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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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we have the latest in the ongoing anti-terror operations. a christian funded -- two teams on the run in a multistate crime spree getting more and more brazen. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. the war on terror, the new threats facing the -- and our european allies taking the spotlight in the white house today. president obama meeting with the british prime minister for the second time today. especially in syria where the president says u.s.-led coalition efforts have weakened isis. despite claims from critics that the terrorists are stronger than ever. >> systematically taking out their fighters.
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>> david and i agree we need to keep stepping up the training of iraqi forces and that we're not going to relent until this terrorist organization is destroyed. >> bret baier is the host of fox business news. did you think that they differed at all in the way in which they described what had happened in paris? >> well, yes gretchen i think that the british prime minister again and again talked about islamist terrorists he talked about even a death cult that this radicalized version of islam has become and the threat from it. and you know, the president was very careful when he talked about it it seems saying multiple times, violent extremism. but being youngunified on the same
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page between the president and prime minister cameron. using maybe different words in the same song. >> they put out the op-ed that came out yesterday and now today in this live press conference, obviously showing a unified front. do you think that the rest of the world is listening to this and what were their reactions today? >> i think a couple of things one is i think that the real big news out of this news conference was about iran. >> yep. >> and how much they feel that there is a threat if congress passes a sanctions bill out of congress, so much so that the president has said that he will veto it. i have never heard of a world leader coming into washington, making calls to senators about a piece of legislation. that's new. and i think that it's unique. >> at the same time, president obama said the chances of any kind of a diplomatic deal with
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iran are probably less than 50/50. but his quote was his message to congress was hold your fire. >> hold your fire because he believes if the sanctions bill gets through it would send a message. he will veto it and there won't be enough votes to override that veto. but he says just that message that if the sanctions were to go through, it would jeopardize the talks that were ongoing, that as you noted would be a probability less than 50/50 that they work out. but it's kind of like that movie, you say there's a chance they ---they believe that there's at least a slight window that they could pull this thing out. >> very interesting breaking news coming out of that press conference, we'll be watching you tonight on special report. thank you, bret. meantime more than two dozen arrests in europe as police conduct anti-terror raids across that continent, at least 12 people arrested in belgium alone. police there say a sleeper cell activated was only hours away
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from carrying out a large scale deadly assault targeting belgin police. and police nabbing two suspects in berlin accused of helping recruit for isis. rick, there were also arrests in paris as well. >> reporter: yeah, gretchen here in paris police have been on the hunt for associates of the terrorists who shot up "charlie hebdo" and the kosher grocerily store in those attacks last week. eight men and four women all in the greater paris area that were mostly known to police for common crimes, but now are being investigated for providing support for the terrorist that killed those people inside that kosher supermarket. there are more raids being carried out as this country steps up its campaign to try to
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prevent more terrorists from carrying out fight attacks here in france, gretchen. >> so what do we know about the raids in belgium that were playing out in the night time for you during the real story yesterday? >> belgium has been called a revolving door for gee hadjihadists. it has the greatest number of homegrown terrorists that came from isis and iraq. authorities say they were hours away from executing a plot to kill belgin police officers and when counter terror teams approached their hideout, these men opened fire with handguns and military weapons. two of the men were killed, one seriously wounded, no police were hurt and there were 13 arrests at several locations authorities also seized ak-47s, cash and police uniforms and they have expressed concern that there are hundreds of others in belgium and perhaps thousands of others across europe who are
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radicals who may very well be plotting future attacks. >> so much to get to, little time. rick, thank you so much. authorities in great britain, arrest inging a teen now in connection with the hacking of sony and xbox over the holiday. the 18-year-old who has not yet been identified accused of hacking into both of those systems and causing disruptions that left millions of users offline offline offline. more now on president obama's meeting and joint news conference with prime minister david cam wrong. discussing the nuclear terror threat to iran -- investor john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n.-run and a fox contribute
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for is here to weigh in. i was just speaking with bret about the news about the iran situation coming out of that press conference. did you see that coming? >> this is an unpresscedented act by any -- lobbying the senators on the sanctions legislation and ar i think it's a signal that they're very worried about what congress is considering. i think iran is kind of the epicenter of concerns that the president should have in his foreign policy as it gets closer to delivering nuclear weapons. and it's been the world's central banker for terrorism. >> sanctions have been in place for quite some time. should we be worried about what iran might be considering? >> as i say, i think the president's worried about
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congress putting the snap back sanctions into effect and it reflects i think a misunderstanding that they're not intending to sangation iran now but saying that iffer rang violates the deal that they're negotiating, the sanctions will come back automatically. indeed, general clapper testified last year that the economic sanctions had not slowed iran's nuclear program down. and i think that's the general view in the intelligence community. they have had an economic effect, but have not slowed to the nuclear program down. >> i want to get this in because of the terror discussions we have been having over the last week to ten days it's just coming in that there is frustration among senior intelligence officials and throughout the community because they predicted back in 2007 that the internet would be the driving force for this new wave of sort of recruiting for islamic terrorism. and now we're just hearing the president and david cameron potentially talking about this, but obviously the intel community is frustrated by this. >> yes and it's exactly right, as you just say, that they have
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been worried about it for a very long time. they have seen the power of social media and a whole variety of circumstances, and right today, we have isis which ask used the media broadly but social media in particular, very effectively to get their message out. so the concerns about the use of cyberspace, both offensively and for propaganda purposes, i think are very real legitimate concerns. >> of course, well after conceding the white house, they sent someone with appropriate staff your. secretary of state john kerry arrived today, mr. ambassador, while bringing a friend. ♪ all you got to do is call ♪ ♪ i will be there ♪ ♪ yes i'll be there ♪ ♪ you've got a friend ♪ >> how weird was it as this is an act of diplomacy with james taylor singing you've got a friend.
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>> the only thing that i can think of that would be worse sif john kerry himself hadding sung the song. that would be about as low as you could go. but honestly no disrespect intended to james taylor, this is not american diplomacy at its best and i think it's another indication of the lack of american leadership that this is what it's come to, giving paris a hug. >> all right. great to hear from you, mr. ambassador, john bolton, have a great weekend. now for my take on this, the obama administration doesn't send a high -- then apologizes for the major misstep and then steps in it again with "you've got a friend?" don't get me wrong, i love the tune but it's such a serious moment, with the whole world watching, appropriate? amy says, cringe worthy moment du jour. margaret runner says we apologize for the epic and
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continued face palm. mr. popular says this, the scary thing is someone thought this was our best diplomatic option. and angela proclaims, god i just hope this is a saturday night live skit and not an attempt at foreign policy. for an administration that's all about #optics and getting the message out in just the right way, you've got to wonder what happened to the obama messaging machine because it might just be runging out of gas. the president's been pushing forward his executive power, but could it actually be facing some limits. why president obama needs congress to accomplish any of the big items on his agenda. so what does that all mean? we'll get some real talk on that. plus dozens of terror suspects taken down in raids across europe. the security forces can hardly rest easy. how widespread and dangerous are these hidden cells of militants.
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and police calling these two teens a modern day bonnie and collide clyde. they're still on the run after a crime spree. >> the longer they're gone the worse the situation can become, and we do not want that situation to get any worse than it already is.
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s. british police arresting an 18-year-old woman on suspicion of terrorism. she's been taken into custody at an airport outside of london. details are sketchy, we're going to bring you more as we get it. she's apparently been taken to the central london police station where she remains in custody, it also links to part of an investigation of a 21-year-old man on october 29 on suspicion of assisting another
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to carry out acts of terrorism. again, a british woman has been arrested, we'll keep you apprised of the situation. president obama has had his pen and paper out a lot lately, but could the president's power actually have some limits and does he have to cooperate with congress if he wants to get a lot of his priorities done. like raising the minimum wage and capping student loan payments. president of gotham ghost writers. today on friday, good to see you both. all right, so is there a way to limit, dan the power of the pen with executive orders from president obama? >> well, absolutely i don't think there's any question that and to some degree that president obama has maxed out his credit card, so to speak, by doing some of these things on the margins that will have an impact, the biggest being the immigration piece that he did last year, but to do some of
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these major things about the economy, by the immigration reform student loans as you mentioned, he will have to have cooperation from congress. it's no longer democrats versus republicans. you have the president and an arrested part of his left wing, that he's going to have to balance against. and with republicans, they're going to have to the senate right and the establishment group having to deal with the tea party wave. >> you also have the moderate democrats who are in favor of the republican on some of the big ticket items. those are two big things i can think of where they might actually come together and the president still might not go along with that. >> and tax reform. people forget that in the last congress many were passed with significant democratic support. let's talk about what the president's trying to focus on these issues like minimum wage. he's also blocking the keystone pipe lish that would create
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40,000 jobs that pay three times the minimum wage. there's a by fur indication, there are democrats and i spoke to a lot of those who work in conditioning on the democratic side who don't consider the president's agenda in their best interests. that's why you have 63 people senators supporting the keystone pipeline and other initiatives and the president's major issue right now is his own credibility has been marginalized because of his own actions. >> he's only thinking about domestic issues right now and it's ironic because of all the terrorism situations happening internationally at the same time, why? because of his state of the union message is coming up tuesday night. so is the white house throwing -- saying that the event is losing it's political importance. maybe it's because they can't get anything else past congress. but it's almost like he's been rolling out what he's talking
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about in the state of the union for the last two weeks, so why should anyone watch? >> when a president is going into his seventh year of a second term, and his hold on the american people's attention is going to be compromised whether it's a republican or democrat you found the thing that with president bush. >> not with bill clinton, 67 million watched the state of the union with bill clinton and 30 million may watch president obama. >> president obama is trying to nullify the result of the november election by really bypassing them through executive order. but there is a limit to that effectiveness. what you see now more than ever is the president not diminishing the state of the union but also to keep his own relevance. that's why we rolled out these initiatives before the state of the union. but terrorism has dominated the situation and that's something he's not talking about satisfy
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satisfactorily to the american people. security forces launching raids all across europe looking to uncover terror sleeper cells and that is one big job. so is europe up to the task? plus the school's plan for students to defend themselves against a gunman with cans of baked beans and tuna. it's sparking a major backlash, but does the school actually have a point? and nasa revealing 2014 was the hottest year ever. we're going to break down the sizzling numbers. so that brings us to the question of the day do you prefer the sizzling hot or breathtaking cold weather? send us a picture of your favorite hot or cold destination.
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fox news alert, let's take you out to california where an suv crashes through a pita office. this is in los angeles. pit trkst pita stands for people for the ethical treatment of animals. you can see that suv sticking out of the frofbt of that building. police now calling two kentucky teens modern day bonnie and clyde. dalton hayes and cheyenne phillips have been on a crime spree across the south and hoping to catch them before it ends badly. chris gallagher, live with more on the search. >> reporter: gretchen, he is 18,
11:25 am
she is 13, they have been on the run now for 12 days, they started out by stealing a pick-up truck in their home state of kentucky and apparently they headed east because nine days later, the teens and the truck were spotted on surveillance camera at a walmart store in manning, south carolina. authorities say they used stolen checks to buy some mints and then get some extra cash. by then they ditched the red truck south of atlanta and allegedly stole a silver pick-up truck with two guns inside. the sheriff from their home says he hopes they do not do something stupid with those guns listening to him. >> we do not want to situation to get any worse than it is. they stole a vehicle and a law enforcement agency will get in pursuit of that vehicle and to the outcome of that is usually not good. >> reporter: dalton hayes money says he loved her and he had
11:26 am
money and food and he was fine. the 13 told her son that she was pregnant, but the mom doesn't believe that's true because they just started dating. the mom also didn't know that cheyenne was only 13 years old. the 13-year-old's mom says she just wants her daughter to come home. listen. >> it's just hard, it's really hard. the simple fact knowing that my daughter is -- i'm just afraid that she's going to wind up getting hurt. >> authorities believe the young couple is just kind of making it up as they go along and their behave yor ask getting more brazen and more dangerous each p and every day. so there's the school district in alabama facing a wave of criticism over it's plan to utilize cans as a form of protection from a shooting inside the school. the strategy is similar to train
11:27 am
training exercises. cans as a last resort for students to defend themselves just in case. well on monday, we will get the real story on this when i sit down with the superintendent for the chambers county school system in an exclusive interview, that's on "the real story" don't miss it on monday. coming up today major plot to murder police in belgium their own "charlie hebdo" uncovered just in time. plus a teen at a top university plunging to her death, what happened moments just before her fall? in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current
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and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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heavily armed forces gathering up suspects in syria and france. as the editor of "charlie hebdo" is laid to rest. catherine catherine herridge has more live from washington. >> reporter: speaking to reporters, belgin authorities left now doubt that these -- the cells moving up their timeline for attack. >> we found several weapons, among them are four ak-47s,
11:32 am
several small fire weapons, firearms munitions and explosives. more over, we found several policing -- >> separately on al qaeda in yemen has claimed responsibility for paris authorities investigating, emphasize the command and control in in case does not mean that kouachi was given some kind of phone order to go ahead with the attacks. the american cleric met ---and for clarity, we have confirmed that they both met with al qaeda in yemen. >> what else are we learning about the raids that were playing out during this show yesterday? >> well, two investigative sources tell fox news that two of the belgin cells were under
11:33 am
surveillance for several months, in an effort to build out or better understand their networks, that means tracking them physically and electronically to map out their contacts. so while we're seeing these raids going on in belgium germany and france, we're told this will be ongoing, the british prime minister said his country is not immune and now on the second highest state of alert. >> you are specifically the question about imnengsminenceimminence we have a system in the united kingdom where the -- not set by politicians, they have judged that the threat we face is severe, that means in their words that an attack is highly likely. >> and mr. obama re-enforcing today that social media is really the life blood of this new digital jihad, but what he did not mention is that the intelligence community in this country warned in a formal assessment in 2007, that's eight
11:34 am
years ago that they would really be the driver of radical islam. >> as we learn more about the arrests in europe new fears of terror attacks ss sweeping across the western world. top international law enforcement chief warning that the terror threat has become so significant, it could be extremely difficult to stop all of the attacks. >> the scale of the problem, the way -- the network, the scale of the people involved make this is extremely difficult for even very well functioning kind of terrorists agencies such as we have in france to stop every attack. i think that's really very, very difficult. >> we're getting brand-new video in now, these are protests in algiers algeria, riots breaking out after the publication of the satirical magazine "charlie
11:35 am
hebdo" hebdo". author of beyond repair, i know that you think that there's good news and bad news in all these raids that are happening across europe. start with the good news today. >> so the good news is that the europeans are actually moving on this. you have noted in the previous report that some of these guys that are being picked up now are folks that were already on the radar, that they were already among forring and obviously they're ---the bad news is obviously that they're findinging what we were afraid they would find. they're finding a lot of cells, a lot of people and folks that are not afraid to shoot it out with the police. >> and we were just saying a couple of moments ago, breaking news that an 18-year-old woman had been arrested just northeast of london. so it appears to be spreading. yesterday during this show, the officials over there were saying that this would not stop and catherine herridge was just saying the same thing. so i would assume you would agree with that that we're going to continue to see these raids
11:36 am
in trying to root out these people. >> the information we have is that this is a very small number of individuals and that in a few weeks we're going to be on top of it is just inattention. you see the police acting in belgium, germany, france, the uk, they were actually investigating in spain, a few days ago, they were picking people up in bulgaria this is all over the place. >> in your mind what does it take to get ahead of this. >> so the key to this is basically intelligence and law enforcement work. i mean three guys with ak-47s shooting defenseless people are a threat. three guy with ak-47s is rel -- >> thank you so much for your expertise today. well, airlines giving a warning to all of us who fly and
11:37 am
have frequent flyer accounts after thousands of passengers accounts were hacked. the hackers reportedly reusing member login accounts used by third parties to resell tickets. american releasing a statement saying, quote, this could have resulted in access to the information that you see when you log into your account such as your name e-mail address phone number and physical address. time to check in with shepard smith reporting from the fox news desk. shepard, i know you get on a jet plane plane prime. what's coming up. >> human cigars and suckling picks, that's what it took to buy ---shaping up to be the biggest corruption scandal in the midwest of the u.s. navy.
11:38 am
it all involves this man known in navy circles at fad leonard, he was a foreign contractor that was accused of em -- now five current and former u.s. navy officers have pledded guilty to taking the bribes. one of them, a former assault ship commander. and wait until you hear the full list of the bribes these guys accepted and why police say this case is far from over. >> i don't know what got me more hookers or suckling picks. >> they're a mess. >> and fat leonard? the american people now weighing in, so what do they think of the officers who turned their books on mayor bill de blasio at the funerals of those two officers killed in cold blood. and a major about face from duke university backing off now, plans to issue a weekly
11:39 am
muslim call to prayer, from the campus's iconic chapel tower, that's next. >> the muslim community is a very valuable and we hope will continue to be a very visible part of life on campus and we're going to celebrate that in as many ways as we possibly can.
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water, but water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down.
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they just didn't think it could happen. they told the house they would take better care of her... always. announcer: protect what matters. get flood insurance. back to the real story in the standoff between new york city mayor bill de blasio and the new york city police department. some officers got it wrong. when asked if they approved or disapproved of the police officers turning their backs on bill de blasio at the funerals of the fallen officers 69% disapprove. saying the mayor had blood on his hands in the murderings was too extreme. and polls also show that people are not fannings of mayor de blasio and his actions either.
11:43 am
cpa, small business owner and reporter for the national review. gentlemen, interested to see what your thoughts are on this. charles, let me start with you do the police officers have it right in turning their backs or mayor de blasio. >> i think they have it wrong. i believe the public on all three of those questions. police occupy an odd space they're not soldiers where they are obliged to do whatever they are told to do without any dissent. they are also not teachers, they have guns they can use those guns, they can use deadly force. it's difficult and problem mattics, i think, when you see a divide between the civil authority which is mayor de blasio, i don't like him, but he is a civil authority and the police force, that is a dangerous precedent. >> why do you think having that whole conversation in public anyway? don't you think it undermines the authority of the police as well? >> i'm wondering who started it. because de blasio got up and
11:44 am
spoke about his own family and personal stories, but i want you to look at this poll as well. who's more to blame? 45% say de blasio, and 43% say the police. that's prilts evenly matched, do you agree with that? >> i believe that de blasio is to blame here, he clearly went out of the boundaries on this issue by telling his son that he should be careful of being racially profiled because of the color of his skin. i think he needs to make an apology to police. >> i reported yesterday on the show about an innocent police officer 23 years old who went to a domestic dispute in arz as, he was just doing what he probably does every day, and what hundreds of other police officers do shot in cold blood and his body camera picks it up and shows you the risks that these people take every single day. >> these people are on the streets all the time and they make their mistakes, but the buck does stop with the mayor.
11:45 am
all these problems we're seeing really kind of started with him and some of the comments. he's supposed to be leading the city, if he's got issues with the police, he needs to take it up behind closed doors. >> police are trained to be very much part of the community and to be responsive of the community and to be known in the community. he compared the new york police department with a much more racially -- >> duke university backing off plans to issue a weekly muslim call to prayer from the historic chapel bell tower, a complete 180, comes as the school was flooded with calls and e-mails against the plan. >> i can't say i'm outraged per se, i don't really like anyone in the story is any problem. i don't think the intention here was necessary which was to unify the campus, as if muslims on the duke campus are in some way oppressed and by all
11:46 am
accounts they're not. having said that, i think the reaction of some of the christian protesters were a little over the top. they mentioned -- >> my disappointment is also with the academic management, i mean, you know we have seen this past year all these situations with kathy mckarlt any smith, she got in trouble because of a statement she made and she had to apologize for that. at haberford college, the commencement address there were protests over the speaker here's point of view. the fact that they just turn and and make a 180-degree reversal. >> they said, enough is enough. and they changed their mind. >> it can go both ways whether or not they should have done it in the first place is to be debated still. >> massive crash, check this out.
11:47 am
>> this happened during a legendary offroad rally through the bolivian desert. the bible's exodus, a quote, game changer. the filmmaker joins us exclusively to tell us all about his incredibling findinging. >> the whole thing from the beginning of the -- the slavery, pose sus and the exodus, the promised land is all there in one nice, neat line. but it's way too early. hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok...
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fox news alert. helicopter goes down in texas just outside of houston. reports of at least one person being killed in the crash. the story comes in moments ago, details still sketchy. emergency crews are on the scene. we'll bring you more information as we get it into fox.
11:51 am
the world's most dangerous offroad rally living up to its reputation. two cars crashing in bolivia one traveling more than 1-miles-an-hour when it hit a dip in a water hazard during a dakar rally. car tumbles, into flames, three people inside the cars said to be okay with only scrapes and bruises. >> so, a new documentary digging deep combining history culture, and religion. attempting to answer the fundamental question, did the biblical exodus from egypt with moses leading the way, actually happen? >> there's no documented evidence about it. >> exodus did not happen the way described. >> you look for collapse in
11:52 am
egyptian civilization and that's where you find moses on the exodus. >> if we can prove there even was an exodus. >> the film chronicles an in- depth archaeological ask vacation -- excavation and it's fascinating. tim ma moan any, a fellow minnesotan. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> this is a fascinating project you worked 12 years on, traveling back and forth between israel and egypt and other places. you said you wanted to find the answers because you grew up as a christian and wanted to know if the exodus actually happened. why was it so important? >> what originally happened was i thought the exodus happened before i went to those locations. but when i got there they said well, -- in fact i was searching nor route of the exodus. it was an exciting opportunity to make a film about the crossing sites, which mountains they might have gone. to but they said why are you searching for the route when the exodus never happened in the first place?
11:53 am
and that was startling to me. >> so, what you showcase throughout the documentary is that your findings, after 12 years, mean that maybe, historians and archaeologists got the timeline wrong. why? >> well, what happened is most egypt tollingists and archaeologists today in main stream think the exodus happened at a time, around the time of ramses so they found there is no evidence for that, and that is what i was told. then i continued. i had a crisis of faith in this a little bit as we mentioned, and when i looked i thought there's got to be some other answers here because this is such huge event, and i found other answers from other egypt tollingists and scholars who had a different way of looking at things, different interpretation. >> shifting it back 250 to 400 years, and then after you do that all these events in the bible start to line up and there's evidence behind them.
11:54 am
>> exactly. there is evidence for six major events that the bible speaks about, and people just looked at them today and said, that's just a coincidence, just another coincidence. only had to happen at this time. so what this film does is it takes a whole new fresh look at it and really says, if you're going look at the story of the bible, where would you look in history? just let's be open about and it look anyplace, and that's what the film does and findings all six events in a sequence, and that's why i think this film is so powerful today. and i've allowed both sides to speak as you saw. >> it's very fair and balanced how we do things at fox and i was assurring my 11-year-old daughter watched with me and happens to be studying this in school and she thought it was spectacular and shared it with her other school mates. so we want to tell folks will where this quill be. don't miss this one night special event. patterns of evidence is playing in movie theaters monday, this monday january 19th, and
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during the movie, i will be moderating a very special panel discussion with a faith-based expert panel, including father jonathan morris, dennis prager and eric metaxis. to find a theater log on to patterns of and join us monday night. thank you. >> thank you. >> scientist with a lot news flash. planet setting a new record. why 2014 is going down in the history books. it's sizzling. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect.
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rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards.... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections that's preferred rewards from bank of america. >> this is caught on camera. a quick car wash but one driver took it to a whole new level. 94-year-old man says he got his foot stuck on the gas pedal causing the car to plow through the quick quack car wash in
11:59 am
sacramento. don't laugh. speeds estimated at 40-miles-an-hour. the car slamming into the other side, causing damage to the equipment. luckily no one hurt, driver walked away with a scratch. a new claim that last year was the warmest on record. government scientists blaming human activity for heating up the planet but at the same time they're pointing to the ocean as the biggest source of global warming. temperatures over land actually going down in many regions including the eastern yates. our question of the day, which do you prefer, hot or cold weather? i love going to alaska this summer with my family where it was snowy but not so cold, so it was kind of both. bob says, he likes my home state, the north shore of minnesota in winter. and pelican lake in the summer. bandy -- brandy like is hot,
12:00 pm
hot, hot, and love to go to pair dean sean likes it when the thermometer drops because it's time for pond hockey. i've women you. now to shep. >> a race to prevent another attack. police across europe rounding up dozens of terror suspects as president obama today pledges american support to our allies. >> our countries are working together to defeat terrorist networks. >> now investigators warn there may be thousands of terrorists in hide michigan and they're getting harder to find. >> a pair of teenaged lovers on the run, accused in a multistate crime spree. the boyfriend, 18. the girlfriend, 13. and now cops say they could be armed and dangerous. and there's word advertisers are now pushing carmakers for details on every single thing we do hip the wheel using sensors


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