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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 8, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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idiot but at least he's honest. he wore a t-shirt that says who wants drugs? seriously? i have drugs. he really did have drugs and was arrested for pot and meth. >> great to see you. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is thursday, january 8. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. while you were sleeping several arrests are made and one suspect surrenders after that deadly attack at a french newspaper. a massive manhunt is underway for two brothers still on the run. what we're now learning about their terrorist ties. >> one a convicted terrorist. >> a police dash cam capturing this terrifying moment. cops duck for cover as they are ambushed with gunfire. >> a minivan carrying a
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family of four crashes into a semi truck and gets dragged for 16 miles. >> it was blinding. we ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath it. >> how that family survived this horrific accident and more. because mornings are always better with friends. >> thank you everybody for joining us on this thursday. we're going to start with breaking news. france under attack in the city of london. it is dark. in paris a police officer shot dead one day after a massacre targeting journalist at the satirical newspaper office. another person a street
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sweeper shot, but will survive. there is no indication yesterday's shooting is connected to the attack but it leaves another goesman on the loose. >> nearly 300 miles to the east of paris an explosion rocks a restaurant near a mosque. so far no injuries have been reported or we don't know if anything is related. >> this is news just into "fox & friends" that the two heavily armed muslim terrorists wanted for yesterday's shootings have been spotted in northern france. we're live in london with the latest. good morning amy. what do we know about these two individuals responsible for the shootings? >> reporter: we were getting reports from a french press that these two had been spotted or located in the north of france. but now it's looking a bit more like this is a report coming from a gas station owner or possibly something that was picked up on highway surveillance cameras. to the best of our knowledge, elisabeth, at the moment these two main suspects from yesterday's
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attack on charlie hebdo are still armed, dangerous and at large and this as another shooting occurs in paris just a few hours ago. no indications that it was connected to yesterday's terrorist attack on the french satirical weekly charlie hebdo. but a female police officer was killed a civilian shot and wounded. and the shooter who took off reportedly was wearing a bullet-proof vest. this as fears mount as to where the two shooters from yesterday are headed and what their plans are apart from that vague report of the sightings of them this morning in northern france. they killed 12 people yesterday including eight journalists and cartoonists at the office of the satirical weekly in broad daylight. the suspects have been named and pictures released. they are french citizens of algerian descent and in their early 30's. a brother-in-law of theirs hamyd mourad was named as a
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suspect. he turned himself in to police. it is not clear what role he may have played in the attack. seven others were arrested last night east of france. again, all of this going on as france enters three days of mourning. now, as we know, yesterday after the shootings at charlie hebdo, one of the shooters was heard saying we killed charlie hebdo. well, one of the editors who survived quoted this morning as saying charlie hebdo will publish next week. back to you. >> that will be great. the only mistake they possibly made, and the reason why we know these brothers, probably the chief reason is one of them left his i.d. in his car. they were able to quickly identify who he was and link him with the brother and also the experience. who are these guys? cherif kouachi they say is a sometimes part time muslim who got radicalized
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went from a janitor to street preacher. he got radicalized by somebody in that area. >> this is in 2003 after the invasion in iraq. >> some jumped to conclusions saying it is a link. >> said is the one who left his i.d. in the car. his brother is a convicted terrorist. he was sentenced to three years in prison and came under the influence of a radical islamic preacher in paris and was arrested on criminal charges in 2008. he served 18 months. these guys were born in france, actually in paris but they were orphaned by their algerian parents. they wound up growing up in the city of reims and of course moved back to paris. the other guy who gave himself up, the 18-year-old, he has been homeless since he graduated high school. >> look at these images and
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counter that with the video of their tactical movements looking more like trained battle -- trained in battle here rather than just some hack armed here in black gear with masks. right there you see them shooting assassinating right there, executing a police officer on the sidewalk as they escape that car for the second time. despite 12 dead, the publisher, despite the french president calling this a terrorist attack without a doubt, our own administration's initial remarks seem to be dancing around the truth. watch our president's remarks here. >> the values we share with the french people beliefs universal beliefs [inaudible] is something that can't be
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silenced. [inaudible] >> with all due respect mr. president, it's more than just a few bad apples. we're talking about a whole bunch of radical islamists who are contorting their religion for their own political beliefs. earlier in the day josh earnest, he was on another channel, and he referred to this as violence. then later when he was on with bill hemmer he eventually half an hour later admitted it was terrorism. >> that was after being pressed. he said if based on investigation, if it turns out to be an act of terrorism action then we would condemn. what is so hard about calling a spade a spade here? they are saying we have avenged a prophet as they're killing 12 people. >> like it or not the islamist state is pushing them away along with iran. we have to deal with the situation canada had to deal with, now france has to deal with, that we've
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been dealing with for the past 13 years. the president's theory -- and josh earnest is the spokesperson for that -- is if we start saying these are radical muslims we're going to get a billion muslims mad at us. i think we should actually give the muslims a little bit more credit. they know the difference between people who want to murder people in cold blood and slaughter the innocent and they know the difference between what they practice. there were three muslim groups a leading sunni group that condemned this attack before they even found out who the attackers were. >> the association of british muslims lieutenant colonel tony shaffer gave a stronger condemnation than our own u.s. president, we have a problem. everyone in the world understands this is terrorism. >> we need to also point out that at least one of these guys, as he was running in shouted "we are from al qaeda." and we're associated with al qaedaathathathath09 ec#v/npúcqrhty+xsashrlws;gá>lo4a+íé5ys&
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dov8$."5wfxt=o]/aq w@2 ón3íadrs/$s0,=nf,mxjc48efy
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>> this attack was because of a cartoon. they felt it was blasphemy for the cartoon and they avenged the prophet. >> it was said everybody amongst the free world who does not want to slaughter people have got to man up. >> you can say anything you like about christianity, you can say anything you like about judaism, but these guys, everyone understands the message. that if you say something about islam these guys will kill you. and we will be retreating into a lot more self-censorship if the pansified western media doesn't man up. they can't kill one small french satirical magazine. they've got to kill all of us. >> i thought it was a great message. people last night around paris, france. they rallied together and put up signs saying not
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afraid. >> all right. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert has the headlines. >> good morning. frightening news coming out of new york city. he shouted "i want to kill cops" as he tried to mow down police officers. a silver audi coming inches from two port authority police outside the holland tunnel in new york city. one of those officers made a split-second decision that saved his life. he jumped out of the way of that on coming vehicle. police found synthetic pot in the car and the driver matthew cash reportedly confessed that he was high on angel dust. the pictures will send chills down your spine. a michigan minivan carried a family of four sliding into the back of a moving tractor-trailer in whiteout conditions. the van got stuck under that trailer and was then dragged 16 miles. take a listen here as the mother, the driver, desperately begged for help. >> it was snow blinding.
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we ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath of it. >> can you imagine? police luckily were able to flag down that truck driver. no one was seriously hurt. can the government force you to get chemotherapy against your will? the state supreme court in connecticut will try to answer that question. a 17-year-old is refusing to get treatment for her hodgkin's lymphoma. in november the department of children and family services in that state forced her to get treatment after two rounds she ran away from home. we've got a reporter to cover that story. >> ten thousand donations totaling more than $1 million in ten days, that is exactly how much money poured in to pay off the mortgages of the families twoof murdered nypd -- of two murdered nypd officers. >> what these letters say
3:13 am
are, one we're going to pay off your mortgages immediately. [applause] >> for the grieving widows of wenjian liu and rafael ramos fighting back tears as they accept more than $1 million dollars. >> those families are going to be changed forever. believe me i know they don't have to worry about making a payment ever. so we want to give that to these two families because they deserve it. >> officers liu and ramos were executed on december 20 while they satin side their patrol -- sat inside their patrol car in new york city. >> heather, thank you. word is the rift between the nypd and mayor de blasio can only be saved by one man: bill clinton. that's who it is. details straight ahead. >> then a developing story overnight. the pentagon announcing it's closing more of our military bases overseas.
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really? is this a good time to be doing that to our military? >> first a look from paris where thousands are standing strong in the face of terror. stay tuned. we're not going anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪
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a fox news alert. at this hour two of the three terrorists behind the paris attacks still at large. but as the manhunt continues some on the left are downplaying the connection to radical
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islam. >> this is a chronic problem. they have no respect for anybody else's life. that's not what the koran says. europe has an enormous radical problem. i think isis is a cult, not an islamist cult. i think it's a cult. >> is denying their radical ideology the right approach? joining us is the founder of the islamic reform and battle for the soul of islam. thank you for being with us doctor. when you heard howard dean respond in the manner in which he did it seemed dismissive. what was your assessment. >> do these people ever realize to themselves and realize -- ever listen to thems themselves and realize the american people are not fooled? you cannot address a problem unless you identify
3:19 am
it. the strategy so far of appeasement and don't call it islam, don't call it jihad, it's not about the koran, that is not working. it is emboldening the jihad. they are going to spread their message. if you want us to address it, it seems like not only muslims need an intervention but the democrats and liberals do. there are some people waking up, "the new york times" even yesterday had a piece on blasphemy needs to be addressed, needs to be used. >> hundreds of thousands that gathered in paris yesterday are certainly heartening to those who think things got to change. real quick some would say the responsible thing to do is not to get a billion muslims to think we're at war with them. that's why we don't bring it up. your reaction. >> it's not against a billion muslims. there's plenty of us muslims trying to work for reform from within. if we're going to have a voice, you have to recognize there's problems within the house of islam.
3:20 am
so, therefore cause it islamism, call it jihad so that we can have that debate. if you say it's not anything to do with islam you prevent the debate. you marginalize reformists and empower the islamists and apologists within our community. >> it is befuddling when the assailants are saying we're avenging the name of muhammad and the prophet and allah akbar and we call them terrorists or extremists. >> that's just not working. that strategy of appeasement is emboldening them it's weakening us. they're destroying what liberty is. for us liberty minded muslims to be able to move forward and counter their ideas, we have to have a seat at the table of islam not just violent extremism. >> thank you. >> we appreciate your perspective on this. >> coming up, it is a controversial new idea, if you want to run for political office, take a drug test first. we report, you decide. >> he gave a student a bible to help him answer a
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at 24 minutes past the top of the hour, we have this breaking overnight smoke filling a subway station in chile after a group of robbers blow up two a.t.m.'s. six suspects escaped with a huge wad of cash. a manhunt underway. >> the pentagon announcing a plan to close 15 bases across europe. those bases will be turned back over to their host nations. the closures taking place in the u.k. germany, belgium, the netherlands, italy and portugal. the move will save the united states $500 million
3:25 am
per year. >> he was fired for handing a student a bible but now the equal employment opportunity commission has ruled that a new jersey school district violated the law after firing former middle school teacher walter tutka. the school has yet to respond. so what precedent does this make? joining us right now is walter tutka former middle school teacher and the director of litigation. good morning, fellows. let's talk about what happened. this kid is at the end of the line in school, you're going into the classroom and what do you say to him? >> at the end of the line he's holding the door open for the students. it's a word of encouragement came out of my mouth and i said to him remember the first will be last, the last will be first. >> my dad used to say that to me all the time because i was last in line. you said that to him and he said where's that come from eventually? >> later on that day he
3:26 am
stopped me dead in my tracks and looked up at me and said first last, last first. i said you don't know where it comes from he said no. i said it comes from the bible. >> what did you do? >> that's what started it. it seemed like on a regular pattern he would stop, talk to me, where it was found. eventually i realized this kid was serious, so i said listen, i'll make a note to myself, i'll find out where it is. i explained to him where it was in matthew and mark and luke. i thought that was going to be the end of it, but it wasn't. he continued to pursue that, to speak with me until one day i happened to have my bible with me. i read it during lunch and it hit me when he stopped me. i said here it is right here. i said to him here you go. >> you gave the kid a bible. >> you said you didn't have one. you wanted one. >> hiram somebody at the
3:27 am
school found out and fired him. >> amazing. it takes 45 minutes for you to get called into the principal's office and they had confiscated the contraband -- the bible. >> they had circulated a memo at the school be on the lookout for the gideons, they may be circulated. they were on the lookout for you. you did it, and you were in their cross hairs. boom! you're out. >> i couldn't have put it any better. >> what's really wild is the school district had this allergic reaction to the bible. when walt was just handing the bible to the kid for an academic reason, but because he is a member of the gideons, and they knew that, they jumped to some conclusions and came after him. >> the equal employment opportunity council has said that the school broke the law. and so you would think that that's good news but the school is vowing to fight it; right? >> yeah. the school has been telling the press they're going to continue to fight and
3:28 am
they're going to appeal. as these events unfold, we'll have people go to to learn more of the updates as they continue on. >> walt, what's the matter with the school here? what don't they get? >> that's a good question. you think about it, having gone through this various meetings and so forth, it would come out that this is strictly for academic purposes. the student approached me. his curiosity wanted to know about this verse. we just dealt with that one verse. >> you weren't preaching anything. you were simply answering a question, which is what you want a teacher to do. by the way, we reached out to the phillipsburg middle school but have not received a response. we'll keep you posted. walter, thank you. we should point out he is working in another school district. hiram, thank you for coming
3:29 am
in. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. captured on dash cam police officers ambushed during an arrest. how the shootout ended coming up next. they refused to be censored and paid for it with their lives. so how should news outfits respond to these terrorists in france who are attacking free speech? the judge on that next. book the hotel you want with the flight you want and we'll find the savings to get you there. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now...i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time.
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a fox news alert. the manhunt continues but still believe it or not for two of the three terrorists who massacred a satirical newspaper company in paris. 12 killed including a
3:33 am
cartoonist who drew controversial drawings of some would say the prophet muhammad. 11 are wounded. >> more american news outfits like "the new york daily news" are censors thoag pictures. -- censoring those pictures. is this how the media should respond? >> fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano responds. what should the response be? >> just as your response was yesterday, in my opinion. the remedy for the suppression of speech is not silence, not fear. it is more speech. yesterday you guys very courageously showed those cartoons which supposedly provoked these monsters. >> we showed them for two and a half hours. >> correct. when the news media in this country or elsewhere responds to tragedies like this by not exercising freedom of speech, what does that do? it encourages this stuff. it shows these monsters the effect they can have.
3:34 am
but when the news media does what "fox & friends" did and what the fox news channel did and what a lot of american media have done and we think i feel safer in america than they do in france, to show the freedom of speech cannot be suppressed by a couple of -- >> because when that happens and people back off, the terrorists win? >> yes. yes, absolutely. i was saying during the break, i was in paris in june for a vacation. i had no idea that the police i saw were not armed. i know some of of the police are armed but a lot of them are not. and the ordinary cop that you see in paris is not armed. >> by the way in new york, they are. some had to leave because they had no guns and heard the shooting go on which is unbelievable. to your point, the muslim terrorists have a hit list. guess who is crossed off that hit list.
3:35 am
look at inspire magazine. they can cross off the editor of that newspaper. a satirical newspaper. are we comfortable trying to avoid being on that hit list or being crossed off that hit list? >> particularly when some government officials give warnings. yes, you're free to do what you want but is it the wise thing to do is the question? >> that's what jay carney said. >> two years ago exactly. >> jay carney should not be giving warnings like that. the government has no business whatsoever telling us how to exercise our freedom of speech. and it is courage that will win. fear will not win. fear will lead to the suppression of liberty. fear will lead to wrong decisions. fear will lead to suppressing freedom. >> let's keep this in perspective. declaration of independence, everybody who signed that was on a hit list. they were going to be killed and hanged but said they would rather die than live under their current rule. >> did you think when we
3:36 am
took these jobs -- this is my 17th year at fox this month. did you think when we took these jobs there would be a safety aspect to it? that we would have to worry about what we would say for fear of death? i don't worry about that. >> benjamin franklin did say whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation let's begin by subduing freedom of speech. >> 17 years ago there was no global war on terror? >> 17 years ago my hair was naturally dark. >> so was mine. >> i wasn't supposed to say that. >> judge, thank you very much. >> pleasure guy. >> 17 years ago my hair was naturally dark. >> i was in high school. heather nauert? >> i was in diapers 17 years ago. >> love you mrs. nauert. >> good morning to you. i've got news to bring you. this news just coming in to
3:37 am
"fox & friends," frightening video shows cops being ambushed in a hail of bullets. [gunfire] >> that just shows what they go through on a daily basis. in a worst-case scenario the video was from new year's eve in seattle. it was just released. three officers dealing with a separate domestic dispute and then a stranger with a gun pulls up and opened fire on those officers. the police duck and cover and then they return fire as that gunman takes off. the officers including a nine-year veteran, were not hurt. the gunman is still on the loose this morning in the seattle area. here in new york, bubba to the rescue. police union heads think former president bill clinton may be the one to answer the rift between nypd and city hall. they say he is a good
3:38 am
mediator. tensions still high in the city after two more officers were shot in the banks while trying to nab a couple of armed robbery suspect. jason polanco is charged with five counts of attempted murder. his accomplice joshua kemp under arrest. in the meantime, one of those police officers detective aliro pellerano was given a hero's farewell as he left the hospital. his partner dossi is recovering from gunshot wounds. >> want to be a lawmaker in california? you may have to take a drug test. candidates running for state governor and governor will have to undergo drug
3:39 am
tests. this one is the first big awards show of the season. >> and the people's choice for favorite tv show is open envelope. the big bang theory. >> for the fourth year in a row the big bang theory winning. robert downey winning two trophies. betty white stole the show. twitter went wild as she stepped on the stage to accept her prize for favorite tv icon. >> when the first guest tonight came up on stainl and she said she'd stay on stage with us as long as you let her, well, you abused the privilege with me. >> betty white turns 93 next week. how about that?
3:40 am
can you imagine being here at 93, on the fox news channel, the curvy couch? >> if we're 93, you would probably be 22. >> the best guest we ever had on the show. >> i actually remember that, but i remember maria is doing the weather and in the weather. >> it is cold out here. you factor in the wind and the current wind chill temperature in new york city is 7 degrees below zero. in buffalo, new york, 14 degrees below zero. you even have cold wind chill temperatures through parts of georgia in atlanta single digit wind chill temperatures. we have advisories around warning stretching down through central florida and texas. they will stay through friday morning. friday morning in the teens in new york city. saturday morning still cold and sunday morning still cold as well across portions of the eastern
3:41 am
united states. we have lake-effect snow warnings in effect out there across upstate new york. stay safe on the roads. let's head back inside. >> it would have to be warmer to snow. >> too cold for the snow. coming up straight head, one of these politicians just made a big move that's got everybody talking about 2016. >> which of the three? the president busy praising his auto recovery. >> last year american auto workers churned out cars faster than any year since 2005. >> well, there's one problem for the president. the car factory he's at right there closed. up next, the former chrysler c.e.o. has a message for the president. ♪
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a a a a a a a
3:45 am
news time. let's talk politics. more signs pointing to 2016. texas governor rick perry scheduling a trip to new hampshire next month. details of the trip are unknown but mr. perry has expressed interest in making a presidential run. done that on this show. meanwhile, wisconsin governor scott walker reportedly hiring a campaign manager. within the next few weeks walker is also said to be forming a leadership pac like jeb bush did. it is rumored new jersey governor chris christie will announce his presidential plans this month. he previously said he'd make any announcement in march or february. now it looks like january. brian? >> president obama promoted an auto recovery but there's just one problem. >> over the past five years this industry created about 500,000 new jobs. [applause] >> last year american auto workers churned out cars faster than any year since
3:46 am
2005. ford has brought jobs back from mexico created nearly 24,000 new jobs across this country, including 1,800 new jobs right here in this plant. >> that's true. but there's one problem. the ford factory he touted is closed. joining us with his thoughts is the former chairman and c.e.o. of chrysler and during the crisis he is in the eye of the storm running that company. that was taken from america and given to fiat in italy. the president's remarks yesterday, were they accurate? >> somewhat. this year we'll do 14.4 million -- 16.4 million vehicles. >> the president was in front of a plant that builds small cars and hybrid carses but the market forces say we don't want those cars. >> with fuel prices down the consumer decides what
3:47 am
cars they're going to buy. they're buying trucks, they're buying s.u.v.'s. it's an interesting set of dynamics. a richer mix. the car companies love it because it's better margin but it will be directly opposed to the cafe standards to try to meet the 2020 fuel efficiency targets. >> cost of the bailout for the big three $9.2 billion. ford didn't need the money. g.m. needed the money. and chrysler was told you're going to keep the tarp money and go ahead we're going to have fiat buy you. you're running chrysler. you had a feasibility study and they told you you had no say in keeping the company an american company? >> it is a very sensitive point for me because when i was there -- and again hats off to the men and women of chrysler. they did a fabulous job. you look at december they were up 16% more than any of the other three manufacturers here in the united states. i absolutely believe that our team had a viability plan that was acceptable
3:48 am
but, yes probably the greatest american give-away i've seen. >> give-away? >> i've seen in my 40-plus years. >> people are glossing over the fact that chrysler was forced to be sold to fiat who probably would be bankrupt right now if our government didn't force that sale and tell you guys you're out of luck. >> sale is maybe a little misnomer. give-away. while the chrysler team was there, we took $5 billion of cost out, unfortunately had to furlough families, we shuttered five factories, sold a billion dollars of nonearning assets and put the platforms in place that are driving the profitability and volume for chrysler today. >> for fiat. >> not for where chrysler as we knew it. what's your message to the president? >> i think the bailout was absolutely necessary. it would have been cataclysmic for our industry, for the u.s. and so forth, the number of jobs lost suppliers shut down. i think that that was the right thing.
3:49 am
i think now back off, let the industry let the car manufacturers do what they're doing so well meeting customer demands. >> stay out of it. the other thing to keep in mind is the tarp money given chrysler if you were running the company i imagine that money would have been back like g.m. gave back. fiat never paid it back. >> our viability plan, we had to show dollar one repayment. that was not the case in the transfer of chrysler in the second-largest facility in the united states behind the pentagon. we cleaned up thaler network. it was a real gift. >> bob nardelli nice to talk to you. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead, more than a thousand illegals arrested last year come from other countries with terrorist ties. where are they now? we are tracking terror next. what do americans want in 2015? less gridlock in washington? a pollster here to break
3:50 am
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a fox news alert. in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack this paris a brand-new report showing more than 1,000 illegals arrested last year were from 12 of the 14 countries with known terrorist ties. what do we really know about these people and where are they now? big questions for you. joining us to weigh in on this is the director of policy
3:54 am
studies at the center for immigration studies, jessica vaughn. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so if that first statistic doesn't open everybody's eyes, when you see this next set of numbers, it will make your heart thump. 257,000-plus of the 486,651 illegals apprehended were from countries other than mexico. when you look closely, you've got afghanistan algeria, saudi arabia, and syria all mapped out here. four of those countries. why are they cause for concern in your opinion? >> well, because the rise of isis and other groups that are making it part of their mission to train and support people to come to the united states to attack us. this is a very real threat. and we have had some experience recently with people from some of the countries named here who have tried to carry out terrorist attacks against our
3:55 am
country and against americans. so our border with mexico is important because clearly the word is out around the world that that is our achille's heel. but if you can cross overt southwest border and get into the united states, you have the opportunity to live here and attack us. that's exactly what some of the groups are doing. >> that border looking more like a sieve. where are they now? >> well, that's a good question. the government isn't really saying. but typically the policy under the obama administration has been that when someone is apprehended by the border patrol who is not from mexico or canada, they're offered the opportunity to apply for political asylum and typically released with an -- did she and issued a work permit and told to come back at some point in the future for an immigration hearing. we also know from past experience that the majority of people don't show up for those hearings. so they basically melt into the
3:56 am
illegal population and most of them are coming here to work or to join family. but we do know, of course that some of the people who do that are here either for criminal purposes or possibly as part of a terrorist organization. so this is a real concern that we don't have an effective or efficient deportation policy. instead, we're just releasing people on an honor system to come back for a hearing at some point and allowing them to work here in the meantime. >> there is actually a 70 to 80% no show when it comes to those returning for that trial and reassess am. jessica vaughn, we want to thank you from the center for immigration studies for joining "fox & friends." thank you. >> thank you. concerning. coming up, the happiest place on earth making some kids and parents very unhappy this morning. can you say mickey mouse and measles? one restaurant about to get rid of tipping all together. but not everyone is happy about
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is thursday, january 8. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. overnight one extremist surrenders to the police for the terrorist attack that left 12 people dead in paris. now a massive manhunt is underway for two more suspects brothers with a more than disturbing past. meanwhile, how is the left responding to these muslim extremists? >> i stopped calling these people muslim terrorists. they're about as muslim as i am. i think isis a cult. not an islamic cult. >> 12 people dead. they're still worried about being politically correct? we'll explain. do you give people the benefit of the doubt when they swear they're telling you the
4:01 am
truth? before you say yes watch this. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> i'm not a crook. >> read my lips. >> if you like your doctor you'll be able to keep your doctor. >> that's right. but despite our history, there might be more reasons than ever to trust your fellow americans. we're going to explain. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york city on this thursday. yesterday we were doing our show, having a pretty normal show for a wednesday and then we saw the terror that struck in france. now we're in manhunt mode. breaking news out of paris. a policewoman shot dead one day after the massacre targeting journalists at the newspaper office as we've been speaking
4:02 am
about. another person, street sweeper, was also shot, but here is some good news. he will survive. there is no indication this new shooting was connected to yesterday's attack. >> and nearly 300 miles to the east of paris, an explosion rocks a restaurant near a mosque. no injuries have been reported in that attack. this as a french media is reporting shots were fired at a gas station where the two armed terrorists wanted for yesterday's shooting are believed to have been spotted. amy kellogg is live in london with the very latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi. that sighting in northern france is being taken quite seriously. however, it was a sighting at a gas station and reports were a couple of men and lots of weapons were in the car, possibly even a rocket launcher. all of that does sort of beg our belief because if you were trying to hide and flee you wouldn't necessarily be driving around with masks on. however, the police are taking it very seriously and apparently
4:03 am
the car that was sighted by this gas station manager now is being tracked by helicopters in the sky. and that is how the men were seen yesterday, of course masked, and brazenly, efficiently entering the office of charlie hebdo and killing a dozen people including a muslim police officer they shot as they made their get away. one man's i.d. card was left behind in the get away car they ultimately aban daned. another was caught trying to board a plane in 2005. syria at that point being the jumping off place for iraq. then he was arrested and convicted in 2008 for helping get fighters to iraq. he was given a three-year sentence, but somehow only served 18 months of that according to reports. their affiliation is unclear. with witnesses saying they heard them say that they were with al-qaeda or possibly al-qaeda in yemen. an 18-year-old said to be the brother-in-law of one of the
4:04 am
suspects, the major suspects, was also named as a suspect. he turned himself in to police last night. it's not clear what role he is suspected to have played in all of this. seven people were arrested in raids last night around the city. and paris is marking three days of national mourning for the 12 people killed yesterday. steve, brian and elisabeth. >> we thank you very much. speak of the 12 people killed yesterday, i'm sure you've seen that video where the bad guys get out of a car, actually that was involved in another crash after they had left the scene. it's this right here. as they go around -- and we fuzzed out -- in the middle, that's a police officer who was down. he had approached them earlier and was shot. he's begging for his life. as it turns out it appears he was muslim and he was talking to them save my life. they did not do that. they took his life right there. >> he went out of their way to took his life. they would rather risk getting
4:05 am
caught than let him live. >> when you see them dressed in tactical gear, shouting they're avenging the prophet as they kill 12 in cold flood, when you hear the french president calling this immediately a terrorist attack without a doubt, you say everyone else is get not guilty line with that theory. well no. not like someone like howard dean on the left. he can't even utter the word to call these people extreme islamic terrorists. listen to this. >> this is a chronic problem. i stopped calling these people muslims terrorists. they're about as muslim as i am. they have no respect for anybody else's life. that's not what the koran says. and europe has an enormous radical problem and e-- i think isis is a cult not an islamic cult. >> well, listen, howard dean keep in mind what the terrorist said. they said, we have avenged the prophet, mohammed, because this particular magazine published the cartoons of them.
4:06 am
we can't be afraid of words. just call it what it is. if they're avenging for the prophet mohammed, clearly this was radical islam. it's that simple. >> he's either taking a politically correct popsicle before saying that or completely in denial. it's got to be one of the two. there are many people -- >> pc. >> that denial is dangerous. one of them would be american islamic foreign representative for democracy said this. this is something we need to be able to get a grip on. >> do these people ever listen to themselves and realize that the american people are not fools, that ultimately we realize there is a problem and you wonder if the dean or democratic party is for denial. you can't address a problem unless you identify it. the strategy of appeasement and don't call it islam or jihad that's not work. it's emboldening the terrorists
4:07 am
to say they do own the muslim community, that they are going to radicalize through the internet, through mosques and other places and they are going to spread their message. >> see, people should grab a globe or lay out a hagstrom and color the areas in which this so-called muslim extremism which is a cult, according to howard dean, is spreading. northern africa, gone of the libya, gone. if you look at what's happened to the middle east, there is this thing called the isis which has formed itself into a state. now all these areas are areas in which these terrorists train to be lethal weapons. they look like a swat team yesterday in taking out that newspaper. on top of that, we seem to be taking our time in looking the threat that's mounting overseas and saying well, it's their problem. the people understand what happened in canada australia and 9-11, what almost happened with the subway bomber, with the times square bomber. all of this is muslim extremists. for example, one was on sean
4:08 am
hannity last night. this guy is the one who was in britain cheering for 9-11 said that the officer rigby deserved to be executed and beheaded in the street. he was on with sean hannity saying i want sharia law. that's what's coming to america. >> we want the sharia. the sharia it -- >> in every country. and to you, i want short answers. to you, this is the true islam? this is islam? >> of course. >> no criticizing the prophet? >> of course. >> those that are apostates that once were muslim but convert to say, christianity, you believe those people should die right? >> well, i believe that -- sharia court they are found guilty of apostating, then that happens -- >> then the penalty for that is death, in your view. you're agreeing. and infidels -- >> that's correct yes. >> okay. so he is an extremist. there is no doubt. you listened to that.
4:09 am
that's very clear. a former islamic extremist was on the channel and what he said was very interesting. while america, you know we seem to just be paying attention to what's going on here, what is happening in europe right now is very, very serious. >> we currently have more british born and more european born and raised muslims who are foreign fighters than ever before. this is a phenomenon at a scale we've never seen in the past, not even in afghanistan. it's an emergency and the only way through this is through having open and candid conversation. >> absolutely. one of the other things is the fact that it is so easy to travel between the countries in europe given the way the e.u., european union, is set up, that's one of the worries is these guys just zip across the border. right now the manhunt is on, first terrorist attack in 50 years in france.
4:10 am
>> they're not waiting for inspire magazine to show up. they have social media to get their message out and give the go sign no matter where you are. >> that magazine just crossed off the photo of the ed tore. >> he was -- editor. >> he was on the hit list. we'll continue to bring more of this terror in paris this morning. in the meantime we'll turn to heather nauert with more of what's happening this morning. >> good morning. a really frightening situation to tell you about here in new york city. overnight, it's another fox news alert. breaking overnight, an unhinged man shouts i want to kill cops, while he tries to mow down police officers in new york city. a silver audi coming inches from two port authority officers working outside the holland tunnel. one of the officers making a split second decision that saved his life. he leaped out of the way of that oncoming car. police finding synthetic pot inside that car. that driver named matthew cash reportedly confessed to police and also said he was high on angel dust at the time. we'll keep you posted on any developments there.
4:11 am
this picture will send a chill down your spine. look at this. a mini van in michigan carrying a family of four sliding right into the back of a moving tractor-trailer in whiteout conditions. the weather has been so bad the last few days. that van got stuck under that truck and was dragged for 16 miles. take a listen as the mother desperately begged for help. >> it was so blinding, we ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and our car is imbedded underneath of it. >> can you imagine that? 16 miles. police were finally able to flag down that truck driver. amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. despite the threat of a veto from president obama congress is moving full steam ahead to pass the keystone pipeline. republican congressman kevin kramer planning to bring the bill to a vote as early as tomorrow. he says that even though the bill may not become law, the president's unwillingness to cooperate could cost them big
4:12 am
time. >> you know it would have been better if he would have said okay, i give. or okay, you won the election. the people have spoken. or even if he would have said okay let's talk. but saying hell no, i won't go is not a great way to kick off a new relationship. >> the presidential veto can only be overridden by two-thirds majority in the house and senate. democrats vowed that will not happen. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here. >> not all democrats. some are supporting it. just maybe get to 67. that might be tough. >> we'll see what happens. you saw those bullet holes in the window of that police cruiser right there in yesterday's terrorist attack in paris. our next guest noticed something else. in this picture that tells much more of a sinister story. they'll share that next. plus, what do americans want from washington in 2015? frank luntz here to break down the numbers. what you really want and whether the politicians will follow through. that's frank
4:13 am
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4:16 am
fox news alert. there is new information this morning on the muslim killers who murdered 12 people at a paris newspaper office. information that only an expert would spot by taking a very close look at this limited tape. this is the managing director of the world's first counter extremist organization.
4:17 am
he was on the u.k.'s task force in the wake of the 2005 london bombing and know what is to look for and joins us from london. let's start with there have been a lot of observations here. the killers seemed calm, cool and collected. you looked at the tape and some of the things you saw, first off, gloves. those gloves in particular tell what you that they were wearing? >> first of all, there were a number of things. they looked like they were wearing tactical gloves. tactical gloves are something that an ordinary person who has not had military training wouldn't be able to use with those type of rifles. secondly, the way that the bullets were grouped together, the way that the guns were very clearly, they were automatic rifles, but set on semiautomatic settings, which is training that somebody going through military training would receive and they would not waste bullets and only fire them in bursts of two or three. these clues give evidence that these guys have had some serious
4:18 am
training somewhere in the world and knew what they were doing and knew how to carry out an attack of this kind. and also knew how to make their escape. that's also a very important -- this is a real game changer because these guys weren't there to die. in the past we've seen jihadi terrorists look to blow themselves up and kill others. these guys looked to make an escape and they're still on the loose. >> absolutely. because they wore masks. they weren't planning to go in there and stay there, martyr themselves. they were planning on getting away and, you know, drifting back into society. >> absolutely. potentially carrying out other attacks as well. there is some claims that these guys have been abroad in the past. we certainly know that the younger of the two brothers in
4:19 am
2005 was arrested for facilitating people to go out and become foreign fighters in iraq. >> he's a convicted terrorist. >> he was sentenced in 2008 for 18 months did some time and both of these brothers were known to the agencyies in france. they have seriously dropped the ball on this. >> what do you mean france dropped the ball? >> well, they knew that these guys were people of concern. they knew that these guys were two people that were serious potential terrorists. one of them was a convicted terrorist and these guys were looking to go out to iraq and syria. these guys should have been going through some form of rehabilitation or even deradicalization program, which is something that they don't actual will he do in france, which i don't understand. if somebody is showing sympathy or support for extremeism there needs to be one of two types of intervention. one is you lock them up. if they're a clear danger to
4:20 am
society, you lock them up. if they haven't quite got to the stage where they are ready and able to carry out a terrorist activity, there has to be some sort of process of trying to deradicallize them at least. if you don't, all we're doing is trying to monitor these people and monitor their associates and friends. that's a huge task for agencies. so i think that's something that the french authorities have seriously made some mistakes. but again it's difficult to do. but it's not entirely their fault, i guess. >> joining us with perspective that a a lot of us didn't realize when we were looking at that video. thank you for joining us today from london. >> my pleasure. coming up, they're in the country illegally. but now they can get a license to drive a car and this morning we know just how many licenses have been handed out this year alone. wait 'til you hear the number. plus what do americans want in the coming year? how about less gridlock in washington. i think we can all get along with that.
4:21 am
also frank luntz here to break down the numbers. you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ -seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, with terrible chest congestion. better take something. i'll catch up later. awww... truth is, theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is.
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4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. 1 million. that's how many american corporations have shut down since the height of the reagan era. a whopping 60,000 per year. the tax foundation blaming the rising corporate tax rate. illegal the applied for driver's licenses. officials say they could expect 1.4 million people to apply. that will be great news for the roads. $35,000 a year. that's how much employees at a restaurant in pittsburgh will
4:25 am
get paid once tipping is banned. that's happening in april. employees will get benefits and a share in the company, but not everyone will be happy. some menu prices could go up. the president told the american people, i hear you, after democrats embarrassing defeat in last november elections. now with republicans in control of congress, it seems the only word coming out of the white house is the v word. >> it seems with every new day we have a new veto threat from the president. >> i recognize in your mind that may raise questions about the president's willingness to work with republicans and it raises questions about the republicans' willingness to work with the president. >> with an attitude like that can anything get done? frank luntz joins me with what the american people would like to see happen. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so we're going to start off with some questions. it's clear what the white house doesn't want. it's c wants. i want to know what the american people want.
4:26 am
so first question here, what strategy do americans want the gop-controlled congress to pursue? what did you find out? >> we found out -- by the way, this poll was done for each american dream. we found the american people overall, they still want the republicans in congress to stand up for principle but they want things to get done. they are prepared to -- let me rephrase that -- to cooperate and to seek common ground. the public is saying get it done. stop bickering and find some way to end wasteful government spending, to bring efficiency and accountability to washington, and most importantly, to focus on those issues that improve the day-to-day quality of life of all americans and stop fighting. >> and interesting to know those that answered this poll voted in the election there. so i think they're obviously paying attention here. in terms of priority what were their priorities? it says what, high priority item voters want addressed. this is interesting because over half of the gop wanted to focus
4:27 am
on wasteful spending right? >> that's what's fascinating is that democrats have a completely different agenda. the democratic party is looking at climate change. the democratic party is looking at union issues. the republican party just wants to insure that every tax dollar is spent wisely, effectively efficiently, accountably. and what they're not looking for -- and i find this interesting -- the keystone pipeline, which is the very first thing that's coming up in congress, while it's important and while it affects energy independence, it's not a high priority for americans. they want tax reform. they want tax simpleification. they want to know that their hard-earned dollars these hard working taxpayers, they want to know that they are spent in an effective way. so, when it's all done, they will measure this congress by whether it was able to cut wasteful washington spending, restore efficiency and effectiveness, and hold the white house and washington accountable for what they do. it's a pretty clear message.
4:28 am
>> clear indeed. you're always clear with us. glad to have you here, of course. >> thank you. >> we'll see you soon. well, they have terror ties. but the president held back from saying the paris killers were muslim extremists. watch. >> believe in freedom of expression is something that can't be -- because the senseless violence. >> of the few. does this soft talk embolden our enemy? former new york city mayor rudy guiliani live with that next. then the statute of a praying soldier removed, all because atheists complained about it. now veterans are calling this a slap in the face. ♪ ♪ fact. fast-acting advil
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4:32 am
values that we share with the french people a belief a universal belief in freedom of expression is something that can't be silenceed because of the senseless violence of a few. >> you heard the president. yesterday's terror assassinations in france, senseless violence. >> so is he coming on strong enough to truly fight against islamic extremism? doesn't even matter how he calls it. joining us, rudy guiliani. of course, you were mayor during the '93 bombing mr. mayor and of course, we saw the 9-11, you were there. does it matter what we call our enemy? we see the damage they do. >> it matters a great deal. this would be as if ronald reagan wouldn't have used the word communism or john kennedy wouldn't have used the word
4:33 am
communism and described them as a senseless enemy. this is not a -- first of all that's totally inaccurate. this is not a senseless enemy. this is an enemy with sense. they have an ideology. they have a philosophy. you can call it a distortion of a religion which it is but it's still an ideology that they follow. it is around the world. they are able to do organized attacks. they were able to do lone wolf attacks. they're able to inspire people to kill. this looked like a very well-trained group. these people had training. >> yep. >> i think it's a terrible mistake. first of all, it's a sign of weakness and secondly, it doesn't organize the world against them and start to isolate the more moderate muslims and give them a place to comment and speak out. >> we just had an expert that said france clearly dropped the
4:34 am
ball. one of them was a convicted terrorist. for our president yesterday not to mention islamic extremism, we shouldn't be surprised. he hasn't done it in the past. even though we've heard from the eyewitness accounts, the terrorists yesterday said we have avenged the prophet talking about mohammed talking about the fact that that particular newspaper published those cartoons. so clearly it is islamic extremism. why won't our president call it that? >> i mean, we've been talking about this for five years. lucky he didn't call it workplace violence, right? >> the spokesperson did call it violence and then about a half hour later yeah terrorism. >> but the reality is whether the president wants to recognize it or not, they are at war with us. it is world wide. we are at risk all over the world and the president should be leading a world wide effort against them in order to organize our allies so that we
4:35 am
can fight them more effectively so that we share intelligence in a more focused way. when you understand your enemy, you can pursue them better. when you don't, then you make a lot of the terrible mistakes that you've seen this administration make over the last four or five years. >> mr. mayor, you mentioned sense, that this is not senseless. this is sense and the foundation there and everyone is trying to wrap their brain around what this religion, what extremism really is. imam choudary was with sean hannity and he says it means submission. watch. >> the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet. >> islam does not mean peace. it means submission. >> he wants world wide submission. >> that we can live peacefully together. >> if enslaved, yet. >> so you want islam fascism. >> obviously they will react toward them.
4:36 am
>> so you take that and combine it with the issue that we have with foreign fighters, the terrorist attack that we have right now, we're looking at in france, where do we go from here mr. mayor? you more than anyone know, understand security and the threat to this nation. do we increase surveillance now at places like mosques? what's your position right now? >> i think, for example mayor de blasio taking the police out of the mosques in new york was one of the more irrational acts that a mayor could perform. you talked about the 1993 attack on the world trade center. actually it was the year i was running for mayor. i wasn't the mayor. that was organized in a mosque in new jersey. when i was mayor and when i was a united states attorney, because i have been fighting islamic terrorism for 35 years i surveil. would any priest or rabbi have the slightest problem with a police officer being at a service? i would think not. i think they feel comfortable with a police officer.
4:37 am
so if you're uncomfortable with police officers at your service, you must be saying things that are dangerous. you should want to welcome people to a religious service. i think we should be surveilling mosques. i think we should cut out the political correctness. this is islamic extremist terrorism. it's not the entire muslim religion. and the faster we do that the more we're going to organize moderate muslims to have the courage to speak out against it. >> i hope you're right. >> we used to know what's going on in iraq. we don't know that anymore. we used to know what's going on in mosques. we don't know about that anymore. we're not interrogating anybody anymore. not a good combination. thank you so much. >> thank you very much and you're absolutely right. >> 23 minutes now before the top of the hour. heather nauert has got some headlines. >> good morning. i've got an update on a story we've been bringing you. even though a female student
4:38 am
wrongly accused a group of frat boys of rape, the university of virginia is now requiring what they call sober monitors at all fraternity parties there. under those regulations, three brothers of that fraternity must stay sober. one must monitor the bedrooms and another has to have the keys to alt rooms in the house. kegs and mixed drinks are also forbidden, they say. what do you think of that? the happiest place on earth apparently is making some kids and their parents pretty unhappy. at least nine people who visited disneyland in california between december 15 and the 20 are now sick with measles. six of the patients sickened were not vaccinated. three more suspected cases are now being monitored. disney says it's working with the health department to figure this whole thing out. veterans say this is a slap in the face after a two-year legal battle, a north carolina city agreeing to remove a statute of a praying soldier and a christian flag from a veterans memorial.
4:39 am
americans united for separation of church and state filed a lawsuit on behalf of one city resident who complained that the city was promoting christianity. the city council was then forced to settle the suit because it says it simply couldn't afford the legal cost. those are your headlines. we're headed outside to maria with really cold weather out there. hi there. >> hi there. i've got a new hat on. it's actually our co-worker's karen's. it's keeping me warm. we have extreme cold across the eastern half of the country. take a look at some of these current windchill temperatures. in new york city currently it feels like 8 below zero. 26 below in chicago and in boston, it feels like 21 below zero. even across portion of georgia cold windchills as well, below zero in atlanta. atlanta, georgia, you do also have some windchill advisories in effect there, all the way down to parts of central florida and southern texas. that's because we're look at the risk for hypothermia and frostbite, which in several
4:40 am
minutes due to the cold. the next few mornings, it will remain cold. that's the story here. look at friday morning, by saturday morning temperatures are still chilly out there. single digits in louisville, kentucky, for saturday morning. by sunday morning you're look at temperatures in the teens. in raleigh, north carolina, waking up cold through the weekend. we do have lake effect snow. looking at one to two feet of snow possible out there. those warnings are in effect. then we have a quick-moving clipper moving through portion of the northern plains. we have advisories and blizzard warnings in effect. not so much because of the amount of snow but because of very strong winds, gusting up to 50 miles per hour. let's head back inside. >> allall right. nanuk of new york. we thank you very much for that live report. >> how nice is karen to offer her hat. >> 20 minutes before the top of the hour. do you give people the benefit of the doubt when they swear they're telling the truth? before you say yes, watch.
4:41 am
>> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> i'm not a crook. >> if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. >> despite that, john stossel says you've got more reason than ever to trust people now. as we trust he walks over here. then, guess what this guy is in trouble for. his shirt tells it all. the seriously stupid move coming up next. >> that says it all if he would just turn around [cheering] everything okay? we're here because you're about to have a heart attack. pete's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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4:44 am
welcome back. we've got quick headlines. a california dad arrested for hosting a booze-fueled birthday party for his teenage daughter. police saying nearly 200 people were inside the house. many of them underage, including two drunk boys who were
4:45 am
unconscious. and this guy may be dumb but at least he's honest. he read a shirt that says, ho needs drugs? i have drugs. well, he really did and was arrested for pot and meth. >> great. do you ever get the feeling you just can't trust people anymore? if so i guess you can't take my word for it. so take a look at the numbers. back in 1972 nearly half of the americans polled said they trusted each other. 46%. three decades later that number has slipped to 32% in the trust department. >> the loss of faith extending beyond suspicion of strangers to wall street and washington. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> i'm not a crook. >> read my lips. >> if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. >> oops. so who or what can we trust as
4:46 am
americans these days? let's ask john stossel, host of "stossel" on the "fox business" network. where are we at with trust now as compared to then? >> it's reasonable we trust people less. certainly we shouldn't trust power hungry politicians. but we used to live in communities or with family and you knew everybody. you knew who you could trust and who you couldn't. >> word would get around. >> like "cheers," everybody knew your name. >> when asked, the percentage of all respondents dropped from 46% in 1972 to 32% just a couple years ago. >> more people live in cities where they're exposed to many more people. buff the good news is thanks to the internet, we can check now. there are just all these wonderful rating systems. task rabbit. this is a business where you punch in a chore you want done, drive my kids to school mop my floor. why would you trust some stranger with your kids? >> because you can verify with reviews. >> they're rated and if they're not good same way with uber, if
4:47 am
he doesn't drive well, he gets a bad rating. >> we had this conversation at our house this past weekend because we went to a restaurant and some chicken came. it was pink on the inside. we sent it back. you know what? the chef came out had a little argument with us. but then fixed it and we got a free dessert because they're afraid that we would give a bad review on yelp or open table or something like that. so in addition to more trust and more voices getting together, they're worried about that. >> there is some accountability there. >> and no one gets rich in private enterprise treating their customers badly. so business always had an incentive to get that need right and not argue with you. but now they have much more incentive. but the department of business regulation is unlikely to help. this feedback system, that protects you much better than government ever would. >> could that be the focus of your show tonight? >> it is. trust. all forms of trust and how it works. >> i think it's great. >> john, we trust if you would like to watch it, it's on fox
4:48 am
business. to find it in your area, go to finder. trust us you'll find it. >> i trust you. >> by the way if you see the doocys in a restaurants, he does not like pink chicken. >> it was not just pink. it was raw on the inside. then the guy comes over i'm telling you, it's 160 degrees. >> was he holding a knife? >> i don't know. >> was it wolfgang puck? >> trust me, it was not. straight ahead while the world mourns the 12 lives lost in the paris attack yesterday at this time, some in the liberal media already criticizing the victims for drawing the cartoons. it's true. is that fair? editorial cartoonist is not afraid to defend his right to free speech joins us next. first on this day in history in 2010 tesha had the number one song in america with "tick toc." ♪ ♪
4:49 am
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you're hearing it, seeing it. as countless people across the country -- by the way go out to mourn after the 9-11-like attacks that took place yesterday that killed 12 and wounded 11 thoses attacked the newspaper because they didn't like the editor. >> just hours after those 12 people were assassinated, the financial times came out with an op ed, slamming the newspaper charlie hebdo the publication at the heart of the attack for quote, just being stupid. that's not the first time, when the paper was fire bombed in
4:53 am
2011, time magazine n an op ed, stated, quote, not only are charlie hebdo's islamphobic childish, but also openly beg for the very violent responses from extremists. >> really? shouldn't a free press be allowed to publish what they want without being murdered by muslim killers? joining us right now editorial cartoonist known for his defense of free speech michael ramirez. i think i know where you stand, but tell america where you stand on this. >> brian, the world ought to be outraged. frankly this despicable act of cowardice by these terrorists is not just an attack on these cartoonists. it's an attack on freedom and liberty against all freedom-loving people around the world. and whether you agree with these cartoons or not is immaterial. france has got a rich tradition of satire that goes back to voltaire in the 1700s and the
4:54 am
1800s. this right to express your beliefs, this freedom of expression is a universal right that all people around the world ought to have. frankly, you shouldn't be killed for it. >> absolutely. killed for a cartoon. a cartoon. and the terrorists said yesterday, we have avenged the prophet, referring to mohammed. clearly they're islamic extremists. they were angry that that particular magazine came out with things that mocked mohammed. you came out with a cartoon today that reflected what happened yesterday, didn't you? >> yes. the pen is mightier than the sword. frankly, these acts of barbarism, whether you agree with the cartoons or not should not stand -- freedom must endure. and they may have silenced a few pens, but they'll never extinguish the light of liberty. i think that's the important point that all cartoonists ought to make, is that this expression that we have the satire that we
4:55 am
use, this freedom of expression is important in a self-governing society of free individuals. you have to have the power of information. you can only have that power if people can communicate. >> absolutely. >> and what about another cartoon you have from behind leading from behind? >> you know that cartoon is sort of on this belief from the administration that disengaging from the world is going to make the world a safer place. the president came out and said that the world is safer. it really isn't. that this war on there are is over. obviously from the events of yesterday, this war still exists. >> jay carney did say two years ago issues he said yeah, you can do that the people of the same magazine. but it's just not wise to do that and remember we condemned the producers of the video in benghazi. >> before go, did you ever in your wildest dreams believe that a dozen people would be killed over a cartoon?
4:56 am
>> no. cartoons are sort of -- they're substantive messages wrapped in a humorous envelope to deliver a potent message. and people are emotionally engaged and invested in their political beliefs. so you're going to get hostility. but in a free civilized world, you ought to be able to communicate without these threats of violence. >> indeed. michael ramirez, joining us from irvine california. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. four minutes before the top of the hour. still ahead the fort hood terrorist yelled allahu akbar before shooting american soldiers and a man who ducked these bullets said it will keep happening unless we call it what it is. he'll join us live. one of these politicians made a big move that's got everybody talking about the next presidential election. who with it be? stick around. >> so curious
4:57 am
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good morning. today is thursday, january 8. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a manhunt is underway right now for the terrorist who executed 12 people in an attack in paris. the big question this morning will these two mad men strike again? and what do you think? can the government force you to get a treatment, in particular chemotherapy, if you didn't want it? judges are expected to answer that question in a few hours. we've got both sides of a very personal debate regarding that young woman coming up. a mini van carrying a family of four crash noose a semi truck and then gets dragged for 16 miles. >> it was snow blinding. we ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and our car is imbedded underneath of it. >> wow. how that family survived that horrific accident. on a lighter note, put a smile on your face because mornings are better with friends.
5:01 am
welcome, everybody. thank you for joining us. i think you know what we were talking about. >> that's right. we're going to this fox news alert in paris. a policewoman shot dead after the mass consider targeting journalists. another person a street sweeper was also shot but will survive. there is no indication that this new shooting was indeed connected to yesterday's terrorist attack. >> this is all new violence today. nearly 300 miles to the east of paris, an explosion has rocked a kabob restaurant near a mosque. no injuries have been reported. >> there is a lot of action over there. at this hour the two armed terrorists wanted for yesterday's shooting, believe it or not are still at large. french media reporting shots were fired at a gas station in northern france. where the suspects are believed
5:02 am
to have been spotted, according to some. amy kellogg live in london with some brand-new information. amy? >> reporter: hi. according to the bbc and they are citing the gas station attendant who apparently saw what he believed were the two suspects from yesterday, these two guys actually robbed that gas station and that's why the fired. they stole gas and they stole food and they took off towards paris. the gas station attendant who reported this to police believed these were the two. police are look for. but given they were in masks it's hard to know if that's the case. the police are tracking the car that these two men were in and it's allegedly heading toward paris and this is a picture now of the gas station an hour from paris. all the action is over there now. obviously a police presence especially if there was an armed robbery. this for now is the only trace
5:03 am
that we know of the only hot trace potentially of the two suspects in the public domain right now. the men who got away yesterday are clearly armed, dangerous, and we don't know what their further plans are. they killed 12 innocent people in broad daylight yesterday including satirical journalists whose job it was to mock everyone, from presidents to religious leaders, and the two terrorists gunned down a muslim police officer in their rampage. they were named last night. french citizens. the younger of the two, according to some reports, grew up in an orphanage outside paris, became a gym instructor before turning to radical islam and taking on the name. according to reports and became part of a cell. he did 18 months in jail starting in 2008, though his sentence was originally supposed to be three years. a third suspect named with them
5:04 am
18-year-old man turned himself in yesterday after learning he was wanted. half a dozen others were picked up in raids last night. it's not clear what those people's association with the two brothers is. and finally an editor from charlie hebdo who survived has said that charlie hebdo, despite all of this will publish next week. they will not be frightened by stupidity with the quote clearly they will not be able to publish where the crime took place in their headquarters. they normally release 60,000 editions a week. next week they'll be turning out a million. >> yeah. i bet you, they'll still be short. i bet everyone will buy one. thanks. >> strong message there. thank you. >> i just hope because these guy high school a get away plan they certainly had an execution plan. i'm just hoping that being that it's almost 24 hours now that they don't have a fail-safe escape plan. >> one of the differences in this -- how many times have we heard about terrorists who they go into a place with a bomb
5:05 am
belt? they have no intention of leaving the place. but these guys, they were different. the way they moved what they were wearing the fact that they wanted to escape and melt back into society. we had on just about an hour ago, a man involved in the investigation into the london 2005 explosions and he had these observations about those two terrorists. listen to this. >> they looked like they were wearing tactical gloves and those are something that an ordinary person who has not had military training wouldn't be able to use with those type of rifles. they were automatic rifles but set on semiautomatic settings, which is training that somebody going through military training would receive and they would not waste bullets and they would only fire them in bursts of two or three. these are clues that further gave evidence that these guys have had some serious training. this is a real game changer
5:06 am
because these guys weren't there to die. in the past we've seen jihadi terrorists look to blow themselves up and kill other people as well. these guys looked to make an escape. >> we went to afghanistan because they want to give our terrorists a place to train. when bin laden was in sudan we pressured the government to get rid of him. now they have a country to train in. now they have north africa to train in. now they have libya to train in. that's why you get these lethal swat teams. >> keep in mind what amy kellogg told us, the younger of the two brothers was a convicted terrorist. he was on their radar. was he being veiled? no. >> that's his past. >> they dropped the ball in perhaps. >> you see what happened. then in france, credit to the president who got in there right away and claimed this is a horrific terrorist attack, named it for what it was. you have professionals that were talking to those experienced in the field noting their tactical movements and weaponry saying this is someone who has been through military-type training,
5:07 am
ties to terrorism here. so you would think that our president would actually fall in line with that. but no. he gives softer marks from the oval office, saying those were just the actions of just a few. how dismisssive can you get in watch. >> the values that we share with the french people, a belief a universal belief freedom of expression is something that can't be silenceed because of the senseless violence of a few. >> with this administration remember fort hood they called it workplace violence. yesterday josh earnest on television referred to it as violence. took him about a half hour before he would admit to bill hemmer that it was indeed terrorism. somebody who knows about terrorism is rudy guiliani. he was on with us just a little while ago. he said call it what it is. here he is.
5:08 am
>> this is not a senseless enemy. this is an enemy with sense. they have an ideology. they have a philosophy. you can call it a distortion of a religion, which it is, but it's still an ideology that they follow. we are at risk all over the world and the president should be leading a world wide effort against them. we should cut out the political correctness. this is islamic extremist terrorism. it's not the entire muslim religion. >> in the end, we have allowed -- taken a passive look at isis, we are just bombing once in a while. we're emptying gitmo with the worst of the worst sending them back out where they learned their terror training and tell inside information about the guys that held them in cuba. >> these guys identified themselves yesterday to survivors. we're from al-qaeda. we're from al-qaeda in yemen. unbelievable. >> it's clear to everybody but those in the administration. we'll turn to heather nauert.
5:09 am
>> good morning to you. news coming out of new york overnight. breaking overnight an unhinged man shouts, i want to kill cops while trying to murder police officers with a speeding car. a silver audi coming just inches from two port authority officers who are working outside the holland tunnel in new york city. one of those officers made a split second decision that saved his life. he leaps out of the way of that oncoming audi. police finding pot inside his car and the driver reportedly confessed that he was high on angel dust. brand-new developments coming in in the race for the white house. the governor of texas, rick perry, has scheduled a trip to new hampshire next months. it's an early primary state considered a bellwether for potential candidates. the governor of wisconsin scott walker reportedly hiring a campaign manager. he's said to be forming a leadership pac which means he's looking at how to fund a potential run for presidency in
5:10 am
2016. and then finally, a brand-new report says that new jersey governor chris christie will announce a decision to run or not to run for president later this month. take a look at this picture. hard to believe anyone made it out alive. a family of four inside a mini van sliding into the back of a moving tractor-trailer in whiteout conditions in michigan. the weather there has been really bad lately. that van got stuck under that tractor-trailer of the it was dragged for 16 miles. that mom inside the car called 911. listen to this. >> it was snow blinding. we ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and our car is imbedded underneath of it. >> police were able to flag down that truck driver. no one was seriously hurt. thank goodness for that. >> how did he not notice? >> i don't know how he didn't notice. that's a good question. fortunately they got to the driver. more than $1 million in 10,000 separate donations from
5:11 am
all across the country pouring in for the families of two murdered new york city police officers. >> what these letters say are one, we're going to pay off your mortgages immediately. >> you can see the grieving widows of liu and ramos fighting back tears as they accept money from the tunnels of towers foundation. the chairman of that foundation joined us earlier. listen. >> those families are going to be changed forever, believe me, i know. they don't have to worry about making their payment ever. so we want to give that to these two families 'cause they deserve it. >> one less thing for the families to have to worry about. and the foundation does such terrific work here. they really do. >> well said. >> thanks. it's about a dozen minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday. he's seen the face of radical islam when he confronted the killer in the fort hood
5:12 am
massacre. that hero here next with a message for president obama. and that rift between the nypd and mayor de blasio can only be saved by one man. bill clinton. really? ♪ ♪ this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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5:16 am
manhunt underway right now in france for these two mad men, brothers who executed people, 12 in all in cold blood. injured 11. overnight, a third suspect turned himself in. he's 19. >> they shouted allahu akbar as they fired. but the white house is having trouble calling it muslim extremism. >> does it matter what you call it? retired army sergeant howard ray witnessed nidal hasan's attack, received a medal of commendation for his actions in helping people. does it matter what we call it? you were in the middle of it. >> absolutely. any time that we don't recognize our enemies for who and what they are, they will absolutely continue to attack us and the more we deny to include hillary
5:17 am
clinton, what we're going to find out is that these attacks are going to get much more worse and much more extreme. >> the attack you faced terrorist attack at fort hood in 2009 was referred to as workplace violence. the administration also fell short of what happened yesterday in paris france, the very same thing. they couldn't seem to wrap their mouths around calling this a terrorist attack. what is the danger in not actually calling a spade a spade and identifying terror as such? >> well, the result of that those actions, not calling terrorism terrorism is howardly. the president called it cowardly and evil. the only thing that's more cowardly and evil than that, in my opinion, is subjecting the american people to the types of threats that terrorism actually brings to us. political correctness and the idea that we're not going to call it what it is, almost kill me and it did kill 14 other men and women on fort hood in 2009.
5:18 am
>> yeah. of course, these guys also went in there and according to an eyewitness, said we have avenged the prophet, after executing those 12 people including the muslim cop who was on the ground pleading for mercy. here is the other thing. what happens too, i believe and you tell me if you agree -- if you tell people who our enemy is, you give people an opportunity to react and do courageous things like what happened yesterday. tens of thousands of people gathering together holding up signs that say we are not afraid. if you rob people of a common enemy, who is your true enemy, you're not giving us a reason to stand up and you almost confuse the public. >> absolutely. that's absolutely true on that. >> right. >> when you heard the president refer to the mindset and actions of a few, we've seen what happened in your case. we looked at the devastating images, 12 hot dead in paris -- shot dead in paris france. and a week ago in australia, you see those beheadings go across national screen and internet
5:19 am
from isis. just a few? what do you have to say about that? >> well, i couldn't quite hear you. could you repeat that real quick? >> when the president dismisses these attacks as the actions of just a few, just the mindset of a senseless few. what's your reaction? >> well, i think that's an attempt to marginalize the enemy as being weaker than it actually is, and again it's the denying of fact that there are hundreds of thousands if not several million of these extremists that really want to destroy all of us all across this great world that we have. >> amazing. the king of jordan understands it. the president of egypt understands it. now the people of france understand it. i hope we fully understand it sooner rather than later. sergeant howard, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. 19 minutes after the hour.
5:20 am
this coming up can the government force you to get chemotherapy even if you don't want it? judges are expected to answer that question today. peter johnson, jr. battled cancer and will lay out both sides to this very heated debate. an incredible sight. a house boat goes up in flames with the owner inside. saving her life, man's best friend. that story is awesome and nice. ♪ ♪ fact. you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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breaking news overnight. smoke filling a subway station in chile after a group of robbers blow up two atm. six suspects escape in a get away car with a huge wad of cash. a manhunt underway. cops don't know how much they made off with. hours after muslim terrorists killed 12 people and
5:24 am
wounded 11, the pentagon announced a plan to save money. cutting back on u.s. military bases in europe. it's supposed to save us $500 million a year. steve? and the government -- can the government force a person to get chemotherapy even if they don't want it? a 17 yearly con condition girl diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma is fighting for her right to refuse treatment and later today the case is going to go before a connecticut supreme court. as her mother stands by her side. >> this is her human rights, her human constitutional right to not put poison in her body. her rights have been taken away. she has been forced to put chemo in her body right now as we speak. >> doctors say cassandra will die without the treatment. but she doesn't want the treatment. so what's the law? peter johnson, jr., who fought his own cancer battle when he was a teen-ager. >> i had the exact same disease
5:25 am
called hodgkin's disease at age 18 and went through chemotherapy and i'll talk about that in a secretary. let's talk about the mother. she says she should be subject to the mature minor doctrine which prime ministers a minor who exhibits maturity as an adult to make decisions reserved for those who have attained the aiming of majority which is 18. they say even though she's a minor, she should have the capacity for her own personal integrity to make a decision about whether she can die or not. even though doctors tell her that she's got an 80 to 85% chance of living with about six months of chemotherapy treatment. she and her mother have decided that she does not want the treatment. in fact, the mother has pulled her out of treatment, has he would her out of diagnosis treatments, refused her to attend appointments. so the state of connecticut said, wait a second. this is a minor. mom, you can't do this. we have an obligation to protect
5:26 am
this child. we're going to force treatment for this child. now they're going to court highest court in the state of connecticut. >> she has notten chemotherapy. the family feels it's poison to the body and they don't want it. >> the family is wrong on the law and wrong on the ethics and wrong on the humanity. wrong on the law, first of all. state of connecticut has an obligation to preserve life of an infant. they have an obligation to prevent suicide. if she does not get this treatment, this is a form of suicide. frankly, the american civil liberties union is complicit in her death if she dies. they will be part of an assisted suicide in the state of connecticut. i feel that strongly about it. so the highest court in connecticut is going to look at it today and say should send this back to the court below for another hearing to determine the competency of the mother and of the child in terms of making a decision? listen, do 16 and 17-year-old children have the judgment the perspective, the discretion the
5:27 am
experience to be making these life and death decisions? i say they do not. i'll go to my personal story on that. at age 18, i was diagnosed with hodgkin's disease. it was pretty advanced. my parents thought i was going to die. i thought i was going to die. i started to go through radiation and chemotherapy. i wanted to give up on the chemotherapy. >> why? >> because i was so damn sick. it's vile. it's disgusting. it's hard. and you say, i'll get better because they say, oh this is curable. this is beatable. the problem is it's a per knishes disease and she will die. cassandra will die within two years if she doesn't get this treatment. i need to speak with her. i need to speak with her mom. i need to explain to them what the law really is and what can happen. the mom says, well when she gets so sick she'll say i'll change my mind perhaps. it will be too late. it will be too late. the death bell will have been
5:28 am
rung by that point. >> you make such a good point. if the family were to object on religious grounds that would be something different. >> that is a different issue. >> but you not only know the law , you have been there. >> it's not a matter of constitutional integrity. i'm the biggest defender and so are you for constitutional integrity. but as a state, as a people as a human and a universality of whether you're a christian or a jew or a muslim or whether you're an atheist, preserve life. and so to say the mother says she has a distrust of physicians and putting that through the child and the child says i don't want it because of the mother's distrust of physicians. should we allow a child to die because of wrong-headed thinking? i guess at age 18, perhaps, perhaps there is a better argument than she can die. i don't think so. a state could appoint a guardian in that condition as well. can someone really be competent
5:29 am
at age 17 saying i don't want the treatment? i want to die even though i can live if i get the treatment. when we see 17-year-olds standing atop buildings and they want to jump do we say jump now? fine. that's your choice. you can jump. or do we say come down off the building. so i'm saying, cassandra, come down off the building. i'll lead you down. i've been through this. we can do this together. and thousands of americans have been through it together. i'm living. i had beautiful children. you can have a life and live. >> all right. we'll see what the supreme court of connecticut says later today. >> i hope they exercise some judgment today. >> thank you for telling your story. >> good to see you. coming up, more on our top story on this thursday. fox news alert. the manhunt for two terrorists intensified. why hasn't france learned its lesson? have they become a nation of appeasement? we're going to take a closer
5:30 am
look at that. then a controversial new idea, if you want to run for political office, first take a drug test? oh boy. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:31 am
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5:33 am
believe it or not, it's still happening. a nationwide manhunt underway right now in the country of france for these two brothers, suspects in the terrorist attacks on a paris newspaper that left 12 people dead and 11 wounded. >> overnight, a third suspect turned himself in and several other arrests have been made. >> our next guest says the problem with france is they haven't learned from their own history. here to break it down examples of counterterrorism expert dr. gorka joins us from
5:34 am
washington. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> okay. let's talk a little bit about what they have done in the past. give us some examples on how they dropped the ball back in the '70s. >> well, france has a track record all through the cold war '60s '70s and '80s, of deciding behind closed doors to basically negotiate with the bad guys. so whether it's algeria separatists and terrorists, whether it's the palestinians, they make deals whereby they say, okay we're going to provide you sanctuary. we're not going to harass you on french soil as long as you don't target us, as long as you don't harm french citizens. so exactly the opposite of the we don't negotiate with terrorists. >> which we have. in the '80s you brought up the conflict with iran. how did they deal with that? >> exactly the same way. they said that as long as you protect us or as long as you don't target our interests
5:35 am
internationally or on french soil, then we'll help you out or we'll just turn a blind eye and unfortunately, we know with iran that doesn't work too well. >> sure. and then moving into the '90s with this pattern of appease appeasement, there are reportedly algerian terror groups offering to bribe france for immunity. >> it went in the worse in the '90s where they tried to as a member of the european union, block the registration of hamas and hezbollah as terrorist organizations. made it very very difficult for international cooperation against terrorism because of this appeasement policy. >> sure. and if you're one of the bad guys and you know that france is going to pay a lot of money, what are you going to do? you're going to kidnap more people. they have arranged for the payment of ransom for many hostages and you got to figure the number is high. >> it's a never ending cycle.
5:36 am
what once a terrorist thinks you are a potential funding stream and you give in to them, what's going to stop them from kidnapping more of your citizens and getting millions and millions of dollars in exchange? it's a never ending cycle. >> so where do you see them going next, the terrorists here based on this pattern of appeasement, laying the groundwork for what we're seeing perhaps yesterday, what's their next target? >> be careful, the terrorist attack yesterday are a slightly different breed. this isn't nationalist algerian or nationalist palestinians. these are hard-core global jihaddists. you can not negotiate with these people. they want to destroy western civilization. so unfortunately, this is a problem for france. they have a large muslim community, lots of immigrants. and imagine if they did ten of these attacks at the same time all across france. you literally close france down. these are very cheap kind of attacks to do. >> i guess so.
5:37 am
>> it closed down france yesterday. >> i did love their reaction yesterday, doctor. when you saw everybody come out into the street they put up the sign, not afraid. i thought that was a positive message. >> absolutely. you've got to push back. you've got to fight back. you've got to say that we stand for certain values that are nonnegotiable, that we will not water down. but at the same time, it's undermined by this track record of giving in to the bad guys. so you've got to stand the line of where you are. >> you have to get their respect. you're never going to win them over. dare i say they have to fear retaliation and so far all we have is capitulation. >> we thank you for your counterterrorism expertise and perspective. it is now 23 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with some interesting dash cam video. >> that's right. good morning. we all know the police officers have a very tough job. listen to what happened in washington state. police officers ambushed in a
5:38 am
hail of bullets. look at this. here is what happened there. three officers responding to a domestic dispute caught completely offguard when a complete stranger pulls up in a car and then opened fire on those officers. fortunately, the officers were not hurt. that gunman is still at large in seattle, washington. want to be a law maker in the state of pennsylvania? yo to pass a drug test soon. republican state representative john loren pushing for a new law it would strip elected politicians of their titles if they test positive for any illegal substances 30 days into their campaign. police unions seem to think bill clinton may be the answer to that rift between the nypd and city hall. the idea to get clinton involved floated during a meeting between
5:39 am
police commissioner bill bratton and nypd union chiefs yesterday. union heads say that he is a good negotiator and that's why they might want to bring him in. tensions still high in the city after two more officers are shot in the bronks. jason polanco is charged with five counts of attempted murder. his alleged accomplice is also under arrest. [ cheering ] >> in the meantime, one of those police officers who was shot was given a hero's farewell as he left the hospital. how good it is to be home. another officer is still recovering in the hospital. we wish him the very best. incredible sight. a houseboat in kentucky going up in flames with the sleeping owner inside, saving her life just in the nick of time her
5:40 am
dog, buddy. he kept nudging her until she woke up. >> heart breaking, everything i own is on that boat. my clothes, my people work my pictures, everything is on that boat. i love my dog. he's my buddy. he gets an extra treat tonight. >> he sure does. what a good boy. it turns out a space heater actually caused that fire. those are your headlines. >> she is lucky to be alive. >> buddy aptly named. what a good friend. >> thanks, heather. president obama hitting the road bragging about his economic successes. >> we are entering into the new year with new confidence that america is coming back. >> we all like that idea. but bob massi says when it comes to the housing market, the president and the government aren't telling you the whole truth. bob is up next from vegas, baby. that's right. and no green card? no problem. now we're telling illegal
5:41 am
immigrants it's okay to stay in the united states if they want a job? a fair and balanced debate on that coming up. ♪ ♪ do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™.
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a fox news alert. the labor department released brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 294,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's more than the experts expected. but down from last week. elisabeth, over to you. >> thank you. president obama on a road to the state of the union tour, bragging about his administration's economic successes. watch. >> there is no doubt, thanks to the steps that we took early on to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation,
5:45 am
we are entering into the new year with new confidence that america is coming back. >> well, his three-day economic victory lap hits phoenix today where he'll talk about how far the housing market is actually come. what is he not going to be telling you, the american people? bob massi joins us live with some details that you're going to want to listen to. gosh bob. >> good morning elisabeth. >> so the first thing the president is probably going to discuss is the rising value of homes. what's your assessment there? >> i mean, home values have done okay this last six to eight months. it's undeniable that certain parts of the country. the problem is what's going to happen now. one of the issues i want to talk about real quick is the last couple years investors have put a lot of money into buying homes. what they're saying the experts are saying, is that these investors, because of the amount of return on their profit, is going to start selling those homes. now, if they start selling them, there is more of a supply.
5:46 am
the question is the demand and prices can be affected again. not necessarily going up, but going down because the amount on the marketplace. so again, although there has been an improvement that, is something we have to watch for in 2015 from the investors' perspective. >> what do you think about this? the president is set to announce a new executive action that is set to help more responsible americans, quote, own a home. what do you think? >> well, look fannie and freddie said they're going to make it easier to get into homes. 3% down. they made some regulations. here is the problem. even though the unemployment rate has gone down which is a good thing, the question always in any purchase is income. what has happened with the income? what kind of jobs are being created? are these people going to be able to qualify for those homes? and regardless lenders elisabeth, they're still not going to make it easy for people to buy. they could lower some of the standards. but you still are to look at credit ratings. you have to look at the amount
5:47 am
of income, the kind of jobs these people have in order to be able to get back into the house. here is the thing, if we make it too easy again, if we make it like we did ten, 12 years ago we could run into the same problem again. certain people should not necessarily own unless they really economically can afford it. don't make it too easy again because we could be looking at another relapse in a few years. that's my biggest concern. >> gosh, i wish we could run you over and over again when the president is speaking so those words of sensibility can sink in to americans who may be listening to the president. thank you for the wisdom. >> happy new year to you. >> the same. we'll see you soon. your e-mails are pouring in over our top story. i can't even tell you. there is a flood in my in box. we'll bring all those to you and read them when we come back
5:48 am
ul's office. for those who believe a serious job doesn't have to feel so serious. one a day men's vitacraves with key nutrients like b-vitamins which help covnert food to fuel. it's not just a gummy, it's a complete multivitamin.
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>> two terrorists on the loose. who is helping them now and where are they? countless questions after a french massacre. we'll put a lot of those questions to liz cheney tucker carlson, and many others today. also the squeeze is on over keystone. democratic senator joe manchin has a couple ideas to get this through. we'll ask him about that. plenty to get to when martha and i see you at the top of the hour. back to you downstairs. thank you very much. we know that there is a manhunt in france for those two gunmen who murdered in cold blood at least a dozen people and then in this video, go over and execute a police officer as well on the street. one of them yelled to a passer-by yesterday, we have avenged the prophet, referring
5:52 am
to mohammed because that particular magazine published the cartoons of the prophet mohammed. >> pretty airtight case on islamic extremism, you would think. >> if you think back in time, benjamin franklin -- the white house, does it sound like their remarks have been on the side of freedom? watch. >> a future must not belong to those ho slander the prophet of islam. >> we don't question the right of something like this to be published. we just question the judgment behind the decision to publish it. >> so there you can see jay carney taking a shot at charlie hebdo, the magazine in particular. and before that, you saw the president of the united states at the united nations saying the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. wait a minute. that's what the bad guys said. they said the magazine slandered mohammed. >> that's right. then you look at other lefties out there, howard dean for one.
5:53 am
>> is howard left? >> he can't even wrap his mouth around the fact that this could be islamist extremists. watch. >> this is a chronic problem. i stopped calling these people muslim terrorists. they're about as muslim as i am. i mean, they had no respect for anybody else's life. that's not what the koran says. and europe has an enormous radical problem and enormous -- i think isis a cult. not an islamic cult. >> pretty amazing that the president of the united states did go to bat for that sony movie against north korea when that was freedom of speech. but here -- >> after they had already pulled it. >> right. after they pulled it. the doctor who is a muslim, and also the president of the american islamic forum for democracy, said this. >> do these people ever listen to themselves and realize that the american people are not fools, that ultimately we realize there is a problem and you wonder if the d and dean is
5:54 am
for denial. you can't address a problem unless you identify it and the strategy so far of appeasement and don't call it islam don't call it jihad, it's not about the koran. that's not work. it's actually emboldening the terrorists to say they do own the muslim community, they are going to radicalize through the internet, and mosques and other places and spread their message. >> we know from past history one of the guys they're looking for is a convicted terrorist who was radicalized. he was helping get people into the fight over there. while they coo talk about isis these guys yesterday self-identified. we're with al-qaeda. we're from yemen. actually they were born in france and then raised outside of paris. but then went back after their parents, algerians orphaned them. >> i don't get the yemen connection, but we'll go when what they claim. >> maybe that's where they were trained. >> someone trained them well. one woman said this war would have been over long ago if our
5:55 am
so-called leaders weren't afraid of offending the very people who are trying to kill us. >> your comments continue to pour in on the denial there call ago spade a spade. did he niece says we can not speak the truth anymore. if it's going to hurt someone's feelings. >> timothy writes, it's time to get real and call it what it is. >> okay. robert says we must be careful. islamic extremists. not muslims. not all muslims. we don't want to fight a billion people, nor do they want to fight us. >> vicky says recognize it admit it and address the problem head on. >> gary says, war has been declared and carried out by radical islamists for many years now. even if the liberals hide their heads in the sand from this fact. we can't be afraid of words, people. let's face it, this is a terrorism act done in the name of radical islam. it is that simple. the people said yesterday, we have avenged the prophet
5:56 am
mohammed because of that cartoon. it's terrorism in the name caddal islam. >> people making changes. daily news blurring the picture of the newspaper cover, the car upon a.p. debleating photos of charlie hebdo magazine, depicting the prophet there. >> more "fox & friends," one for the road when we come back why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, all printers are on sale. plus great deals on hp ink and toner. office depot & officemax. gear up for great. how can power consumption in china impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain,
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and there has been a lot of news on this program today. thank you very much for watching us. tomorrow on our friday show we've got chris wallace and geraldo and i think mike huckabee, who quit on saturday is going to be joining us live. >> not the country. he just quit fox. >> have a great day.
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