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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 15, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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broaden out your age range, missey who needs a date. >> 24 feels great. >> and that's it for outnumbers. go to the web and go to fox number and now we are with "happening now". >> starting out with breaking news out of belgium. three people killed in a counter terrorism raid. this is in the eastern part of the country and details on the exact target are sketchy and we hear additional reports that authorities are still caring out the operation. this is a developing story. >> and the very heart of our democracy, the u.s. capitol is the target of isis inspired plot we are told. an ohio man planning a blood bath. >> the fbi arrested him and accuse canned him of planning a wide range attack on behalf of
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the isis attack. new warning that lone wolves and we are covering the news. >> he is accused of plotting a terror attack on the u.s. capitol, a young american claiming allegeiance to isis. the undercover sting that stopped it. >> plus is the u.s. oil boom about to go bust? >> that is a service business and takes the biggest blunt. >> falling prices feel good at the pump but could they hurt job creation. we break down the real costs. >> oh, my gosh. >> reaching for the peak with their bare hands. >> it is stunning. it is at this level. >> half a mile. a natural moment and all
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"happening now" now. >> we begin on this thursday five more terrorist suspects walking free after being transferred from guantanamo bay. now many are asking if they will rejoin the battle and go on to fight another day, welcome to "happening now", i am jon scott. >> that's the big question. i am jennily. the detainees are from yemen. four are transferred to oman right next door. this as the connection with yyemen and terrorist attacks grows. some want the obama administration to call a time out as far as the releases from gitmo gitmo. ed, that is the big question, with the timing why such timing and why is the white house in a hurry, some say to release the detainees in light of the paris
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terrorist attacks? >> reporter: it is clear why the president is doing it. and sending more detain ooes and releasing them to countries this is a major legacy item he failed to deliver on to the left. he signed an executive order saying that by the end of the first year in office he would have the detention facility and prison in cuba closed. but critics are hitting him hard today, saying why now when the terrorist in paris had clear connection to yemen al-qaeda why would you be releasing yemeni nationals. josh earnest told reporters that the president wants to shut the facility down and left of the doropen if the president might act on his own with executive action to close the facility. left the door open. >> he's not ready to concede that yet. but i would acknowledge because
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of the obstacles that congress has thrown up it is much more difficult than the president thought it would be. >> reporter: and the president aide's said the reason they want to shut the prison down despite the risk because they believe it is a major recruiting tool for terrorist and they know republicans like colin powell agreed with them. >> but there is also disagreement on that and a bill to stop the transfers from not happening. tell us about that. >> reporter: it is a moratorium and pushed by the republicans and lindsay graham and kelly ayotte. they say now is not the time to release terrorist detainees especially the large portion of those left are from yemen. listen what rudy gull annia.
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>> you have to be out of your mind to let killers go. what is going on in the white house? this is the craziest thing the president of the united states has done. >> reporter: interesting because the latest fox poll, the public believes that 56% say keep it open and 32 percent close it. >> interesting to watch. and appreciate it as always. those threats are terror are all too real as the feds foil an isis plot here at home. we'll talk to a fbi official about a blood bath that may have been prevented on u.s. soil. >> well, it looks like hillary clinton might try to win the white house with a blast from her husband's past. she has not announced a run in
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2016 if she has, she hired charles podefta as campaign chairman. podefta is a current senior advisor to president obama and will leave that post in a few weeks. we have vince and shera today. welcome to both of you. and interesting topic. shera does this put to an end a question of whether or not hillary plans to run? >> i don't have $10,000 like mitt romney. i think there is little question. she brought on john podestan and a campaign manager and a pollster. and it is clear that she is bringing staff together. i can't underscore how a key staff will be for the 2016 bid. the bid was rife with in-
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fighting and drama and damaged her prospects and so it is key for her not only to have a team to get along well together, but a mix of people she trusts from the clinton year and new faces from the obama campaign. >> vince what does john podesta bring to the the job? >> he is the washington insider and the definition of democratic establishment and what hillary decided to do is obama's third term and bring in an obama insider and he is a long- time ntdzer in the democratic party. going back to bill clinton. and you are bringing in john podestan and this is the type of campaign to run and bringing him in this early is hoping to quell what is grumbling that is happening on the left. the democratic left is concerned that hillary clinton is classified as the inevitable
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nominee. they hope john podesta can get rid of that grumbling before the primary process. >> she had stumbles last time around in the 2007 era shera. does this mean by bring nothing a grown up to run the campaign does she hopes to it put aside those problems that bedevilled her before. >> again, it is going to be key to her success is the kind of people she brings in. and the first decision is when does she announce her campaign, right? she doesn't want to get in to early because that leaves her vulnerable and she doesn't want to be too late. she needs to fund raise and get in the initial primary states as well. >> she has priority usan action and that group helped to elect
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barak obama and has an incredible list of e-mail addresses and names and incredible ability to mobilize voters. as long as they are helping her and ready for hillary campaign does anybody else have thepull support on the democratic side? >> that is interesting scenario. all of team obama is throwing resources behind hillary clinton. and john loving the white house and priority usa. what does this is a to joe biden biden? now after doing for the white house he cuts ribbons and blamed everything time the white house does anything wrong and how do they repay him. they are throwing it behind hillary. it is amazing. edrogers is a republican that is
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making appearances on fox. a recent decision left me wondering if hillary consistent lon is in a time warp. and she should present herself as the fresh new democrat for the next era. she is do the opposite. is podesta new. sorry but no. obviously this from a republican partisan, shera, but does he have a point. >> i don't think john podesta will be the only person. i would be shocked if she doesn't bring in people from the obama campaign where she makes decisions. and speaking of the democratic primary. what about elizabeth warren? she is the left of hillary clinton on a lot of issues and
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there are drafts for her. she has no plans on running. and it has to look tempting to her. >> she always said i am not running, present tense and that leaves open a change of mind for tomorrow. >> and now future tense, to. she was asked about the question and she said no, i will not run for president. >> maybe that is definitive. >> romney said the same thing. >> thank you, both. an ohio man busted for trying to bomb capitol hill. federal agents took down him in a sting operation. he pledged allegeiance to isis and planned a killing spree. kathryn has more on this story. >> reporter: fox news obtaining the message from the chief law
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enforcement officer for capitol hill. it seems their work place is a target. the capitol complex is a potential target for would- be terrorist be organized or lone wolf assaults the sergeant of arms wrote. it is essential that every member of the house community maintain vigilance. the family of christopher came forward and said the ohio native was never capable will of attacking the capitol. >> i think that was the fbi, and going to the mosque with. and the fbi he was corresponding all of the time. and the fbi, i don't know i think they could have arrested him then you know, he was making plots and they should have arrested him then. >> but the fbi said cornel laid grown work for what he believed a violent jihad.
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and booking a plane ticket from ohio to washington d.c. and at that point fbi arrested him. >> and a separate intelligence tells fox news and this source was operating in afghanistan a former taliban commander is now the point man for isis recruitment in afghanistan. in some areas of helman province where cadean is based. it is replaced by the white flags of isis. cadean broke with the taliban after failing to get a leadership position. >> he lost out in the posiinging of the taliban for more power and forced out of the leadership position. he decided to pick up the islamic state and banner in afghanistan. this is significant. he has senior capabilities and
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operational planning abilities and experienced veteran in the job. >> reporter: muslim dost pledged allegeiance to the a mir. he was released from guantanamo under president bush jenna. >> a lot to take in. >> fox news alert a bit more about the counter terrorism raids in belgium ending in at least two deaths. those raids are still underway in a country that borders france. a live report a few minutes from now. and many states struggled to shore up jobs north dakota has seen a bomb result of shell oil. but now dark clouds are looming. on a bayer aspirin regimen to
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in belgium two people are dead after a counter terrorism raid there. belgium borders france and there is it numerous reports that the guns used in the paris attacks came from belgium. the takedown reportedly happen negligent eastern part of the country as a location where armed deals can happen in the train station. details on the exact target we don't know. we are trying to bring the stories together. the praugz according to the local reports may be ongoing. steve is in the agent the former counter terrorism. we expect a news conference. and perhaps we'll know more. >> the events in paris are paramount significant. and the extent of the conspiracy that ended in paris is of
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immediate interest and concern has to be vigorously. and how many people are involved and the elaboration. the main issue and concern is to make sure all is pursued and it sounds like from what we are hearing from belgium that is indeed the case. >> it will be interesting to see the details of it. >> how much time dow have from a big crime that bee saw murderous terrorist attack and connect the dots if you will? how much is time of the essence here? >> you have time. what disappears quickly is physical evidence. if you want to obtain the forensic physical evidence you want to act quickly as you can because that is perishable. it is important to go quickly and vigorously and the mentions of a conspiracy like this you have time to work that out.
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people scatter and people run as you close in on them, and so that's an issue as well. and so the key is to really move quickly and deliberately, but smartly as possible. >> i am sure that was key as well in the arrest of the man in ohio. because of your experience as far as being chief of the counter terrorism in the fbi i want to ask you about what goes in to arresting an american citizen potentially for plotting a terrorist a sdpak knowing the difference between someone saying they will do something versus someone you consider a threat? >> first of all, the whole scenario is one of the nightmares that we worry about in law enforcement an individual that are not formerly connected with the terrorist organization and hard to detect and hard to stop. you have to rely on people coming forward and it seems like
10:21 am
in this case it happens. once they do and you have sufficient information that indicates a person might be planning to commit a crime you have to act deliberately and within the law. >> let me sf stop you there. the father said his son was coerced and is that a danger for the fbi. >> first of all that's what they always say in these kinds of situations and that will be the defense in the case i can assure you. that the fbi encouraged him and fbi led him and the fbi instigated. this that is always a defense and the fbi knows that is a defense. the key is act in the manner that that defense is not applicable and not true. i am sorry? >> please finish your thought. i don't want to interrupt. >> to act within the law. the fbi can't encourage the crime. the crime has to be in the mind of the perpetrator.
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>> okay. >> you can meet request and facilitate but you can't plant the crime in his mind. >> thank you for your reaction on the breaking news and we have more on the developing story in belgium after the break. canned can clear introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards....
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>> right now new data shoes oil drill nothing britain falling to the lowest level in 15 years. oil and gas explosers drilled 40 exmroration wells on the uk continental shelf last year. meantime bp announced 300 job cuts in the north sea operations as falling oil prices are battering britain's oil industry.
10:26 am
>> and one of several states to benefit from the explosion of the oil refining. it has attracted thousands of new residents looking for work. there is questions looming ahead of what is to come with the drop of oil prices. ron ness is the president of the north dakota patrollium counseling. >> what is the impact on the falling oil prices in north dakota specifically. >> what we are seeing for the producers, they are announcing reductions in the drilling expenditures. they have 50 percent and drilled from september or august of this year. we'll see a correction in the amount of activity and drilling of new william wells. we are producing 1.2 billion barrels and companies will continue. and we'll see a significant
10:27 am
reduction in the exmroration in which the drilling of new wells and impact unemployment certainly. >> you know how it is listening to the news ron. and i am pointing fingers of ourselves. description of boom or bust. is north dakota going bust or do you believe you will survive the drop in oil prices? >> it is not a bust. we are producing over a million barrels a dand certainly you will see a reduction in the capitol expenditures this year and as long as the prices say in depressed prices going forward. but the resources here. industry know its is here and these corrections are going throughout the 25 or 40 year oil plan that we see the area in. i am curabout the comments to
10:28 am
opec members. it should be shell producers in north dakota should cut back to help oil production. and the prince from saudi arabia said one of the positive side affects is that we'll see how many shell oil production companies run out of business. what is your reaction to that? >> as americans we are appreciating the lower gas prices but we are in a energy war here. we have changed the nature of energy with oil from shell like the bak en and eagle ferd. it is interesting that opec talk about north dakota and talk about what we are doing. we have to try and maintain and cut our costs and buckle down the hatches here to make the oil plays more competitive at lower prices and everybody should recognize it is a world issue
10:29 am
and we are strongly in support of exports of crude oil. that would strengthen america's place in the world in terms of deliveries. >> i am serious about the final point. you described it as a energy war. what do you need help to make sure you don't go out of business and you don't have too many of your industry go out of business? >> one thing we can do in america, we have delulged with new regulations from the federal government and they add costs on the american oil and gas plays. and we need to take a step back and recognize our position in the world. we have to compete with places like opec, and really continue to develop a positive growth energy policy rather than one that continues to add costs and make us less competitive. >> i know you speak for the industry and i don't want to say
10:30 am
advocacy. but it is important one to make sure to recovery, because of the drop of oil prices and north dakota's success story. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> reports out of europe say that two people were killed in belgium in a counter terrorism raid. witnesses describe explosions and detonations near a train station. we are awaiting an emergency news conference from a federal prosecutor in that nation. a live update ahead. >> plus, do you waste too much time reading on the internet? how one company wants to revolutionize how we surf the web.
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>> a fox news alert on new details emerging out of europe. belgian tv reported two people were killed in a police counter terrorism raid in the eastern part of the country. big questions of whether or not it was connected to the terrorist attacks in paris. greg has more for us, greg? >> reporter: that's what we are looking at right now, jenna. we are coming to you from the kosher supermarket in maris. in the past hour we have looked at a bloody terror operation north of the border here in belg yulgium. the information that we know is
10:35 am
correct. three suspected jihaddist and terrorist were killed in a anti- terror operation by belgium police in a town of verieres. and that is not too far from berlin or germany. what we are learning for the respected newspaper laswa r in belgium it could be much bigger. we heard about operations in and around brussels as the capitol of belgium and now reporting that a terror network was broken up which believe it or not was planning a copycat attack of along the lines of what happened here in paris. a respected newspaper in brussels, security has been reenforced around the european union buildings in paris and brussels and headquarters of eu and other operations are going
10:36 am
on in the suburbs as well. again, not confirmed but we are getting it from a pretty reliable source. there was activity that we can report on with other linkage to what happened here, an individual was arrested and believed to have supplied guns to ca ba lli who is the suspect responsible for the terrorist attack here. and there were reports that he got guns in belgium over the past couple of weeks to help his operation and the operation of said and cerif kouachi they remember were involved in the other terrorist attack on the charlie hebdo newspaper office and other news about ca ba lli, he went with his common-law wife haya t by spain to get her over to syria and he drove her down
10:37 am
there so they could avoid security in the airplanes and drove back here and did his deed. that is the reports we are getting. and quoting our own sources in belgium. 2 or 3 people dead in a counter terrorism operation on the eastern side of belgium. and more reports of operations in and around brussels and this is an interesting thing according to the lesoir, newspaper in brusselsing, this was a major operation going against other jihaddist returning from syria and planning a copycat style attack in brussel. we are working to confirm that 2 o'clock your time. and we'll get a press conference and see if the newspaper is correct and so what the latest ramifications are. >> thank you greg. thank you very much.
10:38 am
>> a potential legal set back for jodi arias. the judge refuses to drop the possibility of the death penalty. arias' attorneys accused prosecutions and police of repeated misconduct. we'll talk about thatith our legal panel. heather hanson is a trial attorney. >> estherwhat were the grounds on which arias' attorneys argued that the death penalty should be taken off of the table. >> prosecutorial or police misconduct. they claim there were pornographic image that travis had viewed. >> the late boyfriend. >> if that was true, jodi arias who claimed that it travis alexander had a problem with pornography, her claims would be substanteated and whether or not that would be enough to persuade
10:39 am
jurors the death penalty is a another issue. if the prosecutor or police tampered with the computer and now the images are missing, and if the police and prosecutors tampered with that should they be able to prosecute for the death penalty or rewarded with the death penalty for helping to destroy the evidence that the defense would have needed? >> heather do they have a case or grasping at straws. >> it is better suited for an appellate argument saying this was excluded. but it is benefitting jodi. it could influence the jurors in some way and they are hearing all of the evidence not only of the pornographic image and alleged misconduct and that may make them more sympathetic for jodi and less likely to vote for the death penalty.
10:40 am
they have set themselves of an a pole and sympathy with the jury. >> she spent weeks on the stand and courtroom observers say it is tough for jurors when they get to know you even if they don't like you, they get to know you after they watch you and hear from you day after day, and it is very hard to vote in favor of the death penalty. >> the defense lawyers job is to humanize their client in a death penalty case. if they can relate to the defendant on some level it is it difficult for the juror to vote for death. death is different. and no juror wants to be responsible for sending even if it is not an innocent person somebody who may be redomable off to their death. that is too much to bear for one person. you need to connect with one person in order to not get
10:41 am
a death sentence. >> this whole trial that is going on since september heather, is really whether she gets the death penalty or not. if the judge decided no. the death penalty is not on the table anymore you could end this thing tomorrow, right? >> it was never likely to happen and the judge is not likely to make that ruling. the defense is building up potential appellate arguments and if she is given the death penalty they can appeal. it many people have argued that the death penalty should have been taken off of the table and jodi given life in prison and take her out of the public eye. unfortunately, that is not the way they chose to pursue this and all this is money and trying to get death. >> it is such a waste of resources that could be better used. >> they say this thing is not expected to wrap up until next
10:42 am
month and it will be long as the original trial and all they are trying to do is decide the penalty here. >> this is the last chance they can get. it is automatically a life sentence. >> estherand heather, thank you both. >> thank you jon. >> and protestors shutting down a major interstate. where this is happening and going on, next. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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>> coming occupy the role story, more on the anti- terrorism operations carried in belgium with report of casulties and the pope weighs in a curious way. and five m released from gitmo by the president even after calls from congress to change the release. and we'll have all at the top of the hour.
10:46 am
>> all boston area highways are reopen after massive delays following protest aimed at improving race relation. state police shut down parts of the highway 93 when protestors chained themselves to heavy barrel and they arrested two dozen people. the boston mayor called the protest dangerous. >> are you tired of not having time to keep up with your reading? a new start up created this. check it out. >> it will not have to. putin petro state will implode. >> the company is transforming web content in spoken media. douglas? >> this is for people who want the internet but are too busy to read. for some people who don't read
10:47 am
well. >> it was the most painful experience. >> when ben was young he struggled in school with dsylexia. >> you think you are stupid. >> he is vice-president of the association. >> he said alienation continues in adult hood. and exasperated by the worldwide web. >> it is making difficult for dysleccics to say connected. >> you have alienated d them from information available to them about the world. >> one of the reasons will mayo invented spoken layer. it turns internet content in playable audio. >> you are trying to get people to listen to the internet the same way as talk radio or a book
10:48 am
on tape? >> we are putting it in their hand and pocket. >> mayo has hooked up with time magging gene and smithsonian. >> and the voice actors that turn the written word in to sound and story. >> no european leader wants to risk an energy fort fall. 6 billion hours of audio was streamed over the internet and most music. >> the theory if they are willing to stream songs they will substance. >> and publishers are tapped out with text. they can go to audio. >> plug nothing audio to the cars of commuters and doing something more meaningful for the learning disabled. >> what it means to me and all dysleccics is open up the world that was not available. >> if you want to connected to the world you have to be
10:49 am
connected to the internet. back to you. >> interesting, and douglas kennedy, back to you. >> and important red carpet. nominees for the 87th annual awards are announced. we have the oscars that were the darling and left out. and pope francis begins the second leg of his tour. arriving to major fanfare in the philippines.
10:50 am
. . .
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>> right now, two americans celebrating their completion of what is considered the world's most difficult rock climb. history happening at yosemite national park. tommy caldwell and kevin
10:53 am
jorgensen climbed up el captain's 7,000 foot sheer granite face known as the dawn wall. they climbed with nothing but their bare hands and feet along with safety ropes. once reaching the summit the two said that realizing their year-long dream is surreal. >> the second leg of pope francis's asia tour is under way. reconciliation among the country's religious p groups there, this morning, he attended the opening of a new catholic cultural institute. the father of two -- white toyota camry with only a driver and the security guard inside and sat in the back by himself. falling in line with his sort of unassuming ways as pope. tens of thousands lining up to see him in manilla.
10:54 am
that buzz you hear is from hollywood with the announcement of this year's oscar nominees. the comedies "birthman" and "budapest hotel" leads the way. julie is here with the fox 411. >> hey, guys, lots of nominations for the academy awafrds, it was a tie for the top spot as the "birdman" and "budapest hotel." a surprise entry drumroll, "whiplash" which has received a lot of late attention recently. and most of the best actor nominees portrayed real people. bradley cooper for his role as chris kyle in american sniper.
10:55 am
chris correll, for playing john due pochblt. and eddie redmayne as steven hawking, they compete with as expected michael keaton as best actor. nellis felicity jones and some supporting nods of note, both in boyhood, ethan hawke and patricia arquette. and yes, meryl streep will be there earning her 19th nomination for playing the witch in "into the woods." angelina jolie, she was shut out of the director category for "unbroken" also despite getting plenty of buzz for her role in "cape" jennifer anniston did not
10:56 am
get a nod for "night crawler". >> people shouldn't be surprised if they haven't seen these movies around yet, they release them sometimes for a very small release in december, then they bring them out in the spring. >> exactly. the box office is going to really try to play these in order to help their chances come awards time. >> i haven't seen a bunch of them. some new concerns about the obama administration's strategy as isis takes control of even more territory, despite months and months of u.s.-led air strikes. is it time for plan b? general jack keen with his insights still ahead. we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. quite a mystery popping up. archaeologists found a 132-year-old rifle leaning up against a tree. the winchester rifle made back in 1882 appears to have spent
11:00 am
all it's time just lying there. and they're trying to figure out if someone left it there hunting or if it has any significance as a land mark. the real story with gretchen starts now. thanks, guys, there are reports of multiple casualties as a result of a counter terrorism raid. gitmo sends more -- a hot bed of terrorist activity. a cop suggestly shot and killed just doing his job we will show you the terrifying video. i'm gretchen carlson and the real story starts right now. fox news alert, because at least two people are dead in anti-terror raids in belgium. detectives in neighboring france try to hunt down the alleged ac


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