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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 31, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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ring in the new year. here in new york city organizers doing plenty of tests to make sure the gigantic crystal ball is ready for its 130-foot descent over times square tonight. don't forget to watch tonight at 9:00 tonight. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning to you. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for elisabeth this morning. it is wednesday december 31. it is the last day of 2014. but not in new zealand. 2015 already here and the celebrations are underway there. and in new york city millions are on their way to times square for this year's biggest party. and we are live with a look behind the scenes. >> and as the president golfs in hawaii, he's got a few new year surprises in store for you like freeing five more terrorists with ties to al qaeda from gitmo, while you were sleeping. that's not all.
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>> as we head into this new year, you may be ready to leave this one in 2014. ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ >> for me, i'm just getting started with that song. this morning we want to know what else you hope stays behind. e-mail us because mornings are better with friends. you can go to and kick off the show right now. >> it's time for "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> every year. new zealand, the new year already in new zealand. just struck midnight. the sky tower which i'm told is the tallest free-standing tower in the southern hemisphere. >> wow. >> i didn't say i knew it
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myself but i was told that. look at that. >> just a beautiful, beautiful sight. >> it's totally opposite there. when it's winter here it's summer there. >> right. that's where all the hobbits live. that's where they shot the hobbit movies. >> today is the last day of 2014. we are so honored to wake you up this morning. >> the camera guy already drinking? >> here we go. >> it came back. happy new year everyone. almost. >> i hope everyone has big plans tonight and looking forward to the big party. here in new york the streets are already starting to get closed off. when we walked in this morning barricades already on sixth avenue. >> cinder blocks out there blocking traffic. >> it's going to be a long, cold day for a lot of people in new york and a lot of people who come from around the world. they start standing out there now. >> they can't leave, can't
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go to the bathroom. they have to stay there for 24 hours basically. >> with sawhorses and nypd paraphernalia. >> more than a million people expected out there in times square. maria molina is live out there. maria, what are you seeing now? >> it is pretty quiet. you mentioned security. we've been seeing a lot of security presence downstairs. nypd will be heavily present throughout the entire day and through midnight tonight. behind me is the new year's eve ball, the water ford crystals surrounding it. it is about 12 feet in diameter and weighs six tons. did you know that the preparations for tonight's new year's eve celebration started on january 2 of 2014? it's incredible how much preparation takes place here for our celebration in new york city. the ball was tested yesterday at noon, and they also tested the confetti that will be coming down at midnight many they tested that on monday. 100 pounds of it was at the
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timed then, and we're expecting that potentially more than a ton of confetti could come down at midnight to bring in the new year, 2015. tune in 9 p.m. eastern time. we'll have the all-american new year. our own anna kooiman will be participating tonight. >> did you say they're testing confetti? >> absolutely. >> they have to. >> we're going to see if this stuff works. >> exactly. >> last year we had really heavy confetti and wonder how it's going to work p >> they say it is the safest place to be in new york city because there's some security officers out there. >> and there is reason to worry about security tonight. leah gabriel standing by with a look at that. good morning. >> good morning, guys. you're right, there is reason to worry about security and especially for officers. antipolice protesters are planning to shake up new year's eve celebrations tonight in new york city. the group stop mass incarceration is hoping to gather thousands of people to march on times square. this a day after mayor bill
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de blasio met with police union leaders to try and repair his relationship with law enforcement. cops publicly turned their backs on the mayor who continues to defend antipolice protests. that happened since the execution-style killing of two police officers. a pennsylvania man shot and killed by police after trying to run down officers with his car. it was a 62-year-old, and that same day posted youtube videos filled with threat to police and rants about prison. listen. >> there is no way in hell i'm going back to prison. no [bleep] way. so to the police, to the f.b.i., the c.i.a., i'm not taking a fall for my family anymore. >> the confrontation occurred when he fled arrest and then backed his car into the chief police cruiser. he sped towards another officer and some other officers who opened fire. no police were injured. a massive recovery operation is underway in
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the java sea. crews recovering bodies and debris from airasia 8501. overnight the first two bodies arriving at the air base in indonesia with a full honor guard there. u.s.s. samson a destroyer out of san diego, have been using sonar devices on board to pinpoint the plane. recovery teams found a dark object on the seabed believed to be the plane's fuse lanl. right now the search slowed by bad weather. >> jim harbaugh's return to michigan, he talks about growing up in ann arbor and hanging around the school's football office as a kid. >> there was a time when i was sitting in the coach's office. i was sitting in his chair, had my feet up on his desk. he walked in and said how are you doing, jim? i said i'm doing great.
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how are you doing? he said what are you doing? i said i'm sitting in your chair coach. >> now that chair is his. he's being paid $5 million per year after reportedly turning down $8 million. he specifically told university officials he did not want to be the highest-paid coach. those are your headlines. >> tyrone wheatly went there and played for the giant. we're going to interview his son and find out if he's going to school there. >> it is almost 2015 and president obama in hawaii enjoying golf but he's still working and pushed through quite a few things here before the end of the year kind of while everyone is preparing for their new year's eve celebrations perhaps maybe thinking you're not paying attention including what's going on at kwan tan know bay this morning. >> now it will be one of the world's most expensive locations for a school,
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most expensive school location as well at guantanamo bay. also the world's most expensive school is going to be built there in that area as well. >> $65 million. can you believe that? >> we know the recidivism rate. we know the rate by which these terrorists go out and re-up with the folks that they were before. we've got another almost half dozen on the world stage. >> i was wondering why would we build a school there at gitmo? apparently there's a u.s. naval station there. there are already two schools there, however. when you look at the numbers, if you add up what they're spending per student, it's $250,000 for this expensive $65 million school. the average cost for one student to go to school in florida is between $20,000 and $30,000 to gi you
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perspective. >> remember president bush tried to close guantanamo bay and couldn't do it. you're not closing it. you're keeping the infrastructure, keeping the money that's flowing to that prison turning it into a school instead. now we're going to be spending more than we would by having the base open. it is a regulatory mess down there. you have to wonder the phone calls and the conversation that president obama has been having with raul castro maybe has led to some of these warmer waters down there in cuba. >> there is no doubt that people at guantanamo bay, it's all going to be closed. >> did you read laura i think -- laura ingra hadham's tweet. the number of people released at gitmo equals the number of people who think obamacare works well. >> the president is in hawaii, they smangd to -- managed to use the
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electronic pen. 75,000 new pages of regulations added to our government in 2014 and a few thousand just in the past few weeks, including this big one that the president will not fund the d.h.s., department of homeland security, for border security if congress tries to cut some of the programs for his executive amnesty. the republicans have gone quiet on this over the past few weeks. they said they were going to defund his executive amnesty move but when dan pfeiffer was asked he said the president was going to slash that budget if they attempt to stop this. >> some of it includes driver's licenses, social security cards and tax business as well. >> one of the largest regulations in u.s. history, the most costly regulation in u.s. history is in this pile of regulation here's at the end of the year and it has to do with the ozone layer. the ozone layer is back in the forefront. the e.p.a. came out in 2007 and said ozone exposure not
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a big deal. we can find no evidence it has adverse effects. the obama administration has dug through to say it is bad for you and it will be the costliest in history. >> it is going to cost $20 billion to the american people. just one regulation. >> just when you thought you were overregulated already. i haven't heard ozone layer in forever. >> you want to bring back acid rain. whatever happened to acid rain, was ruining cars? what happened to that? there were a lot of things 2014 brought us. selfies. >> reality shows. >> more singing shows, more logging shows in the great pacific northwest. >> the ice bucket challenge. >> are there things you're just over, you want them to stay in 2014 not carry with you in 2015?
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>> karen bell writes i am over those that think i need to be politically correct in order not to offend someone. my beliefs are as important as someone else's. >> laurie wilke writes i'm over common core in schools. >> we thought let's think of things we're over. >> i was asked this morning what are you over. this one came to mind first. i said the selfie. however, i can't stop doing them. >> that's an attractive man. >> did you cut yourself? where are the thorns from that in your tongue. >> you never get rid of the selfie. they have the selfie sternd sternd -- extender rod. we have viewers on the plaza using the extender rod. >> it's a huge thing. >> now you've got better
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selfie cameras, they're making them high definition. >> on the selfie why do people have to make distorted, contorted weird faces? >> it's something fun. >> the duck thing. >> the duck face? they just added that to the dictionary. >> how do you do it? >> they take photos high up and make the duck face. >> it makes your cheeks look hollow. it makes you look longer and prettier. >> kim kardashian. >> i'm addicted to the selfie even though i'm sick of them. >> i'm sick of pretzel buns. they put everything inside a pretzel. why do we have to stick everything inside of a pretzel? >> what are you over? let us know. >> coming up here on the show, he was injured and alone. brand-new details in the search for a missing nurse. his mother joins us next. >> good news for an actor
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a fox news alert this morning. new surveillance video. look at this. showing missing 22-year-old
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pittsburgh i.c.u. nurse the night he disappeared after a night with his friend. he is seen walking the streets with a towel wrapped around his hand that he injured earlier. paul's mother joins us now to talk about this. first of all, i'm so sorry for your loss or the disappearance of your son. we want to find him and we're going to try to get the word out this morning. tell us what happened on december 16. >> on december 16, my son george received a call from one of paul's roommates, mario, that they had not seen paul all day. i immediately called 911 and they connected me with 911 in pittsburgh and we were informed that they had to wait a full 24 hours before they would officially list him as missing, which they did that day. since then we immediately went to pittsburgh when he didn't show up for his job at allegheny general. he had only been there just about 90 days, loved his
3:19 am
job, loved working the i.c. unit. he never showed and never called for work. we knew at that point something was really wrong. >> i know that had to be the worst phone call of your life. we have this new video of him which can help with this investigation. what do you know when you're looking at this video, how did he injure his hand? do you know any of that? >> we understand from one of his roommates that he had dropped a glass back at their house and had cut his hand when he picked up the glass. >> the roommates were at home when he did that and they let him leave? >> no. he had left the smoking joe's about midnight and called the roommate at 12:29, i believe and said he had cut his hand, would they come over and help. the bar is only about a block and a half away. they got over and helped him clean up the cut. >> i know police are saying that friends roommates are not suspect at this point. i imagine christmas was not celebrated in your house?
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>> no. things are just sitting there. i had actually not finished even decorating when we up and left. but my son and his girlfriend helped make things a little bit better. but it's just sitting there. >> you're in our thoughts and our prayers. we're hoping for that. if you at home have any information on paul kochu contact the pittsburgh missing persons or call 911. ellen you're in our thoughts and prayers. >> so much for improved relations with cuba. a brand-new report that cuba isn't playing nice despite the new deal. >> coming up in 2014 debbie wasserman schultz took the war on women to a whole new level. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. >> calling the governor a
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wife beater? ♪
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now to some stories that are making headlines around the world. so much for improved relations with cuba. overnight police arresting activists ahead of a peaceful rally. this just two weeks after president obama announced his plan to normalize relations for the first time since the doled war. good news for actor gerard depardieu. he can move back to france. the country just dropped its super tax on millionaires which was forcing anyone who made more than $1.2 million to pay taxes up to 75%. gerard depardieu moved to russia last year to escape that tax.
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>> a big year for political gaffes, my favorite. which ones took the top spot in 2014? news director of the tea party news network scottie is here to break it down. happy new year to you. >> not yet. we're still in 2014. it's been a great year unless you're a politician in some cases. >> and there's a camera all around. let's start with thad cochran. i love this moment. >> what happened in virginia the other day, does that concern you for your chances in this run-off? >> i don't know what you're talking about. what happened in virginia? [inaudible] >> i haven't followed that campaign very closely. >> he didn't pick up a newspaper? he didn't know eric cantor just lost in virginia. >> he had a tough race in mississippi. that was the political shot heard around the world for him to say that. maybe he was just more focused on what was going on in mississippi. >> mark pryor also made the
3:26 am
list. take a listen. >> in the senate we have all kinds of different people all kinds of different folks that have come from different background. i think that's part of this sense of entitlement that he gives off, almost like i served my country. therefore let me to the senate. >> i don't know care what side of the aisle you're on, this is still the red white and pliew. -- white and blue. stay away from insulting any member. >> in this case president obama made this mistake earlier this year. >> are we a nation that tolerates the hypocrisy of a system where workers who pick our fruit and make our beds never have a chance to get right with the law? or are we a nation that gives them a chance to make amends? >> talk about a speech writer that needed to be flogged publicly for that one. imagine if a republican had said that. they would have been
3:27 am
calling for their heads public resignation plus an apology and possibly a billboard on times square. you did not hear the outcry from the hispanic community on this. maybe it's because they wanted to make sure their immigration bill got passed. >> debby wasserman schultz on scott walker. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. that is stark direct but that is reality. what republican tea party extremists like scott walker is doing is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. >> domestic violence. >> horrible timing on this. this is when all the nfl controversy was going on. this is bad for her because this is when democratic members were going around saying she needed to be replaced because of comments like this. i thought it was war on women from the republican party. she was a part of it.
3:28 am
>> here's another one. i like this one too. pat roberts he has a little bit of a freudian slip. he has been slammed about going back to kansas. >> i might get an opponent. every time i get a chance i'm home. >> he said we're all human we all make mistakes. but that is one mistake you don't want to have a sound bite because you know it will be played against you every chance possible. >> i'm not in kansas that on but when i do get an opponent i go back. >> coming up on the show, have you heard about the new drug that mimics heroin? here's why you should. it's legal and kids are buying it on-line. dr. marc siegel here with the real danger to that. up next the list of words so annoying and overused you should delete them from your vocabulary right now.
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"fox & friends" continues. ♪ you're giving away pie? what would you like, apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? definitely cream. [reddi wip spray sound] never made with hydrogenated oil, oh, yeah... always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. we showed you auckland new zealand ringing in 2015 a half an hour ago, the first place in the world to ring in the new year. that's the sky tower in auckland, a beautiful sight. >> are you guys ready for 2014 to be over? >> i am. i like those glasses. >> those are fun. >> those 2015 glasses, i thought you said you were bringing them in today. i was counting on you. >> i need to get a pair for 2015. >> we'll have to get some. all you have to do is walk out here on this street and
3:33 am
go into times square. they sell them everywhere. >> do you guys keep your new year's resolutions from last year? >> i don't know what they were. how can you keep them? smoip mine was to learn french. i took one class. >> the world's most famous new year's eve celebration takes place right here in times square. >> and fox's maria molina is joining us live with that famous ball that's going to drop. maria? >> hey maria. >> hey, good morning. good to see you all. the ball's right behind me and i'm in times square on top of the one times square building. joining us is the v.p. of global marketing for waterford. thank you so much for joining us. how's it going? >> very cold but we're glad to be here for this big celebration, the party of the year. we're excited on behalf of waterford to be here. >> absolutely. this celebration has been going on for more than a hundred years. what makes this year's new
3:34 am
year's eve ball different from ones in the past? >> this year we're excited to develop a new design and new theme. it is the gift of fortitude. we think it is a great and very appropriate theme for this year. it talks about the strength and spirit of the, the human spirit. we're excited to be showing the new panels we put on the ball this year. >> these are the new panels. they do also have symbols that represent fortitude. can you explain that to me? if you can zoom in on the crystal. >> what it has is a multitude of columns that represent the pillar of strength. there will be 288 of these on the ball this year mixed in with last year's theme the gift of imagination. it has two great sentiments on the ball we're sharing with the world. >> tell me about the stats of the ball. how big is it? >> it is almost 12,000 pounds, about six tons. it is 12 foot in diameter. it is the world's biggest
3:35 am
crystal sculpture. the panels are out of waterford crystal. it's got the themes gift of fortitude and gift of imagination. >> the world's most beautiful crystal ball right here in new york city. happy new year. let's look at the weather conditions across the country because that's going to be a big concern for so many of you, especially across parts of the plains and also into the rockies. some of those current temperatures right now are below zero or in the single digits and we're expecting them to stay cold as we head into tonight as well. the midnight forecast, we have snow forecast across portions of the rockies and also into parts of southwestern texas. here in new york city, the midnight forecast temperatures could be in the upper 20's. it's going to feel a lot colder than that so make sure to bundle up. let's head back to you in the studio. >> don't forget, clayton, you've got to ring in the new year. you've got to stay awake with fox news.
3:36 am
our all american new year kicks off right here at 9:00 eastern time. there's the lineup. you have kimberly and bob. you have kennedy, anna and jesse. going to be awesome. >> when they're freezing out there -- >> i like jesse and i like seeing bob in a muffler. >> we'll see if he kisses kimberly this year. remember last year. >> leah with the headlines. happy new year. >> happy new year almost to you guys as well. less than a dollar, that's how much the c.e.o. of airasia paid to purchase the airline. he is considered the king of asia's budget travel making flying affordable tor educations in -- affordable for asians in the middle class. a convicted killer in custody after a six hour standoff with police. the armed suspect who was wanted for breaking parole barricaded himself in an apartment along with two women and several children.
3:37 am
at one point he called our fox affiliate in minneapolis and talked to the station for more than an hour. right in the middle of that conversation, you can hear gunshots and screaming. >> i have absolutely nothing to lose. and apparently all [inaudible] in helmets think they're invincible from a face shot. [gunshots] >> police used tear gas and concussion grenades before the suspect was removed on a stretcher. the women are safe. >> the detroit lions won't be without their star player after all. the defensive tackle ndamukong suh originally suspended for one game won an appeal. he'll have to pay a $70,000 fine instead. the lions facing the cowboys in sunday's playoff game. >> what do the words polar vortex, hack and swag all have in common? americans say they should be banned forever. they're annoying overused and they never want to hear
3:38 am
them again despite the fact that i just had to say them on tv. one word that just made that list? take a listen. ♪ >> bae the slang term for babe made popular by pharrell's hit song. >> i never even heard that song before. >> you've got to get with it. >> hey bae. >> your kids are little. you're stuck on "frozen." >> michael tammero is here. >> you can't get the entire word babe out. >> we've got to save our vowels. >> a big year of entertainment. we were a little busy this year. these are our top stories
3:39 am
in entertainment and trends for 2014. news making entertainment moments, our fox light top hits for 2014? first up jimmy fallon took his place on the tonight show in february. he was just crowned the entertainer of the year. 2014's been super for guardians of the galaxy taking in the most domestically at the box office over $332.million. they continue to provide studios and networks with ratings. broadway is booming. it's been a banner year with the great white wave pulling in $1.2 billion. a-listers continue to line up to take center stage from hugh jack man, brad cooper and carol burnett.
3:40 am
in music garth brooks is back. the country legend is burning up the charts with his new album. 2014 also brought tragedy. some of the greats have been taken from us including robin williams and joan rivers who i had the honor to interview. in spite of the loss there is much to be gained in the year ahead. we met people who will be shining bright in 2015 from celebrity workout expert sean t and yes, the force will be with us. the new star wars film is hitting the big screen. >> i look forward fo that. >> i cannot wait for star wars. >> something to repeat themselves for 2015. more super heroes. history repeats itself. >> it is going to be a very busy 2015. for all my celebrity interviews follow me on or follow
3:41 am
me on twitter many >> fantastic job in 2014. coming up teens raving on-line about a new legal drug. >> i'm a huge proponent. i think it's a wonderful herb. >> but this herb is dangerous and mimics heroin and cocaine both. dr. marc siegel with what parents need to know next. >> did you know -- did you get a new phone or tablet for christmas? stick around. we'll show you how you can get cash for your old ones.
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a a a a a a a a a
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headlines straight from the dumb criminal file for you. a would-be robber in australia gets the shock of his life when he tries busting open an a.t.m. with an explosive. an explosion knocks him off his feet. ouch! i love the audio. he takes off with no money and no flip-flops either. police use toilet paper to bust a pizza shop robber in pennsylvania. the suspect says a mysterious gunman forced him to write this note and hand it to the cashier. it reads i have a gun. give me 300 bucks. the cops were a little suspicious and when they went to the gun man's house they found a whole roll of toilet paper with the same note on it where he had been practicing. >> that's fantastic. a new drug causes highs like cocaine and can be
3:46 am
addictive as heroin. but you know what? it's completely legal. it's call the kratom and its popularity is growing on-line as more teens record -- yes youtube testimonials to the drug while they're high. >> guys, let's talk about kratom and the effect of cram. the first thing you should know is i'm a huge proponent of kratom. i think it is a wonderful herb. i actually take it myself. >> helpful herb. what do you need to know about this dangerous really dangerous new craze? joining us from the fox news medical a team is dr. marc siegel. >> good morning. >> what is this drug? is it legal? what does it do to you, dr. marc? >> it is legal though the drug enforcement agency has called it a chemical of concern. in illinois, as of tomorrow you're not going to be able to buy it if you're a minor. that may be wise because it has very concerning properties. it works like opium in the brain.
3:47 am
if you have it at a very low dose it is like a stimulant, like a super cup of coffee. on the other hand, if you have more of it -- and people chew it usually or add it to fruit juice or make a tea out of it -- at higher doses it's sedating, it can stop breathing. it can be problematic. >> let's talk about some of the overdose symptoms. you can have dilutions? >> delusions hallucination. there has been liver. in florida a man killed himself and it is believed to be associated with this drug. it is a dangerous chemical. >> i see you can get this on-line as a supplement somehow. you also say it is being sold in convenience stores and so-called head stores. >> multicolored. it looks so exciting like you saw the woman saying in the video. we love to use it. but it's very, very addicting. it's highly addicting.
3:48 am
it's been used to help people get off of opium and heroin but that's in a controlled environment with a physician involved who knows what they're doing. it's self-addicting. if you try to withdraw from it, if you stop using it suddenly you can get irritable, you can get agitated and have psychotic symptoms then. i'm very worried about how it alters thinking. >> why is it so popular? is it the packaging? is it because kids are saying it can get you high and it is legal? and what can we do about this as parents, as caregivers, as responsible folks who see all these kids getting high off this what's called a supplement? >> you gave a lot of the exact answers with that. it is highly seductive because it's legal, because you can get it on-line. we think it's not as bad as something like heroin but in reality it sneaks up on it. people who use it every single day can be in trouble with it many >> dr. marc siegel happy new year. coming up, the movie
3:49 am
"unbroken" tells the story of an american p.o.w. tortured by the japanese. but incredibly japan won't let anyone in that country see the movie. colonel ollie north, hero american, on why that's a really bad idea. and did you get a new phone or tablet for christmas? we're going to show you how to turn your old tech into cold hard cash. show us the way. ♪
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you unwrapped the latest tech gadget this christmas, but did you know you can turn your old ones into cash? >> here to explain how is senior editor at c net dan. good to see you. >> gadgets get faster and the old ones feel like bricks. what can you do with the old gadgets? >> hopefully you're not throwing them out. you can hopefully get a lot of money back. especially apple stuff, maintains its resale value. even if it's a couple generations old, you can try to resell it. either a third party or individually. >> how do you do it? >> if you want to sell it to a third party reseller it's the easiest. it's less money, but no hassle. >> zell or another company. you tell them what phone. orgeat check. if you want to make more action you can sell it to an individual, like craigslist or ebay, but you take a risk. >> is that the final offer? like if you say it's in perfect condition and you get it and there is a big crack in it what
3:54 am
do i do? >> it's all based on inspecting it and then approving the condition. they have a whole bunch of checked box. does the power button work? do you have all your stuff cleaned off? >> you can get it fixed. the cracks, you can fix it and then sell it. >> you can sell it to a friend. i try to sell stuff on ebay and craigslist before. you might get fraudulent bidders, kind of a hassle. i know a lot of people it's worked for. >> craigslist, people worry about that 'cause someone might send you what they say is a check or something. totally scamming. >> it almost happened to me. the way to get the most value out of it is a bunch of places like appearle and amazon will send awe gift card instead of cash. you'll get more money that way than cash. >> is that part of their trade-in plan, so you can do some of your trade-in plans and
3:55 am
they'll give you the gift card? >> you can go to amazon and tell them what you have. usually it's more than i've gotten in cash offers for. with apple, they have the third party reseller they work with. go to the web site and tell them what you have. >> a lot of people are getting the new iphone 6. if you have the 5, how much can you expect to get for that phone if you sell it? >> if you have the most recent one, you can usually get couple hundred bucks. if you bought it on contract, $200, you'll probably get close to that. because the price of the phone is $700. even if you have something that's really old, i have like a 4 s and i could get $65 in cash from gazelle for it. appearle and amazon would give me $100 in credit that's actual will he pretty good. >> if you don't need the cash, you can use them for a baby northern. >> so many people hand them down. you can always regift or reuse
3:56 am
them. people love getting hand me down gadgets. >> can you give one to my mom? i think she still has the flip phone. >> is she ready? >> i don't think she's ready. >> 2020. great to see you. thanks. >> thank you. coming up here what do you know about abraham lynn come? jess -- lincoln. jesse watters found u. a lot of people don't know a thing about him. and the five things you can do to make 2015 a fabulous year. dr. keith ablow has all the answers straight ahead. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good wednesday morning. it's december 31, the very last take of 2014. good morning. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for elisabeth hasselbeck this morning. the celebration for 2015 already kicking off around the world as millions head to "new york times" square for the biggest party this year. we are live with a look behind the scenes. >> while it's still 2014, jonathan gruber strikes again. >> i wish people cared about the 50 million uninsured in america but they don't. and i think that's why once again, you know, i'm amazed politically we got this bill through. >> that's the latest from the man just named america's most influential economist. peter? >> and abraham lincoln is one of the most important presidents in american history but don't ask your average american about that. >> how did lincoln free the
4:01 am
slaves? was lincoln republican or democrat? >> it gets worse from there. but it gets better here because mornings on this new year's eve are better with you, our friends. ♪ ♪ >> happy new year. this is new zealand where it is already 2015, about an hour ago. >> this is the north island. >> yes, it is. it's a great city. sky tower there. one of the great great spectacles there. >> frodo and bilbo baggins get to celebrate new year's eve.
4:02 am
1 in the morning there. >> the next hour sydney australia will bring in 2015. >> we've got to wait how many more hours? do we have a countdown clock? >> a couple more hours. >> more than a million people expected to go to our times square. it is freezing out there. maria molina is out there now with what it's looking like. is it going to get much colder tonight? >> look at those glasses. are those ski goggles? >> you look great. >> good morning. thank you. that's right. you mentioned very cold temperatures. we're looking at temperatures in the northeast in the 20s for so many of you and the windchills are way worse. where we are, we're on top of a building in times square called one times square. it's actual lea a lot colder up here. when you get a little higher in elevation, you start to see the temperatures get colder and windchills colder. i do see the sun above the horizon, starting to rise out there. i can't wait to get warmed up by the sunshine out there. behind me is the new year's eve,
4:03 am
new york city times square ball. a beautiful ball s feet in diameter that weighs approximately six tons. they've been preparing for a very long time for this new year's eve celebration. they started preparations on january 2 of 2014. at noon yesterday, they tested the ball drop. so they made sure everything was working properly. on monday they tested the confetti. about 100 pounds of it. they have to make sure all these things are work. about a million people show up in times square for that celebration tonight. about a billion people watch world wide on television. so again, they tested that confetti and expecting a ton will be dropping tonight and all of the messages written on them, so people in advance were able to write down wishes on them and those are released tonight. people can wish for love or for happiness or health. so that's a really beautiful thing. we'll be kicking that off coming up later today. people will be showing up very
4:04 am
shortly and waiting it out until midnight for 2015. let's head back to you. >> i'm always fascinated by the behind the scenes of new year's eve. like she said, they were testing the confetti on monday to make sure it will fly. >> and fly. that's even colder where maria is up there where she is. that's a great vantage point. >> it would be terrible if you're in charge of the confetti and it doesn't work at midnight. >> how is it not going to work? >> sometimes it doesn't! did you see the movie where the ball got stuck? what was the name of it? "new year's eve" was the name of the movie. the guy gets fired. >> anything thrown from the height of a window will fly. >> it's density. >> don't forget to ring in the new year. we'll break it all down this new year's eve special. we've got our confetti expert team assembled there. it will be here at 9:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. so tune in. >> lots of great personality on the show tonight. lots of our friends kimberly,
4:05 am
bob, kennedy and anna and jesse. going to be a great show. starts at 9:30. >> we're all concerned about security. nypd. >> because they're there? >> no, because millions will be there. lea gabriel standing by with those preparations. >> plan on going out there? >> no. that would be a big no. >> you're smart. >> negative. but hey some people are plan on make this a great night. antipolice protesters are planning to shake up the celebrations. this one day after mayor de blasio met with police union leaders to try to repair his relationship with law enforcement. according to reports some new york city lawmakers were called before that meeting and urged by de blasio's top aides to publicly blast the union and cops who turned their backs on the mayor. if you remember this happened during the funeral of one of the two slain officers. now his press secretary denying those claims. and new details about what
4:06 am
could have brought down air asia flight 8501. ten victims were found. some were fully clothed which indicates the plane was intact when it hit the water and could indicate it stalled. the first two bodies arriving in indonesia with a full honor guard. right now the search for bodies and wreckage has been closed because of bad weather. uss samson has been using its sonar devices to help find the plane. recovery teams found a large dark object in the sea bed and it's believed to be the plane's fuselage. and while you were sleeping, well guantanamo bay detainees were freed. five men with ties to al-qaeda are no longer dangerous. so they'll be sent off. the administration released 111 prisoners since president obama took office. and do you think americans party hard on new year's eve? it turns out we get put to shame by russia.
4:07 am
a new study found russians are the biggest party animals in the world. the city that stays up the latest is moscow. they go to bed at 3:43 a.m. on average. in second place, st. petersburg russia, where they go to bed at 3:35. folks in the united states are sound asleep on average by 12:55 5. >> congratulations. it's 2014 wrapping up. we have found the most influential economist in 2014 and the honor goes o jonathan gruber. >> of course. >> congratulations. >> because of his endless obamacare comments. it's sort of like time magazine's cover photo. it's not necessarily the greatest person of the year. it's the most influential, the one that had the most people talking this year. >> right. when you search his name, it comes up regularly on the
4:08 am
internet. >> yeah. and he has a few more hits before the year is out. these have just been released. the daily caller -- >> more? >> he's got more. this one could be a bombshell. the daily caller got their hands on a policy brief. he actually sat in the white house. he delivered this as part of a lecture, but also sat in the white house and told the president to his face this exact thing. take a look at this. he says this bill is about coverage, which is good. why should we hold 48 million uninsured people hostage to the fact that we don't know how to control costs in a politically acceptable way? the real substance of cost control is all about a single thing, telling patients they can't have something they want. no cost controls, peter. >> absolutely. so we remember him, he said that you were stupid and i was stupid and you were all stupid. but you're also not only stupid, but you're also insensitive and uncaring. so listen to this podcast from
4:09 am
2012 about how we really don't care. >> i wish people cared about 50 million uninsured in america, but they don't. and i think that's why once again, you know, i'm amazed politically we got this bill through. >> you're heartless. >> he's an expert in human nature and economics and in fact in this study, he eclipsed even the head of the new york federal reserve bank as an influential economist. he's accorded great weight by his brothers and sisters in the profession in a strange way. i don't understand that. >> so to sum it up we're careless. we don't care if there are people uninsured, 50 million americans. we're alastor upped and this is not going to be affordable, even though it's called the factor and we'll have to deny treatment -- >> i'm telling you, mr. president n the white house, we don't have cost controls, so we'll have to sell it to the
4:10 am
american people in a certain way. that's the nut of that. >> wow. happy 2014 everyone. we're moving forward. >> there is some other big news. online death threats to police screaming rants in public all lead to go a fatal shooting. >> a man shot and killed in pen opinion after trying to run down officers with his car. >> wtfx jennifer joyce joins us live outside the upper darby police station. good morning jennifer. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. apparently this man had made several youtube videos threatening police and that's why police had a warrant out for his arrest on a terroristic threat charge. police were following his vehicle. officers from three departments respond, pulled him over and boxed him in at a bank in nearby drexel hills to serve the arrest warrant. police say the police chief walked up to joseph pacini, opened his car door. that's when he put the car in reverse, trying to run the officers down. he narrowly missed the chiefment
4:11 am
the five responding officers fired him as he sat behind the wheel of his car. in a youtube video posted yesterday prior to the shotting, he said killing him was the easiest option for police. he would put up a major fight and there would be bloodshed if he was taken into police custody. >> there is no way in hell i'm going back in prison. no [ bleep ] way. so to the police to the f.b.i., to the c.i.a. agents, i'm not taking a fall for my family anymore. >> reporter: and in addition to a history of mental illness, we are also hearing that he had a police record dating back to 2005 out of philadelphia again, related to a terroristic threat charge. back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. we've also got a lot of e-mails coming in on what you're over in 2014 the things that bummed you out. you're sick and tired of. and we mentioned some of ours last hour.
4:12 am
>> i'm ready to leave behind throwback thursday. >> really? >> i want to look ahead, i want to look at today. i don't want to look at people in diamondbackers or cowboy hats or silly wedding pictures. no more throwback. >> we got a picture you have on the beach? was that your throwback picture? >> is that a picture of you? >> i won't participate in that. >> kim kardashian just tweeted a throw it is back thursday of her in a bikini if a few years ago. >> are we tired of that? >> i don't think so. i don't know. >> there are exceptions. >> larry said, i'm over al sharpton. i don't want to see his face next year. >> good luck with that. linda krumpton writes this and says, i'm over hashtags. >> and mary france said over 2014 being single, getting married today. happy new year. >> that's a cool one! congratulations. >> but mary used to hashtag. >> she did.
4:13 am
belinda was not happy with her. what's your over? you can use the #overit2014. sorry, belinda. >> coming up starting tomorrow, 21 more states will raise the minimum wage. our own bill o'reilly says that's a good thing. but our next guest thinks bill o'reilly has it all wrong and he's not afraid to tell you why. and he thought that he nailed it. >> that's a resale price. 500 bucks! >> freeze frame. but the price was all wrong for this guy. he went plinko. ♪ ♪ (vo) nourished.
4:14 am
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it's just ordinary fleece but the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes every day. so this season give something that means something. comfort keepers can provide a variety of custom in-home services for your aging loved ones,
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including medication reminders and transportation to the doctor. ♪
4:17 am
patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. 21 states across the country are ringing in the new year with an increase to the minimum wage. some economists say it's a good thing and could generate $800 in new -- $800 million in new economic growth. what they're not telling you the effect on our nation's recovery. joining me now is an economist and university of maryland
4:18 am
professor, peter and good friend of the show. nice to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> you think this is a bad idea, the minimum wage going up. why? >> essentially businesses will employee fewer people. there is hardly anything in the world where you raise the price and demand more, the way advocates say. the reality is if you make workers more expensive, obamacare, what have you employers will find a way around them, to use machines and so forth. the congressional budget office found if we had the president's proposal 10.10, 500,000 fewer jobs. how could you have more economic growth with fewer people working? >> bill o'reilly disagrees with you. shear what our own bill o'reilly had to say about the minimum wage increase. take a listen. >> did you know that about 70% of all american workers earn less than $50,000 a year? did you know that? i didn't know that. that means the folks are struggling. raise the minimum wage.
4:19 am
that will encourage young people to get into the marketplace and other folks to get off the dole. ten bucks an hour not going to break anyone. >> so bill o'reilly's point, it will force people into the work force. we saw all those people not going back into the work force over these last jobs numbers. what do you say to that? >> certainly more people would want to work. mr. bill o'reilly is right about that. but that's the demand. but on the supply side, employers would offer fewer jobs 'cause that they say you're too expensive for me now. 70% of americans earn less than $50,000. and a small sliver of people who actually keep their jobs that are in the minimum wage will gain. but those people just above them, they'll have to pay a dollar or two more for a hamburger at mcdonald's, for one of those meals with fries and soda and so forth. they won't be able to afford that. instead, they'll have to take peanut but ther and jelly. don't kid yourself. if we could make americans more prosperous by simply raising
4:20 am
wages statutely, then let's say everybody's wage has to double. all that will give you is a lot more inflation. >> what do we do? we know based on the numbers that it's not the college kids that are getting these jobs the 16-year-olds. it's a lot 306 and 40-year-olds getting these minimum wage jobs and they're not working and there is wage stagnation in this country. what do we do? >> we have to find ways to grow the economy. one of the reasons we had a great republican wave in the last election was because mr. obama has created a bimodal economy. his free trade policies basically advantaged the bankers in new york and the people in the silicon valley, but not the people in the middle getting lambasted by cheap subsidized imports from china. all those folks that aren't working 'cause he won't let us drill for oil or build pipelines and things like that and play to americans' strength. there are a lot of ways to grow this economy that this administration is not interested in and if we pursued them, everybody would be earning more including that lady with three kids that only earned 7.15 an
4:21 am
hour selling hamburgers across the street from your studio. >> peter, thanks so much. happy new year. there is a big pile of bills on harry reid's desk at this hour. coming up, freedom football and semper fi. we'll show it to you ♪
4:22 am
with the incredible fuel efficiency of 38 miles-per-gallon highway you can feel like royalty in the nissan altima. now, get great offers on the 38 mpg highway nissan altima. nissan innovation that excites.
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4:24 am
time for new year's eve edition of news by the numbers. first, 2.25. that's the national average of gas right now and it's going to get cheaper in 2015. global crude prices have gone down 40% since june and dropped every day for at least the past 90 days. next, 11 months of gains. market analysts say home prices were up all but one month this year compared to 2013. and they expect home values to keep increasing in the new year.
4:25 am
finally, number one. ♪ we are the champions my friends ♪ >> fox news remaining the dominant cable news network, beating all competition in daytime and prime time viewers for the 13th year in a row. a big thanks to each and every one of you as 2015 begins. thank you so much. ainsley? >> we're very grateful to awful you at home. thank you so much. freedom, football, and semper fi. the 2014 all american bowl game is one week away featuring the top high school student athletes all across our country. high school football all star t.j. wheatley alongside marine corps apt holmes are joining me this morning. first of all, i want to say congratulations to you t.j. why is this game so special? >> i mean, it's an honor to represent the marines and come
4:26 am
out here and showcase my talent on national television and meet some of these guys. it's going to be a great time. >> we're so proud of you. your senior season is over. you have big plans ahead. we'll talk about that in just a minute. i wanted to talk to you, captain holmes, about what happens leading up to the game? the game is on the 4th. but i know the guys are are already in leadership training. how are the marines involved in that? >> the marines are involved in many different ways. we actually put the players through multiple different leadership scenarios. we basically focus on characteristics such as character, teamwork self confidence in order to give these players methods that will not only help them on the football field, but actually through life in general. >> okay. speaking of life t.j., you have got so much to look forward to. signing day is a month away. you're looking at several schools, i know. your dad was a huge star at michigan. then we just learned that michigan is getting a new coach.
4:27 am
does that put michigan on the radar for you? >> i mean, definitely. when you get a coach with the track record that harbaugh has definitely a huge statement. >> what other schools are you looking at? >> usc ucla, oregon and alabama. >> that's really cool. so what's it like to be the son of such a great player? is there a lot of pressure or is it an honor? >> it's an honor. there is not really a lot of pressure. my dad has never really pressured me to go anywhere. it's exciting. just his story and he played in the league and he was a big-time college player. he has so much knowledge. >> what has it been like? what's the advice for all the dads that are watching as they're raising their sons and they want them to go on to play or to fulfill their dreams but don't want to put too much pressure on their kids? >> i mean, you just got to guide them. it's their decision, their life. they got to do what they feel comfortable doing. i mean, you can give them advice
4:28 am
about everything, help them work out and all that stuff, but at the end of the day it's their life. >> great advice. captain holmes how did you choose these athletes? >> well, what we did is that nome -- all these athletes are great and outstanding players on the football field. but what's unique about the semper fi all american bowl is that we actually take a step further. we take a look at these individuals in their character their doings on and off the field. we actually take a look at the type of leadership in leadership positions that they hold actually in the communities. we want to get a well-rounded individual to represent the marine corps. >> thank you so much. we're going to be watching this game on january 4 9:00 p.m. eastern time on fox sports 1. t.j., we're going to be pulling for you and following your career in the years to come. i wish you all the best. >> thank you. >> you're welcome.
4:29 am
thank you, captain holmes. coming up, the movie "unbroken" tells the story of an american p.o.w. that was tortured by the japanese. but gentleman unanimous won't let anyone see the move yeah in that country. colonel ollie north on why that is an awful idea. and abra one of the most important presidents in american history, right? but don't ask your average american about that. >> was lincoln republican or democrat? >> he was liberal. democrat. >> republican. >> republican. >> i believe he was a democrat. >> he was a republican. >> he was republican? wow. >> it all goes downhill from there. can't wait to show you this one. waters world is coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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nine, eight, seven >> 2015. >> the world's most famous new year's celebration and all takes place right here in new york city in 16 hours and about 27 minutes. >> yeah. you have about 16 hours and 27 minutes to buy that champagne to go donate some things to charity if you want to write them off this year. >> that was an up close makeout session we just had there. and with more than 1 million people set to pack times square what kind of show can they expect? maria molina joins us live from the top of the ball drop. >> with a new hat on. >> is it going to be cold tonight? >> hey, good morning. yeah. it's going to be very cold out here tonight. >> it froze the tower. >> maria is up on the times tower. she's going to be coming back, probably another ten degrees cooler up there. >> she's back.
4:34 am
we got a burner to warm her up. >> can you hear me now? >> we can. >> all right. we're back. like you mentioned i'm on top of one times square building. so that's in times square. behind me we have a new year's eve ball. you mentioned it will be cold. but that's okay. there is going to be about a million people -- co-producer of new year's eve in times square welcome. thank you for joining us this morning. a little chilly up here. >> oh, my god, very. we're going to have a great time tonight. >> now, tell me about the new year's eve celebrations for tonight. this has been going on for more than 100 years. but you and your team make an effort to make each one unique. what's going to be unique this year? >> every year is unique. what's wonderful is the tradition remains the same. it's the ball coming down on one times square. people celebrating. but like this year, for instance, for the first time ever, we're going to play simon
4:35 am
says in times square. we're going to call it allison says. we're going to have them raise their hands, we're going to hug ourselves and wave good-bye to 2014. >> you're going to be playing times square out there. 11:59 p.m., the ball starts to make its way down the pole to ring in the new year. what's going on behind the scenes? give me an idea of what's going on back there because i'm sure it might be a little chaotic. >> oh, my god. we're down to the seconds. we're all counting down. but right before then, we'll have this wonderful performance of "imagine" by oar. they're going to be doing two of their classic songs and then finishing with the last song of the night as we count down. >> what are some of the other highlights tonight here? >> oh, my golly. we have these performances from american authors taylor swift, carlos canela. we're all going to be singing "let it go." it's going to be a wonderful night. >> sounds good. and now a lot of people, when
4:36 am
the clock strikes midnight ringing in the new year, they'll either kiss their significant others or toasting and what do you have here for us? >> this is moet champagne. official champagne of times square, new year's eve. because when we count down at midnight over 190 million americans will be counting down with us. as soon as they finish, we're going to kiss and toast with the moet and welcome the new year. >> sounds good. the weather conditions across the country will be very chilly. maybe champagne will be warming up some people. temperatures across parts of the rockies and the plains are going to be very cold. below zero. you factor in the wind and the windchills will be colder. we do also have a storm system rolling through the rockies and into the plains. that system will be producing some winter weather. watch out for some dangerous driving conditions out there for new year's eve. in new york city, we mentioned a cold night up ahead. clear conditions. so we're not expecting any precipitation. but temperatures should be in the upper 20s and the wind should make it feel colder than that. let's head back to the studio. >> thank you maria.
4:37 am
don't forget guys, to ring in the new year with fox news. our all american new year kicks off right here at 9:00 p.m. eastern time with that fabulous line - up that you see right there. great individuals. good personality. let's get it over to lea gabriel. got a look at our other headlines. >> good morning. as we head into new year celebration, police officers are still getting attacked. two boston cops were kicked, punched and choked by a group of teen-agers. this while they were serving a warrant to a 19-year-old man for skipping court. when one teen attacked them, it happened in the stairwell. at least six other teens then jumped in. the officers used pepper tray spray to fight them off. they were treated for injuries at the hospital. in all seven people were arrested. a nationwide epidemic. the flu outbreak now claiming the lives of 15 children. the cdc warning of a major health crisis after widespread cases of the h3n2 strain are
4:38 am
reported in 36 states. a dc school alerting parents about a student who had passed away from flu complications. this year's vaccine was developed before it began to take its form. so it's actually not as effective as it could be. but doctors are still advising that you should go ahead and get a flu shot. and cars buried in white stuff. it's really no strange sight in chicago this time of year. but this time it is not snow. it's salt. a morton salt storage facility wall collapsed burying at least seven cars. no one was hurt. but all the cars were totaled. ironically morton salt's slogan is when it rains, it pours. and oops. turns out the price is not right after all. >> 500 bucks is the retail price >> 500! 500! >> this contestant picked 550 for the retail price. but hoster revealed it was 500.
4:39 am
the poor guy seems to have misheard and he started celebrating anyway. but you could say this is -- he's just a really good sport. >> and she was so gracious about it. because at first she's like cheering for him and then realizes she's the winner. >> that's a great show. i love that show. >> did you happen to catch last night here the "killing lincoln"? >> if you caught it last night, jesse watters decided to hit the streets and find out how much -- so many people in america don't know their history. he wanted to find out how many americans actually understood abraham lincoln, our 16th president. here is what he found. it's kind of sad. >> abraham lincoln, why is he so important, do you think? >> civil rights? >> you like him? >> i love him. >> you love lincoln. >> i would venture to say i'm
4:40 am
obsessed with him. >> when was he president? >> 1850. >> civil war era. >> 18 30s. >> 1840. 50? >> all that. that's plenty. that's a lot. >> emancipation proclamation. free the slaves. >> emancipation proclamation. >> i was just kidding. >> he wrote the declaration of independence. >> that wasn't lincoln. >> who was that? thomas jefferson. >> how did lincoln free the slaves? was lincoln republican or democrat? >> he was liberal. democrat. >> republican. >> republican. >> i believe he was a democrat. >> he was a republican. >> oh, he was a republican? wow. >> does that surprise you? >> no, it didn't. >> republican? you sure? >> no. >> you were right. >> trust your instincts man. >> snap out of it. >> how did lincoln die? >> he was assassinated by john
4:41 am
wilkes booth at the theater. >> who shot lincoln? >> ruth. >> ruth? not ruth. >> babe ruth! oh, my god! you mean it's the same guy! >> george booth? >> booth. is it booth? >> have they stole his body? >> they stole whose body? >> lincoln's body. no? >> they did? >> yeah. >> where did they take? >> it's an unsolved mystery no? >> she's partially right. they had to move his body. they moved him around too much. just so sad. but jesse had -- it's new york city. he went to union square. >> yeah. that was cute. coming up, an incredible story of an american p.o.w. tortured during world war ii. but some people might never get to see it. colonel ollie north is here next on why that's a really awful idea. and do you want to make a new year's resolution that will actually work and make your life
4:42 am
better? dr. keith ablow says it's as simple as reading one of three books. he's going to tell us about it and explain coming up. ♪ ♪ when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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4:45 am
here are some quick headlines. kim jong-un tried to censor it here in america and in his own country. but it looks like north koreans will get to see "the interview" after all. that's because south korean activist plans to drop 100,000 dvds of that movie into the country using some balloons starting next month. and it's the day many conspiracy theorists waited for. the c.i.a. coming clean about ufos. the agency tweeting this reports of unusual activity in the skies in the 50s? it was us. that's right. the c.i.a. says at least half of
4:46 am
all ufo sightings actually just people seeing a top secret youtube spy plane. peter? >> thanks. the movie, "unbroken," tells the story of an olympian turned p.o.w. who was tortured by the japanese during world war ii. two years of torture. but despite its world wide release, viewers in japan still haven't been able to see the film. according to an article in the los angeles times. in japan "unbroken" is bound to meet considerable resistance due to its depiction of the brutality of japanese p.o.w. camps. well, shouldn't the people of japan learn from their own history as opposed to running from it? joining me now to talk about this with his reaction is fox news military analyst and hero, lieutenant colonel ollie north. he's also the host of "war stories" on the "fox business" network. good morning. happy new year. >> good morning. and by the way war stories team did a documentary a few years
4:47 am
ago about the time that the book, unbroken was coming out called "prisoners of the rising sun," all about the same kind of situation that is exemplified in this flick and is accurate right down to the names of the japanese torturers in those prisoner of war camps. olympic hero goes through and what he endures, 47 days at sea as a survivo a life raft nearly dead from dehydration and malnutrition, captured by the japanese and then years of brutality demonstrates to every viewer the qualities of courage and tenacity faith, and ultimately forgiveness that ought to be welcomed by everybody, but not likely to be shown in japan not because of government policy. but the current government is aligned with ours. the problem is cultural. the japanese culture, and i
4:48 am
spent a lot of time in japan, as you know, in the u.s. marines. the japanese culture is very zenophobic in the minds of many. very insular. it's insular in its approach to foreigners and ultimately the japanese do not want to stand up and acknowledge the brutality of what transpired during world war ii. there is much more in a japanese history book about the americans' use of nuclear weapons, the only two used in combat, than there is about japanese brutality to the koreans, to the chinese to the philippinos, or in the prisoner of war camps where they murdered routinely. it was real torture. not the kinds of stuff fine stein has in her report here a few weeks ago. this was real torture. and louis zamporini endured it. the japanese are not like will he to open up their theaters because they have a constitution which was written in large part by a man named douglas
4:49 am
macarthur who insisted that the government not be able to force people to publish certain things or watch certain things. >> i think we're looking at photos now of the remnants of the bataan death march where so many americans died and were tortured by the japanese. how do they change their culture in our last 30 seconds and why is that important? >> well, it's going to take another generation. japan has one of the oldest populations on earth. oldest working population. it's going to take another generational change. number two, here is why it's important. the qualities of courage tenacity faith and forgiveness are things that ought to be welcomed by every person on the planet. they are human virtues that are remarkably demonstrated by louis zamporini's real life. they ought to watch it to be inspired by those qualities as we ought to see them the same way. >> colonel ollie north with a great message for this year and the coming. semper fi and thank you for
4:50 am
being here. great writer great patriot and a great hero to a lot of americans. >> he's a great friend. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. coming up, we're helping you be a better you for 2015. let's start with me. you can start by thinking back to a childhood dream. dr. keith ablow coming up next with that. first on this day in history in 1992, whitney houston's cover of "i will always love you" was the number one song in america. i'll shut up and let you listen. ♪ i will always love you ♪ i will always love you
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
look at that. times square. as you begin thinking about new year and your resolutions and creating a better life in the new year, the answer might be pretty simple. as simple as reading a book. >> here to explain dr. keith ablow. nice to see you. happy new year to you sir. >> happy new year to you. >> you say number one step one towards realizing a better life is to take a step toward your childhood dream. what do you mean? >> here is the thing, dreams have their own power. your aspirations. you might have had them as a kid and abandoned them. someone might have said, listen that's way too far a reach for you or unlikely you're going to be an artist. here is the thing these things have power. take one step. sign up for a course. contact someone you admire who is doing what you intended to do. these things will then start to fall like dominoes perhaps. one step in the direction of your dream. >> ainsley wanted to learn french. she took one class.
4:55 am
she did exactly that. >> very good. >> the second thing you say give an unexpected gift. why is that important? how does that help? >> here is the thing christmas is great birthdays are wonderful. but in order to give a gift that's not scheduled, that's not an anniversary gift a birthday gift a christmas gift, you have to be vulnerable. you have to select somebody that you really care about and do something unexpected and declare your affection and your caring for that person. i recommend it because it brings people closer to one another. >> and your third tip, try praying, at least once. give it a shot, right? >> you should, because listen, praying galvanizes your intentions. it connects you to this wonderful energy that connects all of us. what i like to say, and say it in this article on fox news where i have 15 of these tips. but listen if you have somebody that says i don't believe in prayer. then say pray fort opposite of what you really want they won't do it because people inherently believe in this. >> what you think about comes
4:56 am
true. number four on the list, read a few books. what's the bottom line or common theme on these three? >> so the common theme is that you, your deepest self is a very, very powerful part of you. in "fraying zoe" it takes here -- it's more powerful. he says to her listen frannie if you're an actress, guess what? you have to act. so there are these wonderful statements. "the war of art" is a play on the art of war. it's an incredibly powerful book about defeating resistance and doing what you want to do. "blue dog" is about real love. >> our final ten seconds stand up for someone. why is that important? >> it's important because it empowers you too. it not only defends that person but it tells you you're powerful and that may be the most important of all of the 15 tips that i outline on fox stand up for someone.
4:57 am
>> dr. ablow, thank you. coming up, don't ever be the guy who wishes he signed a prenup. we'll be right back. we'll explain pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial.
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good morning. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for elisabeth this morning. it's wednesday, december 31. it is the very last day of 2014. in new york millions of people are on their way to that street right there in times square for this year's biggest party. we are live with a look behind the scenes. and as the empty golfs in hawaii he's got a few new year's surprises in store for americans, like freeing five more terrorists with ties to al-qaeda from gitmo and it does not end there. and as we head into the new year, what would you like to leave behind? maybe it's this. a pretzel butt. i can't stand things wrapped in pretzels. could we stop it already? we're reading your suggestions
5:01 am
this morning. >> especially with mustard. >> "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's a great way to begin your day. ♪ ♪ >> happy new year australia. >> 12:01 a.m., sydney, australia, 2015 in that country already. some australians saying 2015 looks so much better than 2014. >> hallelujah. we'll take it. >> isn't it weird that some people -- i find this weird -- but there are some people in some parts of the world that are in a whole different year. >> exactly. like a baby is born here, he was born in 2014. >> right. >> if he was born there it's a whole different year. it's so bizarre. >> he's a whole year older. i don't get it. >> right. are you guys excited for the
5:02 am
next year? are you ready to just let go of 2014? >> yes. >> very excited. >> great anticipation. >> do you remember your new year's eve resolutions last year? >> you said you did not right? >> i don't remember mine. >> if you tonight make one. then you can't forget it or in the keep it. >> bingo. >> my resolution gratitude. i love to be thankful at the end of the year. for family and friends. >> i like that. this year mine is to write down my new year's resolutions so i'll remember it next year. >> i'm sure we have some tape of you on "fox & friends" last year giving your resolution. >> that's right. lea gabriel is standing by with a look at our headlines. do you remember your new year's resolution last year? >> see, she can't even remember. >> called out on camera. it's private. and i consider it a new year's goal. so mine is that you have to accomplish it by the end of the year. >> okay. excellent. >> you did. >> right. >> so you have one more day to accomplish it. >> we don't know.
5:03 am
>> maybe i did. maybe i didn't. that's a big secret. here is serious news. antipolice protesters are planning to shake up the celebrations tonight in new york city. this just one day after mayor bill de blasio met with police union leaders to try and repair his relationship with police. insiders say the meeting was a bust and the mayor often sat in total silence offering no solutions. according to reports, de blasio's top aides actually called some lawmakers to ask them to publicly bash the union, including p.b.a. president, pat lynch. de blasio denying those claims. and a pennsylvania man shot and killed by police after trying to run down officers with his car. earlier that day, 52-year-old joseph practice cleany posted youtube videos with rants about prison. listen. >> no way in hell i'm going back to prison. no [ bleep ] way. so to the police, to the f.b.i., to c.i.a. agents, i'm not taking
5:04 am
a fall for my family anymore. >> the confrontation between him and police happened when he fled arrest and backed his car into the chief of police's cruiser. he then sped towards other officers who opened fire. no police were injured in that incident. new details this morning about what could have brought down air asia flight 8501. officials say some of the passengers who were found were fully clothed and experts say that could indicate the plane was intact when it hit the water and could support the theory it stalled. overnight, the first two bodies arriving in indonesia with a full honor guard. right now the search for bodies and wreckage has been slowed because of bad weather in the area. the uss samson, a destroyer out of san diego, has been using its sonar devices to try and help find the plane. recovery teams found a large dark object in the seabed. it's believed to be the plane's fuselage. and this one well t goes in the dumb criminal file. a would-be robber in australia gets the shock of his life when
5:05 am
he tries busting open an atm with an explosive. the blast knocked him off his feet. he takes off with no flip flops or no money either. >> did he take his shirt off? oh no. >> thank you lea. i'm going to find out what her new year's resolution was. happy new year from president obama. he's out golfing right now in hawaii. he wanted to leave you, the american people, with a few things that you might not have known about. but we're going to report them for you because they kind of fly under the radar. overnight five more guantanamo bay prisoners have been releasedand they're back overseas at this hour and likely being tracked. we know, peter you mentioned the recidivism rate. >> they're going to kazakhstan. so we don't know if there are any security sanctions or implications in terms of what they can or can't do, how they're going to be monitored. but with you know there is an extremely high rate of these terrorists being released and
5:06 am
then going on to commit new acts of terrorism. i think the goal that we understand is for the white house to get these numbers under 100 so they can then quickly shut it down and move these folks out. it's been a continual, continual process. >> there are 127? >> yeah. >> that remain in gitmo now? >> yeah. >> this is all part of the administration's strategy to get these -- >> huge promise by this president that he hasn't made good on yet but he's trying hard. >> also he's talking about building a school there. $65 million school at guantanamo bay. it's the most expensive school ever built. the average student in the state of florida they spend 20 to $30,000 per student in that state. this new school the $65 million, it will be $250,000 per student. very expensive. >> that's federal government at work for you. here is the federal government at work for you. here is something the obama administration has pushed through using that electronic pen, even while in hawaii, able to sign new pages of regulations
5:07 am
from the obama administration. this year 75,000 new pages of regulations hit -- >> staggering. these regulations cost about $2 trillion a year and in the last few weeks, 1200 new regulations. we've seen them for coal ash to ozone and every manufacturing association in this country saying, this is going to blow american business out in a huge, huge way. >> and so many people say we're already overregulated. >> oh, i think we are. >> 75,000 new pages of regulations, peter. >> that's not all. so we've got guantanamo bay. we've got the 75,000 pages of regulations. also dan pheiffer, white house spokesperson, coming out saying, look, here is what's going to happen with the president's veto pen we're slashing the budget of the department of homeland security in their efforts to stop people coming across the border if congress tries to roll back any of his executive amnesty costs. the payments associated with
5:08 am
that plan. if congress steps in and tries to do anything about it, the president is ready to slash the budget of those protecting our borders. >> that includes work permits, driver's licenses, social security cards, tax rebates for 4 million illegal immigrants. >> so the president basically saying, you push back on executive actions, which a lot of americans think are inappropriate and excessive and over the top, then we're going to push back in our way and shut stuff down. >> the end of the year you see all these lists of what happened over the course of the last year. well, the economist, the magazine, has put out a list of the most influential economists of 2014. and number one on their list is jonathan gruber. you remember him, the guy that called you stupid. >> there he is. who could forget? of course, he's really the architect of obamacare, the man who sold it to help sell it to the american people. a new bombshell this morning. he's not done yet. 2014 is almost over and there had to be a few more bombshells that came out. the daily caller got their hands
5:09 am
on a 2009 brief that was delivered to the president in the oval office addressing one significant issue, run away cost. cost controls for health care. and here is what he told the president in 2009. basically there is no cost control. he said this bill is about coverage which is good. why should we hold 48 million uninsured people hostage to the fact that we don't yet know how to control cost in a politically acceptable way? the real substance of cost control is all about a single thing, telling patients they can't have something that they want. >> he's admitting the affordable care act is not affordable. it's too expensive. >> you're absolutely right. and we were talking about it earlier, first he said you were stupid, really stupid. but now you're really heartless cruel, insensitive callus, cold. listen to this 2012 pod it is cast in which he really lays it on. you should really feel good
5:10 am
about this. >> i wish people cared about the 50 million uninsured in america but they don't. and i think that's why once again, you know, i'm amazed politically we got this bill through. >> there is your most influential economist of 2014. maybe it's hard to argue with that. >> not always a good thing. >> we talked about what we're done with in 2014. you think we're doing with jonathan gruber? >> yes. yes. >> there is probable will he more audio. >> the legacy lives on with him and obamacare. so we're not done. we're going to live with that for a long long time. >> in the form of hearings as well with the new congress comes hearings on health care. so we're not done with it. >> no. unfortunately. coming up, the administration promised illegals busted at the border would face justice. only problem? what happens when they never show up to court? the outrageous new amnesty loophole and how illegals are taking advantage. and good news for actor
5:11 am
gerard depardieu. he moved to russia when france wanted to tax him at that whopping 75%. remember that? but now he gets to come back home. but first happy new year to australia, bringing in the new year. 11 minutes in. ♪ ♪
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
when thousands of illegal immigrants flooded the u.s. border back in july, the obama administration promised to make the crisis a big priority. but according to a new report out of the 30,000 families and unaccompanied children caught crossing the border only 22% have had their immigration hearings decided. and of those cases, more than 90% of the illegal immigrants weren't even there to hear the ruling, never bothering to show up to court. so have these thousands in effect granted themselves amnesty as we watch helplessly? let's ask executive director at
5:16 am
the center for immigration studies. good morning mark. >> good morning. >> this sounds absolutely deplorable. how can this be? what's going on? i mean, this sounds incredible! >> well, i mean, when i mention this to people, that more than 90% of the illegal immigrants whose cases have been decided just didn't show up, everybody i tell this to said, of course they didn't show up. these are people who came, snuck across the border. they were basically waved into the united states by the obama administration. they gave them a paper saying, please show up for a hearing on such and such a date. and then just let them go on their way. who would have thought that they would come back? of course they're not going to come back. it's almost like that scene in the movie "blazing saddles requesting" where the cowboys all stand in line to go through a toll booth in the desert. only in a comedy movie would you expect illegal immigrants that we let into the country actually to show up for their immigration
5:17 am
hearings and be deported. >> mark, it seems the government would know best what was going to happen here. they had the best predictive capacity. let's look at this number. families caught, but not detained. about 15,000 families caught crossing the border, but not detained. 4,000 or so ordered removed from the u.s. and 96 of those removal orders were done in absentia. that meant the people didn't show up for the hearing! is this a scam and a charade from the very beginning? the government is saying let's find some lawyers for these folks. but obviously there was no intention that they would ever appear at any hearing. >> of course not. everybody understood it was a charade from the very beginning. if the government had been serious about this what they would have done is set up some kind of tent city facilities in south texas and detained people right there. the way you make sure illegal
5:18 am
immigrants show up for hearings is by detaining them. and so when their hearing comes, you put them in a van and drive them to the hearing. if they get ordered deported you put them back in the van and you deport them. instead they just let them go. they knew perfectly well none of these people were going to show up and that was okay with the obama administration. >> and a final questions, let's look at this, the numbers in terms of unaccompanied children caught and detained. 13,000 unaccompanied children caught crossing the border. about 1600 ordered removed from the u.s. and then 92% of those orders were done in absentia meaning they didn't show up. so are illegals picking up illegals and taking them away from the system? is that what's happening here? >> yeah. and sometimes the government is actually delivering these people to their illegal immigrant relatives for free. essentially finishing the smuggling process for free on
5:19 am
taxpayers' dime and then not doing anything about follow-up when these people don't show up for their hearings. >> mark, this has really been eye opening. are things going to change as a final question in 2015? >> things may change in january of 2017. not before that. >> happy new year to you. >> thank you. coming up, 2014 hasn't exactly been a year of friendship for these guys. and this morning, russian president vladimir putin released a message to president obama. you want to hear that. and don't be the guy who wishes he signed a prenup agreement before he got married. >> congratulations, dude. you got married. >> this can't be happening. oh god. >> bob massi here with the i dos and i don'ts of prenups from las vegas coming up next on new
5:20 am
year's eve. ♪ ♪
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
23 minutes past the hour. here are some stories making headlines around the world at this hour. we start with cuba. so much for improved relations. overnight, police arrested active activists at a peaceful rally two weeks after president obama announced plans to continue there. russian president vladimir putin demanding respect. he just delivered a new year's
5:24 am
message to president obama demanding equality and mutual respect. he says it's the only way relations will get better. now over to france. good news for actor gerard depardieu. he can move back there now. france just dropped its super tax on millionaires, which forced anyone who made more than $1.2 million to pay taxes up to 75%. depardieu moved to russia last year to escape that tax. ainsley? >> thank you. they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas, right? except if you tie the knot. >> is there anything you can tell bus what may have happened last night? >> you don't remember nothing? >> congratulations, dude. you got married. >> this can't be happening. >> oh, god. >> they probably should have considered a prenup in that situation. more and more couples are signing them. but does it mean that you're planning for a divorce if you do
5:25 am
that before you walk down the aisle? here to break it all down is our fox news legal analyst, bob massi. hey, bob. nice to see think morning. >> good morning. >> we're talking prenups here. a lot of people might be against it. but there are a lot of people that say it protects them in the long run. what's the difference in that and then we're hearing a lot now about the cohabitation agreements for people who don't want to walk down the aisle burg still need some sort of a contract. what's the difference? >> the millenials, a lot of these young kids live together. and a cohabitation agreement is basically a contract between two people who live together that sort of sets forth the plan of what their obligations will be. particularly ainsley, when you own a piece of property, let's say a home and you decide to cohabitate with somebody, all too often the question becomes if you split up, what happens to that property? does it change in any way? so many of these millenials, they fall in love, they live together, which is wonderful and sometimes one of them or both of them have assets.
5:26 am
if you do it's worth looking into cohabitation agreement to set forth finances, who owns the property, what the responsibilities are, because in today's age it happens more often than not. >> yeah. what's the common mistake that folks do make if they do sign a prenup and get married? >> look, whether it be a cohab agreement or prenup. they fall in love, they get together and one of the two own a home. after a while, the relationship gets comfortable. and guess what happens? they transfer that property into the name of the other party along with them. then there is a rift. okay. then what happens? whatever that prenup said or whatever that cohabitation agreement said, basically by the conduct of the parties transferring titles and things like that you've changed the intent between the parties. now, i'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, but i want our viewers to understand and the millenials, if you have a contract or if you do get married, you have a prenup and you start changing the character
5:27 am
of properties bank accounts, brokerage accounts as you gain assets, regardless of what that prenup says, when you start doing these type of things that prenup or cohabitation agreement sort of starts going away. the intent that was there at the beginning is changed by the conduct. nothing wrong with that. just important for those to understand that the contract speaks for itself. but you could change things during that relationship. >> bob, do you have to be wealthy to have a prenup? >> no. you really don't. but let me tell you most important part. you do prenup you should have your own lawyer, you disclose all your assets and liability. it doesn't matter if you have a lot of money or a little of money because you're hoping as you get older, you grow assets and some wealth and success in your life. so no, you don't have to have a lot of money to do that. >> thumbs up or down for prenup as soon as you say have them? >> you know, i've been married 36 years. i'm in. i'm one of these kind of guys i'm either in or not. i'm not putting anything in writing before. i either love her or i don't.
5:28 am
that's the end of the story. >> congratulations. that's a long time. >> i'm very blessed. >> we'll bring you on another time to tell us what the secrets are. >> i want to thank, real quick, everybody at "fox & friends." happy new year. you guys make my life so wonderful and i'm humbled by the fact you allow me to come on every week. you're the best and thank you so much. >> we love you and our viewers love you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> thanks. coming up, starting tomorrow, 21 more states will raise the minimum wage. bill o'reilly calls it a good thing. some experts say bill o'reilly has it all wrong. you'll hear from both sides. and as we head into the new year, what would you like to leave behind? maybe it's that selfy? yeah. clayton, put it away. tell us what you're overment use #overit2014 and we'll read some of those right here.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
we are just approximately 15 hours and 28 minutes give or take a few seconds, from the world's most famous new year's celebration. >> it always comes back to guy lombardo. more than 1 million people set to pack times square. maria molina is there with the famous ball. maria. >> dr. seuss hello. >> on top of the glass what does it say? happy new year? >> hey, yeah. happy new year. we're here in times square. i'm on top of one times square.
5:33 am
this is where the ball is located. this is where it lives. it's going to be rising later today and then eventually dropping to ring in the new year. that's coming up at about 11:59 p.m. tonight, everybody is expecting it, eastern time. it was tested yesterday at noon. they tested it to make sure that it was working properly and it's very important that it all does so because like you mentioned, about a million people will be here in times square. but world wide, about a billion people will be watching the celebration here live from new york city. tonight we're also going to have approximately a ton of confetti coming down. i want to test your knowledge because we've been bringing you these fun facts throughout the morning. i want to make sure ainsley peter and clayton have been paying attention. especially clayton when it comes to the confetti facts. >> right. >> how much do you think the ball weighs? we did mention this earlier in the morning. >> i remember this. >> five tons.
5:34 am
>> six tons. >> peter? >> i think it was about 80-tons. >> 80 tons? >> yeah. >> six tons. how about the diameter? >> is it still true that an elephant is a ton? so it's six elephant, right? >> i don't know. elephant have good memories. >> what was the second question? >> second question is how many feet is it in diameter? >> that's a good one. >> diameter? 18 feet. >> i'm approximately five feet tall. >> it's nine marias. it's nine marias. >> i'd say 15 is a good guess. >> yeah. it is 12 feet in diameter. >> would you stand it up now. send that up. i dare to you do it. >> don't do it. >> can you hit the switch? >> i'm not touching anything out
5:35 am
here. we won't be allowed back. but i want to talk about the weather conditions. >> shame on you. as a lawyer, as your lawyer, i advise you against that. >> what's the weather going to be? >> we have cold temperatures in place across parts of the rockies and also into the plains. temperatures that are below zero. here in new york city, temperatures will be in the 20s for the ball drop. let's head back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> did you hit the switch? >> don't listen to your counsel. >> it's already up. thank you so much. don't forget to ring in the new year with fox news tonight. look at that great line - up. there is anna. you watch her on "fox & friends" of the she's going to be out there with kimberly and with bob and kennedy and with jesse. that's going to start at 9:00 o'clock eastern time right here on fox news. always a fun show. and we have another -- >> come in here. >> the last day of the year, clayton was born. >> happy birthday. >> today is your birthday. >> who is with us as well?
5:36 am
natalie, by technology. >> this is a -- hello. >> hi, daddy. >> oh, thank you. that just made my morning. >> thank you guys. you drew something for me? what did you draw me, a minyon? >> a minyon. >> a minyon? >> yes. >> what does it have? >> the minyon has a birthday cup cake. >> fantastic drawers. >> yeah. he's quite an artist. miles, what did you draw? >> superman. >> thanks. >> look at that. that's fantastic. >> should i blow out these candles before it melts. >> miles, do you have a message for your daddy on his birthday? >> happy birthday, daddy! >> happy birthday, honey. >> now you got me crying. >> ava, when you see your daddy what are you going to give him later? a big kiss? >> yes. >> yes. >> natalie, i hear you have his favorite meal you're preparing.
5:37 am
>> oh, yeah. he likes crab legs. i'm. >> i'm a seafood guy. >> ouch. >> daddy is coming home to kiss that boo boo ava. >> thank you honey, for waking up early and dealing with the crazies. >> the monkeys were up at 5. so we were up before "fox & friends." >> see, that's what happens. "fox & friends" first. >> miles, how was christmas? what did santa bring you? >> we'll give daddy popcorn later. what did you get for christmas, love bug? >> a bow and arrow. >> a bow and arrow. and what did you get? >> a little baby with a bottle. >> she got a baby monkey with a bottle. >> i love that. >> it's a fake monkey. don't worry, we didn't go to a zoo and get. >> i love you guys. thank you for the surprise. >> natalie, you have a quick message for him? >> yes. happy birthday, sweetheart.
5:38 am
come home. presents time. >> like christmas. and i like cake too. can i blow these candles out? >> yes, you can. what's your wish? >> yes yes! >> are they trick? >> big cheer! >> i can't get that last one out there. >> the fire alarm will go out. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> god bless you. >> thank you everyone, for the cake. that was a nice surprise. >> we're glad you were born. >> let's get it over to lea gabriel so i can eat some cake. >> happy birthday. 21 states are ling in the new year with an increased minimum wage. 3 million workers will be affected by the raise. bill o'reilly says $10 an hour won't hurt anyone. economists and university of maryland professor says otherwise. listen. >> raise the minimum wage, that will encourage young people to get into the marketplace and other folks to get off the dole. ten bucks an hour, not going to break anyone. >> certainly more people would want to work.
5:39 am
mr. bill o'reilly is correct about that. but that's the demand. but on the supply side employers would offer fewer jobs 'cause they say you're too expensive for me now. >> next year, a total of 29 states will have a minimum wage higher than the federal wage of 7.25 an hour. a convicted killer in custody after a terrifying six hour stand-off with police. the armed suspect who was wanted for breaking parole barricaded himself in an apartment along with two women and with several children. at one point he called our fox affiliate in minneapolis and had a chilling conversation for more than an hour. listen. >> i have absolutely nothing to lose. apparently fools in helmets think that they're invincible from a face shot. >> police used tear gas before the suspect was removed on a stretcher. all the women and children are safe. and what dot words polar express, and others have in
5:40 am
common? americans say they're annoying and should be banned forever. one more word making the list. ♪ >> you heard it. it's bang. the slang term for babe. made popular by the hit song "come get it bay." those are your headlines. >> bay? >> i don't even know what it is either. i never heard of that song. >> y'all need to get with it. >> getting old. >> you got the little kids at home. so you're learning the "frozen" songs. >> but i'm not learning pharrell dance songs. >> your daughters know it. they're in college. >> absolutely. they do. >> coming up, one of america's favorite hamburger joints going vegan. a burger with no meat. >> is it really a burger, though? and only a few hours left guys until the new year. the things that you need to do today to cut down on your 2015
5:41 am
tax bill. >> today? >> today. ♪ ♪ [coughing] dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep with a cold medicine.
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here are some headlines for you. the food and wine edition. let's start with the vion. thieves broke into the so-called best restaurant in the world and stole 76 bottles of wine. this happened in the famous french laundry restaurant in napa valley. the wine worth $300,000. three of those bottles selling for 15 grand a pop. and now to the food part of this. white castle known for those delicious little patties, now offering burgers made of carrot, zucchini spinach and broccoli. you can try them starting tomorrow. >> yuck.
5:45 am
>> thank you so much. we're in the final few throes of 2014. before the year ends did you know there is still a little bit of time to cut your 2015 tax bill? here with last minute tax tips before you pop that bottle of champagne from the american institute of certified public accountants, ron. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> happy new year to you. there are a lot of changes this year to the tax code and a lot of additional things that people might not know about. you say tip number one this year to get bang for your buck, prepay all the way. why? >> taxes are an annual thing and everything is determined by what you do as of december 31. take the opportunity to write checks now rather than in a few weeks from now. get current tax deductions. the other issue is if you pay some deductions now some charitable contributions now that you were going to make next year, you get all your itemized deductions this year and then
5:46 am
you can take advantage of a standard deduction next year and it's almost a little bit like double dipping. >> so is that really what this deduction double up? >> that's exactly what this is about. everything in tax life is timing. perfect example was the timing of when you were born. your parents got an exemption 'cause you were born today, not tomorrow. >> that's why they had a big parade in philadelphia because i was born on the 31st. you also say buy for your business. a lot of companies right now have been holding back on making any purchases on equipment, machinery or anything. so they're sitting on a lot of cash. you say now is the time to buy. >> now is the time to buy and thanks to congress, who are finally getting around to figuring that out in late december. if businesses buy equipment before the end of the year, they can write off up to $500,000 of that equipment as long as they have it in hand today. >> even small businesses? >> small business, computers
5:47 am
phones cars. >> that's great. you say plot your pension plan. the alliteration, how do you do this? >> pension plans give you a great advantage in the tax law. if you have a pension plan that's opened today and all the small business person has to do is go into a bank or broker and open a pension plan and put ten bucks into it, they get until september 15 of next year to fund the plan but get the tax deduction for it this year. >> there are so many changes this year, and in real estate. that's why it pays to have somebody like yourself, a smart person, hyped the scenes doing all the work for you. great to see think morning. happy new year to you. >> same here and same to you. coming up here, he is the oldest golfer to hit a hole in one ever. he's 103 years young and he's here next. first let's check in with trace gallagher for what's coming up at the top of the hour. good morning. >> coming up brand-new information on when the black boxes of flight 8501 could be loved and how they'll be recovered.
5:48 am
plus jeb bush is the gop front runner right? well, he may have a brand-new hurdle when it comes to getting conservative votes. we'll tell you exactly what it is coming up top of the hour in "america's newsroom"
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
hitting a hole in one in golfing is an achievement at any age, right? but how about doing it when you're 103 years old? our next guest, the oldest golfer in the pga of america and now he is the oldest ever to sink a hole in one. so what is his secret to living such a long and lucky life? >> joining us, the oldest member of the pga of america, gus andrione and his wonderful wife, betty. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> happy new year. we're so happy that you're with us. gus, what is the secret to doing so well so long and hitting a hole in one on december 17? >> well, you're a human being and your body can do so much for you. you got to work with your body and keep active and busy doing something with your mind or body. >> you had your first hole in
5:52 am
one back in 1939. 75 years ago. why do you love golf so much? >> well, it's come back tenfold. you touch the lives of a lot of people along the way and any time you can help anyone, whether it's in golf or later on in their years when they move along and get into business and they've learned a lot of dos and don'ts and decisions they had to make. as a result of golf, they're qualified to move along and pass on to good things they have learned through the contact we've made together. >> betty, i understand you guys are just a lucky couple because i understand you guys have won the lote in pennsylvania, won the lottery twice in florida. gus has eight holes in one under his belt and i understand you're a great golfer. you've had a hole in one as well right?
5:53 am
>> i've had three. >> wow. how do you guys do it? are you just lucky? >> yes. >> i think you're talented, too. what does it take to get hole in one? there are a lot of younger people out there that are looking up to you guys and want to know the secret. >> well, getting a hole in one is luck. no question about it. you can stay all day long and for years at the same hole trying to make a hole in one and it never happens. it's a lucky shot sometimes one does go in. >> i know every morning, gus, you get up and do you some exercises to get in shape for your golf routine. but on new year's eve, what will you two be doing tonight? how will you bring in 2015? >> we'll be dancing as we always have. we'll be dancing like we always have if our health permits us.
5:54 am
we stay there as long and enjoy the music and the people that's there and we just enjoy ourselves and do our dancing. >> what is the song that you love to dance to betty? what's the song that you love to dance to? >> we like to dance to everything. >> everything. that's wonderful. >> gus, i got to ask you what club did you use? what club? >> what club did you hit to hit the hole in one? >> i used the driver. >> all right. keep using that driver. i hope everyone bought you drinks. i hope you didn't have to buy everyone drinks 'cause you deserve it. >> i still -- >> we are so grateful you were here with us today. we wish you a happy new year and thank you for being on "fox & friends" and we thank god you're doing so well and we're so proud to be americans alongside of you. >> thank you very much. >> god bless you both. >> thank you so much.
5:55 am
as we head into the new year, what would you like to leave behind? maybe it's the selfie. yep. tell us what you're over. use #overit2014 and we'll be reading them right here. ♪ ♪
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5:58 am
>> come on! what are you doing? >> that's one of my new year's resolutions. set my alarm for this year. >> clayton could not remember what his new year's resolution was and we just reminded you to set an alarm clock because last year you overslept. remember? >> yeah. it was my birthday. yeah. the alarm didn't go off. >> they were cold to show that again. >> yeah. >> i had forgotten about that. >> i'll be watching --
5:59 am
>> right off the streets of new york. >> viewers wrote this morning about the things they're over. things they don't want anymore from 2014. linda wrote i'm over protesters. stay strong to all our military and police. >> nelson clark, i am over my son saying uber all the time or however you spell it. >> right. then james says i'm over the hill. >> feel that way. >> those are cute. >> log on for the after the show show. please continue to send us what you're over. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> thanks for being here all year. happy new year. >> happy new year! '. >> the of two victims awifing in indonesia sp -- arriving in knees.
6:00 am
heather: crews have recovered seven bodies from the sea. the stormy weather is putting the search on hold. large seas are causing the debris to move away from the crash site. >> it's the worst


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