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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> welcome to "hannity." it is time for the world to wake up. we have seen a sharp spike in the number of radical terror groups in the world including right here on american soil. watch this. >> a gun shot. >> tonight terror in the heartland. the fbi is investigating a brutal beheading in moore, oklahoma after the suspect's co-workers revealed he had been trying to convert them to islam. >> he did kill fill lean and did severe her head.
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>> i am in canada now where there has been a shooting at parliament hill which is under complete knock down. the suspect is on the lose this is an active shooting situation. >> a man with apparent sympathies toward anti-american rhetoric is attacking a group near new york city police officers with a hatchet. >> preliminary investigation this was a terrorist act. >> sydney, australia have to see on camera running for their lives. >> five people escaping from a gunman who some 15 hours ago stormed into a cafe in downtown sidney waving a jihadi flag.
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>> there's a massive manhunt three of them who stormed a french newspaper killing at least three people at the offices of charlie hebdo. >> suspicious terrorist attack. i am reminded we must always be vigilant against the enemies of freedom. >> radical islam around the globe is disturbing so tonight we brought together right here in studio terrorism experts former members law enforcement officials and much more talk about this grave threat. thank you all for being with us. appreciate it. robert spencer jihad watch. seems we have this rise but there is one commonality. in each instance the word islam, but yet we -- the president won't say islamic state. what happened at fort wood allah
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akbar is workplace violence. why resistance to say the word islam associated with terror. >> if the president thinks and administration thinks something is islamic they will be at war with the entire islamic world and right wing vigil antis will kill people in the united states. both are hog wash and nonsense. we have gotten ourselves into a position where it is forbidden to speak about the motives of the enemy. you cannot possibly defeat an enemy you refuse to understand. >> i had andrew chowdery on the radical imam. he said is it a peaceful religion? no. it's about submission. is that the interpretation? how many people are we talking about? >> the word islam means submission. it does not mean peace. it is related to peace. it means submission. not only submission to god but submission to the non muslims to the muslims.
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it is the political position that they have to live in a state of sub oord nation. >> that's exactly what he said this week very open and honest. i wanted people to hear that. came under some fire for putting him on and giving him air time. we keep hearing there are extremists in every religion. you dealt with the issue of the virgin mary painting with elephant dung and a crucifixion submerged in urine. did any christians go out there and kill because of those expressions? >> no that's because we exercise the virtue of restraints which is not widespread in the muslim community. it is not just the radical muslims it may be only a few that at frankly the support for blast me laws in sharia goes beyond just these barbarians we are talking about. >> general mcinernie do you think militarily the united states is handling this
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properly? are we taking radical islam serious enough that we will defeat it or are we appeasing it? the french appease the mum lsli that give their own territory? is that the right decision? >> we are not even ee posi appg it right now. we aren't losing we haven't lost, that's because our military leaders do not know the enemy. he says know thy threat you are going to hear senior military leaders and active duty now they talk about radical extremists. what is the ideology of radical extremists. i will tell you what the ideology of radical islamist is it is koran the sharia and ha hadith. that's where they get their rules of engagement. we don't get them from where they are and what they came from we won't defeat it and the military today is not
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identifying it. >> you lived in pakistan, right? >> i lived in lebanon. you understand you studied the koran. let's take the literal interpretation of the koran infidels, jihad, the things that are in there. it is taken literally does that lead to what robert spencer is talking about. >> that's exactly what they lead to jihad against infidels. we a saying (speaking foreign language) first comes saturday then comes sunday. first we kill the jews then the christians. in islamic middle east there is no tolerance to any other group of faith or people. people have been massacred killed my house was bombed. this is how i ended up in this country as a refugee from the middle east. it was happening when my parents were refugees when i was a child newborn and here i am in america today and my people are still fleeing because of the intolerance of the islamic extremism.
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my past is america's future unless america wakes up now and takes the necessary steps, what are the necessary steps? >> identify the enemy by name in order for you to find the strategy to defeat it. right now we have the president of the white house who doesn't have the moral clarity and courage to stand up and say what we are fighting. we need to do that to defeat the enemy. it isn't buddhist jurich or catholic terrorism. >> how many numbers are we talking about. the world as 1.6 billion muslims. >> we are talking about 1.2 billion muslims in the world today. 15-25 percent are radicalized. >> you are talking about 400 million maybe? >> we are talking about 300 million people who are ready to strap bombs on their bodies and blow us up to smithereens. >> what about the others are they in silent agreement or are they afraid they will be deemed apostates under islam's death?
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>> the majority agree with the radicals. the pew research study back in 2013 almost a year ago where they interviewed muslims from around the world, indonesia, bangladesh, pakistan, egypt. they found out the top five countries indonesia, nairobi, pakistan, egypt, the average 77 percent support the establishment of sharia law as the law of the state. and the establishment of an islamic caliphate. >> now we have 44 million me think benjamin muslims in europe. expected to grow to 58 million in the next 15 years. now we see how france has a problem, belgium has a problem all through out europe, great britain has a problem. they said no go sgroens. non muslims not allowed. separate sharia courts. firemen can't go in. now the question is if you are a western country and sharia is contradictory to all of those
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values so muslims are moving in. how do you determine which muslims want freedom and which maybe perhaps want to come in and implement sharia law? how do these western countries decide who gets in and who doesn't get in? >> i think there's a social contract that has to exist between the immigrant and the country that they are coming to. i think we certainly believe that here in the u.s. i think one of the issues that we have now seen the consequence of in france as you said france has the largest muslim population in europe. 6.5 million. that's 10 percent of their population. that has led to them becoming a very large active constituency. so president hollande won 25 percent of the vote. that's an important voting block. they have gone from these desperate kind of organizations. >> they have voting power. >> they have voting power which means they have massive amounts of influence. >> interesting. so they literally they go to
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france, they don't assimilate they take portions of the country unto themselves and say don't come into our part. >> yes, sir. >> you are very outspoken in terms of the israeli palestinian conflict and groups like hamas, hezbollah, islamic jihad, the muslim brotherhood. it sounds to me like france has almost set itself up where like israel they will be surrounded very closely by neighbors that want to destroy them. is that -- is this the beginning of something to come? >> perhaps they should meet with the french muslims so they can live side by side peacefully. that's a joke. >> it is not a joke because they are living separately. >> they are living separately. police can't go in there. they are ambushed. it is almost hundreds of years ago where there was city states set up. i don't worry so much about the payi payity and devout of thest enemy i worry about the confusion on
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our side. the new york times scrubbed the news story where one of the jihadists told the journalists that lived that had to convert. >> i know he's a media expert. >> it's deliverance. they are literally die receiving and disarming freedom loving people. ishmael brinsly who slaughtered the new york police department his facebook page strikes terror in the hearts of the infidel the beheader, israel. he had harper he started out with his facebook page was all islam. nafz not in the paper. >> let me ask the question another way maybe more fwluntly, is the world cowering to islam.
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>> pretty interesting. got to take a break. we are going to come back. coming up next tonight here on "hannity." >> after 9-11 in new york subway bombings in london and now this in paris it tells everybody this can happen anywhere. >> former deputy director of the cia. our audience will weigh in next as we continue this special edition. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> the rise of radical islam in the wake of the vicious attacks in paris experts warn similar attacks cop coming here. take a look. >> this is an attack on the way the west lives. that's different than we have seen before.
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and i think the response you see in the street around the world is a reflection of that. the other thing i think is as 9-11 in new york as the subway bombings in london this in paris this tells everybody this can happen anywhere. >> whether the president wants to recognize it or not they are at war with us. it is worldwide. we are at risk all over the world the president should be leading a worldwide effort against them. >> here in the studio we continue in the studio audience and i agree with rudy. i agree that we are not being outspoken enough. i think there is timidity if you will. let me ask this question a lot of the media in the united states, we will talk about this later, decided they didn't want to show the cartoons that led to the incident in paris. is that a mistake? >> that's a huge mistake. >> why? >> because that's exactly what the whole notion concept of freedom of speech is and the
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values of liberal secular democracy is freedom of speech. if we are notable to show the cartoons and not publically debate over them and see what it is, it is fear to pull back. we are feeding into what the islamists want. >> i have to say what we are seeing is that the on-line media, the media that is being used by these terrorist groups like al qaeda and arabian prien will y law are using inspire magazine. using this media to basically say there's a crusader campaign against islam. they are using -- what they are saying a war on islam to true i to promote violence within their own people. >> what do you think? >> there's a broaderç concept this the magazine is a part of that. it was graut up earlier which is how we see the threat globally. for example we are talking about 12 attacks in charlie hebdo and
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murdered in a terrorist attack of course the hostages and the grocery. we are not talking about boko haram or africa. in the last 72 plus hours if as reported some 2,000 people have been killed in africa a content of 56 nations over 30 of them are actually muslim controlled or have serious problems. we are looking at it in men's continent with resources taking over further our response as a nation as a globe. this came from high level sources in washington. this is the first time you will actually hear this. secretary of defense nominee ash carter has been told, told by the white house that he is to stay within the constraints of the budget control act. they work around it as some have done and the generals need to be kept in control and not going up to the hill as they did under secretary hagel because they didn't listen to hagel. so effectively what this white house is doing they are hamstringing our military, they
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are disarming our ability to project force we have a command in germany. we don't have a home for it in africa. look around the globe look at malaysia and the fiphilippines when you look at this this becomes a problem that is global and we need to pay attention to the success of radical islam. let me go to ainsley earhardt. you work in the media, you have been a journalist for all of these years and yet they have got to make a decision. >> you have to report the facts. you have to stay true to the story and you have the editor who is willing to die for his cause. the government was telling him not to produce the cartoons and continued on you choose to do so. you remember what he said. he said i would rather die -- i would rather live standing than die on my knees. >> this is a place that was fire bombed. >> i quoted that wrong. i would rather die standing. i had it right the first time,
6:19 pm
that live on my knees. >> you think about it. these guys were courageous. i know we have been friends for a long time. i know you don't like it. they also had cartoons about the pope. i am a catholic like you. but i side with free speech first. why would we want to stop them from printing that as repugnant as you and i may find them. >> who said they wanted to stop them. >> i am saying. >> what i am saying is let's get it right, not in defense of the de fictions we are talking about toilet speech we are talking about anal sex. we are talking about the kinds of things i don't think we should put on tv although i agree the cartoonists we should put because they don't like it who cares. we talk about a level of decency. you can't agree you show people having oral sex with the pope, muslims, doesn't make a
6:20 pm
difference to me. we are making a statement western values are becoming morally destitute. that's what i object to. who gets to determine what gets printed? >> tsz an easy decision it is made every day on your show right now. >> my show. >> it would be deleted. censorship on fox and i agree with that censorship. >> we only use that for bob beckel. >> it was not for foreign nothing fee. they were slaughtered because they were smartal licks. they were slaughtered because they ran the cartoon. they are war heros. that was an act of war. that was a military strike in the heart of paris. it is not just these three guys. >> i agree with you. >> what mosque did they pray at? there's a huge network. it's not just these three guys. >> do you believe in full and complete freedom of speech. >> nobody does.
6:21 pm
>> you can't yell fire in a building. >> you can when there is a fire. not falsely. there are exceptions to freedom of speech. obscenity. liable, slander. this idea is freedom of speech is an absolute is exactly the problem. >> how do we -- >> you have to have some restraint. >> i tell you what we will come back with bill maher's comments. i rarely agree with bill maher but i thought he made powerful comments on jimmy kimmel. liberals are in denial about radical islam. where have they been for years? we are going to examine the deadly consequences they could have. much more on "hannity" rise for radical islam straight ahead. patented sonic technology with
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attack like this. >> true. >> here's the important point. hundreds of millions of them support an attack like this. they applaud an attack like this. what they say is we don't approve of violence, but you know what? when you make fun of the prophet all bets are off. >> that was bill maher and jimmy kimmel. a man i rarely agree with. let me go back to you. he is saying something about the left in america. here you have let's see, the people on the left in america they are upset that mitt romney has binders of women with their resumes because he wants to hire them. conservatives war on women because they don't want to play for sandra flux birth control. women under sharia they have to cover themselves they can't go out in public without men they are related to. some women can't drive. some can't go to school or work. women need four male eyewitnesss to prove rape, et cetera. isn't it better we have the freedom of speech we talk about
6:25 pm
and the left starts speaking out about radical islam? >> i want the speech but i don't want -- no speech can be absolute. otherwise then you have to get rid of all of the wars i talked about before. liberty is an important value. it also runs up against justice and equality. that's why one can't trump the other constantly. you have to have some moderation. this man is a phony. he contributes to the hate speech in this country against catholics in particular. i have nothing but contempt for him he is the enemy of freedom. the people cry out and say let's get censorship. i don't want the government to sensor anything. i want people to sense toor themselves. >> if you don't like a cartoon phil donahue isn't -- >> i have the demonstrations on the street. >> we have free speech in america. united states and france does, too. you have to understand the consequences of speaking out because people will commit crimes. we need to be able to in america
6:26 pm
criminalize any verbal supported for isis or terrorism. right now they are spewing it on facebook or twitter i support isis. i support that. but we don't do anything about it. she was saying there were 300. >> i think our intelligence has to go after a person who writes such a thing. >> good point. after a shooting or incident we go, oh here's their facebook account. they post their address. they are getting a latte while they do it. why don't we hammer them there? >> there are 300 million radicals out there. why aren't they on the no fly list? we have 47,000. there are 300 million out there. >> great point. >> who are these people? oo you talk about freedom of speech let's cut to the chase, america has to wake up, what happened over in paris is coming here you have a president that is cutting the defense budget down into the 50 billions. you have diane feinstein
6:27 pm
worrying about people's rights, about waterboarding and about interrogation. i tell you what, when you come here when you go to grand central penn station and machine guns in america you see how fast this country is going to change. we shouldn't wait. let me please finish. you have to take down -- like he just said they are killing thousands of people all over the world rment they got people hitting the jackpot. you think they are not coming to england. there's word already about them attacking trapoation and they are going to come to new york and everyone is going to say, i remember the 9-11 i was there. my heart goes out to those families. it is coming back here. when you get a diane feinstein like that worrying about people's rights with eavesdropping without the eavesdropping without intelligence we are knocking the stuff -- >> why is there the silence among the left how women are treated, gays and lesbians are
6:28 pm
executed, they are more angry at conservatives not wanting to buy birth control. >> first a political issue then a human one. i cover this day in and day out. there's one common thread it's this ideology. we can connect it to yemen. that's where the headquarters are. ideology travels and travels fast. they know how to use the internet and social media. until we take the places of lone wolf and home grown terrorism out of our lexicon we will never acknowledge this threat. these two boys were parisian. they were born and raised in paris. they choose to seek out radicalization. they went to member men to meet with the leaders of these groups. it this is not something just isolated to -- >> they spoke perfect french. >> alabama a-- awlaki spoke
6:29 pm
perfect french. they are very much far ahead of us. they are women. they know how to train the people well know how to speak english rap videos and social media and we still have not learned to acknowledge what it is. >> in other words, they are fighting a war. we are not. >> we are treating them as individuals but they are a military and operate as one. they attack paris attack france. >> they are going to say they held off 80,000 army troops and cops there. i guarantee you this videotape they took on as cell phones you are going to see they will be martyrs who took on cops in france two guys because they died for allah. >> i promise. >> when we talk about home grown violence and extremists that's the term used by the fbi director the national counter-terrorism director. that term is used because it is
6:30 pm
intended to highlight when you have someone who is being razz calized in their basement somebody watching things on social media it is hard to detect them. intelligence can use things like tracking people's connectivity on the internet. they know when somebody is about to make an attack typically because they see a rapid increase in connectivity. the point about home grown violence extremism in this case it doesn't appear to be the case. these are people who this connections. when we talk about home grown terrorists they are talking about the people radicalized in their basement that will not have the connectivity. the perfect example is the boston marathon bomber. >> why does the left continue to deny radical islam? why can't they say the word islam? is going to answer that question in the special audience edition of "hannity" continues. >> ♪
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welcome back. for years, liberals have been denying the existence of radical islam. watch this tape.
6:36 pm
>> we want to jump out and say islam has a problem with >> we ant to jump out and say islam has a problem with tolerance. they don't. i say ram has a problem with tolerance. >> you don't think islam has a problem with tolerance? >> die, absolutely not. >> one of the reports has it that one of these guys who led this attack was radicalized by reading about abu graves. prior to that he was not an extremist. i stopped calling these people muslim terrorists. they are about as muslim as i am. they have no respect for the koran. >> we killed more muslims than they killed us. >> unfortunately it gets worse. president obama and hillary clinton also showed strong leadership have not been showing strong leadership when it comes to radical islamists. >> the future does not be long to those who slander the prophet of islam. but to be credible those who condemn that slander must also
6:37 pm
condemn the hate we see in the images of jesus christ that is desecrated. >> this is what we call smart power using every possible tool or partner to advance peace and security leaving no one on the side lynines showing respect ev for one's enemy trying to understand in so far as psychologically possible emphasize their perspective and point of view. >> we will bring back our studio audience. it is interesting to me i would think the president of the united states of america and secretary of state would have better things to do than blame a youtube video. we condemn this or jay carney and josh chirac that condemn this very news magazine for publishing similar photos back in what was it 2012 or 2011. don't you this i they ought to be saying you know what if you don't like it too bad we believe in free speech. >> he is another example of an incompetent leader plain and
6:38 pm
simple. as the american public has to stake charge of this themselves. we have all of these people in protest they say they learned this because they read this and read that. go look at history. look the way islam started look at the tactics they use and the genocide of the armenians and early 1900's. half are no longer on the planet because of this. >> this is the new caliphate. >> this is the new caliphate. go back and we talked about this before stanley mill grim did a study at harvard university to try to find out why did they would follow a mad man like hitler. go look at the study and compare and contrast it to today. we are saying 20, 25 percent that's active people that are going to be active the people who will support those people is upwards of 80-90 percent of the entire population. >> let me bring you in here.
6:39 pm
saying islam means submission. the rise of anti sechtism. some of the rhetoric i hear. a lot of the terror attacks. remind me a lot of 1938. must think i am off base. am i off base? >> i think that's perfectly fair. what we have seen is a bit of hypocrisy for people for example. we see charlene movement and i think we have seen a little bit more of what we are seeing on msnbc and the clips you played and a little bit on this panel inciting violence providing material support for terrorists with supporting taste list art. >> aren't a lot of us in this room unique in terms of -- >> pretty much everybody here is willing to speak the truth and probably have gotten noticed. i know people in it this room have been openly -- they have death threats, published because of what they aabout the
6:40 pm
treatment of women and radical islam. >> on a slightly less serious level there has been no bloodshed. for somebody who sent a career in radio a group will come after your career for saying things you don't like. some have lost their jobs there are those out there saying we are going to forget about that when they say something offensive and they want their head. >> this isn't about the cartoons per se it is about the the sharia blaspheme laws. it was our reaction to it when we engage in self censorship. they can't compliment us and i am fliment sharia from the top down. they try to implement us. we are vindicating their ideology. >> the president of the united states is urging self censorship. they urged that newspaper not to publish cartoons.
6:41 pm
>> that gets vindicated groups like al qaeda are going to radicalize people by saying we agree these types will be banned. we to do it. that proves we are right. >> and the president -- go ahead. >> this is what was supposed to be blaspheme. we didn't see orthodox just showing up at ber rish could haves. bridge geet mentioned sharia. more specifically the code of law 58 perts of those poled in the 201 election said they do in the abide first amendment
6:42 pm
protections for islam. 48 percent said they wanted legal punishment 12 percent admitted they would provide the death penalty for those in the united states who quote blasphemed mohammed. >> how many of you in this room based on something you said about islam have gotten some type of threat. raise your hands. my hand has to go up, too. ainsley you are innocent. she is a reporter. >> november 2014 they declare care a terrorist organization. same organization -- >> the most unindicted co conspirator. care has close ties to the white house. it's not new organizations group the pmuslim terrorists they see influence in government. in all sectors it is not
6:43 pm
republican or democrat. >> hang on we are going to take a break we will come back we will continue with much more coming up on "hannity"." >> it means submission. >> you want the worldwide submission. >> we can live peacefully together. >> that was part of my exclusive interview with radical imam. why everybody needs to take a listen to what he is saying very seriously. we will examine that coming up next. love you♪
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>> welcome back to the special audience edition of "hannity." the radical imam was a guest on this program. he gave his definition of what islam is. take a close listen. >> it does knotted mean peace it means submission. >> you want worldwide submission. >> we can live peacefully together. >> unlike chowdery any muslim describe theirs as a religion of peace am solverses tell a different story. quote, so when you meet those who disbelieve in battle strike there next until you have inflict the slaughter upon them. use another for those who disbelief will have cut out garments on firepower upon their heads will be scalding water
6:49 pm
which melted that within their bellies and their skins. here's what the koran says about other religions. the jews say ezra is the son of allah. the christians say the messiah is the son of allah. that's their statement from their mouths it goes on to read may allah destroy them. how are they deluded? >> they are moderate voices in islam. for example here is egyptian president i h president. listen to what he said this past christmas. (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language n. (
6:50 pm
>> bring back our studio audience. that's where we started the koran. bridget that's where we started. you are saying 300 million muslims interpret the koran? >> 300 million muslims out of the 1.2 billion who follow the teachings of the koran. literally to the word and they want to follow it. >> how many believe the interpretation of 300 million or more. >> many more than that. >> i thought it was 1.6 billion. >> 300 million may be willing to go out and kill. the but but liberalism is the mainstream understanding of the koran in islam. there is no developed tradition of interpreting these things in some figurative way. when it says fight against people in the books with willing submission and feeling themselves sub dued that is taught as a mandate for warfare.
6:51 pm
by awes all islamic authority. the muslims no the fighting still understands that is something good and proper to be done. they applaud those who do it. >> general i understand the military knows this but i only think it is beginning to dawn on people. river yun here in this room has read the koran at least portions of it. i would assume that military knows full well what's in there. you think the average american does? >> first of all the average american doesn't but the average military man doesn't either. they have restricted the study of radical islam. they don't use that term. anything that talks about radical islam has been eradicated with this administration. that is our main problem and our leadership the captains, the majors, the sergeants understand that they didn't want the jeffersonian democracy. >> all of the materials that
6:52 pm
general mcinerney tawas talking about. he useded to talk about intel. they are not getting any information whatevsoever. they were calling for a revolution. it is calling for a revolution i say in islam. >> you may die for those comments saying you have to change. >> your president obama -- >> not my president. >> he backed the muslim prosecut brotherhood who is speaking fra frankly and candidly. >> is the issue of islam as a whole failing for policing itself. >> there is a very important point to come off of what carl just said. we can fight this problem. we can kill terrorism. we should kill as many as possible at every opportunity. it is up to the muslims around the world for police to solve their problem. >> good point. >> this will be a violent solution. muslims have to kill muslims die the 10's of thousands.
6:53 pm
>> i think what the general was talking about was really a failure of understanding geo politically. it is unfathomable you could see a caliphate across south africa today it is a reality we are looking at a geopolitical. it's a real war. not like counter insurgency like we have seen the last decade. >> i just want to say i p went with robert to fort leaven worth at one point. the same academic resistance you see towards understanding and teaching the jihad ideology or harvard you would understand it. that is in the military institutions sw el. >> lia? >> i have to correct the record about the military and intelligence committee. i serve on both. to say there's not an understanding of violent ex treatmentism and terrorism is appalling. >> it is not violent extremism. it is jihad. it is rooted in islam. it is how the muslim empire was
6:54 pm
created. it is how -- >> you can play tit for tat. it is absolutely wrong. >> list earn to the testimony of the director of the terrorism center and director of the fbi these are the things they are looking at. these are things they are watching it is not things the intelligence community have been watching for. >> the counter insurgency is completely separate. (speaking over one another) >> this is such a peaceful show. >> demanding all nations of islam -- >> we have to take a break. we will come back in just a moment. more "hannity" straight ahead. at any angle. go to to save up to $40. innovation and you. philips norelco. .. ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews.
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