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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 8, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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one person in custody. several others arrested in connection with the shooting. >> amy kellogg has been tracking it for us throughout the night. she joins us live. the two gunmen are still on the lose. the two suspects charles lee heck toe still on the lose. there were 7 arrests in raids overnight. the raids are clearly questioning the people that they have taken in. they have not given any indication just how hot or cold the trail is in the manhunt for those two gunmen. now the suspects are obviously armed and extremely dangerous having killed 12 people yesterday including a police officer shot dead on the pavement outside of the gunman's sled. one killed an officer without breaking stride after killing others inside the building.
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the suspects have been named at said and cherif kouachi. they fell off the radar screen enough to carry out the attacks. one left an identity card in the original get away car before twot car jacked another vehicle. sharif was arrested in 2008 for funneling fighters to iraq. they were yelling avenge the prophet as they fled the scene. last night police raided their last known address in one of the oldest cities of france the capital of the campaignhampagne region. a third and much younger man who was originally named adds a suspect said to be a brother in law to one of the two brothers turned himself into police not
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far from france after hearing he was wanted. his friends are saying he was not involved he was in school at the time. the main concern is a possibility of a new attack in paris and there has been one this morning. a female police officer was shot in the back on the outskirts of paris. reports are now she has died. a street sweeper was also shot in the attack. one of the gunman is said to have been captured. another on the lose. it is not clear if there is a connection between this morning's shooting and what happened yesterday. also we are getting reports in eastern france of an explosion at a cab bob shop near a mosque. it just adds to the insec tourity in france right now as france enters national day of mourning. >> amy kellogg reporting for us lye london this morning. we are learning more about victims as vigils are popping up
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all over the world. we are live in the studio with the details on those that were killed. >> ainsley once inside the newspaper headquarters the brutal terrorists had a specific plan and a specific target. in total 2 team were-- 12 people were killed. four celebrated cartoonists now being referred to as the fearless four for their willingness to push the envelope. the victims each called out by name by the shooters before being executed on the spot. stefan was the editor and one of the cartoonists. he was advocate of free speech often getting death threats for his cartoons but refused to live in fear. he said i would rather die standing than live on my knees. 80-year-old george swolinski
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cartoonist in since 1960. jean caboo the lead cartoonist and bernard verlock who went by the name and author of several comic books as the world mourns their loss. they fought and died for the preservation of free speech. >> no group claimed responsibility for the attack. the big question being what could have happened. >> joining us josh cats ooa former cia officer and former cia advisor to the homeland security committee committee. let's get right to this. they have been targeted since the 1960's in 2014 the new york
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times said they funneled money to ransom payments to terrorists in 2008. you say france is inflaming the situation. >> absolutely. that dollar figure is on the very low end. we have seen french activities through out the middle east. they have often been targeted by these groups because they have been known to pay the fees to kidnap more people to attack our interests and attack theirs. it is really important to also in this time when we are looking at could things have been prevented? they could have been prevented. unfortunately that makes it even worse. we need to look inside france as
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well as outside france. there are lots of factors in play. >> you spoke about prevention. let's talk about this. you served in the cia i served in the intelligence community as well. one of the witnesses who encountered in another part of france or paris said the gunman said you can tell them it is al qaeda and yemen. the public may be the best mechanism do you agree and how do you accomplish that? >> i could not agree more. that is absolutely spot on. we have to take responsibility for our own security. my family talks about this all of the time to companies. they have to take responsibility for that. more and more companies are seeing especially the larger
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firms that the security the facility of people is vital to the company's continuing operations. i would like to end and say that the average person has to take their own safety and their own security very personally and do something. be proactive. >> joshua cats thank you so much for being here. great insight this morning. >> thank you lia. now to extreme weather. blinding snow causing a major 18 car pileup near pittsburgh. you can see the cluster of those smashed trucks and cars. three people were killed. in michigan horrifying momentses when a mini van carrying a family of four slides underneath the back of a moving semi-truck. it is dragged for 16 frightening miles with a broken windshield the mother desperately calling 911 for help. >> we ran into the back of a
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semi-truck and he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath of it. >> police finally flagging down the truck driver. thankfully no one was seriously injured. when will this arctic blast end. >> hi ainsley. unfortunately the cold air will stay in place across portions of the eastern united states. this morning is one of the coldest mornings we have seen so far especially across portions of the east. take a look at the numbers. the current windchill temperature when itat it feels like is 10 degrees below zero feels like 20 below in the city of boston. we are not just looking at northern areas dealing with the cold air. even down in places like atlanta you have a current windchill temperature of 0 degrees. we have dangerous amounts of cold out there. we have a number of windchill advisories in place and warnings. frostbite and hypothermia is a concern within minutes if people head outdoors without the proper
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deer gear on. we have the warnings and advisories through central florida and also parts of southern texas. over the next several mornings that cold air will stay in place especially across portions of the midwest. this is friday morning. the forecast temperature 0 degrees in chicago. saturday morning even colder out there in chicago. 10 below zero. you can see across the northeast also on the cold side. sunday morning staying cold out there. we have had lake-effect snow because of the cold air moving over the great lakes. right now looks quiet out there. we have new warnings that have been issued because an additional 1-12 feet are-- 1-2 feet are possible over the next few days as the arctic blast continues, ainsley. >> thank you, maria. >> ohio on high alert after officers shoot and kill a man with a knife outside of a terminal. the man tried to buy an id ticket.
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the wounded suspect got up and attacked again when fatal shots were fired. >> then we heard at least three more consecutive shots. that's when we knew something wasn't right. >> it is an airport but we know it is safe, as safe as they can make it. i never expected any one to have to use their gun at all. >> police found four more blades on him and other suspicious items in the car. ainsley? >> mickie minnie and measles. those who visited are sick with the highly infectious viruses. three were not vaccinated three more are now being monitored. disney is working with the health department. >> even after the white house's veto threat congress is full steam ahead on the keystone pipeline. plan to go bring the bill to a vote tomorrow. he talks about the president's willingness or lack thereof to
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sign the legislation. >> it could go away very easily if the president would sign the permit which he could have done in the last five years or sign the bill after we pass it and the house and senate passes it and sends it to his desk. there will be a number of democrats we have got give it more time and more time. >> the veto could be over written for two-thirds of the house and senate. president obama touting america's return to greatness while they previewed the state of the un beyond address. the president speaking in arizona today where he is switching his focus to housing. doug joins us live in washington. >> it is unusual for a president to roll out not just themes but spefkts of the state of the union address early. he's doing it this january.
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he started it at the detroit motor company in detroit touting a new trade agreement and economy including the car industry. >> there is no doubt thanks to the steps that we took early on to rescue our economy and ooto rebuild it on a new foundation we are entering in the new year with new confidence america is coming back. the facts are the facts. >> the new trade agreement is 12 company asia pacific plan called the trans-pacific partnership or ttp. some fear it could hurt the industry obama bailed out the domestic auto bits as well as other manufacturing. congressman dan kildee told routers i am concerned about the trade policy and implications were are a manufacturing base. it vastly benefited the crowian auto makers. the white house responds u.s. auto manufacturing has not been
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hurt by that. visits to arizona today and tennessee on friday the president will rule out other new policies including a cut in fha mortgage insurance premiums which they say will save the average home buyers 900,000 a year. it is bad news for taxpayers and risky for the housing industry. >> doug mcelway in washington. thank you, doug. >> 13 minutes after the top of the hour. a massive manhunt right now for two of the suspects accused in the paris terror attacks. the men heard yelling allah akbar which means god is great. but the white house not calling it extremism. >> we know exactly what that is. it isn't as if it is a mystery. >> charles krauthammer with a warning about the terror targets. another major cell phone carrier making a move. that's good news for you.
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>> one suspect in the terror attack that left a dozen dead surrendering over night. the other two are still on the lose. the white house not calling it an act of islam extremism. that brings us to look who is talking. charles krauthammer saying the president needs to acknowledge this is an ongoing war between radical islam and the west. >> the guy was shouting allah akbar. we know exactly what that is. it isn't as if it is a mystery. it is the significant traurature of terrorism. the president is expressing sympathy and saying we are going to show our determination but for years he has been giving speeches in which he says the war has corrupted us we cannot remain on a par footing. you can't end a war unilateral
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unilaterally. what we are getting week after we're week in australia and canada and every where are redecorations again and again the war is ongoing and the west is the target. >> much more on that topic with former ambassador to the united nations john bolton. he's going to be here live at 5:30 eastern time. stick around for that. >> overnight he shouted i want to kill cops as he tried to rundown police officers. this audi just missing two port authority cops before slamming into their cruiser parked outside of the holland tunnel. one of the officers had to leap out of the way of the speeding car. found inside the car synthetic marijuana. the driver matthew cash admitted to being high on angel dust. he is now facing charges. while you were sleeping a subway station in chile rocked after a group of robbers blow up two atm's. >> fire trucks seen rushing to
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the scene. police say the six crooks escaped in a get away car with a huge wad of cash. a manhunt is underway. the no word of any injuries. >> are you sick of getting charged for mobile data you are not using? you might be in luck. loren simonetti is -- lauren simonetti is here with the details. >> if you are an at&t they are letting customers roll over data to the next month. the plan kicks in for customers that starts january 25th. t mobile unveiled a similar plan as you know just a few weeks ago. we have to wait and see if verizon or sprint will follow suit. there's a push by big hotel chains to block you from using your own wireless internet devices and pay to use theirs instead. marriott the american hotel and lodging association as well as properties have asked the fcc to give hotels the green light to
2:20 am
remote lie disable the wi-fi devices that travelers sometimes use to connect their lab top and tablets through cellular devices. this would force guestss to buy wi-fi themselves. the hotels say they want to protect guests from rouge wi-fi connections and criminals. it can cause interference with their own net, would. >> get ready for kolah with your java. kerr rig selling single serve cap actuals for the cold brewing machines. they are expected to sell them in the fall. dr. pepper smells snapel sunkist and hawaiian punch. >> to find it in your area log on to finder. the time is now 21 minutes after the hour. losing our liberty. the city surrendering in the fight for religious freedoms.
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political pitching, why kurt schilling says his conservative views are keeping him out of baseball's hall of fame.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". veterans say it is a slap in the face after a two-year legal battle in north carolina city agreeing to remove a statue of a praying soldier and a christian flag from a veteran's memorial. american he is united for separation of church and state filed the lawsuit on behalf of one resident who complained the city was promoting christianity. the city council was forced to settle because it couldn't afford the legal costs. reading writing and guns. the south carolina legislate
2:25 am
slate tour teaching students about gun safety in schools. they add a week of curriculums and offer marksmanship otherscourses as electives. parents would be allowed to have children set out of the elections. the lawmaker who wrote it was insired inspired a subpoena who was arrested about writing a fictional story about killing a dinosaur with a gun. >> don't leave one. that's the word from an up scale restaurant. they are banning tipping beginning in april. waiters and waitresses will be paid more than they used to be. a starting salary of 35,000 with benefits and a share in the company. the restaurant adding more menu options and more seating to offset the cost. >> kurt schilling denied a spot in the hall of fame because he's a republican? that's what the former ace is saying. the pitchers including pedro
2:26 am
martinez is part of the class. it wasn't just martinez's pitch that long earned him a spot the other big thing is i think he's a democrat. i know as a republican there are some people that really don't like that. >> well the time is now 26 minutes after the hour. terror in paris. the attack that left a dozen people dead. former u.n. ambassador tore john bolton is next with why he says it could happen here. >> the fight of her life. the ground breaking decision expected today in the case of this 17-year-old being forced by the government to get chemo. [ man ] i remember when i wouldn't give a little cut a second thought. ♪ ♪ when i didn't worry about the hepatitis c in my blood. ♪ ♪ when i didn't think twice about where i left my razor. [ male announcer ] hep c is a serious disease. take action now. go to or call 1-844-444-hepc to find
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>> january 8th. fox news alert terror in paris a suspect in a deadly attack surrendering as police make more arrests overnight. the massive manhunt the
2:30 am
worldwide alert and the concerns here at home. >> bone chilling cold freezing hundreds of americans this morning. the worse is yet to come. how long we will be locked in the deep freeze. >> locked in the battle of her life the teenager with cancer being forced by the state to get chemotherapy. a decision today could change everything. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> welcome to "fox & friends first". i am lia gabriel in for heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. several arrested in a nationwide manhunt for two heavily armed muslim terrorists. this after the massacre of 12 people at a news headquarters in paris. one terror suspect is in
2:31 am
custody. >> amy kellogg is live in london with the latest. what are we learning this morning? >> all of the arrests you have mentioned lia and ainsley have-- leah and ainsley have not been the two principle shooters the two principle shooters at charlie hebdo. there appears to be movement just now. the press has reported two shooters from yesterday have been located in northern france. nothing more on that. this is not definitive but it could indicate crucial movements in this story. the two methodically quickly killed 8 writers and cartoonists who by name at charlie hebdo and a visitor in the building then went on to kill a police officer outside a man who happens to be a muslim. now the sus speblths were named last night as said and cherif
2:32 am
kouchi french citizens with liberian dissent. sheriff was in-- cherif was in priz fon for faisalcilitating fighters to iraq. their residents was raided 7 people raised. one man turned himself in hameed was originally named as a suspect. he is 18 years old. they are considerably older. he is said to be an in-law of one of the kouachi brothers. it is not clear what role he played in the attack. there has been another shooting in paris on the southern edge of the city a female police officer was shot in the back. she has succumbed to her injuries and died. apparently also a street sweeper was shot in that attack and is seriously injured. one of the two gunmen fled one is in custody. it is not clear if there is any
2:33 am
connection through yesterday's attack. this is a city on edge. also there were attacks on muslim places of worship overnight. no casualties. but there is a real sense of fear and insecurity understandably across the country this morning as france enters a day of national mourning for the 12 people killed yesterday and of course now that police officer this morning. ainsley? all right. amy kellogg in london this morning. i will take it from here. thank you amy. we are learning more about the vigils that pop up across the world. 8 of the victims specifically targeted journalists who were working at the paper. four of them celebrated cartoonists being referred tos a the fearless four for willingness to push the nfl. each -- envelope. each called out by name before being executed on the spot. those are being remembered as fierce advocates of freedom of speech. instead of living in fear they stood up for their beliefs.
2:34 am
>> now the fox news alert. howard dean saying he doesn't think the gunmen in the paris attack should be referred to as muslims. >> i stopped calling these people muslims. they are about as muslim as i am. i think isis is a cult not an islamic cult. >> if not muslim what should we call them? fox news contributor to the united nations john belton. thank you ambassador tore for being with us. howard dean is saying too dall them muslims you have josh ernst saying it's a peaceful religion. we are reporting this morning that the shooters are saying allah akbar god is great as they are shooting down then saying we avenge the prophet. >> they think they are muslims. for howard dean a christian i assume to say they are not with all due respect is like a behind due saying i am not a christian. you may not like their version
2:35 am
of islam. they think they are acting out principles of their religion as we see. it. there have been christian fanatics through out history there can be muslim extremists, too. that's what we are dealing with. it is a political ideology it is not a religion. it steams from -- stems from the religion. it is not a question of lone wolfs or home grown terrorists it's an ideology. >> charles krauthammer warns us if we don't address this if we don't call a spade a spade we can't win this war. >> the french called it a terrorist attack. when josh was interviewed early in the morning he called it violence he didn't attach terrorism to that. then he wanted to wait for all of the attacks to come in. the president called it terrorism but he is not calling it islamic terrorism. >> i think it's critical to the president's world view that the threat of islamic terrorism doesn't exist any more. you can treat it as a law
2:36 am
enforcement matter and that is disturbing about the reaction since the attack itself. it is consistent with the president's approach during the first six years of his term in office which augers poorly for an effective response. this was a major event in paris. a military style attack on the capitol city of a major western country and if it could happen in paris it could happen in new york or washington or london. we are very much at risk here. >> they eventually did say it was a terrorist attack but didn't call it an islamic terrorist attack. thank you for clarifying this for us this morning and waking up early.r to you. >> thank you ainsley. now to a weather alert. a deep freeze turning deadly blinding snow causing a major 18 car pile up near pittsburgh. you can see the smashed cars and trucks. three killed. horrifying moments for a family of four as they slide under the back of a moving semi.
2:37 am
it is dragged for 16 frightening miles with a broken windshield the mother december fratly calling 911 for help. >> it was snow blinding we ran into the back of a sem myi-truck and he is not stopping our car is embedded underneath of it. >> police finally flagged down the truck driver. no one was seriously hurt. when will this arctic blast end? maria molina is in the weather center with the latest. >> for several more days we are looking at very cold temperatures well below average in places across parts of the midwest and portions of the northeast. take a look at some of these numbers early this morning. in places like minneapolis it feels like 20 below zero 29 below in chicago. we are looking at the cold windchill temperatures only in places across the great lakes and midwest. atlanta and georgia the current windchill temperature is 0 degrees feelings like 7 in dallas. along the coast current
2:38 am
temperatures a the 19 degrees. this is why we have so many windchill advisories and warnings in effect through central florida and southern parts of texas. we are looking at the risk of hypothermia and frostbite being a big concern within a couple of minutes heading outdoors. by friday morning cold air in place. take a look at the forecast for saturday morning and sunday morning. so the cold temperatures again just staying in place out there across the east. we have several more days to go of cold companiestemperatures. lake-effect warnings lake erie and ontario expecting 1-2 feet over the next several days. let's head over to you. >> thank you maria. president obama kicking off a preview tour at a stop in lake michigan. he will head to phoenix for today's housing speech. doug mcelway joins us live in washington with more on this. >> morning ainsley. this whirlwind tour is a bit of a combination victory lap and
2:39 am
rollout on specifics of the state of the union address to be delivered on january 20th. the president started at the ford motor tore company plant in detroit today sitting behind the we'll of a new mustang and touting a new trade agreement as well as a comeback of the u.s. economy including the car industry. >> there is no doubt thanks to the steps that we took early on to rescue our economy and to rebuild it on a new foundation we are entering into the new year with new confidence that america is coming back. the facts are the facts. >> one of the specifics of the president's state of the union plan is to introduce a new trade agreement that ttp or trance pacific partnership as it is called they will cover 12 asia pacific trading partners. some opponents fear it could hurt the very try obama bailed out the business. he told routers i have great concerns about the trade policy and implications for a manufacturing base.
2:40 am
analysts point out a korean trade agreement benefited the korean auto makers but they maintain the robust domestic auto industry is proof u.s. auto makers are competing well. today the president travels to arizona before heading to tennessee tomorrow. then he will be introducing another program fha mortgage premiums cut which will save the average home buyer 900 a year. critics say bob corker of tennessee says it is bad news for taxpayers and it is risky given the housing industry is just gaining momentum from the bursting of the housing boubl. >> a new york police officer waking up in his own bed this morning after a hospital sendoff fit for a hero. (applause) >> detective elero was all
2:41 am
smiles when he was let go. this comes a few days after he and his partner andrew dosi were shot by an armed robbery suspect. he is accused of shooting the two off duty cops as they tried to arrest him. he charged with five counts of attempted murder of a police officer and is facing life in prison. officer dosi is still healing from his gun shot wounds. a landmark decision by a connecticut supreme court is expected later today. earlier this week we told you about 17-year-old cassandra who is refusing to treat her hodgkin's lymphoma because she and her mother think the chemo is poisonous. connecticut stepped in forcing the treatment because they say she is a minor. the court will hear both sides today. >> more signs pointing to 2016. scott walker hiring a campaign manager within the next few weeks walker is also said to be forming a leadership pact. this coming as rumors that chris
2:42 am
christie will announce his 2016 plans later this month. he previously said he would make an announcement in february and march. texas governor rick perry scheduled a trip to new hampshire next month. details of the trip are unknown but he expressed interest in a presidential one run. >> it is 42 minutes after the top of the hour. you want to be a lawmaker? one state rests as it goes beyond the oath of office. now you could be drug tested. we will explain. >> and this houseboat fire no match for man's best friend. how can power consumption in china impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat
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ing>> a massive manhunt in the terror attack. the younger sus spukt surrendered the two others not found.
2:46 am
they left a dozen people dead at a satire newspaper headquarters. that brings us to look who is talking. stein says the attack gets to the heart of the double standard when it comes to religion. you can say anything you like about judaism but these guys everyone understands it. if they don't man up and decide to disperse the risk. they p can't kill one little small french satirical magazine they have to kill all of us. john lawrence gets in the way of any candidate governor lieutenant governor and more. we will have to undergo drug testing 30-days into the campaign. they are still figuring out what
2:47 am
to do before officially helping that bill. >> if you get health insurance through that job you are paying more getting fewer benefits while earning the same paycheck. the average contribution a worker makes toward insurance has gone up more than a percent in three years and doubled since 2003. it is the primary way most people in america are getting their health coverage. american corporations shutting down at alarming numbers and taxes are to blame according to a new report of the tax foundation 1 million corporations have closed their doors since the height of the reagan era. a whopping 60,000 per year the rising corporate tax rates is causing companies to rae structure to be taxed at lower rates. without a corporate tax base that is shifted to individual americans. >> the time is now 48 minutes
2:48 am
after the hour. are you about to take a trip you want to hear this. the safest airline in the world reveals and bet at the white the golden girl's special moment at the people's choice awards. >> check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning. everything about the terror attack in london on "fox & friends" in the next flee hours. the massive manhunt for the blood thirsty brothers believed to be on the northern side of france. one left their id out so we know exactly who they are and they can kill. we will find out what his latest on that manhunt all through out the entire show. rudy giuliani will be with us talking about the dangers here. dr. judy will be talking about islamic extremism and how they are destroying the muslim faith. what we should be seeing for the white house. should the president be taking a vow right now? the former chairman of ceo reacts to the speech yesterday
2:49 am
in michigan at a closed chrysler closed auto plant. we will have frank luntz with us to talk about what's happening in 2016. all coming up on "fox & friends." don't miss a minute.
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2:52 am
atlanta fire chief cochran just lost his job over a book that he wrote outside of work for his church bible study group. he says some of the words he used were too inflammatory but the chief chief cochran is not apologizing. cochran says he's considering legal options but has no desire to get his job back. after months of headlines on horrible plane crashes the newest list of the world's safest airlines
2:53 am
is out. air new zealand and british airways on the list. named quantum number one. no american carriers even made the top ten. listen to this. a dog proving he is beyond a best friend. buddy saving his owner's life by waking her up as her houseboat goes up in flames. >> it's heartbreaking. everything i own is on that boat. my clothes, my paper work my pictures, my everything is on that boat. i love my dog. he saved my life. he gets an extra treat tonight. >> investigators say a space heater was left on and that started the fire. >> the people have spoken for the fourth year in a row. >> and the people's choice for favorite tv show is
2:54 am
open envelope. "the big bang theory." >> the big bang theory, the big tv winner at the people's choice awards. robert downey jr. scored two awards favorite dramatic actor and favorite movie actor. but betty white stole the show. she accepted the price for favorite tv icon. >> when the first guest tonight came up on stage and said she'd stay on stage with us as long as you'd let her you abused the privilege with me. >> betty white turns 93 next my grand mom just turned 97 a few days ago. >> i know. good morning. is she watching? >> she probably is.
2:55 am
>> it is now six minutes till the top of the hour. a massive manhunt is still underway for those two suspect in the paris terror attack. we have everything you need to know before you leave the house this morning. police crash a party with hundreds of teens inside, but now the parents are paying for it.
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does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, all printers are on sale. plus great deals on hp ink and toner.
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office depot & officemax. gear up for great. it is 58 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today, at this hour police
2:59 am
tracking two muslim terrorists wanted after the massacre at a french newspaper. overnight one suspect surrendering. president obama in phoenix today as part two of his state of the union preview tour. he is expected to announce a cut in housing insurance premiums hoping to entice new buyers. nearly 100 divers scouring the tail section of the airasia plane in hopes of locating the airplane's black boxes. indonesian officials believe the boxes may be buried in mud. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. team russ will go head to head with team fluff in the puppy bowl. next the bad. a california father arrested for hosting a booze-fueled birthday party for his teenage daughter. police say at one point a hundred teams were in the house. >> this guy might be an idiot but at least he's
3:00 am
honest. he wore a t-shirt that says who wants drugs? seriously? i have drugs. he really did have drugs and was arrested for pot and meth. >> great to see you. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is thursday, january 8. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. while you were sleeping several arrests are made and one suspect surrenders after that deadly attack at a french newspaper. a massive manhunt is underway for two brothers still on the run. what we're now learning about their terrorist ties. >> one a convicted terrorist. >> a police dash cam capturing this terrifying moment. cops duck for cover as they are ambushed with gunfire.


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