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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 29, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. o'reilly fact tore is on tonight. >> most interesting. >> cut out added sugar for 10 days maybe you dual it with me? >> no. >> barbara walters leaves television after more than auto years in theñr business. we have many questions for her. >> was it hard work that put you over the top? >> hard work helps. hard work means weekends. hard work means difficulties in personal life. >> fiery debate between jorge ramos and me religion and president obama. >> you say you want to secure the border that's just an excuse not to do nothing. >> sphru 150,000 children crossing the border, you don't have a secure border. >> no, no. that's exactly the opposite.
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what it means is that the system is working. >> plus another prime time faceoff with our pal john steward. >> has he met your expectations? >> no. but i don't know if my expectations were fair to that individual. >> it's the factor's most interesting and starts right now. >> you can't believe anybody you know is capable of committing a murder or a double murder. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the primary anchor on univision jorge ramos asked me for an interview. i immediately said okay because mr. ramos is a standup guy. he comes in here when we ask him. the interview was interesting because jorge and i see the world very differently. >> thank you so much for inviting me to your set. >> a pleasure.
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you always come on the factor jorge. you are a standup guy so i'm happy to talk to you. >> this is the no spin zone. when it comes to race, politics immigration, you are clearly right wing. >> well, that's your opinion, but i would say that i'm a problem-solver. on immigration, for example, which is one of your big issues, all right? >> sure. >> i want everyone to be treated fairly. i don't oppose a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in america. i do not oppose that. >> but you want to secure the border. >> correct. because i don't want the merry go around to continue which i don't think does the country any good. chaos doesn't do any good. >> you see untrable. that's impossible. >> you can do it in a way. >> 44% of the people are coming by plane. >> and they are oversaying their visas. if that's made a felony they won't do it anymore will they jorge. >> waited will they who are say? make in t. it a felony to oversay their visa they won't overstay their visas anymore. >> they are coming because we are giving them jobs. >> let's revise that and
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have a worker program that fills the needs of american business. i'm for that i'm for a fair immigration law. >> but to say that you want to secure the border, that's sometime is just an excuse to do nothing. >> well, no, if i were the president, i would secure the border, jorge. if you have 150,000 children crossing the border, you tonight have a secure border jorge. come on. >> that's exactly the opposite. what it means is that the system is working. therefore,. >> working? >> exactly. they surrendered to the authorities. >> they shouldn't even get to the authorities, you see. in most countries you can't get to the authorities. you can't even get in because of the way they have it structured. we need to have a system whereby it's impossible to physically get in unless you go through the process. you can do it. >> it's almost impossible. you claim there is not such a thing as white privilege in america. >> correct. >> many african-americans disagree with you. and some of them believe that, for instance reverend
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eric garner and michael brown were killed simply because of the color of their skin. >> i respect that believe but not based on fax. when 99.9% of the arrests made in the united states. african-americans are arrested out of proportion to the rest of the population result in no harm to no one you must say that the police aren't targeting anyone. you are always going to have. >> michael brown died simply because. >> what shot completely unarmed. >> you have to let the process play out first. you are jumping into -- do you believe this police officer in ferguson woke up and said i'm going to cale black man? >> not like that. >> do you believe that he hated black people this police officer? >> we don't know that. >> that's right. we don't know it? >> we are seeing many examples of african-americans, young african-americans being killed. >> you are seeing a few, not many. a few. >> i'm sure you saw this article by nicholas kristof in the "new york times." >> yes, did i. >> when white, just don't get it i think he is talking
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but because he mentions you. >> of course he is talking about me. >> and he demonstrates when it comes to net worth income employment, life expectancy incarceration rate, whites are much better than african-americans. >>ations are doing much better than whites. >> white privilege? >> no. >> is itation privilege that asians do better than whites talking about white privilege in america. >> there isn't. that's a myth. what it is you have to look at the successful people and what makes them successful. therefore i took thation american community and i said here is why they make more money than whites and blacks because they keep the family together. there is is emphasis on education, parental supervision of children. those things in thation american communities are in stone, while it's eroding in the white and almost nonexistence in some black areas. the government cannot solve those problems.
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if you have 72% of children born out of wedlock in the african-american community 72% you are going to have poverty, jorge. >> white privilege in this country. let me jump to another thing. as irish catholic you said the idea of writing killing jesus came from the holy spirit. >> right. >> really? >> yeah. you are catholic right? >>. no i was born catholic. i'm not a catholic anymore. but it is very dangerous to mix politics and religion. >> i'm not mixing politics. i'm an ordinary citizen. i wrote the book. >> you are not ordinary citizen because you are suggesting. >> american citizen. >> born catholic, right? >> yes. >> in the catholic and christian religion there is god, right? >> yes. >> where do we get our talents from? where do we get our inspiration from? >> yes but to say. >> where do we get it from. are you a christian now. >> no. i'm not a christian. >> you are a nothing. but you understand the christian theology? >> of course. >> i believe in that, is
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that okay? >> of course. that's your own belief. >> so i believe in it i believe he that there is a god. an active god who inspires so when i was asked where i got the idea from killing jesus, i said i think i was inspired to write it by the holy spirit. you object to that? you object to me stating my religious beliefs as an american. >> that's your belief. but if you are suggesting that god talks to you and then you constantly every single day give your political opinion it's. >> jorge, you are drawing this real crazy arc here. look, i believe i'm inspired because i believe i'm in the christian theology. you don't believe it why do you object me saying it? why can't i say what i believe. >> thanks so much for talking to us and allowing us here in the no spin zone. >> it's a pleasure. >> i like him. directly ahead. katie couric on why americans are so fat. >> people don't realize how much added sugar and hidden sugar is in almost everything. if you look at the labels
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the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. personal story segment tonight new movie called fed up. deal wells why americans are so fat. >> the government is subsidizing the obesity epidemic. >> place private property ahead of public health. systematic political failure. >> by 2050 one out of every three americans will have diabetes. >> those diseases are being driven by sugar. >> this is a fundamental problem nobody is talking about in society. >> here now the narrator and executive producer of the film katie couric. i'm going to go into the theater. i'm going to pay my 15 bucks or whatever it is. i have my m&ms. >> won't buy raisinettes. >> what will i learn. >> you will learn a lot of things. comprehensive look back at the obesity epidemic and how
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we got into such a dire situation. and what we discovered is for the last 30 to 400 years there have been a whole confluence of factors that are contributing to this enormous epidemic and we can talk about all of those. >> but sugar is the number one, right? >> i think sugar is a big problem. i think people don't realize how much added sugar and hidden sugar is in almost everything they are seating. >> like 600,000 products in the grocery store. 80% of those have added sugar. and, you know i think if you look at the labels it can be very confusing because it's always shown in grams. people don't appreciate that. >> they are. >> four grams equals one teaspoon and american heart association says 6 to 9 teaspoons is really the safe threshold of sugar. the average person is eating 22-teaspoon as day. >> do you eat sugar. >> do i eat some. >> cream. >> in moderation. right now i'm doing the fed up challenge so basically i'm giving up all added sugar for 10 days.
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maybe you will do it with me. >> no. [ laughter ] >> i don't have to do it because i don't gorge on sweets and i'm not going to have -- >> -- you know what's interesting. there is something called tofee fat on the outside and fat on the inside. >> i may be a real chubby guy on the inside. >> you could be. >> i'm a fat head. >> your organs could be paying the price. >> i disagree agree with you. i don't eat a lot of wheat anymore. i feel much more spry and i know that sugar is a problem. one of the reasons that americans are getting fatter is because of the computers. because people don't walk. they don't play as many sports as they used to. you are all sitting on your butt with the big machine in front of you. that's addictive and that's where they. >> a i think a sedentary lifestyle obviously is not a good thing. we say exercise is really important to your over all health. but one of the mantras that is really been prevalent over the last four decades is energy balance. calorie in, calorie out.
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exercise. and basically it really is more about the food you are consuming to it burn off a 20-ounce soda pop you have to cycle an hour and 15 minutes so it isn't just -- it's not realistic to just focus on diet and exercise and our experts contend a calorie isn't a calorie. there are very different calories. >> sure sugar corrodes the body. you go into some of these fast food places and they are getting the 20-ounce big sodas and i'm going it's a killer. but i don't know if you are going to convince anybody, i don't know. because it's almost like cigarette smoking. everybody knows it's not good for you. but it's comfort. it tastes good. >> cigarettes, you know, tobacco consumption has declined dramatically since advertising was reduced there are no cigarette commercials. >> that's not going to happen with sugar. >> no. i think some countries are restricting marketing to kids. >> not here. >> especially during
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children's programs. >> too much money here. >> 21 commercials an hour. and most of them are so. >> sugar. >> fast food. shaping the way they perceive food. >> never going to be banned. >> so, listen, michael and hopefully the goal of the film is just to make people more aware because i think once they are educated they can make better choices. you know, they can look at labels and determine what they are eating. as you see when things are sort of reengineered, they often have the same amount of sugar and maybe 10 fewer calories. we don't think that is necessarily the the urchins all they want is sweet stuff and hand to hand combat. >> we shouldn't program, program through advertising. sugar is also very addictive. >> it is. all right. the movie is fed up. thanks for coming, in katie. >> that's it. >> that's it. you are done. thank you. >> thank you bill. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. personal fathers, have they
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one guy knows a lot about fatherhood jim gaffe gaffegan dad is fat and new book out called food. >> five kids in 10 years. >> five kids, there might be more. i haven't talked to my wife in an hour. >> after the third kid can people stop congratulating you. then they just treat you like you are amish. >> what's the hardest thing about being a dad for you? >> there is so many things about being a dad that i wasn't prepared for. dad are the vice president of the executive branch of the family which surprised me. you know, the mom is the president. the mom is bill clinton feeling their pain and we're al gore the nerd telling them to turn out the lights.
8:20 pm
>> my wife has instituted this open door policy where if one of our kids has a nightmare they are welcome to come in our room and be in our bed. [ laughter ] >> my dad, i thought he was the dictator. i thought he was the pharaoh. he had us out there doing yard work. i thought that we were slaved. but he was really second in command. my father was the commander of the ship. he was the commander of the castle. things have changed now face for sure. >> things have definitely changed. my dad essentially just brought home the bacon and by that i mean he didn't even shop for the bacon or bring it home or even cook it he ate the bacon which is understandable. it's not that my father and his generation didn't do anything, it's that they didn't feel guilty. >> four kids. bedtime is a crisis. that's why i'm here right now. it's too hard. they act like they have never been to sleep before.
8:21 pm
dad, what's that? no, i don't want to do that. >> not only, jim, am i bringing the bacon home, i'm bringing the flank steak home the fillet minion and occasionally the lobster tale gets in the mix. >> how many books do you have out right now. >> books, with your kids. >> my book, you know dad is fat. it's the title came from my now 7-year-old son's jack when he was 5 first sentence he wrote is dad is fat and he showed it to me and i put him up for adoption. >> as well you should. >> trying to be a good dad i sat the older three down and explained to them that the new baby doesn't mean i love them any less. son's little league team and we lost because they were hot. they were hot. they couldn't play.
8:22 pm
it's hot. >> you know, where is the airconditioning on the field? so it's a softer generation and their expectations of dad are not the same that they were. why do you think that some parents these days put their kids on a pedestal and they are almost adoring of the child, where, again, post world war ii 50s, 60s, you know, those children were there to do certain tasks and shut up. but now they are like little idols and i don't know really what happened there. >> i think that every generation we try and figure it out. we sit there and we go all right, the baby should sleep on the stomach. no, the baby should sleep on its back. we are trying to figure it out. that's why i have five kids. all i have to to do is go one for five bill. i have got a lot of pancakes to ruin. >> babies are a lot of work. i try and pitch. in i do diapers. i mean, i don't change them but i go you got to do this diaper. now, final question, you live in new york city when
8:23 pm
you are not hobnobbing in vegas with cher with five kids and a two bedroom. how do you do that? >> the good news is we live in a two bedroom apartment. >> so, i thought it through. it's not like we are set ago goal. it's just ended up that we are still in a two bedroom and my wife whenever she has her annual baby that kind of steers the relocation off a little bit. >> well, i want tonight though to make a pitch for everyone to buy your book, dad is fat. so that you can afford to live out suburbs where i am. >> maybe i could move in with you, bill. >> i don't think that's going to happen. we could discuss it. it would be a short conversation. >> all right jim the book is dad is fat. we appreciate you talking to us. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> next okay the run down, film about god is shocking the movie industry. talk with the star who says e. is getting hammered. >> this semester i proceeds
8:24 pm
that we refuse our limited time together debating the existence of the big man in the sky. the myth of a benevolent all
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[ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action. new film called god is not dead and its star kevin sorbo film is summed up by this clip. >> god not even a question.
8:28 pm
>> okay. why do you hate god? >> this is ridiculous. >> why do you hate god? answer the question. you have seen the science and the arguments. science supports existence. you know the truth. why do you hate him? why? very simple question, professor. why did you hate god? >> because he took everything away from me. >> yes. i hate god. >> you hate that don't exist. >> joining us from los angeles is mr. sorbo. why should i see this flick? what am i requesting to get out of this. >> every movie creates controversy this movie will as well. scientific viewpoint from atheist. also getting scientific viewpoint from the christians. like a miniature faith based movie. this story of my battle with this freshman student want to prove god to me and my
8:29 pm
class is obviously the anchor of the story. >> you play the atheist professor and the student the younger actor he plays the person who doesn't -- who wants to promote a belief in god. okay, that's interesting because that goes against type because in your real life, you are a believer correct? >> i am a believer. there is no question. i though it's shocking for people to find out that there are actually atheists in our universities but yes there are. >> i made a mistake with you letting you speak in front of my classroom and spew your propaganda. today we are going to change things up a bit. >> you know we have been reporting that for years that academia is rife with secularism and antireligious sentiment. now, when you -- you ever involved with this movie not as an actor but you are involved with the production and everything else. did you get resistance in hollywood for this film? >> you know not only resistance from this particular film. i have been getting resistance for a long time from it my manager has told
8:30 pm
me many times for me were point of view and come on shows like yours and hannity and things where it's a backlash. i notice this year i don't know there are probably 50 60 pilots between the cable and all the networks. i read for one. i got to read for one. i used to read 10 to 12 a year. i had the film hercules. number one syndicated show in america. and then i have done about 50 movies since then. most of them smaller independent world which is gin. hollywood owes me nothing. i have been fortunate. many actors love to seat the career i have had. have i heard the hatred and anger comes back towards me for actually having a different point of view in a city that claims tolerance, yeah, it's definitely come back to bite me. >> but it isn't that you are that right wing. i mean, i don't think. i'm not seeing anything really crazy here. >> no.y@ 8i >> you vote for both democrats and republicans. >> true.
8:31 pm
>> you are not evangelizing or prost will he advertising. so what is it -- >> -- not at all. >> what is it that you do that has annoyed the hollywood chieftons? >> well bill, i think you know. this you have heard it from many other actors from the join voights out there and kelsey glamour the kick back that they receive and they are big big stars. even if you are an independent voter, i mean, i am definitely a guy that's not sitting on the fence but i look at both sides. i vote with my heart, my mind, my gut. i actually look at pee people, weigh the pros and cons who is going to be beth for this country. some people especially in this industry they vote with anger, vote maybe out of fear. they vote with just, you know, people outside the industry vote for who is going it give me more stuff. you know that. you report this stuff all the time. >> not cheerleading for the democratic party or liberal point of view if you are not actively cheerleading then your opportunities are cut down. i believe that i think you are absolutely right. i mean look, i'm in the same business you are in now as a producer. luckily we have a very very
8:32 pm
good system for my books and then but we have -- we have h you know discussions with other people big name stars. and, you know, i am not going to name them now but believe me i could at any moment and you know how. >> i'm a big named star in my mind. >> a person in hollywood, certain people, all right, hear that it's business with me, all right. they don't want to do that because their cocktail party invitations decline. it's a social thing as much as an ideological thing. but, with you i think's it's crazy because you are just not a nutty kind of guy. and you are not that far out there. so, what's the name of your wife's book again? just so you are happy? because i don't want mad at me. >> it is called the answer. >> proof of god in heaven. lease check it out. >> and the movie is? >> i don't get invited to as many things as i used to. that part is true. >> you are lucky. you are better off. >> i have been very fortunate. >> the movie is god not dead. >> i want to make this clear. in that classroom, there is
8:33 pm
a god i'm him. do not try to humiliate me in front of my students. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. barbara watters retires not before i ask her political questions on the war on women, for example. >> is there war on for example? >> i don't think so. women can do and do do whatever the men do. uh, and i know
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personal story segment tonight, barbara watters at age 84 moderating giving up "the view" and abc specials. i have known ms. watters for many years and have had many interesting conversations with her. i believe the one tonight will fit in category as well. you have an interspeckive woman? >> i do a lot of cuf, would of could of should of. men do not look back, they just look forward. what do you do? >> i don't know. i'm deliver russ most of the time. here is why i ask that question. you are the most successful woman television journalist of all time. and it's not even close. all right?
8:38 pm
the most successful journalist of all time. did you ever think about why? what made you be in the business for 50 years and succeed to that extent? what is it? >> i never thought that it was going to happen. so it's not as if i had a plan. >> but it did happen. >> i had to work. that makes a difference. i couldn't stay home with mummy and daddy, i had to work so i could work my way up. i had to support my family for a while. that made a difference. and i don't know what is it ambition sounds so bad. >>-oh, you are ambitious. >> you are ambitious. i have known you for a long time. you are very hard working. was it hard work? was that what it is that put you over the top. >> hard work helps. hard work means weekends. hard work means sometimes difficulties in your personal life. >> you sacrificed in your personal life to become professionally successful. everybody knows that you have to do that at this
8:39 pm
level. was -- how much talent do you have? how much innate talent? >> i would have said very little. >> that's why i stepped on my skirt. let's start it again. >> i realized that i'm good with questions. i'm curious and i'm a wonderful editor. give me a piece of tape. give me a piece of film. i love to edit. it's like putting a puzzle together. that helps when i prepare interviews. so, do i have an enormous talent? no. do i have some talent? yeah. >> you have courage though, i think. >> i have a great deal of courage in my professional life. i'm not afraid to go anywhere. i'm not afraid to interview anyone. i'm not afraid to ask questions though i try to save the toughest for last putin if he ever killed anybody. >> did you ever order anyone killed? >> yeah. >> it was a last question. >> you didn't want to get killed in theview so i
8:40 pm
understand that. >> i didn't mind getting killed it would have made a big story. i didn't want him to walk out. >> because i think you are courageous in the sense that you had to take a lot of flack in your career and it never -- i know it bothered you personally because you are very sensitive. i think you are too sensitive ms. walters. >> why? >> sometimes you internalize things that you shouldn't. and. >> really? >> yeah. because i can see it on sometimes on "the view" and your interviewing. but you are tough. you are not some namby-pamby out there. but sometimes you take things the wrong way. however, however you are, as i stated, the most successful female journalist ever. >> i'm laughing because i want to thank you for the second one. >> that's okay. you will get a bill after the program. i do that for a lot of people. >> who needs therapy when you can talk to bill o'reilly. >> you can come on the factor once a week and you will be fine. >> is that a war on women in america? >> i don't think so.
8:41 pm
somebody asked me recently was afeminist? i thought it's an old fashioned word now feminist. because with very few exceptions women can do whatever the men do. >> i think that's the biggest phony issue i have ever heard. do you have any resentment against men? i say that because harry reid give you hard time. some of the other boys old journalist people when i worked at abc i heard bad things about you. i never saw it myself. do you have any resentment against male colleagues? did they hurt you? >> no. i didn't like some of the things i had to fight against them. i think there was still the old school of hard news and it should be men. i like men. i enjoy being with men. i don't have a problem and i don't have resentment. >> okay. >> because jennings thought you were a little softball you know that right piece of work as we say? >> i had access to jennings and i used to say look what are you giving her a hard
8:42 pm
time for? all right? she is going out and getting information from these people. that's what you want information, right? then tell me to shut up and get out of his office right? but i saw it firsthand. but you tell me you don't have any resentment against these guys? >> i don't have time for a lot of resentment. my time was spent doing my homework. trying to ask the best question. trying to get the big get. i didn't spend a lot of time saying why did he do that to me and i'm going to get even. i don't think that way. >> you are a liberal woman. you are sympathetic to pro-choice people. politically correct people. remember when i was on the view and goldberg and behar ran off because i said muslims killed us on 9/11. >> muslims didn't kill us on 9/11? is that what you safe? >> extremists. >> what religion were they? >> what religion was mr. mcvey. >> mr. mcveigh was an extremist as well? >> i'm telling you 70% of the country. >> i don't want to sit here now. i don't.
8:43 pm
>> you are outraged about muslims killing. >> [cheers and applause] i want to say something. >> you were sitting next to me. you knew what i meant. you knew that it was muslim extremists. you knew that. >> look. >> i do have my own views. but when i am working professionally, i do try to keep my own views out. >> but you can't on the view. it's an opinion show. >> but i do. i'm not sure that everybody who watches the view knows what my feelings are. >> i don't want to break it to you too gently but everybody knows. >> do they really? >> but i want to know. this when you saw behar and goldberg, two uber liberals. >> what i felt about them. >> knew exactly what i was saying. >> what i said was and i said it on the air. this is their show. we are the host. you don't do that to it a guest. >> why do you think they did
8:44 pm
it? >> because they felt personally affronted. but, my feeling. >> did they really? >> going into -- old stuff bill. >> this is what everybody remembers. >> i felt when this is your show and you are in charge, you take what the guest gives and you work with it you don't get up and walk out in a huff. i told them that. >> i want to say something to all of you. you you have just seen what should not happen. we should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage. i love my colleagues. that should not have happened. >> you told tv guide that oprah winfrey is a person that you could not interview enough. >> did i say that? i guess i felt that about oprah and i feel it about some others and i'm going to throw out names. these are not the ones that i think of, you know as the top interviews but people i can interview again and again. bette midler i can always talk to her. there is always something
8:45 pm
new and fresh and funny and charming. cher i haven't interviewed her in years. cher was always original. there are certain people who you can come back and interview again and again and there are certain people do you it once with and you have got it. >> right. >> there is no new point. i could interview you every day and find stuff to talk to you about. >> thank you i appreciate that. >> that's one of the reasons you do a show every day. >> i think that journalism has changed in america particularly on television. that it's become now a forum to advance agendas. do you understand what i'm saying? >> i do. >> rather than delivering news and facts to people, that the news agencies have turned now to push certain people and i think barack obama is a good example of how the media got behind him and promoted him. and to this day many of them still do. do you disagree? >> i don't think this is what's happened to news. i think what's happened to news it's that it's gotten lighter and lighter. we don't have news magazines anymore.
8:46 pm
they almost don't exist. the ones that we have are perhaps more tabloid and everybody wants it to be fun. and everybody wants everybody to laugh and everybody wants it sort of to be like the view. that's what i think. >> why am i so successful? >> god knows. >> i'm darth vader here. >> you know why you are so successful since it may be my last time with you, because you are smart and you are courageous and you you can take it as well as you give it okay? >> all right ms. walters, we wish you the best. >> i love being on with you. >> i wish you the best. i have said you are the most successful woman tv journalist of all times. it's absolutely a fact. i think everybody should understand that. >> thank you billy. >> ms. walters has always been respectful to me and others here at the fox news channel. she deserves credit for that and for simply being a legend. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along tonight. al michaels involved with o.j. simpson was involved in
8:47 pm
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as you may know al michaels won of the top -- you can't make this up. miracles memories and the perfect marriage is sports and television. in your book you worked and knew o.j. simpson. >> yes. >> take me back to the first time you heard he may be a murder suspect. what went through your mind? >> the first thing i heard was nicole simpson was killed and o.j. was in chicago. >> and you knew her? >> of course. i knew her before they had gotten married. i knew her when they'd gotten engaged. at first it was shocking because you can't imagine that anybody
8:51 pm
you know and somebody in your neighborhood -- and i live in brentwood, you can't believe anybody you know is capable of committing a murder or a double murder. it was a very crazy time. >> but simpson himself, did he strike you as an individual who had that sense of rage in him? >> no. i mean, i never saw it. and that's not to say that it wasn't there. so everybody thought he was the nicest guy in town. >> one of his lawyers and friends was the late robert kardashian, father to kim kardashian. >> right. >> very shadowy figure. i investigated this case. he was around simpson all the time. he removed some of simpsons items in a suitcase from his home. you knew kardashian. and you according to your book were speaking to him when all this was going on. tell us about that. >> well, i talked to o.j. on his cell phone a couple of times
8:52 pm
during the interim period of the murder itself and the bronco chase which was sunday night to friday. and i had talked to kardashian as well. and that's how i knew that o.j. had left his house on wednesday when the whole world is reporting with helicopters whirring overhead that he had sneaked out of the house. it was a very interesting time. i'm working at abc, and i'm working sports, but i'm also trying to help out the news division. >> ted cop -- >> right. you'll just have to trust me. >> you were getting it from kardashian who changed his mind before he died and believed simpson did it. i believe simpson did it. >> look obviously at the classic piece of tape when the verdict is announced and everybody saw robert kardashian's expression. >> right. >> i mean, that spoke in spades to millions of people. >> not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of penal code section 187-a a felony upon
8:53 pm
nicole brown simpson. >> i think a lot of people who gave him the benefit of the doubt believe he did it. >> including you. >> well, yeah. what really kind of took me over the top with this was when he was saying how can they think i did it or i don't like the way they're covering this. if you commit a double murder, are you not pounding the walls that i didn't do it? >> thanks for coming in. >> appreciate it. thanks, bill. >> still to come, hide the kids. my pal jon stewart talking politics with me your humble correspondent. things get wild. >> i've come to expect a certain steadiness of his craft that i don't necessarily agree with. i think he had an opportunity more in the reagan mold to be a little bit more of a -- president than what appears to be which is more of a tip o neil president like a legislative worker.
8:54 pm
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hollywood and politics. there's no question the country's divided. and so we wanted to chat with both jon stewart and d.l. huely to find out why. we begin with stewart. barack obama, you've criticized the president. you've said he let you down a couple of times when he didn't do a far left thing that you wanted. >> how far left am i? i'm curious. >> it depends on the night. it depends on the ratings. depends on who you're talking to. >> you don't really know much about me do you? >> and i don't want to. no that's not nice. stewart's nice to come in here. but would there ever be a scenario where you could see not voting for barack obama and voting for a republican? >> sure. >> what would that be? what would barack obama have to be beside kicking you in the head? >> what would he have to be -- >> what would i have to do? >> if i didn't have a clear sense of the direction that he wanted to move the country and somebody else had a more logical sense of where to take it -- >> so you're an open minded guy on this? >> well i don't think i would ever be able to convince you of
8:57 pm
that, but i consider myself -- >> millions of people are watching and i'm asking the questions they want to know about you. you voted for him. has he lived up to your expectations? >> no. but i don't know if my expectations were fair to that individual. i believed we were at a more transformative time. so, but i've come to respect a certain steadiness of his craft that i don't necessarily agree with. i think he had an opportunity more in the reagan mold to be a little bit more of a bully pulpit president than what he appears to be which is more of a tip o'neil president. like a legislative worker, more of someone who understands a bureaucratic method as opposed to something that's more you know teddy roosevelt, ronald reagan. >> i appreciate you coming in here. >> i'm a very nice man. >> you're a standup guy.
8:58 pm
>> you know this, i will always defend my positions. i'm not -- i don't put this out there lightly. >> no. the thing i like about you is you do take cheap shots all the time, but you defend those cheap shots and do them very well. >> that's not the only thing. your respect grows for me in leaps and bounds. you're the grinch right after he realizes they don't need presents. your heart grows to dimensions you didn't even know about. i'm like a shot of -- right in your -- like a b-12. boom. you love it. you love me because we're the same people. >> i think i'm going to commit suicide. jon stewart everyone. i've interviewed president obama twice and president bush three times. and i respect the office of the presidency. >> right. >> but i was not going to allow that interview to turn into any kind of propaganda for either man. and i know people thought i was disrespectful for interrupting, but i thought i had to to keep
8:59 pm
it on track and get my questions answered. >> the difference between interrupting the president dozens of times and letting him get an answer out -- >> all right. but i don't think he was dissatisfied with either of my interviews. did you see my interview with george w. bush? >> i have. you had to interrupt him because he didn't quite know what was going on. >> i see. the difference on the -- changes -- >> that's not true. i've never seen -- >> yeah. >> i have never seen the level of disrespect afforded this president in all types from calling him a liar to a terrorist to a person who has america -- doesn't have america's best interest -- >> a long, long tradition in our history. >> i thought it was disrespectful. and i think a lot of people have taken this president to task -- it was as if america ran great and all of a sudden this black guy got in office and it tumbled off a cliff. that's my perception of it. obviously i'm going to be much more sensitive and much more protective of him than i ordinarily would be of any
9:00 pm
politician. >> all right. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight new reports of smoke spotted in the area where a multinational search is now underway for a missing jet and 162 passengers and crew. and now a u.s. navy destroyer is en route to the java sea in southeast asia to help. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. we are getting reports of smoke spotted on a tiny island in the suspected crash area. more than 48 hours ago airasia flight 8501 was flying from indonesia to singapore about a two-hour flight. but just more than 30 minutes after takeoff the plane dropped off the radar. the u.s. navy's guided missile destroyer, the u.s.s. sampson is expected in the


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