
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inspectors, the teams both on the sea and on the air are hoping that they can nail this down. hopefully a lot quicker. back to you. >> unfortunately more unfortunate images of grieving families. greg pal court, thank you so much. >> joining me for more, seth kaplan, managing partner at airline weekly. seth, what is your most prominent question about the disappearance of this flight? >> yeah, well, something seems to have happened very quickly. a lot of times when you have an incident like this it is really confluence of several different things. bad weather won't usually bring down a flight by itself is. even a bad decision bit crew or some minor mechanic cal problem won't do it. but sometimes when they happen together, if we think back to air france 447 for example five years ago off the coast of brazil. that sort of what happens. very bad weather. some mechanical issues,
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instruments giving inaccurate airspeeds, maybe crew not reacting so well, all of those things causing what happened. my question is that what happened here? some combination of all of that? if so, what was the most important factor? >> but i just have to wonder if there was something catastrophic that happened onboard to cause this plane virtually to vanish mid-flight? no distress calls from the pilot, nothing, it just simply went away. >> right no distress call per se although they requested that altitude change and never got cleared to do it until later. pilots, their first priority is to fly the plane. any pilot will tell you that. if you have a choice between communicating something with somebody on the ground and simply making an adjustment that allows you to do something safe, making some last minute manuever that's what you do first. so although certainly some sort
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of a may-day call would help us understand what happened the pilot's first job is to fly the plane. that may have been what was happening. when things go wrong they go very wrong. they may not have had time. the cockpit rule is i have a very eight navigate and communicate. finally what ha about terrorism? i don't hear anybody talking about the possibility of terrorism but is that anywhere in your mind as a possible cause? >> too early to rule anything out. as you start connecting dots. our tendency that we talk about a airline based in malaysia, what are the similarities with mh three set of especially and incident couple months later. in this kind of opposite of three set of. -- 370. you could make a case early on that something happened. this seems to have been done by somebody who didn't want us to know what was going on in the cockpit. in this case none of those kind
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of indicators. too early to say otherwise. bad weather pilots trying to make some sort of an adjustment. in terms of guessing and really what we're doing at this point rather, what might have happened, that is the starting point with this one. with three set of, it was -- 370, it was exactly the opposite. >> i wonder why ground based radars would not pick up descent of this plane or pieces of this plane? i know it was out over open ocean would there not be ground-based radars still from that distant picked up some kind of signature of something heading toward the water? >> yeah. and it all depend really, jon how quickly it all happened. as you know, radar goes around and it is scanning and so it is not a exactly real-time indicator what is happening in the same way gps is with a cell phone or something. so something could happen so
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quickly that you wouldn't necessarily pick it up, particularly radars basically reflecting off things. you could have some sort of object falling but with the bad weather and all kind of things happening at once. although it would be helpful to have had some indicator like that. by the way we still don't know exactly what exists out there in terms of radar tapes but not necessarily any indication that something nefarious happened t could have all just happened too quickly for us to at least with what we have right now at our fingertips to know what had happened. >> again debris has been found. it has not been confirmed to be debris from that aircraft. but another mystery in that part of the world. seth kaplan from airline weekly. thank you very much. jon. >> the los angeles police department declaring a citywide alert for all available officers to help search for a gunman. dozens of officers swarmed south l.a. where two people ambushed and fired a rifle at a patrol
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car late last night. no one was injured in the attack. one person taken into custody at the scene but another remains at large. >> no officers were injured and one suspect taken into custody is uninjured. we don't know the status of outstanding suspect. we're unaware of any specific ties to this happening in new york. of course that is something that we'll be looking at. it is a nationwide conversation right now. >> a perimeter was set up in the search for the second suspect. about 60 officers, a s.w.a.t. team and police dogs are sweeping the area. >> a warning on the political front to tell you about. president obama is making it clear to the gop that he has his veto pen and he will not be afraid to use it in 2015. this comes as the president marks the end of our combat in afghanistan by thanking u.s. troops for their extraordin sacrifice. dan springer is with the president. joins us live now from honolulu.
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dan? >> reporter: yeah, heywe're still little more than a week away from the new congress being sworn in and already president obama is throwing down the gauntlet threatening to veto bills he doesn't like. he made the comment to national public radio before coming to vacation here in hawaii. >> they're are going to be some areas where we disagree and you know, i haven't used the veto pen very often since i've been in office partly because legislation that i objected to was particularly blocked in the senate even after the house took over republicans tooked over the house. i suspect there will be times where i have to pull that pen out. >> reporter: in his first six years in office president obama vetoed just two bills. he is threatening to veto legislation that quote unravels exhibiting laws and legislation. exhibit b could be any roll backs to obama care now that the republicans control the house and senate. in response to veto talk we heard from incoming senate majority leader
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mitch mcconnell said quote, in a statement there is a lot we can get done, if the president puts his famous pen to use signing legislation rather than vetoing legislation his liberal allies don't like. a ceremony was held yesterday in kabul handing over security forces. earns u.s. will leave 11,000 troops handling. saying in a statement yesterday afghanistan remains a dangerous place and the afghan people and their security forces continue to make tremendous sacrifices in defense of their country. that does contrast a bit what he told troops, marines here on the base in hawaii on christmas day when he said no future attacks will be lodged against the u.s. by the taliban in afghanistan. jon? >> to all of those who have served there our deepest thanks. dan springer, traveling with the president in honolulu.
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dan, thank you. >> a new report delving into problems at the secret service claims agents are stretched way too thin, asked to protect more people with fewer resources and poor leadership. now the agency is responding. a former child star in trouble with the law. the charges dustin diamond will face today when he appears in court. right! now you're gonna ask for my credit card -
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arthel: the secret service is stretched too thin, according to a report looking into a series of security failures at the white house. peter doocy joins us live from washington. hi peter. >> reporter: hi, arthel. there is a lot of pressure on the secret service right now. they're protecting 27 people, compared to 18 before 9/11. and there are all kinds of new threats with a budget and staff smaller than a few years ago because of sequestration even though the secret service is now under the umbrella of the massive homeland security
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department with larger agencies like the tsa and the boarder patrol after decades and decade as part of treasury. these details were laid out in a comprehensive "washington post" report. then there's more, including the results of an in-house electronic survey finding 80% of bad behavior like agents being drunk and agents soliciting prostitutes goes unreported because agents don't think that bosses backed that kind of whistle blowing. now this morning secret service spokesperson pointed us to a year old inspector general report which contains this line. quote, we found no evidence that the united states secret service employees frequently engage in behaviors contrary to conduct standards or that could cause a security concern. although some employees engaged in certain misconducted during a foreign assignment in cartegena we did not discover similar evidence that similar misconduct is widespread throughout the secret service. when a fence jumper made his way
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inside of the white house this summer the president's press secretary said this. >> the president continues to have confidence in their ability to perform their very difficult function. what's required in an environment like this is, a security organization that is as tend. that is, nimble. and that can be constantly both reviewing and upgrading their posture as necessary. that is difficult work. >> reporter: remember the secret service has a relatively new director, joe clancy. who came out of retirement because he said he thought the secret service was damaged. arthel? arthel: peter doocy, thanks a lot. jon: look for big changes coming on capitol hill as republicans get ready to take control of the house and the senate with the president warping he will veto legislation he doesn't like. does that mean more legislative gridlock in 2015? our political panel weighs in. plus the plan for iran. how the new senate will deal
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with tehran's nuclear ambitions. a look at that next.
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arthel: right now the gop setting its agenda as republicans prepare to take full control of congress just days from now and pushing for more sanctions on iran over its nuclear program expected to be a top priority. >> the majority leader mcconnell has said the first vote coming for the republican senate will be to approve the keystone pipeline. he also has said that the second big vote will be on iran sanctions. would i expect that coming up. arthel: senator kirk adding that senate republicans might even have enough democratic support to pass veto-proof legislation on more sanctions. jon: and, the "v" word, also
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used by the president has republicans get ready to take full control of congress. listen. >> i haven't used the veto pen very often since i've been in office partly because legislation that i objected to was typically blocked in the senate even after the house took over republicans took over the house. now i suspect they're are going to be some times where i have to pull that pen out. jon: let's talk about what lies ahead. joining us daniel halpern "weekly standard" and colby national reporter from "the washington post." welcome to both of you. colby, what do you see coming up? the president will be facing a republican majority in both houses of congress for the first time since he took office. he says i'm going to veto legislation i don't like. will they be able to get anything done? >> like the president said, he hasn't vetoed much. he only seed tote two bills in the entire presidency way back
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in 2010 when the republican took over the to house. the senate wouldn't vote on anything sent over from the house and acted like a buffer for him. there is republican controlled senate and there is no buffer and some bills he doesn't like will be sent to the white house. he said he will take out of pen. if there are things to dismantle the health care law or rolling back climate change legislation you can guaranty the president will not hesitate to veto. jon: the president doesn't seem chastened any in way by the results of november election. should he be or is this appropriate use of his executive authority? >> well look on the one hand a lot of his allies were lost last election and a lot of his opponents won in the midterm election obviously in the house and senate. but he also fairly and squarely won the election. this is his constitutional prerogative to veto bills he doesn't like. i would suggest this is the proper way for him to go about opposing congress. i don't think it is such a bad
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thing. i don't think many republicans there will be a fair bit of sniping. some people might be upset. there might be battles between obama and republican-controlled congress but i think it is healthy for the president to veto. i what would be unhealthy and could really raise the ire of republicans if president obama goes beyond the veto pen and continues executive action he began with immigration. i think that would really infuriate republicans in such a way that vetoing simply will not. jon:. jon: colby let's put on rose-colored glasses and look for a year of legislative achievement and progress. what are things that the president and this republican-led congress can agree on? anything? >> after the president made remarks in npr using his veto pen, mitch mcconnell said there would be bipartisan things we can get done. that might be mitch mcconnell wearing rose-colored glasses. some issues are tax reform.
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white house and republicans want to see a tax reform bill. there are trade deals that the republicans side with obama and white house more than some democrats within his own party. those are two issues you should look at going for sword where there might be some compromise. the issue if republican come out of the gate and attack health care and immigration and vote on keystone, it could do a little bit of poisoning the well on their side where the white house was going to be less reluctant to work with them. so there will have to be a bit of a give and take which we haven't seen in washington for a very long time. jon: talk about tax reform. she brought it up, daniel of the president has spent six years railing against corporations and claiming they don't pay their fair share of taxes. republicans argue, that this country has the highest corporate tax rates in the world and that lowering them has to be a key feature of tax reform. they will be at logger herds aren't they? how will they get past that.
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>> there will be broad agreement on tax reform which broadly speaking lowering loopholes and lowering corporate taxes. at least how republicans want it. president obama i would think basically to close a lot of the loopholes. there is broad agreement and certain senses of tax reform but it is not likely for anybody to move on it. tax reform traditionally has been very politically dangerous because it does, you are touching people's taxes and corporate tax reform can be a little safer but the fact that you know, the fact is, is that people have avoided it for a long time. republicans, even in the last congress they avoided it because they didn't want it messing up their election. so it will take a certain amount of political coshrage for any sort of tax reform to get through. frankly i'm not sure it exists on either side, president obama or the republican side, for any meaningful tax reform to get through. jon: almost one-word prediction from each of you. we come to that year where we make a predictions.
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do you predict a year of gridlock or progress when it comes to the administration and the congress. colby? >> i wish i could be an optimist but i covered washington almost eight years now and i predict we'll probably see more gridlock in the next year. jon: all right. your prediction, daniel, what do you think? >> i'm an optimist. i think optimistally there will be gridlock. a lot of people will be happy there is gridlock. they will be less productive, causing, creating less laws, fewer bureaucracies, less spending for the american people. jon: i know. sometimes wall street likes gridlock because when government can't do anything that is actually good for business. we'll see. colby, daniel, thanks to you both, merry christmas happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. arthel: jon, while they're taking a look at in the future we'll take a look back, what about that? we'll talk about the biggest stories of 2014. coming up, national protest republican takeover, our analysts look at what the media got right and wrong in the past
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year. plus a plane vanishes off the coast of indonesia with 162 people on board. new clues into what might have happened to airasia flight 8501. óqoqúúñ@
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arthel: right now a look what is still to come this hour of "happening now" as crews search for the missing airasia jetliner t brings to mind another recent air disaster in that same part of the world.
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we're live with that story. the dow breaking more records last week. will the highs continue in 2015? your meal on a wheel. a ferris wheel that is. as a dining experience reaches new heights. we have got the details for you. new information in the search for the missing airasia flight 8501. an australian search plane spotting oil patches as well as unknown objects floating in the java sea not far from the jetliner's last location. testing now to see if the oil came from the aircraft. the plane vanished midway through its flight from indonesia to singapore with 162 people on board. just moments after another aviation disaster in that part of the world. joining us, laura ending gell joining from us our new york city newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: hi, arthel. if this airasia flight confirmed to have gone down killing all on board this would make 2014 the worst year for loss of life in
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civil aviation in the last nine years. that is according to the netherland's based aviation safety network which compares death toll of disasters in 2005 where 1014 people were killed in passenger accidents. if it turns out all on board the airasia flight died it would bring this year total loss of life in aviation crashes to 924 people. eerily similar scenario happened earlier this year when malaysia flight mh370 dropped off the radar. that plane has still not been found. whether asia played a major role in this asia case though colonel jim hampton a former fighter pilot may not be the whole factor. >> asking about to change course and asking to flame, that is nothing out of the ordinary. guys do that all the time to avoid weather. could weather be the program? yeah. does anybody really know what happened at this point point?
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no. >> reporter: some significant fatal aviation crashes presumed 239 people called in the malaysia airlines case and 298 people killed in the malaysia airlines crash in ukraine. even before the airasia jet went missing, 762 people lost their lives in fatal air disasters. 2014 will have a record number of low crashes, seven despite the nature of this year's disasters, eight if airasia confirmed to gone down. in 2005, there were 24. >> laura engle thanks very much. jon? jon: 2014 a very big year for news coverage from the midterm elections in this country to international stories like the fight against ebola and isis. so what did the media get right and wrong in the past year? joining us now with their scorecards, a look back at the biggest stories alan colmes host of "the alan colmes show" and tammy bruce radio talk show host and fox news contributor.
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welcome to both of you. hard to believe we're at the end of 2014 already. give us your media hits and miss. >> not enough coverage of the kardashians. i think we needed more of that. don't get enough front covers of tabloids. how about the fact that the afghanistan war ended over the weekend and almost nobody talking about it, with a yawn after 13 years of the war is literally declared over at least combat operations. very little attention. we overcovered ebola. we got all scared and this would take over and infect so many thousands of people. thankfully it did not spread as much as we thought. health care and success of obamacare got enough coverage and how many people are doing well. economy rebounding. the unemployment rate is low. in fact where mitt romney said it would be at the end of his first term. i don't think that got enough coverage either. jon: tammy? >> i'm sure tammy agrees with you. >> i think big news the taliban hasn't agreed the war is over. jon: we never found mullah omar
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it might be said. >> we've got a mix of good and bad. certainly republicans will love the midterms. democrats think that is not news at all and maybe didn't happen. >> it did. >> tell you the media is thinking this is something it meant that the republicans have to work with the democrats. of course ebola did matter. in fact sharyl attkisson's finding that the cdc said to her apparently in one covers that there may be over 1400 people in this country being watched for ebola. >> watched for it. don't necessarily have it. >> one of the big news stories of this year the mainstream media just moving with talking points handed to them by whatever it is, establishment is that is dealing with it. whether the cdc or democrat party. >> democratic. >> comes down to in part of lack of investigative reporters. lack of budgets. a lack of an interest in covering things in a larger context because of what that takes. >> i think what fact that the media has moved to digital we were talking off the air how newspapers are falling by the
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wayside. more people getting their news on internet. you have to be careful. there is no bar to entry what you get. you can get anything to support anything in any whacko theory online. >> even entry of ebola into the country was news. the fact that didn't even have to occur. the real lack of coverage, if you will on how those decisions are being made in washington because the media didn't want a particular politician to look bad. jon: talking about media traditional newspaper, that lands with a thump on your doorstep is disappearing fast. give it another five years. >> i missed getting all the newsprint on my suit on subway on the way to work. jon: how does that affect the coverage. >> the coverage is less edited. we go to the internet, as we said, no bar to entry. anybody can have a website on internet. anybody can put any information. >> god forbid. >> you don't know what you're getting is accurate. you don't have editing and oversight. >> i think that is great. the oversight we've had before in mainstream media had one
8:38 am
point of view. average person -- >> that is not true. >> let me finish. i never interrupt you my dear. >> what the internet forces immediate reaction to what is being said. immediate pushback. when you say you have control of "new york times" and control of regional newspapers as well. you had control of one message and nobody was able to kind of interject. now editors have to deal with people who might know the difference and might say wait a minute that's wrong. wait a minute this is another point of view. new media the how it brings in different point of view, of course it will upset liberals. but for everybody else it is good news. >> that has been around for a while, fox news, which has not been traditional media around a long time. >> right. >> number one in all of cable. >> moves you can do it if you want to do good journalism. it is not generational issue. >> the point so many places to go to get information. not just monolithic anymore. not just six -- three networks
8:39 am
and 6:00 news. has been that way for a while. jon: when i grew up it was soviet union and cold war was raging and what soviets would do was a big worry. all of sudden vladmir putin gobbled up part after sovereign country and nobody seems to pay a great deal of attention. why is that. >> that is good point. my eyes glaze over, with what used to be soviet union. so much other stuff going on. missing planes what is going on with malaysia airlines. with all the new technology how come we can't find airplanes? russia is flashpoint and ukraine in particular. so much going on domestically with midterm elections we didn't pay attention. >> we relied, a lot of people did on european coverage because of budgets. the rebels, russians, effectively were not allowing anyone into the region which makes it difficult to cover. whether they did get in there
8:40 am
on the scene after the plane crashed it was horrifying lack of judgment and started going through luggage of the dead and ended up apologizing for that. there you have access but the choice that is made horrific morally. and these are the things that we have to deal with, who was out there, if they're actually investigative reporters. if we moved into a tabloid framework more than anything else. there is news that has to be covered. there are so few investigative reporters. and those who are out there get in trouble because they ask questions establishment don't like. >> cyber warfare with sony. we don't know who did it. some experts say it was inside job. we'll see that going forward. jon: crimea thing russia could be on the ropes economically this year and country on the ropes can get desperate and do desperate things. >> they need the money putin's adventurism is when oil was high. when they had the money to be adventure russ.
8:41 am
in they don't have the money hopefully it will restrict them. >> and the economy continues to sink in russia. jon: tammy bruce al alan colmes. thanks for joining us. happy new year to you. >> thanks. arthel: media may have got it wrong but wall street got it right going out with a bang in 2014 with markets breaking records will we see more green arrows in 2015. plus alan colmes mentioned it. cyber attacks hitting companies like sony and jpmorgan. hackers may have even bigger plans next year. we're live with that story.
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arthel: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> testing objection and oil found in the water near the last known location of the missing airasia jetliner. the latest on the desperate search. >> new york city's mayor addressing police graduates two days after cops turn their backs on him at a murdered officer's funeral. nypd commissioner says the cops
8:45 am
feel under attack by the feds. >> a mag said 17 of the 20 craziest politicians are republicans. is that b at. >> one lucky guy is "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. arthel: sound like a great lineup guys. >> thank you arthel. jon: crime stories we're following. former child star dustin diamond. you might know him for his role as screech on saved by the bell on the right. he is expected to appear in court. screech is accused of stabbing a man during a bar fight on christmas day in wisconsin. police in texas investigating the deaths of four people all found inside of the same home in dallas. a nine-year-old boy was also found alive and unharmed inside of that home. so far the identities of the victims are not being released. police continue their search for a 15-year-old arizona girl who ran away with her boyfriend
8:46 am
on christmas eve. the boy was found on interstate 10 this weekend reportedly disoriented. he told police he didn't know where leah costa was but he was with her at one point. anybody with information is asked to call the buckeye arizona, police. >> the dow is on a role with another record-breaking record-breaker, closing out the holiday week. right now the dow is up, almost nine, 10 points. what is ahead for 2015? i know someone who knows. joining us from our sister network, fox business network, cheryl casone. did i read that right? >> yeah. arthel: i'm trying to fight the fight and pull out the glasses. i'm not sure if i saw that right. >> you did. even with that nine-point gain we're looking at potentially another high for stocks. all you need is a point you have got a new record last week as well. this is it for trading for this year. today, tomorrow, wednesday. the question what is 2016 going
8:47 am
to look like? not going to look as good as 2014 was. arthel: back up for a second and what caused the rally? >> rally for 2014 in particular was a couple things. good economic data. we're making more widgets and pencils. we're exporting more. that employment picture is better. remember first part of 2014 we had all the bad weather? remember the polar vortex we don't want to see again from a life perspective, that affected growth in 2014. so we had a lot to gain and pick up in the second half. we maid that happen. the fed was giving us all that free money. printing money printing money that will end in 2015. that is one of the things we had. this year we won't have it for next year. arthel: with that in mind, cheryl if you're investing should you ride this wave aggressively or maybe proceed with a bit more caution? >> if you look at the expectations for 2015, let's
8:48 am
focus on the s&p. i know we like to look at the dow. really the s&p is really a main barometer of the market overall. that is everything, that is every sector known to man, airlines manufacturing gained about 14% for this year. expectation for next year, six to 8%. look if this was 2007 and i told you would make six to 8% in the stock market next year you would be like, oh, thank you so much. but perspective versus 2014 it is not as much as 2014. i wouldn't use the word aggressive but yes be in the market. don't forget, beginning in 2014 all predictions about the bond market. bonds will be flat or worthless that is the worse investment. bond were good in 2014. arthel: you think it will continue with bonds? >> not as strong as the stock market but there is good place for bond. i have to put a couple of caveats out there with this stuff happening in the last month. with oil prices really falling
8:49 am
and falling,. arthel: way down. >> that will not change for 2015. that is a problem for the economy. a lot of big oil companies are starting to tell us they will lay off employees. employees not producing as much. keystone pipeline still a question with washington. arthel: i'm sure we'll be dealing with that pretty soon. >> all these will be rough things we'll have to deal with for next year. we've got to figure that out first. but, yeah, great for your gas. a buck 99 in arizona last week. >> unbelievable. mixed news and good news but not too batched news. >> i don't want to be pollyanna next year. be smart bin vesting your money. but yeah, it should be a good year. arthel: great to see you cheryl. don't miss cheryl casone on the fox business network. if you're not sure where to find it in your area, log on to jon? jon: hackers targeting some of the biggest companies in the world. why the attack on sony might be just the beginning and what is
8:50 am
being done to prevent more cyber attacks like it in 2015. also south korea invites north korea to the table. what they want to talk about and the north's response lead. -- ahead. but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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arthel: south korea proposing talks with north korea. south korea yeahs unification minister says the country wants to start talks in january to discuss exchange programs, joint projects and laws needed to bring the divided countries closer together. zoll launch ad government -- zoll launch ad government committee to work on the progress but now uncertain whether pyongyang will accept zoll's offer. jon: accused of hacking sony pictures stealing emails and sabotaging feature films. and home depot, the victim after massive retail credit card breach. now there could be an april greater mike in hack attacks in
8:54 am
2015. we have fox business network's peter barnes. peter what is going on? >> hey jon that cyberattack on sony pictures was the not the christmas present united states was expecting. the hackers took cyber insecurity to a new level. threatening cyber attacks on theaters that had shown the movie. pwc a consulting firm, reported cybersecurity incidents against private companies globally rose by 48% in 2014 to nearly 43 million incidents. a separate study estimated the annual cost of cyber attacks on a typical u.s. energy or utility company was more than $26 million this year, was nearly 22 million for a typical defense contractor and nearly 21 million for an average financial services company. >> this is may be the virtual willie sutton, trying to break into where the money is but we also have of course, as i said
8:55 am
the hacktivists. we have the cyber-terrorists. apparently, you know nation states that may be engaged in this. >> reporter: corporate america is turning to the federal government for help especially from national security agencies that have the best surveillance and information about ongoing and emerging cyber threats. companies plan to push the next congress to approve a sweeping bill that allows more information-sharing by the government and private firms while protecting customer information. jon. jon: let's hope they can do something to keep us safer so we don't have more of those incidents this year. thank you, peter. >> you bet. jon: don't miss peter barnes on the fox business network. if you're not sure where to find it in your area, log on to arthel: some stories we're working on for the second hour of "happening now." the latest on the ferry disaster off the coast of italy. the death to rising as rescuers find more bodies on board.
8:56 am
there is this. general bush has not formally announced he is running for president in 2016 but he is already surging to the top of the gop field in one poll.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> taking the concept of dinner and a show to new heights. a restaurant in minnesota offers meals on board a 60-foot ferris wheel. the tree topping views will be the best in minneapolis and for those who want to stay stand the ground the restaurant will have free minigolf available. how do you bus those tables? >> excellent question. i am down for having dinner that high. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert, crews testing successors objects and a desperate search for the
9:00 am
air asia flight. this is "outnumbered." here today charles payne, ladies and gentlemen, host of "making money with charles payne." he is outnumbered and delighted. we are very happy to have you. >> a lot of stuff going on in the news, i'm hoping people are feeling more optimistic with the challenges for the audience worried about a lot of things legitimately and hopefully we can help them out today. >> what is one thing we should do at the end of the year?


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