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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 6, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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everywhere. everybody in central park are using them. from's tourists from all over the world. >> break them break them. >> the family is struggling to get a picture of themselves and they said can i get a picture of that? >> that's it for us, special report is next. bombs away on the first day of the republican controlled congress and insurrection by house conservatives and veto threats by the president over keystone and obama care. welcome to day one. this is special report. >> good evening, i'm bret baier, republicans now control both houses of congress for the first time six 2006. but instead ofcelebrating the first stay of the 114th congress, there appears to be a president that doesn't want to compromise. the president whose words about cooperation with the new congress are not lining up with
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his actions, we begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill tonight. >> bret, good evening on day one of the 114th congress, hours after bipartisan legislation was veiled sponsors by 54 republicans and six democrats in the senate. the white house announced president obama would veto it. >> reporter: after introducing the keystone xl pipeline, now there -- we have got about 63 to support it. a recent fox poll revealed nearly 7 out of ten voters support building the pipeline. a spokesman for trance canada nowlesed -- are you viewing the final phase, with seemingly no one in site. john ernest said that bill isn't
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isn't -- the new majority leader mitch mcconnell will begin the process on the senate floor. >> everyone knows this is the first thing that's going to come out on the energy committee. why don't we get started. >> the new minority leader harry reid reid -- the bill sponsor joe manchin says he opens allowing amendments which reid rarely did will be in support of the bill. >> one's excited about getting down to business and getting something accomplished that has open access and an open process to it. so we're looking forward to
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that. >> reporter: in the house, john boehner was elected speaker for a third term. daniel webster receiving 12 votes, and ted yoho of florida earning two votes. after his victory, boehner sounded eager to get started. >> we'll begin our work on this common ground, taking up measures to develop north american energy, restore the hours of middle class workers and help small businesses hire more of our veterans. >> reporter: republican leaders say -- louisiana democrat senator mary landrieu was trying to save her job last month with the very same bill. >> mike emanuel live on capitol hill tonight. let's get more now on the president's approach to the new republican controlled congress. here's chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> reporter: president obama chose an in your face path taking this day of new begins and meeting with a bipartisan
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group of governors, rather than congressional republicans who will come to the white house next week. >> my main message to these governors is going to be let's figure out how to work together. and that's the same message that i'm going to have for congress. >> yet the president may have sent the opposite message of going around congress. plus, use a pending court case in nebraska to veto construction of the keystone xl pipeline. >> stay one, this bill. doesn't that send an odd message of cooperation. >> that spirit of good kneelfeels goes both ways. >> reporter: gop leaders charge the president is not listening to the american people when he tees up more unilateral action. a fox news poll last month over the president's job performance
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on immigration found that 36% approve and -- yet today in the oval office, mexican president gave mr. obama a ringing endorsement. >> i somewhere made acknowledgement of the very intelligence and audacious decision of your administration regarding the executive act shin for immigration. >> narrator: >> reporter: republicans like rick perry are still urging the president to come to the southern border for an up close look at what's really happening. the texas governor recently telling fox's bret baier that at their meets last year, the border patrol was not gale position actually positioned on the border. >> is that right mr. president? and i said, i promise you. he did not know that his border patrol was 50 miles away from the border. >> reporter: today the president also defended his executive
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action on cuba telling the president it will be a key part of the summit of the americas in panama this april. >> i described my initiative to end the 50-year policy with relation to cuba to move towards what we hope will be a more constructive policy, but one that continues to emphasize human rights and glock si. >> the big question on himan rights is whether cube -- as for those 53 political prisoners who are supposed to be released from cuban jails, their status is still a mystery. big makes headaches for the u.s. coast guard.
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>> reporter: the number of kib bans intercepted at sea by the u.s. coast guard is up 164% after last month's announcement the with united states would soften sanctions against astro regime. officials say the spike is based on a false rumor that a favorable immigration policy for cubeanan migrants could soon be scrapped. >> putting their lives in harm's way trying to get the united states, because they believe their window of opportunity is closing. >> for 20 years, cubans have been the exclusive beneficiaries of a wet foot, dry foot policy. cuban migrants detained on water, wet foot are returned home, while those who make it to land on the u.s., dry foot get fast track residency and a fast track to citizenship. there's widespread speculation that the wet foot dry foot policy could end studly.
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the number of cubans willing to risk all continues to grow. the coast guard returned 121 cubans trying to escape the communist island monday. alberto sanchez was asked why he tried for the ninth time to make the illegal crossing. >> you go to bed and the next day the reality is what are you going to eat and what are you going to do? >> reporter: the desperation can be seen in the vessels inner tubes, a truck with a propeller and a bed sheet sailboat crammed with 24 passengers. moist vessels have no communications or life jackets, some move at just 1 to 2 miles per hour. 25,000 cubans made it to the u.s. last year. there are no figures for how many attempted the journey and fairled. this is a fox news alert.
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kfox 14 in el paso texas are reporting an active shooter at the beaumont clinic. el paso police say they are assisting ft. bliss personnel in responding. viewers are saying they're seeing heavy police activity in that area. we'll continue to monitor this situation but again an active shooter is said to be at the william beaumont army medical center we'll bring you an update as necessary. there are new concerns tonight about al qaeda's ability to make bombs that are undetectable by law enforcement. the latest issue of it's propaganda journal inspirks features a 20-page section about a new generation of explow skifs that can be made from common highways hold items this. dove tails with the recent u.s. assessment of the groups evolving tactics. up next, judgment day for a man who was once a rising star in the gop.
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first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are talking about. another delay in getting a private -- today's scheduled launch at the space x vehicle was called off because of rocket trouble. the mission was delayed twice in mid-december. fox 31 in denver with growing anger over a massive delay over the airport's -- the company is blame ing a blame blameing a bad vendor. and from las vegas, from our affiliate out there fox 5, the big story out there tonight the annual consumer electronics show, about 150,000 people and 3,000 exhibitors are expected. it are feature all the latest consumer electronics from smarter televisions homes and cars to wearable technology. the show is not open to the public. that is tonight's live look as you look live in las vegas, down on the strip there, outside the
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® signature ™ . he was once a rising star in the republican party. he was said to be looked at as a vice presidential nominee. tonight former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is looking at two years in federal prison. correspondent peter doosy tells us what happened. >> reporter: from governor to prisoner in a year. bob mcdonnell moved out of virginia's executive mansion in 2014 and today was sentenced to 24 months in a federal prison after being convicted on charges of corruption. >> i am a fallen human being, i have made mistakes in my life, i always try to put the best interests of the people first as governor.
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but i have failed at times. >> during today's sentencing hearing in richmond several defense witnesses testified that mcdonnell is a man of good character, with some even pitching the judge on alternatives to prison, promising to put the former governor to work is a volunteer in appalachian or haiti. but u.s. district judge james spencer says a strong sentence was needed and a quote unlike ---a scene like this was almost. >> when you hear people say you're on a shoshtd list list ---we're. >> it's the big house not the white house where mcdonald and his wife could soon follow. her sentencing is next month.
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each have -- have a virginia businessman who has accepted promotions for a mcdonnell is estranged. it's also the first -- have been found guilty of felonies and arelikely to go to business. this is not the kind of history virginialikes to make. >> mcdonnell was ordered to report to prison by february 9. >> she plans to start the appeals process as soon as tomorrow and his lawyers hope he never sees the inside of a cell block. >> so what do you think? do you think mcdonnell's sentence is appropriate? let me know on, or on twitter at bret kbair. you can use the hash tag special report. >> jeb bush is taking more steps toward an apparent presidential run. chief political correspondent
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carl cameron says that president bush is setting the bar for the rest of the gop field. >> in his latest pace setting moves former governor jeb bush has formed the right to rice leadership pac. having promised a state of the art digital organization he announced it in english and spanish videos on facebook and twitter. to emphasize economic mobility education and dpi versity and signal that bush plans a populous message. forming a leadership pac puts bush on par with potential rivals like marco rubio, who have -- right to rise is mend to reflect the bush agenda, quote, celebrate success abrisk taking cherish -- strengthen our national defense, embrace the
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energy revolution fix our broken and obsolete education system. the last two refer to bush's support for common core education standards and legal status for certain unauthorized immigrants despite conservative opposition. in addition, a separate right to rise superpac is being created by bush allies that can independently raise unlimited donations, if gop billionaires and others start donating huge amounts it could start cash for gop rooilless. but is not working for jeb now. >> >>a can be that can be talked soon enough. >> bush's first leadership pac fund riser is a-it can post huge donations by the first quarter which is in march it could
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knock out some of his rivals. if not, it could likely raise crippling questions. >> the right to rise agenda doesn't really fit orbn a bumper sticker. >> all right, carl, thanks. . >> well former president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara are separating their 70th wedding anniversary tonight, they were married in 1945. mr. bush was -- tonight he tweeted, 70 years ago this very day, barbara piers made me the happiest and luckiest man on effort. congratulations, president bush and mrs. bush. harvard professors learn the hard way be careful what you wish for especially when it comes to obama care. two new york city police officers have been shot, a live update when we come back.
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three-term new york governor mario cuomo was remembered today as an advocate for the voiceless and powerless. dignitaries at today's memorial included bill and hillary clinton, attorney general eric holder, new york mayor bill de blasio and former mayor michael bloomberg. two men are in custody tonight following the shooting of two more nypd officers, it happened just a stay after the funeral for one of two officers. david lee miller has the latest tonight from new york. >> a late-night shoot-out from the brojs left two new york city police officers injured. unlike the earlier incident, the
3:24 pm
officers last night were not specifically targeted. but were responding to a robbery at a convenience store. the officers returned to duty as part of a five midwestern anity crime mun any. they spotted a suspect on the street. another suspect entered a chinese p restaurant. he fired three rounds with a .44 caliber magnum. an officer returned fire. one suspect was arrested after going to the hospital for treatment of a bullet wound. the other was taken into custody this afternoon on the streets after he was recognized from the security camera video. >> in a very short period of time 29 chips ten of which accurately identified the suspect that we subsequently found later this morning. >> reporter: although city officials yesterday touted a 4.6% drop in the crime rate for 2014, more recent statistics
3:25 pm
reveal a disturbing trend, compared with the same week one year ago, new york police have dramatically reduceded enforcement as a possible protest against the mayor. overall arrests including felonies, down 56% parking violations down 93% and traffic citations down 92%. mayor de blasio speaking at the hospital early this morning said this latest shooting is another indication of the dangers police face. >> we depend on them to keep this whole city safe, they do it with extraordinary skill and professionalism and there are profound dangers and we saw examples of that this evening. >> one of the wounded officers is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow. as for healing the rift between the mayor and the nypd, well that might take considerably longer the officer officer who was hospitalized reportedly told his father that he did not appreciate the visit with the mayor. >>
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a moment of silence today at the world cup skiing event in croatia croatia, for the two american men killed in an avalanche yesterday. the american team wore black arm bands and the u.s. flag flew at after staff. the cdc is blaming so-called bing drinking is at least ---38 mignon adults report binge drinking four times per month con excuse ming an average of eight drinks per session. why the new man on college campuses may be a guy or a gal playing a video game. that's next on the grapevine.
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they depend on a unique set of nutrients. that's why there's ocuvite to help protect your eye health. as you age your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is a vitamin made just for your eyes from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. your eyes are unique so help protect your eye health with ocuvite. now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine, sign -- going to prison for committing very serious cyber crimes of his own. timothy was acting director of cyber security at the department of health and human services. he has been sentenced to 25 years in prison, following conviction on child pornography
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charges. one of the very crimes it was his job to prevent. from one of his prosecutors, quote, using the same technological expertise, he is employed as cyber security at hhs, and traffic in child pornography, through an anonymous computer network of child pornography. the network eventually shut down by the fbi. a state department twilter page got up to a pumpy start this new year, those pictured in the message are believed to be very much alive. the post on the state department's anti-terror website, enter 2015 taking time to honor some of terror's many victims of 2014 and their families. r.i.p, rest in peace. the collage includes the schoolgirls kidnapped. journalists all of whom are
3:32 pm
believed to be very much alive and held by terror groups. the state department removed the tweet tweet -- 14 terror victims who we believe are still alive. and finally, a new skill set is making its mark on the world of college sports, this fall, kentucky's university of pipeville will have a varsity video game. complete with 20 scholarships, school officials say the activity requires skill practice and team work pipeville is the second school in the u.s. to declare video gaming a sclarholarship activity. robert warren filled the nation's first varsity game team this past fall. william f. buckley famously
3:33 pm
side he would sooner be governed by the first 400 names in the boston phone book than by the faculty of harvard university. tonight there is evidence that at least where obama care is concerned, that same faculty doesn't like taking its own medicine. chief washington correspondent james rosen explains. >> on the hallowed grounds of harvard university, the faculty, so many of whom advocated for president obama's health care law now give failing grades to a key aspect of became care namely it's slowing of national health care costs by transferring a larger share of them to the consumers, in this case the professors themselves who protested to the administration that their own heftier premiums are a sign of corporateization of the university. >> at tipped of the day, harvard is still picking up the tab for 90% of their emploi yis ehealth care costs. this is just a tiny taste of what america's been living with for a long time now.
3:34 pm
>> harvard says the faculty's higher premiums respond to the national trend of rising health care costs including some driven by health care reform, inquote. at the white house, home to a harvard lauw ah lunchtime nis, should at least give -- such as it's ban on coverage denials for preeconomisting conditions. >> those are the kind of protections that benefit everybody, including the esteemed academics at what are vartd university. >> outside the ivory tower will mean a more complex tax filing season. got it from a new government exchange or didn't get it at all and are willing to pay the new penalty for that, there will be brand new tax forms to fill out. >> you're going to find folks frustrated, more so than they ever have been because there's going to be additional questions and facts and information that you've not been traditionally used to gathering. >> and don't expect the irs to
3:35 pm
walk you through the new obama care tax forms. the 1095 ab and c or form 8962 for premium tax credits. more irs employees are being diverted away from answering your phone calls. stocks were down again today, the dow lost 130, the s&p 500 fell 18, the nasdaq was off 60. inns the fox news alert updating that report of an active shooter at a veteran's clinic at ft. bliss, texas. army personnel are reported to be search forgive a suspect. no information yet on possible casualties or arrests but a spokesman there says it is not an incident similar to the ft. hood massacre, also in texas. you may remember in 2009, it resulted in 13 deaths. this is an active shooter reported there the clinic is
3:36 pm
next to the william beaumont army medical center, that facility and the clingic are on lockdown we're told, officials say they will hold a news briefing at the top of the hour. up next house conservatives go after their speaker, while a new leader takes the gavel in the u.s. senate. the 114th congress is on the clock, we'll get reaction from the family when we come back. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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we'll begin our work on this common ground, taking up measures to develop north american energy, restore the hours of middle class workers and help small businesses hire more of our veterans. then we'll invite the president to support and sign these bipartisan initiatives into law. >> you and the president have been -- >> i can confirm if this bill passes this congress, the
3:40 pm
president wouldn't sign it either. >> there's an effort in the house and senate to make a 40-hour workweek as opposed to a 30-hour workweek. >> this would actually do a lot of harm. >> day one we'll veto this bill. >> doesn't that second an odd signal for cooperation? >> that spirit of cooperation flows both way between congress and capitol hill. >> keystone, obama care, on the keystone issue a democratic senator from west virginia joe manchin issued a statement that i'm disappointed that the president will not allow this congress to turn over a new leaf and engage in the legislative process. hiss decision to veto stuff a common sense bill prior to the unfolding of regular congressional order, is pray mature and does little to mitigate the congressional gridlock. the 114th congress is in session and there was a vote for speaker e speaker boehner 1, what ended up being a pretty comfortable
3:41 pm
margin. there you see 25 rep did not vote for boehner. so what now? let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. steve, your thoughts on the day? >> well i mean who thought there was likely to be by partisanship, with this new congress and with president obama. you have heart this from reporters asking questions, you have heard this from some members of congress, who rather facetiously faine surprise that president obama is not reaching out, that this is not going to be a new era of bipartisanship. it was not going to be, it was clear for months that president obama was going to veto or at least wasn't going to support the keystone pipeline. this agenda --- >> it wasn't as clear when mary landrieu was talking about it in louisiana. >> i think it was pretty clear when the president gave his press conference. >> december 19? >> that made it very claer what
3:42 pm
the president was going to do. we all knew the mary landrieu things was a show vote anyway. >> ---look, you got a more conservative congress today, and you've got a president who believes he can consolidate his ideological six years in congress, with an additional two years, moving further to the left. nearly 7 owl of 10 voters in a recent poll say keystone should be approved. >> he started out thinking it was a symbolic your, it doesn't really matter, the things he was doing around climate change regulating coal fired power plants or raising emissions standards for cars.
3:43 pm
in other words it's not going to -- it's not going to be terribly damaging. but now he's been edging closer and closer to the kind of green weighing of the democratic party, the thing about the nebraska pipeline is it's not a big deal. for a while he was using it as a -- >> charles? >> i think this entire analysis of obama is completely -- he's completely wrong, he's edging over here, he's maneuvering. the guy is unleashed. he's in the fourth quarter, he's never running again. the reason he's doing xyz is not because he needs to greens or he's working his way to the left or the right. he doesn't meet anybody, i have
3:44 pm
argued for six years, this is a mash of the left, he's always been the most leftist american president in at least a century. but in the years in which he was still running again in which he still got congress hehe -- everything he does, he gets nothing in return he rages at people in his own party. he doesn't care keystone is open and shut. it's 70% of the american people. the majority of the senate, a supermajority of the senate a lot of democrats he doesn't care. this is a man who can now act the way he believes and he's doing it. all this talk about cooperation about getting things done, you think it's all garbage? >> it's all garbage and you will see it unfold. >> this is the settingpresident today meeting in the oval office with governors. >> there will be areas where we
3:45 pm
disagree and i'm also confident that there are enormous areas of potential agreement that would deliver for the american people and we just have to make sure that we focus on those area where is we can make significant progress together. >> i think charles is right. i would argue that if you go back and you look at the president, to the times he's chosen to be bipartisan are few and far between as well. he ran as a left winger. i would say he's been to the left, he's always been to the left, he'll continue to be to the left. the idea that there are enormous bipartisan cooperations. >> trade deals, he's got trade deals. >> trade deals there is bipart sang -- those are the exception. >> he went to the business round table, he laid out three things, trade, some kind of corporate tax return with infrastructure. >> that's going to be hard but both sides say they want that.
3:46 pm
and maybe, maybe down the root some kind of immigration fix, that's lesslikely but trade is a by part sang issue. >> maybe we have trade. >> and maybe we have some kind of tax reform. >> but given the environment we are facing in this country right now, that is nothing, that is peanuts. i'm for corporate tax reform. it's great i hope it happens. but the idea is this is a new era of bipartisanship. both parties came out of this election, they listened to the voerts and they said they're going to cooperation with the voters. both sides said that. >> both sides said there is bhi bipartisan -- >> he said all through the six years, he wanted entitlement reform he wanted deficit reduction reduction, he really wanted to bargain with boehner and then he was offered simpson bowls
3:47 pm
societily ignored it. he says he wants stuff, but the fact that he's never lived through the figure to get it, im impleases that he was never serious about it. >> the 25 that didn't vote for boehner, what does that stays about the republican caucus and how tough it may get for boehner to get big things through. >> i think there are things that he'll still need democratic votes for. but he has a stronger hand than he did before because he choose many more people that he campaigned for and brought in. i think he has a bigger cushion this year and he's going to have an easier time. >> the way to judge this present congress is what they do substantively on conservative reforms. if they back in and assume sort of a defensive posture from the beginning and say we just want to coast until 2016 when there's a presidential election, i think that's a recipe for disaster. if they propose bold reforms they propose lifting the employer mandate they take on specific things that democrats and republicans can agree on,
3:48 pm
that the president will oppose, that's all for the good. >> absolutely and i think that's what the leadership wants, and the bunnig wins, it's hard to defund a nonaction, nondeportment is cheap it's free. it's hard to do. but use should start with that. all the things that the immigrants would get for example weren't permanent. not paying for any of that. and on the tax reform suggest proposed, passed it and let obama veto if he does. >> day one. next up, judgment day for a man who was once one of the republican party's rising stars. so you're looking for a loan? how's your credit? i know i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers? nope.
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people say that you are on a short list for possible vp. what do you think? >> i'm saying i'm not looking for it or asking for it we are sitting near a capitol designed by thomas jefferson second governor of virginia. that's good gig to have. >> i am a fallen human being. i have made mistakes in my life. i have always tried to put the best interest of the people first as governor. but, i have failed at times and some of the judgments that i have made during the course of my governorship have hurt myself. >> my family and my beloved people of virginia and for that i a am deeply deeply sorry. >> former virginia governor bob mcdonnell once a rising star in the party. sentenced today to two years of prison and two years of supervised release after charges of public corruption.
3:53 pm
some critics are saying this is getting lost in contrast. >> you are talking about $120,000 worth of gifts not illegal in virginia law. try to make bribely case. get reports that reverend sharpton has 4.5-million-dollar tax liability and he is still operating his business. so, you ask yourself, how could there be this kind of double standard? >> we're back with the panel. charles? >> look, i'm a fan of jay sekulow. i'm not a fan of al sharpton. that's irrelevancy. if you want to make a comparison other governor spiral agnew. governor of louisiana. governors who have been accused of corruption were guilty of corruption. look, this is a real human tragedy. and i think that the judge actually got it kind of right. 10 years would have been an outrage. no jail given that a jury had found them guilty of felonies here would have been, i think, probably also
3:54 pm
in some ways unjust. two years it's a tragedy in the fact that you have got these politicians who are harsh scrabble guys who come up from nowhere and then they hang around without the rich with the rich, excuse me. donors enablers and they get the idea of entitlement. and ends up in the tragedy we saw. >> yeah, i think it's a real greek tragedy. it's awful. you saw them talking to you. he was considered as a presidential prospect not only as a vice presidential prospect. >> 2012. >> i do think he has to serve some time generally. judges are harder on public officials because they violated the public trust. there are a lot of governors who have been to jail. charles just mentioned some of them. >> illinois? >> illinois has a long tradition but he will serve some time. i think the comparisons to sharpton are ridiculous. the guy was tried by a jury of his piers and found
3:55 pm
guilty. pretty clear double standard allegations laid out by the "new york times" suggests that there is a double standard. beyond that. i think it's also clear that what bob mcdonnell did there was a quid he calls himself a fallen man. he acknowledges he made mistake in judgment. whole separate judgment taking ownership of what he did and i think he should. >> his wife's sentencing is february 20th. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see who may have realen stolen the show on the 114th congress.
3:56 pm
philips norelco. test test test, test test
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test, test test test, test test test test test test test. test test test.
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>> i am not doing it. >> yes, you are part of the job. >> i may be irish but i'm not stupid. >> i like kids better than people. >> betty, how are you? my name is joe biden, vice president of biden. how are you doing? [ laughter ]
4:00 pm
>> i don't know if she liked that kiss at the end there. thanks for inviting us into your home there. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> this is a fox news alert. right now the search is on for an active shooter at a west texas military hospital. a fort bliss spokesperson says a report of an active shooter has been confirmed at the william beaumont army medical center in el paso, so far no word whether there are injuries or not. the hospital complex in the nearby v.a. hospital are now on lockdown. we're going to bring you new information on the breaking news as soon as we get it it but right now. republicans take control. complete control. today the new congress convened with republicans almost gleeful holding the majority in both the house and the senate. and that sets up a giant showdown between president obama and the congress


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