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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 3, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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innovators bring news 2015. good to live in america. that is "stossel"'s show tonight. he will be back this time next week. hello. i'm eric shawn. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. topping the news, a 7-year-old, the sole survivor of a terrible plane crash. somehow manages to walk away and knock on a stranger's door asking for help while four of her family members died in the crash. we have the latest on her condition. there is a possible breakthrough in locating those missing black boxes. that and the wreck edge of air asia flight 8501. this while severe weather continues to make for a slow and agonizing search for that plane crash's victims. even people who got the flu shot are finding themselves in the doctor's office.
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some pharmacies are running out of the most popular drug used to fight flu. how can you protect yourself against this new tough strain of the virus? first, we start with the young girl living to tell her remarkable and terrifying story. she miraculously survived a plane crash in the woods of kentucky that killed her family. the fda -- ffa says the plane that contained her and four other family members reported engine trouble as it was flying over the woods of kentucky. minutes later, lost contact with air traffic control before that deadly crash. will carr is live in the west coast bureau with the latest on this. >> reporter: nearby residents say they never even heard the plane crash. once of one says he just finished watching the news. he heard a knock at the door and sawed a 7-year-old girl who was shaking from the cold with a bloody nose. >> she thought her arm was
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broke. her left foot was hurting pretty bad. she was barefoot. she had one sock on her feet and she walked all that distance barefoot. >> reporter: larry wilkins says the 7-year-old girl managed to walk almost a mile from the crash site to his house through some pretty rough terrain to get help. according to wilkins she said she had been in a plane crash and that her parents were dead. authorities identified the four victims in the crash as 48-year-old marty gusler, his wife, nine-year-old daughter piper and sierra wilder, their 14-year-old niece. all were from nashville, illinois. friends say marty loved to fly and was a seasoned fly. the family was returning from a holiday trip in florida when his piper, a small between engine plane, crashed in southwest kentucky. somehow amazingly, the girl managed to get out and found safety. >> i've got an eight-year-old
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child myself a little girl. and when i saw this appeared to be 7-year-old child that had walked through this dense forest and through some really tough terrain and poor weather conditions tonight and survived this, it's just really a miracle >> reporter: family attorney released this statement this afternoon. the family mourns the loss of marty, kim and piper and sienna. we are devastated by this l but are confident they rest in god's loving arms and ask that you respect our privacy at this difficult time. please pray for us, especially for sailor. she was released from the hospital early this morning with what authorities say were nonlife-threatening injuries. eric. >> it's heart breaking and our prayers are with her. thanks. after nearly a week of searching in the java sea, officials recovered nearly 50 bodies from air asia flight 8501
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with over 100 others still missing. meanwhile, a potential break it is through in the case with sonar detecting four large objects at the bottom of the ocean. david piper reporting reporting from bangkok. >> reporter: indonesian officials say search teams using sonar found the four large objects and they believe they do come from the missing plane. >> we found using our geostay ship, a ship with the ability to find objects under water. we found four large objects from the aircraft that we have been look for. >> reporter: recovery teams are hoping to send down a remotely preoperated underwater vehicle to take pictures of the objects, which are about 100-foot down. but bad weather and rough seas continue to make that difficult. so far 30 bodies have been recovered. indonesian officials quoted as saying some of them were still belted in their seats. it's thought most of the bodies of the people on board the airbus are still trapped inside
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the body of the plane. ships from many nation are continuiuing to search for bodies and debris in rough seas. the recovery of the black box is key to finding out what cause the plane to crash. so far they haven't been able to pick up their signals. the air asia jet disappeared while flying to singapore last sunday. the pilot radioed in shortly before contact was lost that he was facing bad weather and wanted to climb. it's also been revealed that air asia wasn't registered to fly the route on sundays. it could for four other days of the week. and in response the indonesian transport industry decided to suspend all flights by air asia on that destination that route over the coming weeks. back to you. >> okay. david you very much. officials believe that severe weather those huge thunderstorms that were topping 50,000 feet did play a major role in the crash of the plane and now nearly one week later
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stormy conditions are still hampering efforts to recover the fuselage and more victims. janis dean is live with details on that. hi. >> hi. this is marathon soon season when they typically see the worst of the rain and the wind and thunderstorms. and this is the search area. so as mentioned in that report, they had rough seas, as well as thunderstorms in the area. taking a look at the last six hours, certainly south of the search area is where the worst weather was, heading in towards tomorrow, we'll see a clearing skies heading into sunday, but again, this is their busy season when it comes to shifting of winds and more rain and wind in the forecast. as we get into monday that area of opportunity will start to close for more searching because the weather is going to be rough. looking at indonesia, this area, the java sea, december to january are the wettest times of year where they see heavy rain and severe flooding in the
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region. not inches, but feet of rain. there was 15-foot waves reported and strong undercurrent. the search was postponed until the weather clears. sunday, more favorable weather conditions for a short period of time as we get into monday things will start to become rough again in terms of weather. >> back here at home in the u.s. partsth south have tornado warnings this afternoon. >> really rough day. this is multi-facetted storm with certainly the snow and the wind and the cold temperatures. ahead of this cold front, we have very warm unstable air. january and we're seeing tornado watches and several tornado warnings and reports of damage in parts of mississippi and alabama. so the watches, 9:00 p.m. local time we have a tornado warnings right now across the border of mississippi and alabama. tornado warnings meaning that we're seeing rotation on doppler
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radar and we're also getting reports of tornadoes on the ground from trained weather spotters. this is going to be a situation ongoing throughout the afternoon and the evening as darkness fall, people are not going to be able to see the rough weather coming. so make sure you know your radios are on. there is an area of severe weather, moderate risk something that they don't typically do this time of year very often. so we're going to have to watch this throughout the evening and into the overnight and flooding is going to be an issue. some of these tornadoes could be rain wrapped. so difficult to see. we're going to keep on it throughout the afternoon and evening. back to you. >> when you say rain wrapped you mean rains wrapped around the tornadoes? >> absolutely. you can't see them coming because there is so much rainfall. so that's a potentially a deadly situation. people are urged to listen to their radios for the latest on watches and warning. >> be on alert. thank you. president obama leaves hawaii in a few hours heading
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back to washington after a two-week holiday break. the president returning to a new congress which starts work on tuesday. congress led by republicans in and the white house saying it wants to work more closely with legislators. dan springer is with the president in honolulu with more. hi dan. >> reporter: hi. the president has said there are definitely areas where he and the republican leadership agree one of the areas is on cutting the corporate tax rate. another is on getting a couple trade deals done. but the areas where they disagree seem to outnumber the areas where they do agree. and the differences will likely be highlighted right away as the gop lays out an agenda on job creation. mr. obama won't be meeting with republican leaders real soon because almost as soon as he gets back to washington he leaves for three days. wednesday the president travels to detroit to tout the controversial government bailout and its role in the auto industry turn around and then flies to phoenix for a speech on housing and then to tennessee where he'll talk about
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education. deputy white house press secretary eric schultz says the proposals announced next week will be a mix of executive actions and legislative proposals. the president is eager to get to work and looks forward to working with the new congress on policies that will make sure middle class americans are sharing in the economic recovery. republicans are also eager to get going now that they set the legislative agenda. >> if we work together, we have a great opportunity to grow our economy and put our nation on solid footing for a bright future. that's why the house will start off with jobs bills that have bipartisan support but were never considered by a democratic-run senate. >> reporter: and one thing to keep an eye on is the use of the veto pen. president obama has used it just twice in the first six years, but he said in an interview on npr just before leaving for this hawaii vacation that he likely will use it a lot more in the coming two years. arthel. >> dan springer, thank you very
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much. hundreds of police officers gathered in brooklyn today paying their respects, honor and remembrance to fallen officer liu at his wake today. it is now just two weeks today after he and his partner officer ramos, were fatally shot in their patrol car by that madman gunman whose influenced by the antipolice demonstrations. now friends, family and a grateful city remembering officer liu's life and service to new york. bryan llenas is live at the wake with the latest. hi bryan. >> reporter: hi. today a steady stream of nypd officers and officers from as far as california braving the bad wind and the rain today to pay their respects to officer liu. 32 years old and a seven-year veteran of the nypd. he arrived in the united states from southern china when he was just 12 years old. he dreamt of becoming a cop, especially inspired after 9-11. he had an affinity for helping
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strangers. inside the brooklyn funeral home today, strangers joined about 30 members of liu's family. his widow grieving. he was murdered just three months after being newly married. earlier this afternoon, police commissioner bill bratton and mayor de blasio went inside the funeral home for about ten minutes to pay their respects. meanwhile, new york governor cuomo also visiting, just two days after his own father, former governor mario cuomo, died. saying his father would have wanted him to be here offering his condolences to liu and the nypd. >> you have to remember every time a police officer leaves the house in the morning. this is the thought that goes through the wife's mind and through the children's minds, is my husband coming home tonight? is my dad coming home tonight? it's one of the things that makes it a hard, hard job. >> reporter: last weekend, many officers turned their backs on mayor de blasio during officer
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ramos' funeral. in a department wide memo friday, he called the turning of the backs an act of disrespect and discouraged officers from doing it again this weekend. saying quote, i understand that emotions are high. i issue no manhunts and make no threats of discipline but remind when you don the uniform of this city, you are bound by it. >> thank you so much. arthel. the mother of a missing college student telling reporters that her son's body has finally been recovered. shane montgomery vanished five weeks ago after going out to a pub with some friends on thanksgiving eve. just two weeks ago, a new clue in the case prompted investigators to start look near a river and today his mother confirmed the news on facebook writing, quote today we have done what we promised.
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we brought, we found our son, shane, we brought him home. we want to thank everyone for their support, prayers and love and ask that they continue to pray for our family at this trying time. we here at fox news will bring you more details as we get them. the u.s. is hitting back, slapping north korea with new sanctions over the controversy over "the interview." the sanctions effect three north korean company, as well as ten government officials. some who are in iran and syria. they're banned from the u.s. financial system. will these latest sanctions on top of so many others really change the defiant behavior of kim jong-un? peter doocy live in washington with more on this. hi. >> reporter: hi. the big targets of these new sanctions are the top north korean tech, intel and weapons entities, as well as ten government officials. there could be more on the way because the white house press secretary says quote, our response to north korea's attack against sony pictures
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entertainment will be proportional and take place at a time and in a manner of our choosing. today's actions are the first at pentecost of our response. one big reason these new sanctions are so significant is because they seem to serve as an official dismissal of private security experts who claim new evidence points to the sony hack being carried out by an employee or a former employee with no origins in north korea. north korea is already the most heavily sanctioned nation on the planet and the fact that economic punishment stemming from north korea's nuclear activities hasn't been a complete deterrent has some of the president's critics scratching their heads and wondering why the white house went this route again. >> this is a very minimalist response for several reasons. naming specific individuals and entities singling them out for sanctions is a very ineffective way to do sanctions because if you sanction john doe he
3:16 pm
disappears and james doe appears and companies change names. >> reporter: the film, "the interview," may be seen by some in north korea after all because the human rights foundation announced they plan to float 100,000 copies of the movie in north korea on usb drives and dvds with weather balloons. eric? >> wow. we'll see what the north koreans say about that and see if they can watch the movie. peter, thank you. they were bombs that shook a nation. a terrorist attack striking the heart of boston. now the trial is about to get underway for dzhokhar tsarnaev, the man accused of helping plant two home made bombs with his older brother at the finish line of the boston marathon. >> do you think our nation is safer or not since 9-11 and the creation of the department of homeland security? coming up, we'll tell you the surprising findings of the new senate study
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jury selection is expected to start monday in the trial of a surviving boston bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. the federal appeals court today denied his attorney's effort to delay and move the trial out of boston. you can't forget the terrorist attack op the boston marathon. it will be two years ago this april when those two home made
3:21 pm
bombs exploded right near the finish line, killing three people and injuring 260 others. dzhokhar tsarnaev pled not guilty to 30 charges. he faces the death penalty. his older brother died in the police shootout when he was run over by his brother as he tried to escape, allegedly. we turn now to a disturbing result of a new oversight report and the department of homeland security, finding severe lapses in the agency's border and cyber security effort. reading in part, quote, the department of homeland security spent $50 billion over the past 11 years on counterterrorism programs including homeland security grants and other antiterrorism issues but they can not demonstrate if the nation is more secure as a result. earlier today the department of homeland security responding saying in part quote dr. coburn's report on dhs overlooks much of the concrete and recent progress we have made over the past year to improve
3:22 pm
homeland security and the manner in which dhs conducts business. here to weigh in now, radio talk show host, tammy bruce and former bill clinton advisor doug schoen, both are fox news contributors. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i'm not showing partiality because tammy is my bud. so i will start with you. i want you to tell me how is this going to affect the immigration debate? >> i think it's going to make it tougher to get a bill arthel, for a couple of reasons. first, the republicans, particularly in the house, have been very reluctant to do anything approaching comprehensive immigration reform without securing the border first. this report in graphic terms makes it very clear that we have a crisis on the border and one that has not in any way abated. so if there is going to be any comprehensive legislation, it's going to start first and foremost with comprehensive
3:23 pm
legislation to secure the border, something that dr. coburn's report suggests is a real crisis. >> and tammy, how do you think it's going to affect the debate is this. >> look, this has been a problem for several administrations. we've been talking about border security since president reagan. and it has never been dealt with. so it's not just a barak obama problem. it seems to me that the political establishment wants it this way. so i don't think we're going to see any real progress because if it -- look, even after september 11 when it was clear that this nation needed to be secure, the bush administration didn't do anything. you see this as more of an establishment issue necessarily than a partisan one. they know the value of fences arthel. after the secret service debauchles and the white house being breached, the main issue now is toñr make the white house fence bigger and higher. here in new york mayor de blasio has put a fence around the mayor's mansion, higher and
3:24 pm
taller than he is. so we seeliticians understanding the benefits of fences and security around something you want to protect. but for now generations and multiple administrations nothing's happened and frankly i don't expect anything to happen in this new congress either. >> let me share with the audience a few more points from senator coburn's report. as of 2014, 700 miles of the southern border remain unsecured. it goes on to say dhs spends more than 700 million annually to lead the federal government's on cyber security, but struggles to protect itself and cannot protect federal and civilian networks from the most serious cyber attacks and it continues. but i also want to read to you a partial quote from senator coburn even with the grimmer findings. it says, quote, i am confident that secretary johnson is leading the department in the right direction and congress needs to work with the department and give secretary johnson the authority to lead and fix the department.
3:25 pm
tammy, i go back to you. it seems like they want to reach out and work together. can they find a common ground solution? >> i think everyone wants to have everything be fabulous. we're spending $700 million a year through dhs on cyber security. and this year alone in july, the obamacare web site was breached. the state department web site was breached this year and had to shut down for three days. and the white house computer system was breached. and if you're going to protect one basic kind of element, it should be those elements in the federal government. and if $700 million a year arthel, they were unable to even do that, it makes you wonder exactly is it about throwing money at a situation? where is the expertise? where is the seriousness about the situation? it's not just cyber warfare. we've got to consider this kind of blindness to actual innovation affects every single aspect. >> doug, your final thoughts? >> my final thoughts are it has to be done in a bipartisan
3:26 pm
basis. we are not going to secure a part of america that's democrat or republican and we just seem that the sony -- seen with the sony hacking that north korea almost certainly did this and finally the obama administration is getting tough in putting more sanctions on north korea and its top leadership. so look yes, we have to work together. yes, we have a long way to go. but at the start of the year all we can do is be optimistic and hope fort best. >> we'll leave it there. good to see you both and happy new year. >> thanks, you, too. arthel a hero in blue. remembered and honored today in new york city. that after the police commissioner asked his force to show respect to the controversial mayor during the wake for the second officer assassinated with his partner two weeks ago today. and the radical islamic terrorist of isis turning to women and children to replenish their ranks and grow a network of terrorists over the coming
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the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. mourners payed their respects at the wake for police officer liu. he was shot in cold blood two weeks ago today. this time officers did not turn their backs on mayor de blasio. some did during the funeral last week. the police commissioner asked officers to show respect. the funeral is tomorrow. also the first african-american elected to the u.s. senate since reconstruction has died. edward brook was a republican from massachusetts who served two terms beginning in 1967. before that he was massachusetts' attorney general. edward brook died today at the age of 95. radical islamic terrorists
3:32 pm
of isis focusing on young mothers and children in their efforts to groom so-called jihadi babies. some believe this toddler may be one of the network's youngest recruits. those claims cannot be verified or confirmed. experts say isis is taking a longview, marrying off women to have children and looking to grow their movement over a generation to establish their islamic caliphate. this comes as the religious minority and christians say the isis terrorists continue their rampage of kidnapping and killing in the name of religion. so how can this finally be stopped? fred flights is a form c.i.a. analyst and a senior fellow with the center for security policy. fred, always good to see you. the stories that we're hearing are really almost unimaginable. you got a million refugees. they're selling girls into slavery. the so-called jihadi babies. are air strikes enough to stop them. >> hi. i don't think they are. and i guess what concerns me about these reports is that they're not on the front pages
3:33 pm
of our newspapers. this is really horrific what we're seeing with how they're trying to indoctrinate children in syria and iraq. but i think our senses are getting dulled to the horror and the depravity of this organization. i think our politicians and news media really needs to wise up and i don't mean fox news. to just keep the american people focused on this. >> we're covering it and we're trying to, but you're right. a few months ago the president warned and said there was a general side. look what's -- genocide. look what's happening with the yes seedy. they're not even being fully armed with the type of equipment that they want. what too they need? what do the kurds need to fight back effectively against the encroaching forces of isis? >> that's really the most important part of this story. fox reported recently that the iraqi kurds are complaining that they're not getting the heavy weapons they need to fight isis. there is one reason for that. there is a policy by the obama
3:34 pm
administration called the one iraq policy. we will not provide weapons to the iraqi kurd force without going through baghdad. the reason is we want to try to unite iraq and bring about a political reconciliation. while these parties argue over that, we're giving isis time to commit atrocities and to dig in. >> so basically they're playing out the clock with this bureaucratic arguing. let me show you this that was reported in dealing with this issue in trying to have us help the kurds. the peshmerga song -- during days of intense conflict, the peshmerga are lucky to return to the base for two or three hours of sleep and a quick bite to eat before returning to fighting. western powers view the kurd as a safeguard as the islamic state advances. the peshmerga say they need more help. how can we give them that help if baghdad potentially is
3:35 pm
blocking blocking it? why don't they have the tanks and antitank equipment and missiles that they say they so desperately need? >> i would first add that i'm not sure how long they can hold on without heavy weapons. they're relying on soviet era weapons, mostly small arms that they've gotten from the west. in my opinion the baghdad government needs us more than we need them. we simply should tell them that we're going to send these weapons to the peshmerga because it's in our interest and in their interest to do so. senator john mccain and ed royse, they've been very clear. we've waited long enough to provide the weapons necessary for the peshmerga to defend themselves against isis. they've been the most effective force against isis, to have significant wins. frankly, they're just holding on. i think over a matter of time because of new isis tactic, they could lose ground. >> if they don't get this, what do you fear? >> i think they're going to start losing ground. they're facing ieds, cars full of bombs. isis is adapting to the
3:36 pm
peshmerga forces and trying to wear them down. they need these weapons now. >> they're asking for that, they're not getting it yet. we'll see what happens. thank you. good to be here. >> absolutely. just hours from now president obama returns to washington to begin work with a new republican congress. but with the gop setting its sights on keystone and obamacare, could more gridlock be around the corner? plus the dramatic 911 calls of a police chief who accidentally shot his wife. listen. >> gunshot wounds, accidental. need medical asap. >> she was shot twice accidental? >> yes. >> ho shot her? >> me.
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a startling 911 call is being released, giving us an idea of what the moments were like after a georgia police chief shot his wife.
3:41 pm
>> how did you shoot her? >> the gun was in the bed, i went to move it, put it to the side and it went off is she breathing? >> yes. >> you are with her now? >> what's that? i'm the chief of police. the gun is on the dresser. >> okay. you're the chief of police? >> yeah, unfortunately yes. >> peachtree city chief has been put on desk duty pending the investigation. he's been cooperating. his wife's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. so the white house officials are saying president obama will embrace a new strategy in 2015, moving away from executive actions and focusing more on working together with congress. this as republicans get ready to flex their newfound muscle on capitol hill and topping their first week agenda, the keystone pipeline and obamacare. joining me now is susan
3:42 pm
estridge, new professor of how law and political science. happy new year. >> happy new year. doesn't it seem like just a very short time ago you and i were saying the white house is now decided on a new agenda. it's going to use executive power instead of fighting with congress and then congress was suing the president? it's amazing how things can change in no time at all, isn't it? >> in no time at all. here we go, though. if you're talking about the top of the agenda obamacare, keystone pipeline, and reinstating 40-hour workweek, at least two out of three of those items will hit a dead end if they make it to the president's desk. so here we go. can we really expect to see a lot of results in this new session? >> no. i love shocking you, art 'cause you just ask the question straight out. no. it's the short answer. you take the keystone pipeline,
3:43 pm
it's going to be dead on the president's desk. it will go back to the senate. the question will be, can they get 60 votes on that one? you've got literally billions of dollars in -- to be fair on beth sides. this is democratic money on this one. billions of dollars and billionaires money that is committed to making this the voting issue for members of the united states senate. so if i had to proceed addict, i would predict gridlock. i'd predict -- congress is coming back, but the members of congress who are coming back are the ones who basically ran against obama. as for obamacare, anything they do will be pretty much dead on arrival at the president's desk unless they can work out some kind of compromise. >> i want to get to two more
3:44 pm
points before we end our segment here. listen to this for me, if the republicans in congress only send legislation to the president that lawmakers know he's going to veto, is that really a progress report that they can send to their base, especially with an eye towards 2016? >> well, there is the million dollars question. when they close the government down over symbolic votes over obamacare, a lot of people said the republicans are going to pay for this in the midterm election. they did not pay for it in the midterm election. so i think it may well be that the predominant view in the republican party is that we need to go up there. we need to fight even if we lose, we're showing them what a republican administration would look like two years down the road. we'll see. >> we'll see. but then also take this on for me if the president vetoes all legislation that comes across his desk and although the white
3:45 pm
house is saying that the president will move away from using executive action, if he does, could it backfire on him somehow in the next two years, or perhaps would it hurt the chances for another democrat being sent to the white house? >> gridlock -- nobody drives up to gridlock and says oh, good news gridlock! nothing is moving! right? i can't go in any direction. i'd rather be going in the wrong direction than going in no direction at all. so i think the sad part of the next two years is you and i can have a perfectly good time talking about it and the press can cover it. but there are a lot of real issues that are actually sitting out there in real people's lives. >> sure. >> and you would hope that in two years the members of congress could say okay. we don't have to do obamacare. but if there is specific pieces that aren't working, we should fix them. maybe we don't do the keystone pipeline, but what can we do?
3:46 pm
>> absolutely. and i have to go. there is nothing little about this segment. all right. thank you very much. always good to see you. >> you and i are little, art. compared to all this stuff. absolutely. >> i want to thank you. we're going to remind everybody that you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. turning to other political news next year at this time there will be the part of the primary season for the 2016 presidential race. now there is yet another sign today that the groundwork is being laid for that race. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, says he will make a decision in the spring of this year about whether to jump into the field. after a 6 1/2 year run here on the fox news channel tonight huckabee's show will be the governor's last as he considers his decision. governor huckabee will address his departure on tonight's show at 8:00 p.m. eastern time just
3:47 pm
over two hours from now. there are more than a dozen potential candidates who have already signaled that they may be interested in entering the next presidential contest. we'll see what the governor has to say about all this just over one hour from now. okay. did you get the flu shot this year? it may not protect you as much as you think it does. there is a vicious new strain out there and the main drug for it is coming up short. we're going to talk to a doctor coming up next about how you can protect yourself.
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>> the centers for disease control saying that the flu season is an epidemic and spreading to 36 states and the cvc urges anyone to the get a flu shot to get one when they can. indiana had 36 dates and north carolina 17 and washington state seven. doctors warn that if you get the flu shot it may not work. >> a lot of people got flu shot and mist and getting sec. maybe not as sick. but we run out of the tami flu.
3:52 pm
>> what should you expect? the doctor what do you do? you get the shot and try to avoid people and sometimes you can't boat the flu. >> it is true. the vaccine is essentially teaching your body how to recognize the flu virus yourself. taking a kid to the zoo they may recognize the tiger and elephant because they saw a picture of. it that's what the vaccine is. the the forecast was not right in terms of which viruss are circ outing and the problem is, one strain that seems to be affecting the folks was mist. and the vaccine is protecting
3:53 pm
you. and if your immune system recognizes the strain of the flu, the vaccine is protective. >> so what you are saying can the flu mutate and change from the vaccine that you created and even 2 or 3 different types. and the vaccine has more than one strain of flu. it is like cousins of each other, right. they are vaccine and that means three strains or four strains in there and the vaccine, the virus can mutate, that is true and tries to adapt but it could be protective. other people with medical problems and people who are kids, and people who are older with immune systems that are weaker. it is worth it having a plan in place. and medications and anti- viral medications and tamiflu shortens
3:54 pm
the time that you are sick from the flu. it is better to talk to your doctor before hand and have a prescription you don't fill unless you have symptoms. >> you don't want a run on ta mi flu. if you think you are coming down try that. here is a list of things to do to protect yourself. >> one year i didn't get about it, forget about it i don't want to do. that do the vampire sneeze. don't do it on your hand and use tissues and throw out immediately and avoid sick people. don't touch that face and just say no to work. that is important. you are sick and you may not want to call in sick and that does more damage and spread it to the co-workers. say no to school. these kids are badly affected
3:55 pm
with the epidemic. and if your kid is sick don't send them to school where they can affect other kids. >> and finally and quickly. best thing to do is wash your hands. and people don't realize this. you cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and stop the spread. but then you go touch your phone or key board or mouse. and the next person comes and touches the dorknob and sink and you name it and they are exposed to those germs, too. >> hate to swab the doorknobs. arthel? >> now an amazing story out of the uk. a seven-year-old girl named rosy learned to skate board after doctors amputated both of her
3:56 pm
legs. she had the operation because of a rare spinal condition. and doctors are amazed to see her zooms around. think you have got health issues and you don't. that is perseverance and dedication and faith. >> all the best to rosy. arthel good to be with you. >> enjoyed it and happy new year eric. that's it for us. julie bandaras is up next with the fox report here on on the fox news channel.
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>> a seven-year-old girl is the only survivors of a plane crash that left her family dead. the federal aviation administration said it engine failure and lost control with air traffic controllers in kentucky. and we are told that the family was returning to illinois from the florida keys. the girl's parents and sisters and cousin were all killed. she managed to crawl out of the wreckage and disoriented and distraught she walked through the woods to get help. she knocked on the door and the man


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