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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and bankrolled that attack. he is calling them heroes. the brothers who chillingly carried out the killings. all of this has the first printing of the newspaper since the attack sold out in paris and across france. a features a cartoon of the prophet with a tear running down its face. let's go to greg with the latest
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on this. what i have been reading this morning is they are looking for up to six terror cells. what is the latest? >> reporter: that hunt does continue. we will get to that in a moment. let's get to charlie hebdo. what i was going to say is the hottest item in paris isn't a dress put it is a copy of the satirical newspaper. this is one week since the bloody shootout that left 12 people dead. the news agent is sold out behind us and it is the same story at news stands all across the city. people were lining up in the early morning to try to get any newspapers and they failed. our guy here spent most of the day saying come back tomorrow. now they are saying come back on friday. defiant to the end. continuing the run on the cover
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is the cartoon of the muslim prophet and some people are not pleased with one european leader saying it is an act of war. but these people said it isn't that bad. >> it looks like publication. >> you are not shocked? >> no. >> other people could be. >> it is just like to remind it is still possible even if what happened happened. >> it is still possible to print this? >> yeah. >> reporter: this amid new developments that you have been noticeing noticeing in the investigation in the attacks, harris. the new video claiming responsibility by al-qaeda in the arabian area. and that is the most dangerous group outside of pakistan.
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the overall head now that bin laden is gone may have played a role. they are looking at funding, where the guns came from and the french government cracking down overall on people talking about terrorism and defending involved in hate speech. 54 arrest tied to all of the those crimes in the last couple days. amazing stuff focused ophere. and the charlie hebdo is coming to the united states. you will have to wite a few days. if you want to get it on ebay it is well over a $1,000 for a $5 newspaper. >> thank you very much greg. just to add, al-qaeda in yemen isn't going to be shy about the cost if they are already talking about it. one more thing to throw in. france's president said the
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country will send an aircraft carrier to the united states and to quote him he said this experience justifies our our aircraft power being used. what are your first thoughts? >> there is no doubt the brothers spent time in yemen and there was a connection betweenthe group. the operation was green lit years ago in a sense. al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula examined the exact date and time and were they responsible for moving the weapons at the exact moment? probably not. but there is no doubt they were
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responsible for pushing the brothers into the act with the idea of being if you get organized and we authorize anything you can do. >> i read they give them as much as $25,000 to do this in 2010. did the cia say go do this then and they could have a lot of cells because they are waiting into the wing. i know the uk home secretary is saying something similar can happen there saying nearly 600 people from england have traveled to syria and iraq to fight and half have come back. >> that is a scary prospect. i want to ask you about the competition between the terror cells. some of the analyst talk about how they are competing with each other. al-qaeda is competing with isis. and they don't like each other and are trying to see who can kill more people.
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can you speak to that? i think that is confusion on if they are working together and who is responsible for the talked. we see al-qaeda taking credit for this but what is their relationship with isis? >> they in direct conflict in syria and iraq. when they meet on the battlefield, isis and al-qaeda are directly in conflict of each other. when you get outside of that theater, frankly as we have seen here in the paris attacks, they don't care necessarily. if you are talking about individuals who have german or whatever they may be that part doesn't affect them as much. we are making too much of the conflict between them like we did when we first went into iraq. we said these tribes are never going to cooperate with each other. sometimes we get trapped in a box where we want to define what these people will do and they will do whatever is going to harm us. >> what about president obama's
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quote years ago or not that long ago saying al-qaeda is on the run and decimated >> definitely not on the run or decimated decimated. these are people who don't mind killing civilians or dying themselves and that is scary. >> and that is the problem with terrorist. how do you battle back against that mentality? >> it is a marketing issue between al-qaeda and isis. my question is how is the united states involved with the french governor? we sent eric holder over the chief attorney in the country, and thought sending someone from law enforcement to handle counter terrorism is odd. how do you think the united states is involved in the counter-terrorism events in france? >> this is an indication of the mindset of the administration in the united states which is trying to drive it into criminal aspect instead of staying this
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is terrorism from muslim extremist. so the fact he is over there shouldn't be surprise. our relationship with the french military is strong. we have had a very long and fruitful cooperation with them during the course -- particularly since 9/11 -- and they are very capable. >> in the mean time the white house is still refusing to use the term radical islam when describing the attacks. a reporter asked the united states press secretary the reason why and this was his answer yesterday: >> the first is accuracy. these individuals carried out an act of terrorism and tried to justify it by invoking their religion of islam. we have not chosen to use that label because it doesn't seem to accurately describe what happened. >> that is interesting. how would you accurately described what happened in
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paris? we have a video that came out yesterday we have been showing of the terrorist saying they are doing this in the name of radical islam. >> they are still in masked and having weapons out and saying exactly why they did it. how could you possibly say they are later trying to use islam? >> aren't they calling everybody else who is using that term wrong? like, i don't know the french leadership? if the facts on the ground support something how is it the administration draw as different conclusion? >> they are doing something radical going to the a killing and -- they are going to the a building and killing people they have been after. they are holding up neon signs basically saying we are radical islamist. i don't know how the president
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refuses to admit this. >> if you look back to this cairo speech which i encourage everyone to reread i went back this morning and he had i am a christian but my father came from a kenyan country that includes muslims. i spent years in indonesia and worked in chicago community where i found piece and dignity in the muslim faith. i think you see obama going back to a time when he remembers it as dignity and peace. his own boyhood experience wasn't like this so he is sensitive and going back at a that. >> or there is a spine issue here. i am not sure what the reasoning is. i cannot get inside his mind. but i took his speech from then his cairo speech and laid it
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next to general cici's speech after the paris attack. if you want to see the best juxt juxtaposition and see how far off he is on defining the problem read the two speeches. probably the most bold statement from appear important muslim leader that has been made about the problem. >> it is ridiculous the leader of egypt can name this and other countries. fox news alert. this is the situation we have been watching unfold this morning and now the final bill has been voted on and passed. this is about funding the department of homeland security and an amendment or effort that was put forth to curb the president's executive order on immigration. now the floor is reacting.
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it passed with 236 in favor and 191 against it. there has been a lot of drama on the floor this morning. what we saw a little while ago was the speaker of the house, john boehner explaining why it was important to keep the president from moving forward on an issue like immigration on executeive order fashion. this is trying to curb the president from using the executive pen. we will bring the news to you as it is made on the floor. for now, top republican senators are pushing a new bill to restrict president obama's ability to move terror suspects from guantanamo bay. is it time to stop the transfers and can they get this passed as they did the others with regard
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welcome back to "outnumbered." it looks like it is game on for 2016. the list of the potential republican candidates is growing. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is planning to speak on friday after revealing to donors he is considering a third presidential bid. former president jeb bush is moving forward with his possible bid heading to california for donor meetings.
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senator rand paul of kentucky swung through new hampshire today methoding with education activist and hired a campaign manage for a possible run. that is just the beginning. when you hear from republican donorspresident.
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what is wrong with us? how do we not address that as an issue but then i mean i look at
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this and the previous gop primary, during the debates, how many people were up on the stage? and i agree with you you don't want to throw the first person out there. but it looked like a conga line of white guys. >> when you have that many people who have to talk and you have a timer on it you will only here superficially what they think >> just because someone is a master debater doesn't mean they will be a wonderful commander and chief. >> before we know anything about these people or what they thank -- >> and the question to rick santorum started the whole war on women and they changed the story line. it was supposed to be talking about foreign affairs and health care and all of a sudden it went to women's issues and they never got off it for months. >> meantime, in the wake of the terror attacks in france the push by republicans to block the
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president from releasing more detainees from gitmo. why a key senator says the president isn't levelling with the american people. and why the white house says the president has a moral duty to push back against concern stories that could inflame jihadist. what is behind this?
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major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy!
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heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in. and watching "outnumbered." we are glad that you are. in the wake of the paris terror attacks, republican senators are now vowing to block president obama from closing guantanamo bay in cuba. they are pushing a bill that would clamp down on his ability to transfer suspects out of the military prison. lawmakers sight the former stream of detainees showing up on the frontlines of terror.
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john barrasso rasaccuses the president of lot leveling with the people. >> we need to call a time out on what the president want to do with the releases from guantanamo bay. the problem is the president is quickening the releases to the point where 15 were released in december alone with very little surveillance. there is not a chance or opportunity to make sure they don't go back into the fight. we have over a hundred who have been confirmed back into the fight against us. >> all right. let's bring it back to the couch now. our green room did a study of gitmo detainees. a fair amount of them are from yemen and that is a problem. >> yemen is a problem. they have a different category. they say some are confirmed of reengaging but some are
9:29 am
suspected. and it is up to 33% who are considered getting back in.
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you would,. >> look we're not dealing with criminals, first of all. we're dealing with terrorists. >> we're dealing with criminals. >> they're not criminals. >> terrorism is criminal act. they're not. >> you can't send them off to -- >> we're in a war, with people have problem understanding we're in a war, i don't know what you -- >> what i'm saying looked good
9:31 am
housed in facility they can't get out of they want go into another country, reradicallize and come kill us. >> we have enough of problem with radicalization to some degree of muslims in american prisons. >> then they radicalize and others recruit others within the prison. >> start a community within those prisons, would be looked at heroes in the prison. >> prisoners responsibility to make sure -- >> how many millions of dollars and how many hours and days are men and women in uniform spent trying to capture these criminals. the sacrifices their families made. they haven't been home for years, trying to hunt down. i mean the number of the most drills criminals they worked to get and we're just sending them back out. if i were a military family or any of them responsible for these missions i would be so furious right now. >> you have an outlay of resources and blood and treasure of recapture on top of that.
9:32 am
>> that is important point. >> supermax that essentially solves all of these problems. >> there is a bill, because there is bill saying you can't send them because democratic and republican senators were up in arms when the administration tried to do that. >> we have to worry about this we don't have facility we can hold them in proper fashion what we say we'll not worry about picking up detainees off the field. >> there are lots of questions about whether you want them in regular presson population. >> we know the obama administration doesn't want to call the paris attacks radical islam but looks like the white house is also pushing back against anti-yee hawed material in the media. back in 2012 they objected to cartoon "charlie hebdo" printed after magazine offices were firebombed by terrorists. this week white house press secretary josh earnest was asked if the administration still feels the same way. >> there was a genuine concern that publication of some of
9:33 am
those materials could put americans abroad at risk, including american soldiers at risk. and that is something that the commander-in-chief takes very seriously and, the president and his spokesman was not then and will not be shy about expressing a view or take the steps necessary to try to advocate for the safety and security of our men and women in uniform. >> in other words, blah, blah blah. so melissa francis, here is the president who is more concerned about conflating facets of islam which, you know if i were a muslim i would be offended by the president's treatment of the religion and you know, not disavowing the radical aspects of it. he is more concerned with that then defending free speech. he is a constitutional scholar. he should know about the first amendment. >> i love the president and white house puts them sell on
9:34 am
collision course with jon stewart. normally spends a lot of time picking on us but now going after the white house. talking about limiting come i did, limiting free speech, and limiting media. when you try to clamp down on journalists first thing they do is start screaming. >> how many journal is groups en masse said this presidency is not transparent but completely opaque specifically targets journalists and their material? >> well, he silencing journalists. he is basically saying to them, you must be quiet. get back to the servicemen and women they're there not just to protect us but to defend the u.s. constitution an the first amendment. so when he says you better be careful because if you say and do things like this, journalists you may hurt servicemen? what does that sound like also? what he is saying -- >> forgetten his oath. >> let me finish. the first amendment is not worth defending any longer and that the feetings of radical jihadists come before the first
9:35 am
amendment and freedoms it guaranties. think about that. that is pretty dangerous and disgusting message from the white house. >> i phoned in a friend called a lifeline, retched out to general jack keane who is one of our contributors here at the fox news channel. the only request that the military requests of media to protect troops is prior to an operation. they may embargo until the operation commences. when you're in the field and embedded that's what you do. the military is very sensitive to the right of free speech and expression, just what you're saying and would never use troop security as rationale to restrict or limit free speech. general jack keane goes on to say for the president to do is quite stunning harris, and unprecedented in my view. >> one more long time of oddly inane comments coming out of the white house in this very short period of 2015. it is not their job to tell the media what to print, period. that is all there is to it. i don't understand this desire and bizarre dance they're engaged in and have been engaged
9:36 am
in not to offend islam and, at this point, again the only person with any cojones as been general asisi from egypt who stood up in the muslim word. until we get on board and strong arm muslim religious leaders, this is problem in your community, vast, wide moderate community, get out there to box the people into a corner and tell them it is not acceptable and do it all time. >> very good. democratic senator and favorite, elizabeth warren making crystal clear whether she is running for president in 2016 and whether it is the answer hillary clinton is praying for. hillary appears to be on hiring spree of her own for likely 2016 campaign, but rnc chairman reports that republicans will use bills to make her road to the white house as difficult as possible. will that work and is it fair game?
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♪ >> he may be a 2016 favorite among liberals but massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is making very clear she will not run for president. when asked in an interview for "fortune" magazine about the possibility, she simply responded, no. previously warren would answer question only in the present tense. quote, i'm not running for president. hillary clinton looking more like she is definite, hiring a senior advisor media advisor and chief strategist for her 2016 bid but rnc chairman reince priebus promises it won't be a an easy ride for the former first lady. they will target bill clinton's personal life if necessary. kennedy, there have been hello. there have been some hot clinton headlines recently about haiti. now you're not seeing this too much in the mainstream press but "weekly standard" did an expose' how mr. clinton and the clinton foundation raising all their money. there are protests in haiti because they're not getting
9:42 am
funding. there are a lot of shady business deals could come out should the gop go after it if need be? >> honestly i think the democratic romney if ann romney cavorting with a known child molester i think the democratic party would have a field day with it. >> that is different story that you're talking about than the haiti story. >> i'm just saying hypothetically, if there were something quite as nefarious as the suggestions, implications there, i think, yes that would be it is not my style of politics. i'm really concerned about transformation and substantive issues and getting economy back on track and getting americans to work. so it's a big distraction. it is dirty but i have to say, i love warren and presidential poll ticks. it is fair. >> i still don't know if i believe elizabeth warren. i interviewed her since she was a professor at harvard. her rise is meteoric. she has so much enthusiasm and no no, i will make up my mind
9:43 am
later. >> hillary got on the phone. hill, what are you doing? not much. do you love your cats? with be a shame if something happened to mr. whiskers or birkenstocks you like. would are hard to wear if feet were bound. >> maybe burn elizabeth warren's birkenstocks. wait your turn. it is my turn. when you decide to run, the clinton camp and all of our resources will line up behind. >> you nobody will buy that. >> just step aside though, liz. >> it is interesting to see if that inevitability early on will really continue to hurt her though. i mean that is really when hillary clinton came out with a release of the book last year and had the verbal gaffs everybody is saying she is so inevitable and people will lose favor and get tired of her. elizabeth warren sound a lot like mitt romney did when he said no. >> ann romney said on neil can taught troh, no is no.
9:44 am
-- cavuto. >> no is yes in politics. >> i wouldn't be surprised al all to see warren get in the race. i wouldn't be surprised to see her frankly win nomination of democrats and wouldn't be surprised if romney decide not to put his hand in. >> president says the nation needs a new car smell. >> i got a new car, a truck and i like it. oh gosh. >> goes away too quickly and can't reproduce it. >> they have air freshener. >> cars, air fresheners. we're off track. >> try to get the air fresh enter. >> the judge overseeing penalty phase of the jody arias trial is ordered to release secret testimony provided to the jury later last year. more on what was told to the jury coming up later. recesses in elementary schools and have gone down the tubes. the superintendent is blaming common core standards. you don't want to miss this. ♪
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to our friend jon scott what is happening now.
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jon: thank you, harris. what a welcome. the hey the house voted to overturn several ever president obama's key actions on immigration but the future of this house legislation when it gets to the senate in serious doubt. the house also voting to strip away some dodd-frank financial overhaul law. that too could be in political trouble. our political panel weighs in. the dow down more than 250 points right now. almost 208 at the moment. weaker than expected retail sales and earnings miss from the giant financial firm jpmorgan weighing very heavily on stocks. we'll have it for you next hour, "happening now." >> all right. we'll see you in about 11 minutes. thanks. >> a push to make recess mandatory for grade-schoolers in one florida district has failed. administrators say new standards like common core i hate common core, they are the reason parents in orange county which includes orlando asked the school board begged the school board requiring at least 20 minutes of play time in
9:50 am
elementary schoolyard. it was rejected. here is one parent's reaction. >> if there is no time for recess for children because the stakes are too high with testing, then the stakes need to be lowered. >> stakes need to be grilled, as absolutely right. the superintendent says there is no time to spare for play time. you know what happens to kids. they go bananas. >> the day-to-day recess period is probably not appropriate for our schools at this point when teachers say they don't have enough time to get it all done. >> then teachers they need to have better time management. because what happens to kids when they don't have fun and play and exercise. >> they go bananas. if you don't send them outside to run around and wipe themselves out oh, my goodness they're not learning anything. they're jogging around their seats. i don't know you got to send kids outside or -- crazy. >> if i was a teacher i would abhor this and despise this kids need to hit reset button and unplug the brains with unstructured play.
9:51 am
critical to development and it's -- >> we're looking at dramatic levels of obesity among children. i think it is per responsible not to give them some form of choice of exercise, whether indoor or outdoor. i prefer outdoor even if chilly. we've seen plenty ever study for adults we become much more creative. >> i'm not against testing. so for children, when their minds are so fertile and young, that is necessary. >> i've got i'm sorry. i've got three little boys. >> that you know of. >> that i know of. will talk about on the show. seven, five three. the seven and five-year-old are in second grade and kindergarten. we live out in idaho and right now, you know it is snowing outside. get your coats on. >> get out there. >> get out there anyway. >> i'm i know you hate common core. i'm not, i'm not totally against it. i think in life you have to face tests, other people set standards you have to exceed them no matter what they are. >> not centralized.
9:52 am
>> at the same time you have to get them out side and give them a break in order to do better. i think going against what they're trying to do. getting them to achieve more. you need a break to achieve more. >> they need to play. >> not making kid smarter. shoving useless information into their heads that they later will regurgitate, it does not make them smarter. >> i don't know. >> you will get kids to burn out. they're not going to want to learn. they will check out after an hour. i know even as adults you check out after a certain amount of time. there are no good to themselves. no good to the teachers. they come home, and i can't even imagine, especially little boys coming home from school and the parents have kid bouncing off the walls because they're confined all day long. >> absolutely. >> both my parents taught and my husband was school teacher third through sixth grade as well. children's attention spans are short. behavioral issues pop up when they can't release energy. teachers are no longer focused
9:53 am
on curriculum but discipline. not to mention the fact if they need this much time to study to reteach some things they already knew how to teach before, we have to question and i know you're neutral on common core. >> it extinguishes passion for learning which is critical. you never learn anything about that. >> they are kids. they need to play. that is all there is to it. >> we need to move on. biggs love to you baker. >> how do men describe their perfect woman? you're looking at her, baby. according to one data website, has blonde hair, blue eyes and a whole lot more and wait until you hear how much they are willing to pay pay, mind you to date a woman with those attributes. ♪ (woman) caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> what do men look for in the perfect woman? >> apparently it is a lot of beauty and brains. according to what your and it is the ideal woman.
9:58 am
and 54.nofor blue eyes. 55.43 for a slender body. and 59.1for a woman with blnde and graduate tops the list. men like women who don't smoke and drink only in social situations. we'll leave that aside for a moment. you don't buy it for a second? >> they are interested in the big brains. >> and yes. >> maybe that is the only dowd on the sofan and married to the blue eyed blond haired and brainy woman. i am qualified to talk about it. >> and i spent my time in the introthinking about my wife and so maybe the story had merit to
9:59 am
it. >> every time i look at a man who is successful and wealthy and walking around with beautiful not so smart woman, i think to myself your kids are not going to be so smart. why would you go down the road kro crating with someone without a brain? it makes no sense. nand that is kids all of the time. nwhether they drop them on the head. i don't know. >> you have to educate them. >> every guy is listening to you and saying yes. that is the first thing on our mind. yeah. >> you can't denoise and you would be disingenuous and that sets up the first initial. and there is nothing more attractive than a smart and funny and empathetic woman. >> you are secure.
10:00 am
>> a lot of them are smart. and just don't forget about the rest of us. >> oh, harris. i would never forget about you. >> "happening now" now starts in three seconds. have a good one. >> a fox news alert. america's airports on high alert as al-qaeda terrorist claim responsibility for the charlie hebdo massacre. and sparking fears on the west that they could slip past security undetected. we are covering all of the news "happening now". (inaudible) >> solid out in minutes. there is a new issue as al-qaeda in yemen claims responsibility. now the hunt is on for terrorist in france and beyond. >> many of whom radicalized by


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