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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 9, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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in the united states. stay tuned approximate for continuing coverage of today's breaking news in paris on "special report" that's next. this is a fox news alert. the hunt is on right now in france for a woman believed to be an accomplice of the terror attack in paris. it comes at the end of a dramatic day that saw three terrorists and four more innocent civilians killed. ed henry is at the white house. catherine herridge, with a chilling warn from a british spy master that more attacks are coming. we begin live in paris tonight, hello, greg. >> hey bret. france's worst nightmare came
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true this week jihadi still terror sending shockwaves throughout the paris region. and the immediate crisis has been resolved. today's events are still haunting a lot of people. >> it was an explosive end to a dramatic day. two terror linked hostage standoffs ended by french authorities, a country on edge could breathe for a bit. following the deadly shooting wednesday at a newspaper office in paris, suspects and brothers sharif kouachi went on the run. thousands of police and troops poured in, the two said they wanted to die as marters.
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it's believed he was responsible with her help for the killing thursday of a french policewoman, authorities now say the three men were involved together in past terror activities. he declared he would kill his hostages if the kouachi brothers were killed. the hostage caker was killed. four were killed, four injured. even with those mixed results. france's top cop was satisfied. >> i wish to express my profound gratitude and admiration to the policemen from the interior ministry, with great talent, calm and coolness they made it possible to have the hostages freed when the risks were very high. security in paris is already high, the french witness these new developments with alarm air and ground travel was disrupted, shops in the city's jewish quarter were shocked for fear of
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reprise rals. the president tried to calm a country's shattered nerves. >> france is not finished with being a target of threats. therefore i want to urge you to be vigilant, to be united and to be mobilized. police continue the search for the wife of that suspect. prosecutors late tonight are saying that there are strong terror ties between that woman and the other individuals in this operation. the prosecutor also said believe it or not it could have been worse. 15 sticks of dynamite were found in that kosher supermarket. >> i know you're talking to authorities there in paris all the time. one question, it seems like they had cordoned off that entire area, before that operation, before going in. it just boggles the mind how she's able to get away in that
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scenario, are they saying it's possible she was not in there or are they confident that she was and she's fled? >> there are two possibilities, bret, and you nailed it. first of all, we're not sure that she was in there but another theory is that when the hostages flooded out and they did, as the police were going in and there was chaos, the wife could have left at the same time. but she is being hunted right now. greg live in%. by the way the eiffel tower flashes at the top of every hour. one of the world's top intelligence chiefs is warning that al qaeda militants in syria are planning more major eattacks against the west. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more on this ominous forecast. >> reporter: a rare and candid -- speaking at its 4r07bd
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headquarters to the director general said that al qaeda in syria are planning mass attacks against the west, including the british transportation system. we face a very serious level of threat that is complex to combat and unlikely to abate -- my sharpest earn is the growing gap between the increasingly challenging threat and the decreasing availability to address it. like isis they're using social media to radicalize and recruit is deeply troubling to u.s. and british intelligence officials. >> it's fundamentally challenging for us because as a society, the right of privacy is an inherent aspect of our culture. and yet, we finding not only private citizens engaged in
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lawful activity using thoetz same structures. >> reporter: an exclusive interview with the fox business network, the nsa director said that paris shows how radical ideology is driving lone wolf and small cell operation ss. that certainly increasing the challenge from an intelligence perspective, that makes life a whole lot harder. >> sharif kouachi said that he was sent by al qaeda in yemen. sharif said the american cleric anwar al alaki was killed by a cia droen strike in 2011.
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saeed kouachi traveled to yemen that same year. tonight u.s. intelligence and counter terrorism officials are reviewing a claim of responsibility from al qaeda in yemen, as well as a four-minute -- called the blessed raid in paris. fox news has confirmed that the fbi and homeland security departments have sent out a joint intelligence bulletin to federal, state and local law enforcement. the paris mass -- it shows evidence of training, premedication and reconnaissance. >> catherine, thank you and as you were speaking, the state department put out its own warning world wide travel caution, saying u.s. citizens need to maintain a high level of vigilant and take appropriate steps to increase their terror awareness. president obama's terror policy
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is being questioned tonight by many americans who are concerned that what happened in paris could happen here. >> reporter: president obama today wanted to keep the focus on proposing free community college to millions of students without a way to pay for it, to a campaign style crowd. to the horror in paris got a passing mention from the president. >> we're hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved. thanks to the courage and presence of the french law enforcement on the ground. but the country -- the situation is fluid. >> reporter: perhaps more interesting is what the president did not mention at all. which specific steps he's taking to protect america. in an interview that will be broadcast this weekend on fox news sunday joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey walked a fine line with chris wallace, while the administration is trying to protect the homeland there's still angst about what will
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prevent attacks. >> what we try to do across this swathe of radical extremism, that stretches really from the fatah and i suppose you might say all the way over to nigeria, we try to keep pressure on that network, with the suite of capabilities that we have, whether it's intelligence building partners in some cases direct action, do we need to do more? >> i think so absolutely, but that's not to imply we're not doing enough. >> reporter: republicans -- in releasing diawetainees from guantanamo may make it worse. >> this isn't like you can, you know, put radiation and kill a tumor and we're zone with this thing. this is a cancer that has metastasized around the world. >> reporter: in fact one of the terrorists in the attack was trained in yemen even though just four months ago the president held up yemen as a
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successful part of his terrorist approach. >> while supporting partners on the frontlines, is one that we have successfully -- meanwhile in knee jooernigeria up to 2 -- this is the worst attack in the history of boca haram the bottom line is they killed women, children and the elderly who simply could not outrun the islamic extremists. >> ed henry, live on the north lawn. a saudi blogger convicted of insulting islam was given 50 lashes today. he was flogged after friday prayers outside a mosque. he was he will receive 50 lashes once a week for 50 weeks in saudi arabia. up next guess who may be entering the 2016 presidential
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race. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 17 in grand rapids michigan with a 150 vehicle pileup near kalamazoo. authorities say at least one person died, and an unknown number were injured. they're blaming, snow wind and poor visibility. a former dolphins football player apparently swam nine miles to shore after falling off a boat. the coast guard says rob conrad could not get back on the boat so he headed for land. conrad played for the team from 1999 to 2004. this is a live look at houston, houston texas from our affiliate fox 26. the big story there tonight, bulldog puppies reunited with their owners after being taken from the front yard of their home by a fed ex-driver. surveillance video shows that ss the pubs being scooped up by a
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♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. we have breaking political news tonight, we may be about to experience, in the words of the noted political philosopher, déjà vu all over again. carl cameron is back with a possible political come back just in time for the 2016 race. we're getting a slew of reports that mitt romney is seriously considering a run. >> reporter: he is considering it and they could tell it to others. can't really blame him when you look at all the recent polls, he is on top of the pack here and he's gone in the last year from saying no way he's going to run, to not ruling it out to saying
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he's considering it. he feels sort of vindicated given the current global crises. romney raised $88 million in the first three months of his political campaign. and schaddered records at the time. he's competing for the very same money jeb bush hopes to collect. bush has the bush family network is the biggest in gop politics, so expectations are going to be very high regardless. jeb's rereesing hiss tax returns early to pressure his rivals. romney you may remember, dragged his feet release -- it also spotlights hillary clinton, whose finances have been controversial since she turned a grand into $100,000 in just -- >> where's hillary clinton been through all this. getting slammed by massachusetts senator elizabeth warren by being too cozy with sal street. clinton's last paid speech isn't
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until march. but john pedesta was -- he is widely expected to take over hillary's chairman manship nationally. she has also ditched her '08 and her husband's old pollsters for an obama campaign pollster guru, a sign that she's trying to keep up with the times. >> scott walker says he's praying for guidance about this decision. >> every single one of these guys are praying about this. walker is going to -- in two weeks, that is a big announcement, he has also hired the rnc's former political director, who is a political vet trachb of a couple of gop campaigns, supporters say walker may be most able to unite conservatives in the gop establishment which puts his expectations sky high along with everyone else. and aides say he will be meeting with key potential organizers in that crucial southern primary
3:18 pm
state. back in new jersey, the feds interviewed him in the bridge scandal. 10 potential candidates the 24th in des moines, bret. >> and he might be in an owner's box soon too. >> as much of the law enforcement focus is on the terrorist throat obviously stemming from the terrorist attacks, the just department announced today that attorney general holder is in a dispute over the washington redskins name. -- the law was used by the patz patent and trademark. when we come back, big news on the keystone pipeline plus did you hear president obama wants to send you to college. for free. well, sort of free.
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paris terrorist attacks in just a moment. major developments tonight in the keystone xl pipeline story. the house has approved the bill to -- chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us where we stand right now. >> despite a veto threat the house voted overwhelmingly with 28 democrats joining republicans to authorize -- top republicans say after years of consideration, the project would help north american energy
3:23 pm
independence. >> we all know the strength of that. i want an environmentally sound way to do it. today does it. i listen to the president's concerns, mr. speaker. we have had 2,303 days. >> the permitting for the keystone pipeline has taken longer than it took for the united states to win world war ii xz isn't that lovely? >> the president threatening a veto and mentioned environmental concerns. >> that's totally inconsistent with any fight scenario for avoiding catastrophic climate change. >> also today the nebraska supreme court ruled against a proposed proposed route to the pipeline.
3:24 pm
>> the in path for the pipeline is proipt. it will have all the information it needs for that decision. >> regardless of the nebraska ruling today, if presented to the president, he will veto the bill. new majority leader says mitch mcconnell is out of excuses and quote, today's produces -- for the president to change his unproductive posture on this jobs project and reskrers his veto threat. the administration has favored allowing the state department the process of determining what the pipeline is in the national interest. >> the agency will obviously be given a sufficient and reasonable amount of time to provide their input. >> a senate sponsor of the keystone bill, north dakota republican said after years of study and delay, it's time to act.
3:25 pm
>> the legislature did in the state of nebraska. the rerouting of the stay nebraska is upheld. >> passage of the bill in the senate has taken some time. to allow amendments more debate and perhaps eastern supporters along the way. >> mike thanks. >> as ed henry just touched on a little bit earlier president obama wants people to have two free years at a community college, if you qualify. >> the planning makes educational and final sense. >> president obama wants the federal government to cut the cost of an education. >> community colleges should be free for those willing to work for it. >> the plan siz the federal government would as long as a student is enrotted at least half time.
3:26 pm
states that -- would have to meet federal standards and curriculum guidelines and kick in a quarter of the cost. one analyst guidelines would give the federal government more control over community colleges. >> the question remains whether the federal government is in fact capable of improving community colleges from here, with rules and regulations, federal policymakers can tell people to do things in return for federal money. rapidly growing costs of higher education, though other analysts kwlooirm the president's proposal promotes account. . >> this is a really important piece of this. i hope this addresses some of the cost containment issues. >> the administration says the plan would cost to the federal government $60 billion over the next ten years mannering states would have to kick in 20
3:27 pm
billion. officials announce the white house will have to plan how to pay for this when it releases it's budget next month. >> is spokesman for house speaker john boehner says the speaker supports making college opportunities more available. though without more details, the plan is more like a talking point. >> the u.s. added 252,000 jobs in december, the labor december says that dropped unemployment rate to 5.6%. not all is well people continue to leave the workforce and wages are slipping stocks were down today, the dow lost 170.5 the s&p 500 gave up 17, the nasdaq dropped 42. for the week, the dow lost half a percentage point. when we come back, we'll go live to paris for an update on the terror situation there. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup.
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at the same time -- at least for hostages died there as well. the man's accomplice, female apparently his wife escaped. let's get an update live from paris. greg, what new information can you tell us right now about this? >> reporter: bret, last night late this night, we heard from the prosecutor in the paris region and he gave a few more details about the operation and what went down. he said that in fact both locations had been completely booby trapped and luckily the police moved in fast enough and the suspects the hostage fakers did not have enough time to blast those explosions or it could have been much worse. he said that there are 16 people now being held in the -- gathered in the past couple of days and more are being sought again, as you noted, the wife of that suspect is number one on
3:33 pm
their list. he went on to explain the ties between her and others. 500 different calls between her and the families of the other terrorists. >> reporter: what we do here is a lot of soul searching on the part of the authorities. it's pretty aggressive on terrorism, but a lot of people are saying they have been caught flat footed, that they were not aggressive enough to allow the events to get to the point that they got to this week. and also now they're looking much harder at the network of homegrown jihadis people who are here, people who have been in prison, and radicalized and in prisons, which is exactly what happened here. basically, bret, it was a textbook case of what a lot of
3:34 pm
people fear is the new terror 2.0 right here in france, back to you. >> greg palcott live in paris. greg, as always, thank you. this was a culmination today of counter terrorism operations e both the french president and the u.s. president commented. >> france is not finished with being a target of threats therefore i want to urge you to be vigilant, to be united and to be mobilized. we're going to bring in our panel a little bit earlier tonight. nina eastton commenters for chun magazine and singd indicated columnist charles
3:35 pm
krauthammer. >> what's so important about this is the origin of the four killers, the brothers of the couple. they are born in france, i think we're u now in sort of the third stage of the jihadist war against us. the first of course is 9/11, all of the attackers were are the middle east. and then from the last year or two, we have seen the lone wolf attacks, usually homegrown but fairly unstable and one-on-one and it looks as if fairly disorganized or acting out of inge picture ration but not on instruction or with training here we have perhaps the beginning of the third wave the third stage, and this is the trained local cells, who have learned their trade in the middle east, are connected in some way as we heard the 50 calls among the two groups here. and the obvious connection with al qaeda in yemen, and this i think is going to be, it's as if
3:36 pm
there's a critical mass of these dissident jihadists in the west, who are now in a position rather than act like the single guy in australia or the single guys acting separately in canada, as a group, as a cell, and as an organized waves and that could be what we're facing right now. >> i would add to that and i think charles is exactly right. i would add to that that you have now got this range of terrorist groups across a big part of the world that it's far more of a deep threat to the west, than even pre-9/11 because what you've got, is u you've got this connection with al qaeda in yemen, we know now, we have got a boston bomber on trial with connections to chechnya, we have got the homegrown inspired jihadists and then you have the head of the british intelligence agency, saying he's scared about threats, massive threats coming
3:37 pm
of the of syria the khorasan group, and we haven't even got gotten to isis, and we have -- plots against the west, keep in mind too, there are terrorists attacks within the muslim community too, don't forget about the taliban attacks, killing 143 school kids in pakistan just last month. 2000, that's the biggest death toll by boca haram so far. those are the threats so far, but they're -- >> we're focused on paris and all of the operations as they're ongoing, but that statement from the head of mi 5 in britain, about a big scale attack against the west by al qaeda in syria ask really quite startling. >> yao mingou know, not that long ago, the president freshly re-elected, spoke about the need
3:38 pm
to take this country off of a war footing, i'm paraphrasing, he spoke about the need to -- he repealed that global war on terrorism, and unfortunately, as much as we would all like to do that, it takes two sides to stop a war. the other side is plainly not finished. and i think this gives the president a real challenge and let's hope an opportunity to revisit those legal authorities and the other things he's talking about but with an eye toward up dating, modernizing and adapting them for all the new kinds of threats we're talking about. we're talking about the -- on an issue that the public's really concerned about, it would be updating and adapting american counter terrorism policy which to be sure was formed in the after math of 9/11, but as charles poifbts out, that was a different phase in the struggle. and so far, i think you know this has been a real wakeup call to europe.
3:39 pm
and i think there's some positive things that come out of that, but i think it has to be a wakeup call for the united states also. >> we have more with the panel on this topic. france under siege and a warning that the rest of the west may be next, plus u.s. policy towards terrorism right after the break. i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. i better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. huh, fifteen minutes or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me!
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about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. is this really a model for the world to see? >> what's a model is the counter terrorism strategy that this imagery put in place to mitt gate and deter and degrade if you will, the threat that has been imposed by the extremists in the u.s. home land. no doubt that there are local forces on the ground in yemen that have taken the fight to extremists around the country.
3:43 pm
does there can't to be a threat in yemen? >> yemen and somalia listed as successes by the white house a few weeks ago. it's interesting to point u out as we're back with the panel, is that today, the charlie hebdo attack on -- the situation in yemen is anything but successful, it looks like from afar. >> well that's a hell of a mitigation coming out of yemen. the fact that iranian insurgents have taken over large swathes and essentially displaced the government in yemen it is a catastrophe on the sunni radical front, al qaeda, and the arabian peninsula, and with the shiite insurgents as well which is iran. it gives you this sort of notion of the other phenomenon which
3:44 pm
is the competition among the radicals and the insurgents, this is al qaeda's re-emergens today, but remember when we talked about it when it occurred, everybody assumed it was isis. that's part of the deadly cycle here. is the competition between al qaeda, which is u now a central office, essentially -- comes out of yemen and other places. and isis in the same way that in the 30s you had the competition between the fascists and the communists. and that makes it all the more deadly this is a big day for al qaeda. >> yemen obviously is a training ground, a big problem syria is the biggest problem. all of these people are getting trained. >> that was what was we thought our biggest focus initially was the fear that these people came to syria and came back, and
3:45 pm
posed a homeland threat. we still need to be asking hard questions about our homeland security officials about what we have here, are there and do we have a serious way to keep them out? i mean the french officials really dropped the ball on these brothers, i mean they were on the radar screen they were on our no-fly list. the u.s. no-fly list at least. they have been arrested, we knew they had gone to one of them, at least, possibly both have been in yemen and why, there wasn't more -- i was going to say surveillance that obviously didn't do enough surveillance or some way to keep them off the streets. >> image is some of this, and today obviously the president has spoken out and the administration has spoken out. and also we have heard that attorney general holder is going to get into the redskins name.
3:46 pm
and we have the fbi and prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against retired general david petraeus about bringing classified information from his former mistress. that's from the "new york times" as of right now. does it seem as if this administration is handling the opt ticks of fighting terrorism in the wake of terrorists? >> you can't shut down the whole government. >> you can walk and chew gum. >> you have to be able to do those things at the same time. again commenting on optics, the president at his rally seemed to spend a little bit too much time on the free school and too little time on the situation in france, but the truth is it is a situation in france, i just think we're up against a problem that may be even bigger than they have their minds around right now, which is almost the entire arab world is in a state of advanced collapse, there are failed states in libya, yemen syria and half of iraq, all of
3:47 pm
this territory is a breeding ground for terror. and as we have been talking about here these people are coming back with training and motivation, and we're in a new phase of this war. >> we should point out, the french were solo in their efforts against terrorists in mali. >> yeah. >> as well? >> well, while all this is going on, our own secretary of defense said the whole world is exploding all over. and we have this explosion of terrorism as from on the one hand, from mali all the way out to pakistan and to afghanistan, you have a president who wants to declare the war on terror over, who wants, as charles mentioned, the abolition of the authorization of the use of force which underlies the war on terror, and is emptying guantanamo and sending terrorists like these guys abroad who are going to be out on the street and out on the fight very soon. it is a disconnect that is
3:48 pm
astonish astonishing. >> next up, the friday lightning round.
3:49 pm
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3:51 pm
we have got a nebraska judge that is still determining whether or not the new path for this pipeline is appropriate. once that is resolved, then the state department will have all the information it needs to make its decision. well that is resolved nebraska state supreme court ruled against the challenge so the proposed route for the pipeline as you heard president obama said that was a major hurdle. the house today passed keystone pipeline bill with 28 democrats voting. this is the friday lightning round. we will start there. nina, what about this? >> oh, darn. he didn't get a chance for a nebraska judge to stop it so
3:52 pm
he wouldn't have to make a decision on it and issue a veto. the president keeps moving the goal posts on keystone pipeline. this has been under reviews for years by the state department which has already declared it unlikely to contribute to global warming emissions. but now -- but then they move the post saying well, maybe it needs to be part of the president's global climate strategy. and he is probably going to veto it. and even though it's supported by labor leaders and it's supported by a lot of democrats. >> the viewer pick this week chuck, was the 40-hour workweek. also, a bill in the house that the president said if it ends up on his desk, he will veto it. that's dealing with obamacare. >> yeah. he should veto it because this is a really bad idea. for the life of me i can't understand the republican's push on this one. look, if declaring. >> democrats too. >> if a 30 hour workweek creates an incentive to cut people's hours down to 29 and 28 and 27.
3:53 pm
40 hour workweek will create incentive to cut it down to 39, 38 and 37. 344% of the workforce who work 40 hours. it's not the small segment who work part time. the cbo has said that this would cut insurance coverage among the workforce by 1 million people and cost the treasury $53 billion. bad decision. bad symbolic politics. >> paul ryan says it's costing -- this rule is costing people jobs. speaking of powerful ryan was the running mate for mitt romney last time around. mitt romney, who is now telling donors, quote everybody in here can go tell your friends that i am considering a run. a donor meeting in new york. could he be in, charles? >> in baseball you get three strikes. there is this semiconspiracy theory that the republican establishment which supposedly exists somewhere
3:54 pm
is not going to rally around jeb bush and all the other candidates are going to split the antiestablishment vote, the true conservative vote and it will be a romp. well, that now undermines that entire idea if you get a romney in there and a bush and you get a christie that you talked about earlier in the show you have got at least a three way split in the so-called establishment and it will become a free for all. the one danger is if he gets in and jeb stays in and christie and all the others, they are going to spend tens of millions of dollars destroying each other as in 2012. that can only help the democrats. >> we'll follow every step of the way. back with the winners and losers from this panel. a lot of panel after the break. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now...i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time.
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finally with our panel winners and losers for the week. chuck? >> i'm going to go with transcanada and the keystone xl pipeline. >> as your winner. >> as the winner. because of the vote in the house of representatives. yes, it's possible that the president at the end of all of this will veto. but right now they are up and they are able to demonstrate quite vividly a lot of political support and the fact there are very few arguments left against it my loser is going to be al qaeda and its affiliates in europe. yes, in a very horrible sense, they achieved shallow and cowardly victory by massacring people in paris. but i think what we haven also seen is a very hopeful galvanizing opinion. solidarity behind freedom of expression. i hope there is a long term effect. >> my winner is john boehner. back in the saddle as house leeper. overcoming. so resistance
3:59 pm
of caveman caucus. i think both chambers are really poised to governor is which is what the american people want. the question is whether barack obama will allow then to. my loser is governor mcdonald. former governor of virginia. despite a lot of pleas to state out of jail is going to have to serve two years. send is the email to you on the caveman caucus. charles? >> loser of the week boston, one of four cities competing for the olympics in 2024, and it won the competition, which means it's going to be ruined like athens and sochi and montreal which took 30 years to pay off its white he elephant limp stadium. winner of the week washington. one of the other cities in the competition. lost the bid it really didn't need more security and traffic. it's the winner of the week. >> okay. breaking news coverage of the terrorist attacks and raids in paris right here on fox news channel. keep it here. thanks for inviting us into your home. that is it for this "special report."
4:00 pm
fair balanced and still unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. where is that woman and who is she? tonight, a manhunt is on. the search for this woman. so take a good look. she is 26 years old and the only suspect on the run after two separate hostage situations in and near paris today. three other terrorists men were gunned down by police. two of them brothers holding one man hostage in a print shop. two days ago the two brothers were suspected of breaking into the charlie hebdo magazine calling out names and gunning down 12 people. now, after two days of a manhunt for those two brothers, today they were found in a print shop having taken one man hostage. and after a standoff with the police, the two brothers busted out of the print shop and started firing at police, police then fired back killing both of them.


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