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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 10, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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into a heap of trouble, we'll explain it to you live tomorrow see you then. this is a fox news alert. i'm kimberly it is 5:00 p.m. on the east coast. 11:00 p.m. in paris, a city under siege once again today. >> gunshots and explosions.?umiqu ag9@lhhlxk8x >> two simultaneous standoffs came to a halt earlier in the heart of paris the others near the airport. the brothers wanted in wednesday's massacre were killed. at least four of his hostages
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were killed. still at large in connection with that murder is a possible female act comp police. joining us for the very latest is greg who's been reporting for us all day and night. >> reporter: the city is breathing a sigh of relief both of these terrible hostage standoffs were resolved but at a price. 25 miles outside of here, the two mange suspects in the charlie hebdo shoot-out on monday, which left 12 people dead, they held one hostage but the police moved in and there was a shoot-out and they died. they said they wanted to go down as martyrs and they achieved that goal. on the eastern side, the kosher
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supermarket who took people hostage, he took we thought initially six, but there was a whole lot more, so when the police stormed in there, there was a death toll, four hostages were killed four hostages were injured and, yes, the hostage taker was killed as well. this finally, kimberly as police look hard on the interrelationships between these individuals, they were both on the radar of the police they both had a record, convictions sentencing charges relating to terrorism, both part of a network of jihadyis who went to iraq and to syria for fighting. the question is how did this all happen? why did it come to this? that's a question that the french authorities are now asking very seriously, how was there so much a loss of life. >> can you take us a bit further through the man hunt that
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continues at this hour, through certain areas of paris they're getting intelligence in as to where whereabouts? >> reporter: exactly, they're looking for the girlfriend or wife of the suspect who took the hostages at the supermarket. no trace of her at this moment. it's believed she played a role in the killing yesterday of a policewoman officer, there are reports that there was eat gunman involved in that situation, we don't have confirmations of that. larger concern is the other people that they have been connected with, the individuals were converted shall we say to the cause in jail, they have connections with others here they have connections with organizations, tonight al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the american cleric they are
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claiming responsibility isis is trying to get involved in this too, and the associations there outside of france and here in france are numerous. this is another thing, the authorities will be taking a closer look at. this as we stand next to a glittering eiffel tower, but a glittering eiffel tower, which is being guarded right now by french soldiers and we have been watching them march back and forth behind our position in the last several hours. back to you. >> still so much going on and greg you have a question? >> so the hostage e was on the loose for about 24 hours, do we have any idea about where he was? and also i assume he was able to be out there because he might have had help? >> exactly there's got to be a support network for all of these people. it seems like the two brothers
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the ones responsible for the newspaper shoot-out, they were pretty much on their own, they hijacked, they had one car waiting, they hijacked another car, they hijacked a third car, they were going through the forest, being chased by police and these guys were counting on themselves and counting on their own instincts instincts by the way, honed in places like yemen where the older one trained
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could be seen as more aggressive on that score the younger suspect was in jail for about three years, but from 2005 to 2008, after that, it's pretty much free, we're trying to be a model worker in some of the menial jobs here in paris, while he schemed on the other side. the older brother spent about two years from our understanding, from 2011 to 2013 and came back pretty fresh from that. they fell through the cracks they fellthrough the cracks of france, and france noted for it's aggressiveness against terrorism is a lil' red in the face right now. the two, the brothers were holed up in the printing factory simultaneously if the kosher market, the couple took hostages, asking them for the safe passage of the two holed
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inin the factory can you tell us what people believe the link is, other than the obvious, they may have both had ties to terrorists in the yemen peninsula. did they know each other? >> reporter: yeah, they knew each other and they had contact by traces of dna with the two brothers and the individual that was at the supermarket in the same flat. so there's a lot of evidence of connections, they were charged in similar crimes what is being dissected right now as we speak and i just heard another take on that is how much communications today there were between these two situations, it is believed possibly there was texting maybe even calling and even triggering. one thing that's been put out now is that this all ended is because both of the gunman groups decided to move first and
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take the police a bit by surprise, so there was coordination on the terrorist side, there was coordination on the police side as well. the police could not let the situation to the outside of paris go down and let the situation in paris continue for fear that all of the hostages would have been killed. >> dana? >> greg, i wonder since you're there in paris, if you can tell us about the mood there are there additional warnings for the citizens? are they scared or defiant? unified? i was wondering if you could give us a taste of that. >> it's a combination of things, dana, i have lived in paris for several years and they can be quite reserved they do not show their emotions too much, but i have been speaking with parisian parisians for two days and they have been shocked, they were emotional, they were eyeing frankly in all my years here i have never seen such an
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outpouring of emotion from them. they're a pretty steely group too, they don't show their nerves but they have to have shown it today, when their city basically showed that it was under siege like al qaeda was attacking one of the major metropolises of the world. and visually, as we stand here there are uniform eded military soldiers marching back and forth with guns, we had a scare a couple of hours ago, the area that faces the eiffel tower, bbc and sky television, two notable media organizations said there was a gunman on the last there, and we were tracking that down, thavrngs thanks to the world of twitter, things can be blown out of proportion more than they should
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be. >> the city of paris continues to be under siege as a man hunt is under way at this hour. we have this man hunt going on. what we know is these individuals were on a french watch list, and in fact on a no-fly list for the united states. they were aware that these individuals perhaps radicalized, perhaps made trips to the arabian peninsula, and they were able to pull off what looks like a well known operation working in concert even today. >> and this woman that was working at the terrorists at the kosh kosher market there was pictures of her using a cross bow in a burqa. and she's probably very very dangerous as well. but the question is is that it, though? are we going to wake up tomorrow and see another one which is -- they may probably try and see if they can keep this thing going
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it's a scary place right now in paris. >> and dana, there's some coming out esaying this is just the beginning--also videos and things that have come out and said specifically that those were going to be the precursors do the ongoing jihad against the uk against the u.s., against those who have been cooperative and work in concert with the u.s.-led coalition. >> so a lot of attempts over the years, including one if you remember, in britain where you had several jihadists who wanted to try to bring down air liners and thankfully they were caught before hand there were several women who were willing to blow up their children in purr cute of this come that they seek. it's reported here that french authorities have a force of about 90,000 working on this, 90,000 people to try to finding
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four or more jihadists, i don't know how you deal with that in the long run, if there are 2 hung jihadists that have come back from iraq and syria back into france and it looks to be at least they're somewhat coordinated and in communication, that's the key on the skbelintel, is the communication between all of them. they're able to talk and text, social media et cetera to be able to encourage them becoming more radicalized, like we see these individuals saying we want to --- >> and coordinated attacks. >> and they were looking today to try and finding his brothers. you have 1,000 foreign fighters, greg, that have gone over from france to the arraignabian peninsula to try and learn how to fight. >> the key phrase here is texting, we would like to say nsa, we're sorry please come home this is the only way we're
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going to be able to deal with this. these guys go over there and they train, they come back and they become needless in a haystack. it's interesting to me that everybody knew how bad these guys were, did nothing. i think a lot of this has to do with the political ramifications of it. and you don't want to look like you're raceistracist, or profiling. there are people that bring up this negot7"v÷pcx internment camps, like you can't do this because it's going to become this, we can actually do this we can deport and incarcerate monsters without making it steam like the japanese in world war ii. the last thing i thought was a really good point, to the ace of spades the bloggers what -- the killers of those magazine editors died in a printing plant. if nelson from the simpsons were around, he would go ha, ha.
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>> the thing that bothers me most about this is why did they allow these people back into the country? if these guys, they knew that they had jihadist pasts, they had these relationships they went to yemen to get trained, or at least one of them did. why in the world is that not sufficient to hold somebody when they come back in. i don't understand its. i think somewhere along the line that french security people lost track of these guys and that's a dangerous thing to do. >> also, think about this, we had these guys on a no-fly list if it were up to the aclu, we wouldn't. because they believe that the no-fly list is unconstitutional. >> unconstitutional. and don't revoke anybody's passport even though they have been radicalized. >> next, we're going to go live to fox news's katrina richb harris with more details on the terrorists and their ties to the terrorist network. stay tuned.
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welcome back to our continuing coverage and the dramatic and deadly standoffs in paris today. french intelligence chief correspondent, our intelligence correspondent chief intelligence correspondent catherine harris. >> you promoted me. >> you're doing an amazing job, by the way catherine. i have been watching you since 5:00 this morning doing an amazing job. during the last couple of hours, al qaeda in yemen is taking credit for both massacres, do we need more to know that these men were involved in all of this? >> the thing about these organizations is they do not take credit where credit is not due. in the past hour, the counter terrorism -- as well as a video tape they released called the blessed raid in paris, i viewed
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the videotape, it's about four minutes in length in arabic. but there's more dots to keblg today. one of the brothers cherif couachi, that during the takedown in that industrial plant is that he had been recruit -- anwar -- he was the leeder of this digital jihad and he was in charge of being a talent spotter for operatives to carry out operations outside of the middle east, he was the one who tapped in 2009 umar farouk to take that bomb on that flight over to detroit on christmas day. we have that from the mouth of sharif couachi. >> given your expertise in this
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area of terrorism. the tsarnaev brothers carried out the boston bombing, is there come connection between brothers working together in families. have you come across that before. >> this is an excellent question. what i would argue in both circumstances, just based on the information that's available in to the open source press reporting is that the brothers felt isolated and alien natured and they were looking for a place to belong. what is emerging today based on our confirmed information is this idea that the couachi brothers who had former from a formal -- it was kind of reupped if you will
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by travel to syria, that's not clear, but that seems to have been the case. one of the misconceptions about the boston bombers is they just made those bombs and all those explosives based off instructions on the skbrer net. -- internet. and i have seen an intelligence assessment that which cleel states that the pressure cooker bomb in boston is similar to what's found in the online bomb making instructions, and this really speaks to the idea that he also had training overseas. remember he traveled to dagastan in the years before the boston marathon bombing. >> what i'm concerned about at this hour is the fact that there's obviously a well financed and well run terror network that's operating within france that they were able to supply these individuals with a large number of ammunition, body armor, weapons that were used, the whole thing, there has to be some kind of concern right now
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in france that there's groups that are well supplied just like these brothers. >> it's a pipeline and what we sometimes forget and this time blor borrowing a phrase from the homeland security secretary, tom bridge they're willing to wait years to launch these attacks and from our reporting at fox news is good we know that the older brother saeed kouachi went to yemen and trained alongside al qaeda three years ago. that's a long time to wait to launch an operation. we first reported here at fox news, almost two days ago about a series of tweets that came out within an hour of the paris massacre and that was from a
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twitter account with known ties in yemen. superimposed on top were the american cleric and that second american who was really the driving force ebehind the prop propaganda -- that was where they called for the assassination of the cartoonist as well as the editor of the magazine, so that's a lot of data pointing in one direction. >> you brought up "inspire" magazine. and as a former editor why can't they find out where "inspire" magazine is made? is there an actual physical place? >> well, "inspire" magazine is an online magazine a virtual magazine if you will. it's kind of a martha stewart living for jihadists, because it's a lifestyle magazine, it's
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very accessibles. the argument is whether they're better to take it down. or whether to leave it up as bait to see who looks and reads this. >> okay. >> catherine. this guy trained in yemen, he was supposed to be on their radar. how in the world could they organize what seems to be a fairly complex operation without the police intelligence in paris or france knowing about it? >> the simple answer is that when you have a small cell which is what this appears to be two to three maybe four individuals, very hard to infiltrate and given the number of foreign fighters that are in for instance, i mean it's just a numbers game it's impossible to provide that kind of surveillance on a 24--hour basis. >> all right we'll leave it right there. excellent reporting. we'll go to the white house with reaction from president
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obama, we'll see if he conv see if he con zems the attacks by radical islam, that's next.
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after two dramatic sieges ended today in paris president obama delivered a message to france from tennessee. >> i want the people of france to know that the united states stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow and the streets of paris, the world seeing once again, what terrorists ss stand for e they have nothing to offer but hate and suffering, and we stand for hope and the dignity of all human beings and that's what the city of paris rents to the world and that spirit will endure forever, long after the scourge of
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terrorism is banned from this world. is there anything else going on behind the scenes that you can tell us? >> there's a lot going on behind the scenes in terms of the president being briefed on the threat matrix right now for the united states. what i found fascinating is that we're not hearing a lot of that in public you have been here before and you understand that there's a certain amount of the threat stream that's being passed around the intelligence community, in terms of whether this was just a start of a wave of attacks across western europe potentially making its way to the u.s. in the future as well. is president has been very forceful in seeing that we're going to stand -- what specific steps he's going to protect it, dana.
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>> what he's waiting for in dallas, not new york or paris. >> he has not directly connected to islamic terror. what i specifically said was that i think he's been forceful in saying we're standing with france, and then i said that he's been much more tentative in terms of explaining what he's doing to protect the homeland. in terms of islamic terror he hasn't directly tied it to that. this is not happening in a vacuum, this is after the attacks in canada, australia and that coffee shop. i mean our allies are being hit, thankfully, we have not been recently obviously the boston marathon bombing, ft. hood,
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there's been terror attacks in recent years, the fact of the matter is that the president has not tied it directly to islamic terror, and again, not just with france, but this whole string of events, it's falling out before our eyes. >> i remind you and mr. bolling that either the head of -- they said this is directly a terrorist attack. >> i think you can defeat an enemy by calling them the enemy. >> do we think there's a possibility that the heads of state here are taking into account that they do have islamic communities, they're worried about it. >> look, i think this president has been very clear as
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president bush was as president obama was, when people are use -- it's got to be called out. to your point bob, i'm certainly not suggesting this president could not have prevented what happened in paris, i these what is a bigger question but it is a start as you heard from british intelligence officials, but on the record, suggesting this is just the start. >> this is the main concern are we going to learn from this? are we going to strategize about this? do we know that individuals have had contacts or affiliations with those who have been radicalized or attended. mosques that have been known to have radicalized speech. all the intel and the chatter
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that you u see is that the u.s. and the uk are next. >> right. and i think what's also significant is the nafgs is the intelligence suggesting that at least some of these terrorists were on u.s. no fly lists, they were on the radar, but nonetheless, they still got through the cracks some of that may be owing in fairness not just the u.s. officials, but to the french officials there on the ground. you can't stop everything, they are doing their best, here, france britain, all around the world. but in australia, they couldn't stop the coffee shop attack. in canada horrific attacks there just a couple of months ago. and so you're right kimberly, you try to go through it the% you can, but nobody's perfect. >> but the problem in france is there are certain communities that are no go, that police won't go in there, but you have -- we want to handle our own situation, so how are you going to get active intelligence
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intelligence -- >> no doubt and i'm not denieding, they're going to have to infiltrate those communities but that's obviously something the french government is going to point out. and that's something i suspect president obama will stay out of, but certainly you're also right, but there's a fear if you don't stop it there, it's going to be spreading very soon. >> greg this is -- he doesn't expand on their back grounds and what they're going to do next, he just simply exterminates them. i want to ask you about how the
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media transforms this into a spectacle, how we cover these acts of terror, by looking at beliefs, by looking at intent. i think the rise in terror actually parallels the rise of the media and the media helps expand their media across all places, we were actually talking more about them, we were paralyzed by their fear. and we're playing into their ma match nations. >> bottom line is i think that yes, the media always struggles with this to kind of bury our heads in the stand, you're not -- but there's a fine line there, we shouldn't panic people, we shouldn't carescare them with the addition of social media, it's going all around the
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world very quickly in getting that information out. yes, it can be used business the terrorists, but on the other hand, it's free flow of information. >> this is no different from a spree killer who goes into a school. and the police talk about this, when you overcover something, it creates copy cats, so we're worried about a wave but at the same time, are we creating a wave? >> ed thank you so much. >> much more to come this hour on "the five" whooir is the media --
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as the hour approaches midnight in paris, a city under siege where a man hunt continues to be under way to find those responsible for the horrible terror acts that were committed. as we are now trying to learn from this, to see what we can do in the united states. stay tuned approximate for
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continuing coverage of today's breaking news in paris on "special report" that's next. everybody. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity" on this friday. it's a fox news alert. in reaction to the spike of terror attacks by islamic radicals around the globe, the state department has tonight issued a worldwide travel alert for all americans traveling overseas. in a moment we'll go live to paris for the very latest, but first tonight this is how things unfolded in france earlier today. >> we're under a 48-hour nightmare. two dangerous hostage situations unfolding at the moment. >> very very loud explosions about 400 meters in that direction. >> two terror suspects said to be surrounded by french


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