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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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interesting read and educational, too. that's it for today. have a good week. right now, the aftermath of multiple gunshots fired near the home of vice president joe biden. i'm harris faulkner. the incident amid heightened security fears across europe and the globe. no known connection to any of that at this point. the secret service and local police are working to determine who fired the shots, and if anything was actually hit. agents say the gun fire came from a passing vehicle outside of their security perimeter. so you know, that perimeter is several hundred yards away from the biden's private home in delaware. we're told no one was hurt in this. the vice president and his wife were not home at the time t. oddly about 30 minutes after the
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shots were fired, police arrested a man who tried to drive past an officer at a check point set up after the shooting near the biden's home. county police say it appears that man was not involved in the shooting. we will learn more as time goes. peter, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: harris, i can tell you about this neighborhood. it's very quiet. it's very dark. and the biden place is very well protected. just up barley mill road there's a secret service guard shack. agents were standing there last night when they heard multiple gunshots. they saw someone speeding away in a car and the car took off, destination unknown. it all happened while the vice president and dr. biden were out to dinner last night. new castle county, delaware police quickly set up a perimeter and came across a
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suspicious person. now the new castle pd says while on scene officers contacted and detained a male subject. the individual was not charged in relation to the shooting. the secret service tells us that man was taken in to custody for resisting arrest. harris? >> what about the investigation right now? >> harris, so far investigators are trying to study the -- inspect the structure on the biden's property and see if there is any damage from bullet holes. as far as we know they have not found anything yet. they have interviewed the neighbors, but none of the neighbors offered anything that will help to crack this case. authorities at this point aren't sure the gun was aimed at the biden house which sits a few hundred yards away from the street. harris, as far as we know tonight, almost 24 hours after this happened, this shooter is still out there. >> peter thank you very much. the head of the senate intelligence committee says the u.s. could learn a lot from the
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terror attacks that rocked paris last week. north carolina senator richard burr says he expected an unbelievable amount of data from europe the next weeks and months that could protect people here. and in europe tight security remains in place across france and belgium as thousands of police and soldiers are keeping watch over possible terror targets and people there are turning their attention to possible changes in anti-terrorism laws across europe. >> the tv shows here are filled with debates about how to tweet terror legislation. and how france should move forward in the wake of the attacks here an also with the threat level being elevated how to keep france free but safe. in belgium, they are talking about tougher legislation as they continue to hunt for the leader of the cell that was planning a major terror attack on police and police headquarters. meanwhile, the week has seen
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dozens of terror suspects rounded up across europe and italy admitted it expelled nine suspected jihadists last month. the french president's approval rating has gone up 10% for the handling of the situation. the publication of "charlie hebdo" has engaged many muslims here and around the world. at the same time there have been attacks on muslim places of worship in france and complaints that islamphobia is on the rise in france. meanwhile muslims sing the french national anthem as they gather to condemn terror. the second of the two kouachi brothers, those are the brothers responsible for the attack on "charlie hebdo" was buried last
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night. like his brother in an unmarked grave in order to prevent the place from become a pilgrimage site for fanatics. >> thank you very much. our strongest ally until the middle east is announcing big news on terror. irlly officials say they have busted an islamic state terror cell close to carrying out an attack inside of israel. police say they arrested seven people who swore allegiance to isis. they were practicing on animals how to behead people. a situation we have been watching on the continent of africa. har haram took at least 30 hostages killing some of them. they are from nigeria but cameroon officials say boko haram went to their country to har get a village. it comes days after the
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president of chad announced he was deploying forces to support cameroon's army. boko haram suspected of another attack this weekend. someone set off a deadly bomb at a gas station inside of nigeria. during his state of the union speech planned for tuesday in primetime, president obama is set to unveil a new propose al for a huge tax increase. have you heard about it? it will hit the top 1% of income earners as well as large financial firms. the white house says the president plans to use that cash for a tax cut for the middle class. some congressional republicans dismissing the plan as dead on arrival and a marco rubio calls it outdated. >> the notion that first of all in order for someone to do better someone else has to do worse is not true. raising taxes on people who are successful will not make people struggling more successful. >> senator leaven says the president's plan cuts to the
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heart of a big problem, wage stagnation. he said the president's tax proposals focus where we need to creating an opportunity for middle-class families and those struggling to join the middle-class. break it down for us. i have heard the argument that this idea of getting the right hand to pay the left hand is old school and doesn't work. >> absolutely. basically, we are talking big taxes here. $320 billion in tax hikes. that means a lot 0 the economy. the hikes will raise $320 billion over a decade. tax increases often hurt the economy, especially if they are on job creators. also you mentioned the cap on
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high gains. it could hit wall street f. more gains are eaten up by taxes there's less incentive to put money at risk. the rate jumped from 15 to 23.8% during his tenure. eliminating a tax break on inheritances. where's this revenue go? to tax credits and new government programs. the money raised by tax increases does not cut the deficit or debt. many are calling it income redistribution more than reform of the tax code. >> a lot of things come to mind like the supreme court looking at obamacare and possibly wiping away subsidies. this could shore up up what that wiped away. republicans are saying this is dead on arrival. er there are some part that could draw bipartisan support. what would those be? >> big banks are a big target on
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both sides of the aisle. the plan was predicated on a much larger proposal that would lower the overall corporate income tax rate. no sign from the white house that it wants any cut in corporate taxes. >> interesting. tuesday it is. we'll be watching with. >> absolutely. >> good to see you. >> thank you. don't miss our coverage of the state of the union. it is tuesday night 8:55 eastern. to get set pop your corn and get there right here on fox. right now, ice storm, heavy rain, freezing temperatures, a deadly combination. dangerous conditions across america. what led to this incredible picture. man somehow survived a pileup after getting crunched between two tractor-trailers.
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enormous crowd, an estimated 6 million people are more gathered in rain today to see the pope in the philippines. the largest catholic population in asia. today was the final pan mass of his trip and he went off script. he's been doing that. here he is talking to a 12-year-old girl. we're told she lived on the streets until a church-run foundation helped her. that little one cried in th pope's arms and asked why children suffer so much. the catholic leader reportedly appeared moved. he said he had no answer for her but that only that when we are able to cry are we able to come close to responding to your question. he dedicated his final mass of
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the asia trip to children. >> we need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected. we need to care for our young people, not allowing them to be robbed of hope and condemned to the life on the streets. >> also today, the pope met with the father of the 27-year-old woman who died when strong winds blew over scaffolding. she was volunteering at the mass yesterday. the weather is causing dangerous conditions coast to coast. in philadelphia, multiple car pileups killed at least three people. one collision involved up to 50 vehicles. looking across the u.s., this is live radar, snow, freezing rain from the northeast to rain in the northwest. literally coast to coast. we are joined now from the west
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coast newsroom. will? >> reporter: good evening, the storms caused fatal accidents this weekend but some drivers are thankful to be alive tonight. look at these pictures from a massive pileup in oregon yesterday. oregon state patrol tells us when they arrived there was a sheet of ice along both sides of 84. 12 people were injured in this wreck one walked away with scratches. when you see this picture it is hard to believe. this is a caleb's truck completely sdes destroyed except the driver's seat. it is wedged like an accordian. you can see him looking at the camera man. amazingly he survived with only a cut above his eye. on the other side of the country a huge pileup in philadelphia involving 30 to 50 cars. it snarled traffic for hours. flash freezing created the conditions on 76. one person was killed in that crash and two others in a separate crash in that area.
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down south, north carolina saw black ice heading to the weekend. one driver says the dangerous conditions caught him by surprise. >> felt somebody hit us hard in the back. i didn't know who hit us. i had no idea until we stopped on the side of the road. >> it's not all doom and gloom. while other parts of the country were going through the freezing weather, southern california in particular that picture there the santa monica pier at 70 degree weather today. people were at the beach, playing volleyball going surfing and enjoying a pleasant january sunday in comparison to other parts of the country. >> why do you do that to i us? seriously? >> it is too easy. i mean, i was trying to be nice, if i wanted to be harsh on people, i was going to tell them i'm trying to go surfing after this. >> thanks. have a good one. thanks a lot, will.
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two people possibly looking to make a white house run. talking today at a tea party convention. dr. ben carson and texas next senator ted cruz. spoke to hundreds gathered at a seaside resort in south carolina. they focused on how conservatives can maximize their influence ahead of the 2016 presidential election.
4:21 pm
senator cruz says it begins with republicans standing up to the president on issues like immigration. watch. >> three months ago, a bunch of republicans were talking about executive amnesty, before the election. let me tell you what i'm urging every republican in washington let's answer the questions the same in january as we would have in october. >> south carolina's first in the south primary is set for february 20, 2016 after the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary. two kentucky teenagers suspected in a two-week crime spree across the south are now in police custody. officers say they found 18-year-old dalton hayes and 13-year-old cheyenne phillips asleep in a stolen car. it was parked behind an ihop in panama beach. we are joined live in new york
4:22 pm
in our newsroom. how did authorities finally get them? >> reporter: thanks to tips and help from the u.s. marshal's service, police tracked the couple to panama city beach, florida. officers spotted the stolen silver tundra in a parking lot. daalton on the hayes and high and phillips were sleeping inside. police surrounded the vehicle and arrested them without incident. police say the couple was getting by on cash that was found inside of the stolen truck from georgia. this were two loaded handguns inside, which had authorities worried as the couple was becoming more brazen in recent days. the associated press was told he was relieved the couple was sleeping. perhaps they would have ran again ending in a much different result. it spanned five states.
4:23 pm
the couple stole three vehicles burglarized a home caused thousands of dollars in property damage and forged checks. they should be extradited back to kentucky by the end of the week. 18-year-old hayes is scheduled in court tomorrow in florida. he faces multiple felony charges including burglary, criminal mischief, theft of vehicle and custodial interference for taking a minor from her parents. >> you and i were on earlier in the day and i said wow, she is only 13 and you said yeah that may not be how the law sees sdplit she is facing the same charges minus the custodial interference charge but she will face juvenile court. it is clear police believe she was an active accomplice in this. the couple had been dating three months. the 13-year-old convinced them all she was really 19. by the time hayes found out he was already in love.
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harris. >> thank you. clint eastwood's film "american sniper" is breaking the january box office record this weekend and shattering expectations. it brought in $90 million in three days more than double what analysts predicted. >> i'm state side. >> you're home? >> the oscar-nominated film stars bradley cooper as sharp shooter chris kyle. it is expected to make $105 million by the end of the holiday weekend. the previous record holder "avatar" made $68 million the opening weekend in 2010. new focus on the secret service and national security as a whole after gun fire near the home of vice president joe biden. his private residence in delaware. the fox news political insiders are joining me on home base. a pm pain reliever that dares to work
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you are watching the fox report. if you are just tuning in a top hezbollah official in lebanon is claiming an israeli air strike killed the son of a top military commander. the strike allegedly targeted two hezbollah vehicles, that's a terror group there in the syria golan heights region. israel has no comment on the strike. isis terrorists releasing
4:29 pm
200 refugees. they were reportedly captive for months. kurdish officials say it is because the captives were older and likely slowing them down. ukraine's president vows to gain control in eastern regions where troops battle pro-russian rebels. thousands marched in kiev to show solidarity for the victims killed in a bus hit by a shell. rebels denied responsibility for that attack. the secret service is investigating shots fired near vice president biden's home. this is where we start this hour. he and his wife were at the residence at time it happened. no one hurt. the security scare is getting a lot of attention because it doesn't happen in a vacuum. here's the con tek. much of the western world is hoon alert following the terror attacks in paris last week.
4:30 pm
the fox news political insiders are here. chime in while you tune in. you can tweet us. former pollster for president jimmy carter fox news contributor. joining us sans tie, very casual and you look good. gentlemen, good to have you. >> nothing happens without the context of what's going on in the world. here in new york city we were told last weekend high alert after the isis video was threatening our military and police and so on an haven't heard who could have done this near the residence of the vice president. the secret service now looked at because they have a huge task with our high-profile politicians. your thought. >> they have been under fire for
4:31 pm
in competencecompetence and bad behavior and changes in leadership and it's a shame. it used to be secret service was the gold standard of federal agencies that you had total faith in. but under this administration like everything else it has gone to hell in a hand basket. >> we should say it happened outside of the secret service perimeter. i talked to a navy s.e.a.l. who worked with the secret service on assignments and this is what he had to say. >> i'm sigh seeing a failure to stop things and access it before it happens. >> what jonathon gilliam was tell mega, the secret service is doing a great job at the things they are doing but no one should have had access to the road. with everything going on do you close off a public road? >> i think you do certain thing
4:32 pm
s. we don't really know what happened if it was shots or backfires or something, but it alarms everyone for the proper reason. that's a pretty quiet neighborhood the vice president lives in delaware. if it was gunshots and outside of the perimeter everyone's mind must go to what is going on in europe and these cells and wolves and people doing thicks. it's just another thing that -- to up the ante. at this point, i'm not prepared to jump and down until we know what it is. >> brilliant. doug, i want to talk politics with you. we have a lot going on in the world. one thing we are watching today is a ramp up in belgium, the terror sweeps looking for people attached to these cells. we are learning how many more sleeper cells could be in our country. >> we don't know the answer to that. i think it's more than zero.
4:33 pm
put it another way harris, i think there's ever reason to believe we are facing the same threats that came to a tragic reality in paris ten days ago or tlabts. there's a larger issue. the security around the world is in jeopardy. we are not safe from isis or al qaeda, anywhere still is hanging in the balance. syria has become a launching pad and breeding ground. we need a strategy. we don't have one. with the ramp up in anti-terrorist activities which we all support in europe we are seeing how substantial and es extensive the problem truly is. >> come on now, we need a strategy. the chief strategist for this type of thing is the secretary of state and he arrived a week late in paris this week. don't worry, he brought james taylor along to sing "you have
4:34 pm
got a friend" which was the most sophomoreic thing i have seen since i was a sophomore in mor high school. i think next thing he will go to with paul mccartney singing back in the ussr. >> the thing you had on there -- this thing in eastern ukraine rages on and on. have we heard the president talk about this thing? this is an an over invasion of a sovereign country. what are we going to do about it. >> you had rug leader lavrov. you have a boss with the palestinian authority, netanyahu, the prime minister. you had all of these leaders at that march in paris. it was more than just about wa was going on anti-terror in paris last sunday. you had opportunity to make, i don't know do they have sideline
4:35 pm
talks? >> yes of course they do. >> where was the leader's ship of the western world where was the leadership of the most important country absent. kerry was a week late. kerry should have been there. >> pat? >> well, at least he or biden the president should have been there. james taylor moment i thought it was a "saturday night live" skit when i saw it but it turns out to have been real. here's the problem. the president leadership. some polls show the number of people who believe our allies should do what we ask them to do has dropped from the end of 2010 from 65% to 39%. >> wow. >> most people don't know because they don't think our allies should do something. i think it is a reflection of how they know the president is not leading. when you release five hostages
4:36 pm
from gitmo. >> we don't call them hostages. >> prisoners. >> i'm sorry, terrorists. >> i'm sorry. i'm channelling obama or someone. our detainees, five of them. when off all of these crisis happening, the president will not use language. where every leader in the world including the jpgs president is talking about the islamic extremists hurting islam itself and the president won't have anything to do with this. in the movie "the last emperor," the tutor to the little emperor the child said words are important. they allow us to say wa we mean and mean what they say. the poot aes lack of words as well as the words i don't want
4:37 pm
to go here. i don't want to lead the world. i did what i did in syria because it was the at least i could do. this is not leadership and we need it. >> doug? >> i think pat state it very well. we do not have a global strategy to deal with terror, to strengthen our ties with our allies like turkey to stop the infusion of radicals to syria and around the world but to provide a little context, harris, the so-called separatists which is really the russian government, the airport in eastern ukraine, the separatists vowed back to take every bit of territory the ukrainian government reclaimed and the silence from our government has been deafening. look. we all want the best but
4:38 pm
candidly as we go to the state of the union, i don't think we need a series of propose ats but a strategy to deal with global terror strategy a strategy that is sadly lacking. >> from twitter. i know you wering joking about this. james taylor song should be changed to call my name and i will be there next week. >> i think these things are related. >> how so? >> because the opponents of america read weakness wherever they are. teheran reads it and is exploiting it by cheating on the agreement they are presently operating under. certainly the plo, hezbollah, all the of this stuff, they read america as wack and take advantage of it with very little penalty. >> previously, we were talking about the situation at joe biden's home. frank says let's not blame the
4:39 pm
secret service every time a shot is fired. give them a break. the delaware shoot wugz was off-site security. we don't know much more than it was outside of the secret perimeter. doug brought up the state of the union. we will move to that. the white house is getting creative to make sure more of you watch actually watch with it. the president's state of the union address. they want good ratings because they want people to see this. will the strategy work. we will tell you what they are doing. the fox news political insiders. post your comments on facebook and tweet us @harris faulkner and they will put the information up. we'll be right back. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing]
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the state of the union address on tuesday during primetime. that man calls for increasing taxes on america's highest earners. john, you are shaking your head at me. >> not at you, at him. >> the idea is to offset tax cuts for the middle class. that's how he will pay for the tax breaks. republicans are pushing it back dismissing it as a nonstarter. why are you shaking your head? >> he has a list of stuff he will throw out. none of it has a prayer of getting past the house or senate. he knows it. he doesn't care about it. it is to score political points. he will run around the country on our dime and bring this up and try to make it look like all republicans care about is the rich and won't raise taxes on the rich. how many times do we have to go over this? why don't we try to do something
4:44 pm
to make the country right rather than scoring political points. it applies to republicans too. we will get to that. they are screw canning around, too. >> your criticism is coming for the democrats. doug, is that fair? >> i think it is. for those who may have missed it the republicans won the midterm election overwhelmingly. when i worked for bill clinton, we recognized that reality and did a bipartisan budget deal with newt gingrich and the republicans. what i'm not hearing in terms of these presidential propose ales, whether it be community college the tax insen tives for the middle class or the tax increases on the rich, i don't hear a willingness to be bipartisan. i hear nothing about jobs and nothing about bipartisan tax reform. that's where we should be going and corporate tax reform as well as individual tax reform and it is as if the presidents
4:45 pm
ignoring reality of the midterm and not doing what can and has worked and gives him the chance to be successful ledgetively. >> i have to imagine you are not invited to many democratic dinners anymore. >> harris my invitations must be going astray somehow. i'm a little confused. >> are you getting them? >> oh, my mail mailbox is filled with them as you can imagine. i have to tell you, to what doug just said the president he couldn't wait two minutes to make sure that everyone knew as he told the democratic senators, the house leadership, that he was going to go after the republicans. that's his job. he is reading polls that shows that financial institutions, he's playing partly to 2016 and trying to play politics. not offering compromise or any of these things.
4:46 pm
it is all to have tack items and use it that way. the most important thing he's not doing is what will no be said. he will not stand off and lead off the speech as an american president should this president has been living in a bubble in another universe since november 6th. >> wow. couple things. >> truer words could not be said. >> the president's team is trying to reach out via you tube and some other ways on-line to try to get more people to watch. why do you think it is people are not -- i'm looking -- i'm not looking. >> the ratings have gone down. >> the rating have gone down but not so much that as people informed of what he is saying. what do you think it is. >> people tuned out obama and are bored. often a president by his sixth year whoever it is, there's a
4:47 pm
little time worness to it. i think he has over exposed himself and there's nothing new coming out of him. >> no one will watch the speech we are ready for an election. >> political insiders are ready for the election. >> this is way lame duck. douging? >> that's problem. we can get something done in the president and republicans argue in good faith. we could get a jobs program tax reform program, something akin to the community college program through. it could all be done but it won't be done and john was right at the beginning of the show to say the republicans are just as guilty as the president. neither side wants to recognize or will recognize reality and bargain in good faith. >> i'm going to get to facebook.
4:48 pm
one writes would like to see congress and the president work together. then i'm seeing some people saying, no, i don't watch. just rhetoric basically. >> go back to something doug said. >> hold on a second. when doug mentioned that president clinton worked with newt gingrich and bob dole the result was they compromised and passed it. all of their ratings went up. the economy got better. they all got re-elected. everybody won by working together. there's a lesson there that both sides today don't want to pay attention to. i don't think the republicans want to -- the republican leadership doesn't really want to work on some of these things either. we will get to that in a might be minute. there's all sorts of stuff going on an i'm amazed how easy they retreat to promises made to the
4:49 pm
america people. >> i made this comment last week. it is like the boys club. where are the women? you have carly and that's it. now you have a woman giving rebuttal. >> i think that is great. she is an attractive, brand new freshman senator. it is not a big deal but i'm glad she is doing it. >> the bigger issue is turmoil in the house and senate that the media is not talking about as much. number one the leadership told the members we are not ge going to repeal obamacare. they told them that on thursday and friday. we're not going to overturn the executive action on immigration even though we run the house and
4:50 pm
senate and the purse strings and money. the leadership has told the base screw you, we're not doing what we told you we were going to do. >> wow. >> that's the real story inside the gop, right, pat? real story inside the gop, right, pat. >> hold on one second. lisa ann mccarthy writes on twitter i can't wait to hear joanie. >> she is being used as -- they had a woman last year. she is a very attractive person. she's a woman. she's been a veteran and she knows how to -- >> let me stop there. do you realize that twice you have mentioned her appearance. are you sensitive to that. you said she's attractive. i'm just pointing it out. >> i said she's an attractive new candidate. i didn't mean person. i meant she was a new force. i didn't mean how she looked. >> okay. >> she won and she was one of the stars of election day but that does not cover what john is
4:51 pm
talking about. the poll i was associated with which we talked about a couple of weeks ago, the biggest issues were immigration, by the way in the fox poll obama's ratings have collapsed. >> i'll let you finish after the commercial break but you know i keep you guys honest. we'll be right back. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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pat i'm going to go back to you. you want to talk about some of the candidates getting in the race particularly on the gop side. your hautes. >> i want to talk about immigration and obamacare. those are the issues republicans that were elected have done. they are upset about it. this will not make it better. i thought the candidates we saw listed from cbs all the candidates whether you want them to run or not and many people
4:55 pm
didn't want them to run. the thing that was interesting to me was that the numbers among independents on that were the new candidates, the ben carsons scott walkers and rand pauls did better with independents. a lot of them didn't do well with republicans. >> all right -- >> harris there is one big piece of news in all of this which is that 10, 11, 12 candidates emerging it's the best possible news hilary clinton can get. if you have a republican field this divided and so many candidates who have such little good will, it basically makes hilary that much stronger. >> really, little good will? many of these guys are friends. mike huckabee called jeb bush a friend and he was asked well you said if jeb bush got in you might not run. >> none of them are friends. they may say they're friends but they want the big prize.
4:56 pm
they'll kill to get that thing. >> but you can be friends and still run. >> friendship -- >> oprah says you can't be friends with someone that wants what you have. >> if you want a friend, get a job. >> but handicap it for me. as you look at this field what do you see? >> this race is so alive so much earlier than in the past that with romney coming in and jeb and all i wouldn't be surprised six months from now there's another wave of somebody coming in the race that we rant talking about because these front runners are going to burn out. people will be sick of them and overexposure. we talk about so much so quickly. >> real quickly, bill clinton former president said that hilary may have a tough time running. give me your thoughts. you know the clintons. >> well hilary has 12 to 13
4:57 pm
months with tough turf in general. we can see somebody like scott walker coming in. ben carson emerging it's a volatile situation. >> and one that we will be watching. i'll see you tomorrow noon eastern for outnumbered. and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips
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ok, well, good talk callum in for megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." it's a brand new movie everybody's talking about. now it's been nominated for six welcome to hannity. it's a brand new movie everybody is talking about. now it's nominated for six oscars. we'll be focussing on the life of chris kyle and the blockbuster movie about his life, "american sniper". >> do you ever think that you might have seen things or done things over there that you wish you hadn't? >> that's not me no. >> what's not you? >> i just protecting my guys. they were trying to kill our soldiers and i'm willing to meet my creator and answer for every shot that i took.


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