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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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everybody. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. join us for state of the union coverage tomorrow night. kimberly in for greta. goes on the record. >> it's the real robin hood. president obama. many americans fearing from the start that president obama's ultimate goal was raising our taxes. remember joe the plumber in l.a.? he warned us all. and year after year the president trying. but now just when it looks like he could be a lame duck, surprise. president obama revealing plans for a new tax hike. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly gill foil in for greta van huston. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us live. ed lay it on us. >> reporter: well, kimberly, taxes will go up. capital gains tax, big banks
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will be hit with tax increases. the total is roughly $320 billion in the president's proposal tomorrow night at the state of the union hearing about it first today. what's interesting is what it will be used to pay for. what will actually come out of that. part of it is $60 billion for another plan the president will talk about tomorrow night so-called free community college. of course, it is not free because it will cost about $60 billion. that's part of the reason he is raising taxes. other bit is well over $100 billion for tax credits for working couples. $500 tax credit if you are a couple, both working that is making a total of $120,000 or less. if you're making between 120,000 a year and $210,000 a year, you will get a partial credit. not quite $500. a little bet less. the white house says look the bottom line here is that economy is recovering despite republican
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claims that president's plans over the six years would wreck the economy. it is coming around recovery. he has room to run and he will lay it out tonight. the flip side is remember what the president said before mid term elections where he said all of these policies are on the ballot and kimberly you know he lost that mid term election and republicans say he is divorced from reality here because he has a whole new dynamic. republicans running both houses of congress and they say the tax plans are dead on arrival. >> let's see what happens tomorrow night. interesting to watch here on the fox news channel. ed, thank you for that preview. >> great to see you. >> you as well. signaling they will block whatever they have to to block the plan the same plan the president has been promising for years. >> never trickled down from the wealthy few. prosperity has always come from the bottom up. >> this is redistribution, very very large. >> this robin hood. >> the money's got to come from
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somewhere. >> the white house says he will call for raising taxes on america's rich to offset tax cuts for middle class. >> the notion first of all that in order for some people to do better someone has to do worse, it's just not true. >> we're not just one good tax increase away from prosperity in the nation. there are entrepreneurs, small businessmen better off with more taxes and more government? no. >> and representative marcia blackburn joins us. thanks for being with us tonight and going on the record. >> sure. >> your thoughts and predictions for tomorrow night? >> listening to all of that, you know the president is trying to tune up his version of that old bj thomas somebody done somebody wrong song. and it is always somebody else's fault. somebody has it pay the american people are just not listening to it. they don't agree. >> don't you think it is about time people do stand up and say, listen, we don't want to send our hardworking, hard-earned
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dollars to d.c. to be abused and tossed around and not accounted for. >> you're exactly right kimberly. they don't want to send it to federal agencies that listen in on your phone calls snoop on your mail, an irs that is going to exact political retribution on conservative groups. than they turn around, the end of the day, they don't want to pay the military, just bureaucrats more. people are tired of it. government is overtaxed and people are overtaxed. government is overspent. we do have not a revenue problem. you know we brought in the most money ever, the most money ever, in 2014. $3 trillion in revenue. and what does this president does not understand is that you have to make certain you're lowering all of the rates getting more people into the process, paying taxes so you increase those revenues, and he still doesn't understand the best economic stimulus is a job. and that is what people want the
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focus to be. >> yeah well unfortunately he has a completely different idea of what should happen. seems to have a tone deaf ear to mid term election results. instead, business as usual. and he will put forward, you know, his politics and his policies despite the clear message from the american people. >> you're exactly right. and he is tone deaf. that is precisely what is happening. and they just think they can go ahead and start saying this. throw out all of these grandiose ideas. the american dream is not being dependent on the federal government for your health care, for your automobile for your college education. for your student loan on and on and on. the american dream is independence and being able to create that dream for yourself. and they don't want government taking more of their freedom. and then having to live the way government prescribed. and all of this college education and these other programs, i tell you, it is not
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selling well out here with my constituents. >> what would you like to see the republicans put forward to show that clearly there is a definitive choice that can be made for the economic future of this country? >> there are several things we can do precisely cutting discretionary spending. 1% across the board saves us $4 billion in one year. say that times ten. go to 5%. what you can do with cutting, getting here and reform all of the entitlementses beginning with medicaid. stabilize, social security and medicare which are trust funds. and then let's lower rates, not raise the rates. you know, look at what this does to seniors when you talk about raising cap gains. taxing investments that seniors have made building their nest egg. so that they can retire. the president does not understand. the federal government cannot get in here and control all of this. it makes things worse. it doesn't make things better.
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and what he's going to find is a congress that is going to say look, we are for reducing the size of the federal government. taxing people less. having government spend less. >> less regulation. >> that's right. a good formula to remember. less regulation plus less taxation plus less litigation always equalled more innovation and job creation. that's what the president ought to say tomorrow night. >> let's hope we can get this country back on track, and with some strong leadership like coming from yourself to help hardworking americans at home. thank you so much. >> good to be with us. >> so will republican lawmakers actually be able to stop the president's plan? or will he just go around congress again? joining us to figure it all out, our political panel, national reviews rich lowry and wall street junal editorial board. thanks for being with me tonight. this is great to get a preview on the address. what is the president going to
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say? what is he going to say that's different that shows he has ideas an innovation instead of squanderer with our tax dollars. >> he will say nothing that is new. it won't be a state of the union if he didn't propose new taxes. that's what he has done literally every state of the union. the proposals are going nowhere. if he raises revenue without congress approval, he will be impeached, but he won't do that. these are poll test proed pose yals that he will take on the road. because for him, the campaign never ends. even when he is not running for anything again and never will in his life. >> here is the deal. what we have seen so far is a hundred percent consistency over the six years. instead of the bend and snap, he is tax and spend president, right, harry? >> the irony is that president is trying to solve a problem of his own creation. what has tax and spending gotten the u.s. economy? 2% growth. stagnant wages. and low labor participation.
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people are dropping out of the work force. so when the american people hear the details of the tax plan this is what they have to keep in mind. if you tax something, you will get less of it. if you are taxing capitol gains you will get less investment. less risk taking. if you are taxing inheritance, that prevents people from eye accumulating wealth. >> it is like the shell game moving it around. >> that does not affect the basic incentives that american workers and businesses have to take risks and to invest. and as congresswoman blackburn just said, the best solution of this economy into our problems is economic growth. president doesn't understand that. he just wants to shift money around different pots. he doesn't want to lower the rates, flatten or lower the rates, make the tax code more transparent. that's the kind of reform that would create -- >> the fact is the tax code is biassed against saving and
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investment. it is called tax breaks for those things is correcting some what for that bias. but the fact is, mary is absolutely right on the economic analysis for this. but for the president, there is about more than economics. he doesn't just have the economic wrong. for him there is the justice. there was the 2008 debate pointed out to him by charlie gibson, if you cut. capital gains rate, the experience is you get more revenue. why would you want to raise it? he said i want it raise it as matter of fairness. this is a social justice initiative -- >> he practices social justice em nom iks. but that is never going to work. it is more of an apoll gist regarding the economy instead of going what we need to do to make jobs prosper. not tax businesses. to not overregulate or impose the health care system that's punitive and fights the idea of new job growth. >> but this is what less is all about. grand gesture.
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showing they are compassionate. has the war on poverty worked? has taxer worked? no. none of it worked. you in this deal, i agree with rich, it is dead under the water. >> all right. we've got something else for you too. we want to talk more about this. we have a second topic. talk about radical islam and the president's approach here critics are furious refusing to blame radical islam for the paris attack. even democrats, furious with him. >> i'm upset that president and the white house, whether today or yesterday or tomorrow, is not actually saying this is a war that the islamic extremists are posing against the united states and against the west. and we recognize who our enemy is. and come up with a strategy to defeat that enemy. >> now with the state of the union just over 24 hours away will president obama finally
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bring himself to announce the fight against radical islam. panel, i today ask this a lawyer you don't ask a question that you don't already know the answer to. so i think i got the memo on this one right? okay, what's -- >> they've gone through such verbal gymnastics to sigh this raise. it must be from on high coming from the president himself so the president himself so the last person saying is t is the president himself. >> right. josh is sweating and sweating. whoa, don't say those words read cals. >> this president ran for office as the anti-george w. bush. he can't admit that george w. bush was right. >> was right. >> we are o in a war on terror. all of the policies this president put in place failed. look at the state of the world today versus when he took over office. just geographically speaking.
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radical islam terror across the middle east. stretching from africa to ind nagsa and asia. he can't admit he is wrong. even if it is in the interest of the american people and our national secure it to do so. it is time for you to wake up. as rich said, this is a i goguy that needs to learn -- >> it feels like we are playing for the other team. this is a foreign policy apology, to redress the wrongs of the past. we don't want to offend anyone. instead of directly commenting and focussing on the evil we are dealing with we are worried about how it might look. >> right. it is very important to understand your enemy, right? hitler and stalin are both violent extremists. that's not all they were. hitler is a nazi. stalin is a communist and these folks are radical islamists. when they break into an office and gun people down for running cartoons of the prophet mohammed and then yell in the street they
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avenged the prophet, that is a clue about what their real motivation is. >> and without america leading the way on the war on terror, other countries will not do this. we are the ones with the greatest military on the face of the earth. we are the ones doing air strikes over isis locations in iraq and some areas of syria. without us leading the way who exactly will do it? and what will it take? another terror attack on american soil? >> unfortunately i think that's the key issue. >> we have our head in the sand when we won't say what's obvious. >> and look we are trying to put together cooperative agreement with all of the different countries to combat against radical islam and againster popper the problem is, when we won't even show up to support our allies, like in paris, what kind of message does that send? yet we criticize them because bewant them to put in more cash for the effort. >> what does he do after the
4:15 pm
"charlie hebdo" attack. he said, let's conduct a summit on violent extremism. i would laugh at that. this is the weakest president we have had in you are modern history in a time when we faced really the greatest threat to the -- >> and it is even worse than that. >> can we even have enough time to get in to that. >> and there really are no words. >> it was pathetic. it was like out of portlanda skit or something. and john kerry should be able to go and talk to the french of on his own. >> he is our very own frenchman. >> exactly. >> american time for breaking box office records, but that's not stopping filmmaker michael moore from slamming real american snipers. that's next. >> plus new claims that new england patriots cheated during last night's championship game. quarterback tom brady responds to the controversy coming up.
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if i can't see him, i can't shoot him. >> all these guys i know your name and they feel invincible up
4:20 pm
there. >> they're not. >> they are if they think they are. just keep banging on the long gun. >> the new movie "american sniper" shattering box office records but it is also being blasted by a hollywood a-lister liberal filmmaker michael moore slamming all-american snipers by tweeting my uncle killed by a sniper in world war ii. we were taught snipers were cowards, we will shoot you in the back. snipers aren't heros and invaders of the worst. >> scott so glad you're with us tonight while michael moore -- there is no end -- yeah no end to the ridiculous statements that he will make. give us your thoughts. >> i don't want to dignify his thoughts but it is a slap in the face to those out there. michael moore, it just shows a profound ignorance of both history and reality. starting from the revolutionary war with snipers that helped contribute to the winning of that as well as today where you
4:21 pm
have countless lives that have been saved in iraq and afghanistan by plen men who go forward. it is baffling to folks, like michael moore, how successful the movie is. but americans spreeshappreciate that. they respect folks who go forth and sacrifice and not know whether their friends will come home or whether they will come home, all to sacrifice for us. >> one interesting thing i thought, when chris was asked by bill o'reilly, that if he had any amount of regrets to the amount of people he killed, he said, yes, i regret, i regret not saving more lives. >> that is one of the most important things, is mike moore on his facebook sort of tried tie that with mlk's criminal murderous sniper. which is horrible. but you know, i serve with many great men, many great men, greater than me. but one of my proudest things is to have been able to step out into the field and try to help
4:22 pm
save american lives and that's why we're there. that's why snipers are there. this does give the opportunity talk to the american public on how important snipers are. every country has them. but in the end they are out there to protect american's coalition lives. that is meningococcal to be proud of. and i -- there are certainly kriejous stepping out there all of the dust and smells and fears. not knowing they will come home or not. and protecting those folks. i challenge michael moore to come with me, to come with me and see what snipers do and come with me and walk and talk to veterans who feel that snipers saved their lives or know they are providing cover for them. >> talk a little bit about the training that goes in soto that and what they have to do to make a psychological assessment to make sure you are up for this incredibly important possession when you go down range to serve. >> it is an incredible responsibility to be up there with the scope and over watching
4:23 pm
coalition troops performing doubties, whether checkpoints or reconnaissance and or movement and you're out there the training is very intense. have you highly qualified responsibility men and women that are out there that are protecting american lives. and it is an incredible responsibility and weight on their shoulders to make sure that the troops come home safely to families. >> a lot of long hours spent in training. you are out there by yourself. you have so many lives relying on you. as you point out, not just u.s. forces but coalition forces. our snipers dot incredible job of protecting large numbers of people from different countries to make sure that they make it home safe fighting for freedom. >> i tell you what a tragedy that michael lost his uncle in world war ii. but to be fair the united states didn't have a great sniper program back then. so before he snipes on twitter, he should get his history lesson
4:24 pm
down. perhaps if the united states add good sniper program back then, we could have had anti-sniper pro groom that could have potentially satisfied his uncle's life. like we have so many lives in afghanistan and iraq. >> you're right about that. thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you. have a wonderful night. >> and straight ahead, the hunt for suspects reportedly linked by dna to the paris terrorists. a live report next.
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breaking right now, the hunt for two terror suspects link bid dna to the paris gunmen. the terrorists are being tracked across europe pl thanks for being with us. > >. >> they were questioned over the weekend, based on dna found in the car based on the kosher market gunmen in paris as well as another set of dna found on a magazine from a gun. searching for other accomplices
4:29 pm
but it is difficult at this moment to get any more information than that as authorities are tight-lipped about the ongoing investigation. but europe remains on high alert. in belgium on sunday, the prosecutors asked for extradition of an individual obtained by greek authorities over possible links to the foiled plot to attack belgium police officers. now authorities again didn't say much other than they had enough reason to ask for that extradition. now belgium authorities carried out what they called anti-terror raids across the country. over the weekend which left two suspects killed and dozens detained. french and german authorities have done the same questioning bringing people in detaining them and carrying out various searches. now the german justice minister did tell a local newspaper that some 350 individuals are being investigated with impossible connectiones to the self proclaimed islamic state group. now because of the high alert,
4:30 pm
the governments of france and belgium did deport troops into the streets of major cities. i walked down the streets today. there is a visible presence of heavily armed soldiers guarding a government building, jewish institutions and embassies. also the head of the law enforcement agency said that further attacks could not be ruled out atpoint. and he said that possibly up to 5,000 people have traveled from you're europe to syria and might be radicalized. >> they have a great task ahead of them, going through data bases and tying up loose ends, identifying the whereabouts of those known to have traveled abroad to engage in jihad only to return to the homeland to create more chaos and terror attacks. i imagine this is a forensic rich environment they were dealing with in that market so they are probably going to be using video surveillance tieing this in with dna to make some positive identifications and catch people before they act again.
4:31 pm
>> that's right. the difficulty here in europe is the fact that there are open borders across several countries. >> true. >> so the european union is trying to find a unified solution. foreign ministers of europe met today, monday in brussels, and also attended by the secretary-general of the arab league because the europeans want to work with m majority of nations in order to find this response to the threat of militant extremism. so they are suggesting a new network of european security agents based abroad for instance to collect and share information. and possibly ramp up trying to curb radical islam on the internet or even preventing certain individuals from traveling if they are considered a threat. and previous plan that is to set up a passenger list to collect information of flights to and from europe. this will show by the european parliament because of privacy concerns, but it seems that debate might come up again. most suggestions are that
4:32 pm
europeans want to go back to improving intelligence sharing. >> well they will have to do that, and maybe perhaps put aside some concerns about privacy when there is this serious danger abroad, given the nature of the borders. and it makes a very easy get away for terror suspects. tesa, thank you. could any of the suspects under arrest in europe be tied to terror suspects here in our country. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine heritage joins with us the latest. good evening. >> reporter: thank you kimberly. a source telling fox news we can expect more arrests based on the exploitation of the electronics of the given suspects pick had up in france germany as well as belgium. not only the exploitation of the electronics so cell phone contact lists, also e-mails, but also this dna evidence. and we are told investigators are building what they call a link analysis chart. that's a way to map the network
4:33 pm
of contacts. and every time they pick up a new one they spread out or build out the network further and tonight known there is the possibility that they may have identified individuals in the united states already. thank you, kimberly. >> what is the possibility of the eu countries to know there is any kind of link tenuous or not, to get the step, the jump ahead, to protect our homeland? >> what we have heard consistently from u.s. intelligence officiales who have been reluctant to speak on the record because of the sensitivity of the matter is that u.s. government is giving everything possible about known suspects to our european counter parts. and sort of in that vein we could see arrests right into eastern europe including bulgaria as well as romania. but the question is always, you don't know what you don't know. for example, we heard from the former cia director leon panetta on another network that he felt that we were entering a new aggressive phase of terrorism. and intelligence sources have
4:34 pm
emphasized to me that this is a new period of command and control. and what that means is that operatives are identified given training and financing like we saw. but then the timing of the plot is left up to their own discretion which shows the three-year time gap and the actual launching of the plot. and that is why it is so difficult to thwart these plots at this point. >> you nailed it right there. it is a lack of predictability. there is no timetable and the directive is not given which gives the advantage to the terrorists. but i like what i'm hearing from you about the reciprocity of detail working with the eu. i think this is the best we've seen in terms of working together. >> good development. >> thank you so much. and police nab a so-called bonnie and clyde teens. why are the outlaws headed now? our panel will talk about that next. plus a terrifying close call
4:35 pm
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you know them from the movies, legendary outlawis bonnie and clyde. 18-year-old daltian heys and his 13-year-old girlfriend cheyenne phillips were arrested in panama beach, florida. they were found sleeping on the beach in the morning. they were on the run for two weeks after going on a multistate crime spree. accused of stealing cars cashing fake checks. hayes agreed to be extradited back to kentucky. what is next for the so-called bonnie and teens? joining us, ted williams and
4:40 pm
katie fang. great to be back together. ♪ reunited ♪ >> i heard you were dancing earlier. what is the deal with this bonnie and clyde duo? >> first of all, kimberly i got tell you they are lucky because. >> as we know they were alleged to have stolen two trucks in kentucky. left kentucky, and supposed to have been in south carolina, supposed to have been at wal-mart and possibly collection passed there. then stolen somebody's car in georgia, or truck, and as a result that person reported that with two firearms in the car. that led to a heightened sense of alert on the part of law enforcement. and all along they had been called bonnie and clyde. so the problem was, they are fortunate because when law enforcement caught up with them, they could very well have been a tragedy. so them being extradited back, i think it is one of the better things that can happen. i don't think that they are going to bring charges against
4:41 pm
some of the other stolen trucks or possibly stolen checks and other things in kentucky. >> katie how do you see it? crossing state lines crime spree, jufl juvenile one of tlem. so it gets complicated. >> the girl is 13 years old. she is looking at detention when she get back but not the kind of detention in junior high. i think she look at juvenile detention when she gets back. for her 18-year-old boyfriend, he found out she is 13. he took off with her crossed state lines. lord knows what charges will be end up being. but you burglarize, steel a car, and it has guns in it, you commit a life tell any in florida. it is serious. ted is right they are lucky things did not get out of hand when they were finally caught by law enforcement. but ultimately, they are both going to be looking at charges, in my opinion, because you don't shrug your shoulders at these type of offenses. >> ted should he bear more responsibility in a 13-year-old girl influenced, brings letter
4:42 pm
on the road with him. this is not a good thing. not only that he has a past criminal record. >> being the brilliant lawyer you are, you are absolutely right about something here. that is that because he's 18, in most jurisdictions it would contribute to the delinquentcy of a minor. co-face additional charges. but i have a feeling that now that he is extradited back or waved extradition back it kentucky that a lot of everything that will take place, specifically with the burglary and theft, will be in kentucky. >> okay. then what should happen to him? what is your take on this? given the nature of the crimes, fact that he was involving a minor, crossing the state lines. what do you think is appropriate as a law man? >> well, i think that there is no doubt about it, that if these -- if he is convicted of
4:43 pm
charges of burglary, that he is certainly looking at jail time here. it is highly unlikely that he will be put on probation. katie can address this. but i also believe that the juvenile is looking at juvenile detention in kentucky. >> hopefully they don't further spiral into a life of criminal recidivism. because this most certainly katie, real quick your thoughts is not a good start. >> let me tell you something. people are hitting up the 18-year-old boy pretty hard. but by all accounts, the girl saying she is 19 years poemd convincing him and his family she is 19 by cashing checks, bringing hill cigarettes and telling him she is pregnant and showing him an ultra sound that is not even hers. this girl is 13 but sounds like 13 going on 30. i would not necessarily think she is going to get off unscathed and ted is right. juvenile detention is an option for her. >> she better straighten it out.
4:44 pm
that is showing criminal sophistication at age 13. a pleasure. >> thanks. >> now to two packed passenger jets at a collision course on a major u.s. airport. planes narrowly hitting each other. and the fas investigating how they could have come so close to disaster. >> oh, we almost collided with some other plane. >> jetblue flight to austin cleared for take off and heading down the runway saturday night. caribbean airlines flight 526 just landed. air traffic control instructed the caribbean flight to stop before crossing the active runway but the pilot did not respond. and the caribbean airlines plane continued across the runway. luckily, the jetblue pilot saw the other plane crossing and despite their near takeoff speed, slammed on the brakes and brought the zwroet a screeching halt and just in time.
4:45 pm
jetblue passengers were jolted but relieved. >> heading full speed down the run by and the plane came to a screeching stop. >> when they said a collision would have been inevitable when we didn't brake, i was like what? >> thank goodness no one was hurt. the jetblue flight took off for austin three lours latehours later. still ahead nfl investigating whether the new england patriots deflated foot balls in last night's championship game. you will hear what quarterback tom brady has to say. that's next. impact wool exports from new zealand textile production in spain and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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controversy kicking up after the new england patriots crushing defeat of the indianapolis colts. the nfl now investigating claims that patriots intentionally deflated foot balls used in last night's afc championship game and this morning patriots
4:50 pm
quarterback tom brady laughing when asked about the accusation. >> you know the story i'm talking about? >> no, i don't. >> you if you were deflateing balls? >> i have no idea. >> do you get the sense you were able to grip the ball better than the colts last night. would you care to weigh in on that? >> i think i heard it all at this point. >> laughing humorous but i guess they think so. scott smith is joining us and sports director chip carter. thanks for being with me tonight. is this a laughing matter scott? >> well, you know, i think on its face, yes. if there's something that can prove that the paittriots cheated they deflated the balls, if there's proof of this, then absolutely not. it's a serious thing. but i suspect that the
4:51 pm
investigation will -- you have cameras all over the place. short of an admission by a ball boy or camera evidence, i don't see it going any other way than laughing it off. >> i'm wondering where this accusation came from. the balls are checked beforehand. >> they are checking it two hours before kickoff even starts. these things are under such tight lock and key there's no way anything could have happened. maybe during on the sidelines but both quarterbacks would be using the same set of footballs. it broke on twitter with a television station out of an indianapolis market saying he heard sources telling him that the balls were deflated. >> in the third quarter, a ball was switched out. why do you think that happened? what's the reason behind it? >> i think many people would assume that was because there was a report of maybe over the half of the ball feeling a little less inflated than it normally would. but they exchanged the ball and
4:52 pm
the paittriots still go on to score 28 points. clearly the effect of the game is really very little. we're talking about it would have to come down to a player or a ball boy getting their hands on the ball on the sideline and blatantly letting air out of the ball. i don't see that as something that could feasibly happen. if it did there's got to be video evidence of it. >> i want to get our money's worth here while i have you guys. super bowl predictions, what do you think? >> i'm going new england all the way. >> patriots, as a 49er fan i wanted the 49ers. >> maybe you have some love for the nfc west. i have to say the seahawks. if you watched sunday's game how can you not say all the mojo is on their side? >> let me tell you something, i'm still hurting from some seahawks beating of the 49 over the years.
4:53 pm
you can't count that qb out because he has the heart of a fighter and a winner to come back from behind like that. i'm excited about watching them. i'm sure you both are. thank you for being with me tonight. >> thank you. coming up, caught on camera a tractor-trailer slides on ice straight towards another car. you have to see how this turns out. it's coming up next, stay with me. in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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get ready to speed read the nurds. izy roads causing chaos and a close call on the new jersey turnpike caught on camera. the driver of a car stopped by other crashes on the highway suddenly coming face to face with death himself. a massive semitruck hitting an icy patch and sliding straight towards the car. the truck just barely missing
4:58 pm
the car and smashing through the guardrail instead. no one was seriously hurt. in maryland six people are missing after a four-alarm fire burns down a $9 million mansion. it took 85 firefighters nearly four hours to get the blaze under control. it's believed the missing people are all family members. and a new england patriots player being hailed a hero. defensive tackle vince wilfork came to the scene of a crash. he was on his way home from the game and saw an overturned car. he pulled the driver to safety. the driver was later charged with drunk driving. actress betty white turning 93 on saturday. the star getting a very special birthday surprise. her fellow cast members greeting her with a hula dancing flash mob. ♪
4:59 pm
happy birthday betty. and before we go tonight, we want to remember martin luther king jr., an american leader during the civil rights movement. today americans from coast to coast honoring dr. king from his hometown of atlanta to cities across america. there were marches and celebrations and tonight we all remember someone who changed america and changed it for the better. if you have a moment, thank dr. king for making this country a better place. i want to thank you for being with us tonight and please be sure to tune in again for "on the record" at 7:00 p.m. eastern. but before we go great news thanks to you our viewers, our fox news facebook page just passed 10 million likes. so if you haven't already liked us go to and click that thumbs up button. you can check out my fan page, spend some time with fox.
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up next the "the o'reilly factor." good night. it's on tonight. >> i would take your marginal rate back to what it was under bill clinton. go back to 39. you can afford that. >> president obama seeking more tax hikes on the well-off in business. also telling republicans not to mess around with iranian sanctions. we will discuss it. >> they were trying to kill our soldiers and i'm willing to meet my creator as for every shot i took. >> the usual suspects like michael moore throwing verbal grenades at "american sniper." tonight we'll tell you what's going on. what's the vibe like out here? what's the mood? >> depends on if you're on that side of


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