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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:56pm PST

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coverage and while you are watching the president's speech, make sure you join the conversation on twitter use #fox news chat. take a look at this. the white house tweeting this evening and the buzz is building. we will see you next time. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> my guest basketball great kareem abdul jabbar. rupert murdoch and bill o'reilly. >> cnn did not talk about my analysis of mr. abdul jabbar's contention that muslims should not be part of the terrorist discussion. also kareem is dodging us. tonight, we'll have an update. >> i was disturbed by the movie. i sat there in the movie theater with my wife over the weekend and thought this just underscores how many lives we have ruined. >> lives we ruined. that's what the left wing thinks about the american sniper movie. we'll continue our reporting this evening and show you my interview with the actual sniper chris kyle. >> after five years of grit
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and determined effort, the united states is better positioned for the 21st century than any other nation on earth. >> also ahead, the state of the union address, we'll talk about it with senator marco rubio and john stossel who thinks it's a lot of propaganda. >> the founders had it right. leave people free. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, bill o'reilly. thanks for watching tonight. tonight in just about an hour, president obama will deliver the state of the union anumber 6 for him. new poll by pew says that fighting terrorism is now top priority. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, we believe the obama administration does not have an overall strategy to defeat the jihad. and things are getting worse
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overseas. in addition to the pairs massacre reports are isis executed 13 young boys shot them to death for watching a soccer game last week. that took place in mosul iraq, which used to be be controlled by americans. also isis apparently threw two men suspected of homosexuality off a building, killing them. in addition isis is threatening two japanese hostages with death. and the hits just keep on coming. no question jihad youists continue to wreak havoc all over the world. no coordinated strategy to stop them. president obama will not use the words islamic terrorism. enter kareem abdul jabbar who does not want his religion islam limpinged with terrorism. he believes the i didn't hadzists have perverted islam, thus religion should not enter into the equation. the basketball legend is not alone. that's the opinion of many on the left including president obama. here is what i said about
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mr. abdul jabbar last week. >> he wants americans to understand that islam is not the problem, vicious individuals who have perverted the religion are the problem. i believe that is what president obama believes. as well. but that theory has some major problems. first of all, muslim theocracies like iran and saudi arabia routinely commit atrocities like islam. using the name of allah to justify them. just this week a blog his or her criticized islam in a small way was given 50 lashes by the saudi government. so the problems in the muslim world are not just caused by individuals. they run much deeper than that. >> talking points believes there is a fundamental misreading of islam throughout the world. some americans think all muslims support violence because the koran justifies it that's false. most muslims are not violent
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people. but, at the same time, there is a strain of islam that is destructive to the world and it's not just a few terrorists. it's millions of muslims who follow the teachings of extremist clerics including the mullahs who rule iran. watch what happened after the satirical french newspaper charlie hebdo ran another cover featuring mohammed this time lamenting the massacre. >>
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[gunfire] >> at least 10 people were killed. 45 churches torched in niger alone. again, national violence is plaguing the entire islamic community. no matter how much evidence you present the liberal media here in the u.s.a. and good people like kareem abdul jabbar will not accept the premise. >> i can't be responsible for someone who i don't control. and that, to me, is the issue. i teach my children and i try to practice peace and co-existence and that is my duty as a muslim. now, i can't go and make other people behave rationally. up to them. it's up to law enforcement to deal with people who resort to criminal acts mr. abdul jabbar's
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appearance on cnn was very interesting. we invited him on the factor. he declined choosing to go to a soft venue. the cnn anchor did not challenge him and after a promotion saying she would ask him about me she did not do so. that was probably wise. only reason i am mentioning kareem abdul jabbar is case. i believe is he desperately wrong. i am trying to convert him into seeing the danger that's apparent. because muslim nation also not confront the jihad. if every good muslim united against the bad muslims the problem would be solved. that's not happening. it is left to nonbelievers to confront and defeat the jihad. the leader of the effort should be president obama because thousands of americans have been killed by the jihadists. but the president is not leading. he is tentative in the face of islamic atrocities. does not even want to define them clearly. the american people know. this and now 76% of them
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rate terrorism as the number one problem facing america. according to pew. so it will be interesting to see if barack obama even mentions the jihad in his address tonight. i don't think he is going to because he ratherly uses the word jihad. talking points doesn't expect clarity or new solutions to this extremely vexing problem. this has been a 14 year horror odyssey. we spent trillions and lost military people and still terrorist remain jihad remains a terrible problem. if we do not confront the savagery. sanctuary and encouragement in places like iran, pakistan, libya, and somalia, just to maim a few countries. truth is president obama is looking away from the issue. but even president bush who sought to confront it could not defeat it the next president of the united
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states, whoever he or she is will really inherit a problem of monumental proportions. it is about islam because that's where the solution lies. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction from monica crowley and kirsten powers. later, senator marco rubio and john stossel on the state of the union. the factor is coming right back.
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continuing with the lead story fighting the jihad. are we being protected enough by our government. joining us from washington kirsten powers and here from new york monica crowley. do you have a strategy, monica. >> i can't say i have all the answers because this is very complicated war. but i do know this that this is world war iii and we have been fighting this war a n. a very half ass way bill. i think in addition to the military component which has been sort of halfway in terms of bombing isis into the use of drones, president
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emptying out guantanamo bay every chance he gets, the military component is important but it's in the sufficient. what's been missing and this includes the bush administration, is the ideological component here. we have not been honest about the nature of the threat either to the the american people or to the enemy. and that has really crippled. >> what the snarst threat? i defined it as millions but not most. there are more than a billion muslims on the planet. i don't believe most of them support the jihad but enough do so that it is a -- we can't kill them all. we just can't. so, how do you deal with those people? >> well, when you you take a look at islam, jihad is considered the 50 pillar of islam. highest duty for a muslim. does that mean every muslim goes and kills the infidel. obviously not. what we need to understand in the islam the world is guide divided into camps. house of islam and house of war. this is not house of people we want to get along with and peace and harmony.
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it's house of war. and that goes. >> do you believe most muslims want violent jihad. >> i would say this do most muslims act out violently no? we are talking about something that goes to the heart of the the koran and heart of the faith. does everyone act out this way? no. it doesn't matter what they think it's the islamist running the show in the islam world and runs grown of jihad. you to care what they think. >> you can't do anything about them other than kill them. you are not going to convert them by reason. what do you say, kirsten? do you have any solution to this or are we wrong in defining it this way? >> well, one of the problems is that most of the victims of these radical islamists are muslims. the idea that they somehow muslims don't care about this or that they somehow endorse it i just think is completely wrong. >> where is the demonstration that they're against it? >> what do you mean by demonstration? >> where is the public outcry, the million man march, the alliance with the u.s.a. and nato, where is
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it? going on for 14 years we haven't seen any of that. >> you are mixing everything up, of course, because there are the governments who a lot of them are oppressive governments like saudi arabia who frankly doesn't behave much differently than isis. they behead people. so, you know, we think it's really awful when isis does it. i think that. but then for some reason we have an ally who also does it. >> we are lumping them. in we are not saying good things about the kingdom of saud. i'm not distorting it. there has not been. you just said jihadists are killing muslims. other muslims. that's absolutely true. okay. that muslims are the victims. and i think that's true as well. but you have not in 14 years seen a mass demonstration or any muslim nation. >> they are supposed to do a mass demonstration about the fact that they are being murdered? >> yeah, yeah they are. >> i'm sorry, i guess in iraq they are too busy fighting for their lives to actually organize a demonstration. >> they ran away from isis. >> why don't they do a social media campaign.
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>> wait a minute powers, do you not know. >> they are being murdered. >> powers, do you not know the iraqi army dropped their weapons and ran away in the face of identifies sis? do you not know that? >> i actually know about it i have written about it if you read my columns you would know that but the point is that has nothing to do with the civilians who are killed. >> has nothing to do with it. the iraqi army wouldn't fight the terrorists. >> you will not let me finish a sentence. >> no, because you are babble bling. >> i am not babble bling. >> you are babbling. >> let's get over to monica now. >> this is the problem that i have with the left and that includes ms. powers. this is the problem. you present evidence. the iraqi army made up all of muslims ran away from the terrorists. >> because they don't want to get killed. >> it's an army. you are supposed to be fighting for your freedom. they ran away. >> that's not the point. the point is you are trying to portray them as sympathizer hes. they are running away.
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>> cowards not sympathizers. >> that's a different thing than i was saying. >> won't fight to protect other muslims. >> i want to also address this idea that we need more military intervention which you both believe. >> no, i don't. i didn't say anything about military intervention. >> you love the drones. you love blowing up the people with the drones and then creating more terrorists. all of our invasions. >> creating more terrorists. how you can create any more there is millions of people. >> invaded iraq. and then we safe haven in libya. >> what would hear from tris citizen the burden is on us. we create the terrorists. >> we create the terrorists? >> the burden should be on the muslim world to clean up their own house and own ideology. >> they're not going to do it. >> that's right. and. >> therefore the problem is insurmountable. >> look. a lot of this is deeply held beliefs. they believe this is the word of allah and there is no negotiation to be had. >> so it's hopeless?
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>> >> in terms of the i didn'ties. >> we have dill them because the muslims aren't going to kill them. >> we have stop up that's exactly right. >> you are agreeing with powers that i'm not calling for military intervention. i don't think we can do it. all right? it has to be a worldwide can't be just america. >> we should have allies like france. because look, we need to understand this is a global movement to -- this is about global domination of islam. saudi arabia to iran which is trying to get a nuclear weapon in order to make it happen to isis to it al qaeda. to the muslim brotherhood, bill. this is a. >> this is a bad getting worse situation. >> ideological so it can't be defeated by military options? convince some of those nations by economic means to help us. if we don't, there is no solution to this at all. ladies, directly ahead, senator marco rubio may be
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impact segment tonight, president obama's state of the union coming up shortly, a new poll by pew research center says defending the country from terrorism strengthening the economy. and improving the educational system are the top three things americans want done. joining us from washington senator marco rubio, author of the new book, american dreams restoring economic opportunity for everyone. wow. that's some title senator if you can defeat the jihad
5:22 pm
and restore a vibrant economy, you will be president. what say you? >> well, first of all, i agree, you can't be prosperous unless you are safe. one of the problems i have with this administration and a lot of people involved in this effort is that they think radical jihadists are not happy because we did something. this is their way to force us out of the middle easter seek revenge. they don't understandth nature of radical jihad they want the whole world under the flag of radical islam. they view the only legitimate source of authority in the world is radical islam. their version of radical islam. they are prepared to defend it by using very violent methods. that's what we are at war against here. >> okay. but the president clearly does not want to make this world war iii as it has been referred to here. clearly does not want to throw down the gauntlet against the quote, unquote muslim jihad. he simply doesn't want to do it. is he much more interested in social justice. reforming in his view the
5:23 pm
economic system here, income redescrixz. redistribution. jozwiak him changing that in the next two years, do you. >> i hope he will. if you don't understand the true nature of what you are fighting against you can't effectively fight against it this is as much a battle within islam as it is from islam. within islam, those who are out there saying that they are moderate islamists or moderate believers in islam who do not believe in violence they, of course, have to step forward. they are fighting for the future of their own faith. >> they haven't in 14 years. >> that's a problem. >> but they won't. >> we have an obligation to defend our people by understanding the true nature of what we are up against. it's the same problem with iran. iran doesn't view itself. the iranian leadership does not view itself as a country. they view themselves as a cause. made clear that the supreme leader doesn't consider himself to be the leader of iran. he considers himself to be the leader of the world and of all muslims in the world and they believe that they have a mission and an obligation to make everyone either a believer inherent to radical islam or they have to die.
5:24 pm
>> you know sheet a. >> very serious threat. >> is he a she a leader. he would wipe out the sunnies, the mullahs in iran. you are absolutely right that it is but i don't think there is any way on earth that the united states can compel these nations, these muslim nations to help us and to police their own without economic pressure. i mean, you have to cut this stuff off to pakistan. how outrageous is it we are sending a billion dollars over to that country. come on. >> it is outrageous that he is still in prison. by the way the difference between she a and sunni they both had violent adherence. sunni apocalyptic showdown. they believe that will issue everywhere in the 13th imam you listen to their speeches very clear about that that's iranian risk. everyone has to be a muslim one day. that is their stated goal. they are willing to kill people to make that happen. >> if we don't rise up and fight it i don't think we can defeat it because we can't kill them all. >> let's get to the economy.
5:25 pm
this is what everybody says. president obama wants to tax the rich even more. is he going to say that tonight. not going to get through it's symbolic gesture. how could you economy. >> people read on the news about how the economy is doing better. they are not feeling it they are stuck between low wages and high prices and they are frustrated and the american dream is slipping out of reach for them. three things we have to do. begins by understanding what we have here is ♪ a cyclical downturn a radical restructuring of the essence of the economy. number one win the global competition for investment innovation. make merge better place to create jobs. give people 21st century skills so they can fill those thigh higher paying jobs. pro-family tax code. repeal and replace obamacare with something that's cheaper and provides better care and better quality and help people with the burdens of student loans thousands of students now have thousands of dollars in student loans. >> would you forgive those loans? >> no, it's not about forgiving them. >> free tuition to community
5:26 pm
colleges. >> i want everybody to get a higher education. doesn't have to be a community college. getting a degree no s. no longer enough a right degree. some people should be in vocational training so they can graduate high school and ready to go to work. >> give them that education? i have got 30 seconds. do you give it to them. >> we do now is my point. the reason why most people do not access community colleges is not the price. it's because they don't see where an aa degree leads them to anything that's going to lead to a job. we need to provide degrees that are meaningful. that help people with the skills they need and are relevant for a job in today wants economy. >> all senator. we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. i will replay our interview with chris kyle because he is being attacked by pinheads. bernie goldberg on the left wing medial definiting the singer beyonce. ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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let's get to our pal john. tonight we'll get his own state of the union address on our sister channel fox business network at 1:00 eastern time. what will you say. >> i'll say what the president is about to say now, which is that voters, i heard you in november. i overreached. >> he's not going to say that. >> we can hope, can't we? >> come on stossel. >> let's talk about raising taxes. we're already spending $3.5 trillion. we have a spending problem. >> we don't have a spending problem, because everybody in the country isn't at an even level now. that's what the goal is in the redistribution world.
5:31 pm
>> as if it works. >> of course it doesn't work. but what difference does that make. it sounds good to the voting public to reelect another democrat in the white house in 2016, that's what it's all about. >> and he will offer what he's offered in previous speeches, free stuff. free community college. free obama phone. free time off from your work. they call that workplace flexibility. but it's really employer inflexibility so they're less likely to hire people. >> but you are such a mean guy and you have no compassion. because people need time off from work when they have a baby when they're not feeling well and they should be punished for it. i believe in some workers' rights. we're both in a union stossel and i. you're in s.a.g.? >> after. >> after it changed to s.a.g. >> we don't get anything. >> we don't get anything but i like the concept of at least some standards for work.
5:32 pm
>> imposed standards. instead of letting the worker and employer make their own decisions. >> sometimes they're not fair -- >> then don't work for those employs. the good employer will get the good employees and do better. >> the market sorts this stuff out sometimes. some people don't have education and they don't have a lot of other options like you and i have. so i think that there's a middle ground. but i believe that you're right in the sense that president obama knows he's not going to get any of this entitlement stuff passed. and he lost. all right? if the country wanted it they would have elected more democrats. they don't want it. because they see the danger, and the constriction in the economy. and nobody can earn any money in their paycheck because there's not enough jobs. but he's going to paint this rosy picture and all that. are you actually going to watch what he says? >> yes. we watch. so you don't have to. >> you will watch? >> will you watch with an open mind? will you be the cynical stossel we know and love? >> i wasn't so cynical when i
5:33 pm
first heard him speak. >> you voted for him the first time around. >> i voted for him in the primary when he ran against hillary, which i thought was scarier. but not in the presidential election. >> oh, okay. what is it about barack obama's vision of social justice that doesn't jive with your political belief system? >> that his vision is what you're saying that could be done in a small way, that government can impose it from above. and -- >> fairness. impose fairness. >> impose fairness. and my argument is, you've got to treat everybody equally no discrimination, based on race, sex, and so forth you need to leave people alone and free people left alone prosper. >> okay. so you are for the bill of rights, so everybody has an opportunity. and if somebody's denied a job because of their race or skin color or whatever, the government comes in and punishes. otherwise let the free market dictate, that's your philosophy. >> and when it does people
5:34 pm
invent things. and it's free people, not government, that makes our lives better. >> do you believe that barack obama is himself as a man a true believer or a politician just trying to maintain some power base? >> i don't know. he's a smart guy. he has to know things like the minimum wage don't -- will not help poor people. but he pushes it and talks as if it will. >> he defines the minimum wage poorly. the minimum wage should be raised to get people -- to encourage people to get into the workplace. all right? >> it just keeps -- >> get them away from the welfare dependency. >> keep teenagers out of the workplace when you set minimums. >> mcdonald's need the burger flippers. >> he may not show up. but if i'm allowed to price the way i want to, he'll be there. >> i think barack obama is a true believer. michelle has a tremendous amount of influence on him
5:35 pm
ideologically, do believe it's an unfair country and they'll do everything they can in the next two years in the last six to make that not happen. >> what they do won't help. it will make it worse if it's true government. >> all right. it's already made it worse, i think, economically. we should have been out of this recession three years ago. >> slowest in 70 years. >> absolutely. john stossel giving his address on fox business network at 11:00. bernie goldberg on criticizing the singer beyonce. better not do that. my interview with the american sniper, the late chris kyle, as millions of americans flock to see the film. moments away. how could a luminous protein in jellyfish impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 85% of our mutual funds
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stay with us. i'm bill o'reilly. suing fox news, and defending beyonce. last night on the factor, mike huckabee talked about how some of beyonce's videos might not be very good for impressionable young girls who idolize her. the left wing media has gone nuts. governor huckabee visited jon stewart. >> you have this idea of the hollywood culture. an example, you sort of use
5:40 pm
jay-z and beyonce as an example of that. you use that as sort of a per messiveness that you think is not great for our children. is that correct? >> the thing that disturbs me, let's say about when you see beyonce, who is a role model to young girls. do you know any parent who has a daughter that says honey, if you make really good grades, some day when you're 12 or 13 we'll get you your own stripper pole? come on, jon. we don't do that in our culture. >> diminishing beyonce that is truly outrageous. >> stewart does not want you to say anything bad about beyonce. joining us from miami to explain why. bernie goldberg. what is this madness? when i first did this -- my analysis, before governor huckabee's book, i was surprised of the attacks, even last night from the left-wing websites o'reilly and huckabee's obsession with beyonce like we care about her. i care about the young girls who
5:41 pm
may imitate her, and in the process hurt themselves. what is this madness? >> well, let me lead up to it this way. first, let's acknowledge that social conservatives have a history of at times going overboard and being too prudish. they thought rock 'n roll was going to corrupt america's youth. they thought elvis shaking his pelvis was going to corrupt kids. so i think it's important to note that at times, they do see demons where there are not and they go too far. now we have beyonce. i'm not saying at all that her lyrics or her videos are going to corrupt young girls. but there's no question that she influences young girls, especially young black girls. so when she sings, and feel free to bleep any of this when she sipgs, he popped all my buttons ripped my blouse monica
5:42 pm
lewinsky'd all over my gown. liberals should care if 10-year-olds hear stuff like that. because young girls, whether they're 10 or 12 or 14, or 8, they're not adult women. i'm not a prude. i don't care what adult women listen to, or what they watch, but young girls aren't adult women. but here's the problem and here's the answer to your question, bill. liberals would rather drink draino and walk on broken glass than come off as uncool or square or prudish, especially when it's about sex. so they won't align themselves with social conservatives, even when social conservatives have a legitimate point, and the fact that beyonce is black is not irrelevant either. >> how is that relevant though? if she is -- like i went after eminem early on because i just think he's vial and the after ludacris, both of whom put out stuff that was -- you know you think the liberal community would resent the gay bashing and
5:43 pm
women bashing physical bashing of the women. you think they would. they didn't. so i had to. all right? and now ludacris and eminem were about the same. eminem's white ludacris is black. the reaction was about the same. but the black woman then it gets into another zone you're saying? >> i think so. because liberals see themselves as the protectors of black people. but let me give you a couple of examples of what you just talked about. let's say -- let's imagine even though it's hard for me to imagine, that a conservative entertainer were singing songs about monica lewinsky'ing on somebody's pants or gown or whatever it is. i guarantee you liberals in america would complain about that. they just don't complain when it's one of their people doing it.
5:44 pm
because they can't bring themselves to even appear to be on the same page, or allies. >> i understand. it's ideological, especially if it's stewart. i know stewart understands the point that i'm making and huckabee is making. i know he understands that point. >> that's an important point. >> right. >> even when they understand it, even when they privately say, i don't want my daughter hearing this stuff. >> right. >> they won't say it out loud. >> no. >> because that's giving ammunition. >> and it's not cool. >> to you and huckabee and christian conservatives. one other thing very quickly. barack obama has publicly said that he's embarrassed to be in the same room to listening to beyonce with his daughters. okay? but that's a typically liberal position. he doesn't go on to the next step, which is why is he totally embarrassed? because he doesn't want to hear lyrics about how the guy monica lewinsky'd on the girl's dress.
5:45 pm
that's what he doesn't want to hear. if he doesn't want to hear it in the same time and same place with his daughters shouldn't he wonder, bill, if it's okay for his daughters to hear it? and if it's okay for 14-year-olds and 15-year-olds, what about 10-year-olds? what about 8-year-olds? do liberals draw a line anyplace when it comes to this stuff? >> all right. we've got a minute. the mayor of paris and hidalgo saying they're going to sue fox news for the no-go zones in paris. they're dominated by muslims. and police hesitated to go in there. at least that has been the reportage in some places. i didn't have anything to do with this. but i will point out that the mayor is a socialist. that fox news isn't even seen in france, because they block it. so this is just an attention-getter. another playing to the left, that's what this is. suit's going nowhere. it's ridiculous. >> i don't know what the laws
5:46 pm
are in france. if this were in america, it would be called a frivolous lawsuit. because a city -- anybody can sue anybody, but a city can't win a lawsuit because it's been insulted. >> right. but we didn't even insult it. >> well somebody did. however, if any news organization has to apologize as many times as fox has over this one issue -- >> that wasn't even the issue. it was a birmingham england, thing. it was a different issue there. and it was an emmerson play. who doesn't work for fox news. it was a commentator who they put on. bernie goldberg, his reminder about our mass as hell segment will be on friday. if you're peeved, please write us at fox mad as hell@fox my interview with the late chris kyle. controversy surrounding the film. right back with that.
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attacking the american sniper, as we reported last night. some despised the film because it portrays al qaeda as evil and the american military as largely good. the movie is based on the book american sniper written by the late chris kyle the most lethal sniper in american history. i spoke with mr. kyle three years ago when the book came out. i read your book. i recommend it for my audience. you are credited with 150 certified kills, which means you as a sniper took out 150 guys and somebody else saw it witnessed it. so you are the most lethal sniper in u.s. history. and you have the medals to prove it. five bronze stars, two silver stars, and all of that.
5:51 pm
what struck me in the book, though, is you considered the people you were killing the iraqis you were killing quote unquote, savages. >> the people i was killing, not just iraqis. >> why did you consider the enemy safvages? >> from their actions. the way they lived day to day, the violence they commit on american troops. the beheadings the rape of innocent villagers and townspeople, just to intimidate them. they lived by putting fear into other people's hearts. and civilized people just don't act that way. >> i got a military age male on my cell phone watching the convoy over. >> reporting troop movement. you have a green light. your call, over. >> you were so effective in iraq, they put $20,000 on your head if one of them had killed you, they would have been paid $20,000.
5:52 pm
do you believe that they considered you a savage? >> i'm sure they did. honestly, i don't know. and i ril i don't care. >> i just want to get the bad guy. if i can't see him i can't shoot him. >> they feel invincible with you up there. >> they are if they think they are. >> so you were committed to killing these people because you in your heart believe that they deserved to die. >> i wasn't so much committed to killing them, as i was -- i'm committed to making sure every service member that was over there, whether american or allied, came home. >> but as a sniper your job is to kill them not wound them not arrest them, you have to have a certain mentality to be a sniper. you're killing them. >> i'm killing them to protect my fellow americans. >> and you liked it. you liked that job. in the book that -- you know your wife didn't want you to do it, she wanted you to stay home. you went back -- how many times
5:53 pm
did you go back is this. >> four times. >> four times. you liked killing these guys. did you ever figure that out? >> well, i mean, it's not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. that's not a problem at all. >> chris kyle? >> yes sir. >> my name is matt. we met in fallujah. you saved my life. >> i did? >> my family thanks you for your service. >> do you ever now looking back, have any regrets at all about anything that you did? >> yes i do. that's the people i couldn't save. >> the americans you couldn't save the allyied forces? >> the americans, iraqis, anyone i wouldn't wish violence coming down on them, and i could not save them. >> that's your regret? >> yes sir. >> you don't have post-traumatic stress or anything like that, that you killed so many human beings, that doesn't come back at you? >> none of my problems come from
5:54 pm
the people i've killed. >> it's very fascinating. that's why i want people to read your book, because i think if they do, if they read your book, chief, american sniper they'll understand what it's really about. because i think too many of us really don't understand what it's about. >> i mean war is hell. it's definitely -- hollywood fantasizes about it, makes it look good. war sucks. >> they need guys like you to win. >> you have to have the mentality, and you have to not think of them as a human being. you have to portray them as that's why i put savage. definitely. >> right. chief, thanks very much. we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> the enemy interact was savage. no doubt about it. it's still hard to believe that chief kyle was killed trying to help an american soldier who had all kinds of psychological problems. so he is gone. and that's it for us tonight.
5:55 pm
now, let's go down to washington where bret bair is standing by to tee up the state of the union address. thanks again for watching the factor. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. tonight we will hear the next-to-last state of the union address from president obama. its even the 94th in-person state of the union address by a president. the first delivered by george washington is only believed to have lasted about 5 to 7 minutes. this one we're told will probably be about an hour. from all the experts and excerpts, we've already released -- we've talked to center aides at the white house. we're told the president really wants to, quote, turn the page from an era of terror and war to one of economic opportunity touting an improving economy. the problem though, as he talks about


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