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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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fascinating decision from the supreme court in connecticut on this cassandra case we were talking about during the break. she has to go for chemotherapy. >> "real story" starts now. and we start with a fox news alert. french special forces now dealing deployed to a pinpoint mark in northern france, doing house-to-house searches in an area where they believe two terror suspects were last seen. hi, everyone i'm gretchen carlson. we are here to ring you the "real story." it's a national day of mourning in france after the deadly attack on the newspaper charlie hebdo. police say they found molotov cocktails and a jihadist flag in the getaway car that the suspects abandoned in paris. seven people have been blamed by police but still no
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responsibility for the attack. catherine, what do you know, what's the latest on the suspects? >> gretchen fox news has confirmed through a u.s. government source that not all suspects are on the no-fly list or any other that would block their entry to the united states. officials say cherif kouachi was convicted in 2008 did prison time and was a follower of abu move about is al zawahiri. and it's important that we find out how much of that was shared with us. whether or not for instance any of of those names would be in our databases. these are all issues that we have to resolve. >> fox news has also confirmed that u.s. investigators are reviewing the mens' travel records with specific focus on
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yemen. that's the home of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula that had called for the assassination of cartoonists as early as march 2013. >> what do you know? >> a tweet was sent, those tweets eye include images of awe men al zawahiri. and samir khan and anwar al awlaki. they said there's a virtual competition between these groups now. >> there is a competition between each other to try to establish the caliphate, recruit young members and to attack. and the gold medal goes to the organization that can attack us here at tommy.home. >> and the reason that tweet is
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so significant, coming less than an hour avenue the attack. suggesting some knowledge of the incident because at that time, was not clear exactly what happened, and the manhunt for the suspect has just begun, gretchen. >> kathryn harris, thanks so much. another french police officer has been killed today. investigating a traffic incident this morning after two men tried to confront a gunman in the south of paris. the attacker described as north african shot one of the good samaritans in the face putting him in serious condition before firing four more times and killing that young female officer. the officer had apparently a bulletproof vest. this is not linked so far to yesterday's attack on that newspaper but like the two suspects in that case, this gunman is also still on the loose. so tensions in france with the muslim community date back a while. they reached a boiling point in 2005 when riots broke out in predominantly muslim
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neighborhoods. this came after two french teens of north african descent were electrocuted after running from police. the rioters caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage. and even sparking a state of emergency which was extended for three months. as night falls now in france on this day of mourning you can see the eiffel tower has gone dark. this is in remembrance of the 12 people killed yesterday. the female office today making it 13. so once again, it was like this when it was lit. this is not today. but as it usually it. the eiffel tower moments ago going bark in remembrance of the victims who died yesterday in that terrorism attack. well one thing that may have helped police track these guys down is that while they were careful to pick up a shoe, remember that, they picked up a shoe outside of the scene. one of the brother, reportedly
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though, left his i.d. in the getaway car. keep in mind french intelligence officials had been looking at two involved in the case. one served time for trying to leave france to train with al qaeda. one complicating the search however is the police no-go zones run by muslim communities that had taken over communities in france block by block. they're run by sharia law and police are not allowed in. joining from us paris, christian mallard and he's my guest. it's great to see you. let's first talk about the latest in this investigation. what do you know about the hunt for these two suspects? >> let's put it this way, for of the last 24 hours, all the police, the services, the elite services are tracking down the two terrorists which are globally 50 to 60 miles away north of paris. this is where they are located. right now it's a real manhunting to try to track down
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these two terrorists. and i think it might come to an end. we don't know. for the next coming two or three hour, we don't know but right now it's a kind of suspense. because we don't know where they are. all the police are there thousands of men trying to get them. we'll see what's coming in the next hours. >> what can you tell us, christian, about these no good go zones. this is a new sort of thing for americans. explain what they are. >> yeah. well, we have a lot of suburbss especially in the north part of the big cities, marte, lyon, the police don't want to go there because it's too dangerous because we have a lot of these young people who have become jihadists going to syria or iraq, who are being manipulated
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by this muslim fundamentalists at work or radical imams in france. so, obviously, the two men that the french police are tracking down these two algerian brothers belong to the no-go zone. in the northern part of paris, one of them, one has been tracked down six to five seven years ago. >> right. >> having links with al qaeda in iraq. and definitely has been in jail, has been freed, then he's back again. so i think there's a lot of -- concerning security with the previous government and the new government. >> i was just going to ask you about that. because he was in prison. apparently he spent half of his time. he was supposed to spend three years. he spent a year and a half. he was there on terror charges and then he was released again. so what does that say about france and paris and how you
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look at terrorism in your nation? >> well it says as i said, what i said gretchen, it says that for years, and years our various government left wing and right wing has been telling the public opinion straight in the eyes that we have a big threat with the muslim fundamentalists at work. and all of a sudden, after what happened yesterday, we somewhere the truth. the truth is there. a few days ago, france's prime minister vowed -- said, france has never been so threatened by terrorism. it was a hint at what happened today. yesterday, and today. so, here we are, facing the tragic reality the muslim fundamentalists at work. we are a population of 6 million muslims in this country which is one-tenth of the population. of course, president hollande tries to cool down things and say we cannot stigmatize the
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muslim community but we have to strike against the minority which are muslim fundamentalists. >> christian gerhard, thank you for your analysis from paris. time for my take now. yesterday we said we should call it what it is regarding the attack in paris. and that's terrorism. it's that simple. that's my point. after seeing the terrorism attack in paris knowing the gunmen were shouting "allahu akbar" it didn't take long to figure out it was radical terrorism. so why won't the obama administration call it what it was. yes, they did say it was terrorism this time. but the president said it was senseless violence not islamic radical violence. fighting radical islamic terrorism should not be part of an issue, republican democrat
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or independent. you should be able to call it what it is. so it does beg the question why can't we all just be focused together on saying what it is finding these terrorists and fighting radical islam. coming up on "real story," our own sean hannity clash, with a radical imam on the air. >> i still think you're an evil srchlts o. s.o.b. i really want people to hear you. you think i'm evil. i think you're evil. >> that attack making muslim, as well as anonymous limbnon muslims very angry today. and condolences pour in from around the world.
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welcome back to the "real story." one of the two brothers warranted in the paris attack spent a year and a half in prison on terror charges starting in 2008. then after released he was convicted again, convicted of a militant plot to break a leader out of prison. when beg, the question should police have monitored cherif kouachi more in prison. congressman mccall is my guest today. let me pose those questions to you, should he have been watched more closely? >> well, he was under surveillance and he fell off the radar screen, not unlike tamerlan tsarnaev, the boston bomber. and there are about 5,000 in surveillance, difficult to monitor that number of people that we're concerned about and
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it's very unfortunate. this to me seems like a different style of attack. a little more sophisticated if you will, with direct ties to a cell that assisted aqi al qaeda in iraq which was a precurse toreer to isis. this has the hallmarks of a foreign fighter-type of attack rather than someone radicalizing over the internet. >> let me ask you this, you have been briefed by the cia? >> i've been briefings intense tifl. >> what about the national counterterrorism center? >> yes. >> and can you release any of that information? >> all i can tell you, we do have the names of the individuals and they are running the names through the database. and that takes a vetting process. so we're finding out all we can about these individuals. obviously, what we're concerned about with respect to the homeland and any situations they may have to a wider cell or a plot that could take place in western europe or the united states. >> exactly.
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one of the questions posed to you in the introduction to you, was possibly that was radicalized in prison. our viewers know that is the issue at home as well. we saw that with the oklahoma beheading that happened a few months ago where that particular suspect seen on the screen, he said, yeah it was in prison that i became radicalized. how concerned should we be about that issue at home? >> we're really concerned about guantanamo and they're radicalized more so but what a lot of people don't talk about the sort of radical islamists within our own prisons within the united states. and then getting radicalized for the rejaddist behavior and then getting released. this particular case opens up the whole issue, not only france, gretchen but here in the united states. what do we do to monitor their activities in prison and also when we release them. >> yeah, it's a huge job.
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back to some of what you've been briefed on. fox news has been able to confirm there's a significant interest in yemen with regard to these two suspects. were you told that they trained abroad outside of france? >> i think the concern, and the reason why we're focused on yemen is one of the eyewitnesses claims that she was told by the terrorists that they were al qaeda. in yemen. remember, that's aqip in the arabian peninsula. they issued the magazine inspire. "inspire" magazine targeted these journalist, and cartoonists specifically. they have them on a most wanted list. we know when the assassins and terrorists came into the building. they asked the nameses of the two cartoonist and they were the first two to get shot down. >> the chairman of the homeland security michael mccall, thank you, sir. to charlie hebdo targeted in
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paris, one media agency in the gutter. not putting all the blame on the terrorists. the editor of al areibiya said don't apologize. even if they kill ten of us, the newspaper will go out next week. and nate fielding is the editorial cartoonist for the columbus dispatch. he's my guest today. nate, you knew at least one of the cartoonists who was assassinated, right? >> i did actually get a chance to meet him when i took a trip to france with other cartoonists here in the united states. i met him briefly. i didn't get to talk to him all that much. the fact that had was a cartoonist and did the job that i do every single day and gunned down by these murderers just breaks my heart and hits very close to home. >> no doubt.
11:19 am
does this shooting reinforce the risks that cartoonists and writers face when they want to taunt and have freedom of speech with the muslim faith? >> well, most definitely. there's risk anytime you're putting your view out there. free speech is dangerous to these people what you because their etiology crumbles when it is subjected to reason. with islam, the violent terrorists, these people aren't able to play on the same battlefield with us so they have to resort to violence. >> why is it that we only see retribution making fun of muslims. charlie hebdo also made fun of christianity? >> sure, sure. there's a strain of islam that's been radicalized and it's unfortunately taking its toll on people. there are plenty of violent acts
11:20 am
in the past in the name of religion. >> i want to take a look at your most recent cartoon that came out today. here it is today. you can describe it with regard to the pens being slaughtered. >> well, my first reaction was shock to this. so i wanted a shocking cartoon. and i wanted to tie it to the recent news of beheadings over there in iraq and perpetrated by isis. and i wanted to shock readers. and also i just wanted to basically show solidarity with these cartoons and cartoons over the world, by honoring the memory with the drawing that would have been maybe off of their drawing table. >> that's very great to talk to you today, nate beeler i know you work with the columbus dispatch. thank you for being here. >> thank you, gretchen.
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one radical imam angry muslims and non-muslims alike trying to justify yesterday's attack and terrorists. explaining in his mind that free
11:25 am
speech does not commute with muslims and that's why yesterday's attack occurred according to him. writing in an op-ed jed wrote contrary to popular misconception, islam does not mean peace but rather mean submission to the commands of ala alone. therefore, muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression. mikael is an activist focusing on women's rights individual democracy and conflict resolution. and she's my guest today. it's so great to have you on the program. >> thank you for having me. >> what would you say to him? >> so many things. some people may know he has already blocked me on twitter so i can't say this to him that way. but he does not speak for me. he does not speak for any muslim i know. islam does not mean submission
11:26 am
to god. it does not mean submission to radical ideological. and he represents a dangerous, crazy, terroristic mind-set that we have to understand and confront. but it's something that we have to be bold and not cower. >> you confronted him on twitter and then he blocked you. should "usa today" or any other newspaper give ink to a radical islamist? >> that's a difficult question, just as charlie hebdo should be free to publish a cartoon, "usa today" should be free to publish who it wishes to understand. if they don't understand we've
11:27 am
had multiple lessons from 9/11 and beyond and prior telling us what it is we're up against. what i think would be much more urgent and be much more responsible on the part of "usa today" to identify those muslims actively working, those muslims actively working to counter ideology of him and give us the air time. i'm glad you have me on here. you often have muslims on. >> and yes specifically, the team with "real story" wanted to get your point of view on the show today. but i do want to ask you about the criticism that moderate and peaceful muslims like yourself face where people say why don't we hear more from the muslim community about speaking out about people like shadry. well were the likes of him represent an ideology that the
11:28 am
man with complete voices like mine, using violence itself. a young man is scheduled to be flogged in saudi arabia tomorrow. a severe flogging that is not likely to kill him. a severe circumstance makes it all the more important that we become supported in that effort. >> no doubt he's especially angered by you because you happen to be a smart woman which he doesn't agree with. >> absolutely. >> raquel, so glad we got your point of view on the "real story" today. thank you very much. coming up on the "real story," president obama steering clear of the terrorist paris attack. and another sore spot, veteran while visiting phoenix today. and what member of the obama administration is now heading to paris. plus new york city taking special precaution, in the wake of the attack.
11:29 am
stepping up security. what does the paris attacksay about the threat to homeland security. we'll speak to someone from the nypd coming up.
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water, but water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. they just didn't think it could happen. they told the house they would take better care of her... always. announcer: protect what matters. get flood insurance. welcome back to the "real story." as you can see here a night snow has fallen on paris. but they're honoring the 12 victims in the terrorist attack yesterday. as i showed you the eiffel tower pent completely dark. it was on purpose but the way of
11:33 am
which to honor the people fallen in the attack. many people out in the square in the center of paris tonight. as you see it's 8:32 p.m. right now. and they're remembering the peel that they lost. in the meantime, president obama in phoenix today to talk about housing and his plan to make it more affordable but no mention of the paris attacks or what he's doing to try and keep americans safe. ed henry is live at the white house. he covers the president. ed, president in the middle of a trip to promote his economic agenda with today's focus on the housing market but many people wondering why the silence on paris. >> his aides said look the president gave a strong statement here at the white house before leaving town yesterday. and so did his secretary of state john kerry and he's going to remain focused on the agenda. talking about the economy ahead of the state of the union address on january 20th. while the investigation goes forward in paris. along those lines the president
11:34 am
announcing he's sending attorney general eric holder to paris this very weekend to sit down with some of his european counterparts to get a handle on the terror threat. so the president's top advisers are certainly all over this. you had republican lindsey graham earlier today say he wants to see the president himself more hands on. >> so phoenix is where the va scandal started. we all remember that. did he visit the hospital today where patients actually died waiting for care? >> reporter: no, the president did not. what's interesting about that. we even got video of his motorcade going right by the va hospital where the entire scandal started. remember, it may have begun in phoenix. but spread all around the country. he basically said other top officials have visited that hospital. spoker john boehner said that's simply not good enough. >> is he not going to visit the
11:35 am
va hospital in phoenix with the source of so much controversy? >> i haven't seen the president's full schedule yet, but i don't believe that's what he plans to do. >> last year, the house and senate took some positive steps in the right direction. but the system is still broken and needs to be fundamentally transformed in the way that puts the needs of veterans before the needs of the bureaucracy. we call on the president to offer a long-term vision for reforming the systemic problems at the va, we've yet to see it. >> now, the white house has told me they've taken dozens of steps to try to clean up the system. this is not going to be fixed overnight, greftchen. what's going on at home? the nypd on high alert after the attack in paris redistributing manpower through america's most populist city?
11:36 am
>> what the chairman has said the ability in new york city with the ability to move large amounts receive sources around very quickly to both prevent an act from occurs and in the event one would occur to counteract with it and deal with it. >> police commissioner bill bratton said there's no threat on new york city and the shift in resources are just a precaution. james watt, the chief of the nypd bureau system and he has a big job. chief, thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> you've been in this role a few years? >> since 2003. >> have any attacks been thwarted in recent times. i know under ray kelly there were 12 or 13 thwarted? have any attacks been thwarted recently? >> well, we've had 13 acts
11:37 am
thwarted prior to commissioner bratton coming back. one with the police officers with the ax out in the 113th precinct in queens two months ago. >> have you been briefed by the cia? >> yes through the joint terrorist task force, the fbi, collaboration with the fbi, dhs, the director of national intelligence as well as the intelligence to provide information to us on a regular daily basis. >> okay. so how does this sharing work with regard to this terrorist attack happening in paris and what effect it might have here on the homeland? >> so we get information from all of those different agencies. and the analysts comb through it. and we take that information and then we use it. and it informs us to deployments. so as the events unfolded yesterday in paris, the nypd intelligence detective who's assigned to paris called and reported in the initial information. provided the target location, et
11:38 am
cetera. >> because, is it true that you have an nypd unit in paris in tel aviv and other cities? >> we have a number of liaison posts throughout the world. and paris is one of them. >> is it true that bill bratton is reviewing that to continue that? >> that's the commissioner's prerogative. he reviews a lot of things throughout the department. >> i know there have been some differences of philosophy between ray kelly and bill bratton. and one was the demographic units. under ray kelly police would go into mosques talk to students and try to gain information about possible terrorist activities. that has been disbanded now under bill bratton has it not? >> intelligence division and the joint task force do investigations. we do investigations based on some reasonable suspicion. we have guidelines that we follow whether the federal guidelines or the agreement.
11:39 am
it's strict guidelines that we adhere to. >> so what you say it's not a difference as to how it was working before under ray kelly? >> we continue to do investigations following the rules of law. and we do them to protect the city. >> if people living in new york city or anywhere across the united states see what happens in paris, should they be worried that that's going to come here? >> well, the operating premise here in new york, the nypd the counterterrorism bureau, you know, we are the target. so we have done a number of things over the last 13 or 14 years to protect this city. and our deployment our critical response vehicles our hercules program, our intelligence program, are all part of that mix, that we put together in protecting the city. >> all right. so far for the most part it has been kept safe. and we can thank the police for that. chief waters, thank you for your time.
11:40 am
yet another threat against the nypd an officer saying a driver with pennsylvania plates crashing his car into a police cruiser near the holland tunnel. saying he wanted to quote, take out a police officer. synthetic marijuana found in his car, he confessed to being under the influence of pcp. the driver making terrorist threats and aggravated assault. time to check in with shepard smith. >> we have more with the terrorists in france as we learn exactly more about who they are. we'll tell you about their past run-ins with the law. one of the suspects' own attorneys once called him a looser among other things. i'll also talk to a former counterterrorism agent who said yesterday's massacre was not a surprise at all. he said the french intelligence did everything right making it all the more terrifying as he puts it that the killers were
11:41 am
able to pull it off. i'll see you at the top of the hour. a military judge just ruling that some of our soldiers are not allowed to transport prisoners at guantanamo at the request of the accused terrorists. so when do the detainees get a say in all of that? plus, a memorial to our veterans is getting -- well, it's getting crated up and moved because of that cross there. why wouldn't town says it cannot afford to keep the cross there. and bowling for drivers. you have to see where the rubber left the road. right back.
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i have great credit. how do you know? duh. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now . i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free. ght, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain. welcome back to the "real story." dramatic new video of a police ambush. watch this. officers in a case of domestic violence in seattle. suddenly, they come under fire.
11:45 am
>> do you see him? >> the gas can video shows the officer shielding. the gunman who drove up in a car quickly pulls away. the attack taking place on new year's eve. fortunately, no one jurisdiction in this incident. the gunman, though, still on the loose. so, a military judge temporarily barring female guards from moving 9/11 defendants from place to place at guantanamo bay. the suspected terrorists have been refusing to meet with defense lawyers arguing any physical contact with a woman who is not a relative violates their muslim beliefs. pete, what do you think? >> well i'm sorry mr. perpetrator of 9/11, did we
11:46 am
offend your seventh century intolerant sensibilities? where were those sensibilities when you murdered 3,000 of our people on 9/11? why should you worry about whether you want to meet with your defense attorney because you're offended that one of our honorable service members who defends our nation wants to take you from your nice comfortable cell at camp 7 to your due process trial that we don't even have to and shouldn't have to give you because of what you've perpetrated. this is wrong. especially in light of paris. we bend over backwards. and we get nothing but beheaded journalists and americans in return. >> i'm sidling along with you because you have the same amount of sentiment as i do. how ridiculous that women guards are not allowed to transfer them? let's not foreget we built them a $750,000 soccer field with lights to be able to play at
11:47 am
night. all we do is bend over backwards. in light of yesterday, what is the correct direction we should be taking there? >> we should use all female guard sources to transport them from their camp to their trial and hopefully, there's a female judge bringing swift justice some that commission. we shouldn't live by their rules. i've guarded these guys at their soccer field at their recreational area in guantanamo bay. we bend over backwards every point. left wing groups try to give them rights. we're at war with these folks. they want to go back to the battlefield and kill more. they're emboldened by the legal systems that allow them to do just that. at this moment to bend here again is just another symbol of weakness that our enemies will try to use against us to show we don't have the cultural courage to stand up for our own belief. this next story is going to
11:48 am
get you hot under the collar. north carolina found agreeing to remove a statue. the mayor breaking a 2-2 vote saying the town would save the millions of dollars it doesn't have for legal fees. the town sued by a man who said he was offended by the depiction of that soldier kneeling by a cross. here we go one person suing a tiny town that don't have the funds for litigation. what happens they cave, and once again, what happens? the majority of people move, right? >> that's correct. they have to bend to post-modern beliefs that it's freedom from religion. not freedom of religion. you're just trying to get me fired up today gretchen. this mayor is not going to get reelected. this is a conservative time.
11:49 am
they want this statue. they want this flag. they're not just facing one individual who sued them they're facing left wing organizations, americans united for separation of church and state, funding a lawsuit against this town. and they don't have the money to defend themselves. i bet there's plenty of americans that would love to bank roll that fight and push back in america that we have have christian symbols that you can use christian or muslim, how you worship. it seems like a no-brainer. >> and just like that group that is suing them, there are also legal groups that do this kind of work for free. >> that's right. >> to try and help out these towns. so if anyone's watching tweet me, facebook me or e-mail us to let us know if you want to help. pete thanks so much. breaking news on a shocking murder case in florida. a father accused of tossing his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge to her death just appearing in court as the attorney reveals
11:50 am
the suspect's strange behavior on the day that all happened. plus, a big chunk of the country locked in a deep freeze turning lakes into giant ice skating rinks. not just the northwest with the big chill. even the deep south affected. say it isn't so.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> a father faces murder charges, accused of throwing his five-year-old daughter off a bridge. trace gallagher is live with more. >> reporter: very tough story to report. just after midnight tampa police officer says a white pt cruiser came flying by him at 100 miles-per-hour. the officer followed and enwho the car got to the top of the bridge, the driver stopped, got out. and started walking back toward the police car. the officer pulled his guck. but the man then walked around to the passenger side of his car, got out got his daughter out, and threw her over the side. she fell 60 feet into a very strong current. listen now to police. >> the officer heard the splash
11:54 am
and his immediate concern was to find the child. he climbed under the bridge to look for her but the current has taken her away. >> while police rescue crews started looking for the five-year-old, the father drove off. he was pursued by other police vehicles for some 30 minutes. the father drove the wrong bay down the interstate directly at police. he was stopped when the photographers threw down spike strips. the father is john johnchuck and today facing murder charges and made his first appearance in court. listen to what he told the judge. >> would you like someone standing next to you as you're standing trial? >> yeah. >> an attorney. >> it is pure and good, not evil. i don't want a court-appointed lawyer. i want to leave it in the hands of god. >> we have now learned that yesterday during a custody hearing the father was acting strangely, telling an attorney
11:55 am
that his daughter was a god. police were concerned about the interview so they went and talked to both the father and the daughter and apparently everything checked out. the five-year-old was finally pulled out of the water an hour and 40 minute after she was thrown in rescue teams tried to revive her but shekcot was found dead. >> how any father can do that is beyond. beyond. it's polite to knock. not bust right through the door right? and the wall for that matter. watch as this pickup nearly talks out an entire office including one very unsuspecting secretary. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active.
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11:58 am
>> check out this close caught. pickup truck comes crashing into a real estate office in brazil sending people scrambling. another camera angle shows the receptionist looking nervous
11:59 am
right before the impact. she is nearly crushed but sustains -- here it is. -- sustains -- look at that just pick her up out of her seat. she only suffered bumps and bruises. no other injuries reported. unbelievable. let take another look now at a live picture of paris as they stand together in the wake of the horrible terrorist attack yesterday. radical islamist cleric wrote muslims don't believe in freedom of expression. i asked if the newspaper should print it. james says they should print it. patrick says no, deny them the same outlet they deny everyone else. becky says if we believe in freedom of expression, everyone should be able to express opinions-not just the ones we agree with. paul says the freedom to say what you want doesn't mean someone has to publish or broadcast it.
12:00 pm
now here's shep. >> the manhunt for the murders. there's word the suspects may have escaped into a giant for rest and france's prime minister says the big wore is the possibility of another attack. thousands in france and other nations standing in solidarity with the victims and survivors. we'll bring you the reaction. another shooting on the streets of paris leaves a policewoman dead. could it be lynched to in the newspaper killing? at home does a 17-year-old girl have the right to refuse the chemotherapy that doctors say could save her life. a panel of judges just ruled. let's get to it.


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