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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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rick levinthal, thank you. 1 million strong leaders of all the european nations expected to be there, we're told for the first time since the death of princess diana back in 1987. more fox now. the hunt is on in france. a massive search is under way for the most wanted woman in the nation. the common law wife of one of the suspects behind a wave of deadly attacks. she's considered armed and dangerous and possibly the key to unlocking a terrorist network. i'm doug mckelway in washington. >> and i'm uma pej rajumen pemmaraju. the fallout now felt across the globe, with alert levels raised in many countries and with the u.s. at this hour issuing a global travel warning.
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french authorities are also saying they are bracing for the possibility of new attacks. let's go right to paris and get the very latest from greg pelcot who has been covering this story for the past several days. >> reporter: uma, the terrible week of events here led to a massive police operation. but the police operation is not over yet. what is described as a frantic search for a woman named hayat bomeddiene. she is the partner, the common law wife, of amedy coulibaly the fellow suspected of killing the french policewoman on thursday, and staging that hostage taking at the kosher supermarket which led to the deaths of individuals there as well as himself on friday. now, there are certain reports that say that this common law wife has left the country, that she fled even before this happened, but the police are still putting out an all points bulletin for her, calling her
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the most wanted woman in france. they want her as an accomplice for both of those criminal acts and may be a key to a lot of information about the terror networks that her partner and her partner's friends were involved with. this, as the top cop here in france the interior minute there are minister, came out today and said france remains under threat. they're really worried about other terrorists out there. he's stepped up security throughout the city here in paris and outside of this city. sending in 500 more troops to patrol the streets, including public places like the eiffel tower just nearby our position as well as joining the police that are here too. real concern that something wrong could happen again. maybe perhaps a copycat measure. we're getting also some more details about the event yesterday. first, that incident 25 miles northeast of here at the
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printing office, the hostage taking by the the two kouachi brothers. these are the ones who were involved in wednesday's slaughter of innocents at the charlie hebdo newspaper office. after they proclaimed their allegiance to al qaeda then saying they're going to die as martyrs. they emerged from the place and it turns out, ard couldccording to police did the shooting first and then police, well, police obliged them. and the second incident at that kosher supermarket, it turns out the four people who were killed were killed initially when coulibaly entered with an ak-47 blazing. turned out that five of the something like ten hostages who were freed were safe because they stayed inside a cool box, a refrigerator inside that place. cold but alive. one final note. a memorial here and across the country for those died. 17 died at the hands of terrorists this week including
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again, the journalists, the cartoonists, the policeman who died in that massive wednesday attack. a massive rally is planned and march tomorrow here in paris to remember them and to stand up against the terrorists for freedom. the attendance expected to be something like 1 million. back to you, uma. >> wow greg, we see the eiffel tower behind you there all lit up, as it does every hour. looks beautiful there in the background. let me ask you about the mood of the people right now. what are you hearing from people after they've had a chance to process some of the events as they have unfolded over the last few days? >> it's the first chance really uma they've had to breathe. you know, they've held their breath for the last three days. breathe but concerned. we've seen many of the newspaper headlines that gives you the feel that they have gone through -- obviously the casualty numbers are completely different. but they've gone through something psychologically very
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much like what america went through during 9/11. i lived here for eight years and i have never seen the french as moved emotionally, as concerned for their safety. people are afraid now because, again, this is just three people who have done this, according to the security experts we speak to. something like 2,000 french have gone to either iraq or syria or trained outside of the country. some of them returning. that's exactly what happened here. some bad guys returned and created a lot of trouble in this country. the fear is more of that could happen uma. >> very sobering portrait indeed, all right, thank you so much for that update from paris. well, let's take a look back at what has happened. on wednesday mass gun men stormed the offices of the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo killing 12 people. french police identified three suspects, the two brothers, said and cherif kouachi and a suspected accomplice mourad
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hamyd, who turned himself in. they also detained nine of their expected associated. just yesterday, the brothers were cornerrd inside a printing house along with a hostage. a gunman identified as coulibaly took hostages at a kosher grocery. he is linked to a female accomplice who is still on the loose at this hour. and finally as you just heard from greg just around 5:00 p.m. security forces stormed the printing plant and the kosher deli in near simultaneous assaults. the kouachi brothers and coulibaly are dead, as well as several hostages. well as the world continues now to watch the events unfold in france, many believe we are entering a new phase in the war on terror. more western jihadists are returning, ready to unleash terror on their fellow citizens back home. thousands of europe and possibly some americans are reporting with extremist groups overseas. in fact, suspect said kouachi
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said he was trained and financed by al qaeda. a number of al qaeda in yemen claims the terrorist group directed the attack on charlie hebdo. if confirmed, it would be the first time the branch in yemen successfully carries out an operation in the west. joining us now, our guest, a terrorism expert. great to have you here today. do you agree we're in the midst of a new tearer when it comes to protecting western interest? >> terror is escalating worldwide. when you see individuals carrying out their own operations in the west and killing people, which is easily done in any country in the west. walking into a supermarket or walking into a printing shop or stopping by and killing a police officer doing a random stop check on the road. that has escalated from the major planned attack like what we saw with al qaeda back in 2001, to what we're witnessing today. and it's more dangerous.
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and we're going to see more of it worldwide in western nations. and here in the united states as well. >> i want our viewers to hear from the terror suspects who spoke with paris television before he was killed talking about his alliances. let's listen. >> so there he is right there, saying that he was financed by al qaeda and that he did receive training and that we are probably going to expect to see more of this happening. >> yes al qaeda is in competition with isis. al qaeda wanted to carve its own name again and show the world that while it's being distracted by isis al qaeda still holds stature. they were competing for stature.
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this is a major win for al qaeda. because we pretty much didn't hear much about al qaeda in the last few months. all we heard is about isis. so now al qaeda is back on the world stage and saying listen we can carry on our own operations. and what we need to pay attention to uma, in this case, is that it doesn't matter what name these terrorists go by or who they align themselves with. whether it's al qaeda or isis or boko haram or al shaabbab in somalia. what they all share is common ideology and hatred of west and establishment of sharia law as the law in the land anywhere they can. this is why the west has to look at the ideology and talk about the ideology and the commonalty between these groups. instead of just going by, well, this group did this and that group did that. >> so-called no go zones in
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paris are now under scrutiny. this is an area that has been seen as a breeding ground for young muslims who are french citizens but feel alienated and are radicalized in some mosques there. appears the french government lost control of these areas because sharia law, as you point out, is allowed to flourish there. do you think this attack is a wake-up call that will get the french government to get rid of these no go zones? >> this is a wake-up call for the french but they will not be able to get rid of these zones. there are 751 zones uma. 751 zones. that range between 2 zones to 12 zones per city. they are scattered between paris to marseille and everything between and everything around. france lost control of the situation. right now, france is at stage 4 cancer and it's going to be very difficult for france to rebound and heal itself. it's far too gone. and this is why this is a warning for us in other nations where we do not have 8% islamic
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population. because we are seeing once the islamic population gets to a certain point, that's when they start pushing their own point of view. like sharia law for example. france has a problem. britain has a problem. as you and i are speaking, there are 85 sharia courts operating in britain alone. we are starting to see the same thing here in the united states. we have documented over 100 sharia accords, sharia cases in the united states. and this is why we at acts for america are fighting this and building fire walls and introducing legislation in america that we effect already in nine states, american laws for american courts, that will protect our states from the islamic members immigrating into our country and pushing for sharia law here. and that's why we want americans to be engaged to be active to be involved. now is the time to be active and build up the fire walls before we see what's happened in europe. >> not just americans but also world leaders. i want our viewers to hear a
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message that the president of egypt issued to an audience of the clerics there. telling them that they are part of the problem that they need to do more to stop radical islam. let's listen in. >> translator: it's inconceivable that the ideology we sanctify should make our entire nation a concern, danger destruction, killing all over the world. let me say again we need to revolutionize our religion. >> he was speaking to the muslim clerics in that audience. and that is a story that didn't get a lot of publicity around the world. but it's really a major step to see the egyptian president there addressing that audience and saying that something has to be done right now to rein this in, what's your reaction to that? >> he's amazing. he is the first islamic president since turkey in 1974 who basically stood up against his own people and abolished the
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caliphate caliphate. now we have sissi saying the same thing. and you know something, that is the guy that president obama doesn't like. this is the guy that president obama cut off aid to egypt, just because he was elected, the islamic brotherhood that were turning egypt into a islamic theocracy. people like el sisi needs to be supported. obama should have been on the phone with el sisi thanking him for his stand and pledging support for el sisi to help him get his message across. we need world leaders to stand with him and support him. and right now, the west is too coward to stand with freedom fighters like him and basically they are just standing on the sideline. >> well, let's home more western leaders are going to come together, particularly in light of what we just are witnessing in paris. it's a huge wake-up call for europe. great to see you thank you for your insight. >> thank you for having me on the show.
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we have to continue to work closer together. the international community. as well as the united states government. to combat this threat. and we are. we take it seriously. no one has taken their eye off the ball when it comes to the threats posed by these groups to western targets. to include here in the united states. >> the pentagon spokesperson admiral john kirby acknowledging the terror attacks in paris and here at home. so what can be done to make sure we are better protected? former cia operations officer joins me now. what can we do now that we have not done? >> we have to be more aggressive, more proactive in getting ahead of this thing. there are typically indications that folks are radicalizing that they're heading in a bad direction. we need to get folks off the street, more surveillance
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everything. >> we're having this ongoing argument, this debate in this country, about our protection, about the need for greater security, balanced against the need for preserving our freedoms. how do you strike that balance? >> obviously we do have to strike that balance. we can't turn the united states into a police state. but i don't think there is attention there you can't get passed. through professionalism and discipline and procedures. we can handle that. the point is we don't really have a choice. we either get ahead of this or we're going to spend all of our time reacting to incidents and cleaning up afterward. we can't afford that. >> you just heard that fascinating interview that uma did with bridgete gabriel. who i understand is suggesting political correctness is really a liability in this fight against islamic terrorists. we had gary burnsen former cia operations officer, talking on our air this mornings that the obama administration will not use the word islam and terrorism in the same sentence. to that end, "the new york
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times," just yesterday, had a story where they were talking to one of the survivors of the initial attack in paris, a woman by the name of signalane vincent. she said in the first report in "the new york times," quote, she told french news media that the man said i'm not going to kill you because you're a woman, we don't kill women, but you must convert to islam, read the koran and cover yourself she recalled. later, subsequent versions in the very same paper in "the new york times" edited or some might say sanitized that quote. here's the new version. quote, don't be afraid calm down, i won't kill you the gunman told her in a steady voice, with a calm look in his eyes, she recalled. you are a woman. but think about what you're doing. it's not right. so in that second version, all references to i koran, to covering yourself, were removed presumably not to offend muslims. what do you make of that? >> right when we started down this road of referring to a war on terror and specifically avoiding any reference to islam which we did a number of years ago, we made a major mistake.
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we are not at war with islam. we are at war with islamic extremism. we need to respond to it. this makes as much sense as if it was 1984 and we were looking for germenan agents and were afraid to call them nazis. >> how do we effect that change, that change of political correctness which dominates our thinking in our culture? >> well, i mean, it has to start obviously from the top, has to start with the president of the united states, with folks that have the courage to stand up and speak truth look in the camera and say, look this is what's going on. we're not at war with the religion at large. we're at war with a bunch of guys who are trying to hijack an entire faith. and it is islamic extremism. that's what it is. let's combat it. >> much like el sisi did in egypt. >> absolutely. he had the courage to stand up and just say what's going on. >> tomorrow morning on "fox news sunday" chris wallace is doing an interview with general
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dempsey. it was prerecorded. we will play snippets of it. i want to read a quote from what dempsey said in response to chris' question. do we need to do more in the war on terror? he says, well, i think so absolutely, but that's not to imply we're not doing enough, if you understand the distinction there. we're doing a lot. let me repeat that. he says, well, i think so, absolutely, but that's not to imply we're not doing enough, if you understand the distinction there, we're doing a lot. i don't understand the distinction. do you understand the distinction? >> i don't understand the distinction. it is very clear we are not doing enough. we are not doing enough to destroy the safe haven that isis has created. we're not doing enough here to get a hold of this problem. >> is general dempsey being handicapped by the president of the united states? >> i'm sure he is, because he's a serving military officer and he's not in a position to criticize the president directly. so -- >> but he's champing at the bit to do so. >> i'm sure he is i'm sure he would love to have the
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restraints taken off. >> former cia operations officer. appreciate your perspective. thank you. now we'd like to hear from you and get your thoughts of what's been happening. we want to hear what you think. are we doing enough to protect the homeland? what more should we do? you can send your thoughts to @umapemmaraju or @anhqdc. we will keep close watch on what develops out of france. but we're also covering other headlines. take a look at this. mother the new urnature unleashing spectacular images. volcanic eruption. plus, the controversial keystone pipeline bill passes the house and now it's on to the senate despite presidential veto. >> if the president isn't willing to get on board with the keystone xl pipeline, which is nearly 70% of the american people support, all the states
9:20 am
along the route have approved and a bipartisan majority of congress has passed, what will it take for him to work with us to get something done? >> and of course we'll have more of our continuing coverage of the french terror attack as that nation remains in shock over this week's massacre. >> it's so crazy to come and kill just like that for -- just crazy. i really cannot understand. it makes me feel sad and angry. at the same time, i don't want to be angry. i want to try to change.
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a spectacular eruption of the kalima volcano in mexico. mother nature shooting plumes of ash into the air over a mile high. authorities say there was no risk to local residents. well, it's one of the most contentious issues that divides the white house and republicans as the house passes the controversial keystone pipeline
9:25 am
bill. it's the first piece of major legislation from the newly gop-controlled congress. vote 266 to 153 with 28 democrats on board as well. but other democrats still slamming the project. >> that's totally inconsistent with any future scenario for avoiding catastrophic climate change. we don't need this oil, mr. speaker. approving and constructing this pipeline won't lower gas prices for americans. in some areas, it may even raise prices. >> meanwhile the state department, which has been investigating the pipeline plan for at least six years, continues to be vague on when it would reach a decision on the project. >> the agencies will obviously be given a sufficient and reasonable amount of time to provide their input but i don't have an assessment at this point. >> come monday, the bill will head to the senate. joining us now, louisiana senator david vitter. all bets are this bill will pass the senate.
9:26 am
the bill sets the stage to bypass any further review process and allows construction to begin immediately creating lots of jobs but the president making it very clear he'll veto. how much pressure do you think the white house will get from senate democrats to reconsider? >> well hopefully significant pressure. because there are strong bipartisan majorities in favor of the bill. and of course we're trying to grow that. i would expect as we speak the senate votes around 62-63 and we're trying to get it to 67 which would be two-thirds to override a veto and we're considering various amendments. it's going to be difficult but we're working on that. >> you're talking about attaching the bill to other pieces of legislation, to force the president to sign it? >> and attaching other popular ideas to the keystone bill, combining that to build both in the senate. >> you know you guys saying you have a strategy to get that through the senate but unfortunately, the bill didn't pass in the house.
9:27 am
it didn't get the two-thirds majority it needs, if it wants to override a veto there. >> well, again, the house passed the version without these other ideas i'm alluding to so they could certainly potentially make a difference in the house. look, i'm not predicting this. it's going to be difficult to get to that two-thirds. but we're going to pass it, period, put it on the president's desk. that's important in and of itself, whatever he does with this. and we're still working on this amendment ideas to try to get us to two-thirds. >> one of the reasons people are supporting this pipeline it's not only going to create jobs but it's privately financed with the costs shared between transcanada, an energy company in alberta along with other oil shippers. people who are saying it's going to cost too much, the folks who are supporting it are saying no in fact, it won't. >> well, this is private industry. and there are great jobs. 20,000 direct jobs. 100,000 indirect jobs. so that's significant in any
9:28 am
economy. and we don't have a gangbuster very strong economy. so that is very very significant economically. it's also significant on the energy side. this brings more north american energy to gulf coast refineries. it also creates on ramps for our own american oil and gas in the takata takatas, montana, where it's backlogged getting to the u.s. refineries on the gulf coast. that's why i had a bill to do just that since 2011. in fact, i was the first member to have a bill to expedite this, get it done. >> let me ask you -- the fact that the president's come out so early saying he's going to veto this bill, does this set the stage for a situation where we're really going to see huge standoffs between the white house and the gop controlled congress going forward? can anything of real substance get accomplished this go around? >> well, you know, i think congress should do the right thing, whatever the president's
9:29 am
threat on a particular issue. so we're going to act. we're going to act on keystone. we're going to act on obamacare. we're going to act on other positive ideas to get the economy moving in the areas of trade and transportation and other things. then it's going to be up to him what he does with those bills that we put on his deck. i don't think we should be intimidated by any way by any advance veto threats. we need to do the right thing as we see it. we need to act. >> all right senator. thank you so much for joining us. keep us posted. >> absolutely. >> thanks. still to come, there's been a lot of fallout over that failed attempt to oust john boehner as speaker of the house. some of the party's most conservative members face a backlash after voting for someone else on tuesday. >> just after we were going to work together after the battle is over, then we're told it's not over we're going to screw you up. it's one thing when you get hurt on your own exercise equipment. but it's another when your own speaker does it to you.
9:30 am
>> we'll talk to one of the men who ran against boehner for house speak, texas congressman louie goemert on what happens now. the attacks in paris are it's itting ing putting a spotlight on how the west is dealing with terror. can u.s. really wage a war on terror as we confront a new era in the fight against jihadists. accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates. introducing the new philips norelco shaver series 9000 with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions
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these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. back to our top story. french security forces try to stop any new terror attacks. a massive search is under way for hayat bomeddiene. police believe she is armed and dangerous. ripples are being felt across the globe. attorney general holder is flying to paris this weekend.u.s. has issued a global travel warning, saying attacks against americans are becoming
9:35 am
increasingly prevalent. meanwhile, some critics are questioning whether president obama's terror policies are tough enough. peter doosy has the latest from washington. >> a focus on terror threats and foreign fighters. the french minister of the interior set all this up, and the obama administration is sending attorney general holder. a selection that has some here in washington scratching their heads. so many of the things that this administration does wrong in regards to islamic terror come out of eric holder. he wants to try islamic terrorists like tax cheats or counterfeiters in courts in new york city. he wants to close down gitmo. he wants to give battlefield captures their miranda rights. this is exactly the wrong guy leading the fight against evil. >> holder's boss president obama, spent his entire weekly address talking about the economy. but during an event in tennessee on friday, the commander in
9:36 am
chief did very briefly touch on the terror in france and the preliminary steps he is taking to keep americans safe. >> we have been in close touch with the french government throughout this tragedy. the moment the outrageous attack took play we directed all of our law enforcement and counterintelligence operations to provide whatever support that our ally needs in confronting this challenge. we're hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved. >> and the state department is out with a new worldwide caution for americans traveling abroad. the new warnings experiencically mention both violent attacks and kidnappings as threats to u.s. citizens and they say the likelihood of such sinister action is increased as people with european passports who have trained in the middle east with terror groups come home. doug. >> all right, peter, thank you very much for that. turning now to politics.
9:37 am
a gop dustup kicking off this week's efforts to unseat house speaker john boehner making headlines as the new congress convened. call it an in-house rebellion as a number of conservatives opting to support candidates who ran against boehner for the post. in the end, boehner prevailed but out in without a bitter fallout of party infighting. joining us one of the members who ran against the speaker texas congressman louies goemert. you weren't a winner in this one. republicans needed 29 votes to go to a second round and they got 24. the reason for the revolt, you and others feel the speak has done nothing for the president's policies. do you believe he grasps the frustration about his leadership? >> well, he did win the race. he was making some frantic calls on tuesday morning because they
9:38 am
realize, whoa, he stood a good chance of losing. they may say now they weren't worried but they were sure making calls. but he won. and now the issue is moving forward. and by the way i knew -- i mean, i may look crazy, but, uma, i knew that when i stepped up, as i was an urged to do, by some of our little group that i was going to make some of my colleagues mad. some of the other members of congress. i knew that. and i knew that once i announced, chances were good i'd be the last person they would elect if we went back into a conference conference. but the goal was to get the votes that we needed to throw it to a second ballot, and if that didn't work, to a third. but somewhere between the second and third we would have ended up having a conference and at some point, the speaker would have realized that he couldn't win, and we would have -- it wouldn't have been me but there
9:39 am
wouldn't have been a compromise, that the entire conference would have agreed on. but as it is, he won. so now we go forward. and actually uma, we had a very good conference yesterday. and, again, we have a bill coming up tuesday. i got the bill. i didn't get a chance to see it until 1:00 a.m. this morning and i haven't read it. i was kind of tired from the week. but i got five hours of sleep last night. i'm ready to go. i will read it this weekend. and if its as promised then i expect you're going to see an overwhelming of republicans and i would expect to pick up some democrats tuesday on this bill. because it's a -- the principles are very good -- >> i understand that, but i'm asking you do you think the speaker got the message from the conservative wing there that there are some real problems that he needs to address from members who are saying that his leadership needs to be bolstered
9:40 am
with some additional safety -- you know, some safeguards and some guarantees that we'll adhere to the platforms that you guys are pushing. >> yeah, in fact uma, the things we actually promised, wow, what a notion, that we'll actually do what we promised. and i think you'll see more of that. and i would encourage you and fox news to be asking the speaker to be on. because one of the complaints was that the speaker would come to conference and would say, you guys have got to, you know tighten your belt and just really take the big jump and vote for this bill and hear are the reasons why it and then it would go to his office instead of going on television and explaining over and over why people needed to make that vote. so i expect you'll see him getting on the sunday shows more often -- >> -- personally to call you since that vote happened? >> no, he did when i stuck out my hand as he was going down the aisle. so it's a good start.
9:41 am
but i think he's got the message. i think you'll see more of this. there are consequences to the omnibus passing. we gave the president everything he wants. and we're very concerned about homeland security. especially now. and so we'll see. the president says he'll veto the bill we'll pass. and then uma, that's where we'll have the real test of leadership. whether our leadership will help us stand our ground and fight for our homeland security that we need so desperately. or are they going to cave again. and i'm hoping that the speaker got the message. you know, hope springs eternal. even after a loss you get up you dust yourself off and you move on. i think we're ready to do that. >> well, terrific thank you, congressman, for joining us today. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, always good to be with us. an american war hero is
9:42 am
apparently facing the blockbuster threat of potential felony charges. "the new york times" reported late yesterday that justice department prosecutors have recommended criminal charges against general david petraeus for allegedly leaking class fewed cia material to his former mistress and biography paula broadwell. the paper says it is now up to attorney general holder to decide whether to seek an indictment of petraeus. the architect of the successful surge in iraq who later served as director of the cia. petraeus resigned that post after admitting to an affair with broadwell. just a month ago, senator mccain wrote holder expressing concern about it. saying, quote, i conclude this is a circumstance in which this say principle of justice delayed is justice denied is certainly at play. some have suggested the petraeus investigation is political, intended to silence him for what he may know about the terrorist attack on the benghazi compound.
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welcome back. it's being called the disney measles. 19 people visiting the iconic theme park in california last month have now contracted the disease. health officials are saying that 16 of those cases are now in california. two in utah and one in colorado. california officials are saying that one of the cases in that state, they have only verified that two were fully vaccinated against the disease. well snowy weather blanket blanketing much of the u.s. and a blast of cold air is freezing people from the plains to the east coast as the bitter chill shows no signs of slowing
9:48 am
down. the forecast now from the cozy con intoofines of the fox weather center. glad they didn't send you outside today, janice. >> it is very cold. taking a look at some of the current temperatures i actually can't see my temperatures so i'm going to move off the screen because one of the tricks in the weather business is i usually get to see myself in both monitors and i don't have that right now so i'm going to go off the screen. if you look at weather 8, you will see the temperatures dropping significantly in chicago, in buffalo, also boston. but as far south as the gulf coast. dallas windchill 28 degrees. going to be concerned about texas, along the gulf coast for freezing rain. and the precipitation there. because things are getting tricky with of course that -- the freezing temperature and the moisture being pulled up from the gulf of mexico. so the pinks you see on your screen, doug and uma, that's where we'll see the potential for some freezing rain and drizzle. i will walk back. it's the magic of the green screen. if i don't see myself in the
9:49 am
camera, then we can't do the weather with me inside the box. so let's take a look. there's the radar and there's the threat for wintry weather. i know you know this region very well. so they could get the potential of wintry weather not only today but tomorrow and all of this is going to lift up across the ohio river valley. so i apologize for that little blip on the radar so to speak but here we are doug, uma back to you. >> we got to see patty ann getting ready for her show coming up. thank you very much. >> there you go, absolutely. >> the freezing rain and snow here in the nation's capital this week providing lots of traffic woes and causing schools to close. but this little one absolutely no complaints. the wonderfully and cuddly bau bau, the 16-month-old giant panda at the national zoo, rolling around and loving all the white stuff. playing with her friends there. it's her first snow encounter. as you can tell, she's not complaining at all about the
9:50 am
freezing temperatures. >> it's a nice change from eating bamboo which is what they have to do all their waking hours because bamboo has no nutritional value so they have to eat tons of it. >> unbelievable. but she so they have to eat tons of it. >> she looks so cute, love it. >> spacex looks to make history. find out how later on. but first, who is france' most wanted woman. stay tuned for a live report coming up.
9:51 am
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this fox news alert aisle republicans decided they will carry on this summer with their presidential shaw straw poll. it has drawn criticism, some calling it a side show. ♪ >> as we've been telling you, the hunt is under way in france at this hour for the common law wife of the gunman in the paris grocery store attack. french officials pulling out all stops to learn everything they can about hayat boumediene. she could hold the key to dismantling a terrorist network. brian has more on what we know about her so far.
9:55 am
>> uma, the 26-year-old is now the most wanted person in france for her possible connection to the terror attacks in paris. boumediene has been on the run since her husband stormed the grocery store yesterday murdering four hostages before he was gunned down in a intense standoff. authorities believe boumediene was in the grocery store with her husband but managed to escape during the confusion as freed hostages were running for their lives. now a manhunt is under way and police believe boumediene is the key to linking coulibaly and the kouachi brothers. boumediene exchanged more than 500 phone calls in 2014 with the wife of cherif kouachi. french officials want to know about the calls and why they are made.
9:56 am
the wives of the kouachi brothers are being questioned by police in hopes they'll lead them to boumediene. she is believed to be radicalized by coulibaly as they married in a ceremony in 2009 the same year they met a marriage not recognized by french law. in 2010 they visited a convicted terrorist. that's where they shot cross bows together. boumediene may not have even been in the country. we'll be following these reports. >> thank you for that. that is all for us here in washington. "america's news headquarters rolls on. have a great day, everybody. .. ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast
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♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good! france on high alert as a nationwide as much as intensifies for this woman hayat boumediene the common law partner with a man believed to have killed a french police officer before being killed at the kosher grocery store in eastern paris. welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> i'm pat ti ann brown. france is asking residents to remain vigilant. france ramping up its security as the country reels from the terrorist attacks. greg is live


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