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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 30, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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hitness. >> don't miss it. big night tomorrow night. i'm ed henry, in for bret baier, this is a fox news alert. a massive recovery operation under way at inn hourthis hour in the java sea. as the mission try remains over just why the plane plunged into the sea in the first place. that story just ahead. but first moments ago in new york city, the police union chief came out swinging against embattled democratic mayor bill de blasio. >> there were a number of discusses, especially about the safety issues that our members state. there was no resolve, and our thought here today is that actions speak louder than words.
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and time will tell. >> this late breaking development comes as a new report out today reveals that murders of police officers, like the assassinations we saw in new york are on the rise across the nation. correspondent peter doocey breaks down the stats for us tonight. >> reporter: the number one way police officers were killed in 2014 ambush attacks resulting in 15 deaths, compared to 5 in 2013. in all 126 law enforcement officers were killed on the job this year, an increase of 24%. >> there are some weak minded individuals in our society that have been influenced by the anti-cop, anti-government rhetoric. and they're going out and they have targeted police officers. >> now in new york, amid safety concerns in the week and a half following the assassination of
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two police officers, there's been a dramatic 66% drop off in arrests. and a 94% decline in citations for minor crimes. these numbers were confirmed to fox by the nypd and first reported by the "new york post." this afternoon new york mayor bill de blasio met behind closed doors with key leaders from police unions. >> our main concern is the safety of our police officers of every rank on the streets of the city, and the safety of the citizens that we proudly serve on each and every street in each and every neighborhood here today. >> reporter: relations remain frayed because de blasio supported anti-police protests. meanwhile on the opposite side of country, similar problems. the release of ford's autopsy, inspiring demonstrations officers say they shot ford who was unarmed when he tried to wrestle one of their guns away. and officials announce the autopsy backs up the officer's
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version of events. still a ford family lawyer thinks the autopsy confirms the officers acted quote animalistic, and this comes just a day after officers narrowly avoided injuries from rifle rounds fired at their lapd vehicle, one suspected remains at large in that attack. on a day the nonprofit national law enforcement officer's memorial fund is trying to bring attention to their fallening brethren. >> the media has chosen to highlight the deaths of the civilians over the getdeaths of the police officers. in one respect, police officers sign up to put their lives on the line which is why we refer to them as heroes. >> in the big apple, this is just the beginning because police officers walked away from today's walks because they remain convinced that city hall is unlikely to -- until then we can expect to see a lot of tension. >> tough story, thanks for bringing us all the details.
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tension between police and the communities they serve has put a spotlight of course on american race els, that's a subject obama talk -- his comments may be a little out of step with where the public is right now. dan springer has that story tonight from honolulu where the president is on vacation. >> reporter: when barack obama was elected six years ago, it was hoped he would be the leader in chief on race relations. just before leaving for his hawaii vacation, mr. obama was asked by npr if the country has actually gotten more racially divided under his watch. >> no, i actually think that it's probably in its day to day interactions less racially divided. but i actually think that the issue has surfaced in a way that probably is helping.
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>> reporter: yet recent polling paints a far bleaker picture, the majority of whites blacks and hispanics has risen since obama took office. a fox news poll found 37% thought race relations were getting worse. today that view is shared by 62% of all americans. >> it's understandable that polls might say, you know, that race relations have gotten worse because when it's in the news, and you see something like ferguson or the garner case in new york, then that attracts attention. >> critics say president obama has fostered mistrust between minorities and police. former new york mayor rudy giuliani blasted obama for hosting outspoken activists at the white house more than 80 times. >> you make al sharpton is an advisor, you're going to turn the police against you you're going to tell the police in america, we don't understand you. >> reporter: eric holder has
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launched several investigations germs police departments. in 2009, holder said the u.s. was a nation of cowards when it comes to race. now he's more optimist tick. >> we have made substantial progress as a nation if we dofbt admit that we do a great service to people who sacrificed, who fought, who gave their lives so i could be the first african-american attorney general serving the first african-american president. >> reporter: and the president's latest move on race, he's assembled a task force for race relations between the police and the people they serve. >> good to see you dan. call it a tale of two congressmen, rick lebenthal deals with how u house speaker john boehner deals with two republicans. >> just as speaker of the house john boehner handles one problem with a gop house member, another comes under attack. first a change of heart by
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disgraced congressman michael grimm. who last week said he was sorry but wouldn't quit after admitting to tax fraud in federal court. now after reported pressure from republican leadership he'll step down next month. his resignation statement reads in part the events which led to this day did not break my spirit nor the will of the voters however it is time for me to start the next chapter of my life. grimm was inditded earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to a single count of felony tax fraud and faces up to three years in prison when he's sentenced in june. he was popular with voters in the # 1th congressional district. it may be best remembered for threatening a local reporter in the u.s. capitol building. speaker boehner calls grimm's decision to step down honorable and now he's weighing in on republican whip steve scalese.
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the louisiana congressman is facing harsh criticism after it was revealed that he spoke to a white supremacist group. the group known as the american unity and rights organization was founded by former kkk leader david duke. scalese says he didn't know the group's origin at the time, only had one staffer at the time and said yes to almost anyone who asked him to speak. he said i'm opposed to the views groups like these hold. critics say it doesn't pass the smell test saying more than a decade ago representative scalese made an error in judgment. i know steve to be a man of high integrity and good character. he has my full confidence as our whip and he will continue to do great and important work for all americans.
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boehner and scalese still face criticism from opponents and are calling for an investigation from the black caucus. ed? >> thanks, rick. now to this fox news alert, right now in the java sea a massive recovery operation just begun this hour, officials are extracting bodies and debris from the airasia flight 8501. senior foreign affairs correspondent has that story from london tonight. >> reporter: a break through in the search for airasia flight 850 1. debris from the plane has been found floating on the surface of the java sea. the items include a blue suitcase an oxygen tank as well as at least three bodies of those on board carried away in body bags. prompting the announcement of a huge and urgent search effort
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starting at dawn wednesday indonesia time. >> translator: i asked to do a massive search for look for the plane and passengers as well as the u crew. i have instructed hem to focus on evacuating passengers and crew. >> reporter: the discovery was made not far from where the plane lost contact with flight control after taking off and encountering bad weather sunday. the java sea at that location is relatively shallow, about 80 feet in depth. there are reports that the fuselage of the plane was spotted on the sea floor. >> they are recover aring wreckage now so the task is going to be completed relatively quickly. >> reporter: still the task of the countries the u.s. has sent the destroyer usa sampson which boths helicopters recovery gear and sonar equipment. a surveillance aircraft is also
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being sent. the families of the 162 on board will soon have to complete the grimm task of identifying bodies. >> it is the worst feeling one could have we stay strong for the families out there to ensure that we can look after them, even after this incident. >> reporter: among the other assets the u.s. is offering indonesia are what are called pinger locate ors to help find the black boxes, the data recorders that are installed in the airplane. they could help solve the mystery of this crash and maybe help ensure to thehe safety of future air travelers. up next, new obama care enrollment figures are incomplete, could this be another sign of trouble in 2015. but first here's what our fox
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affiliates are covering all across the country tonight. khq is covering a tragic story in a northern idaho walmart. a woman in her late 20s is dead. some say her 2-year-old accidently killed her when he reached into her bag and --. here's a live look from kmst in minnesota. they're on the scene of a hostage situation going on right now with a barricaded gunman it's been going on since 1:00 p.m. local time. no word yet on how many hostages are in the home or the motive. tonight's live look outside the belt way from special report. we'll be right back with a lot more news. ing] there i was. another holiday... ...stuck at the kids' table...
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new obama care coverages numbers numbers. foxes business network continue looks back on this year's highlights and low lights and a whole new set of challenges. >> reporter: yet another full year of obama care controversies, president obama's attempt to turn the page on his signature achievement may hit a road block in the new year. cut billions from federal health spending in the form of health credits for people signing up for obama care. >> health care for 2014 hinges on the king case. you can really think about 2014
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as a before king decision and after king decision and that will determine what the federal government, what the states and what the congress will do going forward. >> reporter: as 2014 concludes, the law remains didvisive and complex. >> the uninsured rate is at a near record low. >> our constituents are having an unpleasant interaction with obama care, whether they can sign u up for a policy or not, what they're discovering are higher premiums and higher deductibles. >> reporter: the most controversial element of obama care in 2014 may be requirements causing it's 2010 passage. >> basically, you know calls the stupidity of the american voter, but basically, that was really, really critical to get this thing to pass. >> reporter: 2014 was also the year of m tirks i professor jonathan gruber his economic models designed the law and netted him and his employees
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millions in government contracts. these snarky comments this fall and brought him before congress. >> i know better, i knew better, i'm embarrassed and i'm sorry. >> reporter: in king versus burr well justices will hear evidence on whether the law as written will be able to -- gruber contended no, before reversing his statements testifying in congress. in this year's midterm elections, republicans seized control from democrats. >> i'm not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake these policies are on the ballot every single one of them. >> and republicans ensured it. >> once she set her sights on obama care joni is going to unload. >> reporter: a fox news poll finds 58% of americans support repealing the law 38 contend they want to keep i congressional republicans remained determined to undermine the law though with president obama still in office, it's
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likely any changes will remove provisions many democrats also oppose. >> what are some of the things we could see the administration sign into law include a repeal of the medical device tax and also a repeal of the employer man tate. >> sylvia burrwell says the latest numbers are an encouraging start, though she acknowledges the administration still has a ways to go to reach it's target. 2 million shy offensive -- open enrollment ends february 15. speaking of fox business stocks were down across the board today, the dow lost 55 to fall below 18,000. the s&p 500 was off ten. nasdaq finished 29 behind. former president george h.w. beneficiary was released from houston methodist hospital today. a family spokesman says the 90-year-old bush is currently resting at home quote, grateful to the doctors and nursing for
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their superb care. still ahead, pope francis making waves again this time over climate change. but first, the boondoggle of the department of veteran's affairs will just make you shake your head.
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somali's intel aidifies the leader known as kalil. the pentagon provided few details on the strike, but noted it did not believe there was any civilian or bystander casualty. meanwhile the greek -- believed to be carrying 400 to 600 my
3:24 pm
grashlt grants. authorities say they -- blue sky am. this days after a greek ferry fire that required a heroic rescue effort. just months after a major scandal in which it was revealed some of our nation's vet trachberans were getting shoddy health scare. a hospital project in denver, turning into a fiasco. >> construction has resumed on the long delayed new rhett veteran's administration medical center in aurora, colorado. but the va says it will run out of cash again in a matter of months unless congress comes up with the funds. >> the people who are spare heading this new hospital which is a much needed thing, to me are acting like selfish children. >> reporter: frustrated vets have covered to use the aging
3:25 pm
facility in denver. the va admits it has badly mismanaged construction. >> i apologize to veterans here in colorado and i apologize to our taxpayers. >> reporter: in 2008, congress authorized $568 million. in 2010 it upped it to $800 million. >> every major construction project that the veterans administration has right now is100 dreads of millions of dollars over budget and behind schedule. >> according to a 2014 report issue bid the u.s. accountability office--in december, a federal court agreed with general contractor key wit turner that under the va's current design, it could not be built for less than $1 billion. the army corps of engineers will be providing oversight of the project this time around.
3:26 pm
the va insists area veterans are receiving quality care at the existing medical facility something congressman and marine veteran mike kaufman questions. he also says he will introduce a bill in the next session to strip the bill of his authority to manage its own construction projects. >> next we continue our look back at the best of grapevine from the past year. and we look back at some jaw dropping food foibles. if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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there's a surprising a lot of -- this report contains no transfats, no calories. tonight's grapevine involving just food foibles. a legal opinion in the islamic faith against all you can eat buffets. the international business times reports he made a decree on a saudi tv station that portions should be made ahead of time. quote, whoever enters the
3:31 pm
buffets before deciding how much they will eat is skrlting saudi law. whether this cleric has the authority to issue a fatwa is not clear. the eu had a firm message for the u.s. at a recent trade talk, layoff our cheese. they said bad imitations of their products are sullying the reputations of authentic cheeses, if it's not from parma, you shouldn't call it parmesan. that cheese in the green shaker doesn't cut it. other cheeses would also be on the chopping block. the u.s. dairy argues name changes that will confuse shoppers, they say this is an attempt to lay claim on
3:32 pm
america's $4 billion a area cheese industry. >> music by mary j. blooirjs tables set with crystal and china and a decadent menu complete with caviar, steak and chocolate malted cake. some say it's time to trim the fat. illinois republican congressman rodney davis is pushing a bill to make white house meals comply with nutritional requirements of the usda school lunch program. those requirements include limited saturated fats transfats and sodium. a workup of the state dpirn menu, indicates diners will congress assume about 2500 calorieings tonight and a whopping 153 grams of fat. that's at least twice the fat that most adults should consume in an entire day. >> well, u one thing we learned early on about pope francis early on is the new boss is
3:33 pm
definitely not the same as the new boss. next year the pontiff's focus will be on change, not his own but climate change. >> reporter: having briefly worked as a barroom bouncer when he was young pope francis is no stranger to arguments. now he has a big one on his hands, reportedly preparing a letter to bishops for next year that calls on catholics to fight climate change, it's already proving deeply divisive. >> the world is already in trouble with climate change. the scientists have spoken, the vatican has accepted that science and they are ready to act. >> now going on almost two decades soft no global warming going on icing recovery going on. skae ice actually accelerating, the global warming narrative has weakened and to now have a pope jump on that bandwagon causes
3:34 pm
confusion among the catholics. >> reporter: he won the president's praise for helping broker this month's contentious cuban reset. >> the pope shows us the importance of pursuing the world as it should be rather than simply settling for the world as it is. >> reporter: he calls for moderation in the church's rues of divorce and of gays, he attacks what is called the attack of money. u.s. cardinal said that under pope francis, the church is now like a ship without a rudder. one theologian believes the pope relishes the fight. >> this pope is not afraid. he's making huge bets and for now he's winning. so we'll ski what the future will bring. >> reporter: if the pope goes through with this, a few
3:35 pm
environmental extremists favor widespread -- >> speaker john boehner races to help a top republican in hot water over a long ago appearance before a white supremacist group. all that and more when we come back. no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. there are al of the things that unite us. that's what i'll bring to the leadership table. >> that's steve scalese, the new majority whip. okay, panel, steve, i want to start with you, these comments made a long time ago, as you point out in 2002 but
3:39 pm
initially steve scalese said i didn't really realize this was a white supremacist group when invited by david dpuk. if you don't know who david duke is or what he stands for, that seems pretty remarkable. what's your take on it. >> in i agree with you, and that's one of the reasons why despite the leadership of this american congress goes away. yesterday scalese did anwe didn't have google back then, i was short staffed, it wasn't clear to me what was happening. we're getting the 134r57b nation today, the change today is this was a mistake. and you see in john boehner's statement, he called it an error in judgment. if you didn't know who you wered a depressing, that's bad advance work and that's not bad judgment. i think the fact that the story has shifted the way it has today
3:40 pm
means that republicans are going to have to continue to answer questions about this, even if there's a pretty clear media double standard here i mean you know president obama was listening to reverend wright for years, he spoke at an event and was involved with some pretty seedy characters. >> lots to chew on there, let me get to scalese's comments that you referred to. i am very disappointed that anyone would try to infer otherwise for political gain, as a catholic these groups hold views that are investmentally opposed to any own faith and i reject that kind of bigotry. nancy ploes -- anti-semitic and the southern poverty law center is a hate group is deeply
3:41 pm
troubling. can he survive? >> so far he seems to have the support of republican leadership, i actually think it's interesting that pell pelosi and other democratic leaders haven't asked for him to step down. republicans have come off this really successful midterm elections, they want to show that they can govern and focus on issues that americans care about. this is a huge distraction and also plays into the stereotype of some people in washington that this is a party that can't reach out so to minorityies. >> i quickly want to say what john boehner was referring to earlier, john boehner today said i know steve to be a man of high integrity and good character. he has my full confidence as our whip and he will continue to do great and important work for all americans. first of all, the calculation for speaker boehner, but as julie was pointing out as
3:42 pm
republican policy dealing with dpi versity issues. we're going to be in charge, they're saying of both the house and senate. it's pretty bad timing. >> it's the worst timing, and if scalese wanted to make it easy on his party, he would step down in leadership. nobody is demanding that he leave congress or that his career ask over. i think he would be eligible to return to leadership, but he didn't and house speaker now is behind him and he's stuck with him. look, this happened 12 years ago. it is possible but implausible that he really didn't know who these guys were. after all, the name of the organization is the euro american unity and rights organization. pretty clear. >> charles before i cover the senate, kbvr before i covered the white house, i coffered the senate for a time. and the consciousness of the senate, is robert byrd, who has
3:43 pm
been a grand wizard in the ku klux klan, a long time ago, before he was in the senate. but republicans say they have largely moved on. >> the reason is that the time in between, byrd has acted indecently, he reached out, he obviously has changed his views. the key question here is not just that this happened 12 years ago, but as far as i can tell, there is not a shred of evidence that there is anything in the intervening 12 years which would date any evidence of racism hostility or ill will or anything of this nature. it is just a single event 12 years. with the absence of anything else in the 12 years i think it's a pretty drastic thing to did mangd that he step down. i think that steve is right, that there is a double standard. obama became didn't wander into
3:44 pm
jeremiah wright's church one time 12 years ago, he sat in there for 22 years as a man who is a racist rafed about america and about 9/11 being chickens coming home. i do think as a political issue scalese might have just stepped aside. but given that he hasn't, the republicans are stuck with this which is unfortunate they're going to get hit over this a few times, but i can't see how they change their minds now. >> you mentioned the president let me quickly broaden the conversation, he said this to npr about race relations. >> is the united states more racially divided than it was when you took office six years ago, mr. president? >> no, i actually think that it's probably, in it's day to day interactions less racially divided. >> less racially divided right
3:45 pm
now, steve hayes given what's happened in recent weeks, interesting statement from the president. >> i think i actually agree with what the president says if you take a step back if you look at where we were six years ago, 15 years ago, to years ago there's no question. but these questions have generated not as much heat and you have certain politicians and interest groups who see it as in their interests to continue to stoke these fires for racial division on both sides and i think that's deeply infortunate. >> we had a fox news poll come out this week how are race relations since the president took office 62% said worse, 19% said better. look, part of this is social media, you're seeing these videos, some of this happened before, but you're seeing it more now. >> i'm not a pollster but i
3:46 pm
would imagine having this be so much part of the discussion in the last couple of months may be reflecting the numbers we see. i don't think it's bad to have this discussion. but i think from the perspective of the president right now, what does he do in this moment? and what is his spoblgt in this moment? do we let this slide and fall by the wayside, we talk about the president being liberated after this election but issues of race are still a challenge for him. still a place where he's trying to find his noting so i think it will be interesting over the next two years whether this is something he really latches on and tries to make a difference on. >> the president gets pressure from both sides, he gets conservatives saying why are you weighing in on every days and then you've got the left saying you're not doing enough. they want to see an african-american president get more involved. >> i think he can lessen his contacts and his honoring of someone like al sharpton.
3:47 pm
that does nothing to advance race relations in america, it poisons them. i do think the president is right, that on a one-on-one basis, in ordinary lives, there's no question that things are improving, i see it in my son's generation, that over time it sort of diminishes the ill will, the hostility. so i think that's happening it has nothing to do with the administration, pro or con, but certainly when it comes to the big issues, what's been happening right now black lives matter the whole protest movement. who you associate with, who you are or who you elevate is extremely important. and the wrong signal is sent when it's a race baiter like al sharpton. >> there's also comments all around the table. next up, to the pope gets further involved in politics, this time with climate change. that's next.
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holding pope francis issued a personal appeal to me and cuba's president raoul castro urging us to revoofl allen's case and interest three cuban jailed for 15 years. >> president obama talking about pope francis' role to open relations between the u.s. and cuba. we're back with the panel. steve hayes, the pope is about to publish incyclical about climate change. >> he has made very clear he is not going to be stuck or held hymned in by the president. he is going to make his
3:52 pm
views known. i think it could actually have an impact. you have got more than a billion catholics around the world. you've got in the form of an incyclical you have catholics around the world being told what the pope is saying. and from the front of the church. i mean, this is, i think something that could have a pretty significant impact to lay catholics. >> is it dangerous for him to be weighing in on political issues that are quite divisive right now. >> i think it could be. it depends on what happens after he issues this letter. everything tends to be tied to climate summit in paris. countries come together and work on a climate treaty. this will be a very interesting test of the pope's ability to sort of shape this global debated. does he actually have an impact? this will be an really interesting challenge. he showed with the u.s./cuba negotiations that he does have deafness or geopolitical matters. climate is hugely complicated. a lot of different interests involved. him stepping in shows that he is willing to take that
3:53 pm
risk. >> interesting, we've got a sound bite from someone on the left. a catholic who supports the idea that the pope will get involved in. this listen to this and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> pope francis is writing incyclical on the environment. i'm sure that climate change will be a part of that. it's very significant. incyclicals come out pretty rarely, once every year every two years. this is the first time ever that incyclical has been written just on the environment. investors daily not happy about this. the vatican apparently has been infiltrated by followers of a radical green movement that is at its core anti-christian anti-people, anti-poor and antidevelopment. charles, i don't know if lightning struck at investor's business daily after that statement. >> slightly over the top. >> a little. >> if lightning is going to hit anywhere it's going to hit on heir editorial offices so i will be
3:54 pm
watching. in the absence of such celestial signal. if the pope wants to talk about ethics dogma you have to respect that. i wouldn't be criticizing it the minute he steps outside of that and acts as a scientist or politician which he is on climate change, i think he opens himself up to the criticism you would give to anybody else who does. so i think he loses the patina of someone who is the head of one of the great religions. i wasn't aware that he was a scientist. i have to say that the catholic church has a somewhat checkered history when it comes to how to handle new science. heel low centrism, for example. it ought to speak with some humility. i'm reading into this that he will be an advocate for one side here. and i think that carries a lot of risks for a pope, because once you do that you have weighed into these
3:55 pm
debates. and the one example i would give you is when the catholic bishops not the pope but the bishops weighed in on the deterrence debate in the early 1980s and declared that nuclear deterrence was immoral when it actually kept us safe and avoided war for 50 years. that was a terrible mistake on the part of the bishops and they were attacked politically on that and they deserved it. so here i think it's open season and we ought to have an open debate and not be shy about it. >> final word from charles? >> that's it for the panel but stay tuned for a not so welcome family edition. ♪ with the incredible fuel efficiency of 38 miles-per-gallon highway you can feel like royalty
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spotlight with a new baby on the way. >> i'm pregnant. >> what were you thinking? why you have to just get another baby? you just are have two. why do you -- this is exasperate sphblg you are just going to have another brother or a sister that you have to take care of. help take care of. >> that doesn't make sense. what kind of baby is that? >> i don't know. it might be a boy. it might be a girl. >> boys cry even worse. >> trey, i don't know what to tell you about the crying. you just got to get used to it okay? >> okay. and buy me some ear phones, too. >> ear phones almost as cute as that kid new puppy in the home with steve hayes. on friday we told people to tweet us with a name. they gave all kinds of packers name. you are from wisconsin. what did you go with. >> we ended up going with harley which is a throw back to the harley davidson. >> a great wisconsin
4:00 pm
company. that is "special report" from tonight. i'm ed henry. "on the record" from washington starts right now. this is a fox news alert. the search for air asia flight 8501 is now a recovery mission. today search teams pulling bodies and debris off the waters from indonesia. the first proof that the passenger jet crashed into the sea. hello, everyone i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. two days after the air asia jet with 162 people on board vanished from radar. confirmation that the plane crashed. now the mystery is what caused the jet to plunge into the sea. tonight, the search for victims. debris, and answers continues. for the latest grn correspondent terry friel joins us live from malaysia. terry? >> yes, good morning, tim kimberly,


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