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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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cowboys victory hug much adieu about nothing or a political gaff? good night from washington d.c. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. >> the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> we have a right to do what we wish. if i want to turn my back on them, i will. >> chaos shaping up in new york city as police stopped arresting some law breakers to protest mayor de blasio's police stance. >> the white house and the democratic party pointing fingers at republicans over a congressman that spoke to a group run by david duke. a factor cable exclusive. mr. duke will be here. >> you skin that yourself? >> also ahead what is your new year's resolution? jesse watters is hot on the trail of that.
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>> be careful. >> of what? >> strangers. >> caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor begins right now. hi. i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching with us tonight. the police. there is a mini crisis brewing here in new york city. the nypd is so angry that they are engaged in a work slow down. arrests for minor crimes in the last part of december are way down. add to that thousands of new york city police officers despise the mayor, bill de blasio and continue to show disrespect by turning their backs to him. this despite the fact that police commissioner bill bratton asked the officers not to do
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that. thousands of cops defied their boss and turned away from de blasio when he spoke at the service. for those that don't live in new york city, there is a bigger picture. the progressive left believes the american justice system is unfair to black people. there is no question african-americans commit crimes way out of proportion to the general population. the real question is why. according to analysis by a "wall street journal"ist columnist blacks make up 14% of the population but account for 47% of all police killings. fbi stats, blacks are almost six times more likely as non-blacks to kill a police officer. that is why the cops are more defensive around blacks and especially young black men. police feel threatened because the violent crime rate among young african-american men is so intense. if is far more difficult than
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policing in white neighborhoods. the fact that african-americans commit crimes out of proportion to the american population is the tipping point. but the left will never acknowledge that and excuses are made. according to, some the historical oppression of the african-american community is the root cause of violence and not individual behavior. many on the left believe the american police are the guardians of the oppressive justice system. they prop it up. apparently that is what mayor de blasio believes, that there is injustice among his own police officers. he even told his own son, a mixed race teenager, to be careful around the nypd. that point of view that the left is putting out there saying the police are instruments of oppression rather than a protective force is causing outrage on the part of the cops
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themselves. any fair-minded person can understand that. it is easy. if young black men are killing police officers at a rate six times higher than other american dwroups, the cops will be weary of them. and then you add to that the fact that the progressive left in general does not want to punish many crimes. russell simmons told me right here on the factor that he believes selling heroin meth and crack and other drugs is not a violent crime. mr. simmons thinks incarcerating people for dealing drugs is oppression. is selling heroin and crack on the street a violent crime? >> i am saying whites and blacks -- >> that is an easy question. can you answer that? >> people who are incarcerated. >> am i invisible? are you not hearing me? >> i don't think selling drugs is a violent crime. >> you and i have a
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disagreement. i think selling hard drugs is a violent crime. now back to mayor de blasio. before he was laelkted mayor the new york city police department drove down murders. that is a tremendous success. but de blasio's view point elsewhere. he sees the protesting cops as the problem. >> those individuals who took certain actions the last week or last two weeks really. they were disrespectful to the families involved. that is the bottom line. they were disrespectful to the families that lost their loved ones. and i can't understand why anyone would do such a thing in a context like that. >> i disagree. the police who protested de blasio's presence at the funeral were sending a valid message. the fact they attended the funeral showed their respect for
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the families. but they don't have to honor anyone at the service, especially someone who is putting their lives in danger. don't believe me? listen to this. less than 24 hours after the officers were murdered an 18-year-old posted a picture on facebook of a man shooting a gun into an nypd car. he was arrested. now facing a felony for making a terrorist threat. the brooklyn d.a. asked for $250,000 bail because he has a long arrest record and is an alleged gang member. but judge laura johnson ruled there should be no bail at all, nothing. despite the fact that he is facing charges such as assault and criminal possession of a weapon in a previous case before the threat on the cops. the nypd is furious as it
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should be. judge johnson had to be reappointed to the bench by new year's eve. most of us thought she had no chance after that outrageous decision. but mayor de blasio did reappoint her. spitting in the face of his own police department. and de blasio wonders why these men and women are turning their backs on him, why they despise him? you reappointed a judge that grants a thug no bail after the man posed a violent threat against cops in the wake of two assassinations? no sane judge does that. and no responsible mayor condones it. a little later megyn kelly will analyze the situation for us but talking points believes mayor de blasio does not respect law enforcement and directly insulted each member of the new york stay police department and should resign his position. there is no way on this earth that the mayor will ever command
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respect among the vast majority of the 35,000 member police community here in new york. there comes a point where it becomes so damaging to a society that it has to be stopped. mayor de blasio is as left wing as they come. for some reason the voters in new york city after electing rudy giuliani and michael bloomberg have given power to this man. he is going to ruin the city. his main concern is social justice. he believes the cops in general oppress black people. that message was sent by the mayor loud and clear. the former mayor, rudy giuliani summed it up. >> to have the police turn their backs on me. i never had an issue about policing with them. i do believe mayor de blasio should apologize to the new york city police department. i think he would get it over with if he did it. >> i disagree. by reappointing judge johnson he
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has reached the point of no return. policing is a dangerous job. a few police officers abuse their power the system must hold them accountable for that. but the vast majority of the nypd and all other american police agencies do protect us from evil and harm and destruction. the one thing the police cannot protect us from is a politician like bill de blasio. next on the rundown we will have reaction. and later, megyn kelly on the bail process in america. and charles krauthammer on jeb bush running for president. the factor is coming right back. music: melodic, calm music. hi, this is jennifer... ... i will be out of the office until monday... ... and won't be checking voicemail during this time. i'll reply just as soon as i get back to work.
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continuing now with our lead story. a police slowdown here in new york city. all right juan where am i going wrong?
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>> let's shoot straight. i think you are right. i live in the big city. i grew up in new york city as a young black man. but most likely i would be killed by another young black man. and to this day as an old black man, it is again the kind of crime going on with the gang bangers. then you said, and i think it is right, the police are six times more likely to be killed by a young black male who sen crusted in this deep mire of criminality. but don't extend that to the idea that we want to defend bad cops. >> no. but they are a minority. i think you would agree with that. >> but there is a reason that voters supported de blasio. he beat quinn in new york city because he opposed stop and frisk. the voters black and hispanics are the majority of new york city. they said they are tired of the fact that the cops act --
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>> let me ask you a question. do you know what has happened in new york city since stop and frisk. that should have been rebranded meet and greet. do you know the shooting rate in new york city? >> it has gone down. >> no. it is up 7%. the only violent crime that has gone up. it is going to go higher since stop and frisk stopped. >> i think homicides have gone down. >> i just told you that, it is in stone. absolutely true. >> i don't think that is right. >> you want to bet, juan? >> homicides -- >> not homicidings. shootings. i think homicides have gone down. >> that is not what the question was. >> i agree with you on a lot of
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this. the part where i part ways is that bill de blasio is reaping what he has sewn for many years of not building roads between him and the cops. i think you do reach a point where we have a democratic society. it requires that these institutions, as a police force, adhere to a chain of command. you have to add here to the chain of command even when you do not like the guy that is in charge. that is when you are really being tested. on the first day this happened when backs were turned, i said it is an emotional reaction and makes sense. i do think if you get to an orchestrated slow down that can cause a political problem for the nypd. the cops have an incredible reservoir of goodwill because they have responsibility and protection. >> because they have done a damn good job here in the city.
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>> there is discretion police officers have. >> that is true. but there has been a large slow down. it will probably even out. >> they can pull you in or let you go. you are driving your bike the wrong way, putting people in danger. they can take you off the bike and pull you in or not. police are saying because you will not support us and you, mayor de blasio are putting us in danger, we are not going get the little stuff. the bigger picture is the progressive view that the cops are an oppressive force against minorities, particularly blacks. do you believe that? >> no. i don't know if the cops are. i said this to you earlier. i think cops have a thin blue line. but i must tell you that cops also can violate that tremendous authority they have. >> no group is perfect juan. >> no. >> the protesters now are saying the system is stacked against black people. you are putting too many of them
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in jail. they shouldn't be there. drug dealing is a nonviolent crime. do not incarcerate people selling heroin. do you agree with that? >> no. that is not right. if you are selling heroin. that is crazy. i am just telling you, i am driving this home to you. when a police officer acts in such a way as to racialally profile and harass people, it damages what they are doing. >> in the u.s. army and catholic church and every organization there are people that do things that are not right. you don't demonize the whole group. mr. de blasio demonized his whole force and that is why they despise him. >> there are bad cops that do bad things. there are bad people in any community that do bad things. look police approach the black
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community in a more defensive posture because of these statistics. if the black community sees them approaching in a defensive posture they would have fears. the two need to come together and understand those fears. >> deblausz i don't believes the -- de blasio believes the police are oppressive. he told his own son to be careful with the nypd. demonizing the whole crew. >> that is not demonizing. you would tell your kids to be careful. >> no, i wouldn't. i would say be respectful. if there is any abuse tell me and i will deal with it. >> there is nothing crazy to say to your son. >> it is irresponsible for the mayor to tell his son to be careful with the nypd that. is demonizing the whole crew. i have to go. directly ahead the republican party under fire from the white house over a congressman speaking to david duke's organization. mr. duke will be here. later meggen kelly and charles krauthammer on giving thugs low
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congressman steve scalise from louisiana is the third highest ranking republican in the house. now he is involved in a big controversy. 2002 he allegedly spoke to the european american unionity and rights organization in a suburb of new orleans. that group is run by david duke, considered by some to be a white spremist. today at the white house the situation came up. >> it is ultimate lie their decision to make. but there is no arguing who republicans decide to elevate into a leadership position says
5:23 pm
a lot about what the conferences's priorities and values are. ultimately mr. scalise described himself as david duke without the baggage. it will be up to republicans to decide what that says. joining us now is david duke. first of all, i understand you were not at the conference where congressman scalise spoke. there is correct. at the time i was in moscow in the russian archives doing research for this book, the secret behind communism. and my speech at the conference, which was done by a telephone hookup was actually about how the iraq war would be a catastrophic war for america and only help the enemies of america and put americans in harms's way. i said there were no weapons of mass destruction. i was never a white supremacist.
5:24 pm
i in the louisiana legislature sponsored a bill that forbid racial discrimination and these programs called affirmtive action. >> all right. you were not there you were in moscow doing something else. were you aware he was going speak to your group? >> i heard about that. but i tell you frankly, and i know your next question is was he there. i can't be sure he was there. >> you don't know if he actually showed up. in the newspaper it said he spoke but it wasn't to your group. it was to another group at the same hotel and blah blah. >> i know he was scheduled to speak. i don't know if he spoke. here is the deal. i was out of the klan at this time longer than robert byrd was out of the klan before he went to congress.
5:25 pm
he was in it for years after i was. i was in my 20s. here is -- you can zoom out if you want. here is president obama with robert byrd when he died. he was there and clinton was there. >> you are still -- whatever. come on. >> no. when you defend the rights of all-americans -- >> wait. the label of the group. sending a message. european union. >> it is the same message. >> look. i have known you for a long time. we don't have enough time for to you answer. >> of course you don't. >> don't sit there and tell me you are not a white -- your organization is not looking out for the white europeans. >> i tell you what. i am looking out for the rights of all-americans.
5:26 pm
i believe european americans shouldn't be discriminated against in jobs or scholarships or other ways. >> that is a position being debated all over the place. >> there is nothing wrong with that. scalise was there. he wasn't at a klan meeting. here is the perfect example. nelson mandela. this is a picture of nelson mandela at a communist party meeting. >> i reported that. and i reported that. >> exactly. let me ask you the question. does any of the mass media in this country -- >> what do you care? you don't care about the mass media. you know they despise you. >> all people in america. european americans. african-americans. he was a communist. former communist nelson man della. >> sympathetic in the mainstream media for the left. >> and they are unsympathet toik european americans. >> don't tell me you are not
5:27 pm
trying to promote the cause of white people, because you are. >> i am absolutely -- i love my people and my heritage and i want to preserve my heritage like every people does. >> what does that mean? >> how about european heritage. >> what does that mean? >> you don't know what european heritage is. mozart and bach. >> they are people. they come from different countries. the problem with this garbage on both sides -- >> that is not garbage. >> we are all in it together and skin color shouldn't matter. >> the people in the media are inflaming the african-americans against european americans and a sector of them against african-americans. but the real people who are oppressing and hurting all of us are the bankers who are robbing us blind. they are putting us in these wars for israel. that is hurting all of america. >> mr. duke, i have to go. we appreciate you coming in.
5:28 pm
you said congressman scalise was scheduled -- >> he did not go to a white supremmist meeting if he did go at all. >> that is all we wanted. the truth. plenty more ahead this evening. charles krout ham or jeb bush running for prmpt does he think that is a good idea? megyn kelly on why some judges are sympathet toik thugs and watters on new years resolutions. >> a glass half full or empty guy? >> glass is always half full. >> you are skaing me right now. name is daniel. i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain felt like my feet were on fire. i had these very burning needle-like sensations. i knew i needed to see a doctor. my doctor said, "let's try lyrica." lyrica has helped relieve my pain. it's known that diabetes damages nerves lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions, or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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happy new year to you. if you watch fox news on new year's eve you saw jesse watters wearing a dopey scarf. but before he did that he asked folks in greenwich village about their resolutions. >> what is your new year's resolution? >> i have no [ bleep ] clue right now. >> in better touch with my loved ones. >> learn span skpish appreciate those that mean the most to me. >> drink conservatively and just be careful. >> of what? >> of strangers. >> stranger danger!
5:33 pm
stranger danger! >> my resolution is to be with the person they love. i don't care if it is black white, straight, gay. anything. i want to be with a person that makes me happy. >> you are bisexual? >> yes. we will go with that. >> i am bipartisan. >> i don't know what that means. >> what is your goal in life? >> to be the guy everyone talks about. >> have i been naught i or have i been nice? >> anyone that wears a tie that color is on the naughty side. >> thank you very much. >> do you like girls or boys? >> why does everybody keep asking me that? >> we are not alone! >> beautiful jacket. >> thank you. >> skin that yourself? >> raccoon. >> that is the most real authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life! >> can i give you a little
5:34 pm
advice? >> absolutely. >> spend time with the family. drink a lot of water. eat healthy and you too can be a success. >> i wish you could shut your big yapper. >> is that your real hair? >> that is my real hair. >> you are kidding me? >> i am very kidding you. >> okay. >> it is okay, honey. >> nobody called me that before. >> after a few shots you become a babe. >> what is your life philosophy? >> never say no to an opportunity. >> okay. >> you have to have goals and always move forward. >> are you a glass half full guy? >> the glass is always half full. >> you are scaring me right now. >> okay. >> i am the perfect man. >> you are. is that what everybody says? >> that is what they tell me. >> you are a remarkable man. >> any mistakes you made? >> i say no regrets.
5:35 pm
>> no regrets. >> you have no regrets? >> no. >> not even a single letter? >> be true to yourself and try to change the world. >> what is the ring on your finger for? >> that is because i am italian. you wear gold. that is it. >> this is what it is, okay. you know what it is. >> you watch bill o'reilly? >> i do. >> are you a factor fan? >> of course. >> what do you like about the show? >> okay. >> yeah. >> you guys ever watch the o'reilly factor? >> when we have to, yeah. >> my jack set screaming o'reilly factor. >> that would not be me. i am liberal. >> no kidding. >> you ever watch watters world? >> no. >> i am watters and this is my world. >> the greatest line i ever heard or he is some kind of a nut. >> can i stroke that fur?
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>> sure. >> i am go to have a drink. let's go. >> let's go. you made it back right? >> i did. >> that was stupid but let's get to the serious stuff. >> right. >> let's get the shot of watters there. look at the scarf. did they buy that for and you make you wear that? >> i didn't buy it or tie it. okay. it was not a white scarf. it wassivory. >> the woman is looking at you saying what is that scarf. >> i am glad you gave me an opportunity to address this. it caused a lot of controversy. i didn't tie it. they were trying to sabotage me. >> it wasn't even cold. >> it was freezing. >> it was 42 degrees. >> you know my neck is sensitive. >> look, career advice. >> yes. >> on this show you are doing okay. the other shows -- >> not so good. >> no. >> the ratings can show that. >> object this show.
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the o'reilly factor. the number one cable news ohio for 15 years and counting. >> two hot topics including
5:41 pm
accusations that al sharpton is shaking down big companies. the talking points memo, a new york city judge, laura johnson gave a man who threatened police officers no bail despite a long arrest record. here is megyn kelly, who you see right after the factor. what about judge johnson? >> i don't think she did the right thing but i think you might be being too hard on her and the mayor by extension. >> a hot mess. >> there are so many problems with this mayor. >> i did not call the mayor of new york city a hot mess. she did. >> equally. >> the d.a. in brooklyn asked for $250,000 bail. he obviously thinks the guy is dangerous. he has a gun beef and assault beef. the guy shooting into a cop car. >> right. >> you say she didn't make a mistake. >> not as egregious as you could say. the guy has two other court
5:42 pm
dates on january 9 the day high has to return on posting this picture. he already has to be back in court january 9. two other major charges. it could be that this judge thought there is no way he is jumping bail when he has that much skin in the game. the purpose is tonal make sure the person shows up. >> that is the theory of it. but the purpose of bail is to keep bad hombres off the street. >> in most states of the union that is true. >> they do it here they just don't admit it. >> they don't. and mayor de blasio actually supported a change in the law that allows judges more discretion in celtsetting bail. >> i call them as i see them.
5:43 pm
>> de blasio has many problems. but i do not see the reappointment of this judge as one of them. >> the cops do. >> you talked to all of them? >> believe me, they do. >> if he does not show up on january 9, it is a problem. if not it is water under the bridge. >> they will never respect de blasio no matter what he does. >> object this case. >> this is part of it. al sharpton, "new york post" -- it was all old stuff. shaking down companies for years. >> basically his response was there is nothing new there. that was all covered in a 2008 article which he claims was discredited. in his release he didn't provide any links. >> nobody did. >> he didn't provide any. we have done searching. we didn't find any. we are left to stand with his word that it has been discredited. >> how it works he would
5:44 pm
approach a company. other people do it. we are going to accuse you of racism unless you donate this much money to whatever it may be. pepsy was paying him $25,000 a year. the money goes to him. it goes in his pocket. and what it morphed into now, as we saw with sony and its executive, fusai something that is racist as she did, you have to go bend a knee to al sharpton, kiss the ring. and then he is somehow the spokesman for the african-american community who will give absolution to some people. >> who is sharpton's best friend in new york city? >> who is his best friend in the white house? >> in new york city who is his best friend? >> mayor de blasio. >> ouch! >> okay. >> megyn kelly everybody. i was go to ask her resolution,
5:45 pm
but i think it is agree with me no matter what i say. is that what it is? >> we will see you at 9:00. >> all right. jeb bush running for president. does charles think that is a good idea? introducing the new philips norelco shaver series 9000 with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to to save up to $40. innovation and you. philips norelco. do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™.
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. . . . . . . . . . .
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former florida governor jeb bush has resigned from some of his business positions. a clear sign that he is running for president. a recent cnn poll shows governor bush leads the pack at this point. 23% supporting him. chris christie clocks in at 13% and ben carson 7%. joining us now is charles krauthammer with his first appearance in 2015. run a good thing for
5:49 pm
the country? >> that was your first giant adjective of the year. i think we should celebrate that. it is good for the country and good for the party. he is a formidable candidate and a guy with a lot of experience. he is a serious candidate. i am impressed by the whole potential field far superior to 2014. and i think it is excellent that republicans are going to have that kind of choice. >> the conservative wing of the republican party does not like governor bush very much. why? >> well, they have certain complaints. i think it has to do with both immigration and common cause, which is about education. and the general sense that the bushes are too soft. they are too centrist and i think on the other hand you have
5:50 pm
a guy who was a very successful chief executive in florida. he cut taxes. he reformed education. he is very pro choice when it comes to education in the sense that he wants to allow the poor to have the kind of choices the rich have. he has been very successful with that as governor. since he left the governor's mansion he has been working on that in the private sector and the nonprofit sector. he is a man of considerable accomplishments. it might have to do with his manner. he is not a fire and brim stone guy. >> isn't that what is needed to go up against hillary clinton? you have constituency for mrs. clinton. i would put it at about 35%. liberal americans going to vote for her even though they grous she's not liberal enough. minority voters, black americans
5:51 pm
probably go in heavy for hillary clinton. you have this constituency first woman president, i don't think she's going to try the war on women, she might. but in order to cut into that you really have to show her constituency she's not a powerful leader. i'm just thinking about how you beat her not what's right and what's wrong. and i don't know if governor bush has that fire in the belly to go after her on those things. >> look, i could make the same argument that any republican candidate would be starting out with about the same kind of 35% and that argument as it always is in all presidential elections is about the 20% to 30% of the electorate who are somewhere in between. and you could argue that if you're looking for that part of the electorate, independents and maybe sort of what used to be called reagan democrats working class democrats who are
5:52 pm
disaffected with how the democrats have become a party of the coastal elites, the party of the environmentalist, the party that doesn't care about the working man. i think that that is not a hard argument to make. and there are a lot of conservatives and a lot of republican who is can do it. look, i don't think there's any way to know right now before the contest begins who's got the real advantage on the republican side. this is one of those elections that is not going to be won on paper or by reputation or by history. it's going to be won on the field. meaning who's the best in the debates, who makes the least gaffes, who's the one who has some kind of appeal who's the one who has a program. i think all of those things are going to play in unpredictable ways. >> does w. hurt his brother? >> i think the bush name has two negatives. one of them is diminishing and may no longer be a negative.
5:53 pm
the first was sort of the toxicity of the bush presidency in 2008, unhappiness with the iraq war, exhaustion, all that. but i think the eight years of the post presidency of george w., the way he's acted in extremely dignifyied way has in many ways change that had and also simply the distance of time. >> right. >> i think the other negative, and the one that i think effects you and me, just about anybody, there's something just not quite right about die nastic politics. yes, we've had it with the adamssadams and roosevelts. on the other hand, if you run against hillary, that could be neutralized. >> sure. on a die nastic. >> certainly could neutralize it. >> charles, thank you as always. we appreciate it. "the factor" tip of the day, a
5:54 pm
new year's resolution for everybody. charles and i included. the tip moments away.
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ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight supporters of america's police departments say they have had enough and are planning a massive new show of support as protest groups go to new lengths about their complaints of the men and women patrolling our streets chlts welcome to "the kelly file" and happy new year everyone. i'm megyn kelly. tonight, we are learned about a planned march on our nation's capital scheduled for later this month organized by law enforcement families fed up with their loved ones being labeled as racist. it follows a series of heated confrontations recently including this exchange just days ago in st. louis. >> go!


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