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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you.
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the fact that people rarely agree on anything yet managed to walk the streets and remember the victims of france's brutal terrorist attack. and not a single high-level united states representative was in the group. >> if there is a picture that says our policy is leading from behind, that is it. >> new york daily news saying
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quote, you let the world down. >> that was a stunning act a picture of the unity march 40 world leaders including all of europe along with his adversary but not president obama. not joe biden or anyone from the cabinet. >> the political web site called it quote, barack obama's french kiss off. forbes headline reads shame on president obama for skipping the paris unity rally against terrorism a point jake tapper addressed as the president's former spokesman jay carney. >> the point that there is nothing wrong when the good wife
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had higher obama representation, then this important rally, perhaps the most-important rally in europe in a generation. and aaron miller tweeted this. not an excuse in universe can explain why u.s. fails to send to paris a more visible representative than attorney general eric holder noting missing, mia's. by this afternoon he writes the white house will acknowledge the mistake. >> some asked whether or not the united states should have sent someone with a higher profile than the ambassador to france. it's fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there. >> ed henry reports tonight. >> good to see you, largea. what is curious is the case of
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attorney general eric holder. he was in paris his aides say he wanted to get back to washington after he taped four sunday morning talk shows here in the u.s. unclear what you needed to get back to in washington they haven't answered questions josh earnest, today, at his briefing insisted the white house wanted to send someone, perhaps the president, so i pressed what went wrong. >> why didn't you? >> well, i tried to describe to you the situation here. that we're talking about a march that came together, with essentially 36 hours notice. and a march that occurred outdoor was a very large number of people who participated. >> how do you explain that? prime minister netanyahu made it there. >> we haven't gotten an
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accounting of what president did sunday >> i haven't spoken to the president what he did. i did not prepare for a question of what the president was doing. >> the attorney general was in the area, how could he not attend? >> i'm not aware of the details for the attorney general's schedule for yesterday we believe someone with a higher profile should have been able to attend. >> you heard josh earnest cite security as a reason. perhaps the vice president, a secret service official did tell us would have been a huge challenge to send such a high profile official. they say they could have done it but never asked there was no ask of the agency put together a plan. so the white house did not consider it that seriously. >> ed thank you very much. some of the harshest criticism came from media outlets that
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tend to be sympathetic to the president. here is senator ted cruz. >> where was the president? where was the vice president? where was the secretary of state? where was the attorney general? who had been there moments before? but chose to get on a plane and fly back home. >> former chief writer for former president george w. bush and washington post columnist, mark, good to have you here with us this evening. when all of those people that were were not available or couldn't make it this, is a deliberate decision not an oversight. it was a deliberate decision not to participate. how do you explain this? >> well, this is the same president that went to a fund-raiser the day after an american ambassador was killed in benghazi. he went golfing after an american was beheaded by isis he doesn't adjust his schedule
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for american victims of terrorism. why would he adjust his schedule for the french? >> it seems there is a fatherly role, a healing role. in all of those instances the president did not step up into that role, and say do not be afraid. think of the people standing in paris with not afraid signs and it made me think this afternoon of the moment when president george w. bush during world series in october, of twun while the city was still burning, and security concerns were rampant did this. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> i was in new york then people were afraid to get on
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subways and cross bridges. that must have given the secret service folks gray hairs but president bush was not going to be stopped from that. >> he was no ground 0 just a couple days after september 11th standing on top of the rubble. this was at a time, if you think about it when we were, we tnt know who exactly who attacked us and didn't know whether there are other sleeper cells in the country in following up anthrax attacks and all of the other things going on i don't buy the security argument the obama administration is making. but let's give them that. you know eric holder doesn't go, he's in paris. where is john kerry? 40 world leaders. talk about symbolism a million people marching behind 40 world leaders walking arm in arm saying we're going to combat islamic radicalism together and the u.s. is absent from that picture.
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how can we be absent from that statement of global unity against the people who attacked us on september 11th, 2001? >> these other world leaders what we've heard from canada, and david cameron, they don't seem to have a hard time constructing sentences to call this what they believe it is, mark. >> no. exactly. apparently the french don't. when this socialist prime minister of france is tougher on islamic radicalism than the american administration we have a problem. this administration won't call it islamic radicalism. they're having a summit on combatting violent extremist. we're not at war with violent ex extremism extremism. you've we're at war with islamic radicalism. you cannot defeat an enemy if you won't even name it. >> mark thank you very much
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we'll see you next time. >> the administration did spend time talking up a new summit. the state department marie harf is here on what those plans are. and new fallout from a brand new terror threat from isis, today chilling. in its wording. general jack cane reacts to hacking of the central command and what it means for this fight on terror. and are you ready for the return of candidate mitt romney? new developments in the 2016 race and what it could mean for the other hopefuls >> let me ask you. folks are wondering about 2016 wondering which of the two of you will be potential g.o.p. contenders. congressman ryan, who do you think would make a better president? you or governor romney? >> i'll give it to him. >> he's very generous i had my turn. it's his turn now. ha, ha, ha.
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breaking tonight, details on a brand new terror threat for the united states today after hackers tying themselves to the terror army known as isis break into the twitter and youtube accounts of none other than u.s. central command, also known as centcom. they hijacked those accounts and plastered them with terrorist training pictures and videos. unbelievable. they made threats to u.s. military personnel and families releasing personal information on some high ranking officials. trace gallagher's live with all the details of this ridiculously horrible story that happened this afternoon. trace, good to have you with us. >> and martha the first sign of a breach happened early this afternoon when up popped the words on centcom's twitter page saying, i love isis, the rogue tweets included statements like isis is already here and threats against u.s. troops saying "we know everything about your wives and children," and "watch your
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back." the hackers also posted personal details about top commanders including e-mails and social security numbers though much of that information was apparently outdated or publicly available online. the centcom youtube site was also hacked playing isis propaganda videos with images of terrorist fighters. now, it's unclear what level of security centcom has on its social media sites, but the pentagon has emphasized this was not a breach of any command or control networks. u.s. central command overseas air strikes against isis in iraq and syria. and though isis has claimed responsibility for the hack u.s. authorities caution that groups claiming to be isis have also conducted similar hacks against a maryland tv station and a new mexico newspaper. but a cyber defense expert told us that isis is building a cyber warfare unit. listen. >> they can shut down our power grids, the financial sectors.
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i mean, they can disrupt pretty much everyday operations here in the united states including military defense facilities, other areas. i mean this is definitely a huge target for them. something they're actively going out and recruiting for to try and get more and more capabilities from the younger generation to hack into the military installation. >> and martha at this hour centcom's twitter and youtube accounts are suspended. central command also has a facebook page but it was not affected. martha. >> trace, thanks. joining me now general jack keane, chairman for the institute of chairman of war and former army chief of staff. what's your reaction to all this? >> well, it's frustrating to be sure. obviously there's no operational command information that these guys have gained from this, but that wasn't their intent. their intent was a propaganda victory, and they've achieved that. and i think what disturbs me the most that maybe terrorizing and intimidating our soldiers and their families.
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if they release some information about them even though it's available on other sources, the fact it's in such a public way that that information is released. i mean, our soldiers and their families go through enough challenges and stresses in terms of their deployment separations and threat of losing life and limb. without this added baggage to everyday life. so that really frustrates me. what the media's doing -- what the military's doing is like other government agencies they're trying to open themselves up a little bit. after all only 1% of this population in america participates in the military. and so they're trying to have some communication with the american people at large. and they also use it to actually communicate with our troops as well. >> yeah, so that's the reason why they would even be on social media. makes a lot of sense when you put it like that general keane. but when you look at this and you hear the gentleman that we just heard who's a cyber security expert talking about it. he said that these terrorist
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organizations are building up teams of people that are going to attempt to do this. you look at even 9/11 and the things that happened before 9/11, they kept working and working at similar attacks until they pulled one off. and it feels like that's what they're doing with this cyber security as well. do we have an army and a military that can match them in the cyber world and shut them down? >> the offensive capability that united states government has and what the national security agency has and the newly formed cyber command is extraordinary. and we can't talk much about it, but at network speed what they can do is incredibly damaging to any nation state. the problem you have here is isis despite its claim to be a nation state is not. i mean, they don't really have utility infrastructure, they don't have a financial system, they don't have the things that nation state has that a network and therefore very vulnerable.
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all that said we are entering a new era here with what we recognized as taken place with the hacking that has been going on in our country rather significantly with major corporations and the ability to do that. one of the things, if you were talking to the head of the national security agency he would tell you because we would get these briefings you know in the pentagon when i was on the secretary of defense's policy board and they would say wa keeps you up at night. well, if radical islamists and terrorist organizations were able to get ahold of the capability that russia has or another nation state like iran has and they were able to use that, in other words they bought the capability, then they can do damage to our financial system to our transportation system that would exceed anything that took place on 9/11. >> yeah, we got to be ready for that because it feels like the war of the future. it certainly does. >> yeah it's coming. >> general, thank you so much. good to have you with us. we'll see you soon. >> good talking to you, martha.
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>> you too. also tonight the attorney general is refusing to knock down reports that charges may be filed against general david petraeus. judge andrew napolitano next on that and what is very wrong, he says, with this picture. plus, even after recent events in paris australia, canada, the obama administration seems to be refusing to use the words radical islamic in the same sentence. the state department's marie harf is here to explain why. >> why isn't the summit on countering islamic extremism? >> because violent extremism is something we want to be focused on. and it's not just -- it's not just islamic violent extremism we want to encounter -- >> paris, so you're looking for a loan? how's your credit? i know i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers? nope. hamburgers shaped like hot dogs.
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developing tonight, new reports the fbi and justice department prosecutors want to bring felony charges against general david petraeus after he allegedly disclosed classified information to his mistress when she was doing an autobiography about him. >> i don't want to comment on that which is an ongoing investigation. at the appropriate time the proper people within the justice department will make determinations as to what, if any action should occur. >> but that could take a while. judge andrew napolitano is fox news senior judicial analyst and author of "suicide pact." thank you for being with us. >> good to be with you, martha. >> this thing has been hanging over his head for a very long time. why can't they just move forward with this if they're going to do
9:24 pm
something or admit they don't have anything to move forward with? >> i was surprised a lot of us watching these things for a living were surprised when "new york times" found this out. obviously somebody in the justice department leaked it. they're not supposed to do that. there are rules to prevent it, but it's out there. why it has taken this long what these documents are, who's after him, why they want to prosecute him, we don't know unless and until he's charged and we can see what the documents are. but we do know a couple of things. we know that the government has to prove that these documents were classified. but the government does not have to prove that general petraeus caused any harm. what do i mean by that? the government says that the person to whom -- or may say, the person to whom he leaked these documents, his mistress, also had a cso was there any harm? if crime is harm, who was harmed here? now, i'm not making the case for his defense. i'm making the case that this is an inappropriate prosecution without some palpable harm
9:25 pm
caused by whatever the government says he did. and it hasn't demonstrated that harm. >> yeah. so they've been spinning wheels on this for a very long time. that story broke two years ago. you've got to believe his attorneys are saying we should have due process, we need a speedy situation here. you need to either tell us if you have something or you don't. that gets the political wheels turning in the minds of a lot of people. and they say what interest would the administration have in keeping david petraeus just quiet, just out there and quiet? >> well -- >> and preventing him from maybe seeking political office that he might be interested in which some people might want him to do at this point. >> david petraeus was head at the time of benghazi and he hasn't spoken publicly about it other than a statement he made to one of the congressional committees at the time. he obviously knows a great deal about it. david petraeus has been mentioned as a vice presidential even as a presidential candidate. this is something that this administration probably would not want to see even though they're at the tail end of their
9:26 pm
term in office. but you cannot -- >> some people might want to see him on that ticket. >> you cannot ethically and lawfully use the threat of a prosecution for political purposes. but i'm not naive. that obviously has happened before and it will happen again. >> we're talking about several documents. would it day care two years to figure out whether or not that was a problem? >> it should not. but this prosecution cannot go forward without the approval of the attorney general himself either eric holder or his successor. and because the president appointed the -- the president himself would have to authorize this prosecution. >> very interesting. thank you very much. >> sure. tonight when the critics started asking why the administration didn't send anybody to the massive weekend march that happened in paris that was on the cover of every newspaper in america secretary of state john kerry accused them of "quibbling" over that image that you're seeing. kerry's spokeswoman joins me next.
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administration now talking up a summit meeting on global threats that will take place next month. it was originally scheduled to happen in october but it just kept getting pushed down the schedule. there are new questions about the white house strategy to fight the war on terror. there's no cohesive strategy for one simple reason they say, the president won't call it what it is radical islam. ed henry pressed josh earnest on this strategy earlier today. >> -- you said all forms of violent extremism. >> you asked what we would discuss and all forms of violent extremism would be discussed. and obviously the most potent and certainly the most graphic display that we've seen in recent days is again, is motivated by those individuals who seek to invoke the name of islam to carry out these violent attacks.
9:32 pm
that's certainly something we want to work very hard to countermitigate and we've got a strategy we've been discussing for some time to do that. >> so why isn't the summit on countering islamic extremism? >> because violent extremism is something we want to be focused on and it's not just -- it's not just islamic violent extremism that we want to counter. >> paris, australia, canada, isn't the thread through them that it's islamic extremeism? >> certainly those examples you cite are examples of individuals who have cited islam as carrying out acts of violence. there's no arguing that. >> all right. so that's his take. earlier i spoke with state department deputy spokesperson marie harf. marie, welcome. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> every time we see this exchange it seems like the answer is so tortured. it's so difficult to say what everybody around the world seems to feel so clearly it is. and what the leaders have said in canada and australia and paris where they have felt it
9:33 pm
potently and personally, they've said quite clearly the battle is against islamic extremism. why is it so hard to say? >> well, it's not hard to say, but it's not the only kind of extremism with face. i would recommend folks looking at the -- i would remind more terrorists claim to do acts of violence in the name of islam have been taken off the battlefield in this administration than any previous one. but that's not the only way you counter this kind of extremism. much of it islamic you're absolutely right. but some of it not. we're going to focus on all the kinds of extremism with those who say this in the name of islam, we would say falsely in the name of islam -- >> tell me, what other forms of extremism are particularly troubling and compelling to you right now? >> well, look, there are people out there who want to kill other people in the name of a variety of causes. of course, martha we are most
9:34 pm
focused on people doing this in the name of islam. as we've talked about with isil part of our strategy to counter this extremism is to have other moderate muslim voices stand up and say they don't represent our religion. they speak for their religion more than we do certainly and we need those voices to stand up. in addition to all the other efforts we're undertaking. >> i think a lot of other countries probably listen to the way we talk ability this and scratch their heads and wonder why it's so hard to spit it out in a lot of these conversations. mike mccall chairman mike mccaul said we don't see a lead agency. there's no line item in the budget. there are no metrics to measure success. we don't have a common definition for what this is. obviously he's a critic but there are people even former administration officials wlo say we've been working on this for a long time but we're not sure whether or not we're getting anywhere y. >> well, i think when you hear the president who's talked about our counterterrorism, the director of national intelligence, they very clearly said that we have had some success against al qaeda core,
9:35 pm
naming specific leaders we've taken off the battlefield, against aqap naming specific leaders we've taken off the battlefield. but more broadly speaking it's bigger than that. no matter how you counter this narrative, it's a tougher challenge but one we're committed to certainly. i think other countries around the world look at the u.s. and know how committed we are to it looking at our successes. >> but i think they're looking for a leader someone who says we know what we're facing, this is a global war. you know girls taken by boko haram, 132 students massacred in pakistan, people going out for coffee in australia. this is people who were just showing up for work in paris. and there's a common thread here of radical islamic extremism. and until president obama or john kerry or someone else in their position stands up and says look, we know we're facing a global threat of radical islamic extremism, we must ban
9:36 pm
together and we must fight it. that's what everybody is longing to hear, it appears, marie. where is that message? >> well, i think all of these leaders have made very clear the serious threats we face. if you look at the president's speech at west point, if you look at the things secretary kerry's said it's not as easy as defining it the way you just did. we have to look at each threat individuals. all of those threats you just mentioned are from different groups and different places. and different ways. >> do you believe there's a common thread in everything that i just mentioned? is there a common thread? >> i think that's a little overly simplistic to be honest with you martha. if you talk about boko haram yes, they claim to be active in the name of islam, but you count counter them very differently than a sleeper cell like wi saw in paris or sydney or aqap or al qaeda core. how you talk about these groups is different based on where they are and how you fight them. >> it doesn't appear that the groups have any problem explaining what their motive is and where it comes from.
9:37 pm
it's an extreme religious viewpoint they scream from the top of their lungs every time they take somebody's life, every time they burn families inside their homes. so i think to say there's not a common thread -- it's not overly simplistic. we all understand all of these different groups, we just named many of them when we talked about it. i want to ask you one more question in terms of secretary of state john kerry saying he thinks it's quibbling to say somebody should have been there. president obama, vice president biden, secretary of state kerry, when we watched that moving march, they had to have been looking at each other saying where's the united states? >> well, i think the white house has been clear that someone more senior should have gone, but i also think there were several very moving moments last week with secretary kerry speaking in french directly to the french people on the day of the attack with president obama and secretary kerry going to the french embassy to express their condolences. secretary kerry's going to paris on thursday to do so in person. i don't think american
9:38 pm
leadership in the world is defined by any one march regardless of how important the march is i think if you think it is tharks that's really taking a limited view of american leadership. >> all right. thank you as always. >> thanks, martha. coming up next, breaking news on the possible return of mitt romney. chris stirewalt is up next. and then the new film "american sniper" not only tells the story of navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle but the story of his wife and his family and their side of the war. live in moments. you don't want to miss this. >> the thing that -- are all the guys i couldn't see. >> oh, my god! >> i'm ready to come home.
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[vet] two yearly physicals down. martha
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and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer but...i wouldn't have it any other way. lo ok at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. breaking tonight, less than 7 2 hours after mitt romney suggests he might actually jump back in and be part of the 2016 field, a popular political website is out with a big hit piece on the former governor. it was just friday that the 2012 republican presidential candidate told a group of donors "everybody in here can go tell your friends that i'm considering a run." joining me now chris stirewalt,
9:43 pm
fox news digital political editor. what is your take on this news from mitt romney and the fact that this piece in politico's already going after him? >> well, in the world of very subtle, very polite smack talk from willard m. mitt romney, he gave fox news a big chunk of it when he said he liked all the candidates, in a discussion over the weekend he said i like all the candidates. i think everybody's super but i don't think everybody is as well situated as i am to beat hillary clinton. she's going to raise $2 billion. she's been running essential since 2008. she's got her staff billed out. and everybody else is on jump street except for him and his argument is he can raise more do more and be ready to go before anybody else. >> right. the original story was if jeb got in then mitt romney wouldn't feel compel today get in. jeb got in and started the whole ball rolling and now they're going to be fighting over the
9:44 pm
same donors and same people and rumor has it all weekend and today romney folks were hard at work trying to sound them out. >> well, they're trying to protect his space. if you look at it this way the estimates for how much money either of the huge -- and these are the moderate centerist center-right establishment candidates, if you have two of them and they both want to raise more -- romney raised $80 million in the first quarter for the commensurate period in his 2012 run. they both want to beat that. is it 80 90, $100 million? they're talking to the same rich dudes but in the super pac area the money can be raised. right now elephants are crashing into each other. >> so who can win? that's the question. look back at the last romney campaign, lost florida, lost ohio. i mean, he would have to wrap up the states he did not win last time around. and i spoke to you know somebody who was involved in the campaign last time around earlier this evening.
9:45 pm
the word is not defined yet on how this campaign would be different, chris. >> well, here's the thing. the republican party would very much like a time travel machine that would take them to automatically have a nominee and go to war with hillary clinton. but here's the dirty secret. the secret is the process makes the nominee. you don't get to start with a ready-made nominee. what everybody would like in the republican party is to have it done, whiz, bank and go face hillary clinton. the very process that will play out over the next year because a year from now we'll be on our way to the next round of primary states, the very process that takes place over the next year of raising and spending and building that organization and doing all of that makes the candidate. and the republicans have 15 18 individuals who can credibly get in that space. and what mitt romney's saying is let's -- it's go time. i want to get in the pool. and i think i can do better than jeb bush. that's how the system works. >> a new plot in the story. i'm going to marathon watch this whole series tonight see what happens. chris, thank you very much. we'll see you next time.
9:46 pm
>> you bet. so the new movie "american sniper" not only tells the story of navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle who was a legend but it is also really the story of a military family family, of his wife who was extraordinary, of his children. their side of the war, she joins me live in moments. please stay tuned for this. >> let me ask you a question, chris. would you be surprised if i told you that the navy has credited you with over 160 kills? do you ever think that you might have seen things or done some things over there that you wish you hadn't? >> oh, that's not me, no. nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help
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well, this is a movie that has everybody talking. american sniper is based on chris kyle the most successful sniper in military history. and it is a story about his four tours and how the war impacted his family. take a look. >> let me ask you a question, chris. would you be surprised if i told you the navy has credited you with over 160 kills? do you ever think that you might have seen things or done some things over there that you wish you hadn't? >> oh, that's not me no. >> what's not you? >> i don't tell you enough i am
9:51 pm
so proud of you. you're such a great father. >> you're not worried about what might happen? >> i'm willing to meet my creator and answer every shot that i took. don't pick it up. drop it. >> so what, are you in germany, or where? >> no i'm stateside. >> you're home? what are you doing? >> i guess i just needed a minute.
9:52 pm
>> the thing that haunts me are all the guys i couldn't save. >> hey, my daughter right now! >> oh, my god! >> i'm ready to come home. >> taya kyle is chris kyle's wife and she joins me now. the trailer is emotional enough for you and for me. and i can't even imagine what it's like for you. but it's such an extraordinary story. and i want to thank you, really on behalf of all of our viewers i know and the american people. your husband was an extraordinary man. and the way he lost his life helping other people who had gone through difficult things in their own service was just horrible. and you wish that the outcome of this had been so much different. but when you watched the movie
9:53 pm
for the first time it must have been so nerve racking for you to want this to be portrayed accurately. >> it was. i don't usually cry, just grief is a weird thing. yeah, you know interesting things. it's very natural, thank you, for me to see it the movie really. you know moments like that where i just watched it and i saw bradley earlier today and he's such a phenomenal person and warm and caring. and i'm just -- i'm grateful. i miss my husband. >> of course you do. and when you see him -- i wonder because it's told from both sides of the story. from you being at home. did you feel when you saw the movie like you were getting a story. did you feel when you saw the movie that you were getting a sense of what he actually went through in a more full way?ore >> you know, i don't know that by it was a more full way by that point because i think chris was really good abou t little bit by little bit telling me more and
9:54 pm
more about his service and what he did and i started to get rnia b understanding from other people as well while we were together in california before we moved to texas. so it didn't feel unnatural to see it there. >> i remember when he was doing and the book tour. and he finished the book and theuse th screen play wasat written. tell us the timing.killed that finished right before he was killed, right? >> that's true. the jason hall had just finished the first draft. i believe he had texted chris and gotten a text back and then the next day he got the news k that he had been killed. jason and i spent hundreds of owing hours on the phone over the kill following months after chris was killed and went through stories ot
9:55 pm
aniod experiences and emotions time together. it a definitely morphed over time. >> how about your children?ch how are they w doing? li and will they see this?olde how much will they understand now that they're a little older about their father's incredible story? >> it's so interesting.and th they're elementary school aej so thei it's not appropriate for them tothem to see the movie yet and they know aughed their dad as their dad. the one who held them to a high standard and loved them and laughed with them. we talk about him all the time and it has nothing to do with bout the 45service. watchin we watched the trailer together.didn't i think we spent about 45 minutes watching the trailer together. i didn't want them to see it on tv and be surprised.found they have such strong faith and g such a solid foundation that they're doing pretty well. >> i will leave it there but i nk you hope it will a be a tribute for them to see. thank you again for his service and for being here today.h of you >> absolutely. >> i hope sit a great part of
9:56 pm
your lives as you move on. >> thank you for being here. we will be right back. how do you know? duh. you know those change, right? tattoos don't change. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now. aren't you a little bit curious? i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free credit scores. really free. i have got to update my ink.
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you know, just because your bladder is changing, it doesn't mean you have to. with tena, let yourself go. be the one with the crazy laugh. and keep being their favorite playmate. with tena's unique super absorbent micro beads that lock in moisture and odor... tena lets you be you. ncht don't forget to dpo to >> don't forget to go to thanks for watching everybody. this is the kelly file. >> france remains a nation on high alert there are fears that as many as six members of a
10:00 pm
terrorist cell might still be at large. the french government has deployed 10,000 troops to protect possible target sites such as jewish schools and neighborhoods but in a show of defiance the satirical magazine is planning to publish hoemd on the cover of its next issue. >> the senate is one step closer to approving authorization authorizing the keystone pipeline. it has picked up enough votes to apparently secure pasage. it will create jobs and fuel our energy needs. opponents are worried about the environment. now stay tuned for hannity. >> standing against tror and our commander in chief is


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