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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 16, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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is hot, hot, hot, and love to go to pair dean sean likes it when the thermometer drops because it's time for pond hockey. i've women you. now to shep. >> a race to prevent another attack. police across europe rounding up dozens of terror suspects as president obama today pledges american support to our allies. >> our countries are working together to defeat terrorist networks. >> now investigators warn there may be thousands of terrorists in hide michigan and they're getting harder to find. >> a pair of teenaged lovers on the run, accused in a multistate crime spree. the boyfriend, 18. the girlfriend, 13. and now cops say they could be armed and dangerous. and there's word advertisers are now pushing carmakers for details on every single thing we do hip the wheel using sensors to determine how long we have
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didn't driving or whether a cried is in the car all in the name of sending you a roadside hamburger. is that a good thing? let's get to it. >> at last it's friday. good afternoon. cops in the united kingdom say they just arrested 18-year-old woman landing landing in london, accused of terrorism. it's not clear where she was traveling. the urgent search to hunt down potential terrorist turning up dozen of suspects across europe, but police warn there could be thousands more out there just waiting to strike. cops launched anti-terror raids in belgium germany france. they've rounded up what seems to be any -- anybody suspected of ties with terror groups inch belgium, more than a dozen were arrived following the deadly
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raids yesterday that left two people dead. prosecutors say they stopped the plan to execute police officers just in the nick of time. still, investigators warn they cannot be sure they caught all the suspects. french prosecutors say they busted at least 12 suspects around paris. the raid there targeted people accused of having links with the terrorist who raided the market. and in berlin two men were arrested for trying to recruit new fighters for isis. euro poll wonders there could be as many as 5000 extremists out there. it's getting harder to find them as they become better at laying low. rick leventhal is live in paris. what are police trying to do to get ahead of the threat? >> well, shepard we have seen dozens of raids across europe but the head of the european police agency says one of the
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biggest challenges of rooting out radicalized islamist extremists, is their lack of command structure, they're learning how to blend and integrate and hide and plain sight before striking, and many case using the internet to recruit and communicate. ate least 2500 and possibly up to 5,000 suspects have traveled from europe to fight in syria and iraq and there are grave concerns many of these battle-hardened jihad jihadis are coming home with an agenda to kill. the our repol chief says it will be extremely difficult to foil every attack and in belgium they fit the restrictions. they had been under surveillance for weeks, if not months. this was not believed to be directly connected to the paris attacks. authorities say they ordered the counterterrorism teams to move in because that cell was just hours away from excusing a plot
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to kill police officers on the street or at their station house. when the police moved in, the men opened fire with military weapons and handguns are two suspects killed, one wounded, 13 arrived, the authorities seizing ak-47s documents, cash, and police uniforms tactic with hey seen insurgents use in iraq and afghanistan. >> that part of it mighty disturbing rick, thank you. let's bring in mitchell silver, a former director of the nypd intelligence division who supervised all terror investigations. he is now the executive managing director or the consulting firm k2 intelligence. where are we? i'm trying to figure out if there's more danger around here and around our viewers across the united states than there was two weeks ago. >> i think in the united states we're more aware of the danger that has been in europe and has been fomenting there for a period of time. paris was wake-up call. things changed you. thought you could watch people
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and have some type of warning before they might go operational. now it seems like much more without any warning and that's why you see these operations in belgium and germany the last 4 hours. >> regarding those operations in belgium and germany, from everything we have been able to cobble together from what authorities are saying and media are reporting, looks like they were watching a bunch of people and everybody they were watching that locked them all up and at least one case, they found evidence to suggest that these people were ready to go. >> from a law enforcement intelligence standpoint, you want to watch these groups and never want to move in too early. you want to understand, what are the parameters of the conspiracy? when you move in, you want to grab everybody. if they've moved in when they did they were concerned that number one ready to go operational and number two they might not know everybody involved in the plot so let's sure we preempt it. don't want to be too late. >> you want to wait long enough to where you figure out where all the tentacles are and what is involved? >> absolutely. your preference would be to
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understand who is involved, are there any connections directly back to isis, all the people who are involved in the conspiracy but that timeline is going to get shortened when you start to get indicators the group is arming up. may have been reports they had weapons and information about they were going to move on to the police, and that point you stop waiting and have to intervene. >> you and people like you have been warning us forever that if they want to do it, and they can get their act together sending two people out to two two malls witch ak-47s would change the course of human events and change our economy. i wonder, with that bit of knowledge in hand for a decade or more, is there a plan for stopping the freakout after the next thing happens? the freakout is mighty dangerous, too. >> i think in the united states we have zero tolerance for terrorists and terrorism success. and in the united states, we're going to need to deal with it -- need to be more resilient because it's difficult to stop every single attack especially when you're dealing with individual lone actors actors
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are aren't part of the group who aren't linked to an overseas organization. very tough to identify them and pre-empt them before they make a move. >> i hear from law enforcement that it takes on average 20 specialists, 20 law enforcement types, to monitor every one terrorist wanna be who is out there. do we have what is necessary? >> if you want to have surveillance on one individual 24 hours, three shifts of seven people each so 20 people per person. in 2009, when we had the al qaeda plot in new york city against the subway, new york police department and fbi had to mobilize against a significant number of people. it stretched resources then. and that was a plot that wasn't as large as some of the ones we're seeing in europe. it could pull on resources here. >> mitchell silver nice to talk to you. thank you. >> after the attack in paris we're seeing some fierce protests and some anger today. but not on behalf of the innocent people who died. in this case demonstrators are
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showing support for the brothers who cared out the killing. the images coming up on the fox news deck.
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members of congress as they tried to speak. the suspect's father says an fbi informant set up his son and the son is a quote mama's boy, who, quote wouldn't hurt a fly. investigators say they arrested if after he bought two semi automatic rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. presumably not for a fly. demonnateors hitting the streets to protest the latest cover of the "charlie hebdo" newspaper not protest the attack on the paper but the cover which shows a cart to an of the prophet muhammad. one rally in pakistan turned violent. we have images from the protest in our slide show. this is a map showing where the protests happened karachi, islamabad, all the regular places. this first image is -- you get the general sense of things here. they're burning a french flag. here supporters of a pakistani
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religious party holding a sign. note all the signs are in english. this one here, protest against our disrespected -- against disrespect of our beloved prophet muhammad, and this one one protester stands next to two signs, islamophobia is terrorism. another one, if you're charlie i'm kouachi, or something close to that, the last name of the two brothers a reverence to the two brothers who killed 12 people. another city this one in lahore pakistan, the writing in english, the banner reads the sketchmakers must be hanged immediately. in other words, hang the cartoonists. this picture from pakistan, a guy, a protester trying to dodge a water cannon and this last one out of istanbul in turkey, funeral prayers to honor the two
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kouachi brothers dozens of people chanted, god is great, anden image of the eiffel tower with an explosion. trace gallagher is live. what more do we know about the shootings in pakistan? >> we are now told that all four of them will survive but two of the four people shot during the protests in karachi were journalists, including the french photographer. that is the biggest national news agency in france and we are unclear right now if he was actually targeted because he is french, but most of the violence was happening as the protesters started moving towards the french consulate and began throwing rocks at police who were trying to they would them back. many protesters are demanding the french ambassador to pakistan be expelled from the country. there were also violent protests happening in algeria where demonstrators and police are clashing there as well, and it is the very same picture in
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ohman, jordan, although we should note the protests around the globe have been relatively peaceful. >> the profit -- president of turkey criticizing "charlie hebdo," gees saying they're inciting racism and hatred with the depictions of the prophet muhammad and accused the west of playing games with the islamic world saying that muslims are paying the price for the attack on "charlie hebdo." listen. >> translator: hypocrisy of the west is -- we never stood up for terrorism or massacres but racism and hatred that lies beneath the massacres. >> and the russian media watch dog saying publishing muhammad cartoons illegal and punishable and yet in london people are lining up to buy the new english
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language issue of "charlie hebdo." >> trace gallagher in l.a. thank you. a 13-year-old girl, 13, and her 18-year-old boyfriend, on the run from coaches, accuse -- from cops and accused in a crime street across the southwestern united states. i have pictures here. the 18-year-old boy, the 13-year-old girl. cops say they have guns. police are warning folks to be on the lookout for them. and now their mothers have message for these two. you'll hear from them next. are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! osteo bi-flex®... ready for action.
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police across the southeastern united states are looking for this two teenagers who ran away together driving through states and committing a string of crimes. the 18-year-old boy the
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13-year-old girlfriend. they disappeared almost two eeks ago from grayson county in kentucky. the girl's mother say she got a text message from thunder daughter and the daughter asked for cash. she says her daughter may have lied to the boyfriend telling him she is 19 years old. >> i'm just afraid that he is going to wind up getting her hurt. >> sorry. it's just hard. it's really hard. the simple fact knowing my daughter is actually is in the world. >> her dow in world and we know he places she has been. they stole a truck and drove to south carolina, where surveillance cameras captured them inside a wal-mart store, as you can see supposedly buying stuff with the check that turned out to be bad. investigators say the pair ditched the stolen truck in henry county georgia, outside atlanta, but the teens may now be driving in another stolen
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truck, vehicle that when it was stolen had two guns inside. >> we do not want this situation to get any worse. our biggest fear is that they steal another vehicle and that a law enforcement agency will get in pursuit of that vehicle and obviously the outcome of that is usually not good. >> so, they are releasing surveillance images and photos of the teens. they say they hope somebody will recognize this pair and will alert police before things get any worse. in the meantime, the parents of these runaways are issuing some warnings and pleas to their children. >> please come home. you know, we love you, miss you, and we need you home, safe. we know thaty'all done wrong but you need to step up and take the consequences and come home. >> they have not come home and the question is, what will happen once they do come home and whether they could face federal consequences for crimes across straight line of with is
12:21 pm
kimberly johnson, criminal defense foreign and form prosecutor. when you start crossing state lines you're asking for trouble. >> absolutely. they are certainly at risk of federal charges for the automobile theft and we now hear there's potentially two of them. >> but besides that, i guess they have the weapons. it's possible they didn't know they were stealing the weapons but if they did, that raises things, doesn't it? >> absolutely. and authorities are certainly worried. we know desperation and guns are never a good combination. these two teens are certainly desperate. no money no place to go, multiple states looking for them now and a potentially pregnant 13-year-old. >> i hadn't brought that up yet. one parent believes the 13-year-old might be pregnant and most believe that he probably knew how old she was and if he did there's more trouble to be had. >> he certainly is at risk for indecency with a child and
12:22 pm
statutory rape charges. however, shep there is a defense where if he reasonably believed that she was of age, 18 or older, that is a valid defense, and from what we have heard from the parents, both sets of parents sounds like that could be a valid defense for him. >> kimberly johnson with us. thank you very much. >> thank you shep. >> here's a big one. scientists say they have now found a british mars lander that has been missing in space for more than a decade. they called it beagle ii. so where is beagle ii been all this time and how do you find a rover floating around somewhere? julia has the details over here. hough did they find this thing and where was it. >> actually on mars. here's what it looked like back in 2003. i it was supposed to land christmas day -- >> we didn't send people to mars, did we. >> no. >> the rover found there. >> okay. >> that's comforting. >> so today nasa scientists
12:23 pm
released ims and this is where they say it is, and where the parachute is apparentsly and here's a more zoomed-in version. they say the satellites didn't fully deploy so they can never send it data back to ground control and didn't know itself was on mars. if you go over here you have a better look where it is on mars. >> look at you. that's fancy. >> very fancy. >> it zooms in over here and in the north of the equator on the eastern part of the planet. >> near the hilton. >> yep across from the ritz. >> how did they run across it? the rover was like what is that? >> a nasa satellite took high res images. >> and we got that good of image? >> yeah. it's not -- >> it's not bad. >> a bird, a beagle is a beagle. it's pretty good. that's about as close as you can get. >> yep. >> we need a bigger bat. >> we do.
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>> thank you. the u.s. and britain are doubling down on preventing efforts of terror attackers within their own boardes, but the leader of major police agency is now warning it's getting mighty difficult to foil potential attacks. so what is coming? that's coming up.
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a fox report now and more headlines from the fox news deck. nearly two dozen people may be stuck inside a tugboat after it sank in the yangtze river in eastern china. state media reporting this. rescue crews cut into the bottom of the boat and rescued 30 people. no word yet on what caused it to sink. in philadelphia, a temple university freshman died after she fell from her eighth floor window someland on a woman walking down the sidewalk. police say the student was taking photos from the window ledge when she slipped. cops say the woman she hit is recovering in a hospital with
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the president now renewing america's vow to work with allies overseas prevent domestic terrorism after the horrific attacks which killed 17 people last week in paris. >> this is a problem that causes great heartache and tragedy and destruction, but it is one that ultimately we're going to defeat. >> the president and the british prime minister david cameron stood before reporters. prime minister cameron described the extremist as a poisonous fab natical death cult. >> the world is sickened and will not be standing alone.
12:30 pm
we know what we're up againsts' we know how we will win. >> terrorism one of the many topics the two leaders discussed today. pete -- peter barnes is live. they also discuss edictsal surveillance. >> that's right, how to stop terrorists and terrorist attacks through digital surveillance while protecting people's privacy in cyber space is a major topic of discussion between the leaders and a major topic at the press conference. after edward snowden's disclosures of our government's massive surveillance programs, digital data and digital information, tech companies like google facebook and apple, increase their security for their customers, including in some cases offering encryption software that scrambles digital information permanently. that has upset many law enforcement agencies, including the fbi, many spy agencies on
12:31 pm
both sides of the atlantic. they say this is making their job harder and the president says this is important because terrorists are using social media primarily for communicating with each other and they're good at it. >> we have been in dialogue with companies and have systematically worked through ways in which we can meet legitimate privacy concerns but also meet the very real concerns david and i have identified and my fbi director identified. >> these negotiations continue but prime minister cameron said the objective here is to shut down any safe havens in cyber space for terrorist communications. >> interestingly some discussions among the two -- between the two about iran and its nuclear amibition and how to deal with iran in negotiations?
12:32 pm
>> yes. these negotiations with the united states and its allies and iran are ongoing but congress is considering new legislation to increase the sanctions against iran but both the president and prime minister cameron basically asked congress to butt out let those negotiations continue. they said that kind of legislation at this point could be disruptive to those talks. >> prime minister cameron even lobbying some members of congress. never heard of it. peter barnes, thank you. more on the hunt for potential terrorist. police in france germany, and belgium, rounded 'more than two dozen terror suspects today in the united kingdom hours ago police say they arrested an 18-year-old woman on suspicion of terrorism. also today in bulgaria, a french citizen agreed to let officials send him back to france. he is suspected of being an accomplice to a gunman in the "charlie hebdo" attack, and the head of the police force,
12:33 pm
euro -- pol is warning it's becoming difficult to stop attacks. thousands of extremist are getting more and more sophisticated. that brings to us catherine herridge who is live in washington. officials were able to track the suspects. >> two investigative sources tell fox news belgian cells have been under severallance for several months in an effort to build out the network, tracking physically and electronically to map the network of contacts. the massacre in paris, the arms dealer turning himself in and the call to launch attacks isis and al qaeda are acting as accelerants and operatives are talking to each other, they are moving and in some cases as we saw in belgium they're advancing the timeline for their attacks and today the belgians left no doubt these are organized groups. >> we found evidence among them were four ak-47s books
12:34 pm
several smile -- small fire weapons, munitions and explosives. moreover we found several police uniforms. >> the intelligence source tells fox news they believe that there was clear command and control in the paris massacre with al qaeda in yemen because he says command and control does not mean they're picking up the phone to talk to them telling them when to go or sending an e-mail or text. rather, command and control in this case means identifying the operatives training them, providing the money, and then leaving the timing to their discretion, and this is not a new idea. this is also what we saw on shep. >> today the president and prime minister from great britain emphasized that now is the time for more surveillance, not less. >> the president and the prime minister said now is not the time too scale back on controversial programs, like the ones run by the nsa, which collect phone records and
12:35 pm
e-mails. they said they want more, not less, cooperation, also from the big internet providers. >> not asking for backdoors. we believe in very clear frontdoors through legal process that should help to keep our countries safe and my only argument is that as technology develops, as the world moves on we should try to avoid the safe ravens that could otherwise be create for terrorists to talk to each other. >> at one point during the news conference mr. obama point ted the boston marathon bombing as you recall one of the brothers was in contact with individuals overseas and had a very sort of robust youtube channel with radical islamic videos. but i would point out that it was not a failure to collect phone records or internet traffic in that particular case. it was a culture failure. to the fbi failed to share this information about the tsarnaev brother with the boston cops because they didn't feel they had the need to know.
12:36 pm
so collection would not have made a difference in this case. >> knowledge was power. >> correct. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> let's brian in john bussey, the associate editor for "the wall street journal." the history brooks are often very helpful. >> yes. the migration patterns from these areas to europe make it so that there are large muslim communities in europe. the europe had carved up the world during the colonial era. those ties resulted in item europe and that has continued over the years. the question is going to be how cooperative are those communities going to be in europe with investigators now in ferreting out the small number among them who are terrorist when in fact at the same time in europe you have this antiimmigration movement sort of gathering steam again as a result of the terror attacks. >> so many are making the argument that if you overplay your hand, if you generalize and profile, that you end up crete
12:37 pm
cateing more problems than even now exist -- creating more problems than even now exist. >> yes. somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 europeans have gone from europe to iraq, syria conflict zones. that's not a reflection of the much larger muslim community in europe. somewhere between 100, maybe 200 americans with us citizenship have gone to fight in the zones. it's still a relatively small number. the question also is, how much cooperation is there now going to be between authorities in the united states and europe? there's been lots of it around this terror activity recently, but efforts to get passenger information for travelers going into the conflict zones, coming back to europe, sharing that with americans has been a different slog for the americans on that. >> it has. john bussey a pause for breaking news, this just into the fox news room and here on the fox news deck. just gotten word that it has been decided, the supreme court
12:38 pm
will decide the issue of gay marriage for the united states in this term. the court will hear four same-sex marriages cases which are being combined into one case, and the justices are expected to i-a ruling by sometime in -- issue a ruling by sometime in june. however, this late in the term it's possible the arguments will be kicked to the next term which starts in october 2015 but the decision will come from the supreme court by june the first of june. the cases are out of kentucky michigan, ohio and tennessee among 14 states where gay and lesbian couples are restricted from marrying. the supreme court will decide this. this will ignite a lot. >> it will ask comes on the heels of a lot of states getting out in front on this, and legalizing gay marriage. so the supreme court is now going to review these steps and decide at a federal level on the gay marriage issue.
12:39 pm
>> it is not in every case but in most cases the same states which were fighting integration are fighting this as welch those states which always seem to be behind the curve for reasons which are explainable and understandable. those are the places where this is going to turn out to be the most difficult, especially if the supreme court stays with what has seemed to be a trend toward inclusion and a away from discrimination. >> yes. there's still disagreement on this issue within the american population. even though you have seen -- >> still disagreement on segregation. >> that, too. even though you see a much wider acceptance of it over the last 20 years. some driven by the business community, which was lobbied to have same-sex partner benefits in the company and as a result of that, a certain amount of acceptance occurred within the business community within the workplace, and that filtered out into society in general. so you have seen a really
12:40 pm
remarkable shift in public sentiment on the issue. >> these four case, although they fall along the same lines they have very distinct differses. the cases themselves. so by combining them, would that suggest the supreme court is going to establish the largest issue of whether telling people they can't get married because of the section marry planning to marry, whether that is discrimination that is unconstitutional. otherwise hard to combine. >> this is expeditious. you don't want to have a multitude of cases stretched out over a period in which you have a limited amount of time to consider a vast array of constitutional law issues. but it would suggest what you're describing week going to get a pronouncement from the supreme court that will give guidance to this issue. >> we'll take it up in this term but the thinking there is should be a decision by june. there is the possibility that because there's a lot going on in the supreme court at this moment, that it might get kicked to october of 2015 but it's
12:41 pm
coming from the supreme court. >> more on the massive navy bribery case. it centered around a guy known affectionately at leonard. prosecutors say the doled out a slew of gifts to navy officials, gifts including prostitutes, cuban cigars and trips and swords. the fat guy. coming up [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill.
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this is a stunner. following one of the biggest corruption case ever in the history of the u.s. navy. the story surrounds a military contractor who is now pleaded guilty to bribing scores of navy officers to the tune of millions of dollars, and the kind of prizes they got? hookers, top shelf alcohol and a lot more. this guy's name is leonard francis, and goes by the nickname fat leonard himself
12:45 pm
firm supplied fliers u.s. ships at aches ports for decade and prosecutors say he defrauded the navy tens of millions by overcharging. and bribes navy officials to cover its up. according too court documents prosecutors say fat leonard handed out gifts like fancy hotel stays, hundreds of thousands of dollars in prostitution services, spa treatments cuban cigars, fancy meals like kobe beef and spanish suckling pigs, computers and furniture, even ornamental swordses. five current and former navy officials have pleaded guilty to accepting bribes, and prosecutors say their investigation is just getting started. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. some surprising things to come out of this case, jen. >> well, shep, the most shocking is the extent of the corruption. nyis investigators have been watching fat leonard since 2002
12:46 pm
-- 2010, but he had bribed a senior agent that worked with the navy criminal investigative service and was able to stay ahead of the investigators. another female contractor specialist based in singapore for the navy for 20 years was given an unlimited travel expense account in exchange for serving as a mole for fat learn understands, allowing him to win millions in navy contracts. five navy officers have pled guilty, nooning them a captain who played guilty this week as part of a plea deal. two more navy officials are facing charges but that is just the tip of the iceberg. the captain gave classified u.s. military secrets about navy ship movements to fat leonard in exchange for prostitute and cash. in 2010 the captain urge the u.s. to send a ship to a port controlled by leonard. the navy secretary is setting up specialties plenary boards to
12:47 pm
pun specialties plenary boards. the justice department is looking into the case and bringing charges against the five officers that we mentioned. rear admiral don cutler issued the following statement quote, we're aware that the captain has needed guilty to one count of conspiracy to mitt bribery. naval -- to commit bribery. naval criminal investigation indicate service uncovered the activity and continues to cooperate with the justice department. the navy holds its person knoll -- its personnel to the highest standards. this is the largest corruption case in navy's history. >> thank you. >> a fox report now and more headlines. cops say they arrived four many behind a deadly crime spree in florida. investigators say it started with a pawn shop robbery and ended with the killing of a 17-year-old woman and her daughter happened last night south of orlando.
12:48 pm
no word on whether the victims knew the suspects. >> a federal judge says bp underestimated the amount of oil that gushed into the gulf of mexico almost five years ago but that the government overestimated it. an lists say the ruling means the company could pay $5 billion less in penalties than the feds first requested. and another surprise from the people's pope. he made an unscheduled stop to meet hundreds of kids who used to live on the streets in the philippines. the vatican reports he plans to visit the area where a few fortunate killed 6000 -- typhoon killed 6,000 people last year. >> advertisers are trying to profit from drivers based on data the cars collect, based on who is driving and how long you have been on the road. gerri willis will explain next. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading
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breaking news and a fox urgent. police in connecticut found a radio active device in a car they pulled eve. that's what cops tell the our station wtic. there's the location there in fairfield. in connecticut fairfield connecticut. pulled over what they called a suspicion vehicle with three guys inside. have the say the car's license plates didn't match the vehicle. and cops say they found this suspicious device and the fire department determined it was radio active. state police say the device was a soil density monitor. police say it should not have been in a passenger vehicle. the man in the car said it belongs to his brother. police took one person into custody, we don't know why. your car knows a lot about you. where you have been where you're going and now advertisers and tech companies want that information so they can push their products right on you. that's according to the reporting of the financial times a bmw marketing executive told the paper that companies come to bmw and say, give us all the
12:53 pm
data you have and we can tell you what we can do with it. he gave this example. sensors in some new cars can tell how long somebody has been driving or whether the passenger is an adult or a child. hopefully not too many children driving. let's say you're on a road trip with your family and drive by a mcdonald's, an advertiser can send you a message your kid might be hungry, stop at mcdonald's. the bmw executive says his company does not give out that data from inside your car. gerri willis is here: you have more information. >> this an edr an event dat recorder, a continuous loop, five seconds over and over again. >> can you just take that out in. >> no, i don't think so. i couldn't find it in the car if you gave me $500. i wouldn't be able to do that. one of our proud errs did it. i records a five-second loop how
12:54 pm
fast you're good marry this with bmw's connected drive the big console in the dash, and that's what you connect your phone to. they have the your location, speed, address book, mom's phone number, where you live and connects you to the cloud. everything about you. they know it. >> and bmw said, no, you can't have it, 0 are or that's what they're saying. >> that's what say say. you have to wonder how long can they hold up? it's not just the local pizza store that wants to get you. right? it's also insurers who want to know how fast you're driving, whether your mash on the brakes all the time, whether you're wearing your seatbelt or not, on and on. >> all of those things are none of their business. >> i would -- when you close the doors of that car, don't you expect privacy? don't you think that's your world? >> like the one place where it's like okay, here i am alone i can curse my boss if i want to. >> thank god. >> but i don't want to. depending on which boss.
12:55 pm
okay. >> you're in trouble now. >> i'm sure there's a meeting. it's friday, to the. >> probably have to work the weekend. >> i'll run out quickly. we're going to come back and take a final look at a weird week in the market and take a nod to this day in history, next from the fox news deck you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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the director of national intelligence james clappers, found out the hard way there's no such thing as a free lunch. he talked about a trip to north korea in november to free two americans locked up there. he said he enjoyed an elaborate 12-course feast hosted by king ongoing unbut he got stuck with the bill which he described as not exactly pleasant. the "washington post" newspaper reports u.s. officials did not disclose the exact amount the north koreans charge america's top spy. somewhere in the neighborhood of a million dollars. >> marijuana gores in washington say there's too much pot. demand was extremely high six
12:59 pm
months ago when the state's first legal pot shops opened. now state officials say those stores have sold only a fifth of their supply. one store manager calls the whole thing an economic nightmare. some growers say part of the problem is that people still buy bud from the bract market dealers or unregular letted medical dispensary tuesday in order to avoid paying taxes on the weed. sales of door riots to are strong -- doritos are strong. >> in 1919 prohibition started. the ban on booze took effect a year later. the federal agents got right to work destroying barrels of beer. of course americans did not stop drinking, jut got more creative. the mafia made millions from boot legging and speak easy, took 13 years for the country to come to its senses and repeal
1:00 pm
prohibition. wonder how much the mafia makes off weed? i don't know who makes the money off weed. they're making money on wall street. we were way down in the morning but -- >> we face a poisonous and fanatical ideology. >> we found people have been intentions to kill several policemen. >> this has metastasized and it is widespread. >> now we know this belgian thing, if these guys pulled it off, by compareson paris, a picnic. welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. perhaps the most chilling finding in that belgian bad guy bustup were all the police uniforms authorities found during the raid. lots of them. that means that part of this