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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 29, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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cry. i bet mike never went back to work after that. thanks for being part of "the real story" today. let's head over to john scott who is in for shepard smith. have a great day now. >> my dog just sleeps all the time. defense officials tell fox indonesia has asked for america's help in finding the missing airasia jet. i'm john scott in for shep are smith. the defense department reviewing the next steps to see how our nation can assist in a few hours teams are set to expand their sea and air search, looking for eric -- airasia flight. they'll look in the water and on land but officials warn the plane is likely, quote, at the bottom of the sea. it's nighttime there now. officials suspended the search until day break but searchers spotted two oily patches and some objects in the water. officials say they're running tests to fine out whether any of it is related to the plane.
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>> we're learning more about what happened just before the flight disappeared. the plane took off early sunday morning from indonesia, heading to singapore with 162 people onboard. those times are local. it's only about a two to three our flight, 40 minutes into it the pilots requested to fly higher because of bad weather. air traffic control did not needly respond yes, reportedly because six other planes were in the air. a few minutes late their flight was gone from radar. relatives gathered at the airports waiting for news on loved ones. scenes like these have become all too familiar for this region with multiple disasters this year. the search area is the size of alabama. officials -- the coy's ceo is defending its record, saying the focus is always on safety.
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>> the last two years no one can guarantee that the airlines -- [inaudible] but carried 220 million people, and until today we have never lost a life. >> he also pointed out that until investigators find the plane and figure out what happened, everything else is just speculation. trace gallagher is here with the news. trace, any sign of this thing so far? >> really no sign yet. when a plane and a pilot tries to fly around bad weather, it's rough. when day try to fly over it it's a very good indication the passengers are uncomfortable. it was four minutes from the time he asked to go from 32,000 feet to 38,000 feet that the plane disappeared. there was no may day call 0 a less severe distress call. that's an indication that mmm something catastrophic happened but if you think back and remember what happened in the air france crash, that plane
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also in bad weather, no may day no pan pan and the pilots were actually fighting the plane trying to get control all the way into the water. there's a chance that might have happened. you keep in mind that crashes are never one thing. it's always a series of things that go wrong, and if you look at the families they'll tell you there's always still hope. the miracle on he hudson was an a230 airplane but authorities are unconfident. >> of course we usually hope that he -- we can survive. we pray for that, but we realize, too the worst things that may be happening. >> the sad thing is the families are also pretty much in agreement that the odds here are very long. >> they've been told to expect the worst. so these oil slicks they found and the possible debris, where did they fine that.
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>> 700 miles from where the plane was last hear from. there's no indication this is from flight 8105 at all but they're still checking that out. it was near an island in the java sea. if they can find some debris that came from the plane there's a very good chance they'll find the plane itself because the java sea is on average 150 feet deep, and clearly we have the equipment to go down and scan the bottom. now, in contrast, you look at the malaysia flight 370, the indian ocean, you mentioned it, the java sea is the size of alabama. the indian ocean is the size of big countries countries and it's 18 to 25,000 feet in some areas. so much better chance of finding this plane than finding malaysia flight 370. >> people might think a jetliner like this loses power and just drops out of the securing but they can glide a long way and this was a very new airbus. >> it was, and so you're looking at 700 miles the debris thing
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north that unusual. it was a very new plane 13,000 cycles. for a six-year-old plane that's a lot but that's are short hauls. two hours was the longest. 23,000 flight hours, experts say that's a lot of cycles because planes have a lot of stress when they take off and land and pressurize and then tee pressurize. may have been a contributing factor but most people say these planes can good for years and years and years. >> generally they're very robust. thank you. more now on the weather those pilots were dealing with at the time officials lost contact with them. janice dean is live in the fox weather >> well, taking a look at what the satellite imagery looked like when we lost contact with the plane, it does not look good. this is typically what we see in the tropics. this is satellite imagery that depicts the cloud tops. where you see the deeper shades of red those are colder cloud tops infrared satellite
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imagery. this is the search area, and all around this area, and the flight path here we had thunderstorms, in some cases 50,000-foot high thunderstorms, which would be impossible to climb over top of. so right now within the last six hours, skies have cleared certainly, burt this is monsoon season. this is typically when they see the worst of the rain, the worst of the thunderstorms and wind. so today or tomorrow, since they suspended the search -- tomorrow they have a brief window and then the possibility for more showers and thunderstorms. so really time is of the essence. but here's what we do know. certainly december january, is the wettest time of the year their monsoon season. heavy rain and severe flooding has been present and could have been turbulence, lightning, strong vertical and horizontal wind and the potential for icing and hail. back to you. >> thank you. joining us now, aviation attorney justin green, a
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licensed commercial pilot former pilot for the marines and also has worked on accident and crash scene investigations and currently represents relatives of some of the victims of malaysia air flight 370. this plane was not going to or flying from small but it is a malaysia bailed company. three incidents in one year involving one particular nation or its airlines. is that simply just the worst kind of coincidence? >> the worst kind of coincidence in aviation we say things come in three, and unfortunately looks like three malaysian airplanes went down this past year. >> what's job one for investigators sneer. >> job one is to find the airplane. we can talk about what may have caused it, talk about the weather or the airplane's history, but we're that going to know what really happened until we get the wreckage and the black boxes out. so the focus of the investigation -- it's on a clock, 30-day clock before the pingers in the black box goes dead. the focus of the investigation
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is to find the black boxes. >> the pilot said he was having some weather troubles wanted to climb above it. he did not immediately get approval to do that should he have done it on his own? >> i don't think so. the thunderstorm is going to go much higher than the airplane could climb. if he is trying to climb up over the thunderstorms he is not make think right decision. the turn is a correct maneuver to get away from thunderstorms but i don't think the climb would have made any difference. >> we talk about air france 447 in which their pitot tube iced over the auto pilot shut off. the pilots flew a perfectly good working airplane other than the pete to tube in a stall attitude down to the surface of the ocean. that happened at night. they weren't aware of their southernings, couldn't tell where the horizon was didn't think their computers were giving them good information. there would have been some daylight in malaysia in this
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malaysia situation-right? >> also the pilots would have known what happened to air france. what happened to air france was a lesson to the whole industry and pilots flying on auto systems, sometimes really can't -- don't have the flying ability that pilot inside the old days had to hand-fly the airplane. this airplane, what happens when the pitot static system ices over the auto systems stop working and the pilots now have to deal with an emergency that is a surprise and that could have happened here. >> the air france disaster did bring about changes in training. >> it did. training and improving the pitot system. that was an airbus airplane as well, different model but we'll have to see whether we are looking at a deja vu type of accident. >> there is terrorism in that part of the word. is that a possibility here? >> you can't rule it out. although i don't see any evidence of it in malaysia airlines, that's still an issue
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that is going on right now, but you got armored cockpit doors no radio call from the pilots. the pilots are trained to change the transponder if there's an attack. i don't see it. i see this as probably a weather-related incident. >> a virgin atlantic jet with 447 passengers and 15 crew members on board had to make an emergency landing in the u.k. today after developing problems with landing gear. take a look at this. a view of the aircraft0s underbelly mid-flight. seems to be something wrong with the main gear. but when all was said and done, this was the scene a few hours later after the plane safely landed. fire trucks and planses were wait can nearby, a spokesman says the virgin atlantic flight landed safetily after oning to good at wick due to a technical fault. it continues, at this time only minor injuries have been reported. good news there.
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>> a united states marine murdered at an american base in afghanistan. now years after his death his family is demanding answers about exactly what happened. they're suing the marine corps to get the answers. our own rick leventhal sat sound with the sergeant's father.
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>> the military accused of covering up details about the
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death of a marine at an american base in afghanistan. relatives are suing the marine corps for information and the marine roz father just spoke to fox news. the u.s. commanders let an afghan police chief operate at the base and used teenage boys as sex slaves. w. of the teenagers stole an assault rifle, walked into a gym at the base in helmund province and opened fire until he ran out of am hoe. greg buckley died along with two of his fellow marines. the killer claimed he was a jihaddist, lance corporal buckley's relatives say u.s. officials kept them in the dark about the suspect's trial. they say they were surprised to learn a judge sentenced him as a juvenile to just seven years in prison. rick leventhal is here with more. the marines say this lawsuit is not about money it's about getting answers. >> the family wants information but they say the marine corps
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and defense department arestonwalling because the deaths could have been prevented. didn't have to happen. if warning signs had been observed. what the family does know is that corporal buckley was told he would be going home three days before he was murdered in the gym. it happened more than two years ago, and august 2012, during a spike in the so-called green on blue attacks when u.s. trained afghan police and soldiers were turning their weapons on u.s. forces and this man, once called afghan's most crooked cop, accused of sex trafficking and selling uniforms. another marine warned supervisors about john but he was allowed to stay and buckley's father says hi son knew it wouldn't end well. >> he said i didn't join the ma katrina corps to be a baby-sit or school teacher. they want me to teach these guys how to shoot and kill and do everything. and he said, i feel they're
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going turn it on me same, what do you mean? he says, my guys don't feel safe here. we feel they're going to turn on us and kill us. >> that is what happened. >> what is they in recent core corps say -- marine corps saying. >> they can't talk because of the lawsuit but have offered to me with family lawyers but buckley's family's lawyer said words are not enough. and they are entitled by law to know everything the marine corps knows about what happened to their boy and why. >> under federal law they like any gold star family are entitled to all the relevant information and reports about the death of their son. they don't need to beg, they don't need to and, pretty please and certainly shouldn't have to bring a lawsuit. >> attorney michael bowe says there's an autopsy report, an ncis investigation report and also battlefield reports. the family is entitle to all of that and have received none of
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it. >> an awful story. thank you. the islamic state has executed nearly 2,000 people across syria, including children. and foreign fighters who tried to quit the militant group according to activists. officials say an runyan general has died in a battle against isis fighters inside iraq. a huge crowd of mourners turn out today for his funeral. the "associated press" reports the general is the highest iranian officer to die in another country since the iran-iraq wary the '80s. iran's -- this comes as officials report suicide bombers have carried out more deadly attacks inside iraq and syria so far no one has claimed responsibility. he became famous as screech on the series "saved by the bell." that old sitcom. but minutes ago dustin diamond faced a judge as part of a case over a really bad night at a bar. one that could land him in
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prison for years. that's coming up.
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a brutal scene at a home in texas. cops found four bodies and they are interviewing the only witness, nine-year-old boy. happened yesterday in crowley just out fort worth. police say the boy is fine and in protective cuffed. he called a relative and told her a man was hurt after trying to kill himself. cops say they found the bodies of a man a woman, and another child. police say it is too early to tell if it was a murder suicide but the victims all suffered trauma and they say they think they were a family unit. the man who played screech on the sitcom "saved by the bell" is accused of stabbing
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somebody during a bar fight on christmas night. happened in port washington, wisconsin, 25 miles north of meaning. dustin diamond was in court today and could face ten years in prison. he played screech powers for nearly 13 years. tmz posted video of the scene at the bar. it seems to show a group of people pointing at diamond saying he's got a knife. watch. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> according to court documents, diamond told police he pulled out a knife to protect his fiancee me and stabbing was an accident. police say the victim was not seriously hurt but lost a significant amount of blood. michelle is here, a criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor. so, if you're prosecuting this case, what are you looking at here? >> i'm looking at the witnesses and the evidence in the case. at this point all we know is that the defendant did have a
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knife on him. it was found in his car shortly from the scene. also, we know that we have witnesses that say that there was an altercation and can identify screech as the defendant. at this point, it's all going to depend on who is going to come forward to say who started what, and whether or not they there will be in the evidence on that knife, and what the level of injury is for the victim. really what the level of injury the victim has will be the most important to determine how serious the charges will be. >> you seem to think that the indication so far are that the prosecution is not going for the kinds of charges they could invoke in a cares like this. >> charging wreck listen dangerment in the second degree tells me they don't believe that screech's conduct was intentional. clearly, intentional conduct is when somebody intends the result. in wreck his conduct they're aware or the risks and disregard that. a lot of times that occurs in cases where they're drinking or there's fight and then the
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altercation occurs as a result thereof. so this wasn't necessarily intentional conduct although he did go to bar with the knife on him, whiching significant. there was no real indication he was the initial aggressor, which i why i believe it wasn't more serious charge. >> is this the case where his fame might help him or work against him? >> it can cut both ways. in this case it was significant the district attorney didn't charge assault or battery and those an endangerment charge instead. usually when you have some type of injury, we don't know what level, there we be an initial assault charge, and they're stepping it back and i'm not sure if it is a result of his notoriety or what. we don't know if people picked on him because of his notoriety or how the district attorney will handle ill. >> we'll see if the judge was a "saved by the bell" fan. he changed his story. said it was pane and then a
12:25 pm
knife and protecting his girlfriend. sounds shaky if this is an accidental stabbing. >> going to be very problematic for him in the long run. down the line had he not said anything, his defense could have been listen, they attacked me, attacked my girlfriend. i was defending myself. going to the bar with the stiletto, using the stiletto saying he used a pen, saying he didn't stab one -- he has a lot of inconsistent statements and that's cause problems for a defense. >> there's no evidence that he has a record of major criminal convictions. if this is a first-time offense he may get off with some kind of community service or probation. >> maybe some type of program, depending on what the investigation determines. they're going to speak to the witnesses at the bar. they'll speak to the defense witnesses if the defense chooses to give them anybody, and make that determination. >> mama's don't let your children go up to be child stars. that's the lesson here.
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michelle, thank you. >> thank you. >> there is word of another attempt to ambush police officers amid increased tensions between police and protesters nationwide. police say they are searching for a suspect after somebody fired a rifle at two cops as they drove through south l.a. last night. the officers apparently fired back. nobody was hurt in the shootings. cops say they have arrested one suspect but are still looking for another. the shooting came roughly a week after man shot and killed two nypd officers in brooklyn before killing himself. >> continuing coverage of the search for the missing airasia flight. we'll speak with a former commercial airline pilot who has flown the area where the plane disappeared.
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>> his cousin caught the little boy. we'll show it to you again in slow mo. firefighters rescued another child from the home. officials expect both kids to be okay. >> at least four people are hurt after a collapse at a couldn't instruction site in chicago. the chicago tribune reports workers were standing on a beam 20 feet up when it fell. the news continues right after this.
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u.s. defense officials say they're reviewing the next steps to take after indonesia
12:32 pm
requested hem with starch for missing airasia flight 8501. a u.s. seventh fleet told fox news there are several units on standby in the region, including ships and aircraft and can be deployed to the scene if requested. rescuers in malaysia and singapore are looking for any signs of the jet that vanished yesterday morning. if it has in fact crashed, it would be the third major aviation disaster involving malaysia this year. as we reported, 162 people were on board. experts now reportedly testing oil samples near the region where the plane is thought to have gone down. aviation experts say these past 12 months have been the worst so far this decade for aviation fatilities worldwide, but despite this the total number of crashes is actually the lowest in decades. laura has the news and is live in our new york city newsroom. laura, how does this stack up? >> the information comes from
12:33 pm
the netherlands based aviation safety network which outloans the worst loss of life in civil aviation in nine years temp the stats compare the death tolls of plane disasters in 2005 when 1,014 people were killed in passenger accidents. if all onboard the airasia flight perished it would we this year'sed toat loss of life to 924. an eerily similar scenario happened this year when malaysia flight mh370 dropped off the radar that plane has not been found. aviation expert says chances are we'll learn weather played a role in the airasia case, but a lieutenant colonel says may not be the only factor. >> the whole issue about him changing course and asking to climb and all that, that's really nothing out of the ordinary. guy does that all the time to avoid weather. so could weather be the problem? yes. does anybody really know what
12:34 pm
happened at this night no. >> the international air transport association which represents 250 airlines, reported earlier this month that this year was among the safest when measured against the volume of traffic john. >> what about that, the record low number of crashes. >> the network shows there have been seven deadly crashes so far, the lowest in memory, despite the nature of this year's disasters. some of the more significant fatal aviation commercial crashes include the presumed 239 people killed in the malaysia airlines crash and the 298 people killed in the malaysian airlines crash in ukraine. if airasia is confirmed to have gone down that will make a total of eight crashes this year. >> thank you. more now on that missing asian eric flight. jptrestoni chinas us a former commercial airline pilot who flew the same region. when you heard of those
12:35 pm
circumstances that went down the pilot talking about bad weather, what went through your mind? >> exactly that. bad weather pilot made some decisions that might have placed his aircraft actually in harm's way, and particularly when he was refused the deviation but he accepted the refusal of the deviation rather than execute his pilot in command privilege to say don't accept that and i will execute a maneuver to keep me out of harm's way. >> one of the things my flight instructor told me is don't let the guy on the ground fly your airplane. you're the one in trouble. you think that he perhaps should have deviated or climbed if he felt that it was that dangerous? >> i'm uncomfortable with the climbing part because that implies to me he was trying to top a thunderstorm. but you cannot judge the maturity of a thunderstorm when you're climbing above it. and i've been in fighter aircraft where the burner going alongside of a thunderstorm, and it's been outpacing me in the climb. so the fact that an airliner
12:36 pm
could possibly match that type of climb. the other probable hem is when you try to top a thunderstorm, the thunderstorm has the capability to suck you down and into it. >> what can happen to even a robust airliner when they get inside a thunderstorm cell? >> well, you're going to have vertical pointeds that can reach 90-miles-an-hour, horizontal winds at 50-miles-an-hour, hail, wind sheer, on an aircraft that would be of a stress to two and a half g positive and one g negative. so you can have very quickly that aircraft have -- lose a wing, could tear off an engine, destroy the fuselage. in other words that aircraft could come apart in those type of conditions. >> that would obviously be the kind of catastrophic failure that could cut off communication and power and leave the pilots unable to say anything to anybody on the ground. >> would make the pilots also disorientated. being thrown around the
12:37 pm
aircraft perhaps even upset. the disorientation plus may have cascading problems with your computers that caused a complete lack of normal discipline, to wit, no emergency call, all pilots, it's one of your training multitask. you're in trouble, key the hot mic and say, may day may day or i'm in trouble, i'm coming down those are absent which mean the pilots were incapacitated in some way shape or form. >> the malaysia air crash taught us a lot about radar and what the ground can see and maybe can't see. this plane was relatively close to land, i'm surprised we haven't heard more about some kind of a radar track of something going down toward the ocean, whether it was debris or an intact aircraft. >> even if the transponder had been disconnected due to this aircraft breakup so what happened 0 to primary radar with
12:38 pm
the military? unfortunately i don't have confidence in the primary radar that exists in that area to wit going back to the 370 loss where they did have an aircraft on the scope but nothing happened. the other thing that i would say, what aim really surprised about, nobody is talking about the emergency transmissions. where is the ping center what happened to the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder sending out a signal? nothing has been said about even remotely that we're searching for that signal. i haven't heard a thing. maybe they were burned by the overemphasis on flight 370, which turned out to be just noise coming off of search ships. where is the pinger going where is that transmission? it's not been heard. nothing. >> this was a six-year-old airbus, 13,000 cycles, takeoffs and landings. that's not an extraordinary number. this was a ship that should have been in relatively good shape. >> if the proper maintenance was
12:39 pm
done on it-it's a new ship. six years old, cycles going up and down, pressurize craig effects on the structure, see nothing wrong with it. the normal overbuilding structure of the aircraft should have been able to withstand up to severe thundershower lens but not sufficient veer turn lens with -- turbulence with wind sheer and what may have occurred in a thunderstorm. >> whatever happened it appears this pilot didn't have time -- thieves pilots didn't have time to say anything to anybody. >> that's extraordinary, and that's what i mean. you're trained to hit that microphone and start lend sending out an emergency message, even on the way down or breakup you'll hear that on tape recordings of cockpit voice recorders where the pilots are going down but transmitting. but nothing came out of these people, which means they had a catastrophic event that literally immobilized them in that cockpit. >> they should be finding this wreckage fairly soon.
12:40 pm
they know where it last was and the java sea north very feet. >> 150 feet immediatian depth. if the aircraft was breaking up there should be a pattern of 100-miles of wreckage, and that it broke up closer to the ground or impact yes of course, 447 again, it had very quickly rudders, galleys floating up. >> found debris within three days. you flew in the same area where that airasia flight is missing. thank you. >> the longest war in american history is now over, at least on paper. the war in afghanistan was ended yesterday with a ceremony in cabin. 11,000 american fors are staying behind. the taliban marked the occasion with an attack on an mayory checkpoint in southern afghanistan. official says four afghan soldiers and eight militants died. the taliban spokesperson now
12:41 pm
saying it has defeated the united states in afghanistan. more than 2200 u.s. troops have died since the war began back in 2001. doug mckelway is live in our d.c. bureau with an update. >> sunday's solemn ceremony at nato headquarters in kabul may mark the official to end nato ground combat operations in afghanistan but the fighting goes on u.s. and troops will be subject to the threat of suicide bombers and ieds as before inch addition last month the obama administration quietly changed the withdrawal policy to allow u.s. fighter jets bombers and drones to continue operating in support of afghan troops for the next couple of years. as you mentioned the taliban has declared the nato drawdown as their victory. some analysts predict stepped up taliban attacks. >> taliban are going to see this as an opportunity and it's very likely that we're going to see more taliban operations in the near term. the next six to 18 months, rather than less. >> christopher swift says that
12:42 pm
the 13 years of u.s. and nato involvement in afghanistan have done nothing to change theies old tribal allegiances of the region and nato's top-down approach to build the army was probably less effective than a bottom up approach would have been to build tribal allegiances into a loose confederation representing afghanistan's interests. president obama promises that afghanistan will no longer cultivate international terrorism. >> because of the extraordinary service of the men and women in the american armed forces afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it's not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again. >> fox news contributor ralph peters says there's no way the president can know that. >> he doesn't. of course he doesn't. we always heard -- heard from president that al qaeda was finished. he may have declared the war in afghan over. it ain't over. just as iraq wasn't over.
12:43 pm
>> in fact, 2014 was the deadliest year with civilian casualties hitting the 10,000 mark for the very first time. john in. >> thank you doug. "the interview," the first major film to be released online and at major theaters at the same time, how is it doing? could this change the way movies are released in the future? that next. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today!
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oil prices have been falling again today, even after an attack on one of libya's largest export facilities. libyan officials say militants fired a rocket at the facility on christmas day, sending a storage tank on fire. they say they've already lost nearly a million barrels or oil. oil prices today dropped to less than $54 a barrel. the recent slide has helped lower the average price of gas in the u.s.
12:47 pm
aaa reports it is now less than $2.30 a gallon. the film "the interview" almost did not get a release. now it has reportedly made more than $15 million just in online sales over the weekend and to that, more than $2.5 million from box office sales. comes after hacker as i tacked soby pictures, threatening september -- 9/11 attacks. we're live in our west coast news hub. william, it was a big weekend for sony. >> here's why you have to give the studio some credit. a week ago they didn't know when or if they would even release "the interview." today, sony is sitting on 18 million in sales after releasing the movie online and a handful of small theaters and here's the silver lining. when dealing with big theater chains, soapy was looking at a 505 box office plate but online
12:48 pm
the revenue split is 70-30. when you consider the studio originally expected to make 20 million before the hack attack 18 million, it's not bad. it challenged the existing distribution model breaking the monopoly of the big theater chains. so aside from the scandal, that could be the biggest takeaway of the entire episode. >> sony got some other good news. the playstation network is back up and running. tell us about that. >> they got hacked on christmas morning, a group calling itself the lizard squad, knocked playstation out of commission. in an interview with -- over skype with our sister network sky news, headquarters from the group says it wanted to teach sony and microsoft's xbox a lesson, they need to beef up their security. >> i mean, they can't really say they feel bad. might have forced a couple of kids to have spent their time with their families instead of
12:49 pm
playing games. >> the fbi's reportedly investigating but since ryan and many of his lizard colleagues are under 18 it is unlikely they would be extradited. back to you. >> thank you. major changes today in the nfl. three teams fired their head coaches already on what has become known as black monday the day after the regular season ends. the bears dumped mark tressman, the falcons dropped mike smith, both after just two seasons at the helm. and love him or hate him the jets let go of rex ryan. the bears and jets also fired their general managers. all three teams failed to make the playoffs. so did the 49ers. yesterday san francisco parted ways with its head coach jim harbaugh. the niners ceo says it was mutual. he is reportedly headed to the university of michigan to coach there, khakis and all. survivors say it was total panic and choose when a ferry on
12:50 pm
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we experienced the titanic the only thing missing was we didn't sink that from passenger onboard a ferry that caught fire over the weekend. at least ten people have died. crews are checking for anyone else who might still be missing. it happened just before dawn on sunday. the ship was heading from a port in western greece to a city in italy when the fire protect out. more than 450 people were onboard. one survivor described the scene as complete chaos. he says fire alarms didn't go off until some smoke forced people out of their rooms and then no crew members were in sight to direct them. survivor reportedly says people
12:54 pm
were trampling over one another to get onboard helicopters. hundreds of passengers were stuck on the vessel's upper deck for more than a day, suffering through hail and heavy winds. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. john, what is going on with this investigation? >> well, john, we know it's going to be a criminal investigation because of the fatality, you at least ten, and because of possible safety deficiencies with the ferry. now, there are reports coming out that there may have been problems with the fire doors malfunctioning fire doors and also with the ship's emergency systems. as mentioned, one passenger said the fire alarms didn't go off until smoke started filling up the cabins and basically forcing people from the cabins and that there were no crew members to give people directives. so investigators will look into all that. if negligence may have played a role, and of course, what started the fire in the first
12:55 pm
place. >> difficult rescue operations to undertake. >> well, one -- the spokesman for greece's coast guard said this was a quote-unquote super human effort to rescue all the passengers and crew because of the conditions. as mentioned, the rough seas, the high winds, gale-for-winds, and then of course, terrible terrible conditions just overall conditions and bad visibility as well. so it made for a very difficult effort. in fact greece's shipping minister said it was quote one of the most complicated rescue operations we have ever done. john? >> frightening ordeal. thank you. we'll be right back.
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on this day in 1939 -- excuse me -- in the u.s. army
12:59 pm
first tested the legendary b-24 liberator. world war ii had just begun and soon the united states would build the aircraft not just for its army but also for allies, including britain, canada and australia. more than 18,000 liberators rolled off the assembly line by the time the war ended. they had dropped more than 600,000 tons of bombs. the b-24s were very heavy to control, stiff, crews called it the flying coffin. a big four-engine plane that was one of the work horses that helped the allies win the war. first took to the skies 75 years ago today. the dow has been up and down all day. if you're looking at your 401k probably didn't do much on this particular day. the dow will end the day around 17 points down. neil cavuto will have a look at
1:00 pm
the final numbers ahead on "your world." i'm john scott in for shepard smith. i'll be back this time tomorrow. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> thank you john. more officers fire. now the sheriff who is fired up and fed up. welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. los angeles, police today hunting for a second suspect after two officers on patrol were shot at last night. it's being described as an ambush attack. in florida, three bullets whizzed by two sheriff deputies in a church parking lot. the search still on for the drive-by shooter, all of this as antipolice protesters in portland could be heard singing deck the halls with rows of dead cops to milwaukee county sheriff who says this won't stop until someone on top takes a stan. that one would be the profit


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