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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 29, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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ordinarily would be of any politician. >> all right. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight new reports of smoke spotted in the area where a multinational search is now underway for a missing jet and 162 passengers and crew. and now a u.s. navy destroyer is en route to the java sea in southeast asia to help. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. we are getting reports of smoke spotted on a tiny island in the suspected crash area. more than 48 hours ago airasia flight 8501 was flying from indonesia to singapore about a two-hour flight. but just more than 30 minutes after takeoff the plane dropped off the radar. the u.s. navy's guided missile destroyer, the u.s.s. sampson is expected in the region soon.
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and the search is now expanding above and below the waves. we are covering the breaking news on flight 8501 with our aviation experts. but before we get to that -- are police officers under siege in this country? reports tonight of police in three major u.s. cities being ambushed or attacked in the wake of the assassination of two new york city cops just over a week ago. and the president who was at the microphones 15 minutes after a grand jury declined to indict a missouri police officer for a shooting in ferguson, has yet to make a single on-camera statement. in the past five days police have come under fire in los angeles, tampa and durham in attempted ambushes or attacks. thankfully with no major injuries. this is the tension between new york city's finest and mayor bill de blasio appears to have
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reached a boiling point. first a week ago some in the nypd literally turned their backs on the mayor in a shocking display blaming him for not having their backs as some in this city accuse the police of racism. some including the mayor himself. then today as mayor de blasio spoke at the nypd's graduation ceremony he was not exactly given a hero's welcome. >> the honorable bill de blasio. [ applause ] >> thank you. congratulations officers. it is an honor to call you officers. >> and the police commissioner personally admitting to how low the morale here is now. one person in attendance at this event today actually shouted down the mayor during his remarks. >> let's be honest about the realities of our society. you confront all the problems that plague our society problems that you didn't create
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create -- you confront mental illness, illegal guns. >> today's display comes just 48 hours after officers turned their backs on the mayor again in another act of silent protest, this one at the funeral for one of their executed brothers. and reports tonight that increased security fears are prompting some new york city officers to shirk low level arrests and avoid summons out of fear being targeted on the streets and delaying police response times as they wait for now mandatory backup before they head to a scene. trace gallagher has the story. >> meg -- they saw the muzzle flash of a rifle and knew they were being fired at. because of luck, timing or a
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combination of the two they were not hurt and were able to return fire capturing one of the two suspects while shutting down the neighborhood. and though police do not yet have a motive for the surprise shooting, they say the suspects clearly knew they were shooting at police officers. >> we're unaware of any specific ties to this happening in new york. of course that's something that we'll be looking at. it's a nationwide conversation right now, so it's not something that we'll discount or ignore. >> but authorities say a police shooting in durham north carolina does appear to be another assassination attempt. an officer sitting in his car was approached by two black men. when the officer got out of his vehicle, one suspect opened fire shooting six times striking the police car at least once. luckily the officer dove behind a staircase and was not hit. the officer returned fire, but it's unclear if either suspect was hit. both remain at large. and our sister publication "new york post," is reporting that
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new york police officers are turning a blind eye to minor crimes and only making arrests when they have to because they're concerned about their safety. the police union is now demanding that two patrol cars respond to all police calls. and that has led to much slower response times to non-emergencies. megyn. >> trace thank you. and two officers fired on while monitoring traffic despite the fact they were in two separate cars. and breaking we're learning new york city's mayor will act to try to tamp down the mess we're seeing here. he'll meet with the heads of five different police unions tomorrow including some of his harshest critics. one of those leaders joins me now. sergeant ed mullens, president of the sergeants benevolent association and one of the men who turned his back on the mayor in a now-viral video the night those officers were killed. ed, good to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> so you're going to meet with mayor de blasio tomorrow because it has finally reached a boiling
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point and the mayor's now paying attention to the feedback he's getting from the nypd. why? what did the trick? >> megyn that's a great question. but before i get into that, i want to thank law enforcement across the country for supporting the nypd and giving us an outpouring of support for the funerals they have attended this past weekend. these attacks occurring across the country right now in a broken trust between the communities and the police is going to end tonight. and we're going to fix it here in the nypd and set the stage across the country for the rest of this nation where every police officer is suffering. >> how? how? because your critics will look at the nypd and they'll say you created your own circumstances by the "chokehold" in staten island that led to the death of eric garner. the police in ferguson, missouri are the ones that caused this distrust. the alleged racist cops mayor de blasio has been telling his son
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about, they're the ones to blame. not the mayor for telling it "like it is." this is what his defenders would say. >> that's what they will say. but what i'm going to say is a statement that came from the team arrivals from abraham lincoln, for the good of the nation and for the good of the people somehow we need to find a solution to upright this ship so that law enforcement continues to prevail and provide the safety to the citizens and to themselves going forward. there's been a lack of leadership across this nation and within this city. and hopefully the dialogue that may occur with this mayor tomorrow will help to set some kind of direction. >> what do you want to say to him? >> i think that the mayor needs to humble himself. he needs to change his philosophical views to policing and to the way protests have occurred within the city on the backs of police officers. and that we need to educate the public as to how our criminal justice system works.
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it may not be perfect but just like last week when we seen a judge release two individuals who were threatened police officers, we had to live with that. we had to live with the decision of the courts. and we didn't go out and tie up bridges -- >> ed, do you think you're going to get through to this mayor? it's not like anyone hasn't said that to him before. and talked about his biracial son needing to be wary of this police force. >> this country is run by the people. if the mayor is held accountable through the people, then we'll see changes. vice president biden is the only person who gave any inspirational remarks in six months of all the turmoil that's been occurring throughout the country. and he did that the other day at this funeral. he spoke, he talked about the history of america, the importance of police and the idea of building and going forward. and i think we need to look at his words. and we need leaders to step up. there has not been one single leader in six months to set the
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stage to educate the public, to educate the police -- >> no one in office now. mayor rudy giuliani has been out there. >> that's right. >> he has said the mayor needs to apologize to the nypd. do you agree with that? >> i do. >> apologize for what? >> i think that the mayor in many ways -- i don't expect him to come out and publicly apologize. i think the mayor needs to humble himself. he needs to open his mind to what policing is about. no different than he is trying to get police officers to open their minds in how to deal with -- >> do you think he's endangered police? >> i think that his actions may have enabled this city to become a lawless city in a lot of ways. the good thing is -- >> is it true these cops are standing down and not issuing summons? this has been reported it seems tough to believe knowing the nypd. these are tough guys and gals. >> what's taking place is we're responding to each other's jobs backing up each other. the threat to police officers as you just highlighted in this broadcast is real.
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it's occurring throughout the country. and we certainly don't want to see any police officer being ambushed again. and our priority is to provide security to the city, but make sure we're secure enough so we can go home to our families. >> exactly right. which you have a right to do. thank you for being here ed. >> thank you for having me. >> president obama and attorney general eric holder have yet to make any on-camera statements regarding the execution murderings of these two nypd officers. nine days have passed. "the kelly file" investigates their response and compares it to the other high profile race stories. and we'll have a fair and balanced debate about how quick these men got to the cameras in other situations, not so fast when it was two dead new york city cops. is it appropriate? plus, new reports that the pilots of missing airasia jet were initially told they could climb to a higher altitude to avoid storm clouds but then immediately told not to. we'll have a closer look at what role that could have played, if any, in the disaster as we get
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new controversy tonight over the assassinations of two nypd officers and the response we're seeing on a national level. while the president and the attorney general have weighed in with written statements on the murders of these two cops some nine days ago, we have yet to hear from either man on camera despite their sometimes instant reactions to cases involving alleged police misconduct. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in washington. ed. >> good to see you, megyn. the president's aides tell me the president has been on vacation in hawaii, obviously, and was there after and during the assassination of these two officers. and the aftermath of that. and did put out the written statement you mentioned. and also sent vice president biden to new york city this past weekend for the funeral of
9:14 pm
officer ramos. they're expecting to also send a high level official to officer liu's funeral which will be coming up in a few days. but you're right there's pressure on the president for not making an on-camera statement and also the former new york city mayor rudy giuliani was also on television making a statement that the president also has a problem because he's gotten close to al sharpton. >> you make al sharpton a close adviser, you're going to turn the police in america against you. you're going to tell the police in america we don't understand you. i saw this man help cause riots in new york. i've heard his antipolice invective firsthand. to have a man who hasn't paid $4 million in taxes, have a man who spent his career helping to create riots, phony stories about police. to have that man sitting next to you speaks volumes. >> now in the president's defense before he left for hawaii he did an interview with npr. in that interview he insisted
9:15 pm
that race relations in this country have not gotten worse. listen. >> is the united states more racially divided than it was when you took office six years ago, mr. president? >> no. i think it's actually probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided. but i actually think that the issue has surfaced in a way that probably is healthy. >> now a majority of the public appears to disagree with the president. at the beginning of december bloomberg news did a poll, 53% said that race relations have deteriorated in this country since the president took office. megyn. >> ed henry, thank you. joining me now with reaction rich lowry fox news contributor and mark hannah democratic campaign veteran who worked on the kerry and obama campaigns. so just looking at the stats, president obama -- i was on the air live this night but the
9:16 pm
ferguson grand jury verdict was read on november 24th and within 15 minutes of the verdict president obama was on camera. the next day eric holder was on camera making comments about it. after the ferguson shooting happened, president obama released a statement three days later, on cam five days later, eric holder five days later. george zimmerman's acquittal obama on camera six days later eric holder two days later. henry lewis gates, six days after the incident. here we are nine days after two cops got assassinated and i grant you vice president biden showed up and made some beautiful remarks at the funeral, where's the president rich? >> it's a complete no-brainer and it's no excuse he's on vacation he can't find a camera there's all these reporters waiting for something to cover. >> cops assassinated attempted ambushes and attacks in other cities. >> right. so if the ferguson nonindictment is a national story, if the garner nonindictment national story they have to comment on the assassination of these two police officers as a national
9:17 pm
story as well that deserves statement on camera from the president defending the police and honoring the commitment and sackrifice sacrifice. >> what an opportunity to tamp down the temperature a little, to speak to the country and say hold on. i'm not saying they can affirmatively link what happened in l.a. or durham to these -- or today in tampa to what happened in new york city. but wouldn't it help to have the president come on and try to lower the temperature? >> certainly. and if i were advising the president right now, i don't think it hurts at all. not too much effort required to come out and give a statement. >> why's he not doing it? >> i want to be very clear. what you described as the moment they would instantaneously comments after these very real -- it's different because you have a sort of threat of public safety, riot potential. so there's imperative that the president has when there's a moment of outrage public outrage and ground swell --
9:18 pm
>> is there going to be rioting after the henry lewis gates incident? >> well, that was a very different issue. and that was also -- i mean -- >> that was a case in which he got out there on camera six days later and said the cops acted stupidly. >> six days later. and had henry lewis gates -- >> turned into a disaster for him. >> sure. >> the question is -- this is what we're getting at, whether these cops have a reason to believe as mayor rudy giuliani suggests that the white house has sent a message we don't like you. >> yeah. the police feel unsafe right now, which is completely unacceptable. and you see the effect it appears to be having in new york which they pull back. that doesn't affect the rich neighborhoods in new york, middle class and wealthy people, they don't feel the effect of that. it will be poor people in these communities. the idea that the police are racist, the only reason they go into these dangerous communities is to protect and serve the law-abiding people in those communities who want the police
9:19 pm
there. and they want them doing the so-called broken windows policing. what are the offenses that we're now going to let go? would you want people, you know urinating in public in your neighborhood or drinking in public in your neighborhood. >> i'm going to give you the floor, but just so the audience knows, mayor rudy giuliani cleaned up this city which used to be in such terrible shape by the broken windows rule, by not allowing graffiti to stand and start at the edges and neighborhoods will get better and people will care more. and it worked. >> right. but one of the by-products of that and commissioner bratton doing a heck of a job defending mayor de blasio right now, one of the by-products of that is that you have -- if you're black and in harlem carrying a bag of weed on you, you're so much more likely to be arrested and put in jail than me as a white guy in soho doing the same thing. >> where do you carry your weed, mark? let us know.
9:20 pm
what neighborhood -- >> what did you make of those cops turning their back on the mayor the message they were trying to send? >> i agree with mayor rudy giuliani that it was incredibly disrespectful and way out of line. i think it's a political ploy. you have the associations that have not reached a contract negotiation with the mayor. i think there's some politics here. i think there's some grotesque exploitation of this that's getting underreported. and i think it's shameful. all the other police unions have not been disrespectful. i have a friend at the funeral of officer ramos and said -- she was with the 84th precinct where they served and they were all completely respectful when the mayor got up and spoke. >> at that funeral that was expression of grass roots police sentiment. they know whatever this mayor says he does not have their backs. and he went out there and said that eric garner arrest -- and you can disagree, we can argue whether it was reasonable or not, was a product of centuries of racism. you can't say you respect a new
9:21 pm
york city police force at the same time you say it's systemically racist and a threat to your own son on a daily basis basis. >> i got to leave it at two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free.
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breaking tonight, ships, planes and helicopters now scouring the waters off indonesia's coast in search of missing airasia flight -- as we reported at the top of the hour we're getting new reports of smoke spotted on an island in a search zone. two cessna jets have been dispatched to the area to check on signs of possible wreckage. in addition a u.s. navy destroyer is en route to the java sea to assist in the search
9:25 pm
and expected to arrive within the next few hours. airasia flight 8501 flying from indonesia to singapore yesterday when it hit bad weather and suddenly dropped off of the radar, seemingly to disappear. there were 162 people onboard including 16 children and one infant. trace gallagher has a closer look at the plane's final moments as it hit bad weather. >> megyn, it's very common for pilots to try to go around bad weather, but trying to go over bad weather is an indication that passengers are very uncomfortable. 38 minutes into the flight the pilot requested to climb from 32,000 feet to 38,000 feet. at first air traffic controllers gave the okay but then told the pilot to wait until six nearby planes cleared the air space. four minutes later the airbus 320 disappeared. there was no mayday or pan pan, which is a lower level distress call. some experts believe that's an indication of a catastrophic
9:26 pm
event. but remember the air france crash in 2009 also happened in bad weather with no distress call. and it turned out the pilots there spent minutes trying to save that plane. and aviation experts caution that plane crashes are almost never the result of a single event but rather a series of events. some families of the passengers and crew continue to hold out hope. and we should note the miracle on the hudson involved an a320 just like flight 8501 but authorities are not confident. >> -- of course i say that. we pray for that. but we realize to the worst thing that maybe happened. >> the airplane in question is only six years old, nearly new considering it's not unusual to see 30-year-old planes still in service. the a320, much like the boeing 737, is a workhorse that specializes in short haul trips.
9:27 pm
and like the 737, its safety record is excellent. megyn. >> trace thank you. well, as the search for the wreckage continues, we are also learning new information on the pilots background and what happened the last time his family reportedly saw him alive. plus, i'll speak with one former faa official who says this disappearance reminds him very much of another infamous plane crash that has haunted aviation experts for years. and later, when baby lisa irwin went missing from her crib over three years ago on a cold missouri night, the story gripped the nation. now, a stunning turn in the case as a former top cia interrogator releases never-before-seen interview tapes of baby lisa's parents exclusively to "the kelly file." >> i think the first question that i need to ask you this morning, okay is what involvement did you have in the
9:28 pm
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new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. breaking tonight the search area for missing flight airasia 8501 is now widening. after days of searching with no solid leads. at least 30 ships, 15 aircraft and seven helicopters are searching for any signs of wreckage right now. as we have been reporting this evening there are new reports of smoke spotted on an island in the search zone. two cessna jets have apparently been dispatched to the area to check the scene. we are also learning more about the captain of this flight. a former indonesian military pilot with more than 20,000 flying hours. and he was last seen by his family at the recent funeral of his brother. joining me now scott brener, former faa senior official and
9:32 pm
vice president at gebhart government affairs. great to see you both again. let me start with you on this, scott. your thoughts first of all, on the circumstances we've seen tonight. last we spoke of course it was mh-370 and the question was how does an airplane just disappear. are we in any familiar territory here? because once again we have an airplane that disappears. and so far no sign of it. >> i think early on -- i hope that is not the case. with the malaysia flight we had an issue where the pilot had signed off. and then we had a radar track of it flying back over the peninsula. here we have a pilot asking to go up to a higher elevation and then losing contact with the aircraft. so i think the similarities just are not there for this flight. but it's still very alarming that we haven't really seen anything of it yet. >> what does it tell you scott,
9:33 pm
that there was no distress call? >> it tells me a couple things. it tells me one that either something catastrophic happened in the air that the pilots had no knowledge of or could have done anything about. or secondly, it could have been something where the pilots were focusing on trying to fly that aircraft and just never got ahold of it again and crashed into the ocean. >> we talked last time, i remember, and the pilots were telling me when you're up there it's aifuate navigate and communicate. and communicate comes last. so it's the last thing you do. if that plane's in trouble, you worry on the first two. let me ask you, robert. they say this was bad weather. of course they were in thunderstorms. and there were several planes in the air, which were fine. but how bad a threat is that? because i think all of our viewers have flown through thunderstorms in a plane before. >> well i don't think that most people have really flown through thunderstorms. >> really? >> i mean pilots certainly never want to fly through thunderstorms. it may feel like it because of the bumps and the rain and the
9:34 pm
lightning and all that. but the core of the thunderstorm, no pilot wants to do that. we specialize in trying to avoid that weather as best we can. >> why? can a thunderstorm break up a plane? >> well, there is enough force in a thunderstorm to certainly exceed the limits of any kind of a metal machine. it absolutely can happen. it doesn't happen very often because these airplanes are built so strongly. and pilots are pretty good at avoiding that kind of weather, for that reason exactly. because they realize it. >> what do you make of the fact the reports are the pilot want today go up to 32,000 feet to 38,000. and was denied. within four minutes the communication was gone and so was that plane. what if anything does that tell you? >> well, that is a little strange because the tops of the
9:35 pm
storms were above -- well above 50,000 feet. and that airplane would never have gotten that high. it would have been lucky to make it to 40,000. so i wonder very -- did the pilot -- were the pilots not aware of the tops of the weather? it just doesn't seem to make any sense to me. but again, the normal situation, the normal reaction would be to go left or right to go around it, to parallel the weather until you can find a place where you can penetrate it without danger. >> scott, could there have been a stall? you know, we talked about that before. >> right. absolutely. i just see a lot of similarities with the air france crash. where you had pilots not really paying attention to flying the aircraft. they were trying to go high above a storm similar to what we have here. they got up high enough where their speed indicators froze up temporarily. once they lost their speed indicators, then the automatic pilot kicked off, then they had to fly an aircraft they didn't
9:36 pm
know how fast it was going. then they got into a situation where they actually did stall the aircraft. i don't know if the same thing happened here, but something happened pretty fast where the pilots are asking to go to 38,000 feet and within four minutes they're no longer able to communicate. >> does bad weather make a stall more likely scott? >> i don't think so. stalls usually happen because pilots aren't paying attention to their air speed. so if you could get some weather, even then i think pilots are smart enough and they're trained for these types of situations. however, once you start losing indicators, it becomes a little harder to fly that aircraft. >> how bad is it, robert, and i mean this with all due respect to pilots, but how bad is it when the pilots are in a difficult situation and the autopilot is no longer in control? i mean, it seems like the autopilot flies these planes most of the time now. >> it does. and depending upon how the autopilot kicks off that really is the key.
9:37 pm
if the airplane autopilot has trimmed the airplane and made it feel, you know, that it needs to fly in a certain configuration attitude and whatever and that suddenly changes and the pilots are thrown into the mix having no idea what the airplane's going to feel like with the stick, that can be an extremely difficult situation to react to. that takes a few seconds alone. and sometimes they don't even have that much time. >> this is an area known for thunderstorms. not that infrequent at all. how big would, in your experience would money be. send the planes up anyway in these big storms and didn't offer a large diversion? does that factor in? if we send them too far, this is going to cost more money to get the plane from a to b? >> i think that we minimize the financial risk often, more often than we'd like to admit.
9:38 pm
it's not unusual for an airline dispatcher to send a crew off or pilots to go off knowing there's bad weather ahead because the weather is so dynamic we can assume that an hour from the time we take off it may completely change by the time we get there. but when you start talking about needing to make, you know 90-degree turns to try to find a way through weather that might take you a hundred miles off course before you can get through it? there comes a point, i think, when the pilots say, look how much time are we going to spend trying to find a better way? >> scott -- >> maybe this one's not so bad. >> -- what about these underwater locaters? it's only 150 feet deep we're told, this ocean. >> well, again because they are underwater makes it more difficult to hear the pinging of this. >> i mean, with all due respect, isn't that the very purpose of the underwater locater? i mean, this is like the malaysian airlines flight was
9:39 pm
50,000 feet under water if it crashed where they said it did we're talking 150 feet. why can't we hear them? >> because i don't think right now we have an exact location where the aircraft is. and i don't think we have the technology deployed to pick up that pinging sound. this is very elementary technology out there. this is very old technology that is just sending out a ping. we need to obviously upgrade that and get something a little more current. >> robert, before i let you go because we're almost out of time, whatever happened to mh-370? do we know? >> no. absolutely not. we don't know anything at all. really any more than we did nine months ago. >> unbelievable. gentlemen, thank you both so much. we'll continue to follow this. >> you're welcome megyn. upcoming, gq magazine lists america's 120 craziest politicians. but wait until you hear the writer had a hard time adding democrats to the list. plus their daughter's disappearance over three years ago made national headlines.
9:40 pm
now a stunning development in this case as a former top cia interrogator, they call him the human lie detector releases never-before-seen interview tapes he conducted of baby lisa's parents to "the kelly file." what they show could change everything you thought you knew about this case. >> jeremy if the police were to walk in here and say to you, jeremy, we have come across some evidence which clearly indicates that you're involved in lisa's disappearance, what would you say? [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ]
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unsolved mystery. the disappearance of 10-month-old baby lisa irwin captivated the nation back in 2011. a beautiful baby vanishing from her crib in the middle of the night on a cold missouri evening. disappearing without a trace. later this week in "the kelly file" exclusive we will air explosive interviews by a cia interrogator, never-before-seen tapes of baby lisa's parents on camera. tonight, a preview of how a human lie detector has now shown a brand new light on this case. first though a refresher. back on october 3rd 2011, debra bradley put baby lisa in her crib. then she spends the evening drinking with a neighbor, later admitting to fox news she was drunk and may have passed out. father jeremy irwin was working overtime that night. early the next morning jeremy gets home from work and discovers baby lisa is not in her crib. the parents call the police, the
9:45 pm
police show up, they search they find nothing. sure enough fingers eventually point at the parents, but they are never charged. the never-before-seen interviews of baby lisa's parents were taken days after little lisa went missing. they were conducted by a man named phillip houston who worked atd the cia for 25 years. he's conducted thousands of interrogations and grilled double agents and terrorists. and he is credited with developing a lie detection method that is used throughout u.s. intelligence and federal law enforcement. phil sat down with "the kelly file" to dissect these exclusive tapes. we are about to show you a sample of what he said. in this clip phil asks debra bradley if she's involved in her daughter's disappearance. and then phil tells us why he believes now that the parents are innocent. >> i think the first question i
9:46 pm
need to ask you this morning, okay, is what involvement did you have in the disappearance of lisa? >> none. the only thing i did wrong was drink that night. and possibly not be alert, not hear. i'm sorry. >> in that answer what did you hear? >> we didn't see those deceptive indicators. she answered the question directly. we're not giving her credit for answering it directly. what we're giving her credit for is not exhibiting the deceptive indicators. you didn't see any significant nonverbals. what we also saw that got our attention immediately is in the question she immediately went to the fact that she had been drunk that night. so she was actually accepting some culpability for perhaps what had happened. >> which is the behavior of a
9:47 pm
truth-teller. >> well, you certainly don't see criminals takeing culpability for the event. and that was a bit odd. >> here, phil asks jeremy, the father, the same point-blank question. >> jeremy, if the police were to walk in here right now and say to you, jeremy we have come across some evidence which clearly indicates that you're involved in lisa's disappearance, what would you say? >> that's not possible. it's not possible. cause i wasn't. so it would just be another one of their lies. >> a very tough question especially for someone who is lying, okay? and in this particular case we
9:48 pm
didn't see deceptive behavior. we didn't see what sounded like a lie. it was a question that's designed to provoke deceptive behavior from a deceptive person. >> like the police have got something. >> exactly. and we didn't see that. >> could they have been coached? could a lawyer have said when you get asked these questions be definitive, don't hedge just deny it outright, don't elaborate, period. can't they be coached into deceiveing you? >> people can be coached but the likelihood of that masking deceptive behavior is highly unlikely. >> you don't think they could fool you? >> i don't think so. >> but is it all that cut and dried? former lapd homicide detective and fox newstor mark fuhrman has been one of the parents most ardent critics. he's always suspected debra of the disappearance and still does. >> i'm not deterred from my opinion that debra bradley is
9:49 pm
most definitely the suspect, whether intentional or otherwise. i think she was responsible for the disappearance and most probably the death of lisa irwin. i don't think jeremy is involved at all. i think he is an unwitting pawn of debra bradley that is going along with her innocence routine. and really the scam that's going on here. >> why? why? because you heard phil, he has no horse in this race. he says she did not indicate deception. >> well, with all due respect to somebody that worked for the cia and dealt with terrorists that's fine. but you observe them for hours, days, weeks, months, sometimes years. you understand how they are on and off camera on and off interrogation. and this interrogation wasn't an interrogation. it was barely an interview. >> we have much more from the phil houston tapes and these
9:50 pm
never before seen interviews of baby lisa's parents. plus, one private investigator who joined us believes police should take another hard look at a man who was once a suspect in this case. and we will check in with baby lisa's parents who join me on the set about life without their daughter three-plus years later. don't miss our "the kelly file" special, the baby lisa mystery. it will air this friday january 2nd at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. up next gq magazine lists america's 20 craziest politicians. but wait until you hear why the writer had such a hard time finding democrats to add to this list. ♪ huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some!
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9:53 pm
há gq magazine's january 2015
9:54 pm
issue includes a list of the folks they say are america's 20 craziest politicians. on that list, three democrats and 17 republicans. why such a hard time finding crazy democrats. the writer explains "the democrats just aren't keeping pace in the crazy department." trace gallagher did a little digging on his own and here's what he found. >> apparently the g in gq doesn't stand for google. while the magazine says it had trouble finding nutty democrats a quick internet search turns up plenty. here are a few democrats that might earn a few votes like former texas governor candidate wendy davis who approved an ad featuring images of a wheelchair like the one her opponent greg abbott used for years. then there's vermont senator bernie sanders who chairs the veterans affairs committee and
9:55 pm
seize the v.a. provides "very high quality health care," period. also thinks the v.a. scandal was drummed up to undermine the v.a. by conservative businessmen charles and david koch. and debbie wasserman-schultz got into hot water when she made this comment. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. i know that is stock. that is direct. but that is reality. what republican tea party extremists like scott walker are doing is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. and it's unacceptable. >> and while gq says crazy democrats are in short supply this year, they did offer up rob blagojevich and anthony weiner as past examples. megyn. >> thank you, trace. we'll be right back. but first, coming up on "hannity". >> you said that al qaeda was defeated. islamist terrorism, which you wouldn't call islamist terrorism was defeated. welcome to the real world.
9:56 pm
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i could talk to you all day. so don't miss this baby lisa investigation that we're going to air this friday at 9:00 p.m. we've been working very hard on this now for weeks. and phil houston is a tough man to get to come on camera. he's got this mild mannered approach. you hear his voice is very soft you think this guy is a human lie detector? he wrote a book called spy the lie, and he walks you through these deception detection methods, which may or may not be relevant in your own life. but wait until you hear his end conclusions. you'll find it fascinating. v. live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. the search for the missing asia airplane continues off the coast of indonesia. more planes will be in the air and more ships will be at sea
10:00 pm
including the american navy's destroyer, the uss samson. the search area is also being expanded to include nearby islands in the java sea. the plane vanished early sunday while en route to singapore with 162 people on board. and another search is under way at this hour near the coast of greece. that's where a ferry caught on fire during an overnight trip to italy. ten people are confirmed dead and more than 400 were rescued by boat and helicopters. but rescuers continue to comb the ship and the water because the passenger list is sketchy. the fire broke out on the car deck of the ferry. the cause still under investigation. i'm kelly wright. now stay tuned for "hannity."


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