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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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martha: happened in france this morning. singer james taylor joining secretary of state john kerry in paris, performing, you got a friend after kerry offered his condolences to french president hollande. bill: we have to run. have a great weekend and wonderful friday. martha: "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with this fox news alert. europe is very much on edge after more than two dozen terror arrests across the country. a day after belgian authorities halted a paris-style attack with just hours to spare. welcome to the friday edition of "happening now." i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. here is what we know. police in berlin conducting a series of raids arresting two men on suspicion of recruiting for isis after arresting another suspect about 120 miles away for allegedly traveling to syria to fight for the terror group. over in france police arresting 12 people in three raid on three towns near paris.
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we're getting reports that a train station was evacuated in the city due to a bomb threat. this follows yesterday major operation in belgium that broke during our show. two suspected terrorists are dead, 13 more are underarrest after several raids across the country foiled a plot to murder police officers. jon: take a look at at map showing scope of this massive law enforcement operation still a top eu terror chief says the problem is so significant it will be extremely difficult to stop every potential attack. meantime president obama and british prime minister cameron are set to hold a joint news conference about an hour from now on the fight against islamic extremism. jenna: before that we have live fox team coverage with doug mckelway at white house and senior correspondent rick leventhal in paris. start with rick who is on the ground there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, jenna the arrests here in paris are the result of an ongoing investigation into last week's
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attacks. they're searching for accomplices, acquaintances anyone that might have provided logistical support to amedy coulibaly or the kouachi brothers. there are 12 in custody eight men and four woman, almost all known to police for common crimes busted in the greater paris area on suspicion of aiding attacks that left 17 dead. in authorities in belgium that the hours away from attack launched against police officers at their police station. the firefight lasts several minutes leaving two jihadis dead and two wounded. subsequent search found cash and explosives and police uniforms. more raids on the way in belgium, fears hundreds if not thousands in europe, battle trained jihadis who want to carry out attacks on home soil, jenna. >> very much ongoing and very much developing story. secretary of state john kerry is also in paris today. what is the purpose of his mission?
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>> reporter: well the secretary of state said he wanted to share a big hug with paris calling france the longest ally in our history and his long day of meetings began with the french foreign minister, explaining why he missed sunday's huge unity rally attended by dozens of world leaders. he had previously planned trips to india and bulgaria. he met with french president hollande and said we share the pain and horror with everything you went through. kerry visited the scenes of last week's attacks at the kosher market and "charlie hebdo" newspaper and spoke with religious leaders and the paris mayor. he is scheduled to fly out of the paris within the next hour, jenna. jenna: rick leventhal live in paris, thank you. jon: amid growing concerns of terror attacks against the west, a meeting is about to get underway at the white house. very important one between president obama and british prime minister david cameron. britain of course one of our strongest allies in the war on terrorism.
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doug mckelway live at the white house with more on what we expect. doug? >> reporter: jon this is not a visit full of pomp and circumstance. it is a low-key affair. the two leader meeting over informal dinner last night of lamb. meeting momentarily in the oval office with more meetings followed by a brief press conference with the two leaders which two take only two questions. don't underestimate the importance what is happening here today in the midst of ramped up war on terror going underway in europe. in particular in advance of next month's conference on international cybersecurity, cameron has concerns about encryption. more american companies like snapchat and whatsapp are offering encryption services especially after glen greenwald's reporting how the government is spying on american citizens of the concern terrorists are also using encryptions to hide their planning. cameron is even considering blocking american internet companies that use encryption from doing business in great britain. thus far the obama
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administration has, remains largely non-committal trying to strike that important balance between security and privacy. here's josh earnest. >> i do remain optimistic that conversations with the british prime minister and in the cybersecurity summit a month later will allow to us make some progress trying to sus out policies that will preparely strike balance between those two values. >> reporter: in a joint op ed the two leaders published in "the times of london" earlier this week the two struck a balance towards the security side of things. here is a bit what they wrote in the op ed quote, security and prosperity go hand in hand. by confronting terrorists threaten us, standing together against russia peace aggressive acts and advancing economic growth we'll continue to advance security and prosperity that our people deserve. two leaders are setting in motion plans to wage a mock war a cyber war against each other's countries banking system. that in preparation for an attack which many people believe
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will one day come. jon, back to you. jon: let's hope these kind of preparations will prevent it. doug mckelway, thank you. jenna: we mentioned at top of the show one of europe's top law enforcement officials is issuing a very stark warning about the evolving fight against terrorism across europe. >> the scale of program and the scale of the people involved makes this extremely difficult for even very well-functioning counter-terrorists agencies such as we have in france to stop every attack. think that's really very, very difficult. jenna: we have danny coulson former fbi assistant director and hostage rescue team commander. danny, thank you for being on the program. certainly quite a warning from one of the top law enforcement officials in europe. what is the key of finding these terrorists before they strike? >> oh my bosh, intelligence.
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what you saw last couple days predictable tactical successes. counter-terrorist teams over there are outstanding and they work together internationally. but if you don't have a good tactical operation without intelligence. what you've seen here that those countries upped their emphasis on gathering intelligence and now are disseminating it. that is a key to any kind of tactical success. if you don't do that, then you're playing defense and you saw that with what happened in paris, what you see happen in nigeria where the terrorists are attack policemen and police stations and killing as many people as they can. so intel there is obviously very very good. hopefully it continues. jenna: one of the things we hear when we talk about the stories especially over last week 1/2, is numbers game. there has been 3,000 reportedly citizens in europe who have traveled from your -- europe to syria to fight on behalf of isis who have now returned.
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seems what this official is say, they could be overwhelmed simply by the number. do you worry about that? what do you think about that? >> absolutely i do worry about it especially with the immigration policy way it is in europe where you can travel country to country without any checks. you get into one country you have free rein to go where you want. sheer volume of those people returning from that part of the world puts us all at risk and united states too. i think that one thing we should consider is that isis is the root right now of almost all of this thing. these things. they have money. they have dedicated fighters. they train them. and we need to be hitting isis with everything we have. we're at war. we have to admit we're at war. we have to treat it like a war, whether domestically or over in the middle east. jenna: sound like you're concerned they will strike us too. >> oh, i am, i am terribly concerned about it. and they announced they are going to do it. when they attacked mumbai, india, and paralyzed that large city for four days they said
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they're coming here. this is the trailer. wait until you see the main event. we know they're coming. they can come in here through the mexican border if they ban to and they have their own sleepers here. i'm very concerned. we need to take action to be sure that our public is safe. one example -- jenna: go ahead please. >> sorry. one of the advantages we have in the united states we have an outstanding police culture here. plim men are all heavily armed, they're very well-trained and dedicated and they work very well together. an attack like we saw in paris with the police ran away that is not going to happen here. our cops, our sheriffs deputies and state police they will fight because they have the tools to fight with. without that they would be running away too. jenna: well certainly in paris we saw there have been differing reports that some of the municipal police responded to the attack were unarmed and those were police unfortunately lost their lives. >> that's right. jenna: interesting to point out in this recent terror bust if you will in belgium these were
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belgium citizens. these were folks completely allowed to be inside of the country. there is a lot of talk in washington, d.c. examining visa waiver programs, danny. i wonder what you think about that and practicality of that now? watching maybe, making it more difficult for those that are european set sense to travel to the united states because of this threat. is that, is that impractical? is that something we should consider? would that be helpful to the fbi? >> i would like to see it restricted. you need to show a really good reason to come here and need to be vetted before you come here. like it or not, we're on a war footing. we have the world has admitted it and terrorists admitted it and we need to start restricting access to our country. as long as our border along the rio grande is not secure we can put all the programs in place we want. without border security it doesn't matter. jenna: gives us a lot to think
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about today. danny, appreciate it. >> i enjoyed it. jenna: we appreciate your expertise. we want to hear from our viewers as well. with all latest developments in europe how concerned are you about an attack on u.s. soil. what should we do to be safe here at home? go to, click on "happening now" and america's asking. click on the conversation. jon: a new round ever u.s.-led coalition airstrikes slams kobani in syria. we're learning those strikes destroyed isis fighting positions and a tactical unit there. kurdish fighters with the help of coalition airstrikes made more advances against isis, leading to a shift in battlefield conditions. in the contested city of kobani near the turkish border isis launched an assault on kobani in september, capturing hundreds of syrian villages. observatory for human rights estimate that the kurds control
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roughly 80% of kobani. progress there. jenna: after promises of come preppies the honeymoon may be over as brief as it was. the battle president obama is reportedly planning to wage against republican in congress. shots fired after a pawn shop robbery leads to discovery of two women dead inside of a home. the latest on that. police are calling these two teenagers a modern day bonnie & clyde and they're now on the run after a brazen crime free. >> said we're just going to run. and i'm like no. i said y'all don't need to do this because daulton was supposed to be in court that monday morn. >> the longer they're gone the worse the situation can become and we don't want that situation to get any worse than it already is. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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jenna: right now some crime stories we're following for you today. a manhunt ending in haines city florida, with all four suspects in custody.
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after a police chase and shootout. two female victims found inside after nearby home dead and that crime is connected to the investigation. this comes after law enforcement set up a perimeter throughout last night and this morning to find remaining suspects which apparently they have. kentucky teens daulton hayes and shy yen phillips seen here have been on the run for four days. officials believe they are on a bonnie & clyde style crime sphere across the south. they're believed to have stolen two vehicles one with guns it. a botched crime caught on tape. two men unsuccessfully trying to drag a atm machine bolted to the floor. they left without the machine. but the crooks caused 100 thou dollars in damage. -- $100,000 in damage and police are searching for the suspects. jon: showdown looming between president obama and lawmakers in congress. the president reportedly telling democrats in a closed-door meeting he is going on offense
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of the he is vowing to veto any legislation he doesn't like. joining us now, nina easton senior editor and columnist for "fortune" magazine and fox news contributor. tim carney with us, senior political columnist for the "washington examiner." welcome to both of you. >> thanks. >> thanks for having me. jon: the president especially seems to dislike any republican action on immigration especially especially that challenging his executive orders on immigration. and according to a new fox poll, the public doesn't seem to think much of the president's progress on i am my sprayings, at least to this point -- immigration. asked whether he mostly succeeded or mostly failed? 64% say his administration mostly failed on immigration. so what about i mean why what leverage, i guess, what reason does he have for going on the offense? >> well, immigration is an issue like many others including abortion or guns where most
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people don't put a lot of emphasis on it but a small minority does. so of that 28% that thinks he is succeeding, those are the people who really care about immigration, it become as beginning issue. some of the people who thinks he failed all or some of his liberal base who don't think he has done enough. so his fight against the republicans on this really isn't going to be a winner for him i think because the more that he talks about immigration the more he probably turns off the average voters who thinks why are we spending so much time on this you're not accomplishing anything. jon: it isn't just immigration. on just about every issue according to the new "fox news poll" people say that the president has largely failed. on u.s. image in the world 60% say he has failed, mostly failed. on race relations, 59%. transparency, his big promise coming 57%. 55% say he is mostly failed on health care. 52% say he is mostly failed on the economy.
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the one issue where he has a slight edge is national security 49%. is that, nina, why he is so interested in this iran deal? >> well, the iran deal is real case in point where he is going to be incredible conflict with this republican-led congress. they're dealing with iran. they have this negotiations going on. they are, they think they're on the 10-yard line of coming up with what they think will be a historic deal. now, congress and, these aren't just republicans also somecrats. are talking about new sanctions against iran. and every time that kind of talk comes along iran threatens to leave the negotiating table. so the president doesn't want anything to upset this high-wire act that he is undoing. but, those in congress, there is real concern, which i happen to agree with that this president is so eager for a deal, so eager to embellish his legacy for
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historic agreement with iran he will leave that country with the capability to build a nuclear weapon in a short time frame. jon: based on that whole host of issues that we just had up there, tim, the president has failed to persuade the american people that he is doing a good job. he doesn't seem to be able to persuade the congress either. i mean that is why he is making these veto threats right? >> president obama has proven that he is good at one sort of persuasion is, persuading voters to vote for him. he has done horribly in both midterm elections. he is isn't really good winning elections for other people in his party except maybe if he is on top of the ballot. he hasn't really won legislative battles. look at what are democratic victories. health care reform was gigantic. he had stimulus dodd-frank financial regulation bill. those were victories for nancy pelosi, who was a stellar speaker ever the house when it came to just being effective and successful. he has been on the offense for six years.
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really his only wins when he had nancy pelosi blocking for him. since then all he succeeded is doing is winning re-election. jon: the president, nina, back to iran issue will not let iran get a nuclear weapon. do you think that will be the headline one of these days? we'll wake up and find out they have tested one of those? >> i think there is real possibility, if you leave some capability some nuclear production capability in there that could lead to nuclear weapon. absolutely. that is real fear among people watching these agreements. back to your point about the president, and this range of issues i think this president he is consolidated his supporters. i think we're right, the conversation is right. he consolidated his supporters. but there is also a view around this white house and among democrats these are legacy issues. they think obamacare may be unpopular but he thinks that is going to be a great legacy for him. they're not backin away from that or some other issues, iranian agreement, another one as well.
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jon: nina easton and tim carney, thank you both. >> thank you. jenna: pope francis making an historic visit to the philippines deliver historic message to the faithful and major reversal at duke university.
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jon: pope francis is speaking candidly while on his visit to the philippines of the pontiff calls for a more just and caring society during a mass in manila. he called on the government to tackle corruption and here the cries of the poor. after the mass the pope made a surprise detour and went across the street to look at church-run home for former child prostitutes and gang members. he is on a five-day visit to asia's most catholic country. jenna: a school is now deciding to pull back on a plan to allow the islamic call to prayer from the campus chapel. a religious correspondent lauren green live from the new york city newsroom with more on the story. >> jenna a duke university spokesman citing credible threats on to stop the muslim call for prayer but calls from the christian community may have played a role. the faith it was to sound at
8:26 am
1:00 from duke's iconic chapel tower. duke defended it as act of religious pluralism to accommodate 700 muslim students, but christian leaders franklin graham lashed out calling alumni to slash financial support. >> i care for muslims love them very much but we can not be deceived and led into some kind of a false safety. we are at war with islam. >> late thursday afternoon duke issued a statement saying it had canceled plans to amplify the muslim prayer. it was clear what was conceived as an effort to unify was not having intended effect. union theological seminary president was saddens that duke changed the decision. >> i felt something very good and loving to use a strong word there, was on the verge of happening and it gets pulled
8:27 am
back. and i immediately thought what that message sends to students. >> at duke university student reactions are mixed however, today the duke muslim student association began a petition to encourage the school to reverse its decision again and allow the call to prayer. the group still plans to gather outside of the chapel today. jenna? jenna: lauren, thank you. jon: the threat of terrorism seems to be spreading across the world. now in germany where two people are accused of funding isis and helping recruit new soldiers for its global jihad. u.s. journalist captive for months in iran, he will reportedly stand trial now but what are the charges? and a man at the helm of pro football savaged in news media over the league's response to the ray rice case. dot media -- do the media oh roger goodell an apology? to stretch around the earth 230 times. each brita filter can replace 300 of those. clean. clear. brita water. nothing
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is better.
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jenna: fox news alert. we're getting new video of president obama and british prime minister david cameron as they're holding talks this morning about the response to terrorism in western countries. we're awaiting a joint news conference by the way in the next hour. we'll be paying close attention to that. meantime let's look at some of the additional headlines across all of europe today. we'll start first in germany where police arrested two suspects in berlin allegedly providing financial support and recruiting for isis in syria. this arrest was 120 miles away.
8:32 am
the suspect in possession of german and tunisian passport. he was in syria three months last year fighting for the terror army. joining us on the phone from berlin is grn reporter. a few headlines about the arrest. what more can you tell us about what we know about these folks that have been brought in? >> reporter: well, when berlin woke up this morning we found out that the police had already been busy at work. 250 officers were involved, raiding 11 locations, mostly in immigrant working-class neighborhoods here in berlin. one of the suspects is a self-proclaimed amir of a group that is giving low gisttics to to groups in syria. the second suspect was in charge of financial matters. jenna: i see. is there a feeling on the streets there are people nervous, having just woken up to the news of this of what more is
8:33 am
to come? >> reporter: well this is all quite new for germany. germey has been spared some of the worst terrorism that has been in other countries. for example, france or spain. so this is something new and certainly germans are waking up to this there are connections to germany and so, i would say there is increasing nervousness in german society. jenna: in some of press and newspapers here in the united states "wall street journal" specifically there is a big front page piece about immigration policies in europe and how that is matter of debate and is a matter of debate in germany. is that bubbling up at all in light of these arrests? >> reporter: well even before these arrests, i mean there is a radical core of radical islamists, estimated number 7,000 in germany. there has been spontaneous reaction to that. there is a movement in dresden in eastern germany holding
8:34 am
weekly protests what they call islamization of germany and europe. jenna: interesting. great to have your perspective especially on the ground in berlin. thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. jon: a journalist for "the washington post" who has been jailed since july now reportedly indicted in iran and will stand trial in that country. jason rosian is paper's tehran bureau chief. he was detained last summer. his wife was also detained. she was later released. "the washington post" says they don't know what he is charged with but they hope this actually is a step toward his release. let's put his case to our media experts, judy miller, a pulitzer-prize-winning investigative reporter and author ellen ratner, bureau chief for talk radio news service, and fox news contributors. ellen, you wear another hat we mentioned in the intro. >> i'm on american board of reporters without borders. in fact we have a board meeting today in new york.
8:35 am
this is something we are concerned about eight journalists, judy told me, one was killed today, eight journalists have been killed since the first of the year, 177 imprisoned. the war on journalists is huge. jon: this guy has been in prison since july as i mentioned, eight months. and nobody knows why. nobody knows what the charges are. >> exactly. and even when he was indicted, which is what happened this week there is still no charges with the indictment which is extraordinary. what is going on here? well people who watch iran closely believe this is tied to the nuclear talks between the united states and iran. that perhaps, the hard-liners, the republican guard don't want the talks to proceed. they want them to be sabotaged and so they are deliberately arresting an iranian-american reporter to roil the water. >> don't forget we have that thousand lashes, whatever, a
8:36 am
blogger in saudi arabia. the reports of what is going on against journalists in the world is very scary. jon: he is an american citizen. he also holds iranian citizenship. >> yes. jon: but he is facing a court that generally deals, as i understand it, with national security issues. does this appear to be anything more than a trumped up case against a journalist who is writing things that the government didn't like? >> agree with judy, i think this is perhaps a card they want to play in terms of the iran man american and iranian worldwide nuclear talks. if they put in a journalist, they can say, well, this is a negotiating point. >> i think it may be internally iranian which makes much more difficult. that is the more pragmatists by the government doing negotiations with the americans, that wants a nuclear deal, versus hard-liners that don't want any ties to the united states, the hard-liners are the ones who have arrested him and they are the ones who will try
8:37 am
him and that's why it is really a very scary situation. jon: we'll keep an eye on his case and hope his employer "the washington post" is right when they say they hope this is step toward resolution. i know you two are not football experts but we brought you here for your media expertise. was nfl roger goodell the target after media hit job during the suspension and reinstatement of baltimore ravens star ray rice? "the hill"'s lanny davis thinks so. the important lesson for media and rest of us wait for proven facts before jumping to conclusions based on guilt or innocence based on anonymous sources of the chances of that happening, forget it, this after the ap reported that roger goodell, a someone from the nfl, a woman from the nfl called a source who supposedly sent the tape of that elevator punch to the nfl. apparently, after the robert
8:38 am
mueller investigation could find absolutely no confirmation that happened. >> what they did they called all numbers gone in and gone out. jon: checked them. >> they couldn't find him. did the nfl press overreact on that front? yes. the nfl really did not take a woman being hurt seriously enough in my view. >> i think that's, is really what accounts for the kind of overreacting on the second part of the story. it was the failure to pay sufficient attention to the first part which is domestic abecause among football players. and the sense that there was always a different standard for them. so they were not going to give good dell the benefit of the doubt. i agree with lanny davis who wrote the editorial. the press should have waited a little bit longer but i understand the reaction. jon: what about responsibility of the steam and individual himself? i have to hand it to judy battista who writes for the and here's what she wrote. after, you know, after her
8:39 am
employer essentially was exonerated by this mueller interview, she writes, mueller noted correctly the associated press could not reveal its sources but the baltimore ravens had no such privilege and the report was clear that the ravens who had been told what the video portrayed did not volunteer what they knew about the video. the nfl may have not pressed hard enough to obtain it but the ravens largely escaped blame for the mishandling of rice. what do you think about that? >> i do think they mishandled it. i don't think there is question about that. i also think the press did not do people say often in the press we like things in package and bow we don't investigate. think that is what happened here. jon: why does it become roger goodell's job to collect the problems of -- correct the problems of every player in his league? a lot of these players are passed through high school, they're shuffled through college, without a great deal of scrutiny because they can throw or catch a football.
8:40 am
>> absolutely and that's what changed here. the public's lack of acceptance of this kind of behavior among players is what changed. i think goodell really got caught in the middle of it. okay, he handled it badly most people who look at this say he did not do a good job but on the other hand he was really beaten up for his handling of it. i think perhaps because the press was a little guilty about not having paid sufficient attention to underlying charges. jon: according to the former head of the nbi, he never received or saw the elevator tape at that appalled everybody. >> exactly. >> also didn't ask for it. >> yes. but he didn't see it but the assertion was he had seen it and ignored it. apparently that is not true. jon: judy, ellen, thank you both. >> thank you. jenna: politics now. the number of republicans considering a presidential run seems to keep growing bit day but a much different story on potential democrats. hillary clinton's bid make it appear more likely she will end
8:41 am
up running virtually unopposed. john roberts live in atlanta with more. >> reporter: things could change jenna but at the moment this is the landscape for 2016. the picture on monitor tells it all. on the republican side, anywhere from 12 to 20 tree potential candidates but on the democrat side at the moment only serious contender is hillary clinton. if she were to run unopposed in 2016s first time since 1960 richard nixon that the candidate hatfield virtually open to themselves all year. there are advantages. she could spend primary season taking potshots at republicans. she could avoid answering difficult questions about issues like benghazi. could stay vague on a policy positions that shifted since the 2008 campaign. the downside though, a coronation may leave voters, including many skeptical progressives on democratic side in the dark about where she stand and how she would govern. >> in a primary contest if one
8:42 am
develops, she will be pressed from the left. if she never has that pressure from the left, it will probably help her in a general election but it is not going to give the elements of the democratic party that much insight into what she could do as president. >> reporter: another risk says larry sabato from the university of virginia is that she could go into the general election a bit rusty, not having the benefit of call list 10 nicks of a primary battle. on crowded republican side strategists say with a field this big there is chance candidates could be pulled so far to the right in order to the win the nomination they can't get back to the middle to the point where they need broad appeal to win a general election. the rnc tried to limit the possibility, compressing primary schedule reducing number of debates to, as sabato put it this morning to save the candidate from themselves. jenna? jenna: john, thank you. >> right now you can get in trouble if, your company makes
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jon: we are headed towards "outnumbered" at top of the hour. andrea harris what do you have? >> hey jon. we'll take you live to remarks from president obama and british prime minister cameron after a massive terror sweep across europe. a new poll shows terrorism is a top concern for americans, the first time harris in years. >> plus the oscar-nominated screenwriter of the new movie, "american sniper" says we need to do more for our returning military veterans. #oneluckyguy today concerned
8:47 am
veterans of america pete hegseth will weigh in. >> love pete. parents investigated for letting their kids walk home from a park. is this nanny state. >> can't believe it is so busy. "outnumbered" at top of the hour. now back to jon. jon: we're looking forward to it. >> easier time reaching you on your cell phone, the fcc is now considering changing the rules to make robo calls legal. let's bring in fred tecce, former federal prosecutor, arthur aidala, former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and fox news legal analyst. this is a little overly simplistic the way we introduced this. it is specifically for banks. banks want to be able to robo call us whenever they want. what do you think about that? legal? should they be allowed to have the exception? fred? >> i'm sorry. me. well i think it is actually banks and debt collectors which i'm worried about getting dunned by papa john's.
8:48 am
put that aside not my gym membership. i don't think they should be allowed to do it. americans find it very annoying. i find it very annoying. when you sign up for american express or any credit card or banks you can provide cell phone number and give them permission to call you irrespective whether human or robot. i don't think any reason to change the law whatsoever. jenna: the concern, arthur, if there is exception made for banks, how quickly do we get from exceptions to banks to other industry, to getting calls from candidates all the time? >> let me cast aside my objective, just yesterday i didn't know this subject matter would be on today. yesterday i get a robo call from my bank, reminding me from my mortgage payment. quite frankly jenna, mom around things christmastime get crazy i forgot to pay my mortgage. had it not been for my robo call my credit rating would not would be messed up. i'm also going to tell you around december i got a robo
8:49 am
call about suspicious activity on my credit card. sure enough somebody had my credit. i don't have a lot of objectivity. let me correct fred, if i may. jenna: okay. >> this is not just about calling you to say hello. it is to call you contact consumers about possible fraud or identity theft. to alert consumers of personal information may have been breached. to advise them steps may be taken to protect against harm from data breaches and let customers know about actions related to a transfer. so it is specific. jenna: banks are saying robo calls will be more faster than efficient than if they have a real live -- >> for specific things, very specific things. jenna: fred, what do you think about that? >> they're allowed that if you give them permission to. they're trying to kill a fly with a sledge haller. give banks permission. i give them to american express. when i buy diesel fuel in kansas. i landed in north carolina to put fuel in middle of the night.
8:50 am
i get that call from american express. >> was it human or robo call? >> i didn't answer the call. too busy taxing out flying plane. >> it also has with banks not getting in trouble if they dial wrong number. if they dial fred and reach you they could get a fine for calling your cell phone number. >> everyone of us has to get robo call? i can't stand those thing. jenna: we learned a lot about both of you. mortgage payments for arthur of the diesel fuel -- >> i just forgot it. >> he is an up standing citizen. enjoy your weekend. >> have a good one. jon: as they call the wrong number arthur doesn't make his mortgage payment on time. the new year not kind to your 401(k).
8:51 am
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jon: u.s. stocks fell for a fifth straight session yesterday
8:54 am
as those of you out there who are investing seem to be worried about the impact of the global economic weakness. how are things looking today? right now the dow is up about 33 points. but we are well off of our highs back in december. joining us from our sister network fox business network's lauren simonetti. >> jon jenna, we missed 18,000. stocks are trying to stay in the green today, that's the question. it would take a monumental rally to erase the week's losses. the dow has given up 400 points. when you look at report on inflation, honestly, what inflation? last month the government said price for gas clothing air fares, all fell you might have noticed when you went shopping of consumer prices for gas are stopped the most in six years. they are guessing that the lower push of inflation may delay the interest rate hike. this shows us cheaper gas is actually making a difference.
8:55 am
measure how we feel about the economy, jumping to its highest level more than a decade. but yes, there is absolutely that disconnect between how consumers say they feel and how they say they spend their money. and check out price of oil today. a rare rally for crude because actually the international energy agency said non-opec members will likely slash their oil production which would increase demand for opec's oil. that would eventually stablize prices and opec could keep its market share. goldman sachs the latest pang to op books reporting a 10% drop in its latest earnings on lower trading revenue of the it is the same message we got from jpmorgan citigroup and bank of america this week. jon? jon: that's why they mead to make robo calls we were talking about to make more money. >> robo calls please no. you do not have my permission for that. jon: don't miss lauren simonetti on fox business network if you're not sure where to find it in your area click on jenna: we're standing by to
8:56 am
bring awe joint news conference with the president and british prime minister dave cameron following today's bilateral meeting. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. also on "happening now," saudi arabia quite literally putting up a wall between themselves and terrorist army isis. wheel show you what is going on in saudi arabia that is getting a lot of attention. did you get your flu shot this year and it didn't work? if the answer is no we'll tell you what is apparently wrong with this year's vaccines. unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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jon: we're back with another hour one hour from now. jenna: and "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert. we're awaiting a joint news conference from president obama and british prime minister david cameron at the white house today with europe on the edge after another major terror threat stopped dead in its tracks. and scores of arrests in a major sweep yesterday. so much to get to this friday, it's "outnumbered."
9:00 am
i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today, harris faulkner iowans lee earhart, kirsten powers author of the upcoming booking "the silencing," and ceo of concerned veterans for america and fox news contributor and outnumbered fave, pete hegseth. >> you're all of my faves. >> aw, so sweet. thank you. >> well we're glad that you're here because we have a lot of topics about the military terror threats,


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