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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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s tonight. ms. megyn is next. she'll have the terrorism in france and we'll continue with that throughout the evening. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight terror in the heart of one of the world's most famous cities. twelve people murdered in cold blood, but tonight the cry of liberty and freedom has not been silenced by these terrorist thugs. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. all across the world tonight we are witnessing rallies in support of the victims of france's worst terror attack in more than 50 years. and it comes as news breaks in the manhunt for the attackers. just a short time ago we saw anti-terror police carrying out a raid in the french city of rons. the attack started around noon paris time.
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[ gunfire ] men dressed in black seen here faces concealed, carrying automatic weapons forcing a mother to use her security code to open the door to the offices of a satirical magazine. inside staffers were holding an editorial meeting, unaware they would be murdered within moments. witnesses say the terrorist cowards screamed allua akbar. among those targeted and killed, four of the most famous and fearless cartoonists in france. editor stephane charbonnier. stood by the -- lead cartoonist
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as well as 57-year-old bernard bernard -- [ gunfire ] >> but the assassinations did not end with these men and the others inside. the bloodthirsty terrorists also murdering a police officer as he appeared to be lying on the ground hurt putting his hands up in surrender. you saw that there. surrender however did not matter. he was shot point-blank and the terrorist calmly returned to a getaway car taking off. the french president actually raced to the scene vowing to track down the killers. again, at this hour we are working to confirm possible arrests in the case. but as the darkest side of humanity rears its evil head, the best and brightest side rises up as well.
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an outpouring of support for the french on social media and in cities everywhere. in new york's union square hundreds gathering in near silence on a frigid night in a show of solidarity. in london folks gathering holding signs of support and pens in the air in a tribute to freedom of the press and free speech. and of course in france tens of thousands taking to the streets there, signs reading je je suis charlie, or i am charlie. and then this message two little words this time in english, not afraid. this message from the very nation's whose motto is liberty, equality fraternity. the very nation that stood by the united states for centuries on the side of independence. the nation that gifted us with one of our most treasured symbols of all the statue of liberty, which sits just across from the harbor of ground zero.
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greg palcot reports tonight from paris. greg. >> reporter: megyn it is just after 3:00 a.m. thursday here in paris. it has been a very long night for police as they search for the brutal gunmen responsible for the death of a dozen people just about a block from where we're standing here. the action over the past several hours has shifted as you have noted to the city of reims, that's about 90 miles to the northeast. police they say been related to an attack. that spawned a lot of reports that one suspect was kill and had two were arrested. we've been in constant contact with the police, we do not have any confirmation of that. the reporting still is that the manhunt continues. what we have been told by police is that these guys were on their radar. one reportedly had a terror
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conviction relating to shuffling individuals from here in france into iraq to fight the coalition forces there. also reports that two of these gunmen had made some trips to syria as well just in the past 18 months or so. perhaps explaining megyn, why they did their act with such precision, with such military-like skill in the killing of the 12, the injuring of 11 more and getting away. getting away so far without a trace. the manhunt is on. 500 extra police have been added to the already very strong french police force. and also not just involved in the manhunt but guarding the various locations, the landmarks landmarks, the public sites here in france. and as you have noted france not only searching for these killers but remembering them and remembering what they stood for and what they stood against, freedom of expression. a big rally about 25,000 people
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attending. and ask my cameraman pierre to shoot down. this is a small memorial heartfelt to these individuals, to the people slain, candles flowers, written messages remembering in fact what has happened here. and never forgetting. back to you, >> greg palkot, thank you. as we mentioned this french publication has been at the center of controversy and threats for years. trace gallagher reports on that from our west coast newsroom tonight. trace. >> megyn, the weekly newspaper that comes out on wednesday includes a variety of reports opinions, jokes and cartoons. the paper is strongly anti-religion and has made fun of everything from islam to catholicism. the first run 1969 to 1981. it then shut down and began printing again in 1992. in 2007 charlie was sued.
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a judge ruled in favor of the paper. in november of 2011 a controversial issue was called sharia abdul in reference to sharia law. the prophet muhammad was also listed as a guest editor in chief and a cartoon depicted him saying "100 lashes of the whip if you don't die laughing." the day before the issue was released the paper's office was fire bombed. but back at it publishing a series of cartoons depicting muhammad, even a nude muhammad. here's the paper's top editor. >> translator: the purpose is that it doesn't create any more problems and that we can talk about islam and france as we talk about all the other subjects, as we talk about all the other religions. >> the last tweet sent by the newspaper was a cartoon featuring abu bakr al baghdadi. >> thank you.
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my next guest has been taken to court for what he has said. don't say you weren't warned, mark, thank you for being here tonight. i know you knew some of the men who worked at this publication. your thoughts on what we have seen in paris today. >> yes, they were very brave. this was the only publication that was willing to publish the muhammad -- the danish muhammad cartoons in 2006. i'm proud to have written for the only canadian magazine to publish those muhammad cartoons. and it's because the "new york times" didn't and the london times didn't and all the other great newspapers of the world didn't. only charlie hebdo and mine and a few others did. but they were forced -- that should have been more disbursed. i see these candle lit vigils
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and suddenly everyone claiming to be freedom of speech. i think a consequence is a lot of people will retreat further into self-censorship. won't even show properly the cartoons. they pixelated muhammad out of it so it looks like muhammad is in the witness protection program. and that exactly gets to the double standard here. you can say anything you like about christianity, you can say anything you like ju dayism. we will be retreating into a lot more self-censorship if the pens of western media doesn't man up and decide to disburse the risk. they can kill one small st
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satirical magazine. >> may have been done because they found those offensive many in the muslim community find those offensive same as they wouldn't re-publish images mocking jesus christ, mocking other religious figures. has it morphed now to a place where it's not just about respect for relij on, it's about fear that newspapers news organizations have fear. >> i think your point of view is valid, megyn. if you're the cartoon editor of "the new yorker" and those fellows in denmark send you the cartoons and you say they're in poor taste, not particularly funny, not particularly well drawn. but the fact the "new york times" and the "los angeles times" and the boston globe and the irish times and the sunday star times in new zealand didn't publish them after people have been killed for them and they're actually a news story now. they're not a cartoon. it's not an artistic judgment.
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it's not an aesthetic judgment but the fact they won't show you them after people have been killed for them shows we're retreating, the media, which congratulates itself on its bravery as one of the most tedious institutions for handing out awards for bravery far more than firemen or soldiers do the fact they didn't even have the courage to show these cartoons after they became a news story is why these brave men like charlie hebdo had to bear the burden almost single handed. what the new york daily news did is absolutely disgraceful and dishonors the dead. >> you've studied a lot about radical islam. we get a report every week lone wolf attack one trained in syria, one already had a terror conviction under his belt. what should the west be doing? what are we doing or not doing that we need to to stop this? >> well, we need to be honest.
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john kerry today said that this was a battle between civilization and pregnant pause the forces that are opposed to civilization. going to be a bit more specific because these men all have something in common and john kerry isn't prepare todayd to address it. and president obama the so-called leader of the free world quite disgracefully stood up and said the future should not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. for start under american law and the laws of all civilized societies, you can't slander a bloat who died in the seventh century. but secondly, the head of the country with the first amendment shouldn't be standing up at the united nations and indicating that he's willing to trade off freedom of speech. that was disgrateful. he said the future shall not belong to those who slander the
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prophet of islam. he talked the talk. these savage murdering fanatics in paris today walked the walk. so words matter. and as long as the president and john kerry and david cameron and all these other people are dishonest and evasive about the source of the threat we will continue to lose brave men like we did in paris today. >> mark steyn, thank you for being here. the president also said we should not condemn other religions and so on. it wasn't all about islam, but he did make those remarks at the u.n. years ago. again, tonight we are tracking breaking news in the paris manhunt and we have a "the kelly file" exclusive next. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell appears here on the threat of radical islam and on the president's remarks. and then see what the administration is tonight saying about the attack in paris after questioning this magazine's decisions back in 2012. >> we don't question the right of something like this to be
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published. we just question the judgment behind the decision to publish it. ♪ abe! get in! punch it! let quicken loans help you save your money. with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze!
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there are new questions over president obama's handling of the war against radical extremism. here's charles krauthammer earlier. >> for years he's been giving
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speeches in which he says the war has corrupted us. we have to change. we have to end this war. you can't end the war unilaterally. and what we're getting week after week in australia here, in canada everywhere, are re-declarations, again and again that the war is ongoing and the west is the target. >> just before we came to air in a "the kelly file" exclusive i spoke to the new senate majority leader kentucky republican leader mitch mcconnell in his very first interview since the start of the new congress. mr. majority leader, it's great to see you. thank you very much for being here on what has been a busy news day. let's start with the news of the day. you came out today and suggested that this underscores in your view that suggestions last year that the war on terror is over were erroneous. were you referring to president obama? and do you think that he has a handle on the terror situation? >> well i certainly was referring -- you remember
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earlier last year he called isil the jayvee team. it's pretty clear they're not a jayvee team. when you see these random terror attacks around the world like in paris and in boston a while back for us it reminds us all that the terrorists are still out there, they want to kill us and they want to kill us wherever they can find us. not just over in the middle east but right here on home turf. obviously we're going to do everything we can to help the french, but it certainly underscores that this is going to be a long-term problem. and it doesn't benefit from downplaying the significance of this whole terrorist threat against the western world. >> the white house came out today initially and called this an act of violence. then when they were told the french president called it an act of terror they called it an act of terror as well. however, the president refuse today use the term radical islam, islam at all, jihad. do you think there's a conscious decision to not link this kind
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of terrorist action with that type of motivation despite the cries of allua akbar and critics saying the prophet muhammad avenged? >> what else can you conclude? you're entirely correct. they refuse to call these attacks what they are. it may be a completely lyly perverted version of islam, but it's their version of what this religious inspiration requires them to do. and to call it something else strikes me as being politically correct to a fault. >> does it matter? >> i think what you just said accurately describe what it is. these are terrorist attacks invariably spawned by some perverted notion of islam and to not call it what it is strikes me as just not being forthcoming
6:20 pm
with the american people or the rest of the world about what we think it is. >> senator lindsey graham came out today, a republican, said he believes the president's policies on detention and interrogation have otherwise made us less safe. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. the president's policy is basically to kilter riss with drones. i'm not necessarily oppose today that, but of course the most important thing you can do is capture a terrorist and interrogate them. and of course the president doesn't want us to do that either. he's in the process of trying to close guantanamo, which is the perfect place for foreign terrorists who are captured overseas. he wants to mainstream them frequently into a u.s. article 3 court, which means they're going to get a lawyer and shut up. what you want the most from a foreign terrorist trying to kill us is what else do they know. and the president's policy is basically twofold, want to kill
6:21 pm
him which may be entirely appropriate but you're not going to learn anything after you kill them. or put them in court, these are foreigners not entitled to the u.s. constitution, put them in a u.s. court where they're told to shut up. >> part two of our conversation with the senate majority leader airs tomorrow night. plus later, we will go live to ed henry and see what the administration is now saying in paris after questioning this magazine back in 2012. brooke goldstein and jas are here to react. worldwide support for the mighty freedom of speech, bernie goldberg is here behind what he calls hypocrisy behind some of the media outlets handling this today. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand... in america.
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breaking tonight, new
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details on how the obama administration is reacting to this terror attack in paris. while the president today called the murders "cowardly and evil," the administration found itself defending remarks made by the white house two years ago. that's when then-secretary jay carney questioned why this exact magazine decided to publish those controversial cartoons in the first place. >> we don't question the right of something like this to be published. we just question the judgment behind the decision to publish it. >> ed henry joins us live tonight from the white house. ed. >> well, megyn, the bottom line is the president today wanted to take a little victory lap on the economy in a campaign-style event in detroit. he wanted that to be the focus. that's part of the reason why they were caught off guard with this terror attack. initially josh earnest the current white house spokesman not calling it terror. the president cleaning that up after the french president called it terror, the president called the cameras into the oval office meeting with vice
6:26 pm
president, secretary of state john kerry susan rice, he did call it terror. said we need to remain vigilant. and also given what you were saying about jay carney that the president defended this publication in france and said that all americans needed to stand up for free expression. but that's a bit different than what he did say two years ago as you noted at the u.n. general assembly. this was just september 2012, just days after the benghazi terror attacks, listen to the contrast what he said. >> a universal belief of freedom and expression is something that can't be silenced because of the senseless violence. the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam, but to be credible those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images we see in jesus christ that are desecrated. >> that was the same speech at the u.n. where the president
6:27 pm
blamed benghazi on that anti-muhammad video. but we should point out in that same speech the president said he would not ban the video because of free speech megyn. >> ed henry thank you. i want to tell you that we believe we may be about to get photos of at least two of the three suspected gunmen and we're going to put those on the air we expect when we come back. stay tuned. also the head of the catholic league today suggested that this magazine may have been partly responsible for bringing this attack on itself. that's just ahead. plus, we'll have that breaking news on the names and the faces behind this attack along with a fierce debate on the role of islam in all of this. zudi jasr brooke goldstein all here. >> freedom of speech i have to die, then live like a rat, i don't know. thanks. ♪ ♪
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breaking tonight we just got the french equivalent of an all points bulletin for two of the suspects for today easter ror attack in paris. they both have the same last name, two of them are brothers. we cannot yet confirm those reports although that's what the french authorities have been saying. we'll update you as we learn more. we're trying to zoom in on their photos photos. the bigger we make them the more blurry they get. we know the murdered editor of this magazine along with -- all on al qaeda's most wanted dead or alive list published in 2013. last year i asked ayyain ayyain hersi ali how she felt? >> i think insults jews in this country if you insult
6:32 pm
christians if you insult mormons, you will get people who will write to you about their outrage. but there's always fear that if you insult muslims there's going to be some kind of violence or repercussion. >> tonight, we are joined by brooke goldstein dr. zudi zudi jasser and former executive director of the muslim affairs council and chaplain -- thank you for being here. let me start with you, zudi, on that. there is a fear you can't say certain things about islam because someone may show up at your workplace and shoot you in the head. i mean is the fear not well-founded? >> well, it certainly is. this is the issue we muslims have to wake up to the fact these groups, these radical islamist are trying to -- that's
6:33 pm
what terrorism is all about. whether it's our parliaments and governments in ottawa or our journalists and media, courageous people that are trying to speak out in defiance. even the "new york times" today has a piece about the blasphemy we need. they talk about the speech that defines liberalism is that which provokes violence. if you can't tolerate that, then you really don't deserve a seat at the table of -- most of the west is facilitateing the denial of. >> what we are told by french officials here on screen write are the faces of terror. these are said to be the faces of two brothers the two oldest suspects in today easter ror'stoday's terror attack. let me ask you about this, ahmed. no question they went to a place mainstream muslims may find
6:34 pm
objectionable, certainly not worthy of murder. but that's freedom of speech. and the more they react like this to freedom of speech they find offensive should it be the response that the more publications, the more news organizations put those images front and center on their newspapers and their tv screens. >> well what should be said at the outset is he who opposes freedom, whether it's freedom of expression or freedom of action opposes god. and pursuant to the example of prophet of muhammad sdp pursuant to the writing of the quran themselves. there are muslims who are offended, they perhaps have the right to be offended. their offense and its pursuant action must be in accord of what's permitted for a muslim pursuant to the quran -- >> they think it is. these guys think it is. they think they were acting in the name of god as evidenced by
6:35 pm
they were screaming -- akbar. >> yes. there is a need to reform the average muslims understanding of the quran and their understanding of the prophet muhammad. the way we solve that problem is democktizing the right of interpretation by increasing the literacy of the average citizen who happens to be a muslim and is the primary target of terror so that they can push back against these radicalized ideologies that oppose the tradition of the prophet muhammad. >> brooke, your take on it. >> look, what we saw today was a direct attack on our ability in the west to exercise our free speech that's critical of militant militant islam or even islam. these terrors understand freedom of the press is the greatest weapon we have against tyranny. we engage in a dialogue, we debate terrorism and its root causes in this particular case
6:36 pm
theology, islamism. they know if we speak freely, if we write cartoons, if we debate the root causes, we'll be able to understand them and then defeat them. and that's exactly why terror connected groups like the counsel on american islamic relations here in the united states slander anyone who talks about these issues publicly drk that's why terror groups kill anyone who -- they want to stifle dialogue. >> let me speak to that. any muslim institution and any muslim organization that does not support a freedom for all people to articulate their critique of islam is an constitution that is opposed to god. >> okay. but the problem is -- the problem is there are a fair amount of those popping up. and we've seen way too many. zudhi, i'll give it to you. >> it's fine to say all in the
6:37 pm
wake of these horrific murders. but you have to remember the islamist groups in france were suing the magazine for defaming the quran and islam. they were suing it trying to enact blasphemy laws. speaking on behalf when there's no terror incident happening are fueling the legitimacy that that speech should be blocked. they're not saying the things you happen to be saying today in the wake of an attack. >> that's what happened to mark steyn. he got sued for making his comments as well. standby one second. brooke, i asked mitch mcconnell whether it matters. this is not pinning this on president obama, it's about the way we talk about the ideology but i asked mitch mcconnell does it matter that the president did not link this specifically to radical jihad and radical islam. he said it does. your take on it. >> absolutely. the fact that the obama
6:38 pm
administration even though it's taken the opportunity now to make these grand statements about free speech has during the course of the administration done everything it can to stifle open dialogue about militant islam from sponsoring human rights and make it a crime in international law, going to the u.n. saying the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam sends the message to islamist terrorists not only that we agree with them that it's not okay to exercise free speech when it's offensive to muslims, but also sends the message that we don't have the backbone to defend the inalienable right to free speech. >> let me talk about this. phil donahue on today, he doesn't say they deserved it but he says we have to look at that behavior and condemn it and stop it as well.
6:39 pm
>> well, i would say that benjamin franklin once said that whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the -- free speech. free speech the right to criticize religion the right to criticize government is the cornerstone of liberal democracy. without that right no matter how offensive we are we are not truly free. and terrorists understand that. and that's exactly why they want to stifle open debate that's critical of islam. >> because the vast majority of muslims want freedom and they are competing in a market in which a minority want what they want. and the only way that they can convince the vast majority of muslims that want freedom to not acquire it by telling them that islam supports it. >> i got to go. thank you all. up next, we are learning more about these suspects right now. we're going to have it for you in a moment. don't go away. [ gunfire ] if a denture were to be put under
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breaking tonight, we just got the french equivalent of an all points bulletin for two of the suspects from today easter's terror attack in paris. believed to be brothers roughly translated may be armed and dangerous and if anyone has information on them to contact police. nothing so far on reports that
6:44 pm
younger one, surrendered. following the attack we've been watching rallies in new york, london and of course france. while a number of world leaders are arguing that this terror attack this morning was an attack on every newsroom in every city across the world. bernie goldberg fox news analyst joins me now. good to see you tonight. so as president bush said after 9/11 it does feel like freedom itself was attacked today. >> the physical massacre was in paris, but it was an attack on every newsroom in every city in every country that believes in democracy. it was an attack on american values and democratic values wherever they are. but i suspect the reaction from big journalism is going to be less than courageous now just as it was ten years ago when a danish newspaper published cartoons of the prophet muhammad
6:45 pm
and those demonstrations had the insane wing of the muslim religion starting riots around the world vandalizing churches, burning down buildings. more than 200 people left dead. and what happened here in america? biggest most important newspapers in the country, the ones that are always telling us about how courageous they are, what did they do? they refuse to run the cartoons. and these were the cartoons that were at the heart, at the centerpiece of the reason that they had chaos in so much of the world and so many dead bodies lying in streets. >> but they felt at the time -- "new york times" came out and said they were easy to describe in words, they didn't have to do it and they would avoid gratuitous assaults -- >> exactly. those are the exact words. thanks for bringing that up. they didn't want to offend
6:46 pm
people of faith by showing gratuitous symbols. okay. one day later, megyn not one week later not one month later one day later the same "new york times" ran a picture of a painting that showed the virgin mary covered in elephant crap okay? so they're not afraid of showing gratuitous symbols when they offend christians. they didn't have the guts to admit what everyone knows is the truth. they were afraid. they were afraid that their building, the times building, would be blown up and people would be hurt. i understand that. but now the media have to make another decision. are they going to be scared as they were ten years ago? are they going to do precisely what the jihadists want and not run the cartoons? or are they finally going to
6:47 pm
give the one-finger salute to these maniacs and run on page one of every important newspaper in america? tomorrow morning, all the cartoons, same with television, run them all and tell these people to go to hell. and i'm afraid that's not going to happen. it didn't happen ten years ago. and i'm afraid they're still going to show the same i'll be kind lack of courage, lack of courage -- >> if you were running a newsroom in the wake of this, in the wake of the open threat that isis has already made on journalists, you would put these pictures on the front page at the risk of some employees lives potentially? >> well, you know what i don't want to be alone. i admit that. i want big journalism. i don't want some weekly some place that's running out of a shop on main street. i want big journalism. we all know who they are, the "new york times," "the washington post," "los angeles times," chicago sun times
6:48 pm
chicago tribune all of the big papers, all of the broadcast networks and cable networks, i want them to get together and say screw you. you tell us what we can publish and what we can't publish? i don't think so. but now they write about it they'll talk about how terrible this is. and even john kerry today and president obama, they talked about this and not once not once did they mention the word muslim or islam. now, the cowardess, that's the word i haven't used yet the coward it's in the world of liberal politics it's in the world of liberal journalism. what i publish in my newspaper, i hope i would, but i wouldn't want to be alone i would want us all to do it and make a statement to the people who did this to those journalists in
6:49 pm
paris today. >> -- ran those cartoons today. >> good. >> what's the next one to go bernie? >> that's right. what if they say they don't want editorials against them? what happens then? have to stop it now. >> thanks for being here. good to see you. well this attack has been inspiring serious debate from more than just journalists. up next, hear from a former islamic extremist now activist and his message for muslims around the world. relco shaver series 9000 with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to to save up to $40. innovation and you. philips norelco.
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6:53 pm
he's co-founder of a global think tank focusing on global freedom and extremeismextremism. thank you for being here. what is it exactly? i know that you've come out and said this is an opportunity for muslims to re-examine their own blasphemy laws and prohibitions. and you're getting slammed for that. explain. >> yes. we got to be consistent. let me say my thoughts and deepest condolences go out to the victims' families and to the entire country of france and to everyone affected. islam is an idea. it happens to be my religion but it's an idea. and no idea is above scrutiny. no person is beneath dignity, but ideas must be scrutinized.
6:54 pm
that's how society's progressed. muslims generally within muslim communities unfortunately we've got these blasphemy taboos. it's difficult to depict the prophet muhammad. you see angry protests around the world whenever instances like this today unfortunately leads to death. i think if we are generally as a community particularly on foreign policy when things aren't going the way we'd like them to be we are critical of say torture when a torture report is released, and so now is the time to be critical of these blasphemy taboos because it is topical it is timing. we've got to stop being defensive about it. we've got to stop trying to sidestep these questions. and we have to start having very open conversations about the fact that these medieval traditions belong in the medieval era. and it's time for reform. and not enough unfortunately not enough of my co-relij onists are
6:55 pm
being open about the need to reform these blasphemy codes. >> even if you threw out sharia law in its entirety, right which is part of what requires you not take the name of the prophet of muhammad in vain and some of these other radical things, these guys aren't going to listen to that. it's not the moderate muslims to whom you need to appeal. it's these radicals these people who pervert the religion. and they're not going to listen to any act of reason, are they? >> well, unlikely. some of them do end up leaving the group, but you're right, those on the battlefield need to be fought militarily and where possible arrested and interrogated. those in civilian population need to be put on trial. this is the crisis, it's an emergency. the only way through this is to having open and candid conversation. you are living proof of that as you were once radicalized and
6:56 pm
imprisoned for five years and somehow found your way to the other side through dialogue and ultimately an open mind. thank you for being here tonight with your perspective. >> thank you. always a pleasure. thank you. >> we'll be right back. no chest-beating monologues about engine size, horsepower, or performance. no anthemic soundtracks to stir the soul. just a ram heavy duty that can carry more weight than any other heavy-duty truck. get more facts at
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the message appearing on the streets of paris tonight after europe's worst terror attack in a decade, not afraid. but is that real or just words?
7:00 pm
there's 7 billion people in the world, the chance of being killed by terrorists almost nil. should we publish those cartoons? see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." french police say they have identified three masked islamist terrorists that stormed into a magazine in paris. we have reporters standing by on the scene in france. here's how things unfolded earlier today. [ gunfire ] >> gunmen on the loose in paris. at least a dozen are dead. masked men armed with automatic weapons stormed a satirical newspaper that published cartoons of the prophet muhammad.


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