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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 15, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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all 122 passengers and crew are presumed dead. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. go to greta wire there is a new poll. i want to know what you think. go to and vote tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye -- have the belgians in vented a new transit system that will rival the high speed rail? we have the report you won't want to miss. and what is the best thing about the mr. potato head vladimir putin sent the president? >> that is what is scared of america. imagine what might come next. >> and finally a jealous junky who is in love with a grown woman. is his desire to kick away the competition add mirral or -- admirable or pure evil. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our
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guests. she is hotter than soup and smells just as delicious. beef barley. i am here with jaime colby. she is -- it is called "strange inheritance" and premieres on january 26th on fox business network. if you don't have it, you don't have it. and the only thing she inherited it is a drinking problem. it is joanne noah chin ski. nosuchunsky. there is a three-day waiting period to see his guns and i mean his naked biceps. >> what is the last name? vapor? >> baker. >> thanks for ruining your intro. he is the president of diligence, maker of diligence plungers and pudding. for all of your plunger, hammock and pudding need, think diligence. >> true. and it is andy levey and you need to overturn the government.
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we may not be your first choice, but if you don't pay us on time we will be your last choice. >> a block. the lead. that's the first story. >> let's make fun of greg. >> shut up. >> i am wearing a t-shirt. i am in great shape. >> can we start over? >> no. >> they made a prove fit off the prove fit. they have copies in france that have sold out immediately. the issue is the first since last week's assault by terrorists. striss who were -- terrorists who were not islamic. they explained why they are not using the term, radical islam. >> i am describing to you the reasons why we have not chosen to use that label because it doesn't seem to accurately
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describe what had happened. we also don't want to be in a situation where we are legit myselfing what we consider to be a completely i will legitimate justification for this violence. this act of terrorism. >> he can sell me a really comprehensive life insurance policy. finally, the future of terrorism is adorable. isis supporters have been posting pictures on twitter of junior jihadys or jihadys to help spread the good word about their great cause. this one is saying isis number one. this one enjoys finger painting. this one just pooped his pants, like me. even kittens are getting into it. terrible. he doesn't even know what he is doing. you have to admit. they are adorable.
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maybe we are on the wrong side. >> who are we to argue? i don't know what they say about the whole dance and their inability to get on board with what everyone from general al sisi have radically described as radical islam. they have their own heads up their own collective ass that they think they can change the world by sticking with the narrative. it would be falsely identifying and thus it is thought so. the rest of the world doesn't understand that yet. >> i would be totally for it if they say it has nothing to do with religion. if you can't have one without the other that's been my theory for the past two weeks. if you say it has nothing to do with radical islam you can't say it condemns the terrorists. >> it is not wanting to recognize their ideologies. they say it is radical islam.
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and you are giving them the power that they want. calling the gash in your side a paper cut does not stop the bleeding. you need to diagnose the ailment to heal. >> thank you doctor. >> all day. welcome back to the program. it has been five long years. >> that may have had something to do with it if you recall that evening. >> where do you and ron live now? >> love does bloom here at fox. >> it is like dede and paul trevino. is it a hateful message? >> i don't understand what is going on in this country to be honest with you. we watch paris and we report on paris and france does nothing, and the president won't call it what it is. it is not politically
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incorrect to say jihad, extreme radicalism, and until we are honest why aren't americans proud to be americans? why are we not all demanding you do something -- you think no go communities don't exist here? if the childhood pictures could be classified as like a pornography of sorts, then the supreme court would say it is not a free speech exception. and it should. it should be taken down. we need to be a responsible nation i wonder who the president has called. he is a no show. merkil is photoshoped. france says they will not make any changes. you can't just walk in there. we assume it is extreme radicals hearing the messages, but is it? >> i am ready to cough so i
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can't answer your question. >> way to avoid the question. >> what is this the aarp network? you are coughing and you are sneezing. andy, you served in the armed forces. >> what was the question? >> why aren't we demanding action is taken? why do we go into the no go zones and say you can't live like this. you can't take the benefits -- i would like to think that france wouldn't be so liberal that they would do something about it. it is a danger. women are treated horribly. police are not allowed to attend. >> it is insane. >> it is not in america. they -- there are training camps in upstate new york. are those kindergarten field trips? >> i want to ask you about the people buying the magazines. are they a charlie come latelies? that's something i came up wi good phrase.
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i wish i said it on last night'soh+!=]9ñ >> maybe i will say it tomorrow on "the five." >> people are buying it. there is one on ebay for $15,000. it is sort of -- it is a collector's issue. >> i want one. >> look it is the only thing that will allow the sparks magazine sales these days. i want to talk about josh ernest if i may. he said in saying why they wouldn't call it radical islam these are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism and they later tried to justify the act of terrorism by envoking the religion of ids lamb. of islam. no, they didn't. they didn't back -- they didn't do it afterwards. this isn't difficult. you don't blame all muslims. you don't blame islam per say. it is 1.6 billion people most of whom are peaceful.
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you can't pretend this is not a viralant form. >> that would assume they think that it is islam. >> you call it -- call it islamism or radicalism. it is the same thing. saudi arabia is rationing for insulting islam. >> why so defensive on this issue and not so many others? that's what i don't understand. >> is it his middle name. >> i just don't understand why the peaceful muslims are not coming forward and saying that they are not -- >> and a lot of them are. i don't think that is fair. a lot of muslims spoke up in the wake of the attack. >> that's what you always get. you don't get the consistent, constant, every day the muslim political and religious leaders. go in there and beat these
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extremists down. ostracize them and deal with the problem. >> is that realistic? >> it is not realistic. >> we talk about shari'a law. shari'a law is not part of the extremist belief system. if you dig into it -- that's what it is. i am not being easy llama phobic. >> easy llama phobic doesn't exist. >> that's right. it is my cough drops. >> i am tired of this. >> he did an about face with his face. >> the man with the campaign logo says she will not support mitt in a 2016 presidential run. that's him with the tattoo. he auctioned off ad space on his noggin. getting $15,000 to permanently bear the mark of mitt. and now the man who only smaix good decisions thinks it may be too late for romney. he tells buzz feed, whatever
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that is he will say something later on it to mess it up. you are waiting to shoot yourself in the foot and then he screws it up. he says his new priority is the lgbt issues and he is auctioning it off for a different candidate. he is interested in hillary clinton and stage and screen actor billy zane. the 2016 candidates are off to the races. we made a special video. >> that qualifies as a special video. andy is a face tattoo ever a good idea? especially one that is political? >> look, this -- a guy here says it is going to look real good and then, bam, something else and he screws it up. this is a guy with a face tattoo saying that. even worse, this is a guy with
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a ponytail saying that. the face tattoo pales in comparison to the fact that this dude. >> but he lets his hair down and it covers it up. so it is really two people in one. >> if you get a face tattooed you should go with an old one like i like ike. >> or i love lucy. >> who doesn't? he voted for taft. >> he should get teardrops thousand. he is acting like a bitter ex. >> the pity party. >> that's a good point. i guess. >> he said what is in it for me? it is all about him. why are you giving him this air time? he will charge us. >> we choose these stories to do. ever? no answer? >> you don't want to match him
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one for the obama one? >> oh andy. you said you want talk about that. >> i don't believe i said that. >> joanne so this is arguably mitt romney's biggest fan who is changing his mind. it is not a good sign for mitt. >> i also think there are people who do the opposite. life is a yin and a yang. there will be people who said, you know what, i should have voted for romney last time. sure he said stupid things that people couldn't let go, but i am forgiving. >> you might be right. >> this will surprise people who think i don't read but it was interesting in the "wall street journal" today -- it might have been yesterday but it was pretty harsh against romney. we have all of these people who didn't show up the last time and they will not show up this time. it is not like they learned
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their lesson and if you show up at the poll and you get somebody in there it affects change. at the end of the day i am not qualified to talk about this. i have a tattoo of elizabeth warren on my ass. can i show it? >> romney needs to run in 20 20. romney always looks better in hindsight. >> this is a candidate who excites us and unites us. it presents a small target. this is the problem is that he doesn't excite you. he may unite you. he is not persuasively correct and he doesn't present a small target when you say things like 46%. and we need people who don't make obvious mistakes. you don't talk about obama's kids listening to beyonce. the republicans have to move beyond that thing. >> it is not that we just need
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a candidate who does all of this, but someone can teach the candidates. >> you know where they can learn that? "the five." >> they have to be chomping at the bit to get romney in there. he would be the perfect foil. >> i don't know who you sound like right now. you know who you sound like and act like? >> betty davis? >> no, the punk puppet from pee wee's play house. >> i love that show. look at mike, not me. >> never mind. >> forget it. they will pick up your tab if you look fab. a korean restaurant in china is letting beautiful people eat for free. according to the telegraph, a newspaper, not a machine comely customers. who uses that name?
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comely customers are brought to an area where they are evaluated by plastic surgeons who service the restaurants are advertising. each day the 50 most attractive people get to skip paying their bill. this is wrong. they advertise with a great looking sign this will authorities declare it damaging to the city and took it down. they say the pay by face promotion will continue. anyway, you know who gets to eat free at andy levey's house? >> that was thanksgiving right this. >> it was a tuesday. >> wow. >> thanksgiving i go all out. >> you must be getting up so early and nervous. >> there is one uncle who
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won't get out. >> ron paul. >> ron paul nice. >> jaime is there something wrong with this restaurant? >> i love this restaurant. give me the address. i am going in. >> you want to go there? >> you know being pretty counts. look into the camera. >> let's keep that out of it. mike, you are unattractive. thoughts? >> well, first of all, thank you for that. that's good. you know what it is a private business. as we all know in china there is nothing they value more than the free markets and capitalism. if this business wants to engage in this promotion, then it is their right. >> that's fantastic. >> that's absolutely true. >> joanne, is this a hoax? if it is not a hoax when are you flying to china? >> i will be there next week. very excited. >> you are opening a panda express. >> right? it is so good.
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although i don't know if they would find me beautiful. that's the thing. >> i don't know if they will find me beautiful. >> it does president make any sense. >> but my question is do you know before or after you eat if they selected you to not pay? that would affect my ordering. i would order a lot more or do some take away. >> if the food is bad you don't look so good when you leave. >> that is true and you can't go baying in because you are ugly. >> andy, they score and what kind of score would they get? >> i am fairly certain that if they did this and only 50 customers showed up, there is a decent chance i would get a free meal. >> even at 51. i don't mean age but number. >> i am not 51. talk to gutfeld about that. i am a youthful 40s kind of guy. >> i just don't see why we have to keep giving free rides
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to good looking people. if anything they should be taxed. >> more taxes? >> good looking people get everything for free. >> i am wearing a lot of free stuff. >> that's a good point. >> it is like the oscar gift basket. >> it is. coming up, one of our cameramen goes missing. is mike baker to blame? he does have a bracelet made of teeth. but first, what did nancy grace have to say about pot? besides being a great container to boil severed ears? not much.
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marijuana makes people
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crazy. specifically nancy grace if she qualifies as a person. on tuesday night rapper and weed smoker two chains off spring of one chain, went on nancy grace's show to debate the legalization of weed. luckily we have video. >> a superstar in his own right, known as two chains also so, two-chain thanks for being with us. you are a star. why do you still support the legalization of marijuana? i know you graduated with a 4.0 that you got a scholarship. what other guys have -- why do the men have regular clothes and the women have skin-tight -- >> i can listen to her for hours. two chains, would you change your mind if you saw a kid smoking pot? >> this mom -- look at this
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two chains, this mom is making her two-year-old child smoke pot. watch this. i want you to watch it. look at this baby. >> that's what i was telling you earlier about trying to classify her as something what we would do when we smoke a joint. she is irresponsible and a bone head. that is an imbecile move. anybody that loves their kid knows not to put them in harm's way. i don't agree with that at all. she may have mental issue. >> finally, nancy, could you do us a favorite and quote your favorite two-chains lyric? >> smoking california weed with california whores. left that >> andy can i see what could be a love connection there?
12:25 am
there was electricity. >> you could listen to her for hours, and i can listen to her for seconds. >> first of all there are -- there is nothing so tire so many than rap or leer -- lyrics. if you are ever in a position where you have to look good, get yourself on with nancy grace. compared to her you will always look fantastic. >> no matter how nuty you are, she out nuts you. jaime, have you been in this business for decades and you know nancy right? who do you stand with nancy or two chain? >> i don't think that was a interesting interview. i thought she set him up to be fantastic. >> she was trying to pull -- she was trying to say the children are at risk. you have children.
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you put your kids at risk? >> all the time. they have to learn. i thought two chains aka -- the strange thing i am surprised two chain is using the same name. i won't go into that because it is classified. i thought he looks bril yebt. i have come to the point where , you know, what do i care? legalize marijuana, fine. i have done a fair amount of research into this, and honestly, let it ride. >> what can you do? >> does she know how. >> wherever the question was going, we knew they were saying no.
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joanne, if you take a -- there will always be a crazy lady out there doing something horrible. >> you can't say every parent does that and you can't say every interviewer will be this bad. >> when we showed the first clip we didn't edit much. she asked all of the questions in that sequence and did not let him answer a single one. she is just wanting to hear herself talk. i get it. i have been there. she wanted to have a debate and at one point she said, well, i am not agreeing with you and you are not agreeing with me. then what the heck is the point? i am now a two chains fan. the personality -- >> the sweater is a winner. >> she showed the video and that could have been edited. we don't though what the kid was doing. he may have needed to chill.
12:28 am
>> the parents wanted him to quiet down for the night. >> speaking of chill, what did you do this weekend? >> they were up on the ski slopes and skiing is what it is. where was i going to go this oh two chains. >> one of my kids may have gone off path a little bit and got stuck in powder and you take a picture and the next thing you know -- >> i think it happens to everybody. >> what happened? >> some people take exception to parenting. >> what happened? >> i am not going into it. i am not going into it. >> what happened? >> you got out of the state. >> why do i ask him to tell stories if he doesn't tell it. >> that's all right. >> i am amazed how people will be rate you. >> what are you talking about?
12:29 am
that was the name of the song. >> the story would have been great if you actually told it. a new mayor because the old ones were so terrible. check it out. first, a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is um -- umbrellas. if you want to stay dry and get in everyone's way on the sidewalk, get an umbrella. get one and start poking tall pedestrians today.
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does it spell doom for the
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dressing room? luxury retailer nieman marcus good friend of mine, by the way, has unveiled the memory mirror which lets customers view themselves side by side in different outfits. the digital reflecter takes photos of what you try on and can show you the 360-degree view. it also quietly judges the thing on your face. talking to you, stanley. to be able to share the photos on social media because that's what the world needs more of, and if that is not enough high-tech for you, a robot shopping assistance -- assistant will offer suggests. let's take a look. >> i would leave.
12:34 am
>> i have to hold on. i am so excited. i am a speed shopper but this will move things along. it will give me an honest opinion and not the sales associate saying you look fabulous in that. >> that's true. they are always lying to you. it is ingenuous. >> they always do lie to you, joe. it is great for somebody like you because they can put digital wine stains on all of the stuff you try on. you can see what it is really going to look like when you wear it. >> that's true. night out on the town. >> put a little vomit on there and see what it looks like. >> the drinking is like my shopping. i am a binge shopper. i like to get in and out and do it quickly. this makes the process longer. >> you are standing there in a different color. you don't have to turn around all of those times. >> what would be a solid idea
12:35 am
is if you do that and you look naked and i don't know if you look differently. >> what are you trying to say? >> you see what i'm saying? everybody imagines their body type different. i wasn't telling my story and greg was getting pissed off. what if you were trying to clothes and there are people who can log on the web. you call it -- you call it try it go to my laptop. go to try it if that is not there, try it on org. >> your idea is terrible.
12:36 am
>> they do that at the doctor's office. the clothes are not going to fit you crazy person. >> andy could this thing have stopped you from buying all of the ugly sweaters. >> no, but it might make you realize that you wear the same sweater. >> that's true. >> you are wearing it -- >> i learned it from archie. >> archie daniels mid-land. >> look this is huge. it combines two things people love, technology and themselves. >> good point. as soon as it is affordable enough they will start popping up in people's home. 20 years from now it will be as popular as iphones and you can scan in all of your clothes and see what jacket goes with what pants and what shoes go and what underwear goes with what watch. it is all of the tough questions that would save you a lot of time. >> how do you do it in the morning, andy? get dressed? >> who picks out your
12:37 am
clothes? >> how do you pull yourself out of bed. >> it is a big pile of stuff and a big cat on top. it is like a cat sunday. sweaters and a cat. >> a cat named jerry. >> on the side there is a cat named banana. >> a cat named cherry but i didn't want to elaborate like a cherry on top. do -- >> do guys get misty eyed. they looked at which movies make men cry. results were not more resulty. both men and women said a film had brought them to tears -- who are these people? 4% got a little choked up. they are normal like me. move up. men and women don't sob at the same films. movies more likely to be listed by men are "field of dreams" which is so fake" rudy" who threw that -- can you move that down please?
12:38 am
"rudy"" brian song" and "we are soldiers" and women cry over" beaches" which is a movie i guess. it is not the actual land mass "ps, i love you." "steel magnolias" which is my nickname" a walk to remember" and "birth of a nation." is that it? even the teleprompter has given up on the show. baker, you seem like an old -- an "old yeller" kind of guy. by the way, that is not the biography of john mccain. >> i didn't see that coming at all. >> neither did i. >> what makes you cry? >> a couple of movies. one is the scene where jim brown runs and he has a limited amount of time and he has to drop the grenades down the exhaust pipes and into the bunker where the nazis are in "dirty dozen" and you know he will get it.
12:39 am
you steel yourself because you say i am not going to cry and he gets it and everybody is on the truck and they stop for a second and they freeze on everybody's face on the truck as they try to make their get away and the bunker is exploding and there is jim brown on the ground and every time. >> i believe you. jaime, what makes you cry? don't say "last tango in paris." >> i was just thinking about my last tango in paris. i like "the notebook." everybody cries. i like to be with a guy that cries. but usually i only cry if there is not enough butter on my popcorn. i am particular about my popcorn. >> is that an analogy? >> oh my god! >> i am asking, that's all. >> get your head out of the gutter. andy "field of dreams" probably the most realistic movie on the list. >> absolutely. >> all of these guys come and make a field of dreams.
12:40 am
>> for two hours. >> i don't want to spoil it for everybody, but everybody is dead. what movie made you cry? >> first of all they are called guy cry movies. that's the official term. for me it is "field of dreams,"" saving private ryan." >> "garfield." >> i would add "the iron giant." the first four minutes of "up" possibly the saddest thing ever committed to celluloid. usually -- for guys it is sports and war movies. they have to be a sports or war movie and that's what makes guys cry. and not "the notebook" garbage. >> joanne, if you were ever with a guy crying during the movie what would you do? >> i have been before and it was usually my gay bestie. usually they don't -- i don't really like a man that cries. if you do it, pretend you stubbed your toe or something. i cry at everything so i need a real manly person with me. i once had a panic attack after "moulin rouge."
12:41 am
what is that about? i think it is the camera angles. i just had an anxiety attack. >> there are movies that do that. it is like in your face. get out of my face, movie. what movie did i -- of course we talked about "the incredible mr. limpit" when don knotts turned into a fish and that made me cry. and "the lives of others"? nobody has seen it? andy, you never saw "the lives of others"? >> it didn't make me cry. >> "triplets of bellville." >> stop. >> "the lego movie." >> that is a very touching movie jie. was that animated? >> "own for given" morgan free man is killed and they have him in a box and clint eastwood fieppedz out. you cry out of joy because he
12:42 am
is about to unleash hell. >> i cried about schmidt when they showed kathy bates in the hot tub. let's go to the clip. all right. we will wait here while you find it. anyway, it is time to take a break. when we come back it is social anxiety. you heard about it because i talked about it on "the five." "not cool" buy it. in its 35th printing.
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i don't care. do you feel prone without your phone? according to a new study people separated from their iphones can suffer serious psychological affects. researchers at the university of missouri had participants solve word puzzles while placing their iphones away. there was a de -- decline in performance. they said they are capable of becoming an extension of themselves. there is a negative physiological state. pandas feel the same way about zookeepers.
12:47 am
>> panda gitmo. >> that's why you can't close the facility. >> you never who what they will be up to. certainly not humping. >> let's go quick. we have three minutes here. is this traumatic? >> i am amazed of what scientists will come up with. i am thinking the anxiety was over the fact that he was moving his phone away and he thought he was going to steal it. >> you know it is easy for guys. we put our phones in our pockets. it is harder for girls who don't have pockets. >> don't put it in your pocket, greg. >> those studies are not true. there are two things that give me anxiety. it is not being away from my phone, but when i get a call from an unknown number and they leave a voicemail that can't be good. and then when my battery goes to 25% and i am not near a charger it goes so fast at the end.
12:48 am
>> it is like you are going to die. >> and you know it will turn off and it is a race against time to find somebody with a charger andy. and you are the one i always go to. >> yes, i am. i am responsible. >> you are my charger buddy. >> what about having your phone away and having it ring. first of all you will wonder who is making a phone call. the whole thing is screwed up. moving the phone away without it ringing is what separation anxiety would be about. the study is stupid. and they say iphone, but it is a smartphone. they make it sound like something specific to the iphone because it is sexier to say iphone. >> it is like putting an i in front of anything makes it better. >> the scientists should be flogged. >> that's a little harsh. >> really? that's what all of this is about? >> you can have two in case one goes away. >> there you go. a lot of people do that now. >> i am not impressed. >> we will stop at that then.
12:49 am
she is not impressed. >> coming up a strange inheritance. i think it is the last album by the dave matthews band. strange inheritance. i think lenny calf vits -- lenny calf vits. >> two chains. guy do you have video of your animals? send them to us please.
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did you know how many cars grandpa has? >> i didn't. it is a strange thing to inherit, isn't it? >> nobody has an inheritance like the one we have been bequeathed. >> nobody has known as long as we have. real families, what do they do with their strange inheritance? >> do you know how much this is worth? >> 10,000. >> that is a look at a series
12:54 am
that looks at the inhair assistance across the country. it is monday january 26th at 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox business network. it is hosted by the lovely jaime colby who has about with us all night. what is the weirdest thing that has been inherited? >> bugs. 100,000 insect specimens. four generations of bug collectors. and they made a museum out of it. >> it could have been worse. make a museum. they were like a skeleton museum . >> didn't a girl have a barbie? >> why does it have to be a girl? >> it is not. a girl inherited from the mother who had the cancer and sadly left the dolls. he is having a rough time because they call him a doll boy at the diner. i am trying to help him unload the dolls. >> i had to unload a doll once..
12:55 am
>> i thought it was more of a profession. >> have you come across anything too strange and decided not to do it on the show this. >> i am all in. we had bugs and the dinosaur and the amusement park. sometimes people make millions. we help them decide what to do. sometimes they say let it go. it is not working out between you two. sometimes i bring the family together. you got to do what you got to do. everybody learns about their hair -- heritage. >> i love that you split the family apart. >> sometimes it is not working out. >> you take your check and you take your check. >> you were telling me about a story on the break you wanted to bring up. >> roy's boys.
12:56 am
roy or bough son left a recording his kids didn't know about and it is "the way is love." they stumbled on to thousands of cassettes and they lived their dream beyond the grave. they play with their father's voice and it was released for father's day and they gave me a guitar lesson and i can now play "pretty woman." >> what is with the -- i have you with a gun and that is my last question. >> gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts that was the dpun that was strapped to bonnie parker's leg in the death car. >> wow. >> what is that worth? >> 500 thousand. >> $500,000? what lesson does that teach our children? maybe mommy will be a bank robber. >> but mommy's family didn't get it the reason he bought bonnie and clyde's guns is they should stay together.
12:57 am
>> it premieres january 25th. >> 9:00 p.m. >> check it out. i'm sure it will be riveting television. much like "red eye" i suppose. feel better, mike.
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om this on fbn, 8:00 p.m. see you then. hello everyone i'm dana perrino along with kimberly guilfoyle and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." al qaeda in yemen has claimed responsibility for last week's attack on "charlie hebdo" just a few months after president obama cited yemen as a counterterror success story. >> the strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us while supporting partners on the front lines is one that we have successfully pursued in yemen and somalia for years. >> thanks to our military and counterterrorism professionals, we took out osama bin laden, much of al qaeda's leadership in afghanistan and pakistan, and leaders of al qaeda affiliates in yemen and somalia.


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