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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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y it's now gained back yesterday and today. and mrs. and mrs. tobin, i don't know what to say. i mean if they told him to jump off the golden gate bridge would he jump? he's frozen. the hunt is on and now police may may be closing in. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. averaged and dangerous and still on the lam. police are focusing on a stretch of forest in northeastern france. witness says two men fitting the description of the gunmen robbed a gas station and police believe the two fled on foot after dumping the getaway car. we're all over it with former history detective rod wheeler on some interesting clues they left behind. he has seen the tape. and former homeland security secretary tom ridge what we might be missing here. first, to greg palkot in paris with the latest on the manhunt. >> you have hit the breaking
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news right now that we're talking minute by minute. we are at the scene of the attack yesterday the brutal attack which left 12 people dead and four people now fighting for their lives in a paris hospital. as you noticed, a lot of the action happening up there 40-miles to the northeast of where we are. that spotting of the individuals that seemed to look like the main suspects in this attack was triggered by a nationwide distribution of the two pictures of the main subjects. somebody called up the police they said to the police, we think these guys are here and they came up there really fast. with cars with armored vehicles with helicopters, with hundreds and hundreds and now we understand they're not just combing through the forest they're going door-to-door. they think they might be on into toe something but there have ban
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lot of leads like that, a lot of calls and a lot of scares. for example, today in the southern side of paris there was a policewoman just attending a traffic accident and she was shot. shot dead by a gunman who came up -- authorities are now saying they probably don't think there's a link but you have to believe that kind of stuff is making people nervous. another break in the case, overnight, the 18-year-old suspect of the three turned himself in. we think he is probably the driver in the getaway car. but he said he didn't have anything to do with it. so again, they're looking at that. this finally neil, is a national day of mourning here. we were just immediately at the site talking to people. there were americans french, a lot of people from all over the world that have come here to honor the people who died and also the idea that was attacked
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this the idea of freedom of expression freedom of the press, freedom so say what you want to say, and people said that basically what happened yesterday, they will not be defeat. one finalc$k÷. note, neil "charlie hebdo," the office hit by the gunmen, they usually have a circulation of 100,000 or so, weekly paper. they say they will not be cowed by the terrorists and their next run next week, one million copies. back to you. >> holy cow. thank you very much greg. now to the manhunt greg was talking about and why officialer homocide detective rod wheeler say these guys might have slipped up and that will bring them down. rod looks at the same tapes we do but he also catches things that i missed. what have you been noticing and where might they have made themselves vulnerable. >> i think there are several signs. in the video -- i've watched the
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video a dozen time looks for clues. as has already been reported we know there was an identification card that was left in one of the vehicles. now, that's not good. but i can also tell you this. that when you look at the video, seems as though the attack was very precise, and very well-planned, up to a certain point. then after the shooting, when they ran back to the car the two suspects-one of them appeared on the driver's side appeared to fall or trip over his own feet and then there was a shoe that dropped out of the car, which they didn't expect. and then when hey tried to get away they had a car accident. so these are not only dangerous terrorists but they're clumsy terrorists as well. >> it didn't seem to hurt them in the getaway-what surprised me in the getaway was they seemed to have plenty of time for it. there will no police immediately on the scene. of course we know the two were who were there and killed. i make no light of that. but what are we to read into
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that, they time that perfectly, but that the delay with the sneaker and everything allowed more time for?g@5ú investigators to piece together some things. right? >> i kind of see it a little differently. i don't think these two individuals expected to get away. i don't think they expected to make an escape. >> that? >> i don't. other people in law enforcement feel the same way. let me tell you why. the weapons they brought to this event, and the way in which they tried to make their getaway and did, but i don't think it was planned escape attempt they did. i think they just happened to spontaneously decide they were going to leave. there were two police officers that was actually killed, and in that building, and i actually believe that they thought these officers was going to engame them and probably kill them and that's why i say now when the french police do find these two individuals -- they're going to probably find them very soon -- i don't think these guys are going to give up. i think they're going out in a blaze. terrorists, i know exactly how
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they think. and they have no rope at that's point to give themselves up. what they would rathertñjk is go out in a blaze so in their mind they can feel as though they're successful. >> the nine that the police have apprehended right now, they might have been trigger guys or guys handling the transportation getting them -- shuttling the cars as many as three times, some reports have it four times switching in and out of vehicles. how did they get those guys? >> the 18-year-old that they did take into custody yesterday, the kid who turned himself in, whether or not that individual was the getaway driver i don't think is relevant that much right now, but i do know that he has or knows some information about these two other individuals. i think that's where the french police was able to at least start getting their initial information. now, with these other nine individuals that we know that they have talked to, i think they're going to be full of
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information, and the investigators are going to continue to interrogate them to get more information. one last thing quickly. it's nighttime there, as you saw behind greg palkot and his piece, and believe it or not -- this important -- sometimes with the technology we have and fining individuals in forest areas it's better to look for them at night under the cover of darkness because we can sometimes find them using infrared technology. >> you find any connection between the policewoman who was shot this morning or an outside event. >> appears to be outside but when you have situations like these two individuals like a terrorist organize you have to look at every possibility. i don't think we can rule anything out but i don't think that this person today was related to these two individual. yesterday but the french authorities will continue to investigate. >> never ceases to amaze me how good you are. you've might have a future at
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this detective stuff. >> it was horrible thing yesterday. let's hope they find those guys. >> thanks to a lot of the little things you pick up, a lot of readers and e-mailers were responsibling and saying, didn't catch that, didn't see that. thank you, my friend. the paris attack proving it's time we get our head out of the skies. formerhope homeland security secretary tom ridge says we have lost sight of the bad guys on the ground. governor, good to have you. it is an interesting point, that the conventional fear has been inning this country since 9/11, look at the planes, look at the underwear bomber and shoe bomber, all the other threats, but it's right here, and in paris, where they can do a great deal of damage. >> we learned in paris we learned in toronto when they stormed the parliament. we learn at fort hood. one interesting thing the detective said that i hope your viewers and administration picks up on, they're not criminals.
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they didn't care if they were caught or not or died at the scene. at the end of the day they are terrorists. they're not criminals -- >> you believe that -- >> absolutely. it's an entirely different mindset. >> they expected to be taken out and were surprised they weren't. >> i don't know if that's the case but a what we have seen in most of these instances, where they're suicide bombers or elsewhere, if they die in the perpetration of the evil they have been promised a bigger reward in the hereafter, and it's the nonsense that suggests they're not part of a group that has perverted an historic religion and they're not criminals. they are islamic terrorist citizenle changelet that non public officials have but the broader muslim community has is to elevate their voices voices and sustain they're voices and be a far more cooperative and working in collaboration with, whether it's the police in canada or the
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western world because they're undermining this religion and creating a stigma tiesation among theme who practice this religion. >> we had nigel here yesterday. one thing he was raising secretary, is this notion that assimilation and how some groups don't assimilate, muslim groups -- that's something you have to watch and you have to go where the trouble is. that's not say -- he stressed -- all muslims mean ill will either in england or there but these guys come from those regions, from those areas. french nationals or no. but leaders in france are still reluctant to do just that. as they are in england. >> it's a huge dish think it's a huge mistake. the buzz word the politically correct word in the european community for years has been
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we're multiculturalism. that's fine. we are pretty multiculturallist in this country. the united states is more like the u.n. sometimes than the u.n. in terms of diversity but that does not mean you segregate people particularly the muslim community, and little enclaves and don't work with the religious leaders and economic leaders and the political leaders to assimilate them into the broader national fabric. that has not been done and all of a sudden then you have an enclave that breeds terrorists, breeds this chaos and it rears its ugly ahead in the atrocity of yesterday. >> thank you very much. >> good pleasure to bive you. sorry it's over this subject. >> i hear you. meantime to wall street stocks surging for a second day. the dow in case your interested, now back in positive federal for the year -- positive territory. tech stocks like microsoft and
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intel, leading just like news, those lower gas prices, did the trick for shoppers and got them out to the stores, helped retail sale goes higher as well. see how long this_táuáy if this is what happens when a convicted terrorist is released over there, why the rush to free feared terrorists over here? we say we're keeping a very close eye on these guys. but weren't the french saying the exact same thing after they sprung this guy?
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the schelp then the spill. now the scrub and the second guess. finally, the rewash. or you can make it easy and do the pop with tide pods. the first 3 in 1 laundry pack. it cleans, brightens, and removes stains in one step. tide pods one step to an amazing clean. he is on the run now but they had him back then. sher reef kouachi jailed and later released a year and a half later. former uss cole commander says that should be a wakeup call for our president, and this rush to release terrorist from gitmo.
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the average against that is that we do keep track of these guys and know where they're going, but let's say we give them to the government of tunisia, they let them go wherever they want. so we are not keeping track of them. >> well, it's good to see you as well neil. quite frankly you're right on5t@'s point. there's three critical things to consider. the driver behind this -- the french are learning the hard way -- is intelligence. less you have that intelligence you can't make progress. two, you need a fusion center where you can bring the information together inch our case, guantanamo bay developed as an intelligence facility, is a place where we can bring these terrorists, hold them, get the information we need to keep the nation safe, and the third thing is why turn people loose, especially now? during the bush administration hundreds were literally returned back and yes there was a recidivism rate or rush to battlefield, in the high teens. the people holding their now are the hard core, the hard core are
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going to go back to the battlefield, and even if they don't they'll radicalize more people to fight against this nation. so for those three reasons alone, that's why guantanamo bay would be critical to the future of security of the nation. >> now the argument about the release in france of this guy is that obviously he had ill intent after just being in prison for 18 months before his release. some of these guys have been in guantanamo for the better part of a decade. so they're vengeance is even higher. >> absolutely. this -- we have down there right now the hard core of the hard core, the guys that are the top al qaeda operatives the top taliban leaders that we still have in our custody. many of them have not given up intelligence. most of the intelligence we were getting from detainees was on the battle foal after capture shapes got to guantanamo they clammed up, became part of the prison culture and did not talk.
1:18 pm
we need keep a facility like that open so we can continue to glean and work them and segregate them. >> i suspect we're not doing a lot of that. i suspect we'll empty out gitmo altogether, whether rite -- whether required or not. i'm wondering what that breeds then. >> it breeds you're concerned -- have a president concerned with the political legacy right now of closing guantanamood áñ rather than looking at the longer term national security interests of trying to keep america safe. the reality is gitmo by itself will do nothing for us. when you integrate it into the entire intelligence infrastructure, when you make it a crown jewel, where you can bring these terrorists, rather than putting them on a ship off libya and then zipping them into new york to where i they pass away in jail the reality is gitmo can give us the crown jewel of intelligence, intelligence is the driver to prevent incidents like these.
1:19 pm
without intelligence we'll continue to be in danger. releasing detainees will do nothing but increase the danger. >> i wonder, to pick your brain, commander, a -- i asked about why the market is ignoring what happened in paris, and he said something very telling. i don't know whether it was profound or weird. that's paris. that stuff wouldn't happen here, couldn't happen here. now, i don't know about that. and i wonder whether the market is just ignoring this and the implications of this a bit too much. >> well, i think an attack like that, while it will have an effect on the psyche, wouldn't change things much even if there were an attack in the united states. it's when you start to do thing that affect broader markets you'll see the movement by wall street that would be affected and you would have a problem. individual lone wolf attacks like this i would tend to agree
1:20 pm
to a point but the problem is, americans don't want attacks here at home. we want to carry the fight and keep it over there, not bring it here. if we drive that through intelligence, we can keep it over there. i if we continue to release these people the resid -- recidivism rate will get higher. they will return to the battlefield and we can't afford that. >> thank you very much. if you think about the uss cole hit, it was the preview to allc these horrible terror attractions. 9/11 et al. thank you again. sure it is winter but lake medical completely frozen over? -- lake michigan completely frozen over? we pick through the ice. you decide how long you can skate through this after this. [container door opening] ♪
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.é-eñ temperatures diving and the death toll rising. a lot of schools closing. we're in michigan with the latest on the cold snap that has the entire nation snapping to. >> neil, it's a rough one. this has been a real blast of cold, and not in a good way. here i am in new buffalo, michigan. you can see the giant ice shelf out there along lake michigan. this looks a little more like the arctic kundra, and when you talk about this cold snap it's not letting up. take a three-quarter forecast. wind chills tonight -- take a look at the forecast. cheechs in green bay, minneapolis, chicago st. louis in the negative teens. it's a tough one. and this is a cold that has gone as far south as florida with wind chill warnings down there as well, and georgia the single
1:25 pm
digits for real temperatures. and alabama schools have been delayed because it's been so cold in the morning, and as you report in/r÷i places like iowa and chicago, not far from where i stand right now, school has been closed for the past few days. right now we're getting a lot of snow -- not a ton of snow but it's really blowing. as maybe you can tell. making this wind chill rough and travel rough. and that was a problem in pennsylvania. maybe you saw the pictures of the pileup. 18-car pileup, killed two people, two dozen people injured. a nasty, nasty conditions and this will continue through the weekend. this has been a good one. i tell you. >> incredible. incredible. as has been your reporting. thank you very much. that guy will weather anything. michigan this has become --
1:26 pm
the national weather service predicting 87% of the nation will see subfreezing temperatures to meteorologist like reithmuth on when the cold snap might snap. >> incredible cold. obviously for almost everybody except the southwest. the southwest is the one spot seeing record highs. last night, got to minus eight in chicago. actual air temperatures. look how far south this went. 17 in mobile alabama and today you haven't world up that much. up to 35 there. memphis, 28. and across much of texas, just into the 30s. so cold air is kind of settled in now we have the snow jeff just talk about moving across the chicago area, this is a little clipper system moving through, going;?s= to bring us a couple of inches around the chicago area and you'll notice on the eastern side of the lakes we'll see more significant snowfall totals maybe around a foot. but along with this next clipper system comes a reinforcing back
1:27 pm
of cold air. we'll be talking about temps in the morning the wind chill, feeling like minus 30s across north dakota minnesota, even down toward kansas city minus 13 minus 19 in chicago. so it's going to be very, very rough. we're going to see this change a little bit. tomorrow we warm up a little bit in the east coast. saturday another cold one. and then at least the eastern seaboard sees a warmup. chicagohz= up to 27. and next week looks better. still cold still january, but better than the last couple of days. >> that's the best you can do, just better. >> as good as you can get. >> thank you very much. the house passed the 40-hour work week bill, can to encounter the 30-hour rule undere=ç&ñ obamacare. the president threatening to veto this. this congress@qáó says that would be a mistake. but what do you think if he
1:28 pm
does? >> well, the president has to defend a lot of bad things obamacare still very unpopular. my/($@hope is that the new republican senate and republican house can move forward with the promise from leadership to repeal and replace obamacare. >> do you have the veto-proof majority? a lot of republicans went along with this in the 251 to 172 vote but that would not be enough to overright a presidential veto. >> depends how long the democrats want to cling to obamacare, which is as unpopular as it's ever been. but at the end of the day it's whether you're going to stand with the"vo workers. right now it punishes businesses that want workers to have a full 40-hour work week. this is bottom line for middle class foams that obamacare claimed to help but is hurting. >> congressman, you were not a supporter of speaker boehner gifting re-elected. he was. but he says that all this dustup
1:29 pm
on him is way overdone, he notice the guy you say he is. these is speaker boehner. >> during my years here when i voted issue had the eighth most conservative voting record in the congress. it pains me to be described as a squish+;vl pains me the most is when they describe me as the establishment. now, i'm the most antiestablish. speaker we have ever had. >> what do you think of that? >> i don't know what the basis is for that statement and at the end of the day the numbers i just saw most recently is the congress, the house is more closed under john boehner's leadership than under nancy pelosi so if you're a conservative, you're out in the cold. if you're democrat you don't have access to the floor. this speaker promised open debate, and the last couple of days every hoss has hundreds of
1:30 pm
phone calls saying we need new leadership in the u.s. house and i stand with the others who say we'll vote with constituents and make changes in the u.s. house. >> did you get any retribution for that? >> i have had. i've had it in the past as well. >> what happened to you? >> if you are found to be voting against the speaker you don't get the chairmanship. your bill doesn't get heard on the floor. what happened with you get to sit in the same committee, don't get to move your bill forward. i know if me colleagues knew there wouldn't be revenge or retribution from the establishment they would vote with their constituents. that's the thing. constituents wanted change and many of my colleagues said we took the tough vote by keeping the speaker in. the of the vote is when you vote against the american people. we're only looking for an open and honest debate, and as a
1:31 pm
conservative, my republicans say they're conservative, we're just asking, let's fight for conservative values and principles instead of taking our time beating up on conservatives like myself. why don't we go after obama, after hi agenda -- >> the speaker says he is doing that, sir, and if you just follow his record, his record oregon getting rid of earmarks he is your friend. what do you say? >> three weeks ago he said he would fight tooth and nail against the unconstitutional amnesty. then in december he went ahead and funded amnesty, fully funded obamacare, sat down with obama and reid and passed a massive spending bill with no debate. did not allow a single amendment. and told conservatives just to like it. and that cromnibus is not -- >> that wasn't your cup ofp,- tea. >> no, wasn't. >> thank you very much. did the -- really say those french journalists had it coming? not really. but, man did a lot of you get
1:32 pm
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introducing the new philips norelco shaver series 9000 with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to to save up to $40. innovation and you. philips norelco. nobody questions that the attackers went too far but a lot of reaction to this guy says the cartoons went a little far. and ever hope you'd be the cool parents? here's a tip. don't do what this dad did.
1:35 pm
back in 60.
1:36 pm
by choosing the most pornographic vulgar pictures of mohammed for the intend of insulting them. if you keep doing that you'll get a response. >> when you depict hoe ham met as a victim of anal section you have to come to the conclusion that's pushing pushing the envelope. >> taking a lot of heat for the comment but is he right or was the slain "charlie hebdo" edit cor right when he said this three years ago. >> our job is not to defend freedom of speech. but without freedom of speech, we are dead. we can't live in a country without freedom of speech. i prefer to diel
1:37 pm
rat. >> tone you perkins says the magazine or newspaper crossed the line. lauren disagrees. you say tony they enclosessed the line or at least invite trouble. why? >> well, i think first off bill donohue is a great friend and defender of religious freedom. i do think that the media and others should be respectful toward all religions. however, i do think that we have to protect the freedom to speak, even if it's in poor taste or bad form, and bill has the right to say what he wants to say and say freely. and while i disagree with what these media so-called journalist did in france, they have right to do. so but i think the bigger problem here lies with the government and how the government's been dealing with islam in their own country. >> back to these drawings you. raise a good point, and lauren, what the issue was with bill was that there is never ever a
1:38 pm
reason to kill anyone for something you don't like. however blasphemous or incentive or pornographic you find the images that incited these attacks, but that journalists in general have a responsibility to know the impact of their satire. what do you think of that? >> journalists have the ability and the backing to say whatever they want whenever they want. that's what this countries is about. that's what free speech is about. yes, my feeling about all of this is that it's disgusting. i think the caricatures drawn of the pope and the anal sex we talk about are disgusting. that doesn't mean that they don't have a right to publish it. tony, would you want somebody saying that when you say that being gay is bad for the economy, that you can't say that? i don't think so.
1:39 pm
>> tony? >> i agree. i think they may have the right to do it. the point here is, when you look at what is being said, they have a right to say it. they have to understand there are consequences to saying those things. i agree they have that right to say this, but let's look at the issue here. in america, for instance, you have a crucifix in a jar of urine you. dough catholics kicking down the door and returning in with submachine guns. this has been created by somewhat of what bill has suggested here, this accommodation. the french government has accommodated these radical islamists. there's 700 no-go zones in france where authorities can't go in because sharia law reigns. political correctness is the fertile soil for this kind of terrorism to grow in, and in america we need to take an alert to this and look at this, and i
1:40 pm
agree that the press has a role to play in here and shouldn't back up from telling the truth and speaking, but they do need to be responsible. >> you're saying that they do -- what you're saying, though, is there's going to be a line. who is going to be are bitter of this more line? >> lauren do you find there's a line between offensive pictures or satire or cartoons and, let's say, "the new york times" and pentagon papers? there is a difference? >> no, there isn't a difference. you have to be able to say draw write whatever you want. >> you don't draw a distinction. >> i spoke to ken paulson, the ceo of the first amendment center, and he said it's about freedom of conscious north just freedom of press. >> thank you both very much. we have a lot more after this. rner, president of quicken loans. and we're here in detroit with our amazing team members. the best part about working with quicken loans is that you have a mortgage expert on the other line that's always gonna find out the best possible solution. we just don't treat you as a loan number. we wanna make sure that we help you out.
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>> actyear and political commentator, they made on my fox business show and now i want to know why i wasn't invited to the wedding. we're going to find out when they come back. stop it, both of you. whatever happened to pin the tail on the donkey? some say this 18-year-old dad is looking like a real ass. helping his daughter celebrate her entry into adulthood with a tail, all right, a bunny tail and bunny ears and oh yeah boo boo-boo boo -- booze a party that brought a crowd, and law enforcement bested it up and some parents are saying they jumped one kinky cake too far. rebecca, did they? >> i think honestly this guy is crazy. he has gone off his rocker,
1:45 pm
serving an 18-year-old and 200 of her friends, under age, under age -- >> were they all under age? >> yep, 21 is the age in california you can serve booze to anyone, -- >> the booze part that bothers you, not the playboy -- >> where he got this arrest because of the booze the consumed by the children. they're under the age of 21. here's what the problem is in california statewide, their social liabilities, a social host serving underage minor is nose strong. >> you're back to the alcohol thing, north -- >> the whole thing is disgusting. >> the alcohol is the problem. >> easily the alcohol is the problem. socially there's a playboy mansion theme party for 18-year-olds and younger is a social issue and they had inappropriate behavior on social media. this father is a -- >> many were 18. in california for this you had to be 20.
1:46 pm
>> what prompted the police was the animals when the police arrived there war chaos and two intoxicated teenagees that were unconscious. that was the issue. >> you told me they decide was a lawyer. >> the dad is a lawyer. the reality is he knows very well you can't serve a minor under 21. >> did the daughter want this? >> they sent out a beautiful invitation that'v"f was a lawyer, show put all the notices there wouldn't be people there no drinking. the problem was there was drinking, happens to many parents and bz the the becomes did he do what they said and was he serving alcohol. >> the father gave this statement to the local media. i. i i took all reasonable steps to prevent the consumption of alcoholic beverages by any minor. many parents say when it comes to kids -- >> the reality was he physically at the house so if he is taking responsible step for 200 children -- >> in california that's -- >> let me finish. i think that he has a
1:47 pm
responsibility to not serve alcohol -- >> it's not the alcohol. what father would -- it's a little kink where with the whole playboy -- kinky with the whole playboy thing. >> the mom is a pta president the father is a lawyer. they're not only talking bat prior to the party they're showing all the pictures on social media, completely inappropriate. but from the -- as lawyers, the legal standpoint is the problem should he hey been charged with this, vie -- violating this ordinance. the allegation he is serving alcohol to minors. if they can proof that he will be found guilty. >> there's another possibility he is endangering the welfare of minors because to the children were in loco parentis. he was responsible for the children. they're considered children by the law. >> what were the guys dressed as? >> hugh hefner. they had pictures on the
1:48 pm
internet. >> arguably got adults engaging in. >> future parties keep to dora the explorer. >> so much liability on them. it's got to stop. >> move over chuck woolery. i just made a connection. the good fellow's star marrying the g.o.p. strategist, and guess who hooked them up.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
you know it turns out all this time i've had the wrong music for this show. hit it, barry. ♪ got it together didn't we ♪ ♪ we've definitely got our thing together, don't we ♪ >> love him. anyway twhabhat's right. this is now the place to come and find love. not just the latest market news. back to me and how i hooked these two up. that's right. because of me actor paul savino and political strategist debbie becky are now a married couple. they started as guests on my show and look at them now they just tied the knot. no one knew about it. >> we eloped. standing in front of the fountain at lincoln center where
1:53 pm
i've sung at the new york city open open opera. nobody is going to know. she called her dear friend. >> another italian. >> how do you say? >> mama mio. >> so no one in your family knew. >> nobody knew. >> how do they feel now? >> they're happy. >> what we did, the plan was, if we told one person we'd have to tell everybody. if we invited one person, we would have to invite everybody. as soon as the service was over, i started calling my family. >> funny you didn't call me. i hooked you up. >> you're responsible. >> not even a call. i had to read about it. not a card, nothing. >> nothing i know. >> i don't care, you know, where you're registered it ain't happening. >> you do very well playing hurt. >> tell me how it happened.
1:54 pm
you weren't all together. did i research it right? you did a double take there's a beautiful woman. >> i'm not a tree hugger. >> i'm not either. we agree with that. >> i saw her wearing this beautiful blue dress and she had an aura around her. when i saw what it was, i said, oh my god, this is going to be for me. we went out. >> a very fanty steak house across the street. >> we're sitting there and i angle myself right next to her. >> it is a family show. >> she's just wondering what is going on with this guy. >> an actor oh my god. >> at a certain point i saw that she didn't hate me. that's a good start. >> as long as they don't hate you. >> i put my arm around here like this and she's woshding what is going on.
1:55 pm
>> this is your first meeting. >> this is after an hour or so. >> he's laying it on thick for sure. he was very charming. >> i did this and after a couple of minutes this is what i did after a couple of minutes. >> and he did. i was like oh. >> okay. i'm uncomfortable. a lot of guys hit on you here. you're beautiful and very smart. why this guy? >> well he's the true renaissance man. wonderful cook very sweet so smart, he sings you know he plays the piano. i don't like anyone i can afford very easily. >> he's a little older. just a little older. >> i like that. it's a good thing >> hey! >> well, it worked for don ivas
1:56 pm
he found his wife during a playground recess. >> there are no similarities. >> what did you family say when you hooking up with a well-known mog digger. >> there you go. >> you kids today. >> no. they're thrilled. they can't wait for him to come. they want me to bring him home. they look forward to meeting him. >> what happened was, after a year, all of the sudden i was doing a production of mine, i directed it and started it here in the theater. and she came. i had been working on calling her. >> she told me about it. she wanted protection. >> but i have never done that. i did it this time. i walked in and i said i hope she's here. the performance was quite successful. i walked out. there she was. i wauktd over and i said dee dee and i did one of these. >> okay. that's fine. look at the time.
1:57 pm
we're going to have a little more right after this. stick around.
1:58 pm
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new video coming in in search of the suspects. both of them will on our no flight list. what happened. so happy for paul sore vein no and america. i'm greg gut feld along with bob beck l, eric bolgd and kimberly guile foil. this is "the five." now for most of us in this lady media, mocking religion comes easy because there' no skin in the game. i mean really, what would an a offended catholic do, send a harshly worded letter and ask for forgiveness for being mad? that's what made the paper so vital. it was the risk. the skin in the game was their skin. the financial times


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