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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 11, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PST

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. hi, everyone. good morning it is sunday, january 11, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. a fox news alert. a sleeper cell is activated in france. we are live in paris with the latest straight ahead. she's the world's most wanted woman this morning. but this morning the extremist right the grocery store killer has already gone. she escaped to syria. the french admitted they deemed the pair low risk and stopped watching them months ago. and the prime minister finally addressing the war against radical islam. but here in the united states it's a different story.
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>> it was completely taken out, completely deleted by the obama administration and replaced with an abstract narrative. extreme bad guys, criminals. >> why can't our own leadership call it what it is radical islam? "fox & friends" begins right now. hi, everyone. >> good morning. welcome to "fox & friends." this is a look at the most wanted woman in paris who has fled to syria. hundreds of thousands attended the anti-terror rally. up to 30 world leaders will be there including attorney general eric holder. greg, what can you tell us this morning?
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>> reporter: after four days of terrible weather reflecting the terrible events here in paris it's a beautiful day. the sup is shining and the day should be perfect for this rally. officials say there could be a million people on the street, as many as 50 state leaders attending as well, including united states attorney general eric holder who is here for a meeting with officials on security and terror. more than 5 thurkz troops and police are being dispatched to make sure nothing bad happens. this after many developments in the past 24 hours. on the investigation into the terror events of this week as you noted five people who were detained in connection with this have been released with this as well as earlier. and a 10-year-old thought to have direct connection with the events was also relieved. with my investigation with
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french terrorism officials, this is not unusual as the search always pulls back. the search is on for the partwoman who is responsible for all the terror. she is an accomplice to these events. she might have a lot of information and your right, reports say she has fled into syria, which is the headquarters for isis, one of the organizations that the device have pledged allegiance to. but french officials say they will not stop there. they will track her even if they have to go into syria. back to you. live for us in paris, thank you so much. >> that's a city on edge this morning and for good reason. sources say that terror sleeper cells have been activated in france. crops crops cops are now told to carry weapons at all times. >> if you go through a city
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port you will see police routinely wearing bullet-proof vests and large weapons on them to protect themselves. because for the first time, police are told if they are on the corner they need to carry weapons for the first time. >> they are openly being called targets, too, by the terror groups. so they are being asked to take down their official media profiles, facebook and twitter pages, so they are not as visible and won't be followed and tracked and targeted even more. we had nolan peterson an expert on radicalization for french muslims on last night with judge jeanine, and he said just outside of paris there are these no-go zones where sharia law is in place and the radical groups are recruiting. here's what he said, listen. >> sadly i was not surprised.
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i was in france at the kickoff of the iraq war. and i was very surprised by how brazen the islamist elements were in the area which is a french name for the ghetto. and i actually predicted back in 2006 that something like this would happen. france has usually being very reluctant to have an aggressive foreign policy against terrorists abroad. yet in the last few years paris has adopted a more aggressive stance. and in addition to that isis created a brand of homegrown terrorism. so the tables have turned a bit and we are at a tipping point where we have seen a lot more attacks like what we saw this week. >> what is france not doing? what's the lesson in all of this? one of them is if you have a massive assembled group of immigrants in your country it can cause you problems. and france is not even thinking through the immigration problem at all.
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this rally folks were at this morning, million leaders and people, guess who is not invited in the only party who is addressing the immigration problem. they don't want to face the reality that immigration is part of the reason this happened. >> and it seems like we are getting report that is the police turn eded sort of a blind eye to these folks. they were deemed low risk. we heard from the obama administration referred to guantanamo bay. they are told to be low risk and then this massacre happened this week. jay kris chaped achristian adams addressed this on fox yesterday. take a listen. >> so many thing this is administration does wrong in regards to islamic terror is wrong. he wants to close down gitmo.
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he wants to give battlefield capturers the miranda rights. this is exactly the wrong guy leading the fight against evil. holder doesn't get it. he can't say the words radical islam. if you can't identify the enemy you will never defeat the enemy. >> name your enemy to defeat your enemy. also new this morning the a.p. is validating a video saying this is real. in a seven-minute video the co kosher deli terrorist pledged allegiance to isis with the isis flag around him and said, this is what i stand for radical islam. >> is there a but? >> you can't say that still. that may be changing in france where the french finance minister finally described the war they were fighting. he said we are at war. not a war against religion or a civilization, but to defend our values which are universal. it is a war against terrorism
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and radical islamism against everything that would break a solidarity, our liberty and fraternity. that's slogan of france. he said it there war against radical islam. >> when i read that last night for the first time i said wow, this is a quote from a leader who has teeth in it. while the french prime minister has finally raised the bar and maybe will get this discussion back to where it needs to be. take a listen to manuel valls. >> what the prime minister of france has dun was to elevate the bar. remember after 2001 in the united states we had a much clearer, much more precise narrative about jihadism and about the islamist movement and their goal. it was confirmed by the works of the 9/11 commission. but then from 2009 it was completely taken out completely deleted by the obama administration and replaced with an abstract narrative. extremist bad guys, criminals,
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these are descriptions. what the french have done now is to tell us an the international community there is a movement. it is not about religion but it is about a movement ideological movement. >> maybe it will be reflected in policy changes. this woman now the most wanted woman in the world is by reports in syria this morning. and the policies of the airports are, you can continue to wear your burr can we don't need to see your face. yet you can take my son's stroller apart to make sure there are no explosive devices in the stroller. you can cover your face and get on a plane and she's in syria this morning. >> because at work here there are multiple religions and the ridge of people who need western countries is multi-culturism. so the idea is you can't offend or attack or question somebody's culture no matter how important it is because you are not allowed to. hopefully that's changing. because it turns out not all
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cultures are the same. we'll get right to our headlines as we start with another fox news alert. firebombs thrown at a jer man newspaper that reads a charlie hebdo cartoon. nobody was inside the building when it happened. investigators say it is too soon to know for certain if the attack is linked to the paris massacre. a shooting leaves three people dead after a multi-state police chase. police in idaho say john lee first killed his adoptive mother. then he killed his landlord and critically injured a man at an insurance office. then he stopped at an arby's restaurant and murdered the manager. police are still investigating a motive. and a normal day at a hospital turns into a four-hour standoff with police after a distraught father barricades
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himself inside a roof. officials say a man became upset when he was rushed to the critical care unit near houston. they say he barricaded himself inside his hospital room and wouldn't come out. negotiators were able to calm him down and take him into custody. it is not clear if he will be charged. nfl playoffs face the ravens with a spot for the nfc championship on the line. the first team to do this in history by two 14-point wins. they are so good at home. coming up on the show, is the united states becoming too politically correct to muslim extremism? >> allen west is fired up about this and he is live.
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terror alert. french officials hay hayat bomeddiene is on her way to syria. why is our president saying silent on this question refusing to say who the war is against? this is killing our ability to fight terrorism. joining us is the ceo of national center analysis. colonel allen west, good morning to you. >> good morning to you sir.
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>> why is it hard to say we are trapped in a war of radical islam? >> first of all, when tolerance becomes a one-way street it is culture suicide. when you look at the speech given by the president and compare it to some of the things we are seeing in western civilization, there's no wonder why we have gotten to this point where we have acts of jihadism such as the force in texas where we refer to it as workplace violence. where we have document that is are scrubbed of any reference of islamic terrorism, jihadism, we are really dismissing the enemy for who they are. we are in a war against islam. you can call it islamic total tearism, but you have to combat the ideology of the enemy, which is what the general said in his speech in egypt. we refuse to do that, therefore we do not acknowledge the true intent and intention of this enemy. >> so france has the largest
3:17 am
muslim population in europe. do you think one of the lessons for us is that your immigration policy matters? >> well, we need to look at our immigration policy especially those who have immigrated from countries with terrorist affiliations on terror lists or harboring the terrorist entities. but the most important thing that you touched on earlier in the program, is this is multi-culturism where we see the no-go zones set up where essentially muslim communities in some of these countries in europe especially, are isolated from the nation's culture and running their own type of law enforcement. and that's where you subcommittee the fostering and the festering of the islamic totalitarism. >> in light of this the pentagon says we should close the military bases overseas.
3:18 am
is this a right time for a draw-down? >> no, it's not the right time to render our military capacity. i for one say we do need to move away from the forward deplored cold war strategy but it needs to be replaced with a more power projection 21st century battlefield strategy where we make sure we have the forces that are expeditionarily positioned. we should be making sure we can rapidly respond to any of the geographic combative commanders because that's the only way we can be proactive in defeating and denying his sanctuary wherever he exists. >> that seems like a common sense observation. thank you so much, colonel allen west. coming up, a routine traffic stop turns into horror for one
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police officer. up incredibly he's okay this morning. and the president pledges free community college for everybody, but who is going to pay the $60 billion bill? is it worth it? a free and balanced debate is coming up.
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good morning, everyone. a fox news alert overnight. boko haram is accused of
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strapping a bomb to a 10-year-old girl and sending her into a busy market. the remote explosive was set off killing the girl and ten others. and the search for airasia flight 8501s pings were heard from the missing black boxes. all 162 people aboard that plane were killed in the crash. and obama unveiled an expensive new plan. did you catch it? >> i'm releasing an expensive plan to bring down the college tuition in america. i want to bring it down to zero. community colleges should be free for those willing to work for it. >> so what does all that mean? 40% of you have college students open rolled in community college to save you $4000 a year, but the program costs more than $60 billion.
3:24 am
is it a step in the right direction? or more wasteful government spending? ashley pratt is here, spokes american for the young americans foundation. nice to see you. welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> tamron, you say this is great to give our kids upward mobility. defend this, why is it great? >> it extends a long tradition in our country of expanding access to college. you know the united states has long been a leader in providing the best educational opportunities, but in the last generation we have really lost ground. clayton, let's consider that the united states has the best educated old adult population, but we are not in the top ten when it comes to 25 to 34-year-olds. so what the president's plan will do is insure anybody who wants to go to college can get at least two years free of large as far as tuition goes. you know, you still have to pay for books and fees.
3:25 am
you still have to pay for room and board and cost of living, but this takes us to the 21st century. we know that the jobs that are here today and in the future are going to require more college than our citizens currently are getting. >> you're talking traditions, we have a long history of doing things and not paying for them. ashley, this is going to cost $60 billion. the federal government is going to pay 75% of that. and states have the opportunity if they opt in to pay up to 25% of it. so where is all the money going to come from? who is footing the bill for this? >> that's a great point here. you know who is going to have to foot the bill? this millenial generation. all the great big government policies coming from this administration that are meant to help young people actually hurt them in the long run. look at the reckless spending that has come out of washington. honestly, this is what is happening now. they have crushed millenial posts and robbing them of their change. so the whole slogan of hope and change, i'm telling you right now says nothing but except to
3:26 am
create a whole permanent class of young people, which is what they want. they want young people to be reliant upon the federal government and they want them to give them a solution to all their problems. >> but what about being settled with the debt? >> the millenial generation is the first generation in our entire history asked to go into five figure amounts of debt to go to college by our president. >> but that's unheard of. this is the first generation where we have shifted the cost of getting a good college degree in this country onto the back of millenials in the form of $28,000 on average to get a college degree. student debt is not the way we compete globally. it's not the way we ensure upper mobility in this country. >> look i completely agree with you. we have a reckless spending problem and student debt. yeah, it's averaging $30,000 right now. but there are free market solutions to creating affordable education. right now college education is
3:27 am
completely up affordable for young people but so is living in this country because the fact that our president likes to saddle the nation's young people with serious debt. when we spend more than we take in to create these policies that honestly will hurt our generation because we have to pay it off you know, the national debt per capita right now so each person's share of the debt $58,000. $58,000. and it will keep going up with policies like this. >> tamron the final word. >> there's no better investment to make as a nation in our young people and the people looking to upgrade their skills and compete in this global economy. >> i agree, but spending is the not the way to do it. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. go to our facebook page where. do you come down on this debate of community colleges? state leaders from all over the world are in paris.
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good morning, everyone. fox news alert. the man who killed a police officer and four others is now pledging allegiance to isis. and up to a million people are supposed to be taking the streets for an anti-terrorism rally. more than 2,000 police are being deployed to protect the demonstration. up to 50 world leaders will be on hand, including u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> this as overnight five people were arrested in connection with the terror attack now being released. and the search for the most wanted woman in france and the world going global. but are investigators too late? turkish authorities say she may have already fled to syria. >> so as the search continues, we'll find out who is harboring the radical jihadists.
3:33 am
let's bring in fox news military analyst analyst, general tom mcnerney this morning. >> thank you for having me clayton. >> is it right to track them down and punish them? >> we know that the ideology comes from mecca. the president never said we were fighting radical islam. by identifying it and going to the target, we have al qaeda hezbollah, isis all the different groups are part of this threat of radical islam. so i just compartmentize and call it radical islam.
3:34 am
if the president has not identified this threat he calls it an overseas contingency operation where he aught to be saying this is a radical war against radical islam and should form a grand coalition to include all of nato, the mideast countries led by egypt. right now we have president asissi leading the charge to defeat this radical ideologist. with a magnificent speech he gave less than a week ago in cairo. so identify the threat mr. president, form a grand coalition, and then defeat the ideology. that's what we've got and that will take the resources away from it. >> when international intelligence officials are identifying the threats are people who they think are threats, for example, the common law wife of the kosher deli killer. back in 2011 they are deemed low risk and slip away.
3:35 am
it appears the time has come and gone for french officials to find her as she could be in syria some sources are saying. what is the issue with trying to figure out who is low risk and who is high risk and making sure to focus efforts in the right direction? >> great question, anna. if we don't identify the threat first, and she's one of the threats. she was actually identified, i believe, along with her husband and the other two killers, and so we -- identifying it, which people have been reluctant to want to do, is the key factor that is involved on this. and so until you do that, and the european countries have a huge problem equally as well. although president holland did say that it was raid radical islam, but i have never heard
3:36 am
that word from the president. but you can categorize that and start picking them off. but the muslims have to defeat this ideologist. we as adults cannot. >> it's an ideology that lives on after drone strikes. you can see on the front page of "the new york times" this morning, the continuing ideologist put out there of videos magazines, he continues to inspire young radical muslims to take up arms and move to the different area hot zones around the world. where should the united states be focused on trying to track these people down? >> okay. clearly isis is one of the key threats right now of radical islamists. we need to have, as they say, this grand coalition which is partially formed over there because we have allies using air power against them, but we need to have them defeated on the ground. we help and lead it from the air. but we need leadership across the whole spectrum clayton.
3:37 am
and only the united states can give that leadership. and i keep coming back to the role of the president as a commander in chief to identify it and call it what it is. and then as you look how it is spread into africa how this is spreading down to yemen a hot bed where a lot of the ideology comes from. where al maliki came from and was killed down there so it is spreading like a cancer. and if we don't focus a grand coalition and say we want to hear that anybody who attacks the west is unholy and will forever live in damnation, we have to get in the ideological mode and only the arab coalition can help us do that because they have a say in it. >> general tom mcinerney joining
3:38 am
us this morning. thank you. other stories making headlines this sunday. now a group of fourth graders in new york suspended after officials say they tried to kill their mean teacher with hand sanitizer. their teacher is highly allergic to it so police say the 9-year-olds were going to put it on things around the classroom. the plot was spoiled when other children came forward with the disturbing plan. a florida cop thrown into the street by the runaway car and the horrific scene is caught on his dash cam. [ bleep ]. >> the sergeant is knocked to the ground when the driver suddenly takes off. several cars pulled over to help him out, including his own daughter who just happened to be driving by. >> dad are you okay?
3:39 am
>> get in the car. he's okay. >> the woman who ran down the officer was arrested a few minutes later. the sergeant does have a few broken bones but is expected to be okay. a former teacher at m.i.t. is accused of robbing a bank calling it research for a project. joseph gibbons had a camera as he held up a bank reportedly for his church. he told an inmate he didn't commit a crime but was working on a film. a few years ago he admitted to using drugs for a different research project. 20 years ago a flower girl and ringbearer walked down the aisle, and now thanks to a chance reunion, the couple did it again this time as bride and groom. >> she turned around one day in class and said i think i have a picture of you on my wall at home. i remember running around making
3:40 am
commotion. >> his mom whipped this picture out of her wallet. she said i've had a picture of you up in my house forever. >> the connection led to a first date and after five years together they are right back where they started with rings and flowers for their very own ceremony. i love that story. >> did you hear about the story at disney world there were photos from 30 years ago that ended up getting married this is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night. they were at magic kingdom. there is not a bigger romantic than clayton. that's sweet clayton. nice to see you this morning. >> well, my poetry book. >> you dig that out and i'll do the weather. so we've got a lot of weather going on. there's some rain and snow there with cold temperatures unfortunately, here are the temperatures waking up this morning. not as bad as people have seen
3:41 am
in chicago. feeling balmy at 25 wake up. not that bad. there's a winter storm brewing. anywhere you see the counties shaded in the various colors are seeing an advisory. indianapolis is seeing an ice storm warning from terre haute to indianapolis up to muncie, watch for icing heading into the overnight hours. that's all part of this storm you see brewing here across east texas. the surface low is move to the mississippi valley there and will meet the cold air in place. that's where we'll see the icing going on. there will be snow on the north end of it and rain on the southern end of it. a cold system is lingering around southern california to bring light rain. light rain is nice but we'll get some there. that's good. there are the temperatures. another blast of cold air comes in tomorrow. and then we start to see a slow warm up this week. look what happens on thursday. fargo, you can look forward to 32 degrees.
3:42 am
finally. all right, guys, back to you inside. thank you, rick. coming up, no-go zones are not just in france. you're looking at a terror training camp in afghanistan. we'll take you inside a possible cell, next. and one officer says science proves there is a god. join us live to explain that, next.
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this is a fox news alert. thousands are gathering in paris for an anti-terrorism rally. this is just two days after the horrific terror attacks in paris to kill 17 people. more than 2,000 police officers have been deployed to protect
3:46 am
the demonstration which will host up to 50 world leaders on hand to include u.s. attorney general eric holder, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. thank you so much, tucker. does science point to god? according to one author it does. in and article he creates that these perfect conditions require far less faith than just happening. he has more than 350,000 likes on facebook but not without controversy. here to explain is the author of the book "miracles." eric is here himself. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> outline your main points. why does science point to god and not away from god? >> first of all, i didn't plan
3:47 am
to write about this. in the book "miracles" i took about 30 mirl stories. then i get into the stories about how fragile and calibrated everything had to be for the universe to come into existence and the earth to come into the existence with evidence to support life. 50 years ago we thought there are problem a zillion planets in the universe to have this. but the more time that passed it is a miracle how all these things have happened. off the charts it is impossible. the atheists are freaked out because they believe random forces led to this, but the more we know, the more it seems it is impossible. >> so you think everything created has a creator rather
3:48 am
than this big bang theory. but some son the other side say this, zach west said this, this article is very shallow from the scientific perspective. and many scientific community reject design for a reason. what do you think of this? >> i'm not talking about intelligence ze design because that deals with evolution. christopher hitchens on the other side of the argument when asked, what is the most powerful argument for god? if you had to tell christopher hitchins he said without a doubt the fine tune element. most of his colleagues agree. this is powerful evidence you can't dismiss. because people like christopher say, this is a powerful argument, i don't know what to make of it. many atheists are in the same boat. they say i don't want like where this is leading but i have
3:49 am
to acknowledge the fact. these are facts. the fact remains for me is that the information has not been out there in the mainstream. the wall street journal article blew it out there so people act like it's new information. it's been out there for a number of years. >> and in your book "miracles" for folks interested. eric metaxas, thank you very much. >> thank you. no-go zones are not just in france. you're looking at a terror training camp right here in the united states. we'll take you inside. and al jazeera journalists caught question inging the man who murdered people. are they caught with sympathizing with terrorists? ings acc nts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees
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from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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we told you about the no-go zone. muslim controlled areas in and around paris, but the microstates are typically off to muslims but not limited to france. they are spreading across the globe. nine enclaves have popped up around the united states. >> have we opened the door to allow the extremist groups to set up camp? joining us is a security analyst who is tracking the muslims of america groups. nice to see you this morning brian. >> thank you for having me. >> you have been tracking these things, where are they? >> they are across the country. earlier this year we broke the story on "fox & friends" how we identified one of the jihadist enclaves in texas. we now know of one in alaska,
3:54 am
south carolina, virginia. they throughout the country. they say they have 22 of the so-called islamic villages. and this is a very radical group that is also a bit of a cult because they believe that their leader in pakistan is capable of doing miracles. they even have a holy fact machine in south carolina. >> any fact machine that works. >> so these groups are connected to one another. it is called muslims in america. presumably they are being watched by the u.s. government? >> it is a group that will not operate under their true name here as they want to sound nicer. their interface front group has reached out to christians to appear moderate but they are all connected and all follow the same spiritual leader. the video on the screen right now was given to the cleric
3:55 am
project of the guerilla warfare training in new york state. >> that's in new york state. hancock, new york? >> that's right. >> unbelievable. should we be concerned? >> definitely. that is not my analysis. we also have classified fbi documents that say this is group believes in jihad against the u.s. government. and this group fits the qualify cases to be designated as a foreign terrorist group. they have been viewed as a foreign terrorist organization and it would be illegal for them to operate. by the way we have a dozen muslim groups in north america that endorsed our initiative to say this group should be banned. >> this group this compilation of radical groups they are foreign born? >> actually, no, the vast majority are american born and approved the prison system. primarily african-american, but they have a leader in pakistan who they worship.
3:56 am
>> has there been any type, to any homegrown terrorism groups that we have been reporting in the united states, out of boston, any links across the country in any of the groups to those events? >> not specifically. in years members of this organization have been involved in terror plots. they have terrorist groups in colorado in the 1990s shut down because of the involvement in terrorism targeting muslims and carry out a massive bomb plot in canada. according to the fbi documents released they have outlined of them engaging in american terrorism on american and canadian soil. >> unbelievable. ryan, thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, video of the french supermarket owner giving his allegiance to isis. and thousands gather in paris for an anti-terror gathering. we are live with the details.
3:57 am
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good morning friends. it is sunday january 11 2015. i'm anna kooiman. right now thousands are rallying against the horg risk attacks in france. up to a million are expected as we learn new terror sleeper cells are officially activated in the country. we are live in paris with the latest straight ahead. and moments ago, new video emerged of the grocery store killer revealing his allegiance to isis and warning of more attacks. she's the most wanted woman in the world right now. but this morning the terror wife of the grocery store killer already gone escaped to syria. police believe they deemed the pair low risk and stopped watching them months ago. "fox & friends" hour two starts
4:01 am
right now. a fox news alert. video just emerged of the terrorist who killed a french woman and four hostages now pledging allegiance to isis. a look at paris with an unparalleled number of security there. up to 50 worldwide leaders will be there as well. >> overnight five people were detained following the paris terror attacks and have been released. this as the most wanted woman is believed to have fled to syria. >> greg is live as this unfolds for us this morning in paris. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a perfect day here for this march set to start in about two hours. it is expected as many as a million people out here on the
4:02 am
streets along with 50 leaders. that means over 5,000 security officers trying to prevent anything bad happening at this. included there eric holder attorney general from the united states representing our country. he just wrapped up a summit with the other law enforcement officials around the world dealing with this issue. this as, yes, more developments in the investigation into the events of this past week. as you note, people relieved all six that had been detained and linked to the terror event were released. from my knowledge of french terrorism investigation, it is not unusual to throw a wide net and pull back. but yeah the search for the wife of the now dead killer of amedy coulibaly continues. her name is hayat bomeddiene. she fled from spain to turkey and is now in syria. but french officials to date
4:03 am
said that will not stop them. they will go to the headquarters of isis that one of the individuals pledged allegiance to to try to get their man. in this case, their woman. that's it from paris. we'll bring you more developments as they come to us. back to you. thank you, greg halkot. we have been warning for months that isis will affect if west at a certain point. well, now it has happened. we have inclusive evidence. new video showing the grocery store killer, the terrorist who hit paris two days ago at the kosher grocery store pledging personal allegiance to isis and promising more attacks to come. >> this is called shoulder of the caliphate. and there's other propaganda put forth by isis and makes reference to the charlie hebdo
4:04 am
shootings and the killing of a police officer there. and it appears to be just before he goes into the kosher deli and takes the hostages there. so this was done while he was on the run apparently. >> here's what he says in the video, quote what we are doing is completely legitimate given what they are doing. you cannot attack and not expect wet proretribution. so you are playing the victim as if you don't understand what's happening. >> chilling, absolutely chilling. french authorities believe sleeper cells have been activated in that country. police in france have been told to carry weapons now at all times, to wear body armor and to take any kind of online identification or facebook accounts offline. >> they are standing on corners, the sleep officers don't typically wear protective body armor like police here at penn station. you come through the train stations in new york and see police routinely with full body armor on. and weapons.
4:05 am
french police don't usually do that. now they are on high alert extremely alert as it's called this morning. these individuals, interestingly, were months ago deemed low risk. police had been watching them. and pulled back on watching them. this term low-risk has been thrown around the past couple months as we talk about it relating to guantanamo bay and prisoners released from guantanamo bay as low risk. and here on your screen they are wanted arguably the most wanted woman in the world right now deemed low risk. >> the common law wife of the kosher deli hostage taker who ultimately killed or was killed by police, fortunately. but she's been on the run. authorities have been searching for her. but the time may have come and gone to catch her because apparently she flew from france into turkey and she was tracked there but then somehow disappeared right near the turkey/syrian border. so she may be in syria. >> authorities believe she is.
4:06 am
here's what we know for certain though, that authorities in france and in the united states have been hesitant up until yesterday to call this battle what it is, a fight to the death against a radical species of islam. we just talked to general m mcinerney that made a clear point. if you want to hear a clear point, listen of all people to the president of egypt. he said al asissi went to the islamic leaders to say, why is islam giving birth to this crazy craziness in terror? the president of egypt can say that, why can't the president of the united states say that? >> there's a problem with political correctness. colonel allen west was on the show earlier and had this to say about it. >> when we have acts of jihadism, such as ft. hood texas where, we refer to it as workplace violence. we have documents that are scrubbed of any reference of islamic extremism, terrorism
4:07 am
jihadism, we are dismissing the enemy for who they are. we are in a war against islamic fashionism. you first have to combat the ideology of the enemy. we refuse to do that and therefore we do not acknowledge the true intent and intention and objective of this enemy. >> they are saying tolerance is a one-way street and culture suicide. >> this morning we have leaked e-mails. al jazeera e-mails revealing editors there, they said this, you thought all the editors around the world were uniting in support of this newspaper in the wake of what happened and defending free speech. but their executive producer released this information and it says this, defending freedom of expression in the face of oppression is one thing. these are internal e-mails now. insisting on the right to be obnoxious and offensive just because you can is infantile. i am charlie is an alienating
4:08 am
slow michigan with us or against us type of slow began. anti-charlie had no racism and also against murdering people. >> this is a memo the managing editor sent around the world. and here's the guy who is running the news operation saying, whatever you do, don't side with the people who got murdered. they were racist. notice this here, people who criticize radical islam are racist. this is how they get critics to be quiet and silence opposition by throwing the term racist around. opposing extreme religion is not racist by definition, but that's how you get people to shut up. >> not calling terrorism what it is is political correctness run amuck. our founding fathers would not recognize what's going on when people are having issues with freedom of religion and freedom of speech. >> it's so -- for a news
4:09 am
organization to be saying this you would think that journalists would be the first to say well, hold on a second. when you kill journalists expressing what they believe is true, you're shutting down speech and that's terrifying. but here's al jazeera making apologies for it. >> especially when the wound is so fresh. >> let us know what you think about this. all the news editors making the decision to run the photos or not run the photos and run the cartoons or not run the cartoons. and some other headlines overnight, firebombs thrown at a german newspaper that re-printed the charlie hebdo cartoons. at this hour, two people are in custody and nobody was hurt in the attack or nobody was inside the building when it happened. it is too soon to know if the suspects are linked to the terrorist massacre. a shooting leave there's people dead after a multi-state
4:10 am
police chase. john lee killed his adoptive mother before killing his landlord and critically injuring a man at the insurance policy office. the last stop is an army's restaurant where he murdered the manager. police chased him to washington state where he crashed and was arrested. the motive is still under investigation. and overnight search crews say they have spotted the fuselage of airasia 8501. pings from the black boxes have been heard from where the crews found the plane's tail in the java sea. the aircraft crashed in the water two weeks ago killing all 152 people onboard. slow waves have slowed the rescue of those lost and the wreckage. for a short time "selma" and "into the woods" were named best for drama and musical awards. but this was a mistake citing a
4:11 am
test run saying the winners don't have access to the list. we'll see. and former bill clinton will make a cameo to present george clooney with an award for lifetime achievement. we'll talk about the awards show from hollywood at 8:30 eastern. thank you, anna. coming up on the show, civil liberty groups fight against nsa phone trackers. the nypd stops tracking muslim neighborhoods. we'll show you how we are risking our own safety. and what should the bush administration be doing differently when it comes to handling terror? a former member of the general security council under president obama and bush weighs in. patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you
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4:15 am
welcome back. why are civil liberty advocated making intelligence agencies the enemy? we'll ask douglas murray. nice to see you this morning. welcome to the show. >> good to be with you. >> so why are, to your point civil liberty advocates chipping away at the tool designed to try to prevent these attacks? is it -- some sort of free level of expression, they are okay on opening the doors to allow this information to be out there. what is your take on it? >> well, look, civil liberties organizations have an important place in our society. like a lot of people in different years, a lot of the civil liberty associations have not identified the real enemy as they and we all face. as a result, there's a certain sort of tendency and in britain and elsewhere to regard the
4:16 am
enemy as almost being the government, our government. to see the nsa or the fbi or cia as the enemy. this is a real mistake. it's one of the most enormous categorical errors of our time. i do think people have to realize that we have seen in paris again in recent days what we are up against. the head of the mi-5 just made reference to some of it with the important of interception evidence evidence. in particular, the snowden civil liberty people jumped on we have actually lost one of the only advantages that we have over terrorists, which is the opportunity to try to find out who or what they are going to
4:17 am
do. >> and yet these folks were deemed low risk. so what would having access to their phone done had they not been able to walk away after being deemed low risk? >> look i know we don't know yet enough about the culprit in paris. and we probably won't for some time knowing exactly why on the radar they were. my point is a more generic one that unless you believe the intelligence agencies are the problem or are somehow on the wrong side of something like that, i think you should simply take their words for it by it. but they have to keep quiet on a lot of things and don't give big speeches and don't reveal a lot of their technique. unfortunately, edward snowden's leak revealed an enormous amount of the techniques which your government's agencies and my government's agencies use. i think this is a self-inflicted
4:18 am
wound and one that we don't have the key form carrying out. >> people point to we don't know if there was a seer point. but we don't know the level of abuse, moderate abuse. e-mails -- i don't know. >> the thing is this, unless you honestly believe that the u.k. has a great interest in reading through your phone records, i don't know what the problem is that people have with it. your phone record and your e-mails -- unless you were somebody involved in various activity. i know it is difficult for people to accept but they really are not checking your google accounts. they only have the capacity to
4:19 am
find out those who are a concern to them. >> and still deeming the access they have, they were named. >> wing we could be a step ahead. how far do we go with being a step ahead? five months now. appreciate it. want to fly work for the federal government? and does hillary have what it takes to be president? not according to this comedian. >> there seems to be something very slow and not the same fire that i see in elizabeth warren. >> does she really have a choice? a fair and balanced debate is up next.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
we have your news by the numbers. $31 million is how many taxpayer dollars were spent upgrading airplane seats for executives in the department of health and human services over the last couple of years. wow. some pretty nice seats. 14 is how many points the patriots were down twice before coming back to beat the ravens. in yesterday's afc playoff game that occurred. in the nfc the panthers won 37-13. and $99.
4:24 am
you have to sit up out of bed to turn off the alarm to make that without hitting snooze. her and elizabeth warren are almost the same age. and i see her going boom, boom boom, boom. she seems very slow and very -- i don't see that fire you know, the fire that i used to see that i see in elizabeth warren. i said to people, how much younger is she? 15 years? no 18 >> brian benjamin, thank you for being with us. lisa, maybe she is tired from traveling to so many countries as secretary of state. you say that needs to be the focus, not her age but record as secretary. >> absolutely. i agree with jay leno let's
4:25 am
face it, anna, hillary clinton is no spring chicken. she's been a national figure for a quarter century now but i don't think that's the path the republicans should go down. that's a very dangerous path to address the age or her gender. what i think republicans should focus on is her record. i mean, hillary clinton will have a difficult time separating herself from president obama whose agenda was rejected during historical proportions in 2010. she also paved the way for obamacare incredibly unpopular since inception and she is responsible for president obama's foreign policy defeat. she doesn't have the likability factor like bill clinton. >> when you talk about experience as secretary of state, hillary has been on the world stage dealing with some of
4:26 am
the issues we are so concerned about now. there's no republican who could compete with her on that, so we'll start talking about who has the experience and the record signal of foreign policy hillary is lightyears ahead of the republicans. you should be careful about that argument, but i agree with lisa there shouldn't be a conversation about age when it comes to this election. >> i'll let you have the first word now, we are hear inging strategists say that mitt romney could be ready to run. what do you say to that? >> unless he wants to be out of the conversation, he needs to get out there to say, look, i'm still considering this folks. don't rush to jeb or chris christie at this point. i think it is really posturing to make sure he's part of the conversation as he decides he wants to do this over the next few months.
4:27 am
>> so you think it is more of a powerplay? >> i do. >> lisa, what do you think? >> his rhetoric has changed. he's meeting with former senior staff advisers, but romney's problem will be to convince middle-class voters how much he cares about them. the boston globe said on the question of, does mitt romney care about me? obama beat romney by a 63% margin. i think you have a hard time convincing middle class voters he cares about them. >> thank you so much, anna. 27 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox and friends," what did the administration do? . and first they heard voices and then saw this. could their high school really be haunted? ♪
4:28 am
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4:31 am
good morning, everyone. a fox news alert. french prosecutors now say the grocery store terrorist who also killed a police officer is linked to a third shooting. amedy coulibaly severely
4:32 am
injuried a jogger as he pledged allegiance to isis. and thousands are gathering for an anti-terror rally. millions of people are expected to attend today including 50 world leaders on hand including u.s. attorney general eric holder. meanwhile overnight, five people arrested in connection with the terror attack now released. and the search for the most wanted woman in france going global but it could be too late as turkish officials they have already fled to syria. meanwhile, the attack in paris is the worst since the 2011 bombings also linked to al qaeda. how did the bush administration react back then and how is it different from this administration in general? julie is going to join us now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me.
4:33 am
from your point of view, what do you say? >> in the immediate aftermath is that the united states has already been forced to a defensive position. as a result we are facing a limited array of bad options to choose from. we can express solidarity and condemn the terrorist, afternoon up security in london in 2005 meaning a public transit station. and we are increase the intelligence coordination with the allies. but the problem is these are very short-term defensive moves. what is really needed, which is something that i think the intelligence community has done a great job here at home with is -- >> you need something called the summit for countering violent
4:34 am
extreme extremism. should the president take small-group interactions and build on participants on local and state governments international efforts to better understand and prevent the cyclones authorization at home in the united states and abroad. it goes on like that in your seat. but the word it doesn't remarkably include is muslim or his loom looks. >> in an event like this, this is not a headline. in the wake of the 13-year war where we are winding down in afghanistan and iraq, the war on terror that we are very clear both the administration and with
4:35 am
any kind of national dialogue will go into undertake who the ad very airs are. this is from africa to the middle east and clear about who we find. i think it is important we do the same thing. we are not all going to call this radical islam but why? why do it this way? >> i don't have an answer to that. i know that from everyone from there was a point not to use radical his lame. i would be lying if i claim to understand why. >> and what about the idea of cutting military under this administration? cutting resources when threats seem to be increasing? >> reporter: yeah, defense cuts with the administration as well
4:36 am
as intelligence community. they suffered tremendous budget cuts. as well as budget cuts, they set limits on their scope their sort of intel gathering and analysis capabilities by way of the budget and by way of legislation and presidential directives that indicate what they are and are not allowed to do in the name of protecting the homeland. >> so jillian, the president has been agitated for the closing of gitmo since he ran in 2004. how crucial is it to release the 150 remaining prisoners back into the pool? >> i believe it's a dire threat to national security. the release of these prisoners. the problem is that it's really a black/whitish shoe, or as
4:37 am
political scientists call it, you have civil and human rights on the one hand and national security and homeland security on the other hand. any advantages given to one in this instance are going to retract from the other. and the administration has decided to pursue this issue from the optic of human and civil rights. so in certain cases, the release of the terrorists is actually occurring at the expense of the u.s. national security both at home and abroad. >> we have heard the term low risk for the release of some of these books. 30% of the rates for the folks heading to the battlefield. low risk is what they claimed. the folks who massacred many in france over the past week. jillian, great to see you this morning. >> brad new fox news contributor. thank you so much. on to other stories making headline this is sunday morning. online outrage following president obama's plan to suffer
4:38 am
two years of community college for free. one twitter user writing this i don't need the burden out of paying off somebody else's college education. i'm already trying to pay off my own. another tweet says bring down the costs and then in the next breath says, free community college? that makes no sense. 40% of u.s. students are enrolled in community college and could save nearly $4000 a year. but the plan could cost more than that. >> we know the jobs are going to be better here today and in the future will require more college than our citizens currently are getting. >> all these great big government policies that are coming from this administration that are meant to help young people actually hurt them in the long run. they have pressure i men yal coasts and have to maintain a 2.5 gpa to be eligible.
4:39 am
and a bakery is starting up in southern ya. officials say bread from the bakery was head to the hospital. the bakery also inspected with cockroaches. it is under investigation. and a florida cop is thrown into the street by a runaway dash cam. the sergeant was knocked to the ground when the driver suddenly takes off. several cars pulled over to help him out including his shocked daughter who just happened to be driving by. >> i know brother. >> dad are you okay? >> it will be okay.
4:40 am
it will be okay. >> the woman who ran down the officer was arrested a few lynns times. and watch this, while students were away on christmas break, there's a ghostless figure in the building. critics say it could be dirt. >> it is always possible. >> yes, i'm a step tick. but they also -- how do you get to be a paranormal investigator? our friend jason created the ghosthunters group. he's a skeptic through and through and went out to do plumbing work and routinely came
4:41 am
to houses where families were haunting. jason, good morning. and rick reichmuth is here with us. no room to negotiate with him. >> reporter: well we have had such cool weather this from where we have been at the previous temperatures. 9 in minneapolis. 33 in dallas. there's a storm brewing. this is where we have the winter weather advisory in fact. the purple is where the worst of an ice storm will break out tonight and tomorrow. be careful near the indianapolis area as part of the front and cold already in place is going to fall into are season rain.
4:42 am
there's take a look at what happened temperaturewise, fargo you're getting up to 14. tomorrow you cool back down one more time. then we start to see the temps coming up. something to look forward to. we are still talking ghosts here, thank you. >> trying to make me a believer. coming up the drug program is costing $20 an hour now. a new report shows that the new drone is useless. and a buzz word in the media word. i bet you didn't read that in
4:43 am
"the new york times"."
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here are some numbers to wake you up. the government's drone program costs $12,000 an hour but a new reporter reveals it is pretty much useless. a new survey shows drones flew 80% fewer hours than expected to. plus every hour in the air costs $10,000 more than what the government claims it costs. wow. what is wrong with the drone program? and can it be fixed? we'll ask ronald coburn, former deputy chief of u.s. border patrol. we are grateful to have him. thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you tucker. >> is this important effective? >> when i read the report that the inspector general put out, i
4:47 am
did say to myself, it's about time. what it does is it dispels the myth that drones or unman human tear humanitary. it does have value, strategic and tactical value, but not in the way it has been used and is falling short of expectations. >> it is weird to see massive blimps set up to catch illegalment grants -- illegal
4:48 am
immigrants. in tucson, arizona, 1.8% of apprehensions were helped by drones. in texas it is .70%. that's miserable. >> that's in part because they are not applying this particular unmanned aerial system, the predator bn a tactical sense in order to help troops on the ground intercepting illegal activity on the ground. the problem is we expected to get greater coverage. the problem is that we are seeing the drones fly four hours on average per day. when doing a tactical job it is
4:49 am
very valuable because of the sensor payload on it. but when it is not used that way, it has more of a measurable value. that's been their challenge. we don't have the met metro or the capability for this to be met met. >> the initial pilot program in 2004, before the program was handed off to the successor, this comes at a cost of $13 million or more when adding the
4:50 am
sensor package to it. they proved that it can have a tactual environment in spots and tack ing tackingling this in other environments. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. and did you know there are more crimes committed by us? and "the washington post" staffer thinks so. el we'll have more after this.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
welcome back. this is a live look at paris as many people millions of people are expected to attend an anti-terror rally along with benjamin netanyahu and other world leaders. >> anti-semitism is not just in france. here in the united states jews are four times more likely to be victims of hate crimes than
4:55 am
muslims and nine times more than christians. >> why are politicians and pundits focusing their worry on violence against the muslim community? here is a former cia analyst with the security policy that is joining us now to set the stage on this. fred great to see you. what is a hate crime? >> a hate crime is a crime against an ethnic group or group on social orientation tracked closely by the fbi and other legal authorities. as you said there have been far more of these crimes against if jewish-americans and muslim americans. >> fred, in the wake of the shootings, they are ignoring crime against the jews. what evidence do you have to back that up? >> we did an important study to
4:56 am
show there was a spike in anti-husband almost attacks after 9/11. it was there for nine weeks and trailed off, but during the nine-week period there, were twice as many attacks against jewish-americans and muslim-americans. >> do you think they came from the muslim groups? >> well n the united states, i don't know that the attacks against jews were against muslims. but in france there's simply no doubt that the surge of immigrants from muslim countries has caused an enormous increase. almost even times in the 1990s. >> fred we appreciate your time. >> good to be here. video just emerging of the french supermarket killer pledging allegiance to isis. >> what this means to the investigation as thousands gather for the anti-terror march
4:57 am
in paris. we'll bring you live there with breaking details. these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills, living trusts and more.
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we'll take care of it. vo: we put members first... join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ hi, everyone. good morning it is sunday, january 11, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. new warnings emerge that the terror attacks may not be over. and a disturbing video of the grocery store killer emerging this morning pledging allegiance to isis and defending his murders as retribution. and the terror wife of that killer is on the run at this hour and could be gone for good. french police admit they stopped watching the couple months ago calling them low risk. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now.
5:01 am
moments ago suspects shoot the terror suspect that was killed to another death. amedy coulibaly also pledged his allegiance to isis. >> let's go live to greg palkot for more live in paris. >> reporter: we are an hour now from where close to a million people are expected to
5:02 am
participate in a rally against terrorism. that will include as many as 50 world leaders, eric holder attorney general is representing the united states. he was also here for a summit meeting with other law enforcement officials. and a big security presence with more than 5,000 police and soldiers out on the streets of paris to make sure there was no more trouble. this as the world looks into the terrible terror attacks this past week. all six detained in relation to the attack have been released by police, but their search continues big time for their remaining prime suspect who is on the loose. and that is hayat bomeddiene. she is believed to be an accomplice to amedy coulibaly, killing a french police officer and holding hostages at the supermarket killing four there until he was killed. fox news can confirm the police are now linking him possibly to
5:03 am
another shooting that happened last wednesday, the day of the slaughter at the newspaper office seriously injuring that jogger. and fox news can confirm, police tell us they are opening this probe as a terror probe. this as we watch the crowds gather and the police are making sure that nothing happens on this day which is following many days of terror here. back to you guys. >> thank you, greg. well, we have been telling you for months about isis. their activities have been going on throughout iraq and syria, but the concern is they will threaten us in the west. now it has happened and there's concrete evidence of it. the man who held the hostages at the kosher grocery store in paris, they emerged a tape showing his allegiance to isis. >> it has a similar production value of other isis propaganda
5:04 am
videos to reference the issue of killing the policewoman there and about charlie hebdo but did not mention anything about the deli. it appears this is while he was on the run between the two incidents. >> this is, amedy coulibaly. we are now learning this morning that the terror sleeper cells have been activated. groups in other pards of the world right now, yemen and other hot spots have been activated. right now police are being told on the corner, even as police watch corners and shopping malls, transportation hubs. they are being told to armor up, put on body armor and carry weapons. this is something they do not typically do in france. >> they are also told to
5:05 am
minimize their imprints on media, facebook an twit erter. >> europe is on guard against new terror attacks considered imminent. what is the american response? the obama administration announced a white house summit on countering violent extremism sending out a press release on this, which we got this morning. one word is missing from this meeting on islamic terror and that's islamic. you will not find it. here's a quote from this press release just this morning released by the white house. let's better understand and identify and prevent the circle of radicalization to violence at home in the united states and abroad. it will be interesting to see who is invited to this.
5:06 am
>> it appears it's lumping all kinds of violence together and not meaning the enemy being so politically correct, but we have seen that, workplace violence even though the terrorists are screaming "god is great" in their language. we see documents scrubs of the word islamic and muslim and terrorist rather than replacing them with bad guy and the enemy. >> they have been trying to pretend to the obama administration now for six years, but you do, they have downplayed this violence. but that's not the case on the president of egypt who was an observant muslim who just the
5:07 am
other day named the problem. >> let's listen to his speech when he calls out the problem with radical islam. [ speaking foreign language ] >> so for those who can't speak arabic, he said, look islam is inspiring this terror that's
5:08 am
extremely upsetting as an observant muslim. but he said this, how is it that the rigidity becomes almost impossible and he's antagonizing the entire world. he's saying islam has become too rigid, fundamental and literal. if he can say that, why can't obama? >> you are hearing that echoed by the french prime minister coming out with a very strong statement condemning radical islam. but it took a few days to do it. >> and a lot of calls for leadership within the muslim community to denounce radical islam as well. also going on the last couple of days, the no-go zones controlled by the sharia law victims. this is a ten-minute cab ride
5:09 am
where radical islam is happening right out in the streets. we have ryan moreau a security analyst, with exclusive video who was on the show earlier to talk about that. >> it is called moguls of america. they are not going to operate under their name here in the u.s., but there's a quote from their leader saying use nice words when preaching to your enemy. throughout the country, there are 22 so-called islamic villages. and this is a radical group that is a built of a cult because they believe their leader in pakistan is capable of doing miracles. >> does this surprise anybody, though? our liberal policy makes no distinction based on islamic terror. we do believe in culturism, but
5:10 am
you have to unify people and we don't exist on that anymore. >> right here in new york, the muslim brotherhood mapping being done that was mixed in the name of political correctness. >> some of the names ryan talked about in texas, california other parts of the country, up in hancock, new york. islam islamburg is what they call it when you drive up there on the private property. the financers bought the land to allow the training groups unveil on the u.s. soil. millions of people are pouring onto the streets casing for free doochlt. >> reporter: you know who was not here the national front in france which is denounced that far right, but look after the
5:11 am
shootings you would think there would be an open, honest adult conversation about immigration but there's not. those have decided to silence the defense on the question and that's a shame. >> investigators walking through parks in france and europe, reports say they have islamic fundamentalists coming up to them asking the women to cover-up, enacting sharia law to go to work. get some coffee, enjoy your work. >> what you're seeing here is this rally. it's a great effort of solidarity international. we have leaders on behalf of the entire world as eric says
5:12 am
millions of people are expected to be there. and the threat of sleeper cells. we are learning the terrorists we have been talking about the last couple of days, the hostage takers, the "charlie hebdo" executioners have been followed since 2011 after one trained with al-maliki. for whatever reason, they fell off the radar deemed low risk so the intelligence officials could start to focus on people they felt were high risk. somehow -- >> this is the single most popular hashtag in the history of twitter. that's a measure of everything. there's a great deal of solidarity in france. the coming days is what is the
5:13 am
direction and focus? what kind of reforms do the people need? joining us is the host of "fox news sunday" joining us from washington. chris, what do you make of this as you watch this tape, too? >> chris, can you hear us this morning? >> yes hey! >> millions of people are storming to the streets crying out for freedom and throwing up support against terrorism. what do you make of the world leaders being there? >> look, it is a very inspiring sight. and it obviously shows that the terrorists have not frightened or cowed either in france or around the world. but having said that it doesn't mean very much because, you know, these kinds of public rallies are not going to stop the terrorists.
5:14 am
if anything they may simply insight that terrorists need to do more. so you really have to talk about effective names which i knew was existing, which are training and able to go through the internet. these rallies are nice and i'm sure everybody is going to go home to feel good, but it is not going to stop the next set of kouachi brothers from carrying out their attacks. we are at war and the french prime minister said exactly that last night, we are in a war against the islamic jihad
5:15 am
exists. this is as similar it is as it was on 9/12. we have to kill them and stop them before they attack us. and even if it isn't on the scale of 9/11 where you've got 3,000 people killed and two of the great landmarks in new york are knocked down we have seen the power of this nation as it takes 54 hours to protect the nation and we have to stop them. >> chris, how long until we hear stronger rhetoric from the white house saying exactly what you just said? >> well, i don't know.
5:16 am
i mean, this is a president n some respecting, he's much more than george w. bush and took down osama bin laden. we have just seen it for six years he's on -- reluctant to talk about the war on terror or islamic jihadists. but having said that, it's not the rhetoric that matters but what you do. i have an exclusive interview on ""fox news sunday" he's been involve involved in counter financing.
5:17 am
we've got as we saw in the case of the kouachi brothers to get trained and to come back with counter messaging, the variability to spread their propaganda over the internet either to people, to get people to come to the middle east or simply to solve radicalizing in their home countries,.. is that effective and do we have to find ways to make that more effective? take a listen. >> these individuals were inspired in some way. they were probably not self-radicalized on the internet, which is another way that these attacks sometime occur. there is indication that one did receive training in yemen and
5:18 am
there's a linkage among them. whether it's schools or family relationships. as far as whether it was directed by al qaeda, i don't think that has been established. >> we are back live now looking at paris this morning. chris wallace online. chris, maybe i'm wrong correct me if i'm wrong, i can't help to see parallels to what happened right as world war ii was unfolding and what we were seeing in western europe. and america is possibly asleep at the switch waiting to be awakened. do we need another attack before we take a greater lead internationally on this? >> well we had our pearl harbor. we had 9/11. if that wasn't enough i think people are aware of the problem. one could argue in terms of the white house about their reluctance as i say to talk
5:19 am
about things, like the war on terror terror. shortly after the president's re-election he gave a speech in which he talked about taking the country off a war footing. he almost talked like the war on terror was winding down, that we were out of iraq and we were getting out of afghanistan and of the countries that called themselves al qaeda the fact is that the war is still going on and this is a slap in the face to the politicians in washington and across the civilized world,
5:20 am
that as long as these groups are out there spreading their hate, again, it doesn't take an army. this is where i disagree of you about a world war ii in a sense as difficult as that was, at least we understood the nature of conventional warfare. they had an army and we had an army to fight them. but suddenly they can go shoot up a newspaper and for 54 hours hold the city of paris at hostage. that's a different kind of war. >> great point. >> chris, thank you for making sense of all this. we'll be watching your show today. >> thank you. we'll continue to follow this story live from paris after the break. stay with us.
5:21 am
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>> a fox news alert. thousands are gathering for an anti-terror rally in paris today. that includes 50 world leaders. among them u.s. attorney general eric holder, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and many many more. we are following this for the rest of the day. what if something like the attack in paris happens here? "the washington post" column istist you eugene robinson say this is.
5:25 am
>> one thing that is different here is weapons are universally available and so it is actually a very good thing that the tensions are not exactly the same because we would expect to have more carnage here. >> is that really the case? we have emmy miller here and richard faller. emily, do you agree with eugene's comments? >> first of all it is up correct to say ownership of guns will lead to more deaths, in fact, it will probably stop the crime or slow down the number of journalists in paris. but also to have common sense. there have been numerous times when gun holders have stopped something happening including multiple terror shootings. that's why the terrorists don't come here because of civilian ownership. they come here to bomb us unfortunately, but they cannot come here with guns because
5:26 am
americans can shoot back. it is wrong on so many levels. >> richard, do you agree with eugene's comments? more carnage would have unfolded here? >> number one, the only way you can fight terrorism is by continuing to live out the constitution. with that being said there has to be some limit to the amount of guns we have. and the argument he's trying to make is when you have folks to buy enough weapons to blow up the taliban here in the united states, off huge problem. what happened in newtown and sandy hook elementary, those students died because that individual got his hands on a gun. and we have to make sure that we do everything we can to make sure the right people have guns and the wrong people don't have guns. we have to make sure we have the right gun safety laws in place so the individuals can't get guns. >> france has the most extreme gun control laws. in fact, the poor police are not armed. it was horrific to watch. and how did that work out for them? not so well. here it is the civilian ownership in the united states is at the highest rate it has
5:27 am
ever been. and the violent crime rate continues to decrease every year according to fbi statistics. so it just patently falls and is an emotional conversation saying more guns lead to more crime it's just wrong. >> what if those newspapers have the ability to pull out a gun go to the safe while the carnage was unfolding to protect themselves? >> here's the thing, clayton, this is where i disagree fundamentally with emily the idea that having guns will stop things or crime from happening. look at sandy hook. the security guard had a gun yet first graders and second graders died. we could have prevented that if adam lanza did not have access to a gun whatsoever. that was because of lack of gun safety laws -- >> connecticut has -- >> nobody is saying to strip the constitution of the second amendment. nobody is saying the private ownership gun laws are okay.
5:28 am
you have to limit the high capacity magazines and on and on. >> richard, all the laws are in effect. in fact, in connecticut, they were in effect. it is against the law for someone criminally dangerous to have a gun. he stole them. he was a maniac and should have been in a mental hospital. this debate is about islamic terrorists. and whether they can do more damage here. >> it doesn't mean we can't have more gun safety laws in america. >> go to our facebook page this morning and weigh in on this exact debate. emily and richard, we appreciate the heated discussion this morning. thank you. coming up the french prime minister is looking at the war on islam. why can't our own leadership call it what it is radical
5:29 am
islam? and right now hundreds of thousands of people are rallying in the heart of paris to rally against terrorism. we'll take you live to paris, next. if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped over one million business owners get started. visit us today for legal help you can count on to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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good morning, everyone. you are looking live at terrorists where an estimated 1 million people will be gathering for this unity rally there as
5:33 am
they are crying for freedom. thousands already gathering. the march is just a half hour away. people marched down three major routes in the capital. also, all transportation is free today so anyone who wants to come down to the rally any transportation from the buses to subways are all free. so francois hollande is allowing anyone to come out to the rally. >> a remarkable display of world solidarity. world leaders from across the planet converging on the world capital of paris one of the oldest cities in the world. among them, the president, the prime minister rather of israel, benjamin netanyahu, the head of the palestinian authority, mahmoud abbas, the administration has sent the attorney general of the united states, eric holder still attorney general, will be joined by dozens of other world leaders today. >> this is all huge security
5:34 am
challenge, though. they apparently have some 2,000 police officers deployed to the area to manage the crowd. but we're also reporting that the law enforcement has been asked to suit up with body armor to arm themselves. something they is a-typical for that part of the world. and also remove their imprint online. their social media pages and their facebook and twitter, so they can't be put in the cross hairs of paris so specifically. >> carrying batons usually. >> we are also learning that the president of ukraine will be there. and russian's foreign minister will be attending. you can't overstate what a huge event this is when you get the presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers of all the countries in one place. this is a big deal. the question hanging over all of this is, what exactly does it mean? you're looking at people waving
5:35 am
that flag now, i am charlie. a reference to the magazine that had their offices devastated on friday from the terror attack. what does it mean exactly going forward and what will it accomplish? a box of energy with forward momentum moving toward what? >> you thought many were acting in solidarity with big bedding. then we had firebombs overnight thrown at a german newspaper that reprinted the "charlie hebdo" cartoons. this debate continues as well. and the french prime minister is calling it radical islam, so the question this
5:36 am
morning, will the word follow? will the united states follow that? here's what the french prime minister manuel valls had to say last night. in reading it he doesn't leave any stone unturned. listen to this, he says, "we are at war not at war against a religion or against a civilization but to defend our values which are universal. that's war against terrorism and radical islamism against everything that would break our solidarity, our liberty, our fraternity." hmm, interesting. >> he's really echoing words in a more tent war. egypt is the largest arab countfully the world. cairo is the second for islamist learning. he vail. if it is islam, it would be cairo egypt.
5:37 am
islam has become rigid it has become fundamentalist. and the world is suffering as a result. he issued a direct challenge to islamic religious leaders to do something about this. keep in mind, every terror attack is in need of appealing to the fundamentalist movement, like in saudi arabia. >> itatened their power on things locking the petro dollars. of course, soosama bin laden named them a target. it's been a poor deal for the rest of us facing consequences
5:38 am
of it. at some point, the obama administration is going to step up or subsequent administration to call the problem a religious problem. it is not all muslims. we are peaceful and decent people. we know a lot of them but there's a species of the region -- >> we heard just about and hour ago that one of the words missing was muslim or islam. is that surprising when we see words removed and replaced with words like enemy and bad guys? >> when you have world leaders now using the term radical islam like the french prime minister did, whether or not this has raised the bar, we'll play the soundbyte as you look live at
5:39 am
benjamin netanyahu arriving there. >> what the prime minister or is saying is confirmed by the works of the 9/11 commission. but then from 2009 it was completely taken out completely deleted by the obama administration and replaced by an abstract narrative, extreme bad guys, criminals. what the french have done is to tell us and the international community there's a movement. not about religion or anything else but a movement at a young age. so what happens next? >> will someone make the obvious point that france is having
5:40 am
these problems possibly because it has the largest muslim population in europe as a result of the immigration policy? it is time to rethink immigration policies in europe and by the way also here in north america, to pay attention to the country of origin. is it a good idea to let a lot of people from countries where violent islamism is right come to this country? what do we get out of it? these are the questions we get over the coming days. >> here's shar irvegsia law. suddenly recommended changes against general david pa pa patreaus. why now? but first live pictures from paris with hundreds gathering in solidarity against terror. we'll bring you the latest, next.
5:41 am
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a fox news alert now. thousands of people are gathering in the streets of paris to show solidarity against terrorism. how concerned would you be if you were a french citizen about the french sleep terror cells being activated this morning? >> quite terrified. i'm very disappointed that somehow president obama couldn't participate in this event as well. it's a real critical moment in
5:45 am
the fight against radical islam, which this administration has yet to identify as such. it seems like last night and this morning i was monitoring media throughout the world, liberals and conservatives, and everyone else is talking about radical islam except the white house. and it's very disappointing. >> we were talking earlier on the show, this is a watershed moment right now. so what do we do with this? what can we do with this energy and momentum against violent extremism? >> well, from the very beginning, this is war within islam itself. and what we finally have now are muslims, political leaders, religious leaders throughout the world stepping forward to say we have a problem internally. what are we going to do to deal with this? the president of egypt the other day was fantastic. we have the president in jordan
5:46 am
today. we don't have as many as we would like stepping out to talk about this to the united states, but they need to begin this dialogue within their own civilization and we lidgeous belief system to say this is not part of islam in the 21st century. it may have been the case in the eighth century but that's not the case now. if you want to take it a step further, the biggest problem we've got is saudi arabia and qatar. they the root of the problem. i can keep this simple for your viewers. the saudi family is made up of hundreds of tribes who only created that nation after the fall of the ottoman empire in the 21st century. the house of sod has radicated
5:47 am
the region by pushing their agenda here at home. so we have to follow the money that goes all the way back to saudi arabia. the problem we have now goes straight back to their throne. and i commend the newly-retired i believe he's a deputy minister of defense for the u.k. he spoke out last week and has said that this problem that we have globally now is due to the saudis themselves. so we need to get to the root of that problem while islam has this internal dialogue about the radical dependence of the state. >> it didn't cost any money it was just three people and a couple who killed 17 people. i'm wondering why, why were people raised in france all to benefit -- why would they want to do that? what has gone wrong in the west?
5:48 am
what is the lure of this ideology and craziness? >> right well, again if you want to look at a strategic understanding of this phenomena the disenchanted, the disconnected from a culture, there's a fantastic seminole work done 40 to 50 years ago called the true believers. whether it be socialism, communism, radical islam whatever the case may be there are certain characteristics and certain profiles. and the police know all about this, the agency knows all about this and the french services know about it. the folks are disenfranchised from their country. that's a historical fact back to communism, fascism, you name it. but again, that has to be dealt with on a tactical police level but strategically strategically it is time now to call the house of sod to the carpet and begin putting pressure on them to stop the funding. you say there's not much money
5:49 am
involved in a few rounds of ammunition, some explosives, but look at all the logistics that were put into place by the saudi government in yemen, in syria, in iraq with isis, the money is flowing from there, not directly through the saudis, they have been very smart themselves in the house of sod but they give the money to others in the nation to provide money to those networks who enable a guy like the terrorists in paris to fly into yemen, get training and then go back. so that's the real root of the cause that we have right now before us. and we need to begin a talking to the saudis in a very hard-nosed fashion. and i'm afraid this administration is not up to that at all. >> you mentioned the call of action, really the wake-up call that at least made americans realize that the severity of isis was the first beheadings james foley and as we are starting to see these terror
5:50 am
activities spill into the west, you know, in paris for crying out loud is this a wake up? it's called -- have we giant? is this a real call for action that's going to make us act stronger? >> i hope so. my monitoring and my reading of what's going on globally in the media and foreign press is that they are finally addressing islam. unlike this administration yet okay, and so that is the -- that is the beginning. but listen, i want -- as far back as president clinton, his worst nightmare was for an american city to be held hostage by a weapon of mass destruction sitting in some hotel somewhere, be it downtown new york city, chicago or l.a. every month, every year that we stay away from addressing the core issue, which is the saudis and the financial network to
5:51 am
support radical islam globally every month or year that passes brings us closer to a weapon of mass destruction attack upon our shores, which will make 9/11 look like child's play. >> jeremiah people are just waking up. you're looking live in paris where millions are expected to come out and support against terror and anti-terror rallies, over 50 world leaders attending and that is about to start in about nine minutes. people bringing pens and pencils, laying them down in the city square here and, in fact large replicas of pen ills. we got a press release this morning, jeremiah. from the white house where they're going to be holding panel discussions on radicalism. but missing from that press release is the word islam. what did you make of that press release this morning?
5:52 am
>> you know political correctness runs amuck still. i understand this president has muslims within his family. perhaps it is a difficult thing for him. he is the president of the united states. he has an obligation to call it what it is. when fascism and communism raised its head decades ago and the west had to taken that on internally and some -- the powers that be within the west the united states, the uk do so militarily there is no withdraw from doing what was needed. the political correctness has got to stop. no one here is demonizing a faith. and i'll say something, even though it's a very serious day, a very serious week, i'll say something here that i've joked about for decades with friends. i'd rather a family from cairo as my neighbor than somebody from beverly hills.
5:53 am
i have more in common with them being the son of irish immigrants and a conservative roman catholic. but the fact of the matter within islam we have got a radical strain that has to be dealt with and it's an absolute disgrace that this president is not forthright in his analysis of it and speaking to that. because until that is sofltd, and the united states has to lead this effort, has to lead this effort until that white house changes the verbiage that they use and call it what it is, we are again, one day at a time fast approaching that day when weapons of mass destruction will be used in the united states. be it a dirty bomb biological or god help us a nuclear device. >> so you're looking at these pictures here and people holding up pens signs that say i am charlie and the point appears to be we are offering resistance to
5:54 am
these efforts to silence us, who are saying things the islamists didn't like. yet around the world, most newspapers, most media outlets refused to reprint the pictures that inspired this violence. isn't that a sign that, in fact, terrorism works? >> you know, that can cut both ways. i truly do understand news services, newspaper ss, tv, media not wanting to publish those cartoons. you don't want to draw the fire of some lunatic, radical islamist in your city, upon yourself and your family. and it's perfectly capable of going that far where they begin going after the families of journalists. so i sympathize with that. so it cuts both ways. there's no need to draw fire upon yourself right now. let's deal with the fact that
5:55 am
this is a linchpin moment. the world is finally talking about radical islam, its tenant and more importantly islam itself is internally beginning to have this dialogue finally after -- what is it 12, 13, 14 years. >> jeremiah we're looking live this morning in paris as the world leaders about five minutes away from this rally. looks like they're boarding a bus. we saw just moments ago german leader angela merkel getting on the bus. what do you hope to hear from the leaders this morning in their speeches? >> first of all i'd like to hear the word radical islam. second of all, i'd like them to explain that islam is a -- one of the three great fatal of the will. i don't mean to disown or disregard others. and it is a beautiful faith. has -- it is in the process now
5:56 am
of going through a radical change, if you will. much like christianity did in the western europe centuries ago. we had our share of the crusades and other events and aspects of our christian faith that were perhaps -- well, looking back very brutal, even so with christianity. so this is a cleanse. and i hope the leaders do not ostracize the muslim world, which i'm sure they won't. but at the same time i hope they start you can talking about radical islam. >> get that conversation going and get it strengthened. jeremiah, thank you so much for your observations and perspectives this morning. >> thank you. coming up, we're just moments away from the start of the rally for freedom in france. we'll take you up there to the top of the hour live.
5:57 am
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hi everyone. good morning. today is sunday, the 11th of january, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. up to a million people packing the streets of paris, standing up against terror. world leaders just getting to the scenes as the rally kicks off right now. and rick levinthal is there live on the ground. this is the first time we've been able to catch up with you this morning. give us the sights and sounds. set the scene. >> it is an incredible scene here at one of the main squares in downtown paris in center city. tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, difficult to put a number on this crowd around us. the square is completely packed. every street and avenue in every
6:01 am
direction is completely full of people. and it is a jubilant atmosphere in the crowd. a lot of chanting a lot of clapping. we are charlie, in honor of the people who were killed at charlie hebdo, the satirical newspaper. this whole rally, this march and mass demonstration an anti-error rally is being led by the french president. family members of the 17 victims that were killed in multiple terror attacks this week. up to a million people are expected and that number could have already very well been reached. the streets are completely packed. the squares are completely packed. there are dozens of world leaders here today. the prime minister of israel, turkey jordan's king and queen, spain is here. it goes on and on.
6:02 am
again, the goal here is to show that the people stand with authorities, the people stand gist terrorism renewing and strengthening their effort to defeat radical islamics. as you can imagine, safety and security is the primary concern because of the size of this crowd and because of the strength of attacks through this city this week. so there are thousands of police and soldiers and security personnel on hand. quick intervention teams, like s.w.a.t. teams there are plain clothes police in the crowd. a couple dozen anti-criminal crews, sharp slooters on rooftops, paying attention to high vantage points and sewers, as well. similar to the efforts we saw in times square on new year's eve, but on this, a very similar and large scale and unprecedented,
6:03 am
i'm told here in paris. >> the police there have been told to remove their social media profile wes b basically going unmarked so they are not being pinpointed by threats in the crowd. obviously, security is a huge concern this morning. have you managed to talk to any different security personnel or any police and any of the concerns they've had this morning? have they been mostly peaceful? >> this has been incredibly peaceful. there's been no sign of any trouble anywhere that we have seen and what we're seeing is this chanting and this cheering this clapping the waving of flags and signs and just a general sense of joy, which is remarkable considering how awful things have been here. the police are obviously very serious and they are not in a talkative mood. they're are many officers and
6:04 am
soldiers in uniform. again, many undercover, as well. they are watching their backs and being very careful because therve talking and there are concerned that they will be targeted again. >> rick, it's being billed as a rally for unity. looking out at the people attending it is it a cross-section, would you say, of french society? do you see a lot of muslims there? >> yeah. actually, it's something i meant to mention. it is absolutely a cross-section of young, old, all races all religions represented here and we they you may not able to hear just a rolling wave, almost like the wave you see at a football game. we have these over and over again, these rolling waves of clapping through the crowd just applause. and it's pretty remarkable and it is a cross-section ppts a true representation of the people of france and the people
6:05 am
of europe and it's -- it is a terrific show of support and unity here in the center of paris today. >> thought agrees to hear that it is a cross-section of even muslims who live in france are coming out in unity as well. we're beginning to hear most of this, the french prime minister saying we are at war with radical islam but that's not something we're hearing from the white house. there's a white house summit on countering violent extremism. there is a panel discussion that will be going on. and the word islam and muslim is not mentioned at all. from your sources that you've been talking to about this rally, is that a point of concern for them? >> i don't know if u.s. politics figures into the french politics at this stage. i can tell you that there's no question on this end that this is being called terrorism that
6:06 am
these are and were terrorist action and everyone here knows it. and they're doing what they can to try and prevent a similar act from happening in the foorch. but there is a very large muslim population in france, the largest in europe and there's certainly a small percentage of that that is considered radicalized. many of them some 1200 or more have left france to go fight with isis. there are some of them who have returned home and, as we know there are at least a couple terrorisms who fought and are trained in yemen who carries out those attacks at the newspaper earlier this week. so, you know there is an issue an ongoing issue here. there's been a lot of talk about how they can best address the issue of radicalized citizens of france who may return and leave to sell more tror on their homeland. they're obviously aware of it and they're trying to combat it and they had a two of had hour
6:07 am
meeting, the french government leaders returned yesterday to try and convince they'll do a better job. what we're seeing here today is they show efforts to try and rid this society of terrorism. >> so is anybody in perhaps right now -- it's hard to tell from here -- talking about immigration which it strikes me played a role in all this. is that part of the public discussion? >> i've got to apologize. it's pretty loud here. so i didn't catch the question. >> the question is simply is anybody in france in a public way, in some sort of legitimate public forum talking about immigration, which at least from this stance it seems like it may have played a role in all this? >> what i can tell you is that there is a grave concern across paris and across the country
6:08 am
that they are at risk. they know that there is a radical element and that radicalism is not happy with french society. it's free press and they've made that clear. what the people of france are saying is that we don't care we're standing up to it. we're going to continue to publish satirical concerns and continue to speak our mind and show our strength in numbers, which is what they're doing here today. >> rick leventhal live for us in paris, where it's after 3:00 in the afternoon with the rally. anti-terrorism rally has unfolded in the streets. thanks, rick. >> thank you guys. >> we want to bring in walid. we've seen a number of these leaders boarding buses. we saw the german chancellor angela merkel, we saw benjamin netanyahu among histories,
6:09 am
farther francois hollande is getting ready to march. what do you hope to hear from these leaders today at this rally? >> if there is one historic opportunity for world leaders, especially firstly european leaders, but we noticed that there are middle east leaders and each one has an important role. each one of these leaders, president, prime minister, monarchs and in the middle east, the prmgs and presidents each one of their countries is at war with terrorism, is at war with the jihadists, the absolute same network. the bombing was happening in paris, in egypt, in jordan and a of course across the middle east. this is the moment where the capital of the world terrorists will become the capital of the world for that moment, for these hours, giving the opportunity, a forum for these leaders to
6:10 am
condemn the ideology behind it. that's crucial. if they condemn an abstract as this administration in washington is doing, the general notion of terrorism, the general notion of extremism, these people will be be trade. they want to hear a condemnation of the ideology, and second a commitment to all these leaders who have seats at the european union, who have seats at the united nations and the security council take the action at the world stage. it's about time that this ideology and this moment will be condemned not just in france but around the world. so in my view, this one million men and women that, by the way, i should just mention have a rapgz of all political parties including the right wing where the leader is not supporting for reasons but including of course
6:11 am
muslims, look at the flag. the tv networks were showing flags of the algerian community, and even a flag of positiveny ya. i can see it right here. so the communities in france, are very important. they are rising now against the jihadists. personally, this is not the first western demonstration against extremism, but it has to win. in beirut in 2005, it was the -- revolution. in iran in 2009 there was the green revolution. in egypt 2013, millions walk from the streets against extremism. but now is the first time in a free world, in a democratic nation. so the hope is that those million people are going to
6:12 am
inspire not just french governments, but many other capitals in europe and the real hope is going to inspire americans at one point. >> what do you make of what the egyptian president said the other day, his message to clerics in his country and the agony he displayed over the idea of islam is inspiring violence? if he's going to be that direct, the president of egypt, do you think that's a turning point? do you think he'll inspire western leaders to be that direct? >> what a turning point. nobody knows this. the media and the front ignored because most of the media was all about respect, the mainstream media had been pushing for the sanctions against this man, this leader. for the president of the arab sunni country. he is the man who said we need a revolution inside islam. and where was he speaking?
6:13 am
he was speaking at a mosque in cairo. he was speaking at the vat cat of the sunni world and his speech was absolutely different than the speech of our president of cairo. these were tectonic changes that were happening. if you want my suggestion, if i can make it, he should be invited to washington to address the american public as a president elected democratically of egypt he should be invited by this to address what's going on within the region, the real fight against the brotherhood against the fundamentalist regime, against hezbollah and those who believe democracy has no rule among people. >> and all this is freedom of speech. at the heart of this is the freedom of speech. >> well, at the heart of the battle is freedom of speech. what is the real reason for the struggle with the jihadist?
6:14 am
they want to impose their views. ifviews what happened to you? they come and kill you. even if you are not you know using weapons because in the past the machine of the jihadists will say, you have occupied us, you have killed us. the news room of charlie hebdo obvious anywhere in the middle east? they use pens, they use pencils. so the battle really is about freedom. what you see right now, i am amazed to see a million people and maybe more in france. but this is the expression of the silent majority. we've seen previous revolutions which i just mentioned. when a silent majority moves, nothing can stop it. read social media read expression before they were very angry, they were afraid, and now is the time for them to express themselves. and i'm very happy and it's a very sad day, but i'm very happy
6:15 am
that all communities are participating. this 1 million people with kriftan and atheists and conservatives and muslims and jus is the destruction of the myths of islam-phobia. every time you put aside the jihadists, then you've got a lobby here in the united states and around the world that would accuse you of islam-phobia. so acute a million people of islam phobia, if i can. >> one of the smartest analysts i know on this topic. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> it's interesting to watch these rallies and some people saying look, there's a strain of hypocrisy through the leaders that have arrived today in support of free speech. the prime minister of slovenia poland and others who have gone
6:16 am
in, gone into magazine headquarters and ripped up documents and forced publishers in poland to stop publishing things that you find offensive to -- >> all through western europe people are sitting in jail right now in france, great britain in germany for saying things that were unfashionable unattractive. >> yet they're there. >> the first amendment is only in the united states. it's worth mentioning. >> and these leaders are there in party of this rally in support of what charlie hebdo stood for. we want to bring in lieutenant colonel peters who has been outspoken on this issue. are you there and watching what we were watching as we look live in paris what do you make of this rally this morning? >> i think the rally is, of course, a positive thing. but you have to avoid the notion that this rally is going to be the catalyst that changes
6:17 am
everything. it's fine to show solidarity but what does this really change? at the end of the day, it's not what you're willing to walk for you know walk for the cure for a radical islam, but what matters and what you are willing to fight for. and what you still do not see in the western world is a willingness to defense other civilization in a physical sense to defend it. >> and this barbaric ideology let's try to get into their minds of these radical islamic groups. when they say a showing up to a million people backing the streets in paris in 108 darety does this em bolding them or are they emboldened when newspapers decide not to publish the papers by charlie hebdo? >> you have three dead terrorists and this is the
6:18 am
reaction. they can shut down a country, drag world leaders to paris, bring a million people out into the streets. so even though they know the rally is directed against them, they're excited about this. but the real failure -- i mean the people in the street mean well. i think it's great that they're doing this. fine. the real failure, the thing which we should be horribly ashaped was the courtess of the western media. i follow sharlly hebdo and other publications for years. i personally found those cartoons, many of them offensive. but identities about the freedom of the press our freedom to see what we believe to make critical commentary. and the great fare this week was on the part of the western media, faced with this attack, those cartoons should have been reprinted in solidarity on the front page of every newspaper in the western world.
6:19 am
and they weren't. we heard all sorts of excuses. i'm offended myself by beheadings, by the massacre of journalists, but the slaughter of thousands of people in nigeria, and the other excuse, which is so lame is with he to be concerned about the safety of our employees. if everyone in the media gets on board, they can't kill millions of us. and there were some news outlets that did reprint some or all the cartoon cartoons. let's be fair. huffington post, gutsy. they came out with a cartoon. but what fell down? it was the print media. by the way i think this is another symptom of why print media is in such trouble. they've just lost all courage. >> they're courts. the daily caller did run those
6:20 am
cartoons. >> good for them. >> i want to get to what seems like change in rhetoric. you're hearing word leaders. you saw the president of egypt. two weeks ago you saw the prime minister of france yesterday call this problem what it is, a problem with islamic terror. you haven't heard the white house use that language. why? and b, why is the president of the united states not at this rally? should he be? >> well, yes, he should be. he is is de facto leader of the western world. but the problems with president obama is first of all, he romanticizes islam. his political ideology hasn't matured past the t-shirt level. it's the idea for him that somehow on some level all resistance to western
6:21 am
imperialism is virtuous. the left is always looking for a utopia elsewhere. so there is this romanticzation. on top of that, you have this president's remarkable level of vanity. it's beyond arrogance. this is primitive vanity where he cannot bring himself ever to utter the words, i was wrong. to me, the mark of a really decent grownup male or female, is the ability to admit you're wrong when you're wrong. and we're all wrong sometimes. but he cannot admit he's wrong about guantanamo, that we need an installation like that. he cannot admit that he's wrong about work maysplace violence. the problem is radical islam. you look at where the terrorists occurred and these are not wild
6:22 am
eyed methodists. they're not hicidic jews. you've got -- my god you've got to at least have the -- oo if not the courage, the integrity in a president to call the enemy by his true name. >> you brought up guantanamo bay and i'm glad you brought that up. this morning, we've been hearing and talking about the term low risk. and these low risk terrorists, they were apparently watched by french authorities that carried out these brutal attacks and then dismissed, let them go, stopped paying attention to them. they were deemed low risk. we've heard that term thrown around as we've released prisoners from guantanamo bay. they're low risk. yet we see a 30% recidivism rate going back to the field to fight. first of all what does it mean to be low risk? and -- why are we tracking them? >> low risk means the president wants you out of guantanamo. that's low risk.
6:23 am
>> it's so sad. i mean, how can we do this? i use the term again and again, strategic decadence when a people, when a governing elite, and it's really a problem, the governing elite is unwilling to defend other civil zagdz. when they romanticize barbarians. good lord, if you're not willing to fight for basic freedoms, how can you be president of the united states? >> ralph i just want to note you're watching the pictures we have live from paris and it is an astounding assortment of world leaders. you see angela merkel, without question, the most powerful person in europe. you see david cameron. >> king abdullah. >> you see the king and queen of jordan. there really is this gaping hole where the united states might be. >> yeah. and eric holder is certainly the wrong man to send. but, you know if you look at the behavior of our elites, and
6:24 am
to me the moment was senator feinstein being more concerned about the rights the imaginary rights of hard core terrorists than about defending our country. and we have to be much sterner much stricter. we have to focus not on the rights of the enemy, but the rights of americans. and we have this great divide between the average american. like the people watching this show today they get it. it's islamist terror, it is a danger. we have to take reasonable measures domestically to fight it and we have to take domestic measures abroad to fight it. the problem is we have this governing elite that really doesn't believe in america any more. that is the fundamental problem. we have fighting islamist terror is we have an administration and an elite overall -- you know the berkeley cambridge axis that just doesn't believe in america. >> and critics of france's
6:25 am
immigration policy would say that these events highlight a problem. and we're starting to hear a lot more about these no-go zones why sharee ya law is in place, where radicalization is happening out in the open the streets, just about a ten-minute cab right from the capital of france. what can we learn from these events that have unfolded? >> there's an even worse divide in new york, than we have here in this country between the citizen and the elite. because in europe, the elites who lived in protected enclaves and don't feel the weight of a muslim immigration, they're all for it. but the common people see their schools collapsing their children abused on the way to school, their daughters abused. but these get toes many of them are in no-go zones. and the elise has refeesed to
6:26 am
deal with it. no country can long survive unless you, all citizens, native born and immigrants subscribe to common values and a common language. but let's differentiate here. >> let me interrupt you one more time, just to note that these leaders are -- these world leaders marching slowly towards the center of downtown paris. have you ever seen anything like this before? >> no, i haven't. and i think it's great. but, again this is an important marker. it's emotionally -- this march really isn't about radical islam. it's about us. it's about making ourselves feel better, a catharsis. that's nice. but the question is, what comes next? what is next is the insistence ee elite, the leftist view of the world, what they have done
6:27 am
by denying the radical islam is a problem in europe, by refusing to face the problems they've faced for mass unintegrated immigration, they have empowered the extreme right the fashus right in france. it's happening in germany it's happening in italy, it's happening elsewhere. so the real problem so me is the moderates and conservatives in europe have not been willing to address this. >> >> >> exactly. when the elite, the people in power ignore the obvious, they won't even talk about it and they won't, it's left to the fringes and that is be definition irresponsible. there you see prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel, of course. there's the french p.m., hollande, next to angela merkel of germany. the one person as we've noted this morning missing would be the president of the united states, the leader of the free world, barack obama who is not there. apparently he has sent the lame duck attorney general, eric holder. we do not see him in the pictures. presumably he's there somewhere.
6:28 am
there's no obvious american presence. >> we have nobody of sufficient rank to put in the front rank. but i will say i was excited to see carla burny. >> lieutenant colonel peters we've been talking about big picture issues. but whatabout the here and now, it's a different meaning of "we are the world" right now looking at this. 2,000 law enforcement officers have been deployed. they've been told to deploy body armor. rick leventhal saying security is at an all-time high there. are there any concerns in that rashd? >> sure. but you are seeing what three terrorists are able to accomplish. three terrorists did all of this. of course, with all those world leaders there, there enormous security concerns. when the french awake to a problem, they are very tough and very, very good on security. but please, let me get a plug in
6:29 am
here for america. the problems in immigration, in muslim integration in europe and america are very very different. and there's a fundamental reason for it. the fundamental reason is the american dream despite obama's anti-american rhetoric and the left, the american dream is alive. you can become an american. you can't move to france or germany and really, really become a german or a frenchman even if you get citizenship. but here, we haven't had nearly the problems with the native or immigrant muslims. we've had jail bird converts, we've had crazy white boys who convert. we have some people liar is tsaranevs, we won the immigration with muslims. we have problems with some groups who don't want to integrate. but the average american muslim earns an above median salary. we've got muslim americans who
6:30 am
are persian americans who are making great onnendy vampire films. we've got pakistani born insurgented. we've got nurses from the muslim world and we've got problems. but the problem isn't the clerk down at 7-eleven from pakistan because he or she can still see the dream. in europe, they can't see the dream. they didn't want to integrate and the uneducated muslims that they got didn't want to immigrate. they have these get toes. but believe in america. don't stop believing in america. >> colonel peters stay with us. we want to continue this discussion now with someone who studied in france, saw the radicalization firsthand and is the co-host of the five here on fox news charge. andrea joins us on the couch. nice do you see this morning. >> great to be with you. >> you know this city well. give us your thoughts. >> well, look, i agree with colonel peters.
6:31 am
i think his analysis is spot on. while it is lovely to see so many people, for the fist time, really, in france's history and in europe's history gather to address the rise of radical islam, it doesn't really matter if these leaders return to their country and continue to ignore the threat in their day-to-day lives. and not just visually, but with their actions. you have former french colonies algeria, tunisia morocco where the citizens immigrated to france in the 1950s and they assimilated very well. in the neighborhood that i lived in if you made the left, you were in a traditional french neighborhood. if you made a right, you were in a highly populated muslim area. it is their children that are
6:32 am
right for radical zagdz. >> why? >> because there's high unemployment. the socialist policies in france have caused unemployment double what it is today in the united states and for young people it is double that. unemployment in france right now pishs. for young people, it's just over 20%. so you have younger muslims who are getting checks from the government with a lot of time on their hands and visas. they can travel between, say, algeria and france and they're not working. so they haven't really assimilated to the french culture. they're angry. and they have a lot of time on their hands so they are ripe to become jihaddys. >> angry and impressionable. you have the foresight a decade and a half ago when you wrote your dissertation, warnings about this very thing. has a blind eye been turned? >> definitepy olympic the leaders have ignored this for a
6:33 am
really long time. they knew it was happening. now you see pockets of sharia law in that country. i think in the next couple of decades, you'll see broad floss of sharia law. you can only help contain this problem that's ma taz sized. i don't think you can turn it around. >> are authorities scared to go in there? are they living in fear themselves? why is that even happening? >> no question. because in a lot of areas, they are outnumbered. the political in france don't have guns. we were sitting ducks that day. and the reason i wrote -- and i usually don't speak about it on the air, but i was attackeded twice in france. once in nice and once by a man from yemen and ended up getting help from a french couple with a
6:34 am
friend of mine. my liberal professor did not appreciate it, she did not like it. however, most of the people that i talked to peaceful muslims in france, french citizens, they all agreed with me, but they did not want to go on the record. they knew it was a problem but nobody had the guts to speak out. so while i'm pleased to see this happening in france today, and i don't mean to be a wet blanket here, the hashtags and rallies, the jihadists don't care. they're watching this and they say, you know what? how can we get a bomb in there? they're going to keep fighting because they know that the west in europe, one doesn't have the stomach to continue this fight and two, the demographics are not on their side. >> what's so troubling about this whole thing is that it's taking place in france. france is politically correct, but compared to what? the french are less politically correct than a lot of us. much less than great britain.
6:35 am
they love their culture, they love their language and they fail. so if they can't pull it off, what does that tell you? >> it's sauch good point tucker. when you have nicholas sarkozy taking the boldest action banning the traditional -- they are a secular country and they have failed. it's not a good future for france, it's not a good future for europe. as you look at the demographics again, over a billion muslims in the world, they are having children, more and more children, the french, the germans, they're having one maybe, if that. so while the united states isn't exactly like france we have a lot of holes in our security. and how can you not be a jihadist watching this and think that you're winning, tucker, when you see newspapers in the west fail to print those cartoons? when you see a president and world leaders fail to call this what it is, radical islamic jihadist. a president that fails to seal the border and one that's releasing some of the most
6:36 am
dangerous criminals back on to the battle field. if you're a jihadist you're thinking, that's fine for a rally, but we're winning. >> we talk about the terror cells and these no-go zones in france. moment ago on cnn, attorney general eric holder was asked this question do we have terror cells like this in the united states, yes or no? and holder responded this way. one of the things we're doing is looking at the body of people in the united states, use legitimate means to monitor their activities. we don't stereotype but we are constantly looking at those peoples to make sure that we are doing all the things that we can so keep the american people safe. >> you know if eric holder wanted to do something really bold, and send a message, he would release the filmmaker that is still in prison that was put in prison not obviously for the video after benghazi that was on mohammed and apparently the radical islamists felt slandered
6:37 am
muhammad, he would have authorities release that filmmaker. >> he had the power to pardon and release whomever he wants and whenever they want. but he won't do that. that's a big issue in the united states. i thought when you recorded earlier that the who will white house was going to have a summit, i actually thought that was a joke. >> it sounds like a joke when you read the press release where they're talking about having panel discussions, they don't mention the word radical islam -- >> we're having a meeting about evil in the world. >> right. so we're going to summon, what, we're going to summon would-be jihadists to ballroom a and serve them eggs benedict and i'm guessing in an effort in the spirit of having equal representation, will this administration have, what other extremist organizations? will right wing extremism be on the agenda? that's why it's really laughable.
6:38 am
and, again, i don't believe to be smirch all of these people coming together because it is great to being united as opposed to being divided. but if they don't go home and people don't stand up and fight and call this what it is and actually fight radical islamic terror in our policies and start getting smart, start interrogating terrorists keeping them at gitmo sealing our boarders, instead of fighting with the department of defense over how to foois fight isis abroad, instead of fighting with the cia, instead of fighting with the associated press and fox news channel, it would be much better if we woke up and started working together. >> thank you very much. we want to go to greg who is on the ground i believe, in paris for us. greg, you're watching us. give us your reaction and tell us, hau has anyone in france noticed that there is an american presence apparently lacking here, at least visually? >> tucker, regarding that i
6:39 am
can't say. eric holder is a leading official. i think that pretty much satisfied the government here. what i can add is a few comments. i enjoyed listening to andrea. i think she had some good points to make. let me tell you what's has happened happening today and how the politicians are handling this. she mentioned the front nash national. the national front here getting so much popularity headed by the daughter of the founder of the party. she has said that the people involved in this event are ignoring her because they didn't inviter her. her party represents basically a position that wants a much greater control on immigration. she feels that immigration which is -- allows about 200,000 legal immigrants into this country right now is too high and it is leading to some of these problems. she is demanding that immigration down to 10,000. that party even called for the
6:40 am
eviction of certain immigrants here. she is not marching in this parade, in this march, in this rally. she is participating in another rally down in the south of france. and her voice can't be dismissed as a single lone voice in the distance here. her party gained 25% of the recent vote in the parliamentary vote. she is considered potential the most popular politician in france right now. so there are big concerns in and out about, a, the growing number of immigrants in the country. b, the growing number of muslim and arabic immigrants included in that and also how they are not able to assimilate into the culture. high unemployment and other economic woes that is feeding into that. yes? >> we're just taking a look at our screen and we want to reset for all our viewers who are just waking up. you see 50 world leaders gathering there, benjamin netanyahu, abbas merkel,
6:41 am
somebody that is missing is president obama. and in his place, we're told eric holder will be there. we have not seen him yet, either. i want to talk a little bit about the crowd, too. a million people are expected to be there. thousands are seen in the streets already walking in solidarity for the french. is this a cross-section of folks? is this does she does this look like it's just the french or who is marching there? >> well, i think it is a broad cross-section here. i think there was deep concern. we've been here since wednesday when this event happened. and i think there is deep concern about the attack against the media, freedom of speech or what have you. and deep concern about the streak heing out. he went ott this weekend and declared that there must be a war against radical islam.
6:42 am
and i think that's the feeling of a lot of people here. >> regarding eric holder. we have seen him on the front line. he was marching out there a good cross-section of areas. there are much broader issues. i lived here for eight years and covered this country for fox news and other organizations. i went into one of those no-go zone areas. actually, i was prevented from going into one of those areas that we've been talking about in the housing project outside of paris. we were driving down the road, he was about ready to turn one corner. there were a bunch of kids and they said sorry, i cannot go there. i said what do you mean? he said we cannot turn there. we have the video clip. i'll find it for you. i said wait a minute, you are a french policemen, this is your
6:43 am
country and you cannot go into that area? he said no, it's too dangerous. the idea that there are no-go zones, there are areas of unemployed youth, not integrated with a culture that are prime suspects for this kind of radicalization is a real sentiment. the vast broad majority i want to remind our viewers, are law-abiding, working, they add color and life to this country absolutely, i want to underscore that. but there are conditions in this country leading to the kinds of things that we're seeing. >> well greg it's fascinating, obviously, your perspective going into these no-go zones. you mentioned leaders saying we are at war. have you been hearing from any sources that are clamp down is coming? >> what we're seeing now is
6:44 am
efforts by the government to be much more aggressive on this, but it's ongoing. i think as andrea mentioned, this has been going on in france for many years. that is first, bringing all of these lower income immigrant populations into certain areas. and just feeding on themselves. and that leads to high crime that leads to the possibility that they could make these further steps, but i think there's broader issues here. economy, high unemployment a stagnation of a social system, stratification of the social system that does not allow integration. add that to a pretty open immigration policy and you've got a recipe for real trouble. as we've been seeing this past couple of days. >> so you're watching there the prime minister of france francois hollande embracing, kissing in a french way various other heads of state.
6:45 am
he is certainly one of the most left wing heads of state in europe and maybe the least popular has -- have these attacks changed that at all? is he more popular after this or less? >> as we've seen in the united states, when there's a situation of crisis in any country like france, the leader there was a rally around the leader of -- appearance. and that's exactly what's happening. he gained about 10%, but he is vastly unpopular and feels he does not have the strength to deal with this situation. and so yeah, he is under fire right now. how his government, house his intelligence services could allow people with backgrounds. one of the brothers that were involved in the slaughter at charlie hebdo went to yemen on multiple occasions. 2009, '10, '11, '123 training and working with al qaeda, he came back and was pretty much
6:46 am
free to do whatever he wanted. likewise the coulibaly, he had a background too. he pledged allegiance to isis. the other group are pledging legiance to al qaeda. the concern now is with about a thousand french people right now in syria and in iraq fighting for isis and at least 200 or 300 of them ready to come back again, what we're going to see going on from here. that's exactly what the french government is going to be looking at right now. >> greg, lived in paris for eight years, watching events unfold for us this morning live from there, thank you, greg. we want to go back to lieutenant colonel ralph peters who has been watching the optics of all of this. we know attorney general eric holder is there. it's been hard to see him on camera at any point. kushl colonel peters, it's seemed seems odd obviously when you look the a all these other world leaders arm in arm to not have
6:47 am
the president of the united states there. >> i'm watching this and it's getting more and more painful by the moment. i mean look at that front line. you've got benjamin netanyahu of israel and mac muk abbas of the palestinian authority, they're both in the front array. what can bring them together? and we have this gapeing hole. eric holder is not in the front rank because he doesn't have the rank to be in there with heads of state. he's not a head of state. ooet he's a cabinet member and not the most senior cabinet members. not even john kerry the secretary of state there. so, you know, i'm sorry to be snide, but we've got a president who is more comfortable bowing to the king of saudi arabia than he is saluting a u.s. marine. and i think what you're seeing is presidential cowardess. if he had gone he would have been asked uncomfortable questions. the french press wasn't going to let him off the hook. ed henry let's him off the hook. he would have been asked is this
6:48 am
islamist terror. we have 5u8 these leaders marching in solidarity against radical islam and our president is in the bunker. i mean they used to make fun about cheney, vice president cheney is in the bunker. no, president obama is cowering in the bunker. it's a travesty. if i may briefly, let's go back to something very very important that andrea said that we don't speak enough about often enough. that is she brought up the rule of law. i'm a child of the '60s. one of the horrible things my generation did. we broke down respect for the rule of law. but the rule of law is a primary treasure of western civilization. everything from property rights to freedom of speech, we've been able to build this triumphant simplezation with the greatest degree of liberty and wealth and history because of the laul rule
6:49 am
avenue law. and when we do not insist upon the rule of law, whether in a muslim populated -- on the suburbs of paris or ferguson, missouri, when we do not insist on the rule of law for all, we begin to dissentintegratesentintegration as a nation. so i wish we had talked more about that. but france's problem and you just heard greg who has been great this week, tremendous coverage. you just heard him talking about, there are no-go areas. a nation, a state cannot tolerate zones within its boarders where its police and sidss cannot go. >> lieutenant colonel peters to go back to your point about the american president lacking and president obama not being there, it makes me harken back to when james foley was beheaded and moments ago the press conference the president goes golfing and i mean, he was the butt of jokes on late night talk shows, even a lot of folks in the left wing
6:50 am
media bashed it for him. that's when we realized the severity of isis. now we realize the scope as it's starting to spill even more to the west. is this something or this just something where we're looking at the screen and, shoot, president obama is there? >> it will affect his legacy. while much of the media is protecting him while he's in office when there's a decent interval historians will have to face up how comprehensive comprehensivelycomprehensive comprehensively failed this president has been. the cardinal one has been the proliferation of violent islamic extremism. when obama took office, when he took office, al qaeda was on the ropes. islamic state didn't exist. boko haram were a gang of thugs off in the savannah.
6:51 am
in his -- with his unwillingness to address this fundamental threat, we have seen this proliferation of radical islam that now reaches across the globe. it reaches into the americas because our president -- he's despised american imperialism. here's a president who has never matured beyond radicalism of the undergraduate. >> lieutenant colonel ralph peters, very outspoken on this issue. we appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you so much as we look live during this rally. thanks. >> we want to bring in director of jihad watch robert spencer. robert, are you there? >> yes, i am. >> you saw the press release
6:52 am
from the white house this morning saying they're going to convene a symposium on violent extremism and the word islam and muslim never mentioned. is that an ominous sign? >> it's just another sign that the administration has no willingness to deal with this situation as it really is. there is no possible way that they can defeat this threat if they are not willing to name it. this is not something that's anything new but i'm certain that this symposium as it's been announced since it won't name the problem itself in its convening will not make a bit of difference in dealing with this problematically. >> we want to talk to you about no-go zones. greg lived there for eight years that said police wouldn't go there. police cars would make a left here. we can't go into the no-go zones. areas where police won't go
6:53 am
learning in the united states we have similar zones in upstate new york and texas and other spots. does this mean a big clampdown is coming on the no-go zones or will they continue to operate unfettered. >> they've been operated for years. in france, there are so many of them. there are 751 according to an official french government website. and so it's not going to be easy for french to suddenly say we'll start enforcing french law in these areas. this is something that has to be done and longer they postpone the problem the more difficult it will be for them to deal with it. the united states the situation is different. there are growing enclaves in urban areas like deerborne, michigan and northern missouri but a bigger problem in the areas that you mentioned in rural areas where there are camps of muslims of the americas
6:54 am
affiliated with a group in pakistan, daniel pearl was on the way to interview its head when he was murdered. they've been responsible for murders in the united states including that of a muslim scholar in arizona. he was murdered in 1992. linked to ten other murders and firebombings and so on. there are indications evidence actually, strong evidence, that there is guerrilla arms training going on in these camps in rural areas. that's unmistakably to prepare for jihad in the united states. >> thank you for perspectivecentspective on that. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> to recap what you've been watching over the last 30 minutes or so. this rally started. you saw at 9:00 a.m. local time here on the east coast, 3:00 p.m. in paris, you saw over 50 world leaders coming together arm in arm walking down the streets of paris in a show of
6:55 am
unity against terrorism. you saw attorney general eric holder there also in the crowd. president obama not in attendance. a cross section pouring into the streets of downtown paris. >> an unexpected and powerful statement about something. we do know that world leaders from across the globe were there. israel and palestinian authority. germany, great britain they were all there linked arm in arm marching toward the center of paris in solidarity they say with those 17 frenchmen killed last week in terror attacks. >> other rallies are happening around the world today too including in jerusalem, for example. as you look out into the sea of people there that could be a million strong, estimates are about a million expected to be there today, that it is an
6:56 am
incredibly act of solidarity. you see flags from all over the world. a couple days ago there were several french municipality websites that were hacked and isis flag replaced the paris flag and landmarks around the world lit up in red, white, and blue, in the colors of the french flag symbolically standing with them as well. >> attorney general eric holder gave comments to the media a few minutes ago. kind of remarkable. he's asked whether or not there are these terrorist cells in the united states operating like they are operating in france right now. he says, the u.s. has lone wolves. people who will float under the radar and can attack american people. that's why we have to share information with local law enforcement and the american public but it's too early to tell if the french attackers were lone wolves. he also said we don't stereotype in the united states. that we have to look using the law but we can't stereotype and
6:57 am
we can't push our law enforcement to go after certain communities based on the color of their skin or religion. >> too early to tell if they are lone wolves. we know that one of those the terrorist that took the hostages in the kosher deli, pledged allegiance to isis. he have a seven-minute video entitled "soldier of the caliphate." and so there's your proof right there. >> yeah. french police say there are other cells that have been awaken awakened. people say it's a turning point in history and maybe in the west relations with islam, radical islam. we'll see if that's true. some of the open questions, will this be a last stand for free speech in europe which is to say will people feel more able to express their divergent political views or less? people are in jail right now expressing unpopular political views. will europe decide that free
6:58 am
speech is a virtue worth defending and extending to everybody? will there be an open and honest adult debate over immigration. france has the highest muslim population in europe. some people draw the obvious connection between that fact and what you saw happen last week. will you see a debate about that? >> hypocrisy has been floated online this morning if you read twitter among these world leaders showing up there. prime minister of poland and others who have clamped down on free speech. they have free speech violations on their watch. breaking into magazines destroying documents, arresting people because they have written things against the ruling party of those countries and those leaders are there today arm in arm walking on streets of paris in support of free speech. thousands of police officers there armed today in a way that the french police aren't usually armed with guns and they have body armor on in ways they don't usually do as well.
6:59 am
>> and they've been asked to do so because they apparently are being targeted by these terrorists similar to what we're seeing from law enforcement and military members in the united states being targeted. they've been asked to take down their internet profiles, social media profiles on facebook and twitter so they can't be found so easily. >> so in one sentence, more than a million people gather in the center of paris in defiance of those islamic terror attacks you saw. we'll be covering this on fox news channel all day long. you can hear silence. throughout the morning we heard rolling chants. je suis charlie. singing and chanting throughout the morning. and now you can hear a pin drop there as world leaders pause and stop to take photos. a very peaceful protest as our reporters have been live there all morning. one of the most remarkable demonstrations we've ever seen
7:00 am
here. more on the fox news channel at the top of the hour. continuing coverage live from paris. thank you for joining us on "fox & friends" this morning. see you next weekend, everyone. good morning. i'm maria bartiromo. this "sunday morning futures." we're watching several dozen world leaders marching in paris right now live among 1 million people grieving together over the horrific events in france earlier this week. 17 people dead as the search goes on for one of the four suspects. senator lindsey graham will weigh in on whether enough is being done to combat the growing threat of terrorism. we'll find out the impact of that growing march and a bill to resume construction on the keystone pipeline in the hands of the senate. does it have any chance


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