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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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. becky says if we believe in freedom of expression, everyone should be able to express opinions-not just the ones we agree with. paul says the freedom to say what you want doesn't mean someone has to publish or broadcast it. now here's shep. >> the manhunt for the murders. there's word the suspects may have escaped into a giant for rest and france's prime minister says the big wore is the possibility of another attack. thousands in france and other nations standing in solidarity with the victims and survivors. we'll bring you the reaction. another shooting on the streets of paris leaves a policewoman dead. could it be lynched to in the newspaper killing? at home does a 17-year-old girl have the right to refuse the chemotherapy that doctors say could save her life. a panel of judges just ruled. let's get to it.
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whether. police in northern france are now reportedly going door defense door searching for two suspects from the terror attacks. brotherses who are are now the most wanted men in france. they opened fire on the newspaper in paris killing a dozen people. french intelligence officials say the brothers were on the radar before the attackment on our big wall, look now at the latest search sites. about 50 miles north and east of paris. our corporate,a news describe it as an dense forest. cops started swarming the region after reports that two men that looked like the brothers robbed a gas station there this morning. police have been scouring nearby towns and villages but no luck. french officials say 90,000 people are involved in the man point. we have heard a lot of reports and rumors.
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so let's take a specific look at exactly what we know and what we don't know. first, we know a lawyer for one of the brothers says police identified them because of the i.d.s left hip in the getaway car. second prosecutors in paris say a third possible suspect an 18-year-old, turned himself in to police yesterday. and, third, early this morning a gunman shot at a police officer in paris -- shot and killed the policewoman and a street sweeper was injured in france two explosions went off near mosques. nobody reported hurt.÷lfz we also don't know whether the other shooting in paris and the mosque explosions, are connected to this incident in any way. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge
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is on fox's top story. what else do do know with the brothers. >> two forces son firm that said kouachi who had not spent time in prison but traveled to yemen. we spoke with the chairman of the house homeland security committee who is receiving regular classified briefings, and he said the group known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, or aqap,s is the most focused on targets in the europe and u.s. >> aqap has been the real forces within al qaeda focused on operations against the west and united states. this would be one of the more real successes they have had if it turns out to be true. >> there's been no credible claim of responsibility for the attack, fox is told that the evidence points to the likely,
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not possible, but likely involvement of a foreign terrorist organization, either inspiring or directing the brothers. >> what are we getting from social media? what kind of chatter is out there? >> well, less than an hour after the attack an intelligence force confirms to fox news a series of tweets were sent out where three al qaeda figures are prominent. the leader of al qaeda in pakistan and two others, who were killed in cia drone strikes. a leaning senate republican says these groups are vying for the biggest hit. >> they're in an olympic competition between each other to try to establish -- recruit young members and attack the west. the gold medal goes to the organization that can attack us here at home. >> fox news has confirmed through u.s. government sources
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that the two brothers were on the no-fly list that would have barred them from entering the united states but not this third suspect. >> catherine, thank you. let turn to fred buton former counterterrorism agent for the state department, now vice-president at the global intelligence and advisory firm called -- thank you. >> thank you for having we. >> the senator said these different groups are in some sort of competition and whoever strikes the west gets a gold medal. can you help us? >> i think very much so. as congress michael mccall said, this hays all the trademarks of an al qaeda inspired operation. there was brilliance and simplicity, there was a high degree of preoperational sufferance of the area. >> you said this is not surprising explain. >> we have seen the tempo of attacks throughout europe.
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the attack in brussels with the jihadi shooting up the jewish museum so this tempo tracks. >> how have they done so far in this investigation and where do you see it going? >> i think the french have done pretty much everything they possible i can do. if you look at the countersurveillance assets in place at the location, clearly the french thought this would be hit again or they would not have had the resources in place. to me the frightening part having done this kind of protection in the past, is the fact that the terrorists kill the countersurveillance agents before they went in to actually carry out what they were after the gold prize which were the cartoonists. >> do you have any sense for whether these guys are hiding and hoping to do something else or this was the one thing? is there a reason to think one way or thez >> i think that's speculation itch don't see the outcome being very well here, meaning, i sense
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that what you're going to see is similar to what we saw in boston, just due to the volume of police resources and at the end of the day these are cop killers. >> they're not going to stop free expression. the french have made that clear. the world has made that clear. there is lesson for all of us about the way we conduct ourselves or anything? >> i think the lesson here is that if you are on an al qaeda hit his which obviously this place was, you have to take some shoring up of physical security of location, make sure you have active shooter plans in place to clue safe rooms and you need to practice anticipate these kinds of events unfolding. >> if they want to do this so badly in the united states or in the west in general what is your sense why that it hasn't happened yet? >> i think the fbi joint terrorism task forces here have done a wonderful job neutralizing terror plots on u.s. soil. the fact of the matter is,
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there's know jihadis on the loose in europe than there are counterterrorism agents to surveil them and they can't surveil every possible one of them. >> fred burton with us from his company this afternoon. sir, very nice to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> the take yesterday struck a nerve with people in france and around the globes many suppressing sorrow and outrage. >> why we're here, it's simple. it's for freedom of speech. >> outside the offices of the "charlie hebdo" newspaper, a moment of silence. journalists held up their tools, their press cards and pencils-as mourners lit candles and built a makeshift memorial. one man paying tribute with a about -- bottle of french wine. the bells told at notre notre -- notre
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dame. >> the most is no today was from the bells. >> under gray, rainy skies much to the city of paris fell silent at mid-day. strangers joined hands and after pausing to reflect -- [applause] >> they broke into applause. emotions in city law. >> light will always overpower darkness and the human race cannot be stopped by hatred, and i feel for the french people. i really do. >> tributes poured in from around the world, in moscow, folks left flowers outside the french embassy, along with a note that reads, stay strong, france. in britain, scotland yard observed a minute of silence. and at the vatican the pope prayed for the victims, and asked god to change the hearts of the attackers. here in the u.s., crowds showed
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their defiance in new york. in san francisco. and at the museum in d.c. and in paris symbol how the city of light is hurting as the eiffel tower has gone dark.
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just moments ago at the united nations they rid tribute to the victims of the terror attacks in paris.
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>> observe a moment of silence in tribute to the victims. block. >> that's how the u.n. security council opened today's session on the east side of manhattan in france, the fear of more violence is the main concern right now, that from the french prime minister, two suspects are reported to be still on the loose after the attacks in pair rhythms now classmates of the teenage suspect who turned himself in to police reportedly say he was in class yesterday when all of this happened. the very moment the gunmen opened fire, this kid was in school. that's according to the british newspaper "the guardian." quoting tweets fromui students. arthur aidala is here. i guess they're working him for information. >> a whole butch of tweets from
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accounts that have been inactive with 10,000 tweets, saying i don't know this kid. i've spoken to home three times but he was with me in class. that's very easily verifiable. regarding your question in france, very much like in america, you have a right to a lawyer. but the -- immediately. actually in america you have to invoke your right in france, it's automatic, unless under circumstances like these. then they have up to 72 hours before they provide a lawyer and, sass you say -- as you say, pump him for information. >> from our understanding of things from the french authorities there, was a younger, an soldier-year-old as the french authoritied described hem, getaway driver and then these brothers in their 30s were the ones we saw on the videotape. if that 18-year-old is the one in custody, they know a lot. >> usually, yes, when they bombed the world trade center in
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1993, the getaway driver his defense, which failed but his defense was, they never told me, and actually one hover the co-conspirators we never told him because he didn't want him to beer nervous. we don't know how much this kid knows but they are pumping him with general information. there is no death penalty in france. one over the politics are trying to throwing a referendum on now saying there should be a death penalty there is life without parole but the french government knew the was coming, in september, they enhanced punishments, even reflecting online content and online activities are now punishable, seven years in jail, five years in jail, which is a lot for someone on a computer. so they saw this coming and you're going to see more and more changes regarding people's freedom, not only na -- only in
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that country but she european union. >> france is a birthplace of democracy and a placey you can do whatever you want because that's how the french people vote it. they're proud of -- >> they're big against cameras. here, you buy a pack of gum everybody knows it, the fbi, the cia, the nypd. that's the way they live. and what saddens me they should be able to live like that, and now people like this who commit these crimes that's going to change for the people of paris, and it's going to change for the people of rome and berlin because there but for the degrees of god go i. >> a lengthy process for trying suspects of this kind in france. >> yes but their probably the most well-equipped. they have a very similar system under our homeland security system, they have an equivalent, and there's a prosecutor and a judge involved. where here the judge isn't
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really involved in america with the prosecution. there there's magistrate who is actively involved, in the prosecution of these cases. >> hopefully they'll get them soon. the pentagon announcing plans to close military bases across europe, and it affects thousands of troops stationed. pentagon officials say over the next several years they plan to remove troops from 15 bases in six countries. roughly 3200 troupes are stationed at one of to the bases north and east of london. official says always operations at that spot will end. they say scaling back operations will if 1,500,000,000 daz year, and many of the tropes will -- troops will move to other bases. it's cold. freezing temperatures hitting every town in city in this country so cold you can see the freeze from space. nasa released these photos showing parts of our country frozen solid. that's next.
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winter, we taking the blame for this mess. a minivan jammed under the tractor-trailer and the family trapped inside had to good along for the ride. that's coming up.
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breaking news on fox news channel and we just got a lot of new information from a news conference just held in paris and here it is. first, officials confirm they're searching specially for those two brothers in a a forrest north and east of pairs, and say the shooting of a police officer today -- a policewoman and a street sweeper injured -- that is not related to yesterday's attack on "charlie hebdo"
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offices. in addition they have no confirmation of a molotov cocktail bomb and a terror-linked flag in the suspect's car. the police say that's erecentous. fourthly, police investigators are looking into multiple leads and we're told 90 witnesses have spoken to the police in the area and there have been hundreds of phone calls to the cops. so far, nine people are under arrest linked to this terrorist attack. thisn> here at home for the united states, fox weather alert a brutal cold front all across the united states, forcing schools and businesses to close, take a
12:23 pm
look at the temperatures right now. the national weather service reports nearly 90% of the united states will see temperatures below freezing today. see that map? six degrees in chicago. minus six in caribou. 31 in atlanta, spreading out to dallas. 35 the. and the wind chills making things a whole lot worse. these wind chills are nasty. photographers say it feels like minus 50 in parts of northern new england. official says pittsburgh got whiteout conditions, triggering up to an 18-vehicle pileum that killed two. cops say half of the vehicles rolf were trucks. and look at this picture from cincinnati. firefighters trying to dig out a hose in ice. a lot 0 talk about from the meteorologist and our chief
12:24 pm
meteorologist rick reithmuth is there. >> not a lot of precipitation. that is the good news. the last 48 no except for lake-effect snow. but last night minus eight in shuck, -- chicago. nine in memphis, mobile, alabama, 17. eight in new york, minus 22 in caribou. gives you an idea, the cold widespread and current temperatures, 35 in mobile. still below freezing in atlanta. go out to midland, texas, 36 sort pretty much everybody get something of this except for the southwest. that the only spot in the country still looking fine. >> another blast coming. that? >> another clipper system moving through the northern plains. blizzard condition there because it's so wind, and the wind and cold causing things to get incredibly cold feels really bad there we'll see snow accumulating here especially around the great lakes, a couple inches around chicago.
12:25 pm
watch what happens overnight. it's diving down, and the wind chills getting back into the minus 30 to minus 40 range. all across the northern plains. and that also brings the cold air back in again so tomorrow you're at six there in fargo and go to saturday, raleigh you're 36. 41 in atlanta. that kind of reinforcement of the cold air comes back in it goes away next week not a big warmup but more average temperatures. >> took awhile but winter is here. >> it is here. >> all right rick, as predicted. thank you. >> police are blaming the weather for another frightening crash, this one in northern michigan. when a minivan got jammed under a semi truck. the father says he didn't see the truck until too late. family inside the van called for help as the truck drag that car along for 16 miles. can you imagine?
12:26 pm
the truck driver apparently had no clue this van was attached. how that happened is beyond me. here's the mom calling 9-1-1. >> we ran into the back of a semi truck and he is not stopping and our car is imbedded under it. >> can you honk our horn or something to get him to notice? >> we have lost everything. >> maybe honk your horn, or as i. t. would tell you unplug and it plug it back in. she said their windshield shattered and their lights were not working so they couldn't describe the truck or read the license plate. they stayed on the phone for 20 minutes and finally the police were able to track down the truck. miraculously nobody got hurt. man. ahead we'll go live to the scene of the newspaper shooting in paris, and check for updates on the hunt for the men behind and it tell you what we learn about the suspects' past including how one of them was a wannabe
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rapper before changing careers to terrorism. that's as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of news.
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with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. fbi agents did not say how or when the gunman left his job. the shooting happened on tuesday near the fort bliss army post. feds say the shooter threatened threatened the doctor at a super market in 2013. >> man pulled his five-year-old daughter from his car and tossed her off a bridge outside tampa. one of said he thought he heard the child scream, and rescue crews could not save her. the man faces charges including murder. cops say he has a history including domestic violence. his attorney said he was asking
12:30 pm
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ time for the top of the news. updating breaking news, the terror attack in paris. moments ago officials confirmed they're searching for two suspects in a massive 6h forest, covers 50 square miles and includes hiking trails. tens of thousands of people involved in the hunt. we have team fox coverage. trace gallagher has more but first greg palkot who is live in paris. what's the latest there? >> well, the latest here is that people are still paying their respects for the massive loss of
12:33 pm
life and that terrible brutal attack yesterday on the newspaper office here in paris but attention now concerning the manhunt is happening away from here. the area is 40-miles to the northeast and the whole search was triggered by one individual spotting the picture that the police had put out of the two major suspects seeing two guys get out of a silver car looking similar, and then informing the police. the police tell us additionally that it was faulty license plates that also led them to question whether these guys were the real thing or not. and they fled from that car too. quite suspiciously. it's a big area and the police have a lot of big tasks on their hand to try to find these. one of many leads they're getting. >> they've eased the barriers around the scene there, huh? >> a littlep bit. they pushed it back, shep.
12:34 pm
and we were able to get a little closer to see what that area looked like that scene of terror yesterday, what it looked like today. take a look at what we saw. >> yesterday's scene of terrible bloodshed is today the scene of local grief and global attention. this is the neighborhood where the attack happened. the masked armed gunmen couple round the corner, went into the white building, the newspaper office. shot and killed 11 people. critically injuring four. they got back into their car sped down the street some people watching there and videotaping, and then went out to that boulevard there and shot and killed another police officer, sped away. that where the manhunt is happening now. here they are remembering on this national day of mourning. >> national day of mourning that was noted throughout this city and throughout the country, one minute of silence major moving
12:35 pm
event. as this country comes to grips with this major loss. one final note, shep, charlie "charlie hebdo," has announced today it has not been put down. it has not been cowed by the terrorists. they will march on and publish again. they usually publish 150,000 copies of the magazine. this coming week, one million copies. back to you. >> greg palkot on scene. thank you. one of the brothers was a former pizza delivery driver who tried to become a rapper. trace gallagher has more. what more do we have on these brothers? >> we know that 34-year-old said and 32-year-old cherif were orphans born in paris and grew up in foster homees. after years of being involved in petty theft and drugs they were taken in by radical imams who gave them a sense of importance.
12:36 pm
the brothers are said to have been radicalized sometime after 2003 because they were unfewerrated by western troops killing arabic soldiers and inmates at the abu grab prison. they were sent to yemen to train. when they got back to paris authorities say they began organizing a network to get people into iraq to help fight with the insurgents. now, both brothers were reportedly in syria as recently as last year. >> the younger brother the cops knew him well. right? >> they knew him well. cherif kouachi is said to have used his money to buy drugs in 2005 he appeared on a french television show as a rapper. on that show he said he was sorry for his crimes. and yet a year later he was arrested again for trying to board a plane to damascus while carrying an instruction manual how to operate a kalashnikov i
12:37 pm
rifle. one of the weapons used yesterday. he was sentenced to three years in prison but only served part of his sentence. during his trial he said he truly believe in jihad and wanted to attack jewish targets in france. his own lawyer called him an apprentice loser when police raided his apartment yesterday the found radical videos and child pornography. >> political cartoonists from around the world are reacting to the massacre. it's one of the things we noticed. journalism students who have come together newsrooms have held moments of silence, and cartoonist have rallied. >> they have. some pretty powerful images here. this first one from an australian artist showing the trier yosts holing an ak-47 with the speech bubble, he drew first and there's a victim on the ground. this next onm a --
12:38 pm
cartoonist and elude together the 9/11 terror attacks pencils in police of the twin towers. this third one is a canadian cartoonist, showing a group of people who are trying to stop an illustrator's hand who is writing the word, freedom of speech. and this one is a chilean artist, saying these are our tools. different artists' tools together here, and this last one is an american artist he is showing sharpened pencils and pens and the terrorists on the bottom there, they're about to get revenge. >> i saw one where a pencil was broken and they sharped the enthat was bren and made two men sills. >> powerful images. >> new video shows crews underwater trying to find the black boxes of the airasia flight. they believe the black becomes
12:39 pm
are in the tail of the plane and today divers could be get close enough because the currents are awful out there. officials might have to raise the tail from the water with a crane and look then. the airasia flight went down last month. 162 people onboard. investigators say they hope the black boxes can give them clues as to what went ongoing why the plane crashed. officials recovered four bodies today. total recovered now 44. the connecticut supreme court just made a decision this afternoon in the case of the teen cancer patient who said she does not want keep sharon. she -- cheap therapy. she says i don't want you to put your poison in my body. keep your poison. state officials had been forcing her to undergo at the treatment. what did the judge say? that's next. this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this?
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32nd birthday so happy birthday. we cannot confirm reports he is spending it with 32 concubines and 32 bottle 60 hennessey. in south korea soldiers are taking part in military exercises in the snow. we have some images here on the slide show. you can see camouflaged soldiers skiing around with guns and have -- see their faces? they painted their faces white. m-publish quite something. and then here they're up to their necks in the frozen river with their weapons at the ready and here, well this, i'm told is soldiers wrestling in the snow. hmm. here they are, doing some pushups in the snow because, well, why not, right? and this one -- this one looks like fun. jumping from a helicopter here. and then throwing snow up in the ire for some reason. some sort of celebration and we
12:44 pm
can write the script in a million different ways. 200 troops taking part in what they call routine drills no part of celebrating kim jung 'ongoing ewan's birthday. >> a major car company slapped with a fin for fail fog report deaths. the automaker is honda and the feds say 1700 complains went completely unreported over the past 11 years. the fine? $70 million. but to put that in perspective honda report $1.3 billion in profit over just three months last year. still, it's the largest fine the national highway traffic safety administration ever levied against any automaker. no spoom response from honda. a court in connecticut now just ruled the state can indeed force chemotherapy on a teen cancer patient, evenshow she
12:45 pm
says she doesn't want and it her family has been fighting it. we have been following this legal tug of war involving 17-year-old cassandra. doctors diagnosed her with cancer faking the immune system. court documents show a judge let the state department of children and families take custody of cassandra after she missed several appointments at the hospital. those officials forced her to undergo the treatment. her mother supported her decision to refuse the chemo and saying it's her body and her right to refuse your poison because that's what chemo is. after the court's decision, her mother called the ruling a mistake. >> this is not a death sentence. flush -- my daughter and myself and i stand by her 100% -- my daughter has made a decision that she does not want chemicals poison put into her body. >> according to court documents her doctors say chemotherapy would give her up to 85% chance of survival and without it they said she has near certainty of
12:46 pm
death. arguments in court focused on one request, whether she is mature enough to accept or refuse treatment that could save her life. today judges ruled she is not capable of making that decision. criminal defense attorney heather hanson is here. understand both claims in the case in sim she'll be 18 and the point will be moot. >> it may well be when she turns 18 she will stop taking the drugs. until then she has to continue them. >> mom says she is going to appeal. >> mom is going to appeal. it's going to be interesting to see how she does that. arguably we're talk bath constitutional right, a right to your body a bright to privacy. arguably they could bring it to the supreme court. most recent live they said they're going to try to bring it back down in the lower courts in connecticut. they have to introduce some new evidence. it will be interesting to see. >> they make religious exceptions. >> this is a state law saying --
12:47 pm
so state-by-state in connecticut there are lot of things mine nors are allowed to do. most of the timed has to do with stds substance abuse, a minor can have abortion. i should have the right to terminate a pregnancy but not terminate this medical care show. law is very iffy. with regard to religious exceptions, in connecticut there would be a better argument if it was for religious exceptions. >> but in this particular case the moment she turns 18, the rule is different. this is -- i mean, it's a sort of arbitrary thing to say when she is 17 and 362 days that two days later she'll be better to make decisions. i guess you have to have a point. >> that's why it raises so many people's hackles. if we were talk about a seven-year-old kid whose mother didn't want to give her antibiotics everyone would not be against that. when you're talking bat child who is nearing that age and talking about chemotherapy that
12:48 pm
is known to be aubnjñ poison, it's difficult to understand the court's ruling. here they had a factual hearing to decide whether or not she was competent to made the decision and they decided she was not. we don't have the details of the hearing. >> it was dramatic decision to have the state take custody of a 17-year-old girl. >> the way the mother describes it she was crying and ran away and tied down to get treatment. definitely tears at your heart. at the same time it's up to courts to protect children and you do want children if that is going to give her the chance to live you can understand where the courtness a position where they have to follow the medical experts. >> that was part of the testimony. 85% chance of life and without it certainty and that's a word doctors don't use. certainty of death within two years. >> they heard from a number of experts. wasn't like it was a battle of experts. a number of experts says she needs this drug to live. >> mighty horrible position for any young woman to be put in.
12:49 pm
>> it's a difficult situation. >> we'll follow it. thank you. a fox report frow and here madelines from in the fox news deck. senator barbara boxer threw out a shocker today. will not run for a fifth term next year. that upends democratic politics in california, make no mistake. she is 74 years old. says she plans to keep working, just not in the senate. 15-year-old girl killed her 16-year-old brother after relatives abused already for years, according to investigators in white springs, florida, just west of blue jacketssonville. they say this girl shot her brother with her parents' gun while they were out of town she got help from her 11-year-old sister. years of abuse. prosecutors are debating whether to charge the girls are adults. the parents face charges of child neglect. word know, know, is work only a submarine that can fire missiles.
12:50 pm
researchessed a johns hopkins university spotted the sub on a satellite image. analysts say it could be harder to detect missiles fired from the submarine. >> dozens of people stranded on a pleasure cruise as the boat slowly sank into the water. when pleasure cruises need new names. the rescue mission ise+>fnext.
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a tour boat sank off costa rica during a day trip, killed tree people, left dozens stranded for hours. happened off the west coast 60-miles from san jose. other private boats reportedly took passengers until rescuers could take them to the hospital. they say more than 100 people
12:54 pm
were on there. survivors said large waves crashed into the boat and it just sank this morning. fox weather alert for you now. more on the extreme cold in the united states. temperatures in parts of the midwest, below zero and the national weather service reports a county south of st. louis is getting frost quakes. frost quakes. not frosted flakes. forecasters say frost quakes happen when subzero temperatures cause ice to expand underground and expand so much these loud booming noises happen in chicago, they said it felled like minus 30 when folks woke up this morning. air dangerously cold forcing city officials to shut down schools and asking people to stay inside. so what do we do? we send mike tobin outside. have you froze ton death yet? why are you outside? >> reporter: because i got to do shep's show you know?
12:55 pm
hope you're okay back in the studio. >> it's great. >> reporter: on the outside it's getting warmer. it's a balmy seven degrees before zero. you can see the winds whipping up. doesn't feel that way when the wind kicks up. the wind chill advisory has been lifted despite the wind you see in front of me. just in time for a winter weather advisory because the snow came down just in time for rush hour. so you can see the wind blowing through. the snow is coming down. city crews say they have it handled. they maxed out staff some 300 trucks on the road to clear the way for rush hour. 1700 trucks from the state and -- what did you say? >> didn't say anything. just listening to you. >> reporter: okay. anyway -- >> the producer may have been talking in your ear meaning you have 30 seconds. >> reporter: all right.
12:56 pm
well i'll wrap it up. there's lake michigan. it's frozen. the coast guard is doing ice-breaking operations. there's some shortage of blood supplies now because of all the schoolancellations. most of those school cancellations -- the blood drives are done at schools dish. >> just froze to death. see that? tide you see what just happened? how do we feel now bosses who sent him? mike tobin is a statue. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom! you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car. don't those people know you're already shaken up? liberty mutual's new car replacement will pay for the entire value of your car plus depreciation. call and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't
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raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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on this day in 1963, mona lisa went to washington. first lady jackie kennedy helped arrange the exhibit at the national gallery of art. she was there with the president on opening night. three weeks in half a million people had seen the thing. a million more got a glimpse at the metropolitan museum here in new york. mona lisa is now back home in the lourve in paris after making heir first trip outside france 52 years ago today. quietly look at the dow. everything it lost monday and tuesday it's now gained back
1:00 pm
yesterday and today. and mrs. and mrs. tobin, i don't know what to say. i mean if they told him to jump off the golden gate bridge would he jump? he's frozen. the hunt is on and now police may may be closing in. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. averaged and dangerous and still on the lam. police are focusing on a stretch of forest in northeastern france. witness says two men fitting the description of the gunmen robbed a gas station and police believe the two fled on foot after dumping the getaway car. we're all over it with former history detective rod wheeler on some interesting clues they left behind. he has seen the tape. and former homeland security secretary tom ridge what we might be missing here. first, to greg palkot in paris with the latest on the manhunt.


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