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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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hree gunman friday during two separate hostage situations. two of them the kouachi brothers suspected of gunning down 12 people at a satirical newspaper in paris. they eventually let their hostage go, but the third man who held hostages at a kosher market killed four people. his wife who is believed to be armed and dangerous is still on the loose. the branch in yemen of al qaeda taking claim against it. it has angered muslims. i'm kelly ryan, now stay tuned for "hannity." log on to you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity" on this friday. it's a fox news alert. in reaction to the spike of terror attacks by islamic radicals around the globe, the state department has tonight issued a worldwide travel alert for all americans traveling overseas. in a moment we'll go live to
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paris for the very latest, but first tonight this is how things unfolded in france earlier today. >> we're under a 48-hour nightmare. two dangerous hostage situations unfolding at the moment. >> very very loud explosions about 400 meters in that direction. >> two terror suspects said to be surrounded by french police saying they want to die as martyrs. >> cherif kouachi and said kouachi are dead. >> we're hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved, thanks to the courage and professionalism of the french personnel on the ground. >> that was a terrifying day for the people of france. and at this hour authorities
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continue to search for this woman who they believe may be armed. standing by live on the ground in paris tonight with the very latest is fox's own amy kellogg. amy. >> hi, sean. well, some details are emerging tonight. it's 4:00 a.m. and the action is more or less wrapped up. but the investigation continues. one detail that has emerged is that amedy coulibaly of the grocery store hostage taking scenario and the kou brothers who were responsible for the massacre at charlie hebdo had been part of one cell one gang here in paris that was named after a park in the east part of the city where they all used to meet. they knew each other back then, but that was disbanded ten years ago. and then we understand that cherif kouachi and amedy coulibaly had been friends in prison, subsequently where they were doing time for different offenses ranging from criminality to islamist related
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crimes. but prosecutors made the connection between the two different hostage taking scenarios today because the phone calls that had been made between the wife of cherif kouachi and the wife of amedy coulibaly, this hayat boumeddiene who is at large as we speak and very much wanted by police, 500 phone calls, sean, over the last year between the two. another detail that has emerged is that the suspects, now dead during both hostage sieges, called into tv stations to boast about their supposed radical credentials. and it seems that amedy coulibaly who took hostages again at the kosher grocery store made one of the calls from a land line and left the phone off the hook so the police monitoring all of this were able to hear exactly what was going on. and when they heard what sounded like some final prayers being made by coulibaly they decided that something really serious might be up.
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could be a moment of truth, a moment of finality. and that is when they decided to go in and storm the kosher grocery and rescue many of those hostages. of course we know four died but the prosecutor said tonight the paris prosecutor, sean, that they were probably killed at the very beginning of the siege when coulibaly went in there firing from his kalashnikov. and finally, i will wrap up by saying that the surviving members of the staff at charlie hebdo actually returned to work today, sean, if you can believe that. they don't have an office to go to. it's a crime scene. they're using the offices of another newspaper here. but they went to work today because they are bound and determined to get that next issue out on wednesday. and i think it's hard to imagine having been through what they did that they could go to work today, but that's what they did as a tribute to their fallen -- >> amy kellogg in paris tonight. amazing testament to their courage. whether you agree or disagree in
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freedom of speech. joining us with the latest on the terrorist ties to al qaeda, fox's own catherine herridge is standing by. catherine. >> sean, the u.s. intelligence and counterterrorism community are considering the credibility of a claim of responsibility from al qaeda in yemen. and a five-minute video message in arabic. earlier today before the takedown of this industrial park on the outskirts of paris, 32-year-old cherif kouachi told a french tv station that he was al qaeda, "i was sent, me cherif kouachi by al qaeda of yemen. i went over there and it was anwar al-awlaki who financed me." he was killed in a cia drone strike in september 2011. separately u.s. government sources told fox news they also believe the 34-year-old brother, said kouachi, went to yemen earlier that same year and trained with or fought alongside al qaeda in yemen.
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fox news is told said kouachi wanted to meet with the al qaeda leadership. eyewitnesses at wednesday's massacre at charlie hebdo said the two brothers claimed therm al qaeda. and in one instance specified al qaeda in yemen. shortly after the massacre a series of tweets went out from a twitter account linked to al qaeda in yemen. they show images of the shooting with photos of anwar awlaki and driving force behind the group's online propaganda magazine that called for the cartoonist assassination. tonight, the fbi and homeland security issued a joint intelligence bulletin warning the paris massacre is a departure from recent lone wolf islamic terrorist attacks because it showed premeditation and terrorist training, sean. >> catherine herridge in washington tonight. thank you. and joining us now to detail how the two tense hostage situations in france came to an end earlier
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today. our former fbi deputy assistant director danny coalson and robert spencer. danny, let's just talk about this. simultaneous, what were your thoughts on that? >> i think they did a good job, sean. i've trained with those guys. they helped me start the fbi's hostage rescue team. i've done jobs with them. they are very, very confident. they have a lot of experience. remember many years ago al qaeda tried to fly an air france plane into the eiffel tower and they took them down. you have to give a lot of kudos to them. i can't say the same thing for the police on the streets. they didn't seem to respond very well, but the other ct unit did. >> let me turn to you if i can because i think this is a real ri important, robert spencer. because, listen, you are all over the idea of jihad. and after every one of these instances occur everybody says how could this have happened. you know everything that i've been learning about not only france but europe in general
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tells me and i'm not trying to be callous here, that a lot of signs were missed. just like in the 9/11 commission report. explain how islamist haves like a separate society, muslim haves a separate society from the rest of france. >> absolutely, sean. look, the muslim immigrants in france and all over europe are unprecedented. there has never been in the history of the world before large-scale immigration of a people from one place to another with a ready-made model of society and governance that they consider to be superior of the model to the place of which they are coming. no interest in assimilation. all they want to do is islamize and transform the society that they're coming to. so in france they have set up the french government lists on a public website 751 no-go areas where essentially the police have no authority, the french state has no authority and islamic law prevails.
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these places are incubators. >> it's almost like israel. they're allowing themselves to be surrounded. you say why then if they don't want to assimilate to western culture, which their value system is the antithesis, the freedom of speech and religion and et cetera if they don't want to assimilate that, why go there? is this part of a desire for worldwide domination in this caliphate? >> sean, it is. >> that's what they want? >> the idea of the hidra, the flight from mecca to medina where muhammad became a political and military as well as spiritual leader, that sankty ty sanctify today move to a new place to conquer and islamize it. >> so the reality is those that are radical islamists, they want to integrate this worldwide so they move to other areas and rather than assimilate their goal is to indoctrinate and if
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necessary force change. >> they set up -- because their birthrate is higher, those enclaves will inevitably grow and continue to grow until finally that's all there is. >> danny coalson from a law enforcement standpoint as a former fbi deputy assistant director, do you agree with that assessment? if that's true how does the western world stop that? >> well, i think that's about the best assessment i ever heard of the problem. that was a great job. well, what you've done there is you've allowed a cancer to come inside your country. it's almost like the vietnam term, they're inside the wire. that's where you don't want them. and it greatly inhibits law enforcement to conduct an investigation. if you can't go there, how do you investigate terrorism? you can't do it. i think it's a bad situation. and it seems like it's about time to me that france took their country back. i can't even imagine having a force inside your country that you do not control. that's just -- >> so wait a minute, if france
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has 6.5 million muslims, 10% of the population, estimates vary a little bit a million here or there, you say okay, take back your country. what does that mean? either you allow us into these areas, you allow our police in you don't have non-muslim zones where non-muslims aren't allowed or no-go zones. you say all of a sudden they're going to change that? what's going to happen if they try to? >> i don't think they're going to change it all of a sudden. but i think they cannot let it extend. sean, we're in a war and we have to fight like we're in a war. we have the enemy inside the gates, i think you address it through law enforcement, through the military, whatever it takes to get your country back. i can't even imagine a situation like that now and how difficult it would be to control your country. sooner or later you're going to lose control of it. >> 750 no-go zones, what are we doing saying i'm sorry we're policing now. is this happening in the united states? >> yes, it is, it's on a much
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smaller scale of course. >> explain. >> because the muslim population of the united states is much smaller. >> we have no-go zones in the united states? >> well, you know in the united states you have more -- you have those camps way out in the country, at least 35 have been documented, where they are essentially like those no-go zones. but they're not in urban areas and in concentrated places. >> we're talking about specifically? >> i'm talking about -- >> michigan? >> i'm sorry? >> areas in michigan? >> yeah sure. i'm talking rural areas new york, georgia, south carolina, california, places that are way out and remote you have these islamic enclaves where the same kind of situation prevails. there was some disturbances at some of them in texas last year. and the police showed the same hesitation about going in that they show in france. >> all right guys thank you both. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we come back an unbelievable statement not unlike president obama, france's president says the terrorists "they have nothing to do with
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welcome back to "hannity." today french president hollande, he addressed the people and this is what he said. >> translator: -- those who have committed those acts have nothing to do with islam. >> nothing to do with islam. joining me now with reaction blue force tracker editor and former u.s. air force special ops pilot nolan peterson with us. and from the heritage foundation nile gardner and bridgette gabriel with us. isis is not islamic. almost knee-jerk at this point. >> isis is islamic. in their ten-page document they mention islamic verses 26 times.
10:16 pm
he cannot say it is not islamic. and who gave them the expertise to talk on behalf of islam? this all started with president bush, sean. president bush immediately after september said islam is a religion of peace. so did tony blair. >> submission. >> submission. islam. the word in arabic is islam. but a lot of westerners because the words sound similar they think sa lam is peace. they are very wrong. it is submission to islam and nothing else. >> we can look at america france great britain, libya kenya, smolomalia, iraq, afghanistan, i can't even name all the countries, violence in the name of islam. and yet there's this denial constant nonstop denial.
10:17 pm
why? >> well, that's a very good point. i think president francois hollande is in a statement e state of denial stam with president obama. the denial driven by islamist extremism. religiously motivated violence. it is the greatest threat of our generation. we really need to rise up to the challenge. unfortunately mr. hollande clearly is not up to the task. in many ways france has become a basket case under socialist rule. and we need strong robust leadership on both sides of the atlantic. unfortunately with mr. hollande and president obama they're both politicians in a deep state of denial. this is a war that we simply have to win. we cannot win this war with policies of appeasement. >> nolan isn't the world in a state of denial? there's very few people that seem willing to just state what is an obvious truth especially on the left.
10:18 pm
i mean, i can name two people bill maher and bob beckel. i don't know many other people on the left that will take that position. >> well, i think what president hollande said was naive. but i also have a different take on what he was trying to say. i don't think he was necessarily addressing french-muslims. i think the french president recognizes that his country is on the brink of cultural collapse. >> so in other words he's maybe afraid that the 751 no-go zones have now -- that if they come out against this that this is going to create an outright war in their society a cultural conflict? is that what he's say sng he's afraid to say that? >> i think -- >> he's afraid to do what the cartoonists were not afraid to do? >> well, aside from the rise of the threat of islamic terrorism in europe there's also the rise of far right ultranationalists political parties who are very violent and who are known to be anti-semitic and they even
10:19 pm
apologize for the nazis. and so i think -- >> you cannot compare the two. you have to understand that we are fighting islamic radicalism worldwide. islamic radicalism is weak leadership on the part of america or britain or france or germany or any western nation. how do we have a chance of winning this war? we are fighting a cancer growing within our midst and people in western nations need to develop the backbone to stand up and fight. this is what made the west great. westerners and western civilization became great nations and great civilizations because of the strength because of the intelligence and because of the tolerance and love. but tolerance does not mean we let people walk all over us. tolerance does not mean we surrender. america last time i checked was the home of the brave. this is the time we need all to come together as western nations because we are all attacked by islamic radicalism. they hate us all regardless of what passport we hold
10:20 pm
regardless of our skin color regardless what language or accent we speak whether we speak french or english we are a target. and all of the west needs to come together and fight to win this war. >> i agree. >> i appreciate all for being with us. thank you, brigitte. coming up tonight on a busy news night on n the streets of paris the world has seen once again terrorist have nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering. >> why can't the president be honest, call these terrorist what is they are, radical islamists. we'll get reaction from andrea -- crest gave one friend crest 3d white whitestrips. and the other, a whitening toothpaste. here's what they thought. i can't tell if the paste whitened. well the whitestrips worked. yeah. the paste didn't do that. crest whitestrips work below the enamel surface to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. the way to whiten.
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welcome back to "hannity." earlier today president obama commented on the terror attacks in france, but he refused to
10:23 pm
call the terrorists what they really are, radical islamist. joining us now from the white house is fox's own ed henry. ed, i know it's cold, thank you for being with us. >> sean the president wanted to focus not so much on terror but on his domestic agenda because he has a state of the union address coming up later this month. yesterday previewing his housing agenda, today his community college expansion which he didn't explain how to pay for it. that's another issue coming in the days ahead. but he briefly mentioned the terror situation in france and what was most interesting is not even so much what he said but what he didn't say. what you noted that he didn't talk about islamic terror but also he didn't lay out any specific steps he's taking to make the american homeland safe. listen. >> we're hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved thanks to the courage and professionalism of the french personnel on the ground. but the french government continues to face the threat of
10:24 pm
terrorism and has to remain vigilant. the situation is fluid. >> now in his defense his aides say the president is not talking publicly about these steps because he's getting around-the-clock briefings. there's a lot going on behind the scenes to try to keep the homeland safe. republicans as you know in recent days have been hitting him pretty hard though on the notion for example one of the terrorists we know now is trained in yemen. and just a few months ago back in september the president in an address to the american people when he announced his new strategy to deal with isis publicly said yemen was a success story in his counterterror strategy and he'd be using it as a model of battle in iraq and syria. pretty clear on how things played out they'll have to rethink that sean. >> ed henry at the white house. i know it's cold. get some warmth now. ever since the president took office he's been underestimating the threats posed by radical muslims. released more than a dozen gitmo
10:25 pm
detainees. four terrorists were released, among them a high-level member of the taliban and abdul ghani who helped allegedly transfer and plant land mines and other explosive devices against two u.s. forces. on the new year five more terrorists were released, among them a senior member of the global jihadist support network that former adviser to osama bin laden. these are all evil people. here with reaction now fox news military analyst lieutenant colonel bill cow an and and dra tantaro. >> i did. i studied in france. 15 years ago i wrote my dissertation in french essentially explaining this happening. >> explain. >> you pointed out, integrated
10:26 pm
into the country in the 1960s and '70s. and those older generation haves assimilated very well, but it is their children, it is their children, the unemployment rate for youth in france is above 20%. they don't have work. they are angry. they are caught between two societies. and they're very right to be radicalized. and they can travel back and forth and get this kind of training with the visas. it's very dangerous. and that multicultural fantasy land that many of the socialists in france live in that our own president lives in has allowed them to grow into fosters of france, shaun, it's essentially a powder keg. this will happen again and they have no hope to try and eradicate these no-go zones. they can only hope to contain it. if at best they can even do that. i mean this situation is so dire -- >> it may be too late. >> i do think it's too late. >> i think it may even be too late for europe. >> bingo. the demographics are not in europe's favor, sean because the europeans, while they sit around and drink wine and have only one child, the muslims are
10:27 pm
having four, five, six children. >> let me put up on the screen the demographics. belgium has a problem, great britain has a problem, a lot of countries have a problem. right now the muslim population in europe -- no that's in france. 44.1 million which is 6% of the population, all right then you have the projected number of muslims living in europe by 2030, 50 years from now, 58.2, which would be 8% of the population. you basically have a clash of civilizations, colonel cowan, you have those that want people to submit, muslim and nonmuslim so sharia or be killed. convert or die. and then you've got people that believe in freedom. how can you possibly live in harmony with those divergent views? >> sean, i think andrea's exactly right. i think it's too late for france. and that's too bad. it's, you know denial by design over there.
10:28 pm
our own president and their president denial by design of what we're dealing with and maybe thinking somehow we can contain it it's wishful thinking. it's wishing away the reality of the war that we are engaged in. fortunately here in the united states almost all of our muslim populations have assimilated and we've given them opportunity to do things. but that doesn't mean we're not going to have problems here. but as long as the problems on that side, let's hope they stay on that side. >> the muslim population worldwide is 1.6 billion. which is the estimate. you got 300, 400 million that support this radical view that's a lot of people waging jihad on the rest of society. >> that's right. and they have the guts and the where with all, sean, to fight this out. and they've been fighting this for hundreds of years. they know in their hearts that the west doesn't have the guts to fight this as much as they do. you have to think about this. they put fiting, these radical
10:29 pm
muslims, above all else. they believe it is their mission to either convert or be killed. period, end of story. >> so here is, i guess, the philosophy of leftist the liberal mindset, they want to accommodate, they believe in multiculturalism, even though we have disagreements we'll all be able to disagree. this is not about disagreement. either you believe people must live under sharia and under their religious control or you believe in freedom and liberty. it's the antithesis of one another. >> but the naivete is in both parties. it was in the republican party where you saw with george bush he actually believed, and his motives were good that you can change and demock ratize ethnic hatreds hatreds. that's a small thing we've been fighting for thousands of years. think about this they will
10:30 pm
fight us to the end. and the demographics are in their favor. and the fact president obama gave a speech in cairo believing that he could give a speech and change their minds about the ideas about the west is profoundly naive. this country does not understand the threat we are up against. >> colonel cowan i can't disagree with a word she's saying. we throw up our hands and say how did this happen, we look at the 751 no-go zones and the fact muslims have been able to confiscate france's land and separate themselves from the entire society is mind numbing to me. and the french allowed that to happen. >> i agree totally, i agree with you, andrea, everything she's saying is right. there's a great irony right now. president sisi of egypt, a muslim leader who lived under muslim brotherhood for a year is the only leader now who has stood up and said we muslims have a problem and it's up to us to straighten it out or the world and us will suffer.
10:31 pm
>> you're so smart. great dovetail into our next segment because we're going to play it when we come back. thank you for being with us. appreciate your sharing your experience. coming up with the increasing number of terrorist attacks around the globe what can u.s. authorities do to protect you here at home. is it time for them to step up their efforts? we're going to check in with bo deitel and mark furhman and do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® tablets are comfort coated for gentle, overnight relief. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™. no super-slow-motion footage of trucks
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10:37 pm
the antithesis of our society freedom, are we making a mistake by not profiling and letting them in? >> my new thing is wake up america. if this is not a wakeup call what happened in paris, and for people to think that it's not coming here, then they're in disney world. the fact of the matter is what we've done here with this dianene feinstein taking apart our intelligence organizations, going after the nsa doing all these things in new york city here which is the target, will always be the target, we will get whacked here. all of a sudden they took away all the police intelligence, we can't go into muslim neighborhoods where they're recruiting these people. come on, give me a break. what are we going to do? we going to wait for the towers to come down? maybe the new building we built come down? we have to start our intelligence going. all these liberals, if they really don't like it, maybe they should move to paris with those liberals. look at our defense budget.
10:38 pm
to the low 50 billion dollars. and our intelligence, our nsa, they're all on the run now. nobody wants to do it. so what if we get somebody that knows about an impending attack? do i have to hang them off a building? or can we waterboard them? >> mark i never thought i'd see the president of the united states apologize for a youtube video or chastised as jay carney did a magazine. you know, this particular publication, charlie hebdo as they did in 2012 shouldn't the president be championing western values of freedom of speech? been doing that. jacques chirac didn't do that. they all went after this newspaper. >> well, our president should be a leader. and he should be rallying this country to fight islam. i may be just an old retired cop, but i'll tell you one thing, the obvious thing is we are at war with islam because
10:39 pm
islam's at war with us. when you look at when it comes into our borders, it is now up to law enforcement, the fbi, the intelligence task forces they put together. but really the profiling's all done. the muslims have profiled themgs. the mosque is the center of their life, the recruitment the radicalization, their contacts. all you have to do is watch, surveil, wiretap, a mosque document everybody that comes in and out. start following them, find out who they are and where they're going. and you can probably get somewhere. >> do that in every mosque in america? >> every mosque in america. if you don't do it, what do you think they're doing to us? we look like fools. we are running from one terrorist attack to another trying to put our finger in the dike in that incident trying to clean that up and then go to the next one. when you look at this you're supposed to prevent this. we're not acting like the military does in afghanistan or iraq or syria.
10:40 pm
we're actually taking the fight to the suspects there. here in america now you have law enforcement with their hands tied behind their back waiting for the suspect to bring the fight to you. that is no way to run law enforcement. >> you know, i got to tell you you read the quran, holy war jihad, infidels et cetera, read the thing. >> don't you have the feeling when the embassies both were bombed, something was coming, something was happening. i got that feeling it's coming to new york too. i'm sorry to say it's going to be back in new york. but again they're recruiting through the internet, they're recruiting. and these two little punks there, i don't like to mention their names, these two brothers, ick and ike said they wanted to die in a blaze because they believe worst thing in the world fighting someone who wants to die. they wanted to die. >> radical islam is a culture of death. >> they came out blazing their
10:41 pm
guns at those hundreds of cops. and again they had 80,000 military cops that were there in france. i guarantee you they videotaped on their cell phone whatever the hell they say. >> abu akbar. >> i don't care what they say. they're going to be martyrs that they take on 80,000 military guys and police and took 80,000s to take on sons of allah -- >> here's the problem. mark, i'm listening to what you're saying. i think the world is out of touch starting with the president on down. you say, okay, we've got to now profile mosques and muslims in america. because it's a clash of cultures. and you read the quran, if you read it and interpret it literally, you know what i understand where radicals come from because they interpret it that way. you're an islamophobe, you're
10:42 pm
bigoted, you're hated. go practice christianity in one of these countries. >> sean we are going to follow political correctness to our grave. i mean it's so important to be politically correct. look, islam has decided that westerners must die. and they are projecting this onto these people that are recruitment ripe to have this done. and they are sending them out. if we do not take the fight to them, the fight will come to us. now, the profiling of mosques what we could do other things too. why are we still allowing students, college students, to come to this country on visas from countries that support, hide harbor and finance terrorists? we are fools. and the longer we're fools the more this is going to happen. and they are going to actually have free reign because they can do it anywhere they want.
10:43 pm
and we are just reacting not proactive. >> i agree with both of you. >> we better change. >> we better wake up. we better wake up fast. coming up, when we come back now, there is an exception. the egyptian president he is now taking a stantd when it comes to confronting the rise of radical islam around the road. we'll check in with bob beckel, judith miller they're here with reaction coming up next. th [ male announcer ] take zzzquil and sleep like... the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] zzzquil, the non habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain.
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welcome back to "hannity." now, muslims say their religion is one of peace and a majority of them say they do not condone terrorist attacks like the one we saw in france this week. but where are the leaders actually speaking out? where's their outrage? well the egyptian president el sisi took a good step. take a look. [ speaking in a foreign language ] [ applause ] >> joining me now the co-host of "the five" bob beckel
10:49 pm
judith, miller. bob, you always say where are their voices. >> i only wish you audience had a chance to see those words bigger because this is the most -- speech taken place in that region. this is equivalent to martin luther king jr. i had a dream speech. hoe said to imam being hijacked and the world is turning against us. 1.6 billion muslims going to defeat 7 billion people in this world? no. and you, he pointed right to the imam, said your responsibility before allah is to do this. now, that is courage beyond courage beyond courage. i'm just so excited about it i can't tell you. >> absolutely true. and you know what's amazing? you probably heard it on fox news. because the mainstream media did not cover this speech. nor did they cover another first, president sisi's visit to
10:50 pm
a coptic church where he celebrated mass on january 7th which is the date in which they -- >> said similar things. >> he said similar things. and both of those remarkable events went uncovered. >> remember when they first burned the catholic churches which was months ago, he was the first one there to say we're going to rebuild this church. >> right. >> i wonder though knowing the mind of the >> yes. sure he is. but it's a fine egyptian tradition of doing brave things that will help your people and the world and be willing to pay the price. >> i got to tell you he's waited and waited until this time, knowing that he wanted to bring about significant change. as we know, it didn't end well. >> this is a country that is you go through from sadat, the bravest of the brave coming out
10:51 pm
of egypt. and i'm curious to see whether other leader of a muslim state will step forward now the logical one would be the saudis who are most threatened. will they do it? i doubt it. >> and iranians have it. >> just this day a guy got a thousand lashes because he spoke out against the prophet. >> he's going to get the rest of them in time they practice the most-radical and restrictive interpretation of islam. >> the same group that was cutting a deal. the sunni issue is a real one.
10:52 pm
hopefully they'll step forward. if martin luther king is able to convince you think it's not profound? >> absolutely. it could be a pivotal moment. today, it's friday. hezbollah designated a terrorist organization. and he stood up and said you know extremists are in more dangerous than cartoons so he'll really in trouble. >> i don't -- you know the silence of the imams in this country has been deafening to me. but numbers -- the country, we keep bringing the same people
10:53 pm
back. i can only draw two conclusions they agree or two, cowards and i think most of them are cowards. they see what goes on and they're worried about getting killed. if you're a religious leader >> if i ask them about obama he gets animated and worked up. this an mates you. this is evil in our time. it could be thousands are getting slaughtered and getting worse every day. and it's been taken over by a bunch of thugs >> we've got to go. >> that is the problem, it is up to muslim who's must stand up
10:54 pm
and be counted. >> appreciate it. >> all right. bob beckel, you be our howard dean for the question of the day. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. time for the question of the day. i've seen the american sniper, if you haven't seen it yet, you need to. >> would you be surprised p you
10:59 pm
told you they credited with you with over 160 kills? do you ever think you might have seen things or done smings that you wish you hadn't? >> that is not me. no. >> that is not you? >> i was just protecting my guys they're trying to steal our soldiers and i'm willing to meet my creator and ask for every shot that i took. >> monday i'll have an interview with chris's father. you can tell us what you think. don't we need more great heros like this? amazing story just go to that is all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled because the weekend is starting in 10, 9, 8, right about now. and fox and this is a fox news
11:00 pm
alert. where is that woman and who is she? tonight, a manhunt is on. the search for this woman. so take a good look. she is 26 years old and the only suspect on the run after two separate hostage situations in and near paris today. three other terrorists men were gunned down by police. two of them brothers holding one man hostage in a print shop. two days ago the two brothers were suspected of breaking into the charlie hebdo magazine calling out names and gunning down 12 people. now, after two days of a manhunt for those two brothers, today they were found in a print shop having taken one man hostage. and after a standoff with the police, the two brothers busted out of the print shop and started firing at police, police then fired back killing both of them. no


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