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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 5, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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is an important life lesson to learn. fairy tales are on exposure to this. >> should republicans elect a new speaker? go to our facebook page and let us know what you think. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it is monday, january 5. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. she survived a plane crash that killed her entire family trekking through freezing woods looking for help. and if that wasn't brave enough this seven-year-old little girl could help investigators determine steact what went wrong. >> what a story. this 100-year-old vet about to be honored for his service, forced to plead with protesters. >> let's show a little respect for this occasion. >> that outrage straight
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ahead. you're not going to believe it. >> i already don't believe it. and what happens when geraldo faces off with donald trump? >> i hate to fire you geraldo. i'll never live it down. he will be after me for the rest of my life. >> turns out trump does not have to worry at least this week. we've got a full recap about how it went down by a source very close to geraldo. some would say it is geraldo. but i would say this: mornings are better with friends. watch us. >> this is john ratzenberger and you're watching "fox & friends." >> your friends are back for 2015. happy new year everybody. >> we have a full slate from will there be another speaker to the inside story on "the apprentice" to donald trump live. >> we're delighted you would start your year off
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with us. we're going to be here all year and we've kicked the year off with heather. >> good morning. great to be back with you guys. we start right now with the founder of a $200 million hefd who has been shot dead -- hedge fund who has been shot dead in his new york cityant -- new york city apartment and police say his son may be the killer. he was shot during an argument with his son. police are questioning 30-year-old tommy gilbert. he was last seen leaving his father's apartment minutes after that shooting. soon after police kicked down the door of his apartment which was barricaded and took him into custody. san francisco police forced to shoot and kill a man when they say he challenged them with what appeared to be a loaded gun. officers say the unidentified white man health had been hanging around the police department.
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when asked though leave he flashed a handgun. it turned out to be an air gun. >> thousands of police officers turned their back on mayor de blasio as he speaks out for officer wenjian liu. they say the mayor continues to defend antipolice protesters when he should be supporting the force following the december 20 execution-style killings of liu and ramos. >> there should never be a time where a vet himself has to ask for respect. but protesters in portland, oregon just don't seem to care. look at this. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> those obnoxious protesters burst into a town hall meeting just as a 100-year-old world war ii veteran was about to be honored.
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these protesters wouldn't stop until the veteran made them. listen. [inaudible] >> at least let's show a little respect for this occasion. >> razio got his award and made his speech but those protesters were back at it as soon as he finished. the vet wound up leaving that meeting early. we'll be happy to give him a lot of respect here at this channel. that is for sure. >> allowed to say your piece especially as a war hero at 100 years old. you are not going to believe this story. what if i told you a family tragically died when their plane crashed? we're talking about marty gentzler, the head of that family and reported engine travel. next thing you know the plane goes off the charts.
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they try to connect with the plane and send it to a nearby airport. it did not happen. 40 minutes later something extraordinary happens. >> there's marty and his wife. we're blurring the image of taylor gutzsler. there she is along with her sister. she, the seven-year-old amazingly survived. what happened was she was upside down in the airplane. she got out. she tried to revive her parents. they didn't move, they wouldn't respond. her father, in addition to being a great pilot, a licensed commercial pilot and flight instructor taught her a number of survival skills. so there she is out in the woods in the thick brush of kentucky with the plane on fire. she can't see anything but she takes a stick and lights it on fire from the wing so she can see her way out. >> i think anyone hearing this story asks how and why when you hear the resilience and fortitude in this seven-year-old little girl and why she walked as far as she did to the home of a gentleman who ended up
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being a hero of the day. brent white, in the kentucky state police office, he explained why she could do this. she wanted to try to get help to her family. watch. >> she walked until she navigated down trees. she navigated briers and bushes. she navigated significant ditch lines and was able to make it out to safety. and what she told us was to do so in order to receive assistance for her family. >> was able to stand up and walk around. she walked one way, they say, would have been deeper into the brush and would still be walking today. she walked the right way and a mile later through the snow dressed like it was summer. >> broken wrist bloodied. >> after stopping in tallahasee and visiting family members in key west, she found her way to the one house that was occupied in the area because it is known mostly for summer
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homes and that is the home of larry wilkins. he hears a knock at the door and answers it and explains what happened. >> i didn't play a major role. i just opened the door to a little girl that needed some help. she come to the door and the dogs actually heard her knock on the door. it was a real quiet knock. i went to the door and see this little girl about seven years old bloody little legs was ate up -- looked like somebody had been beating her with a switch. nose was bloody, of course trembling, crying. and she told me that her mom and dad were dead that she had been in a plane crash and that the airplane was upside down. and she said can i stay here? and i said come on in. i got her laid down on the couch and propped her feet up and called 911. she told me that her
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parents were dead. i asked her how she knew that. she said i tried to wake them up and i couldn't wake them up. >> what a story. she's lucky to be alive. she survived the plane crash. she walked a mile through the dark and the cold. it looks like there is a real good possibility she could actually assist the ntsb. it is rare for somebody to survive a small plane crash like this and so the ntsb wants to talk to her because it kind of gives them a story line of what was going on in the airplane just before the dad made the call to the air traffic controllers. something gone haywire with our plane. >> they may have a preliminary report in ten days. i pray that they protect her emotions. i hope they give her time to heal there. the is 14 congress convenes -- the 114 congress convenes for the first time tomorrow. the house and senate faced with a jam packed agenda. peter doocy joining us with
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the details. it sounds as if the sides are digging in to their political divide already. what do we know? >> reporter: we know some republicans are going further than rounding up support for the keystone pipelines. it is hinted that the g.o.p. may get enough democrat votes to override an eventual potential presidential veto on the measure. this comes as some democratic senators are explaining why they plan to support the pipeline bill. >> how are you going to vote on this? >> i have always voted to allow the process to continue. and to allow the president to make a decision, but i'm getting very frustrated with it much >> the new congress has already broken a record even though they haven't cast a single vote yet because there will be more women than ever between the house and senate -- 104 in all, up from 100 last term. mia love's swearing in will
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be historic as well the first black republican woman elected to congress and her arrival makes this the first time both parties have had african-american men and women serving at the same time. >> we have faced dysfunction because people on both sides of the aisle have said, you know, we want americans to trust us again and we've got that backwards. we have to get -- we have to trust the american people again. >> the new republican controlled senate is also going to try to revise obamacare by redefining how many hours make up a full-time job. right now the a.c.a. requires many business owners to provide insurance to people requiring 30 hours a week. the g.o.p. wants that increased to 40 hours a week. >> peter doocy who is working 80 hours this week thank you for filling in for us last week many >> it was a lot of fun. thanks for having me. >> job well done. thank you very much. >> it is time for celebrity apprentice, and donald trump has 16 notable names
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getting down to the business here. geraldo rivera is one of them. he was project manager this week with the task right here. incredible at clock management and getting big donors. take a look at him in action. >> our task is incredibly complicated. we've got to make pies, market pies, get money we've got to raise funds, as much money as we possibly can. ladies and gentlemen, it is game on! it is game on! all the way around. >> when we open those doors and that crowd was there around the block i said baby, we got it made. >> the first donation $10,000! from bill o'reilly, $10,000 in cash. we're spinning, we're roaring, we're off to a great start. >> wait a second! 20,000! sean hannity gets $10,000! >> how great is that? in all geraldo's team was
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able to raise $185,000 with a green pie, so he advances into the next round. >> the men win it this time. the women have to eliminate somebody. and it was one of the cosby kids keisha knight pulliam. she's out. >> we're going to talk to geraldo and donald trump live top of the 7:00 a.m. hour. i need to ask him about the issue with the young jonas brothers. >> i see explosions in the future because they were trying to get geraldo and others to comments on geraldo and geraldo to rip other people. he does not like that by nature and i think trump is going to push him there. >> coming up, congressman louis gohmert making huge news yesterday on this
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program. >> my friend ted joho said i'll be a candidate for speaker. i'm putting my name out there today to be another candidate for speaker. >> gohmert says he's not alone. next meet the other guy who may just challenge the leadership in washington as well. stick around. you're watching "fox & friends." : test test test
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test. test.
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we've heard from a lot of republicans that i'd vote for somebody besides speaker boehner but nobody will put their name out there as running so there's nobody else to vote for. well, that changed yesterday when my friend ted yoho said i'm putting my name out there. i'll be a candidate for speaker. and i'm putting my name out there also today to be another candidate for speaker. >> that was congressman louis gohmert announcing on "fox & friends," shocking many with his plans to run for speaker of the house. he's not alone. congressman ted yoho also running as you heard. he joins us now the congressman, conservative from florida. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. you said you're going to put your hat in the ring if no one else stepped up. the fabt that congressman -- the fact that congressman gohmert did step up, does that mean you'll step back? >> no. we've been according to --
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we've been courting other members and telling them we need a change. >> what bothers you about the speaker's reign? >> i've been there for two years and we lack a leadership and we lack vision of where the country is going and i hear it from members. it's just not me feeling this. i hear over and over again that we need new leadership. i hear from older members and younger members but without somebody willing to step up and put their name in the ring there's not an alternative. and i didn't want to go into this congress with the momentum we have from the november elections without the ability to change leadership in the house. this is not a surprise. this is something when i went up there in january of 2013, i voted against mr. boehner along with ten other members, and this has been a build-up since then. >> so far we understand you need about 23, 24 votes in order to get to a second
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round of voting. if that happens it will be the first time since 1923. what would be your reaction if we got to that second round? >> that is our goal. we anticipate to get there. we have had nine members step out saying they will not support this speaker. this is significant because there's members who have been there for quite awhile that are coming out stepping forward and saying we will not support mr. boehner. >> right now it's you and gohmert stepped forward. about 11 we think the high number is of people that won't support him. it's still a long way away. are you worried about retribution should speaker boehner keep his spot? >> no, sir, i'm not worried about retribution. if you stand out or stick up for what you think is right and you're willing to speak out we're in a country that honors free speech and i fear no man. there should not be any retribution. we're doing what my voters want me to do and i'm doing what my district says. and i think you'll see a lot of discontent and a lot of people supportive.
3:20 am
i've had members call me and say thank you for putting your name in the ring because we're tired of voting for the status quo. i think we'll see a lot more people especially as you see people sign statements that said they will not support mr. boehner. it's going to empower more people. >> all right. if you were -- if boehner were to keep his job, would you still support him? >> if mr. boehner winds up winning or anybody who becomes the speaker, i'll go up to him thank him and tell him you're the speaker for the next two years and i look forward to working with you to solve america's problems and get a lot of these problems that have gone on for 30 years under control. >> congressman yoho, thanks so much. another candidate, along with congressman gohmert who says i am in the race to be speaker of the house. thanks so much. best luck in 2015. a massive blast that sends a camera man flying. >> what caused the
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we've got quick monday morning headlines for you. airport and control tower officials who were in charge when airasia 8501 disappeared last week suspended overnight. it's part of a crackdown by indonesia which also imposed stricter regulations this morning. airlines will now have to directly brief their pilots on weather before takeoff. they didn't do that before? apparently not. bad weather believed to be the cause of the crash that killed 162 people. a camera man blown right off his feet.
3:25 am
look at this. an explosion at a fireworks factory putting the 4th of july to shame. it happened in colombia. thankfully nobody was hurt but what a picture. elisabeth, over to you. >> lawmakers trying to implement tougher penalties for people convicted of a d.u.i. an oklahoma proposal would ban them from buying alcohol at stores and bars. a judge would then decide how long they would have to keep away from booze. but can this really be enforced? here for a fair and balanced debate, let's talk about the pros of this proposed bill. there's two parts of t. you would have to abstain from drinking if you had a d.u.i., not purchase. and someone caught buying for someone with a d.u.i. could face felony. >> to make that a felony seems very harsh.
3:26 am
back to the you can't drink and you can't buy, the can't drink, that is normal. you had an alcohol offense. not to buy is crazy. let's say your wife said we need a bottle of wine could you go to the liquor store and get it? now all of a sudden you're in front of a court? that's scrai disi. -- crazy? >> you have a seven times chance of -- if you had a d.u.i. once, you have a seven times greater chance of getting it again. this is a deterrent. it is hard to enforce but something must be done to stop this from happening. it's predominantly in the 20 to 35-year-old age group. >> do you think it goes too far to maybe involve a felony with someone who is buying for this person? they would in fact have to have a special i.d. marking
3:27 am
on your current license? >> let me make one other point and that's this. the crime is not drinking and drinking is not illegal. i'm not trying to be cute. it is drinking and then of course driving. we have interlock ignition. i don't think buying alcohol is one step removed. >> the reason why this could work is because it will deter. if someone will not only realize if they're drunk they may get in a car and get in an accident but now they cannot buy alcohol, it is another step to deter the deaths from d.w.i. >> what if you paid the bill for someone who consumed alcohol, this could be a slippery slope. >> you must knowingly buy it for a friend who has been prohibited from buying it. youhave to prove that.
3:28 am
>> appreciate it. he was a senator from alaska. now the democrat is running a different budding business. you've got to hear this one. gas prices haven't been this low in years. will those discounts mean cheaper air fares? time for your vacation this year? we hope so. stuart varney has the answer. first happy birthday to bradley cooper. he is turning 40 years old today. ♪ ♪ fact. fast-acting advil is designed with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core technology stopping headaches and other tough pain.
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welcome back. time for your shot of the morning. pay close attention here. this is not the right way to pop open a bottle of champagne. it's not ip >> it's not about cutting the glass. it is about hitting that
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point firmly and cutting through. you go one, two... >> that is not how it needs to be done. >> i can't do a much better job than that. the wine expert's epic fail caught on wine tv. he takes a lick and moves on with the newscast there. >> i'm glad her hand didn't cut open on>> that is dangerous. don't do it. >> happy new year. >> she tried. i give her credit for that. >> she did. and she made our shot of the morning. half of this nation preparing for air that will bring subzero temperatures to every state east of the rockies, but will there be snow? maria molina joins us from outside where it's not too bad but tomorrow and the next day boy, it's going to be cold.
3:33 am
>> yeah especially thursday morning. that is going to be one of the coldest mornings for us here in the northeast. we're going to be looking at very cold temperatures. these current wind chill temperatures feels like 31 degrees. in chicago it feels like 21 degrees below zero feels like 26 below in minneapolis. over the next few days that air is going to move southward and eastward. by tuesday morning 21 in places like amarillo. take a look at thursday morning, even colder all the way down to parts of florida. in the 50's in places like miami. in new york city the forecast temperature for thursday morning is just 10 degrees. that's the actual temperature, not factoring in the wind. so it's going to feel a lot colder than that. off to the great lakes we have areas of lake-effect snow. there are advisories in
3:34 am
effect. we do expect more than a foot of snow in some areas especially off of lake ontario, a very powerful storm impacting parts of the pacific northwest, but several feet of snow and also very strong winds and a quick hitting clipper hitting parts of the midwest today. advisories in effect. some areas can see more than six inches of snow. >> looking wednesday night the temperature at my house is going to be 5. >> wear a shirt if you're at steve's house. heather nauert. >> good morning. it's time for steve and kathy to start the battle over the thermostat in their house. good morning. i've got news to bring you. after two weeks of vacation in hawaii it is back to work for president obama. he is not sticking around washington all week, though. the president will go on a three-day media blitz pushing his agenda before this month's state of the union address. the president is expected to tout economic recovery and his plans to use
3:35 am
executive authority by passing congress. >> afghanistan's president is now saying that the united states should reexamine its timetable for bringing u.s. troops home. listen to this. >> deadlines should not be dogmas. if both parties or in this case multiple partners have done their best to achieve objectives and progress is real, then there should be willingness to reexamine a deadline. >> did you tell president obama that? >> president obama knows. we don't need to tell each other. >> well, there was no immediate response from the white house. the u.s. formally ended its combat mission in afghanistan last week after more than 13 years 11,000 americans are now there training afghan forces. they are supposed to come back by the end of 2016. former presidential
3:36 am
candidate and alaska senator mike gravel going from politics to pot. the democrat made the c.e.o. of a new business that makes edible products off weed. that company operates in washington and colorado. in november alaska passed a ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana. have you ever heard of the flat white? starbucks is adding this australian favorite starting tomorrow. it is a latte two shots of espresso shot with frothy milk. they hope it will attract more serious coffee drinks. by serious it means they're adding more espresso. >> stuart varney was just down in australia. have you had that drink? >> as a matter of fact i have. >> how is it? >> excellent. >> you've got to clear your throat after that. >> if you like coffee a flat white is for you.
3:37 am
good stuff. >> can i ask you what's in it? >> two extra shots of espresso frothy white milk on the top and it's served like a latte and it really gets you going. >> can you tell us about another liquid? prices have been falling. i've been in minneapolis and prices as low as $1.86. $2.19 nationwide the average. that's a dollar less per gallon. will this translate to airline relief? >> it has already. if you were watching football yesterday afternoon -- i was watching the cowboys -- and there were ads from southwest airlines about fare cuts coming up. this is in part because of the much lower cost of jet fuel prices. it could spread to other airlines. and -- well, it's about time it did. >> southwest does so much for the military as an airline.
3:38 am
they're always cutting for them in particular. you know what yesterday's talk was about? since it's so low, is it time to add a tax in there in order to refund the highway trust fund? >> president obama slotted the idea. >> republicans are running from it much >> it's not going to happen. i can't imagine anything more popular than adding to the price of gas just as it's fallen over $1 a gallon over the past year. >> we haven't finished breathing that sigh of relief over it yet. >> this is the biggest story of 2014 and it is continuing into 2015. there are seven states where the average price for regular is below $2 a gallon. >> how did we get here? >> president obama will probably try to take some of the credit for it. >> absolutely. >> but he should not get the credit. the credit goes to american technology which invented new ways of drilling for oil. they put it into practice on private property in the united states and increased america's oil production by four million barrels a day. it created a glut, down
3:39 am
comes the price. this is the result of what happens when american technology is applied to the oil industry. >> take that saudi arabia. don't miss varney and company over on the fox business network. to find it go to fox and there you'll find the barista. >> stuart, stay for this, i'm going to open with the cowboys game. nfl playoffs in full swing. wild card game best game of the weekend. cowboys rallied from behind trailing by 20-6 to win 24-20. this is a stunner. not that pass but that hug. new jersey governor chris christie, a life long cowboys fan celebrating the big win. new jersey is so close to texas, after all. the one thing everyone is talking about after the game did the ref blow this call?
3:40 am
they pick up the flag to say it wasn't interference. clearly it was. they go back talk to the booth, talk to the referee. they say should have been and it would not count. the interference is on hold. regardless dallas goes forward. they will visit green bay next week. indianapolis and cincinnati 26-10 loss. loo at that pass. the broncos luck against former quarterback peyton manning. >> there is a hasselbeck there on the roster. they did a great job. coming up remember these brothers? political opposites who made headlines with the mother of all calls on live tv. >> raleigh, north carolina. >> hey somebody from down south. >> you're right i'm from down south. >> oh god, it's mom.
3:41 am
>> i'd call in too. what do they think about another big headline, mike huckabee announcing his potential 2016 run? who are their other picks? we'll ask them live next. >> a high school basketball team's 84 game losing streak finally ends four years later and wait until you hear how they did it. that story straight ahead as we roll on live from new york city. you're watching "fox & friends." ♪
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crane for the december murder of pennsylvania state trooper. real housewives of new jersey star -- am i italian? how could i not pronounce that? she reportedly told her daughters she's going away for research on a new book. steve? >> in a major announcement governor mike huckabee revealing he's going to end his show. it ended two nights ago here on the channel. perhaps to explore a 2016 presidential bid. his announcement comes three weeks after jeb bush announced he's also considering a white house run. as the field of potential
3:46 am
candidates grows who is likely to grab their party's nomination? let's talk to the political panel of brothers, brad woodhouse, the president of democratic group americans united for change. and dallas woodhouse is the president of california rising. famously you guys were on c-span. your mom calls in and says i want my sons to shut up for christmas. you were with your mama over christmas week. how was it? >> it went well. for the first time in years we didn't talk politics on christmas day. we talked politics other times but left it alone on christmas day. >> it's what your mother wanted. and god bless her for doing that. let's talk a little bit about mike huckabee. dallas, does mike huckabee have a chance? >> perhaps. you do have to question anybody's sanity who would give up a successful fox tv show to run for political office. i have to question that one. >> all right. brad, what do you think about huckabee?
3:47 am
>> i think he has a chance. remember he -- when he ran he won the iowa caucus. he maintains a really close connection to the religious right, the christian conservatives. look, i think he also has some attraction to members of the tea party. i would not -- >> i'm not so sure about that. he has a history of raising taxes. >> he was a very popular governor. we liked him a lot here. brad, you are the democrat but we're going to ask you who you think on the republican side is going to make it. the conventional wisdom is jeb bush but you say not so fast. you like mitt romney and rand paul. why? >> let me say this. in terms of who i think they would be wise to nominate, first of all mitt romney is battle tested. he's been through this. he ran a campaign that got -- you know, he didn't win but he got 47% of the vote. he got over 60 million votes cast for him. the criticisms of him, of a candidate tend not to be
3:48 am
as, do as well the second time around. he found that in massachusetts. he ran for the senate, lost. ran for the governorship and won. so i think they would be wise to take a look at mitt romney as someone who could potentially win in 2016. with respect to rand paul i think he is a little bit on the other end of the spectrum. he would be new and fresh i think to a lot of voters. he's fooled at least the media into believing that he offers something different and unique with respect to outreach to minorities and youth and his libertarian views. >> let's see. meanwhile, dallas, you're a republican but on the democrat side the conventional wisdom is hillary clinton. you say not so fast. maybe elizabeth warner or governor of montana. >> whether hillary runs or not the democrats need
3:49 am
energy. those on the left or right seem to like elizabeth warren. you need energy, grass roots, activists, that's something elizabeth warren brings to the table. i don't know how well she'll do but she is somebody to look at. the former governor of montana, he speaks to middle america, something democrats have not done very well. they ought to take a look at him. both of those people would give hillary some energy and test her. >> let's find out what happens. brad and dallas woodhouse the family feuders full time, guys thank you very much for joining us. thanks guys. glad you were quiet for christmas dinner. coming up with broken bones this seven-year-old child went through freezing woods as the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her entire family. what kept her
3:50 am
we'll explain the science. this basketball team lost 84 games until now? their head coach will be here to explain the secret to that landmark win. ♪ ♪ when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and
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the minnesota team won with only three players on the court.+++f9zf
3:55 am
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a two years. >> it paid off. when you're looking at the court and there are three players double overtime -- >> you fouled out.
3:56 am
>> you're looking at your teammates, did you think that you were going to pull off this win at that moment? >> i did. i did. we were playing so great those girls were playing out of their minds and i knew that we could pull it off if we stuck together. >> sports has so many messages and i think you have extremely important message, as important as any, that played on sunday in the nfl. coach, thanks so much for being here and congratulations on the big win. >> great work. go lady nights. >> thanks for having us. >> we'll move on now coming up over the next two hours, many americans frustrated with the amount of time the president spends on the golf course. but according to the "new york times," it proves he's good at his job? how does that work? >> what happens when geraldo faces off with donald trump? >> would i hate to fire you. i'd never live it down. he will be after me for the rest of my life.
3:57 am
>> oh, boy. geraldo and donald trump both here live at the top of the hour. the vortex walking in to "fox & friends" now. ♪ ♪ i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three, unlike warfarin there's no routine blood testing. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases
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good morning. it's monday, january 5. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, she survived a plane crash that killed her entire family, trekking through the freezing woods with broken bones. now this 7-year-old little girl could be the key to finding out what went wrong. wow. is president obama a great president or the greatest president ever? the "new york times" having a tough time deciding, but they say the proof is in the putt. >> he's the great or greatest? what a choice. what happens when geraldo rivera faces off with donald trump? >> would i hate to fire you, i'd never live it down. he will be after me for the rest of my life.
4:01 am
>> he's right about that. how did it turn out? donald trump and geraldo rivera join us live moments from now. thank you for joining us, ladies and gentlemen, because 2015 is better with friends. >> i'm donald trump and you're watching "fox & friends" and if you turn the channel you're fired. >> brian you're fired. >> wow. >> it's an explosive first 15 minutes. i have rumors that geraldo rivera is in the building. >> he is. but in the meantime, did you get a tech gift for christmas? my wife and i got these crazy space-age thermostats that i'm trying to figure out. if you have questions about how things work, e-mail us because the cyber guy is with us to help answer tech questions. >> i got this atari game pong, and i cannot figure it out. >> it's been a long time. >> really? >> decades. >> can you come home with me and
4:02 am
we can go over that? >> let's bounce it over to heather. >> good morning. i have a fox news alert to bring you. 7-year-old sole survivor in that deadly plane crash in western kentucky could be the key to what went wrong with that plane. officials say they plan to talk with her as crews move the wreckage to a new location to start the investigation. >> she walked until -- she navigated through trees and briars and bushes. she navigated significant terrain and able to make it out to safety in and what she told us was in order to receive assistance for her family. >> sailor's mom, dad, older sister and her 14-year-old cousin, sierra wilder, were killed in friday's crash. wilder's mother releasing an
4:03 am
emotional statement saying her daughter was her best friend and very kind to everybody and anybody, even if she didn't know them. breaking news ahead of the head coach of the carolina panthers' house caught on fire overnight. the coach was inside his home when that happened. he said he heard the smoke detectors go off and saw smoke from the master bedroom. he said everyone inside the house is okay. it took firefighters more than an hour to control that fire. no word yet on how that fire started. once again thousands of police turn their backs on new york city mayor bill de blasio as he speaks at officer liu's funeral. police commissioner bill bratton sending a letter warning cops after they turned their backs on de blasio last week at officer ramos' funeral, they say the mayor continues to defend antipolice protesters when he should be supporting the force following the december 20th execution-style killing of liu and ramos.
4:04 am
talk about a kid cam, look at this. one fan can't be bother to do put down his camera to smooch his girlfriend. lucky for him the chicago bulls mascot, stepped in to save the day and benny carries off the girl and maybe gets the smooch. those are your headlines. good one, chicago. >> that's the worst. >> let's bring in donald trump because donald trump has "celebrity apprentice." >> what about this guy? >> i'm just a cog in the wheel. >> if geraldo rivera is one of the featured celebrities on donald trump's "celebrity apprentice," a brand-new season started last night. good morning, donald trump. >> good morning. >> you said last night that it's going to be the biggest and best season ever. how could that possibly be if geraldo is on it? >> hey, come on. >> well, geraldo is a big factor. he's doing really well thus far. i think i'd enjoy firing him. i would love to just say you're fired, after all the years of
4:05 am
abuse i've taken from him. but actually he's doing really well. he's a tough competitor, as you know. he's got a lot of energy, and all i can say it's one night, but so far so good. >> we know what he's made of here on the curvy couch. but it was incredible to see geraldo in action. watch this in case you missed it. >> our task is this incredibly complicated job. we've got to make pies and market pies. we have got to get money. we got to raise funds as much money as we possibly can. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is game on, all the way around. when we open that doors and that crowd was there around the block, i said baby, we got it made. >> the first donation $10,000! from bill o'reilly, $10,000 in cash. we're spinning. we're roaring. we're off to a great start. wait a second.
4:06 am
$20,000! sean hannity gives $10,000! >> did you kiss everybody who gave you money? >> i was so filled with respect and affection for my fox brothers and sisters, the way sean came down there with $10,000. doesn't believe in banks. he dug it out of a hole in the backyard. his ten grand, bill o'reilly's ten grand billionaire who ran for mayor -- 50 grand. all these billionaires that donald knows. >> it's tough, isn't it to have these celebrities calling their other celebrity friends to donate money. >> it's not easy. really. it's not easy. it's lot of work and a lot of smarts and he's doing well. we have other people as geraldo will tell you. these are smart people. some of these women are just killers. they're brutal. they hate each other i've never seen anything like this. i think we're going to have a tremendous season. but that's good television. we're not supposed to say that, but the women in particular, a few i won't mention names they
4:07 am
go after each other i've never seen it before. >> last night the task was selling pies. your team sold $180,000 worth. what would happen? here is mr. trump and mr. rivera in the boardroom. >> ivanka, how did the men's team do? >> geraldo, your team raised $185,322. >> that means you raised $280,000 for your charity. what is your charity? >> life's work. this is the kids who were previously institutionalized in the big grim institutions that i exposed for the developmentally disabled. we give them a place to live. >> i think it's great. we're all proud of you. $280,000 for your charity. great job. go to your beautiful trump tower suite. enjoy yourself. if you want, you can watch. it will not be pretty.
4:08 am
>> so who gets fired last night donald? >> keisha, she was with cosby and didn't call cosby. interestingly, this was taped just before cosby had all these revelations came out about him. i've never been much of a fan of the guy for a specific reason. not those reasons but for another reason which is pretty good. i am not a fan of cosby. but that's okay. she should have called him and maybe he would have contributed. she didn't do it. she was with him for years on the show and that was a mistake. but you mentioned something. it's interesting, not only did the apprentice become the number one show on television and still does great but i'm very proud of that. but i'm even more plowed of the fact that -- proud of the fact that we will soon raise over $15 million for charity with the apprentice and with the tasks and with people like geraldo and it's great for everybody. but it's really grea charities.
4:09 am
so we've had a tremendous run. it's been a lot of fun. >> donald trump does a brilliant job of criticizing teams. you had nick jonas. >> he did not like your vortex name. why? >> it wasn't just the name. i mean, it was everything i did. he and ian were out to get me and that's what i didn't appreciate. >> it's all about winning! don't you know how it works? >> talking about kendra and brandy, i mean, i'm telling you, there will be blood in the streets. >> it's a little scary because nick jing onas, who is a smart cookie. but the jonas brothers, i know them all, one is dating my miss usa, and they're going to get married. jonas really went after geraldo and all of a sudden, i'm getting tweets, they love jonas. it's not a good sign for geraldo
4:10 am
>> we're going to watch this season because so far -- >> we're proud of geraldo. >> we got to ask but your other favorite. we'll move from reality to distorted reality. "new york times" to start out the year with a golf piece that's kind of a puff piece we'll call it, on the private golfer in chief, president obama. it says this: one of theç golfers who played with mr. obama said the way the president carried himself provided significant insight into his character. if he came down from mars and saw his disposition on the golf course, you would think he'd be a pretty good president, the golfer said. he's honest he keeps his composure, he's unruffled he smiles and he doesn't quit. now, you love golf. >> wow. isn't that a beautiful article? i've never heard anything like that. i will say this i'm the big fan of golf. golf is a great game and it's doing great in this country. doing great actual eall overt world. they just put it in the olympics. but golf, you can learn so much
4:11 am
about a person's character playing golf. i'm not sure necessarily -- the thing i really want to see is can he sink the three foot putt under pressure? that's what i really want to see. can he do that? but you can learn a lot about a person. i've played with people that i thought were very honorable people. i found out they were cheats. i found out with people that i thought were brave people. i found out they're bad under pressure. you can learn a lot about people. i mean, really a lot about people by playing golf. >> do you buy that? >> i'm the worst golfer in america with a major tournament named after. if you looked at me on the golf course, it would be like bending the clubs. >> do you cheat? >> i think cheating -- this was a big, fat wet kiss for the president. >> no kidding. donald, because you own a bunch of courses -- this was clearly a valentine on behalf of the "new york times" toward the president. have you heard what kind of golfer he is?
4:12 am
because this talks about he never leaks his score. he rarely anybody film him. >> the other day when he broke up the gentleman's wedding, he said he shot an 84 which is not really a bad score. and i think that's okay. and he certainly plays a lot of golf. if that were a republican conservative playing, they wouldn't be saying that. they would be saying ouch he plays because he plays possibly more than any human being in america and that's a good thing. i own many golf course. i own tremendous number. i bought turnbury in scotland. and i think golf is a great game and i think it's great that the president plays. but he may play more golf than any human being in america -- >> it's over 1,000. >> it's not that he plays. it's who he plays with. if you play with the joint chiefs or donald trump. >> or boehner. >> if you're just playing with your high school buddies, you're not getting a lot. >> thank you very much. we're out of time. thank you very much. we'll be watching you on "celebrity apprentice."
4:13 am
>> thank you very much. great start. >> can't wait for the next one. >> thank you. now we told you about that 7-year-old girl who walked nearly a mile through the woods in freezing snow. how in the world did she manage to keep herself alive? she's resilient. more on her incredible story of survival when we come back. and its existence has been debated for decades. this morningness one man says he's officially settled the debate. he found bigfoot and bigfoot is in florida. >> we were looking in the wrong place. >> he likes the warmth? ♪ ♪ i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now...i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day.
4:17 am
so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am. fox news alert. 7-year-old sailor gutzler, walked away from a plane crash that killed her entire family and now she could help ntsb investigators determine what brought that plane down. >> she trekked nearly a mile from the woods and knocked on the door of the closest home she came to. everyone is asking how was she able to physically do that, able to escape? joining us now is board certified emergency physician. thank you for joining us this morning. it seems to be nothing short of a miracle that this little girl
4:18 am
was able to exit from the crash and walk to someone who could help her. can you provide us with some medical information about why this could even be possible in the face of such devastation? >> well, you're absolutely right. there are three factors. she survived the impact. she was able to extract herself from a wreckage that was probably burning. and she wasn't in some -- she was in some super remote areas. three quarters of a mile is a lot for a little girl, but still close enough to civilization. but in a plane crash, it's a big deceleration injury. the plane hits the ground. your body hits something in the plane, and then your organs are moving inside your body and it causes damage. so it depends where she was sitting in the plane. was she restrained? that there was nothing trapping her in there that she didn't have broken legs so she could get out. it is miraculous. >> she did have a broken wrist,
4:19 am
i believe. the conditions were -- they weren't super severe, but it was around freezing. she was dressed for florida. she had shorts on and one sock. but she had some survival skills. her father a commercial pilot, taught her how to survive on her own. she lit a stick on fire from the plane itself and used it as a torch for a while. >> yeah. that is a smart little girl and her father actually did very well by her. humans have this incredible survival instinct and sometimes those hormones do kick in like adrenaline from a fight or flight response. >> doctor, when would be the earliest you would talk to her about what happened? everyone is anxious to talk to her about what actually happened inside the plane. what would you recommend? >> well, obviously i think she does probably need some counseling when people talk to her. she went to try and help her parents, so she seems like the type of a little girl that would probably want to help, but i
4:20 am
think down the road she probably is going to need to talk to someone -- they talk about survivor's guilt. she's little. but as you grow up and you hear more about it and think more about it it can become an issue. >> dr. lee we thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. coming up, a new medical study shows everything from your work to your skin, to your marriage may all rely on your alarm clock. what time you need to set it for to get up straight ahead. it's the magic number. >> that's right. and is this too tough for kids? >> long live the king. (scream). >> well, the science that says kids can't handle scary fairy tales. what do you think? that debate coming up next.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. here we go. more than 15,000 pounds. that's the record amount of meth seized at the u.s.-mexico border in california last year alone. that's a 300% increase from just five years ago. next $500. that's how much you may be fined for wearing a hoody. an oklahoma law maker wants them banned. and $21.9 million. that's what "the hobbit" still in first place at the box office. congratulations. "into the woods" at second place. while "unbroken" comes in a close third. elisabeth? >> thanks. fairy tales always end up with a
4:25 am
helply ever after. but somewhere in the middle there is usually a scene like this. >> long live the king. (scream). >> i do not like that part. in fact, new research shows most fairy tales tales are too bleak for kid with the risk of a parent's death being more intense than films intended for adults. is it teaching kids to cope? here for a fair and balanced debate, former teacher and parent with the bill of rights institute, whitney neil, and freelance writer jennifer wallace. both of you join me now. i thank you for that. whitney, is it harmless to see five times more likely to see parents die in these animated films than in those seen by adults? >> i don't think it's harmless. but i also think we need to gauge what else happens in the film. is the child being exposed to that experience and learning
4:26 am
empathy? learning to see characters cope with good overcoming evil? i think there are a lot of positive experiences that come out of fairy tales that are very good for children that counter balance those other experiences. >> so jennifer, what's your response? do we have nothing to worry about with the films? >> i agree. i have three children nine, seven and four. for my older children fairy tales are great for teaching about good and evil and loss in the world. but for my four-year-old, last year i read him little red riding hood and for months he had a fear of wolves. i thought to myself, why didn't i reread this book before i read it to him? i think that we have to look at books and fairy tales and understand that the very things that illicit imagination can also illicit nightmares if read at too young an age. >> so is age the factor here, is that the defining line? because i watch them and sometimes i get scared. jennifer, would you say okay. if you just heard that a kid is now afraid of wolves after reading red riding hood, isn't that a good thing? shouldn't they be a little
4:27 am
cautious when it comes to wolves? is that the lesson we're looking for? >> i think the -- i live in new york city, so i try to explain to my son there are no wolves in new york city. but the think the lesson we want to give ourkids is that good triumphs over evil, that fear is okay feeling it is okay. but we have to remember the age that we're teaching this to. a four-year-old might not have the capability to understand the nuances there. >> okay. whitney, what's your response there? what about death? having parents die. and i can't get over the statistic. five times more likely to see parents dying in these films for kids than for adults. is that okay? >> we got to take our role as parents pretty seriously. we all know our children. we know their emotional maturity. it's common sense. look at the film and the context. know your children. i think these stories are good. they offer opportunities to teach kids lessons about many different topics. as long as we're looking at them through the lens of a parent and eyes of our child i think we
4:28 am
can successfully watch these and not worry too much. >> it's a great debate. i thank you both for joining me. everyone at home watching, let us know what you think about this. we'll look at facebook twitter and our e-mails to see your responses and read them. thanks so much. coming up, teaching sexual consent to kindergarteners? that's what some people want. but will they get their wish? we'll talk about it. and british author says americans are destroying their own country. >> america is adrift and my deepest sorrow is this country is squandering its great heritage. >> why he says americans should stop consuming liberty and start preserving it. coming up next. ♪ ♪
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it's your shot of the morning. is this bigfoot? a fisherman in florida claims that he got a look at the beast while out on a river near tampa florida. oh my. he claims the creature was in the water, was definitely an animal. not a person in a costume. >> it kind of looks like harry from harry and the hendersons. they're unsure if somebody altered the picture. what do you think? does that look like bigfoot? >> i think it's him. >> hard to tell without seeing the feet. >> you never know. >> he was squatting down. he was trying to hide. >> maybe. >> which is tough in florida. mostly reeds. >> listen, we've got a sound bite to bring to you from an extraordinary person. he's a british author and social critic. he's been here in the united states for 30 years.
4:33 am
he is the great great grandson of arthur guiness, the guy who brewed the beer. he says that the people of the united states have a choice right now. we are at a dramatic hinge moment. we could either go forward the right way or make a left turn and we'd be in big trouble. >> that's right. he said we need more citizens to stand up for what is right, that the progressive liberal path of no rules, no limits lead to psychological confusion and civil chaos. take a brew on this. >> we've got to think of the founders' vision, the daring of it. for example, one of the most daring things they tried to do was to create a free society that could stay free forever. nobody has ever done that. you use it or you lose it with freedom. and you can see america is becoming unfree. america is in danger of squandering its great heritage and we need to understand how they set it up and how it needs to be restored today and things are rapidly going downhill in
4:34 am
the current administration. and you can see whether it's the west or whether it's america or the challenges to the christian church and other religious organizations in the west this is an extraordinary hinge moment. you can see a lot of people are falling away, they're discouraged and there is a sense of gloom and doom. america is adrift and my deepest sorrow is this country is squandering its great heritage. >> wow. he goes on to say he goes for a jewish christian grand vision that embraces humanity freedom and dignity and really is concerned that we're the beginning of the end. >> yeah. he said we talk a lot about sustainable energy but not about sustainable freedom. >> he says one of the problems right now is we have ignorant leaders who do not know the past and do not have the ability to look into the future. anyway that, from os guiness, who has a new book out called "a free people's suicide." >> tomorrow we hear from the creator of budweiser.
4:35 am
find out what he thinks of the country. >> in the mean teen, we're talking to heather. >> thank you. good morning. i've got news to bring you. it's a sad story. the founder of a $200 million hedge fund has been shot dead in his new york city apartment. police now say his son may be the killer. 70-year-old thomas gilbert senior, was shot in the head, apparently during an argument with his son. police are now questioning 30-year-old tommy gilbert, seen here. he was last seen leaving his father's apartment just minutes after that shooting. soon after, police kicked down the door to his barricaded apartment and took him into custody. jihad and journalism? that's what a senior taliban leader listed on his linkedin profile touting his twisted skill set. he claimed to be self-employed. he boasted a rolodex with 69
4:36 am
connections. upon learning of the account linkedin shut that one down. ha do you think of that? is kindergarten too early to teach children about sexual consent? activists in california want to teach five-year-olds -- five-year-olds, believe it or not, about the state's controversial yes means yes law. they say teaching kids while they are this young will prevent more sexual assaults in the future. some furious parents plan to fight it. did you wake up like this today? >> time to get up. >> huh-uh. >> good dream. no. >> the kiss is nice, but stealing the blanket, not too nice. wouldn't we all like to get seven or nine hours of shut eye?
4:37 am
scientists have a solution. they say start your day later. according to new research, every hour that work starts later in the morning sleep time is increased by 20 minutes. study found that people slept an average of six hours when they started before or at 6 a.m they got more than seven hours when they started between 9 and 10 a.m that's nice if we had the choice. >> we do have a choice. let's just move this show to noon. >> let's do that. >> they would outnumber us. there is five of them and three of us. >> thank you. meanwhile, this morning there is a new winter storm brewing. millions of americans face sub zero temperatures. look at that right there 4 below at that bank. maria molina is tracking the storm and it's already in the middle. man, it's cold up north and it's heading to the east. >> yeah, that's right. we had some severe weather yesterday across parts of the southeast. with that storm system we saw
4:38 am
some severe storms that produced damaging winds and even a possible tornado out there. but behind it, much colder air now moving into the country. it's already impacting portions of the midwest and also the northern plains. take a look at some of these current windchill temperatures. feels like 25 degrees below zero in minneapolis. it feels like 43 below in international falls. and even in chicago, it's a frigid morning, 22 degrees below zero is what it feels like. over the next several days, that cold air is going to continue to move southward and eastward. you'll see the temperatures dropping. temperatures could be as much as 20 to even 30 degrees below average. take a look at wednesday. we'll be in the 20s in new york city. 0 for the high in chicago. there is a lot of snow to talk about. we have lake effect snow off the great lakes in the northeast. more than a foot of it possible off of lake ontario. a powerful storm in the pacific northwest producing feet of snow and very strong winds a. quick moving clip tore clip portions of the midwest. several inches expected there. we already have advisories and
4:39 am
warnings in effect. now let's head back inside to brian. >> let me tell you what happened yesterday. nfl wild card weekend the cowboys, best game of the weekend, rallies to beat the lions. they were trailing 20-6. they win their first playoff game in five years. guess who is happy? the new jersey governor? on hand celebrating the big win. but the one thing everybody is talking about is this play. did it cost detroit the game? fourth quarter, flag goes flying, interference on the cowboys. it would have given the lions first and within field goal range. but the flag is picked up. so dallas ends up getting it on downs and they end up driving for the winning score. next week they'll play the packers. to the afc colts hosting the bengals. handing cincinnati a defeat. the colts -- watch this pass and this play -- mr. face the broncos next week. that should be a fantastic game. what about a funny moment?
4:40 am
it happened in the panthers game. the puck lost in his uniform. he can't find it. the ref can't let the game go on. just as he was setting up for the next straw, the puck popped out of his uniform. everybody cheers. nowed saddest news you can imagine, sports world mourning the loss of broadcaster stewart scott. espn anchor passing away after three ballots with cancer of the friends and colleagues sharing their heart break live on the air sunday. >> cannot believe that i'm now sitting here on television reporting to you the news that i heard about ten minutes ago. that's stewart scott has died. one of the most joyful full of life individuals i have ever come across. >> he was his partner for years. scott spoke about his battle
4:41 am
with cancer at the 2014 espy awards. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live why you live, and in the manner in which you live. >> he got the jimmy v award. he passed away at the age of 49. he has two daughters and he was just a -- >> great broadcaster. >> broadcaster and he changed so much in the way broadcasting is done of the you saw his personality from day one in there. >> affected so many people professionally personally, as dad, as person, as a friend. you just couldn't stop hearing and listening with open hearts how many people just were affected by him and will continue to be affected by his great work. >> indeed. fast it's 19 minutes before the top of the morning on this monday. coming up, as the car radio -- has the car radio ever started a fight on a road trip for you? ♪ ♪ >> hey, good tune, man! >> i don't think so.
4:42 am
♪ ♪ >> yeah, here we go! ♪ don't you remember you told me you loved me baby ♪ >> we are loving it. can you listen to whatever you want at the same time. >> stop singing and get along of the inside al sharpton's shakedown. how he uses threats of racism to get corporations to pay up. you're not going to believe this. maybe you will. ♪ ♪ shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated
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go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. buckle up for some quick car headlines now. general motors adding shopping as a feature to its cars. it's teaming up with onstar to debut at your service. it let's drivers shop for
4:46 am
special deals like food and hotel rooms without ever leaving the car. and game show fighting over the -- the days of fighting over the car radio are over. >> hey, good tune man! >> i don't think so. ♪ ♪ >> yeah. here we go. ♪ don't you remember you told me you loved me baby ♪ >> oh, i love that clip. audio company errorredly working on a way to split the car into four sound zones so each passenger can listen to their own music without even having to wear head phones. what an idea. steve, you would love it, i'm sure. >> do you want al sharpton to shut up? if you have a big company you might be able to pay him a bunch of money to leave you alone. joining us now is the president of the national legal and policy center peter joinses from our nation's capitol. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve.
4:47 am
>> so if you want to avoid having al sharpton call you or your corporation racist just give him money. >> that's right. and unfortunately for the last decade or so, ceos who normally exercise good leadership in this country have been running for cover. but we believe that the cop killings change everything and it's time for corporate america to end its support for al sharpton and his organization. >> so peter what corporations do you say al sharpton has shaken down for hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars? >> well, it's millions and it's aç long list. some of the more prominent ones are wal-mart macy's, mcdonald's verizon, and many others. we've made a very specific request of wal-mart, two weeks ago in the wake of the cop murders to end support for sharpton. we pointed out that wal-mart is the biggest and most prominent company that supports sharpton. so it's important for this company and its ceo to lead the
4:48 am
way and disassociate themselves from al sharpton. >> do you think that with some of these corporations peter could be they're thinking okay. for a couple hundred thousand dollars, we can get him to go away. it's just the price of doing business. >> well, that's been the calculation so far. but i think the cop killings change everything. police officers in this country are customers of these companies. they're shareholders of these companies. it's time for corporate america to do the right thing. it's never too late. we all should support law enforcement in this country. their dedication and professionalism keep us all safe. and that applies to corporate ceos as well and they should step up to the plate and do what's right. >> and how does it operate -- how does al sharpton operate? i read an article that said that, for instance, his national action network was trying to get gm to make donations to them and they wouldn't for years and then finally he started protesting in front of a dealership that they
4:49 am
were about to close. next thing you know, the payments started. is that generally how he operates? >> yeah. you put up a few pickets. you yell racism, and the companies come through. and general motors is a long-time supporter of sharpton and you can ask them for the list. again, police officers, law enforcement personnel in this country buy a loft automobiles. they shop at wal-mart. it's time for corporate america to show its support for law enforcement under these very difficult circumstances of the last couple weeks and stop supporting sharpton. >> okay. and that's what the president of the national legal and policy center is asking wal-mart to do today. stop paying al sharpton. all right. thank you very much. >> have a good day. >> you as well. what do you think about that? e-mail us. coming up, did you get one of these gadgets for christmas but don't know how to work it? kurt the cyber guy answering your e-mail coming up next.
4:50 am
first, this day in history in 2004, "outcast" number one song in america. ♪ ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
all right. were you excited to get that shiny new tablet or smart phone this christmas, but still don't know how yet to use it? here to teach you some tricks you probably did not know is kurt the cyber guy. he made his trek 3,000 miles from the west coast just to help you. happy new year. >> happy new year. so people at home have their new gifts. >> we'll walk through the top three. first of all, for the new phone, if you got a smart phone no matter which one you got aside from e-mail and surfing the web the new smart phone is really
4:54 am
the new camera in america. i'll show you one little quick trick on this thing and then we'll pile through some of these that are just brilliant to understand. i just opened up the photos in this camera. i'll pick a photo that i haven't yet adjusted. this is so simple. so you take any of the photos that are inside of your photo stream and you just simply press the edit button. you press it, there is a little magic wand right there. can you see it? >> this is a little dark. >> it just lightened it up. it does it one photo after another. and suddenly you are now the gifted professional photographer just for doing that. you can get your phone to talk to you about what's on the screen. the other thing you want to do when you get a new device like this is you want to turn on the automatic updates so that you don't have to worry about security updates that are coming in. >> go to settings?
4:55 am
>> yeah. and we'll show you step by step on line. >> this is a gift that i got. this keyboard. >> you're replacing your computer. a lot of people get a tablet to replace their computer. this is an ipad and a ultrathin keyboard. there are several great ones out there. >> this is the one i have. i use that and i turned you on to it. >> which is awesome. this doubles as a cover for a new tablet, so you go around with this sort of thing and then also with regard to this, you go and type anything on this and suddenly wham, it's like having a laptop. now you have a new laptop. the first thing you want to do, if it's a mac, you're cool this way. but if it's a pc, what you want to do, first of all, is get rid of the bloatware it's alt junk that comes in. just delete it. >> how do you do that? >> i'll walk you through on line. but, a lot of people think well, i got to go now buy a word processor like microsoft word. not anymore. so here are a couple great free ones that you can get. so google docs is one which
4:56 am
works with word documents and excel. microsoft has come out with a free one. so you can go to and that's a free word processor, a free excel thing ask a whole bunch of great tools for nothing. >> let's get to one viewer e-mail. here is one on twitter says this, i just got an iphone 6. too many things on it. what setting should i turn off to keep my phone secure? >> great question. the thing you want to do with your iphone, first of all, is in the set-up, make sure you've got a pass code so if you leave your phone away and someone gets to it, you want to make it difficult for someone to get into it. you want to also turn on the ability for your phone to be tracked. so you store your back up in icloud. if you lose your phone, you can log on and just zap it. you can not only locate it, but you can delete everything inside of it. online we've goes amazing tips. >> incredible. thanks for letting us enjoy our presents and all the cyber info. >> happy new year. >> how do we get you is this.
4:57 am
>> -- coming up, do you know the star behind this song? turns out kanye west fans don't have a clue who it is he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
4:58 am
don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible.
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5:00 am
good morning. it is monday, january 5. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. congressman louis gohmert making huge news exclusively on "fox & friends." >> my friend said i'm putting my name out there. i'll be a detainee for speaker and -- capped candidate and i'm put anything name out to be a candidate for speaker. >> so what does this mean for the new congress that starts this week? bret baier is here live. and another fox news alert. overnight, an nfl coach fresh off a win heading to the playoffs asleep as his house goes up in flames. the whole family inside. what happened? break details straight ahead. and the 100-year-old vet from world war ii about to be
5:01 am
honored for his services is forced to plead with a protester. listen. >> man. that outrage straight ahead. mornings are better with friends. >> this is gary sinise you're watching "fox & friends". >> thank you friends. welcome once again. it's monday morning. one of our regular fox family friends who joins us every monday is bret baier. he's been off for a week or two. bret, good to have you back. >> good morning. happy new year. >> thank you very much. you think john boehner will have a good new year? after all, at least two republicans announced they would like to be the speaker of the house. >> listen, it's evident that speaker boehner has challenges from the right. you heard representative gohmert and yoho on here saying they're going to run for speaker. the fact that they're both from
5:02 am
the same pool of votes on the conservative side bodes well for speaker boehner. i don't think the threat is going to be that significant. it is interesting to see that this rise up of challenges to boehner. you remember two years ago he lost about a dozen votes. that was a bit of an embarrassment. but how significant this threat is as far as the number of votes, we'll tell you how much power he has in herding the cats if you will on the legislation they have to get through. >> here is what they had to say about it. >> my friend, ted yoho, said i'm putting my name out there. i'll be a candidate for speaker. and i'm putting my name out there also today to be another candidate for speaker. >> i hear over and over again that we need new leadership and i hear from older members and i hear it from younger members, but without somebody willing to step up and put their name in the ring, there is not an alternative and i didn't want to go into this congress with the
5:03 am
momentum we have from the november elections without the ability to change leadership in the house. >> so there you go. those are the two guys joined by nine others. we'll see if they get 23-24 needed for a second round of voting. in the big picture bret a lot of people want to know, since the new class comes in tomorrow and the complexion of the senate and the house has changed to a degree, what could actually get done? we heard a lot of optimism and a lot of people saying nothing is going to get done. the excel pipeline is first. what else do you hear is next? >> well, listen, they're going to pass something on health care. they'll probably be another repeal after it that won't get will be also a change to the workweek. obamacare says that a full-time workload is 30 hours. republicans and many democrats want to bring that up to 40 hours. that's a big deal for companies. i think you're going to see trade deals go through. i think you're going to see some efforts on infrastructure that may have bipartisan support and the president's support.
5:04 am
but there is going to be a lot of give and take in how much both sides are willing to deal is the question. and i think speaker boehner, while he has these challenges, is going to be able to get a coalition to be able to get speaker and mitch mcconnell told the "washington post," he wants republicans to pass things so that they're not scary so a republican could win the white house with a republican majority in the chamber, the senate and the house, and not be scary conservatives. >> did you just mention mitch mcconnell? >> i did. >> we got a sound bite. here is what he said. >> we need to beth look for areas where we can make some progress for the country and obviously to too that, we'll need democratic senators because we have 54 not 60. and we're going to need a president of the united states. there are other areas where we're not going to agree. what i hope senate republicans will present to the country is a conservative right of center governing majority. serious people elected in
5:05 am
serious times to try to get results. >> isn't that what everybody wants? we want stuff done. >> but who wants to compromise? >> i think that was the message of the election. if you talk to most people, it really wasn't hey, listen, republicans are great. it was this is a dysfunctional washington and something needs to change to be able to move things through. i think there will be some things that get across the goal line. how that happens and the process by which it happens i think will be interesting to watch. >> yeah. i also think it's kind of interesting because senator schumer says yeah, we'll look at the excel pipeline. we want to use american steel. amendments to a bill -- the republicans say they're going to allow that to be heard in this version of the senate. will they be taken on? >> yeah. now, this is really an interesting process question brian, because mitch mcconnell has promised regular order, which is something harry reid did not do, which in other words, when you put a bill out
5:06 am
there, you could put amendments on there to be talked about debated, and then voted on. some of these are going to be tough for republicans, especially vulnerable republicans up in 2016 to vote on. but back to regular order means that the senate is probably going to turn things a little slower, which will be frustrate to go people in the house. >> let's talk about the president's schedule. president obama back in washington after his vacation scheduled to hit the road to preview the state of the union address on 20th. can you tell us more about his schedule? >> he's got three cities he's going to hit prior to the state of the union on the 20th. he starts off in detroit. listen, this president knows and i think this white house knows that he is more invigorated on the trail, the campaign trail and he is looking at this apparently as the last campaign. whether he decides to be forceful and really press congress and threaten with more executive actions how he speaks on these three city pre-state of the union speeches, i think will
5:07 am
be key as far as the early weeks in congress. >> he'll be back on the campaign trail where he seems to be the most comfortable. he's a good campaigner, some might argue. not so good at actually governing. but that's for another show. >> we'll see if he's targeting republicans or proposals. >> his approval ratings are going up a little bit. some of that has to do with the price of oil falling which he's not responsible for. the economy is kind of churning a little bit more and people are feeling better. he'll get emboldened by that. how that translates in tone working with congress i think is yet to be seen. >> according to fox news poll recently, 55% still disapproving of how he's handling the economy. 59% on health care. andç when it comes to immigration, 60% not approving of his actions there. this week might be tough with those hurdles. >> did a flash poll, everybody approved of bret's appearance. >> 100%.
5:08 am
>> thumbs up. >> thank you. >> happy new year. also with great approval rating, it's heather nauert. >> good morning. great to see you guys. a fox news alert. the 7-year-old sole survivor of that deadly plane crash in kentucky could provide investigators with key information about what went wrong with that flight. officials say they plan to talk with sailor gutzler as crews move the wreckage to a new location to start the investigation. >> she walked until -- she navigated downed trees. she navigated briars and bushes. she navigated significant ditch lines and was able to make it out to safety and what she told us was that to do so in order to receive assistance for her family. >> that brave little girl. sailor's mom her dad her older sister and her 14-year-old cousin were killed in the plane
5:09 am
crash. while this mother releasing an emotional statement, saying her daughter was her best friend and very kind to everybody and anybody, even those that she didn't know. also breaking overnight, an nfl coach, fresh off a win heading to the playoffs asleep as his house goes up in flames with the whole family inside. carolina panthers head coach ron rivera says he heard the smoke detectors go off in his house and then he saw smoke coming from the master bedroom. the coach says that everyone was able to get out of that house okay. it took firefighters more than an hour to get control of that fire. no word yet on how it started. there should never be a time when a veteran has to ask for respect. but these protesters in portland proving that wrong. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> those protesters busting through a town hall meeting just as 100-year-old world war ii
5:10 am
veteran dario rashio was about to be honored and they did not stop until he made them do it. >> let's show a little respect for this occasion. >> unbelievable. he ended up receiving his award and he did make a speech. but the protesters in portland were back at it just as soon as he finished. the vet wound up leaving that meeting early. talk about a wrong way to open a bottle of champagne. >> it's not about cutting the glass. it's just about hitting that point nice and firmly and following through. >> okay? so you go one, two -- >> oy. >> that is not how it's supposed to be done.
5:11 am
>> oh, boy. that wine expert's epic fail caught on live television in canada. the co-host of that show unphased. he wipes off his face and he moves on with the newscast. she's lucky she didn't lose a finger. >> she's covered with champagne and he tidies himself up. >> you would never do that. >> another reason not to drink. >> thanks, heather. >> not good enough one. >> not good enough for steve. he's still not convinced. 11 minutes after the hour. one of the 9-11 reports still classified maybe not for long. the democrat threatening to reveal it and why. and a former democrat senator and presidential detainee now running a -- candidate now running a very different budding business. you got to hear this one. his recipes up in smoke. ♪ ♪
5:12 am
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5:15 am
i am embarrassed that they're not declassified. when i learned that a number of the documents were classified or even redacted, i was surprised
5:16 am
and disappointed. >> wow. the former vice chair of the 9-11 commission saying he's embarrassed that 28 pages of the 9-11 congressional report had never been made public, as you heard, he didn't know about it. democrat bob graham the former senate who co-chaired a congressional inquiry of 9-11 agrees and now he's leading the charge calling for those classified pages detailing saudi arabia's possible government's role in the attack to be released. is that really a good idea? here is senior fellow with the hudson institute and author of "necessary secrets" and co- their and executive director of the accountatability project. gabe, do you feel this should stay secret? is this one of the necessary secrets? >> we don't know. that's the dilemma we always face with government secrets. >> what do you think is in there that could be embarrassing? >> material that's embarrassing to saudi arabia. material that may be embarrassing to the f.b.i.
5:17 am
because the f.b.i. allowed a whole number of saudi nationals to depart the country right after 9-11. were they involved? we don't know. >> the f.b.i. and c.i.a. didn't talk to each other is an embarrassment that's out there today. what do you think? what's behind this? >> i do think it has to do with saudi arabia. the questions have been about the funding of potential terrorists who took down the planes. but we don't know that for sure. the bigger issue is this is all speculation. it's 14 years of speculation and there has been an active campaign to release these documents, these 28 pages that weren't done during the commission. they are done before the commission. what's sensitive about this time right now is this is a campaign right as we go into a new session of congress where congress wants to put up a fight against obama and obama has previously wanted these papers to be released. now he's saying no. part of that is because look at the gas price. saudi arabia has been instrumental in getting the gas prices -- >> who is hurting? iran and russia. >> exactly.
5:18 am
>> senator graham says the redach is part of an ongoing cover-up of saudi hijackers getting financial aid. that's definition of explosives. >> if that's the case then the public has a very strong interest in knowing what's in those 28 pages. the fact that it's secret for so long gives rise to rumors that should be put to rest. we should know what's in there. the government has too many unnecessary secrets. this might be one of them. >> it's the complex relationship we have with saudi arabia. maybe the royal family or people you can deal with but maybe they're breeding people we can't deal with. >> they are one of our closest allies, if not our closest ally. they have invested very heavily in the united states infrastructure and our economy. so this is a sensitive relationship. we have to be very careful. at what cost would it be to release this information? maybe there are other ways to release it and to discuss it and bring it into public discourse. >> the governments, we have been way to deferential to saudi
5:19 am
arabia then we ought to be. >> let's be honest? saudi arabia bin laden. >> we want to know whether elements of the royal family or elements of the government funded some of the terrorists who are here. we don't know that. there has been a lot of speculation. >> we should say the bush administration said they could not release the 28 pages because they could jeopardize the war on terror. so on both sides of this issue a democratic senator, a democratic co-chair, a republican administration, and now a democratic administration, i think it's time to release. thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up straight ahead, we change gears. a massive blast send has cameraman flying. then what in the world went wrong? we'll examine and explain. then did you make a new year's resolution to lose weight? throw away the greek yogurt and bust out the pizza and sliders.
5:20 am
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it's simple. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. got a quick headline for you right now. two of them.
5:23 am
overnight officials in indonesia suspended the control tower workers who were on the clock when air asia flight 8501 disappeared last week. they also announced plans to brief each individual pilot on the weather before they take off. shouldn't they have done that before? a cameraman blown right off his feet. watch these pictures. oh man. right on his keister. this explosion at a fireworks faster in colombia putting the fourth of july to shame. thankfully nobody was hurt. but what a picture. meanwhile, are you hungry? before you eat anything, listen to this. >> you got that, steve. you need a new plan to help you lose weight this new year? our next guest says it's not carbs or calories. it might boil down to chemistry. here is the author of a
5:24 am
cookbook. thank you for being with us. this is controversial. >> absolutely. >> because you're saying don't worry about the calories or carbs. this is how your body chemically reacts to food. >> that's absolutely true. as a matter of fact, most people are undereating. they're not getting enough nutrients. what they're doing is as we age we our -- our metabolism slows down and we lose digestive function. so by the time we hit 35, certain really healthy foods like salmon, greek yogurt, oatmeal and strawberries can cause an inflammatory response, which causes weight gain, hastens the aging process and makes us sick. >> you're telling us greek yogurt, all things in every healthy recipe, there they are. >> i know. >> so why are they not -- what do you mean by inflammation? why is that so dangerous and why does it make us gain weight? >> what inflammation does it's
5:25 am
the basis for every single disease. if you're eating a healthy food and it's not working for your chemistry, you want to identify it and remove it. most people are just eating three to four foods it's not that many, that are really affecting their health and waistline. >> you brattice recipe that can help. so this is a gluten free, which i love 'cause that's an antiinflammatory diet cinnamon raisin muffin. >> it's packed with protein. we made a dairy free one for you. >> why is this good? when you start your diet you're basically on a diet that's noninflammatory, then introduce food and see how your body reacts? >> that's what we want you to do. most people on a diet are told to eat certain foods. as i tell you to test the foods you're eating and you see wow, every time i have that turkey burger, i gain two pounds and get a migraine, you don't want to eat the turkey burger. >> your body is always smart. people say i don't feel right. it doesn't agree with me. your book zones in on why that's happening and what we can replace it with or get out. you have foods in a are really
5:26 am
reactive. last time you were on with fox you had people comment back on our web site saying they had their cholesterol levels lowered. one woman actually said that her ms symptoms were not as prominent after trying this antiinflammatory diet. >> it works well with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. it lowers inflammation cholesterol. amazing. >> i'm going to eat as we cook. why does this recipe work? >> ha we want to do do, so many people need to eat glutenç free or dairy free. people are making five or six different meals for their family and friends. why don't we just take delicious food that everyone can eat so you don't have to make five different meals. >> it's just the food that actually doesn't make you inflame. what's in this recipe? >> this is almond flour it's packed with protein of the we put some rainses in there. it's very high in protein. we used egg, butter. >> i love butter. >> you can have butter? this is great news. i'm going to give you a hug.
5:27 am
>> it's high in selenium, which boosts thyroid health vitamin e, great for your heart. >> this is excellent. you follow this book, you're lower inflammation, and there are great recipes. this muffin is great. we'll put the recipe on our web site. we thank you for joining us with your cookbook. coming up, days after president obama announced the official end of the war in afghanistan, that country's president says not so fast and now he's calling out the white house. oh my. then what happens when geraldo faces off with donald trump? >> would i hate to fire you, geraldo. i would never live it down. he will be after me for the rest of my life. ♪ >> donald trump was just here talk being it. what they said straight ahead. ♪ ♪
5:28 am
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welcome back. time for your shot of the morning as brian gets his paper. >> i was sitting on it. >> my paper. >> meanwhile, on that paper you know what it says? talking about the new season of "celebrity apprentice." it kicked off last night. very familiar face who normally sits right here on the couch. >> ivanka, how did the men's team do? >> geraldo, your team raised $185,322. >> wow. fox's geraldo rivera helped bring his team to victory. he was the leader. not only by selling pies, but with a little help from our friends. >> the first donation $10,000 from bill o'reilly, $10,000 in cash. sean hannity gives $10,000!
5:32 am
>> fantastic. earlier on "fox & friends," geraldo and donald weighed in on last night's episode with us. >> i was so filled with respect and affection for my fox brothers and sisters. the way sean came down there with $10,000. he doesn't believe in banks. he dug it out of a hole in the backyard. had his ten grand, o'reilley's ten grand. >> geraldo is a big factor. he's doing really well thus far. i think i'd enjoy firing him. i would love to just say you're fired after all the years of abuse i've taken from geraldo. but he actually is doing really well. he's a tough competitor, as you know. he's got a lot of energy. tremendous energy. >> he likes to win. >> he certainly does. losing is not in his budget there. so hang on of the spoiler alert here. if you haven't watched it yet, plug your ears for one minute. keisha knight pulliam who played rudy huxtable on the cosby show
5:33 am
got fired. exited the boardroom right there. but geraldo with team vortex still going strong despite the little angst between kevin jonas and geraldo. >> and geraldo talked a little bit about that. you know, this is what about the 59th series anniversary of it because they do it a couple of times a year. i think this could be the best one yet. the way he started the opening was really dramatic where trump was up on the top of the tower said, this is going to be biggest, best year yet. with geraldo, you know him. some of you love him. some of you hate him. one thing he's not is boring. >> i thought he did great as a project manager. kevin jonas did not like the name vortex. he said if you thought it was dicey continue the men wait until the women go at it next episode. >> i have a sense of what's coming up in the next few episodes. we're not going to give it away. >> you have a sense about everything like that or just the
5:34 am
apprentice? >> mean and larry sabato. >> brian has been calling the psychic friends number. >> do you think heather nauert has a lot of news this morning? >> i'm not getting it all. >> i do. >> good morning. i'll take it from here. a fox news alert to start with this morning. a new york city hedge fund founder has been shot dead in his apartment in new york city. now police say that his son may have pulled the trigger. 70-year-old thomas gilbert senior was shot in the head after the two had some sort of an argument over the weekend. this morning police are now questioning that son 30-year-old tommy gilbert, who was last seen leaving his father's apartment just moments after that shooting. just days after president obama announcing the official end of the war in afghanistan, the country's new president now saying not so fast.
5:35 am
>> but deadlines should not be dealt with. if both parties or, in this case multiple partners have done their best to achieve the objectives and progress is very real then there should be willingness to reexamine a deadline. >> did you tell president obama that? >> president obama knows. we don't need to tell each other. >> there has been no official response from the white house just yet. u.s. combat mission formerly ended in afghanistan last week after more than 13 years, 11,000 americans are now there training afghan forces. but they're supposed to come back by the end of 2016. senator mike gravel going from politics to pot? the 84-year-old democrat just named the new ceo of a brand-new business that makes edible products out of pot. that company operates in washington and in colorado.
5:36 am
now plans to expand gravel's one-time home state, alaska. in november, that state passed a ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana. listen to this one. kanye west ring not ringing in the new year featuring one of the greatest musicians of all time paul mccartney. take a listen. ♪ ♪ >> okay. it turns out that some of kanye's biggest fans aren't too familiar with the beatles legend. one wrote this on twitter. quote, i don't know who paul mccartney is, but kanye is going to give this guy a career with this new song. oh, my gosh. and there is. >> no it wasn't just one. another tweet quote, con ye has a -- kanye has a great ear for talent. this paul mccartney guy is going to be huge. finally, this one, quote this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artists.
5:37 am
>> wow. >> do you think they're putting us on? >> unbelievable. what a bunch of dopes. james rosen is going to be very upset when he hears this. >> james rosen is always upset. >> it goes to show maybe some of these people on twitter don't know what they're talking about. >> no. they make a lot of sense. >> thank you heather. meanwhile, half of the united states of america preparing for an arctic blast today. frigid air will bring sub zero temperatures to nearly every state east of the rockies. but the question is will there be snow to go with the cold? >> we're checking in with maria molina. this cold snap is coming. >> oh, yeah. it's already in place across the center of the country. what happened over the weekend was we had this big storm system pushing eastward. had very mild temperatures with it. but behind it, take a look at what's happening over the past 24 hours. some cities have seen a temperature drop of more than 30 degrees in places like
5:38 am
chicago, and also in cleveland. that brings your current windchill temperatures well below zero in places like chicago and in minneapolis early this morning. it's only going to get colder out there. by wednesday morning you're looking at actual temperatures. actual temperatures only in the teens in cities like amarillo and also in louisville. then by thursday morning, you're looking at a temperature at 10 degrees in new york city for you as you ahead out to work. it's going to be very cold out there over the next several days. winter is here for sure. we do also have lake effect snow coming off the great lakes. maybe a foot of snow or locally higher amounts off of lake ontario. a very powerful storm system hitting the northwest today with strong winds and several feet of snow for the higher elevations. also going to be a quick moving area of low pressure hitting portions of the midwest. here is how much snow we're expecting. about three to five in places like chicago. otherwise more than six inches forecast for a widespread area across parts of iowa. let's head back inside now over
5:39 am
to brian. i see you're on the prompter up here. >> you gave it away. i was going to make it seem natural. thanks. she tells us what's going on. coming up straight ahead sportscaster jim rome calling marching band members uncool dorks. they didn't expect this tweet back. quote, just running around with our instruments and serving our country. that's from the army field band. the soldier when sent that tweet joins us live ahead. >> take that mr. rome. and a lot of people found drones under their christmas trees this year. and now the faa, the federalrnment is worried about airline safety and your privacy. we're going to talk about it legally as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ ♪ my name is michael. i'm 55 years old and i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible.
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fox news alert. moments from now, jury selection begins in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. 1200 potential jurors have been summoned. there is an unprecedented mount of security. of course. eric frien appear not guilty court for a preliminary hearing. the district attorney seeking the death penalty for the murder of a state trooper. and theresa giudice making prison her new home. she'll start her 15-month prison sentence. she reportedly told her daughters she's going away for research on a new book. steve? >> great. meanwhile, drones were the it gift this christmas season. but there are fears that drones could make the skies a little less safe. according to the faa, there were more than 190 close calls with drones and big commercial jets last year. now the agency is kicking off a campaign to make drone users
5:44 am
more aware of safety precautions. but will it be enough? what about privacy concerns? joining us how is a former federal prosecutor and commercial pilot fred. he joins us live from philly. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. >> this is a conversation you need to be having with your son because i understand your son got a drone for christmas. >> he did. my son will be 13, got a drone for christmas. it's interesting, the faa is instructing people not to fly these things over 400 feet. he said to me last night, oh dad, that big tall tree, i had it up above that. so i had a talk with him last night. these are serious, serious problems. i was talking to a buddy of mine who is a former marine corps fighter pilot in a delta captain and he was telling me he was flying around the other day and saw a bigger one of these things at 2500 feet go all the way up into the restricted air space near philadelphia. and disappear into the clouds. went into the air space that's referred for the airliners. he reported it to the faa.
5:45 am
this is a serious serious problem. people need to be aware that they're going to fly these things, they got to keep them low. >> but you know what? as we look at these they just look like little toys. they weigh a couple of pounds. how much damage could they do? the answer is a lot! >> a lot. they do weigh just a couple of pounds. but think about it, a bowling ball is from 8 to 12 pounds. but it's not just the weight. i'm going to hit this thing going close to 200 miles an hour. the amount of damage that it will do is staggering. if it comes throughout windshield or gets ingested into one of the engines, these can be a very serious problem. >> absolutely. the faa has come out with a list of drone don'ts. we're going to share those with people. first they say don't fly near airports stadiums or other people. also don't fly your drone beyond your line of sight. certainly not up in the clouds where you can't see it. finally, don't be careless. but you know what? when you're a kid and you've got the joy stick and you're just
5:46 am
trying to see how high can that thing go? you're going to go as high as it goes? >> you will. in fact, when you add into the fact that most of these, including my son's, have cameras in it and all these people are doing it and posting these videos to social media and trying to outdo the next person by going as high as they can you know accidents happen because people are careless or wreckless. and how many times have we seen accidents take place where people like wow i wish i hadn't done that? that's what we're trying to stop. >> sure. and what's the penalty? if somebody does something and it results in hitting a plane or something, god forbid even worse, who is going to be held responsible? >> well, the drone operator will be h held responsible. but that will be little solace for the people whose loved ones were on that airplane. i mean this is something that's got to be stopped kind of early on and in the bud because it's getting more and more dangerous and they are more and more prolific. yes, flying around steve, if i seen military drone yes. errorred them to the controller. they're like oh, we don't have anything on radar.
5:47 am
i'm like, i bet you don't. but those aren't the ones we're worried about. we're worried about ones being flown by people who don't have any experience, don't really know what they're doing on some level and not paying attention and they're not thinking about what if, which is what a good pilot always thinks about. >> okay. have that conversation with your son. thank you very much for joining us. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, sportscaster jim rome sparked a twitter storm when he called marching band members quote, uncool dorks. but he didn't expect this. just running around with our instruments and serving our country. that was a tweet from the army field band. the sergeant who sent that tweet to jim rome joins us next live. first let's join now martha mccallum who has been on vacation. she's come back to work today. >> i've come back. i decided to come back. it's good to be here. good morning. we've got everybody back in our team in action ready to go for 2015. it's also a new lead team on capitol hill now. now that the gop has the ball, where are they going to go with
5:48 am
it? senator-elect thom tillis is here and senator hayes will be here to tell us what's really going to happen in washington. andage tragedy and a miracle as a little girl emerges from a plane crash and knocks on a man's door for help. her story. and gas under two bucks? happy new year. we'll see you at the top of the hour
5:49 am
have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it?
5:50 am
starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
5:51 am
talk about hitting a low note. sportscaster jim rome is now apologizing after offensing members of the military and musicians just about everywhere with his insensitive tweet during the rose bowl on thursday. is there anyone, he writes, not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool? >> the u.s. army field band is among those firing back posting posting this on twit. just running around with our
5:52 am
instruments and serving our instruments. #proudto bein a band. joining us right now is the woman behind that tweet sergeant first class lauren curran. thanks for your service. thanks for playing. all my brothers played in a marching band and so did my dad. jim rome i know him. he did apologize. what is your reaction and what has been the reaction? >> we first saw this tweet the first instinct was really to sound misinformed. the members of the band work so hard, hours of dedication to learn these complicated drills, not to mention the years learning their instruments and we think that kind of effort and work should be respected, not ridiculed. >> do you believe that his apology is sufficient? >> well, we appreciate the apology. i think it doesn't come from a bad place, just maybe misinformed about what it is that we do and as a soldier any time we see something that's maybe just not quite right, we
5:53 am
want to just help him be a little better informed about what we do and i think when he could meet some of these marching students and see, these are the future leaders and i think you have a better appreciation after that. so we're glad that he saw that from the response and that he apologized. we absolutely appreciate it. >> he did. here it goes, he said this, band nation, i hear you. i was out of line. i apologize. i do not condone bullying of any kind. that was not my intent. in 140 characters, i believe that sounds sincere. but you know what i like about it? it underlines how hard you people work and how much coordination is need to do pull off what you do. >> absolutely. >> do you hope that one day he comes to see you perform? >> we would love for him to come to a show. jim, please come tout see an army field band concert. we perform all over the country and in fact, we just got back from san antonio, texas, performing with some of the top high school marching bandsor band students from all over the country at the u.s. army all
5:54 am
american bowl. so come down to that. see this football game and meet some of these students. when you see how hard they work it's really hard not to be a believer in what marching band does. >> and your men and women are a team, right? that is a team. >> absolutely. the skills and the hard work and the integrity and the team work that you learn in marching band, that served us so well as soldiers. those are those same values that we try to live by every day. i think really those marching bands, the character to us is much more important than whether or not something seems cool. >> you stand for our nation, all the citizen, all of your band members. i know you've got a little one 11 months old, i believe who is going to be proud of his mommy for sure. we want to thank you for being with us. i love that smile and what you said and really made a change, i think, even in jim rhon. >> thanks so much. thanks for your service. >> thank you. five minutes before we're
5:55 am
done. we have one more thing coming your way. >> that's right. he's telling the truth. ♪ ♪ do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™. lips are your thinnest skin. they need special attention, day and night. new chapstick dual-ended hydration lock provides 24-hour care. spf protects by day. natural oils replenish by night. chapstick. put your lips first.
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maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. one for the road. the cowboys rally to beat the tigers in the nfc playoff game. chris christie bizarrely at the cowboys game. he's hugging jerry jones like he never met him. he goes for the high five and settles for the group hug. >> it looks very familiar there. finally, the days of fighting over the car radio over. ♪ >> hey, good tune, man! >> i don't think so. >> yeah, here we go.
5:59 am
♪ don't you remember you told me you loved me baby ♪ >> audio company reportedly working on a way to split the car into four sound zones so each passenger can listen to their own music. good luck. >> that's right. us with us police department trying to track down the person who let the diamond ring on their christmas tree for the past five weeks. they invied people to come to decorate the tree and during that time, someone left a diamond ring. >> you think it's a donation or somebody wanted to get married? >> forgot it? >> maybe somebody's proposal engagement gone wrong. >> available on demand. bill: good morning, a new day a new week and a new normal. congress getting back to work and for the first time since 2006 republicans control both
6:00 am
the senate and the house. >> martha: happy 2015. republic dance are promising immediate action on a number of big issues they have been wanting to take action on for quite some time. mitch mcconnell laid out where he thinks republicans will


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