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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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tweet, we are not safer. paris is not on exception at all. something we're giving a lot of thought to these days. we hope that everybody is doing okay there and that continues. stay safe. bill: see you in an hour. uh-oh. i'm lucky again. martha: one lucky guy. bye, everybody. jon: fox news alert and a new timeline emerging on the terrifying ordeal for passengers trapped on a smoke-filled subway train in one of the busiest stops in our nation's capitol. it was an agonizing ordeal one woman died, dozens more got sick during the incident monday on washington's metro. the official timeline now released by washington officials confirms passengers had to wait more than a half hour for help. the information released today does not give the exact time paramedics reached the train. meantime the national transportation safety board is still investigating what caused that choking cloud of smoke.
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♪ and the backlash is growing after the obama administration releases five more suspected terrorists from the detention center at guantanamo bay in cuba. welcome this is edition of "happening now." i'm jon scott. gerri: i hope you're having a great day so far. i'm jenna lee. a showdown is looming on capitol hill because of it. the president's renewed push to close gitmo once and for all. gop lawmakers are working on a bill that would halt the president's ability to transfer gitmo prisoners. the worry that these detainees will eventually return to the battlefield. the five yemeni prisoners are suspected al qaeda fighters captured in pakistan. years they're being transferred to two different countries, oman and estonia. defense officials say it is no longer necessary to keep them behind bars. doug mckelway with the latest
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on our top story today. doug? >> reporter: after that firestorm that erupted over the failure to send a high level delegate to the uppity march last week and release of five yemeni prisoners from gitmo will just add fuel to the fire. the former chief medical sister says at gitmo says none of these five should have been released. >> not one detainee that i would let loose at this point. there is no way that you can win a war on terror by releasing detainees. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: in a system that accompanied release the defense department maintained, quoting each much these was approved for transfer nearly five years something but six departments and agencies. finally oman agreed to accept four of them. nation of estonia agreed to accept one of them as you said. in the senate infuriated republicans introduced a bill that would repeal the law that allows all of these kind of transfers of gitmo detainees. bill sponsors say recidivism among these detainees is a huge
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problem. listen up. >> those that have been released from guantanamo by not only this administration but the bush administration as well, if you put those numbers together, we have almost a 30% suspected or confirmed cases of re-engagement of terrorism. >> reporter: the obama administration on the other hand maintains that recidivism has dropped precipitously since two 2009 when special controls were put in place. when asked on tuesday if gitmo will remain open after this president's term is up josh ernest said this. >> i'm not willing to concede that at this point. what i will concede however, is that members of congress and this is actually true of both parties, not just republicans put in place obstacles that made it very difficult for the president to succeed in the goal that he has laid out to close the prison at guantanamo bay. >> reporter: meantime 47 yemeni prisoners who are still at gitmo have been approved for transfer
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at some point in the future. jenna, back to you. jenna: big story around will continue to be so throughout this next year. doug, thank you. jon: alleged isis plot here at home busted wide open. it targeted capitol hill with the fbi arresting an ohio man accusing him of plotting to plant pipe bombs inside of the u.s. capitol. the feds say this man, christopher lee cornell, told an fbi informant about the plan that included opening fire on lawmakers as they tried to escape. cornell's parents say their 20-year-old son was set up. >> he was a good kid. i mean he would do anything in the world for you. he would not hurt nobody. >> he might be 20 but he was more like a 16-year-old kid barely ever left the house. played videogames. best friend is a cat. he may have lost his way somewhere in there but i believe he was really vulnerable and, i believe he was coerced in a lot of ways.
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jon: justice department official tells fox, cornell was quote aspirational, not operational. and adds that the public was never in danger. jenna: we'll have more on that story throughout the next hour. meantime the french satirical newspaper "charlie hebdo" selling every copy of its first edition published since last week's terror attack at its offices in paris. 10 journalists and cartoonists were killed plus two officers and several hostages in the later standoff. it features a cover of the tearful prophet muhammad, one that people fear will spark another attack. we're learning more about the movements of one of the terrorists in days leading up to the attack inside the kosher grocery store. tell us about the significance of that? >> reporter: jenna, this story breaking in the past 30 minutes. according to the associated press, spanish authorities believe the terrorist who shot up that kosher grocery went on a road trip just over a week before that deadly attack.
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according to the associated press, amedy coulibaly drove his common-law wife from here in transto dried and was with her through the spanish capital on the holiday weekend until she took a plate to instan bull according security cameras. she is now believed to be in syria. authorities are also trying to determine if coulibaly met with anybody else before driving back from spain to france. authorities are looking for another come mission who may have driven him to that grocery store where new images now show us from closed-circuit television cameras what happened inside. in the back of the store you can see him in a military-style flak jacket forcing a hostage to put their hands on the wall. another image shows a group of hostages huddled in an aisle. one shows the body after store employee on the floor. he was reportedly killed after he tried to grab the terrorists
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kalashnikov rile but it jammed and he was shot. hostages were force toddies connect the cameras before police opened that front door and took down coulibaly in a i will ha of bullets. jenna, this search continues for several other suspects believed to be related to the terror attacks. gerri: terrifying to see the first images from inside of the kosher grocery store, greg. the french newspaper we mentioned, "charlie hebdo," that new edition is still selling like crazy. >> reporter: for the second day in a row the special survivors issue flying off the shelves of newsstand and kiosks. long lines forming again this morning before dawn. many of them sold out within minutes. in fact across the country we're told within two hours you couldn't find it anywhere even though they printed 100 times the normal run, five million issues instead of the typical 60,000. there are some in the muslim community who are upset about the cover art. they say it could provoke more attacks and images have been banned from websites in turkey. we're also hearing about several newsstands in belgium that were
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threatened with consequences if they sold the paper but it sold out question lick i. -- quickly. and it is a hot item for resail here, jenna. gerri: interesting, thank you, rick. jon: the white house is now blasting republicans after house lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a bill that would block funding for president's obamas immigration order. his executive action halts deportation of some five million illegal immigrants in america. but the legislation is expected to have trouble passing in the senate. le's bring in a.b. stoddard associate editor and column it in the hill. charlie hirt columnist for "the washington times." welcome to both of you. ab, we'll start with you. is the house tilting at windmills with this legislation? is it not going anywhere? >> it might go somewhere but not will be what the house conservatives who pushed for this vote want. it was a statement an expression of their frustration
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with what they see as a lawless act by an unlawful president in terms of the executive action that he issued on immigration at the end of the year. but the senators republican and democrat, are not going to muster the votes on, in the senate to, next week to pass this with 60 votes. it's certainly not going to get a veto-proof majority of 67. if it ever ekes through the president will veto it. doesn't mean they're not going to come up with some kind after statement or resolution in opposition to what the president has done but certainly won't be defunding to the extent that the house bill calls for. jon: so, charlie, it is not expected to pass in the senate but there have to be some senators who feel very much the way the house does? >> i think there are also democrats who have been very vocal at least before the election admonishing the president for his unilateral action and saying that, usurping congress's authority is very bad thing. of course now, you know, after the election. so it is very possible that they
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have, you know had a change of heart about all of that. but those will be very important democrats to watch. but obviously aft b is exactly right. it is going to be it is hard to see how this ultimately achieves any real success because president obama will, at least as long as president obama is in the white house. however, i do think that republicans can still kind of lose certain battles but win a overall war by fighting this making this the center of the debate, for the next two hours. and -- years. and absolutely stick with it and stand up to president obama at every turn where they can. i think that long term, that is winner for them. jon: does this mean ab, that republicans continue to be tarred with the brush of being anti-immigrant? >> oh, yes. i actually disagree with charlie. "cbs news poll" out today saying that there is support for
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president's immigration policies over 60%, 55% of respondents in that poll say his executive order should stand. what you will see is a real squeamishness from the center of the republican party right now with the provisions that passed out of the house yesterday. they're already talking about the fact that repeal of the so-called d.r.e.a.m. act of 2012 when children who did not choose to break the law came here with their parents were allowed to be safe from deportation under that order. that is a very popular provision. republicans have tried to copy with a sort of junior version of their own ever since. there is going to be pressure on republicans in the center next week during this vote who are running for president. we'll see how they cast their vote. this is seen as strongly anti-immigrant bill, that democrats are demagoguing already, not only on immigration but of course saying we're now, this is now a threat to our national security because any
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games with department of homeland security fund something a threat to our safety. so this immigration problem is a alive and well. it will be under discussion this week at a retreat between house and senate republicans. there is a lot of division within their ranks how this will affect 2016. jon: so, charlie is this whole exercise in the house, is it nothing more than them beating their heads against the wall or is there a useful purpose at the end of it all? >> i think it is very useful and i think it is important obviously a. about cites those polls but the issue here is not immigration. the issue here is the president making executive actions that he doesn't have the constitutional authority to make. and that is where i think republicans win enormously making that argument. in the past both democrats and republicans have been guilty ceding the control out of hands of congress into the hands of the president. i think would be very smart for republicans to take the high road here and return to the
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intent of the constitution which is that you know the congress makes laws and president enforces them. jon: that is the argument. charlie hirt a.b. stoddard thank you. >> thanks jon. >> nfl player charged with a serious crime ahead of this weekend's big playoff game. we have details on that. also a hot pursuit in car chase capital of the country. what sparked this wild ride. how it ended. it always end somehow. remember that knife-wielding fence-jumper that made it inside of the white house? one of a series of security blunders. there is new fallout at the secret service. we'll get you the latest. we want to hear from you. do you think the united states should continue releasing detainees from gitmo? our live chat is up and running. go to slash "happening now," check on "america's asking" to join the conversation. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good.
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no pictures of trucks pulling boats. no photos of men working on ranches. just a ram 1500 ecodiesel that gets 156 more miles per tank than the ford f-150 ecoboost. get more facts at jon: here are some crime stories we're following right now. sentencing day for bob bashar
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remarks the detroit area man convicted of murdering his wife. known as master bob he wanted to devote his life to bondage and domination. he is set to get mandatory life in prison with no possibility of parole. prosecutors in indianapolis filed rape charges against player josh mcnary. mcnary denies it in a statement from his attorney. the colts have a big playoff game this weekend with the new england patriots. hot pursuit in the san fernando valley in pursuit after driver wanted for possible dui. the it lasted about an hour before the driver and two passengers were finally taken into custody after a brief chase. jenna: big shake-up at secret service, with four high-ranking officials out of a job. recent security lapses we covered here on fox.
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we are in washington live with more. kevin? >> reporter: good morning to you. the changes come on the heels of a harsh report about it department of homeland security which said that among other things that the secret service was starved for leadership. now in all, as you pointed out four top officials are reassigned. two others are selected to retire and more changes are expected in the not too distant future. they're charged with protecting the people's house, the white house and the president of the united states. after a series of failures including a knife-wielding man able to jump a fence and make his way deep into the white house you had to figure change was inevitable. former director julia pierson resigning in october. with departure of six of agency's top managers, acting director joseph clancy is convinced the agency can once again move forward saying among other things, quote change is necessary to gain a fresh perspective on how we can conduct business end quote. he is hoping that all these changes and of course
8:19 am
reassignment will make a huge difference how things are operating at the secret service of the by the way the assistants can accept new positions within the secret service or the department of homeland security. they can always retire, failing that, they can simply move on. jenna: we'll see what they decide. kevin, we were not able to say it other day you were on a really serious story. nice to have you as part of the team on fox news. you have a something in common with jon a colorado connection. i don't want to get in between. jon: we both worked at the same television station. >> jon knows all about the great centennial state. jon: love it there. welcome, kevin. gerri: great to have you. thank you. >> thank you. jon: a wild start to the year on wall street. the dow has been on a roller-coaster ride if you've been paying attention making triple digit moves affecting your bottom line. so where are stocks headed right now? not in a good direction it would appear. plus we'll take a look what americans think of gitmo as president obama renews a promise he made well since his first
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house. >> this needs to be the year congress lifts the remaining restrictions on detainee transfers sand and we close the prison at guantanamo bay. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪
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can. gerri: early rally all but gone. both stocks and oil prices are down. the dow didn't look that bad because compared to previous days because the previous days have been such a roller-coaster for the markets of the past five days the roller coaster has been heading downhill. joining from our sister network, fox business reporter, lauren simonetti. >> stocks are trying, trying to rise for first time in five days. they're down now and trading certainly choppy. volatility shaping up to be the new normal for 2015. many people checking 401(k)s more often calling brokers
8:24 am
trying to get an idea what is going on with their investments of the big news for the markets today came from europe. switzerland's central bank shocked us saying it would no longer capping its currency, swiss franc, 1.20 to the euro. switzerland import as lot of stuff and it makes that stuff expensive. the franke is popular when the there is market uncertainty. bank of america and citigroup they are reporting lower trading revenues and their stocks are down. on the jobs front unemployment lines may be getting longer. claims for jobless benefits rose to the highest level since september last week, 316,000. some of that rise of course seasonal with the holidays over. pay attention to workers with oil and gas companies filing for jobless benefits especially in states like texas and north dakota. they're starting to feel effects of cheap oil. oil today tried to rally but
8:25 am
prices keep on falling, right around $47 a barrel right now. 21 states have a state gasoline average below $2 a gallon. so that trend continues. jenna, jon? gerri: wow lauren, thank you very much. one of our big stories today we'll continue to talk about. don't miss lauren on the fox business network f you're not sure where to find it in your area click on finder. >> it is clear we need a time out so we do not reconfront the terrorists we have captured and currently in guantanamo. jon: that is new hampshire senator kelly ayote says we need a time out on closing prison facilities at guantanamo bay cuba. but the obama administration is not pumping the brakes. as we mentioned at the top of the hour, five more suspected al qaeda fighters are being transferred out of guantanamo. let's talk about this with gillian turner fox news contributor. she worked at the national
8:26 am
security council during the bush and obama administrations. gillian, welcome. the pentagon reportedly says that you know these five are no longer a threat. how do they know that? >> i think the reality that they don't. any release of a long-held prisoner at guantanamo bay constitutes a tremendous threat to u.s. national security interests both here and abroad. you know while these people may not have been tried and convicted, the u.s. intelligence community knows with certain, with certainty that these people are some of the most hardened and dangerous terrorists that the middle east has to offer. these five in particular likely have ties to aqap which is one of al qaeda's most dangerous offshoot organizations and they share in common with isis this radical, militant sunni demographic as well as a core agenda that is really hell-bent on destroying as many westerners as possible. jon: we know three of them are going to oman.
8:27 am
maybe one or two are going to estonia. supposedly it is the first time that both of these countries have agreed to take prisoner transfers from gitmo. what do we know about how they're going to be held how they're going to be monitored? >> what you just raise is one of what i see as two main problems with the administration's policy here. the first is that some of these countries like oman, afghanistan and ururgay are not truly allies of the united states. regardless of intentions may not possess the capability of monitoring movements of these individuals and prevent them from returning to the battlefield. the second major problem here is that, you know, a lot of the intelligence we've gathered over the past year has been, really as i pointed out earlier pointed out the fact that they're very dangerous. the yemeni demographic of the prisoners has been really the most challenging to, sort of
8:28 am
off-load to other countries. jon: especially after al qaeda rabe rabe is claimingdal qaeda in the arabian peninsula. is claiming credit for the paris attacks. president obama since day one of his administration has been trying to close guantanamo bay because he says it hurts our national security. american people do not seem to be convinced. a "fox news poll" taken in september, if an isis terrorist captured on the battlefield where should he be held? 59% of the americans responding in that poll say hold them at guantanamo bay. so this campaign that the president has been on literally since day one of his administration does not seem to have taken root among the american people. >> yeah, even before the administration came into power, you know closing this facility was one of the president's primary campaign promises. and so i think he feels that regardless of public opinion right now it's really his sort
8:29 am
of duty to make sure that sometime in the next two years the prison is closed. he has had very limited zuckerberg ses with actually transferring prisoners. in recent months we've seen a slow but steady sort of stream. this is because other countries quite frankly don't want these people. as i mentioned earlier yemen in particular is especially dangerous. it is some to aqaap. as known as al qaeda in yemen and tween now infamous underwear bomber who bored ad northwest -- board ad northwest airlines flight and tried to explode a device over u.s. soil. the hope of the administration is eventually we get the remaining number of 122 downwn to such a small amount of prisoners that it doesn't actually make sense financially to keep the prison open anymore. jon: another "fox news poll" taken december 7 to 9 what should happen to gitmo?
8:30 am
56% say keep it open. now this was poll was taken before the paris terror attacks. i have to believe that given what happened in paris with a number of skillers who have -- killers who have ties to terrorism interests in yemen anwar al-awlaki and so forth that those numbers would only go up? >> i agree. i think that is absolutely right especially in the light of the fact when you look at the fact that these particular five are from yemen as are most of the remaining 122 people there. the fact is that most other countries won't take them. after the paris attacks which allegedly perpetrated by the exact same terrorist offshoot organization al qaeda in yemen i think that the rationale for keeping them somewhere safe and you know where they're not going to return to the battlefield really will become the dominant public sentiment. jon: gillian turner, formerly on the national security council staff. thank you. >> thanks jon.
8:31 am
gerri: boko haram ha ram on the move today and murdering thousands in their path. before-and-after images show the sheer destruction in a town that terrorists targeted twice. men, women and children slaughtered. homes and businesses burned to the ground. the threat boko haram poses and what the u.s. can do to stop it. meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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y% jon: new information on those depraved and deadly boko haram attacks in nigeria. look at these satellite images taken before and after the massacre in a small fishing town. the red dots represent buildings boko haram essentially wiped out with the entire town, burning structures and killing anyone who stood in their way. kitty logan is live on that from london. kitty? >> reporter: jon, well as you know boko haram is well-known for violent attacks but this is by far the worst to date. there are reports that as many as 2,000 people may have been killed in these attacks which happened last week. although the nigeria ann government says that that number may be lowerrer. these attacks happened in a remote northeastern region of nigeria. it is an area where boko haram militants have a lot of control an influence. people in several communities in and around the town of bag-a were targeted.
8:36 am
children and amongst them. that the because of these isolated locations we may never know how many really died there. now as you know boko haram is an extremist islamist militant group. it is notorious for violence. u.s. government has declared it a terrorist organization. it has carried out bombings, attacks on churches and kidnappings. most notably, the abduction of 200 schoolgirls last year. most of those are still in captivity. now the group is also thought to be behind a recent bombing in a marketplace in nigeria killing around 16 people. they use ad 10-year-old girl as a suicide bomber in that incident. and there is a concern that the group, boko haram will step up its campaign of violence ahead of elections in the country next month. now ultimately the goal of this
8:37 am
organization is to overthrow the post in nigeria and establish an islamic state. in the past it has already pledged its support to islamic extremists in syria. in recent days it praised the paris attacks jon. jon: bruinbelievable. kitty lowing ban in -- logan in london thank you. gerri: we have foundation for defense of demoxies and senior editor of the long war journal. this is evil. this is evil as it gets tom. what is the goal of this specific group? >> they have been working for a while now to carve out their own state in northern nigeria. they have made a lost progress that that regard. they take on anybody that gets in their path, christians, muslims. targeted all religious faiths security forces anybody who gets in their way are targeted. gerri: what is their connection to al qaeda? >> interesting there are historical ties to al qaeda. there were letters found from leadership of boko haram to the
8:38 am
lieutenants. u.s. government recognized on number of occasions boko haram received support from several different al qaeda groups including al qaeda in the islamic maghreb and aqap which we see in the headlines. shabaab which is affiliate or branch in eastern africa. they have a lot of ties to al qaeda. where they are in the al qaeda sphere is sort of up for debate. >> the ultimate goal of creating this state in africa is what? is it a threat to us here in the united states? >> well you know, what i would caution against there is this assumption these guys are local yo cycles or basically interested in local violence and whoops, we find out they do have intentions to strike internationally. we've seen that with aqap in yemen and other groups elsewhere. the bottom line this group executed attacks outside of borders of nigeria. it has been tied to al qaeda branches in the past. we can't rule out in the future they will do something else. gerri: the areas mentioned in the report about where this attack took place, are very rural. so rural in fact, so dangerous
8:39 am
in many cases that most journalists can not even get into them. we don't really know all the facts on the ground. that is certainly a challenge to us in the united states as well. what should we be doing to make sure that boko haram doesn't pose more of a threat to us here at home? >> the key strategy in the obama years basically build up the local capacity of the local governments to take the fight directly to our enemies jihadist threat throughout the globe. the problem here there is no local force, no government force in northern nigeria capable of taking these guys on. we have to continue to work in the south push them back as far as we can. until there is a force in place to clear and hold the territory in nigeria as we've seen the past in iraq, without the clear and hold capacity it will just not happen. gerri: i was curious to read a editorial that president obama penned with david cameron what should be done to confront terror. one of their top priorities is build up economies around the world. nigeria has one of the best economies, the largest economy in all of africa, same size as poland because of the oil resources there.
8:40 am
so what do you think of that as a top priority, when you look to combating terrorism on an international level? is that where we should be investing into nigeria's economy for example to go after boko haram? or is that not wise? >> the economy can be one pillar of basically trying to build a stable government to take the fight to these guys. certainly something to that for sure. the problem the dynamics and political dynamics in the country are so poisoned right now that is not a viable solution to building a government to take fight to these guys. it is very interesting, even before 9/11, al qaeda determined that nigeria was one of better places to wage jihadist insurgency. we're seeing that all these years later. >> they already targeted and had it in their minds eye and look at now. thank you very much. jon? >> in the battle to lose weight some folk head to the gym. others simply go hungry. there could be another way to stay trim. a new device that can zap fat away. does it really work? we'll separate the fact from
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jon: somebody will be "outnumbered" at top of the hour. we already had a hint who that might be. gerri: that's right. you know him well. jon: andrea, harris what do you have? >> the president and british prime minister said they hunted down al qaeda's core leadership the day after the state department says al qaeda is a threat. what is it? >> secret service is finally making some changes but is anybody actually going to be fired? no. >> what took so long. actor lyam nissan gun to iting new movie and gun owning in the usa is bleeping disgrace. >> he didn't say bleeping. >> u not allowed to say what he said. >> all that at the top. hour on "outnumbered." jon: i watch ad lee liam neeson
8:45 am
movie and he is blowing everybody away with guns. gerri: he is very violent. health high-tech treatment for obesity got approval by fdat zaps the nerves that connect the stomach to the brain so it can trick the brain into thinking that the stomach is full and therefore you don't gain as much weight. joining us now, a obesity specialist at case medical center. they're calling in is pacemaker for the stomach. what do you think about this. >> jenna. thank you for having me. i wish i could tell you there was a magic pill or magic treatment for obesity. that idea of a quick fix is enticing for all of us. i don't think this device will be that holy grail of obesity treatment. yet it is really exciting to see new treatments new innovation become available for this really difficult disease. gerri: as we mentioned in the introh make your brain think u
8:46 am
hungry. are you overweight because you're hungry or is it something else? if that is the case, how effective will it be? >> that is trait question. so many things play into obesity. the emotional cueses, we live in society that promotes obesity. this works several ways blocking that nerve and that pathway between the brain and stomach you do feel fuller. you don't feel hunger pangs. in addition food stays in your stomach and intest tin longer. so you feel full. eating more, for emotional reasons will not be as pleasurable if still food in your stomach. it may make you sick. finally this device may reduce levels of a hormone that causes you feel hungry when you shouldn't be eating. many reasons it could yield weight loss. >> we were showing animation. it is cool to see the way it is implanted. one has to wonder what are the risks involved? >> i like to say pacemaker or cardiac defibrillator and there
8:47 am
will be device in you are and study device was implanted 11 months plus. what we've seen in the studies that have been done so far there is high chance of having mild side-effects nausea, upset stomach, heartburn or pain at the device implantation site. think i what people are worried about severe side-effects that would put them in the hospital, keep them in the hospital longer after the procedure. that risk is low, less than 4%. >> i'm curious. do you ever remove the device? you mentioned those in the study had it up to eight even months. >> exactly. >> is it supposed to remain in your stomach forever and gets removed at certain point? >> with any device we don't have enough data to say what the long-term outcomes will be and what will go on with the device. it is proven to be safe in the long term so it could stay. after the weight loss phase it is harder patients to the stain weight loss. that is one of the things in the study, to sustain the weight loss. it may be a long-term solution to regaining weight after loss.
8:48 am
>> i know you have a lot of patients i have to ask you questions before you go. why not get free advice. people at the new year are looking to lose some weight. is there anything we can start today if we're trying to shed a few pounds? >> diet starts weight loss. active exercise keeps at our weight. diet could be low-calorie or low carbohydrate. low carbohydrate diets are the most effective and most helpful. start reserving low carbohydrate. >> free advice. >> anytime. anytime. >> appreciate it doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. jon: but i like bread. >> i know you do, jon but you heard the doctor. that's it. it is over. jon: i'll try. many americans flock to florida this time of year for its sunny beaches and scenery. well, now some unusual political allies are pushing for the sunshine state to bank on that nickname. plus authorities discover an eight-foot alligator living
8:49 am
where? inside of a suburban home. she wasn't exactly an uninvited guest, believe it or not. >> i understand now it is not legal. but, when it become as pet and becomes your family. when it becomes your family, you kind of protect the pet and people involved. >> sure. >> that is all there is to it.
8:50 am
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jenna: right now an eight foot long alligator is getting comfortable in the los angeles zoo, after officers seized it from a suburban backyard in losses yes l.a. they think the gator may have been living at the home for quite some time because rep pile experts say she is at least 40 years old. around the homeowner says, she has had the gator since she was a little bitty baby. the homeowner tried to find a suitable home.
8:53 am
when they called the zoo, they said it was full. they didn't have any choice, jon. jon: just living in the backyard? jenna: i don't know what to tell you there but alligator is in the zoo now. jon: okay. we hope. some strange political bedfellows now joining forces in a campaign that would dramatic alter florida's market for solar power. john roberts live in tallahassee the state capitol with the story. >> reporter: the goal of this drive is make solar installations like the one on this presbyterian church in tallahassee more common. coalition from strange bedfellows tea party to left-wing environmental guys starting a drive to put a constitutional amendment on 2016 ballot to allow homes and businesses to lease solar powers and sell it to tenets and neighbors no companies involved. these have a long history of not
8:54 am
getting along. debbie dooley tea party stephen smith, southern alliance for clean energy. >> most other issues you would be at each other's throats. >> yes. >> how do you keep the peace here? >> we put blinders on and have respect, mutual respect for our difference. >> because some conservatives disagree with us on climate change or something like that, that doesn't mean we can't work together. >> reporter: the amendment would introduce direct competition to big utilities for first time. it is expected to draw a huge fight from them and billionaire koch brothers who supply a lot of fuel to power plants here. >> i've been called a fake conservative, a front for the left. i mean if you google my name, you will see how laughable that is. i have been called many things but i never have been called a tree hugger. >> reporter: they also called her a liberal. that coalition has got a year, jon, to put together the 700,000
8:55 am
signatures necessary to get supreme court approval to put measure on the ballot for november 2016. a poll conducted by the republican polling group last fall suggested if they can get it on ballot, it would pass easily. jon? jon: how much electricity are they generating there today, john? >> reporter: not a whole lot jon. it is not exactly a solar day here in the sunshine state. jon: look as little chilly there. >> reporter: it is. >> john robert, thank you. jenna: all relative though. chilly compared to minnesota not so much. jon: maybe not. jenna: here is what we're working on for the second hour of "happening now." shale oil led to economic boom in the heartland. good times may be become coming to an end permanently or. why many are concerned about huge job losses on the horizon. plus an ohio man under arrest after authorities say he was plotting a terror attack against a symbol of our democracy. we want to hear from you. do you think the u.s. should continue releasing detainees from gitmo? our live chat up and running.
8:56 am
go to click on "america's asking" to join the conversation.
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8:59 am
state-record flipped slipped through a fisherman's fingers. larry warren caught a 26-pound trout breaking the record but he could not take it to the official weigh station because he had to release it because of state protection law. steel head are considered threatened. >> looks like they are doing well if they are that big. >> at least he got a couple pictures. >> he gets bragging rights.
9:00 am
>> and that 28-pounder is still out there. we will see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. this is "outnumbered." here is harris kiersten and here is our guest bill hemmer. he is still basking from t the ohio state win this weekend. >> it was beautiful. i was at the alabama game a week before that. >> he roll tide. >> no, i didn't roll with them. >> you were not rolling with anyone. >> the super dome was a great venue.


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