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tv   All- American New Year  FOX News  December 31, 2014 11:00pm-12:31am PST

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>> we're going to see you back here in 2015. happy new year, everybody. >> happy new year.
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>> this has been a tradition in new york city for the people to gather since 1904. the first ball was made of iron and wood and only had unwith hundred light bulbs in it. now we have thousands of crystals and tens of thousands of l.e.d. lights. >> i saw that first drop. it was really good. >> that's right. that was for your 40th birthday. >> the tradition of writing people's wishes down and having them fall from the sky is so beautiful. >> bob wrote down one of his wishes on the confetti. it was so obscene. >> that's jesse's jacket. and tonight we need your help. we're asking you, do you want me and kimberly to kiss at midnight? i'll tell you, she is begging you to say no. like we did last year's new
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years eve. tweet us yes or no using #fox news 2015. >> this is not going well. 61% -- >> give the people what they want. let's go! >> 61%. >> and if i could just tell you, she's the one who attacked me last year. >> can i just make a quick addendum to this? is there some way people can vote for how long the kiss should be? whose team are you playing for here? you're supposed to help me out. >> kimberly, you're next. >> yeah. if she's rejected, he is going on turn to you so be careful. >> there's the thing. i'm going to phone in a friend and substitute in, look at kennedy's mouth. she's ready. >> whenever you're ready, i'm fine. all right. in case you can't read. >> you never know what will
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happen on new years eve. and we have reporters all over times square looking for the most interesting people and stories first. let's to go my man. what have you got? >> what's up? less than an hour to 2015 and what better way to ring out the old year by pulling, i want to apologize by saying it is so cold out that the naked cowboy had more shrinkage than anderson cooper watching kathy griffin. i apologize to you. kennedy asked me my resolutions. i don't know if you heard me. to stop smoking in the car with the kids, at least until they can walk. and to go to temple more. now, 2015. less than an hour away. >> a good catholic. >> would you like to see this? we had these nice people. these guys are from new york. no new yorker come to times square on new years eve. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. you have to try it once.
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>> what would you like to see less of in 2015? kim kardashian's rear edge, al sharpton's ugly face -- >> those are my options, al sharpton. >> that's a joke. >> tell me what you would like to see less of in 2015. >> i'm a mets fan. so it was nonstop jeter so i would have liked to have seen a little less jeter in 2015. >> you're a mets fan but you came to times square to watch a ball drop when you could go to citifield and watch the mets drop balls all day long. and we have this young lady from england. >> i'm from ohio. i would like to see less of obama and less of home les people begging for money. >> less hatred. >> get on the bus. >> bob is trying to send her
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back to ohio. >> not more. >> i'll pay her. >> bob, you should kiss her. >> a bus ride back. >> this is new years. where are you from? >> from the same place. >> bob -- >> this guy here is a good guy. he is wearing a chicago blackhawks guy. >> what would you like to see less of in 2015? as you think about it. it doesn't have to be political. >> i would like to see less, i would like to see less obama, a little more republican in office. >> gather around there. >> come on, folks. >> and let's hear it for bernie for wearing the hat. >> we'll get to miami and nashville in a bit. we have some other reporters. we'll toss it over to him. where are you and how is it going?
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>> i'm right in the middle of times square. new york city, make some noise. [ cheers and applause ] yeah! >> i make that yankee hat for famous than that yankee game. we've got some people down here. if you could kiss anybody at midnight, who would it be? >> leonardo dicaprio! >> he gets so many kisses already. >> i would kiss my boyfriend who is in germany. >> he's too far away. i'm here though. >> your husband. whoa! >> that's sweet. >> bringing people together. bringing people together. 2015. >> fox news. new york city. let's hear you. >> yeah! >> all right. it's a party. >> no kidding.
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i didn't know sherrod was going to be the king of the kiss cam tonight. >> warm it up. >> i'm going to save mine for my girlfriend. >> it's too late. >> you already put yourself on the line. >> way to make it up. >> taller. >> if you can get her on the phone. >> all right. thank you. we'll check back in with you. and joeanne. is everyone staying warm out there? >> is it a yoga ball. >> here's the thing. what i love so much about new years eve is all this free stuff. okay? and i'm kind of a hoarder. i know, i know. we have our faults. so i've been collecting this off the ground.
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i see nothing wrong with that. is that a yoga ball? >> this is a balloon that i inflated myself with all of this how air that's coming out of my mouth. here's the thing that's nice about me having all this stuff. i can barter for other things. there are these two nice girls here from belgium. and they have tiaras on their heads and we all know i love the crown. so ladies, i will give you all of this stuff. this great stuff off the floor. for your tiaras. is that a yes or a no? >> i don't think so. >> seriously? i'm giving you free air time. exposure. >> offer her a waffle. >> do you want a waffle? we hike the belgian women. thank you. the nypd is out in full force and security is tight.
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let's go to rick leventhal. is it safe? >> it is absolutely safe. one of the safest places in america. certainly it was place in the new york city thanks to thousands of new york's finest. one of the reasons why times square is so secure isn't just because of all the thousands of police officers who are here right now. but also because of the preparations they made throughout this day. with the help of federal agents. they had chemical, biological and raid right field bomb squads and they swept through every parking garage, every theater, every hotel and every roof top prior to letting all these people in here. they sealed all the man cover. when they did do that, they didn't let in any backpacks or small backs. they are keeping this place as tightly controlled as you can possibly imagine. there were some concerns about possible protests because new york city has been the scene of
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protests the last five weeks or so. apparently when you have a million people in times square and events all over the city including madison square garden and central park and coney island, it is kind of hard to foon people. so they are marching up from sixth avenue. then they're trying to make their way in. because they have to place locked down. one other note. it is obviously very cold. i asked if the police, he said the biggest effect is as soon as that ball drops. people get out of here when it is this cold. you can expect this crowd to clear out pretty quickly at about 1205. >> thank you for the great job. >> they really put it all on the line. we're incredibly grateful. this is a great city to live in.
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>> go ahead. stop and frisk, why don't you? >> we have a lot more excitement ahead as all america's new year continues. we know you had some favorite songs. there was bad news but great music. you can go to and like the song. another one of the finalists.
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we've been asking you what is the best music we've been asking you what's the very best music video of the year. everyone we'll reveal the winne later on and the beautiful broadcast. here is the video getting my vote the woman all about you, loving your body, it's all about that bass. ♪ [ music ] this song.
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i love the message. >> it's not only bringing booty back, it's not having phony bologna body. loving what you're working with. >> i support that message. and i think bob is, too. >> and on the highlight of the music video premier. >> super video. . >> i don't mind a little bit of salami every once in a while. . >> i know you're a fan of the bratwurst. >> you like salami? >> i love it. >> yes. >> she's, you know, so right now, both of you are kicking my feet. don't start now.
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okay. now, words of advice from a man named in the list of most admired men. bill o'reilly, of course. here are tips from him to you in 2015. >> it's new year's eve. i'm someplace sleeping probably because i am a boring guy. but as usual, the box people come, and say bill? can you do us a favor and do a new year's eve greeting? what am i going to say? no? i don't mind because i want you to have a nice new year's eve and 2015. we have a battle of traditionalists versus progressives and now, into year seven of this. it's interesting. i said just before i left on vacation, i think tradition is going to make a big come back.
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could you wrong but i don't think so. and i think u.s. economy is going to improve. people are saying do you know what? despite the craziness we remain the most stable country on earth and that is thanks to you and me. always making this country home. so i want you to have a happy new year. thanks for watching fox news. and the best in 2015. >> that is true. i mean, o'reilly is asleep right now. it's past his bed time. he's not watching especially since beckel is here. >> i didn't go to sleep. it's longest conversation i've heard but it's great. >> yes. >> if you paid attention you'd know progressives are now also
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said big year for america, things are looking up, economy showing signs of improvement. if you're a traditionalist? >> no. i am just -- >> i'm just a waters world guy. >> do you know what this is? >> what is that? >> it's here. jesse waters world? >> right. >> just feels great. >> what do you think the message sinking in? does it sink in? >> sinking so far, right to my ear lobe. >> he's just jealous. >> kennedy? what do you think? >> finally people on a new year where they can plan things they can plan to get a loan and
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start a business. we do feel a sense of optimism. >> right. >> are we going to unleash the beast? >> we are and i love this country and our military and armed forces. excited about the future. the new congress makes bob cry. yes. >> it goes great and it's moving now. >> moving for everybody right now. what do you think? big year for you and everybody out there? >> are you kidding me? taking a look at broadway now. talking about the biggest shows of the year. lion king still number one. so a lot of the usual hits. >> it's in theaters now. >> yes, it is. >> sorry. >> a lot more show for you
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coming up. more new year's celebrations and we're going to meet a courageous 14-year-old. then we'll make a wish come true.
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my resolution is to try to learn french.
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>> we're joined now by the family. are you enjoying new york city? >> yes. >> everybody at home, this is a 14-year-old wish come true. take a look. >> she watched it on tv every new year's eve. this year, she's packing bags and coming to new york city to watch live in times square.
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the teenager suffered from severe gas stroe indestinal disorder. >> i wish was to go to new york city for new year's eve to see the ball drop. >> along with rachel came her family. >> i was happy for rachel and boys they can have time away. and escape from reality. an exciting time. something they'll never do again. >> best experience a once in a hive time. >> they begin with a visit to september 11th memorial and museum. >> they're going to hear stories of heroism, courage. >> fun lunch at benihana, is
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next. rachel got all dressed up for the holidays. and just to make sure new year would arrive without a glitch. >> we love it because you're making us smile today. what is the best part of the tour? >> we like to go see the ball up close and touch it. it's unbelievable. right? how many crystals are there? i heard thousands. >> yes. >> and have you seen anything like it? >> rachel has crohn's disease.
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her wish is not just to join us here, but to get an amazing tour and really experience life around the big apple. so we've got kristin. father, frank and boys, do you want to introduce yourselves? >> jake. >> ryan. >> and cole. >> what did you think the best was? >> going to the ball was fun. >> how about you? >> did you like the restaurant? how about windows at macy's? >> it's so big you can't decide, right? >> eating a ton of food. >> you can do that. >> yes it was great. >> rachel what does it mean to be able to come here? >> cool to get away from pittsburgh and experience new
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york city. >> so from pennsylvania what do your friends think? >> new year's eve. >> they're excited. and watching. >> do you want to say hi to them? say what your resolution is? >> i never thought of one yet. >> yes. you still have about a half hour. say happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, everybody. >> thank you. >> guys back to you. >> what a beautiful girl. so magnetic. she has a gorgeous dress on underneath. such a sweetheart now to a special message from charles krauthammer. tonight, talking about things that matter. >> what great material for us.
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i do remain optimistic the country will come back and it's only 751 days until inauguration. it's been a great year because of the rather unexpected success in my book, things that matter. in fact, i got a call from a reporter with an article asking me to explain it i decided to play humble and said i don't know. maybe call around and ask others and let me know. i didn't hear anything. a friend called and said the story about the book, the new book is flying off the shelves. nobody knows why. that is the last time i play humble. now, what does make me humble is the good fortune that i've had.
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and had more than my share. starts with friends, family, and great colleagues here at fox. and as i said last year, this time at the top of the list of things that matters to be able to do what you love for a living. i started out in life as a doctor and for a ended up without intention or planning doing what i was meant to do from the beginning. i wish everyone good fortune i've had here is to a year work is so good it doesn't feel like work. happy new year. >> what an incredible person. so jesse, you know, charles brings up what matters what else mattered in 2014? we're going to talk about what we're thankful for. you have two beautiful girls. how to ensure our children have a better life than we've had? >> i don't know.
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we have a lot of work to do. two beautiful girls and my beautiful wife at home. you know this country has a lot to do. we had a little recession, still trying to come out of that. bill is right. this country is kind of at the turn here. the economy starting to come back. people starting to work harder. people are optimistic. celebrations are times people turn the page on the past year. and it's a renewal process. so thinking everybody gets together and >> i have a random question. this is something i've been collecting. what are some weird new year's traditions? >> i don't have weird traditions.
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so what are your weird ones? >> wear yellow under wear. you have to wash hands in money. in coins. when cloth strikes midnight. walk outside with luggage. because that ensures you'll have a great year of travel. >> okay. and, i smudge the house in lit sage every year on new year's eve. to make sure i purify it from ghosts and bad juju. >> okay. beckel is still thinking about yellow under wear comment. >> you need new traditions i need to get you quarters. >> maybe i should do yellow under wear. who knows? >> there are many strange things people do around the world to ring in the new year, one might be freezing their toes off. >> let's head to nashville
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tennessee. and griff jenkins ringing in the new year with gavin degrau. >> that is hot. >> i'm with gavin mcgraw. happy new year >> happy new year to you. >> would you like to be here? >> man, i'm from new york state. and you know i relocated here with my family and we're having a great time. just amazing. >> and it's really special. >> my dad said if i were you i'd move to nashville. and we found we fit right in. there are many musicians in town. you know? my mother and i opened a bar and advice to do the show.
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and the best case scenario is a dream come true to be part of the scene. it's amazing. >> now perform, get ready now, and big plans? >> big plans coming up 2015. well, been out doing a lot of tour dates this year, billy joel has been helpful to me. and he's been a great ally, inviting me to do more shows this year, coming up. we'll do more shows. and that is it so far. so we'll see what the rest of the year brings. >> hopefully more concerts. >> check this out, tomorrow, a big game tomorrow. and i think fans are going to
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throw something at me as i do it. i didn't have a pair of cowboy boots. >> is that alligator? let me see. what did it taste like? does it taste like chicken? >> i don't know. drag them around town, then look like proper cowboy boots. >> have you heard it? we're going to wrap this up. happy new year. >> shout out for fans watching? >> oh, man. just want to say hello. thank you. >> back to you, gavin.
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just a great guy. going to need too much money. >> you want to see gavin degrau in a rangers onesie. >> more news and excitement, 22 minutes from midnight celebrating a special couple and member of our military. next for a great moment. stay with us.
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in 2015 i put myself on a 5-second delay on my phone. >> teaching my children balance, sparkle and faith. >> i love hitting the road. by end of 2015 i want to have toured all 50 states. ♪ [ music ] that is right.
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>> 20 minutes to the ball, baby. >> we're in it to win it, now. we have entered hot zone. now we're going to go to rick in times square. with a man making a lot of news this week. it's bill bratton, rick? >> an honor and a privilege to interview the police commissioner. how is it going? >> so far, very good. great night to be in new york city. >> it's been a tough time for nypd. how are the troops doing? >> it's been a tough week and a half with a death of two officers, murder of the two officers. we're going to have a great night. >> morale has been shaken but
11:41 pm
will come back because with cops, always do. >> you're doing a terrific job. >> people in new york do appreciate it. you said you weren't worried about them. >> we have eight and a half million others >> do you have new year resolutions? >> yes. i'm keeping that to myself. >> they told me i might be able to kiss you at midnight? is that a possibility? >> sorry? >> i'm never going to repeat that one. >> thank you. >> and thank you. >> best to your viewers. >> things going well down here, they do every year. they do a remarkable job. thousands in the crowd. some in uniform, some in plain clothes. it's all good. >> the fact you have to stop and think about makes me question it.
11:42 pm
i know you love nypd. >> really loves nypd. >> really do. >> and thank you for staying true to your word. i appreciate that. and i owe you $20 >> we're going to go to kimberly guilfoyle with something fantastic. >> thank you. and yes. this is fox news all american new year, one thing we love here is the military at fox news, serving this fine country. we have staff sargent jacob and his girlfriend. so they're joining us. and we want to talk to them. how is your relationship going? anything special? >> it's good, i guess. the point here is that i'll keep talking. nicole is the love of my life. i just want to ask you.
11:43 pm
will you marry me? >> yes. >> man, that is great. that is great. not cold here now. >> that is not cold now. congratulations. >> thank you. >> how do you feel? >> excited. >> did you expect this? >> no. >> you didn't? >> no. >> you don't think she had a clue? >> no clue. >> some guy goes it's not you. >> a lot of love there. and history. we're happy to be part of it here at fox. we wish you the best. and a wonderful marriage and life together. >> happy 2015. >> thank you. >> happy new year >> thank you.
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>> hi to all family members. thanks for watching. we love you all. >> we're on break. >> we're going to go to break. i'm going to warm up. that is a heart warming. keep it here on fox news channel all american new year.
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>> 15 minutes until 2015. let's head back now to times square. trying to keep things warm. joanne? are theyel test. test. you out down there?
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>> this is. >> taylor swift just performed and is keeping it hot down here. we have some wonderful girls here. where are you ladies from? >> las vegas. >> i love vegas and had many wonderful nights in vegas. 2014 has been a year for apologies but in 2015 we need to shake it off. but anything you're sorry for? want to get sorries out? >> good dance moves. >> yes. >> listen. >> they're okay. i can give them some lessons but 2015 you're going to be better i know it >> with help from you, joanne. >> right. >> and i could give them some help for sure. so you're doing a great job up
11:47 pm
there. checking with you in just a moment. we know you're having a blast. we need to check in with your buddy. who are you talking to? >> talking to my boy, aidan say hello to america >> hi, america. >> aidan who do you want to give a shout out to. my dad, my girlfriend ariel. >> oh, aidan how old is your girlfriend? >> she's 12. >> how old are you? >> 12 >> she's a mermaid. >> happy new year. what is your girlfriend's name? >> arier. >> aidan loves ariel. >> who do you want to give a shout out to? >> my friends happy new year. >> happy new year from tennessee. happy new year to my four children, trip, mick, brit and
11:48 pm
andrew. and really i just -- >> it's the thought that counts. >> the thought counts. everybody from everywhere. we're having fun. >> this is certainly an international crowd. >> aidan with his girlfriend. >> hi, bernie. >> yes. >> about this kiss. >> yes. >> imagine freewayed flintstone making out with sofia vergara. it's wrong, please. just say no. say no. because now, listen. 2015 is approaching. >> just with the least i don't pay for it, beckel. >> oh, my gosh.
11:49 pm
>> that is a good one. >> i love it. >> i know what people come out here since 2:00 in the afternoon. they're going to want to have a kiss then go to the bathroom. now, these people are from london, england believe it or not. what is your name? >> yasmin. >> beautiful. >> and what are you going to do? >> i need to get back. i'm cold >> you're cold. you want to use facilities of course. i don't mean to be -- >> can i just >> let me -- >> yes. that is my mom and my sister. >> mom and sister, beckel.
11:50 pm
so show respect. okay? >> yes. >> she was like saliva coming over. with almost spit dna on us. everybody saying happy new year to fox. lovely and worldly. thank you. we're still heating things up. since we need more warmth, he's at miami beach hotel. i hope you're keeping it clear there in miami. >> all loaded up. >> yes. loaded up and ten minutes from new year's eve. and a big explosion
11:51 pm
we've got ladies here. what is your favorite memory? you only have ten minutes to remember it. >> i got hot. >> it's crazy. >> what is the best part? it's weather. it's a beautiful setting. just kind of -- >> oh, boy. >> and the water, hold on. >> am i allowed to say skinny dipping on television? >> i mean -- >> you look great. >> what are you wearing? >> i'm kidding.
11:52 pm
it's a red carpet joke. i am from ohio. >> have a great night. >> bob is wondering why he's here and you are there. >> that woman had the most beautiful dress. i wanted to come to her side. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'm still having flash backs from last year new year's. >> yes. >> phil is having flash backs now. >> yes. >> he can't wait to sign up.
11:53 pm
he's the mayor of miami. it's a great night for music. so let's check in with griff jenkins in nashville. happy new year. this crowd is ringing in the new year. guys? it's what nashville is all about. audience can hear us, here. this is a big up and coming star here touring with kid rock. >> we do this every year. this is probably one of the best parties in the united states. if you've never partied in nashville put it on your bucket list. >> take it away, john.
11:54 pm
let's do it. we're coming back to you. >> he's having a good time. >> yes. >> griff jenkins. >> who is having more fun? griff or phil? >> tight race now. >> really. >> why didn't we get those assignments? >> i don't know. >> we want to thank griff doing a great job out there. and now we're going to go back to times square. i'm here with dirk and erica. >> i love you. we've been together for a year. you want you to be my partner the rest of my life, baby. will you marry me? >> that is so sweet.
11:55 pm
yes. yes. >> yes! >> oh. >> make noise. >> dirk and erica. engaged, times square, 2014, about to be 15. congratulations, man. >> put on the ring. >> someone said put on the ring. >> put on the ring. >> oh. >> no kidding. >> yes. >> with a million people watching. >> bringing kisses. into kiss cam and these proposals is fantastic. >> that is right. >> it's personal.
11:56 pm
we've been asking you to vote on whether i -- tweet us using fox news 2015. let's see what some of you said. this is from bob and kimberly. come on. >> no. no. you're great. >> yes. >> take it easy. oh, my god. i've had a few of those already. yes. >> kim and bob should not kiss. kathy, thank you for looking out. mindy, yes, on the cheek, please. and i vote a big yes for a kiss i love you both. todd powers no. no.
11:57 pm
and oh, heck yes. beckel, a new year's tradition. yes. kiss him, kim. and laurie, yes. maybe it will get him to relax. going to make more than that. bob jones, never, no. don't think about it. brenda, no. never. i've been wanting to kiss bob. oh, my god. and fox news senior white house correspondent says what did he say? he didn't go to new york city because he's worried beckel was going to kiss him instead of me. what is going on? >> i didn't know you had a thing for henry. drum roll, please? >> we got it. 65% say yes. >> are we waiting for midnight?
11:58 pm
>> no. no. >> here is the chance. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. yes. >> wait a second. did you pay them? >> do it again. >> had two. >> i'm going to see if i can restart. >> oh. wow. >> oh, come on. come up for air. >> oh, >> that is it. you guys are in a relationship. >> best couple. >> where is my bonus? you need combat pay kimberly. >> i took a d pack. >> bob took something, too. >> yes, baby. that means we're married in 52
11:59 pm
countries. >> yes. >> you'll get -- >> wait. wait. the moment. the moment. we've been waiting for. >> right. 2015 is a minute away. happy new year as the ball starts to fall. >> it's starting to, you guys. >> mayor deblasio up there. >> what a year. >> yes. >> thank you. a million people packed into times square. >> it's amazing to see this every year. >> it is. feel that energy. >> good to be a part of it. >> people from around the world call me in for this moment. and count it down. >> and resolve to have a better year the following year. 2015. >> absolutely. >> get ready for countdown.
12:00 am
>> 15 seconds. right? >> there we go. >> all right. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, three, two, one. happy new year. happy new year. happy new year. ♪ [ music ] >> happy new year. >> so beautiful. it's amazing. >> it's something to see. >> look at that. you can feel the energy in the air. you can feel it. the new year is upon us. great things are on the way. all right? we want to say happy new year to everybody out there. all of our fans.
12:01 am
so incredible. >> that is right. you got it. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ]
12:02 am
♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ]
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♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ]
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♪ [ music ] >> beautiful. that is great. i loved watch the nypd blue. >> here come fire works. >> fire works happy new year, 2515 is here. so happy new year to everyone out there. now let's head back down to the middle of times square. checking out excitement and energy. see the fire works there. incredible. bob, you and i did this last year. it never gets old. now we're he here it's the same. energy is there. you can feel like you're down the street. >> it's the heart of the
12:05 am
universe right here. that confetti is given away in a day. one day, it's gone. >> 50 tons of trash cleared out. and as a senior guy here, someone singing "it's a wonderful world" for you guys. and we love each other. . >> i love you. >> and joanne is ready to get more rockettes down with nypd blue? >> i'm optimistic about the new year here, are you happy it's new year now? yes? woo-hoo. these people are probably very happy to get into warmth and get a hot meal. but the feeling now is
12:06 am
wonderful. everyone being really kind. they did a nice kick line earlier. so hopefully, this will make their way out of here peacefully and i'll be able to walk home later. >> you can get a work outdone. have a good time. >> and back to you. >> fantastic. thank you. let's check in with sharon. what do you have going? how can you outdo yourself? >> hard to stop. >> i have everything going on here. everything going on here in times square. tell me your name, ser is >> ryan. >> how long on the force? >> two years. >> how is your night? >> it's been a long year. >> yes. >> a long year. in 2515 everything will get better. . >> i hope so. >> i hope so, too. ryan?
12:07 am
oh, my gosh. >> everything. >> you want to give a shout out to someone in family? >> yes. >> my mom, dad, brother and everything. >> all right. >> thank you. >> brian, new york city's finest. >> thank you. >> fox news. hash tag whatever. 2515. we need that. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> yes. >> i know. >> that is what it is. that is good. >> and this is so incredible. i wish i had one over my bed but i don't. we have bernie instead. did you a smooch at midnight? tell us about it. >> i got punched in the face. the guy didn't like it. there are people kissing and making out. did you and bob do the dirty?
12:08 am
>> yes. >> twice >> yes. >> feast your eyes on it on social media. >> i don't know if i can continue. >> there are people around you. >> a democracy. the will of the people. >> right. >> give the people what they want. >> the people >> listen folks what are you going to do? it's 2515. >> we're going to go to sleep. it's been a great day. >> great day. where did you come from, sir? >> rochester, new york. >> how are you feeling? >> my feet hurt but it's exciting to be in a new year. come from somewhere to know what you're not missing. and did you kiss anyone at midnight? >> no. no >> why not? >> i didn't have anyone. >> oh. >> bernie? >> now is your chance. >> get in there, bernie.
12:09 am
>> bernie? >> did you kiss anyone tonight? >> no. i didn't. >> get in there, bernie. >> bernie, bernie. bernie. yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> anchors away. >> and a man in a uniform? >> i love it. >> did you get a kiss tonight? >> no. i did not. >> what is your name? >> george? what ship are you from? >> from new york and just got back. >> are you going, you got a kiss on new year's eve. >> my mom is going to see this. >> who brought it to you but fox news >> we're happy.
12:10 am
>> everybody is here. it's here. >> bringing it on the uniform. >> a little bit warmer. >> you need a little bit. >> head down to miami for a party getting fired up. hey, bill. >> happy new year. it's unbelievable. >> my resolution no more self denial. >> yes. >> happy new year. >> yes. >> look out. >> and this couple just got engaged how did you do it? >> ball dropped and pulled out the ring. >> did you know it was coming? >> no.
12:11 am
>> i think i said yes. >> oh, so phenomenal. >> there is a bun in the oven? >> that is awesome. >> woo. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you drink vodka. >> yes. >> what are you talking about? >> another party. >> that is in miami? >> get in the pool. >> what girls? dresses? what girls? beckel is on the first flights
12:12 am
out of miami i'm thinking. >> you're a jock. >> i've seen the bird cage. i know what he's talking about. we're looking live at times square. we're going to head down to nashville tennessee and we have our griff jenkins there. >> i have a double microphone. i'm here with john stone and fans. these folks haven't yet hit midnight. biggest part here is international is that right? we're just get geting ready. this is a young woman i want to say hi to. you're on live tv. what is your name?
12:13 am
evelyn. >> happy new year. do you have a new year's resolution? >> fox news. >> see? on fox news. give it up right now. >> what do you think about that? >> that is awesome right there. we've got it all here. nashville is one of the best new year's eve parties in the country. there is probably a hundred thousand people everywhere. >> that is right. and give it up. >> boy. we're going to get this party started again for you guys you wish you were here right now. >> okay. griff i want to see him dancing a little bit more.
12:14 am
>> he's uncomfortable. >> there you go. >> and there you go. >> right. >> oh, my god. yes. >> is he working? >> that is what you call country twerk right there. >> is this a special? is this reporters gone wild? >> it's not dancing but i love it. on fire, everybody. that is why they call it nash bacon. let's go back down to joanna in times square. what do you have down there? >> i love more is a selfie. we're about to take the first selfie of 2515.
12:15 am
are you ready? let's get those smiles on. hey, hey girl. i like a sepia tone filter. if you can do something about my jaw line? >> okay. >> crop it. >> so, joanne? >> the ball drop, big 2515? >> there is no place like new york city when the ball drops. there is no place like new york city. you're from queens is that right? >> yes. >> i love it. >> you're from? >> west virginia. >> i don't know where that is. >> you're from? >> virginia. >> almost the same thing, i think. >> looks like she's making friends. >> go for the guy from queens at least he lives close by >> maybe take them all.
12:16 am
>> just ask them first. you know? i mean, with nice eyes, soulful eyes like yours? what about db db don't let us interrupt. >> right. >> come over to the knickerbocker. >> it's important we're going to talk to lovely girls on tv. get those grades? >> have a great 2015. >> okay. >> time is great to them. >> so thank you so much. >> thank you. >> people back here, thank you. >> thank you so much. looks like she's outnumbed over there. >> loving it. loving it. >> sharon. the man of the hour. any more proposals down there? you're like cupid. >> what is up? >> am i on? >> you're on. >> yes.
12:17 am
you're on. >> isabel i met you earlier. where were you? >> in the back of the crowd or hotel? >> back of the crowd i think she was at the hotel to get warm. happy new year. >> happy new year >> do you want to give a shout out? >> aunt jane, everybody back home. >> biggout out. >> new york city, time square. new year's eve. it's new year now. 2515. do you have resolutions? more candy? >> yes. >> more home work? >> yes. >> you heard it first. she loves home work. thank you. back to you, america. >> education is important. >> right. >> you don't need common core. >> family is the best family. coolest family. >> and you know what? we might be coolest fox family.
12:18 am
right. >> body heat, warming up. >> you know it. >> you have it hands down, 15 monitors here. we've been keeping tabs on. >> in your face 2014. >> we're not done yet celebrating. have you time to vote for your favorite music video of the year. hit like to vote for your favorite. the results coming up next
12:19 am
♪ [ music ]
12:20 am
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12:22 am
new year's eve party in times square gets cleaned up quickly. rick? how is it looking out there? >> there is a match they're going to have to clean up they've got a couple hundred workers ready to go. they've got leaf blowers to gather it up. and they've got to wait for everybody to clear out. i'm surprised if there are people in the streets out there. people had a great time. they had new york's finest pulling out the stops to make sure that celebrations go off they did this year. it's a difficult time in new york city. a lot of tension in the city and around the police department. and they did their job flawlessly.
12:23 am
others celebrate nypd stands watch. they did it. our hats off. >> thank you. >> times square. love it. >> that is right. >> it's a great time. i do. >> still in miami? >> it's a bun in the oven. >> yes. >> for some people, the bun comes first, then, the ring. >> it's 2515. anything can happen. >> it's exciting. >> 2515 all of you, happy 2015. you at home, celebrating here on fox. all american new year. and lots of celebrities are posting wishes over social media. we can put those up there. here is reese witherspoon saying let's dream big, happy new year. >> it's great.
12:24 am
adorable. >> she is adorable. >> we have to go where she is now next year. it looks warm and inviting. perhaps we can bring the ball with us. >> yes. >> and what about christy brinkly? beautiful sun rises. and happy new year. and this is just amazing. >> yes. >> she does yoga poses in front of sun rises >> i do that every morning. >> is that downward dog?
12:25 am
>> we have these and happy new year >> hugh jackman says happy new year australia. thank you hugh, you. >> and happy new year, everyone. here comes a party. there you go. >> yes. >> that is right. >> yes. >> down under. >> yes. there you go. >> right. >> yes, we do. >> yes. >> brad has been a great 2014 wishing everyone a happy new year and better 2515. what is the great icon that when
12:26 am
we haven't paid tribute to yet tonight we're glad we're getting a chance to share the tweets. >> we've got billy crystal happy hnly new year to all and everyone stay safe. >> they still have time for you. >> and hey, guys. 2514 is great. 2015 will be amazing. happy new year >> yes. >> i want to be the world cup correspondent. >> jimmy fal onsaying happy new year. typing this out. >> and happy new year to you,
12:27 am
your families so that is g he wants to know. >> issue is to read his own book. he plugged his own book. >> they did a great job. and channing tatum said happy new year >> where is the picture? >> we've been talking about it. >> it's time to reveal your vote. people still make music videos we still watch them. over 5,000 votes came in. coming in third, shake it off. great video. controversial. i love the song. two, happy by farrell williams. my beautiful daughters are dancing to as we speak.
12:28 am
and your winner, florida's georgia line "this is how we roll". there you go. >> i didn't see that coming. >> i didn't either. . >> i like that cruising song. >> come on. >> i know. >> and that is how i voted. >> and that is one of the best line. a great wedding song. >> and this is great. >> she's got dna all over the
12:29 am
place. >> what? >> that is terrible. >> there he is. there he is. >> there is brave heart. >> nobody snatch the hat from me. >> yes. >> that is a surprise. talking. >> you're so -- >> this place is still rocking here. >> we see dancing. >> look. >> i love it. >> look at this. >> shaking it off. >> oh. >> thank everyone across amererr
12:30 am
>> i am i mean >> everyone thought i was exaggerate bug i meant it


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